The Killing Kind (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Belinda was hit by a
taxi on her way home last night.
What if someone pushed
Belinda thinking it was me?
Do you have a reason to think
that someone may want to harm you?
There is a former client of mine,
his name is John Webster.
Did you try to kill me?
Did you start the fire?
Look, at that man leaving. I
mean, why is he backing away?
I'm the only other person
that believes Belinda's
death wasn't an accident.
I think deep down, you
know you need my help.
I wish I were seeing you
in nicer circumstances.
What an awful tragedy.
Belinda would be very
happy that you came.
Well, you were her favourite judge.
And not just because you were one of us.
How's Angus?
Keeping it together, I think.
I'm gonna go back to my
seat before it fills up.
It was good to see you.
Miss Lewis.
Miss Lewis, you all right?
DS Nash, what are you doing here?
Just came to pay my respects.
- To Belinda?
- Yeah.
We were friends.
Right, sorry, I just thought
this was for the Inns.
I didn't realise they'd
invited police colleagues.
Sure you're all right?
You really raced outta there.
Hmm, it's just really overwhelming.
Everything okay, Ingrid?
Yeah, thanks, Tom. I
just need some fresh air.
Oh, you look familiar to
me, but I can't place you.
Sorry, this is Detective Sergeant Nash.
He worked with Belinda.
Hi. Very sorry for your loss.
- She was one of the best.
- Thanks.
Coming back in?
Gonna go home.
- Can you tell Angus I'm sorry?
- Yeah.
Hello, you are
through to DI Jill Winstanley.
Leave me a message and
I'll get back to you.
Hi, DI Winstanley.
It's Ingrid Lewis, again.
Can you call me back as
soon as you get this? Thanks.
Was this you?
- Was this you?!
- What?
Leaving this for me
at Belinda's memorial.
What are you talking about?
"A gift for you, Ingrid."
It sounds a lot like you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I came here because you've
been ignoring my calls.
Because I told you to leave me alone.
I was very clear last time we met.
I thought you'd want
to know that I found
a witness who saw Belinda get pushed.
The man from the CCTV.
Ingrid, we are not being paranoid.
Belinda was murdered.
Okay, well why don't
you give me their details
and I will pass them on to the police.
I can't give you his details.
- You can't.
- It's an unusual situation.
If you want to meet him,
you'll have to come with me.
No, thank you.
Can I see this?
I mean, this is sick.
Who would do something like this?
Why are you here?
To help you work out
what's going on here.
Find whoever's threatening you.
I don't want your help
and I don't want you
to come here ever again.
I'm sorry if my turning up
has had the opposite
effect than I wanted.
I don't want you in
my life. Is that clear?
You don't really think I could
be involved in Belinda's death?
As if I would mistake
you for anyone, Ingrid.
I know you, inside and out.
I know I did, but the
trial's overrun, Mark.
- I'm sorry.
- Well..
It's just overnight and
then I'll be back tomorrow.
I'll just tell them
my fiancée's a workaholic.
Okay. Have fun at squash.
Webster has no right
turning up at your flat.
Well, the thing is, he
technically didn't do anything.
And he left when I asked him to.
That is bullshit.
He's harassing you
just like he did before.
I'm just saying what
the police are gonna say.
I did run into DS Nash at
Belinda's memorial earlier.
Who's that?
He was involved in Webster's trial
and he was friendly with Belinda,
so I thought maybe I could go to him
and actually make some kind of progress.
Call him. There must be
some perks of your job.
Mm, we were on different sides.
I hate to think what
he thinks of me now.
Don't be so narcissistic.
He hasn't been thinking
about you since then.
You weren't there after the trial.
He took Webster's
acquittal really personally.
Like he hated Webster,
and Emma the accuser,
she took it really badly.
She she was a mess.
You never told me much about her.
What do you wanna know?
She was a PhD student.
- The victim?
- The alleged victim.
Webster was acquitted, remember?
Right, well, whatever you call her,
surely you must think
about her differently now
after everything that's happened.
Do you have any tattoos, Miss Seaton?
Yes. One.
Would you mind showing us, please?
It's a wolf.
And what does the wolf cover up?
Another tattoo.
Another tattoo that shows what?
