The Killing Kind (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

I have to ask you a question.
The fire.
Was it you?
I rejected you.
And you wanted to punish me.
Are you being serious, Ingrid?
[SNIFFLES] Did you try to kill me?
Did you try to kill me? Did you?
I would never do that.
- [INGRID] Mark!
Mark! Mark!
- Two.
- Come on, Ingrid, to the bow.
One, two, slip, slip.
[MAN] Well done! Great session.
Great first time on the pads, Belinda.
[BELINDA] Thank you.
[MAN] Okay, don't forget the cool down.
You will be sore in the morning,
but it will be worth it.
You know, you're right. It's like court.
It's an adrenaline rush.
I'm so glad you finally decided to come.
I was tempted to invite Stockham.
[BELINDA] Stockham, are you serious?
Jesus, I would pay to see that.
He drinks like what? A bottle a day,
I don't know how his liver does it.
Yeah, but he does look
about 20 years older
than you as well, so
You do know he's younger than me, right?
Oh, yeah. It just makes him look like
a distinguished barrister.
- [BELINDA] Mm-mm.
How're you getting on in?
You seemed a bit preoccupied again.
Are you coping all right?
- Just busy.
- Mm-mm.
Though, obviously, I feel
ridiculous saying that to you
with everything you juggle.
No, I don't juggle.
Men never juggle, do they?
Well, how is dating your
way around London going then?
Underwhelming. It's all
It's just too much effort.
You know, chambers loves
a workaholic barrister,
but you need to find
a way to draw a line
between barrister
Ingrid and Ingrid Ingrid.
- Yes, Mum.
- Okay.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, well,
I better get going.
[BELINDA] All right. But listen,
if I get the right verdict later,
we're going out, okay?
Drinks are on me.
- Deal. Okay.
- [BELINDA] Okay.
[INGRID] John.
[INGRID] As defence lawyers,
we do exactly the same
as prosecution does.
We tell the most
convincing story possible
with the facts available to us.
The watch is too expensive.
You add the bracelet, it's garish.
That's gonna have to go as well.
The wedding ring is good. Keep that.
Can you face me?
We definitely want you clean shaven,
not even the stubble.
Why are we doing this?
It's your first time in court,
so let me be clear
Everything matters.
Because you only get one chance
to make a first impression.
What do you want the jury to see?
Ingrid Lewis speaking.
Ingrid, it's John.
I'm sorry to call you like this,
but I didn't know what else to do.
It was you.
[JOHN] Please just listen to me, Ingrid.
This is really important.
I'm worried you might be in danger.
You should not be calling me.
[JOHN] Ingrid, we need to talk.
Can I see you
It's strong.
[EXHALES] He has just been waiting
until I thought I'd actually moved on.
And you're certain it was John Webster?
Yeah. Yeah, of course it was.
How did he get my number?
Just take a breath.
You can stay over at mine tonight.
No. No, it's fine.
Hey, we can nip this in the bud
before it becomes
anything serious this time.
It's weird.
He's sounded really sincere,
like he really had something to tell me.
[SUZANNE] He's twisted!
He almost broke you once already.
Don't let him get to you again.
You should have gone
to the police last year.
- Yes?
- [BELINDA] I won!
I knew it. Amazing, well done.
Is it too late for a drink tonight?
No, no. It has to be tonight.
I will be with you in 30 minutes.
[BELINDA] Great.
It's karaoke night. Come on.
Might as well face it,
you're addicted to love ♪
Might as well face it,
you're addicted to love ♪
Come on. Might as well face it ♪
You're addicted to love ♪
Might as well face it,
you're addicted to love ♪
- To that performance
- [BELINDA] Yes.
- And to your win today.
- Hmm I'm just glad
the jury returned a quick decision.
Well, you convinced
'em, like you usually do
because you were made for this job,
which is lucky, because
your pop star ambitions
would've failed.