- JW.
- JW?
Mr Webster's initials.
When did you have that
original tattoo done?
A couple of years ago.
When you were still in a relationship
- with Mr Webster?
- Yes.
Did he force you to have it done?
So, was this before or after
you reported Mr Webster
- for stalking you?
- Before.
Before. You're certain of that?
When did you report Mr
Webster to the police?
It was sometime last year.
For clarification, it was
April 26th of last year.
Could you take a look at Exhibit 21C?
Thank you.
Are you able to tell us what that shows?
A receipt for the tattoo.
And what month is the receipt dated?
Are you able to explain
why we have a receipt
for you getting a tattoo
at Inky Angels in July last year,
two and a half months after you went
to the police about Mr Webster?
Did you know knowingly
lie to the court just now
when I asked you when
you had the tattoo done?
I was under his spell.
I'm sorry. He messed with my head.
Thank you, Miss Seaton.
There's no further
questions, your Honor.
You think that there's a chance
that John Webster might
have killed Belinda,
thinking that it was you?
Webster says he has an
alibi for that night.
No one's looking into it.
DI Winstanley won't call me back.
I've noted down
everything that you said.
But listen, the umbrella
could have been given to you
by any number of people
and you know that.
But I also know it was
done to threaten me.
What I can do is file a report
of harassment against Webster.
No, this is about Belinda's death.
The things that you've outlined
that happened last year,
he stalked and harassed you,
just like he did with Emma Seaton.
What he did to Emma should
have had him put away for years.
And I'm the one that got him off.
It must be hard for you to sit
here and not say, "I told you so".
I'm asking you to look into
whether there is a connection
between Belinda's death
and John Webster's return.
I'll make sure his alibi's followed up,
but at this stage, there's
no reason to suspect
that Belinda's death was murder.
There is something else.
Webster told me that
he has located a witness
who says Belinda was pushed.
- Do you have the details?
- No, only he has them.
So if he wants to magic this
person up for proper process,
then that's great, but I'm
not gonna hold my breath.
It sounds as though he is
trying to use Belinda's death
as a way to get back into your life.
I just need to know
where he was that night.
I can't do anymore.
Webster's not gonna go away
just because you ask him to.
I think you know that.
Oh, that lovely Mark
lavishing you with gifts?
Enjoy it while it lasts.
Please don't send me
anything else to chambers.
- You didn't like it?
- This has to stop.
This all has to stop, okay?
The presents and the phone
calls and the turning up
at court, it has to stop.
Do you understand? It's inappropriate.
I'm engaged.
Just like you were in the hotel room.
Just look me in the eye.
Tell me you hated it.
I'll go away forever.
Belinda was kind.
She cared about people.
She was generous with her time.
She was generous with her
her knowledge and her enthusiasm.
And she encouraged, she
encouraged people so much.
That's why she was
the best mentor to me.
Belinda could outfox any opponent.
That's the kind of lawyer
you should aspire to be.
Hi. What are you doing
here on a Saturday?
Working, and before
another person says it,
yes, it's what Belinda would've wanted.
Oh, I know.
She would've asked why you
took so long away from court.
Has Tom reminded you about
the Pathway into Law event?
Yeah, I'm just doing
my speech now, actually.
They've line up a good
mix of students coming in
- from all across London.
- I had an idea.
I think it might be really
nice to show Belinda's video,
to tell them how the scheme started,
how she was a champion
for widening access.
It's a nice thought, as long
as we keep it professional.
Yeah, yeah.
Answer it.
Ingrid Lewis speaking.
Ms Lewis, it's DI Winstanley.
Thank you for calling me back.
Did you get my messages
about the umbrella?
Actually, I was calling
because DS Nash requested details
of John Webster's alibi
the night Ms Grey died.
We had already looked into it.
Mr Webster was in
Liverpool the entire night.
He was at a concert.
Have there been any other
updates on the investigation?
Nothing suggests anything untoward.
Your friend's death was an accident.
Hey, babe.
Just through here.
Hey, this is my friend John.
I don't know your surname, John.
- Seaton.
- My friend, John Seaton.
This is my fiancée, Ingrid.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Ingrid.
- John.
You seem familiar. Have we met before?