[BELINDA] Harsh, Ingrid. Harsh.
And actually, it was the
last thing I wanted to do
in the world, follow
my father into the law.
And now here I am, married
to a bloody barrister as well.
I was desperate to become a lawyer.
[BELINDA] I remember all the
truth and justice nonsense
you spouted in the
pupillage interview. [LAUGHS]
I think I said I wanted
to fight the good fight.
I think you did.
I knew you had it in you, baby.
I knew you would be able to
deal with our delightful clients.
- Mmm.
- Hm.
Webster called me today.
What did he say?
He said I might be in danger.
In reference to what?
I didn't give him a chance to say.
- I hung up on him.
- Good.
Don't engage with him, Ingrid.
I felt like I'm being
followed again, recently.
It's been, what, nearly a year now?
Talk to me.
No, we are out out tonight.
Let's get another bottle.
I'd love to, but I can't. I can't.
Angus is babysitting,
then he will expect a
lie-in in the morning.
I know before you say it,
even though it's not
technically babysitting
when they're your own children.
I know, I know.
Okay, well, I will get
these for your victory
and for being, you know, my wise mentor.
[CHUCKLES] I'm not fit
to be anybody's mentor.
Oh, it is still torrential out there.
[INGRID] Erm, take this.
- [BELINDA] Are you sure?
- [INGRID] Yeah.
Okay, listen, come.
Let's do dinner next week
and you should stay here,
because there is a fit guy by the bar.
- Erm
- Thank you, thank you.
- [INGRID] See you tomorrow.
- Everything okay?
- [BELINDA] I forgot to mention
it's the Pathway Into
Law event next week.
I want you to represent chambers
and tell the students how you made it.
Made it? Erm [CHUCKLES]
I'm not sure I'm the best
representative of chambers.
[BELINDA] Bollocks, Ingrid.
You're making a name for
yourself as a killer advocate
who can work miracles for her clients.
So I am telling you as
your wise mentor to do it.
I thought you just said you weren't fit
to mentor anyone on anything.
It's an order. [GIGGLES]
All right.
[TOM] Thanks for coming.
[SHUSHES] Quiet, please.
I'm afraid I have some horrible news.
Belinda was hit by a taxi
on her way home last night.
- Erm
[TOM] She was pronounced
dead at the scene.
I'll be the main point of
liaison for any updates.
You all right?
Look, I'm sorry to
even have to ask this,
but Belinda was due at a client
conference this afternoon.
Under circumstances, the
judge has granted a
- I can do it.
- Oh, thank you.
I'll email you all the details.
Did Angus
Did Angus say if Belinda
had an umbrella with her
when it happened?
Umbrella? No.
Why do you ask?
Just trying to wrap my
head around it, I don't
I'll be ready with this.
Thank you.
[INGRID] Excuse me.
[MAN] It's green.
[MAN] It's on green.
[INGRID] What if it wasn't an accident?
Why would you think that?
What if someone pushed
Belinda, thinking it was me?
She had my umbrella.
It was raining, it was dark.
From behind, would
be easy to mistake us.
Do you have a reason to think that
someone may want to harm you?
There is a former client of mine.
His name is John Webster.
I believe he still may
hold a grudge against me.
- [DI WINSTANLEY] Did you lose his case?
- [INGRID] No, I won.
This is your chance to show
the jury that John Webster
is not the man they're
making you out to be.
Just tell the truth.
Speak from your experiences.
I'm lucky.
To have you on my side.
He became obsessed
with me afterwards.
He harassed me.
He was stalking me.
- And you reported this to the police?
- No.
I dealt with him.
And I hadn't heard from him for a year,
but then yesterday he called me.
What exactly did he say?
He said I might be in danger.
Is there anything specific
that you believe might link
Mr Webster to Belinda's death?
Other than the timing of his call?
If I could see some CCTV footage,
it would really put my mind at rest.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
But I'd be very happy to help
if you want to formally report
your experiences with Mr Webster.
We both know how impossible it is
to prosecute harassment cases,
especially historic ones.
I'm sure this must all be
very distressing for you,
but unfortunately, tragic
collisions like this
happen every day in London.
So do murders.
Yeah, I'm afraid I can't
share anymore at this stage.
I'm sorry, I really have to get on.
I'll get someone to show you out.
John Webster.
Just look into where he was last night.
If you think of anything relevant,
or you feel unsafe, call us.
[JOHN] Ingrid.
[INGRID] John. Hi. Sorry I'm late.
How ridiculous of us
to mix our phones up.
[INGRID CHUCKLES] It's fine. Thanks.
How are you?
Fine. Just been a long day in court.
I'm just relieved
that's all over for me.
Well, thank you for coming
to meet me with this.
Will you join me for a drink?
A friend of mine just left
and we hardly touched this.
Seems like such a shame to
let good stuff go to waste.
- Yeah.
- Sure?
Yeah, I can have a quick drink.
Actually, I've got you a little
something to say thank you.
[INGRID] Thank you.
[JOHN] A friend handmade them, so
I was just doing my job.
You're very good at it.
What do you think about it?
Cos I could never fully tell
what you thought of the whole situation.
Well, my job was to give you
the best defence possible,
which I did.
But you do know that I never
ever meant to hurt Emma in any way.
Well, here's to getting
the right verdict.
So what's next for Ingrid Lewis?
A very glamorous case in Basildon.
- Basildon?
- Basildon.
[BELINDA] Ingrid?
- Hi.
- Hi.
[INGRID] Hi, sorry. This is
John Webster, one of my clients,
- and this is Belinda Grey.
- How do you do?
Esteemed colleague. We
took each other's phones
by accident yesterday.
Will you join us for a drink, Belinda?
No, thank you.
The pupils are upstairs with
a table if you want to join us.
No, I can't. Mark's cooking,
so I need to get home.
Mr Webster, I'm so glad we
could help you with your case.
Thank you, Ms Lewis, for everything.
[INGRID] He's an interesting guy.
- [MARK] Mm-hm.
- [INGRID] He's self-made.
Hey, I do really want to talk. I do.
I'm just up against it right now.
Navigating life or death stakes
in the world of contract law?
Sorry that was unnecessary. I just
[SIGHS] I just wanted one evening
with my fiance when one
of us wasn't working.
[MARK] Mm.
But I'll leave you to it.
[INGRID] Angus, I'm sorry
to come over unannounced.
I just wanted to know
if there was anything
I could do to help in any way.
I'm making arrangements.
Well, there's nothing
for you to do. Thanks.
I just
I don't believe it.
How do I explain it to the children?
- Do you want some
- Thanks.
[ANGUS] It's outside
of all logic and reason.
Angus, are they saying it
was an accident? Is that
what the police are saying?
They're saying she stepped
out into the traffic
and lost her footing.
I assume you'd both been
drinking quite heavily,
as you tend to do when
you go out together.
- Angus
- Erm
we just had a couple of drinks
to celebrate her win.
What I'm saying is I just really want
to make sure it's being looked into
- as best as it possibly can.
- [BOY] Daddy!
- Daddy!
- I should get back to the children.
Keep things ticking over at chambers.
That's what would help.
[INGRID] Did you start the fire?
I would never do that.
[INGRID] Morning. I need to speak
to someone about your CCTV.
My manager's not here today. Can I help?
I'm a criminal lawyer
and I'm working on the case of the woman
who was run over by a taxi outside here.
That poor woman. It was
a accident, wasn't it?
Well, that's what I'm looking into.
And it's routine for us to
ask all of the businesses
in the area about their
security camera footage.
Er, we gave it to the police already.
Yes, I know. But I need to verify
which camera angle is yours
so we can make sure we've
got our bases covered.
I'd have to check with my boss first.
I'm happy to just take a quick look.