Not unless you're a criminal.
- Drink?
- That's right. You're a lawyer. Mark mentioned.
Yeah, I'd love one.
How did you two meet?
- Uh, squash.
- Yeah.
When did you join the club?
- Two, three months ago.
- Two or three months ago.
John has this killer backhand.
Mark's being modest.
He thrashes me every time we play.
- It's because I'm the best, John.
- Killer arm.
We just bumped into each other outside
because John is looking
to buy in the area.
Seems a great place to raise a family
and other estate agent jargon.
- I should be going.
- Oh no, you can stay if you like.
I am cooking tonight.
Another time.
Another time.
Well, it was lovely to meet you, Ingrid.
- You've got a good guy here.
- I know.
Actually, do you wanna start dinner
and I'll just show Mr Seaton out?
- Sure, sure.
- Yeah.
Hey, I will see you at the club, John.
- What is wrong with you?
- He's not the one for you.
No, I don't, I don't need your approval.
I wanted the chance to
form my own opinion of him
to see if he was better
for you than I am.
I had to tell a few white lies.
If I thought you'd be happier with him,
I'd step aside, I really would.
But you're making a huge
mistake marrying him.
Wait, Ingrid, you know you are.
Okay. I know these seem like relics.
They did to me when I first saw them
but I've come to respect them
as symbols.
They make you look cheugy, though.
Cheugy? Okay.
Look, I also understand
that it is difficult
to imagine yourself as a barrister
if you haven't come from
a certain background, right?
And that is why I'm here to tell you
and show you it is possible.
You sound just like all
the rest of them, though.
Okay. Why don't we play a game?
Why don't we pretend
that I'm on the stand?
You are gonna cross-examine me
and you're gonna figure
out who I really am.
- You up for it?
- Of course I am.
Okay, let's go.
Which private school did you go to?
Bury Wood High School,
state school, costs zero pounds.
Next question.
What did your parents do for a living?
My father died when
I was eight years old.
My mother worked in a bakery.
Last question.
- Yes?
- Can you become a barrister
if you've ever done
anything that's illegal?
Not if you've been caught doing it.
- All right then, shall we start the video?
- Yes, thank you.
We wanted to share some words
from the person who founded
the scheme, Belinda Grey.
Happy birthday, Mark.
Oh, my God. There must be a mistake.
Please accept my apologies.
This is obviously an error.
I filmed it for Mark last year.
A lot's been happening.
You probably switched
the videos by mistake.
No, I didn't. Someone
someone changed the file names
on my computer on purpose.
Let the police look into Webster.
Why would Webster embarrass me at work?
He gets off of me being good at my job.
Oh, God. You're a lawyer,
not a psychologist.
Maybe if you just kept doing
your job in the first place.
Say it. Say it.
You think I bought
this on myself by doing
- what I did with Webster?
- No.
- But
- There we go.
there's a reason you never
told anyone but Belinda and me
about what really
happened between you both.
Yeah, cos it was no one else's business.
What about Mark?
It was his business.
He still has no idea, right?
- Ingrid?
- I know, I know it's late.
I don't want to disturb you all night,
but I had to come to say that I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry about today.
I wanted to do Belinda proud and
It is what it is. We can
talk about it tomorrow.
Yeah, but I think, I think what
happened is related to Belinda's death.
Oh, please, we don't need
any more of your theories.
I'm being targeted by someone.
Can I come in? I can
explain everything that's
You need to get a
grip, get some support.
What's that supposed to mean exactly?
Belinda was my wife
and yet you are the one
who can't seem to cope.
And to be frank, you haven't
been the same since the fire.
My house burned down
and someone died there
and yet how many days did
I take off work, Angus?
How many? Three in total.
I'd say I'm pretty good
at keeping things together.
I am trying to work
out who killed Belinda
and who is trying to hurt me.
DI Winstanley called today.
The investigation may be open,
but it's just a technicality.
Belinda's death will
be ruled an accident.
You're not even listening, are you?
Get some sleep.
Mark, Mark!
Welcome, can I give you one of these?
Are you looking to buy?
I'm not sure.
The only thing that would put me off
is that poor girl
dying here in the fire.
She was only 23.
Great minds.