We can't do anything
without her permission.
I'll tell her to get in
touch if you leave a card.
That would be great. If it
could be as soon as possible.
- Yeah. Thanks.
- Thank you. Thanks for your help.
[RECEPTIONIST] Sorry about that.
- Hello?
It's DI Winstanley.
Something's come up we wondered
if you might be able to help us with.
Is Mr Mark Orpen your ex-fiancee?
Yes, we were engaged. Erm
[DI WINSTANLEY] What was his
relationship like with Belinda?
Mark and Belinda were friendly
until Mark and I separated
and then he moved abroad.
Sorry, how is this in
any way relevant exactly?
Have you any idea why he might have
called Belinda a few
hours before she died?
Sorry Mark called Belinda?
Yeah, she received a call
from him about 1:00 pm that afternoon.
No, no, he's in Canada, so
That's not our information.
Well, no, she never said he called.
So do you have reason to
believe there's more to this now?
We are just dotting the I's.
Being thorough.
And did you find out about
John Webster's whereabouts?
We'll keep you posted if
anything relevant comes up.
[JOHN] Er, hi.
I didn't recognise the cool Ingrid.
It's off-duty Ingrid.
You here by yourself?
Yeah. Mark was here,
but he's got work to do.
[JOHN] Oh, that's a shame.
Do you wanna get a drink?
There's a secret bar.
[JOHN SOFTLY] Strictly
VIP, but I can get us in.
[INGRID] Really?
[JOHN] Yeah.
- Okay. Look, what I'm saying
- [JOHN] Yeah.
is being a lawyer is,
you know, it's an act
of service to the people
and it feels fucking great to win.
- There we go.
Yeah, I just wish I did something
I felt passionate about.
You seem like you're
doing all right though.
Yeah, I was just focused on being able
to make my own money.
That shallow.
- You know, when we worked together
- [JOHN] Mm-mm.
I think you said
your mum's a cleaner.
Yeah, I didn't come from the most
privileged background myself.
You'd never know.
It's funny. People tell me that a lot,
like it's a compliment.
Yeah, me too.
[INGRID] So come on then,
tell me how you made it.
[JOHN] The origin story.
Okay. When I was 15,
I got the job collecting
glasses at Dexter's nightclub.
I lied and told the boss I was 18.
And by the time I was actually 18,
I'd saved up enough
money to put a deposit
on a two-up two-down.
Rented it out, remortgaged
it, bought a second property.
And that's how I can now afford
overpriced cashmere hoodies
and top-rate barristers.
[INGRID] I'm impressed.
Oh, I'm impressed by
everything you've achieved.
Do you ever wear the cufflinks?
Yeah, I do.
Slave to love ♪
Slave to love ♪
Slave to love ♪
[ANNOUNCER] Doors closing.
Sorry, I did try and phone.
Well, we changed the number.
Mark thought that was sensible.
Could I come in?
Yeah. Thanks.
[INGRID] So is Mark back in England?
[ANNE] He hadn't told you?
So is he staying here?
Yes, but he's away this week.
Look, I'm sorry. I know it's none
of my business, but why now?
Why did he come back now?
I think he felt ready to come home.
To move on I hope,
to find a job with a new firm, you know?
So how is Mark doing?
He tells me that the
house is on the market.
Yes. The insurers have
finished redoing it.
So that's done.
Well, I suppose they
have to do it all properly
after a fire of that scale.
I think it's a shame you
couldn't have worked out a way
for one of you to keep it.
Sorry, I don't really know why I came.
This is a mistake.
[INGRID] Mark always says
he's jealous of my insomnia
cos I get to read so many
more books than he does.
[JOHN] Oh, that's one
way of looking at it.
Yeah, except I'm not reading books.
Scrolling the Daily
Mail, sidebar of shame
- Ingrid
- I know, I'm sorry.
- Er
- No.
- Come on.
- How did you know what I was gonna say?
- Stay. I'm having fun.
I think I should go home.
Aren't you having fun?
I shouldn't really be here.
We haven't done anything wrong, have we?
I haven't kissed you.
I haven't touched you.
I haven't even told you
what you're missing out on.
Let me tell you.
Come on.
[INGRID] Okay.
I'm moving my hands over you.
Then I'm taking all your clothes off.
And every single inch
of you feels my tongue.
Almost like a breath.
Sufficient data last week showed
the UK inflation rate
has now risen above 8%.
Investors are now predicting
the Bank of England
will have to raise interest rates
above the current level to over 5%
to try to slow price
why did you call Belinda
on the day she died?
I was, erm, trying to
get your phone number
to tell you that I was back.
I didn't wanna email your work
- or phone you here or
- Why did you come back now?
Because Canada is not my home.
Lovely as it is.
Any further questions, Your Honour?
I had no idea you were back.
Yeah, well that's why I
thought it was important
that I came here in person and said hi.
Apparently, they've
made the house look nice.
Looks soulless with nothing in it.
What do I know about aesthetics?
I like your new look though.
Cool shirt.
I'm sorry to hear about Belinda.
I know how much you looked up to her.
Is there anything else you needed?
Because I do have a lot of work to do.
Well, erm, I'm sure that
they'll sell the house
for a good price and then
then it's behind you.
[INGRID] Belinda could
have been pushed by someone
in that crowd, right?
Who would send this?
This is the police's job.
Police aren't looking into it properly.
They're treating it as an accident.
Which it probably was.
It looks like she overbalanced.
Look at this. Look at this man.
Why is this man backing away?
Why is he leaving like that?
He's not doing anything illegal.
Why does he wait until
everyone's attention
is on the road to leave?
Maybe he was disturbed by what he saw?
you're not worried Webster
could be involved in this, are you?
Don't know.
Who came all the way
down to London for you
after everything fell apart?
Moved you around the corner
when you had no one else?
- Yeah, that would be you.
- Mm-hm.
So listen to me this time
when I say we don't want a repeat.
This is scary, Ing.
You need to tell the police
about this being sent to you
and report Webster.
I know how police handle these things.
I've seen it.
They are not gonna
look into this properly.
What am I supposed to do? Just
Should I just wait around?
[MAN] Excuse me?
- I've gotta
- Yep.
So good to see you.
Did you send me this?
Well, you wanted it, didn't you? Well
Is it you?
I sent it to show you it wasn't me.
When you called me,
you were threatening me.
No, I was warning you.
Well, the timing's
pretty fucking suspicious.
You are so full of shit.
The truth.
It's been nearly a year, Ingrid.
And I wanted to talk,
so I came to your flat
a few times last week.
I've been really
building myself up to it,
but I kept backing
out at the last minute.
But the last time I came, I saw someone.
- Who?
- I don't know.
They did a pretty good
job of hiding their face.
But they were going through your post
and taking pictures of your flat.
So maybe you should alert the police.
I told the police about you.
And what did you tell them?
That an old friend is
concerned about you?
A friend?
How'd you find out where I live?
You know, I should report
everything you did to me.
I have it all documented.
Every single thing.
I was in Liverpool
the night Belinda died
and I can prove that. But as far as
the police are concerned,
Belinda just lost her
footing in the rain.
Why are you doing this?
I love you.
I know you're wary of me
but I'm the only other person
that believes Belinda's
death wasn't an accident.
You're in danger, Ingrid.
I think deep down you
know you need my help.
- Was this you?
DI Nash, what are you doing here?
[JOHN] Belinda was murdered.
I found a witness.
[INGRID] If you are messing with me
It sounds as though he's
trying to use Belinda's death
as a way to get back into your life.
Which is exactly the MO of John Webster.
[INGRID] I'm being targeted by someone.
And I ♪
I don't wanna speak ♪
Right behind ♪
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