What's it like?
I've not been in, not been inside since.
It's not the same as it was.
It's really weird seeing it empty.
Do you wanna go to
the park, get a coffee?
It's the right thing
to do to sell the house.
Cos it means we can both move on.
Lucky us.
I came to your office the other day
because there's something
I want to talk to you about.
I know I apologised a
thousand times after the fire
and I understand why you
weren't ready to forgive me.
- Mark, you don't.
- No, I need to do this.
I know you said the
fire wasn't my fault,
but if I hadn't messed everything up
then it wouldn't have happened.
And me saying that
Flora and I only slept together
once is a really pathetic excuse.
And I know you were dealing
with a lot with the harassment
and Webster and that was really intense,
but this is on me.
If it wasn't for me,
Flora would still be alive.
We both did things we regret.
It's in the past.
I should go.
- It was good to see you.
- Yeah.
You sure Webster doesn't
have a copy of your keys?
Well, I didn't give him any.
Because the kind of paranoia
that this thing creates
creeping into your head,
this is exactly the MO of John Webster.
This doesn't feel like Webster.
So you were saying
you've not had any trouble
from Webster in over a year?
Not until he called me
the day Belinda died, no.
Do you think this is connected
- to Belinda's death?
- No.
At this stage, they seem like
completely separate incidents.
See, that's the problem.
Nobody's ever connecting the dots.
We need to take things
one step at a time.
Someone has broken into your flat.
It is most likely John Webster
and Belinda's death's
a different matter.
It is most likely an accident.
He's trying to intimidate you.
Well, I'm not gonna let him.
You should count
yourself lucky in a way.
Really? How's that?
That you won't ever have
to face yourself in court.
I understand that you didn't
get the result you wanted
- from Webster's trial.
- The result?
- You make it sound like a game.
- It is
to an extent.
Well, that was Emma's whole
life that was on display.
You made it seem like
she was on trial, the way
- that you presented things.
- I had a duty
to give Webster
the best possible defence I could.
You know that.
And I'd do it again.
That's what she called me, Emma Seaton.
You should look into her whereabouts.
Emma Seaton killed
herself six months ago.
Sorry, what?
That's the result that the trial got.
Look, I'll be back in touch
when the report's back.
Ingrid, can you do me a favour?
I'm, I'm in a rush.
But your solicitor can
answer any other questions.
It's Emma. I'm worried about her.
John, she's not your concern anymore.
It's over. We won.
I think she might harm herself.
Could you just check on her?
- Where is she?
- I think she's still inside.
Miss Seaton?
Are you in here?
I just wanted to come
and see if you were okay.
I'm sure it's been a really
difficult day for you,
- but it's done now.
- It's done.
- You did your best.
- But you were better.
What a nasty way to make a living.
Why did you come here?
I saw you come in.
- I was concerned about you.
- Liar.
He asked you, didn't he?
I'm gonna go and get
someone to take you home.
I want John.
- Mr Webster's gone home.
- Liar.
Emma, you don't have
to see him ever again.
I see him every time I close my eyes.
Stop! Stop!
Don't do it, just stop this!
It's okay.
- Who is it?
- Locksmith.
I didn't call a locksmith.
Detective Sergeant Nash arranged it.
Can I see some proof of identity?
Oh, yeah, sure.
Thank you.
All right, love, you're in good hands.
- Okay, gonna just.
- Okay.
Cheers. I'll make a start.
He's the best locksmith in London.
Thought you could do with
new locks as soon as possible
since Nash didn't take the initiative.
How do you know what happened?
Didn't take
Nash long to turn up, did it?
Well, he's just doing his job.
Is he?
Look, I'm convinced
whoever did this tonight
is behind Belinda's
death and they left you
that umbrella trying to scare you,
make you question yourself.
I want to see you, face to face.
I've got a question for you.
I'll let you know where.
I want to interview your witness.
We can go tonight.
It'll all be in public,
in view of plenty of other people.
You'll be safe, if that's
what you're worried about.
Questions first.
Who are they? Where did you find them?
Full disclosure.
If you give me inadequate
answers, we are finished.
His name is Mr Wilson.
Where did you find him?
I went back to the road where Belinda
was killed for four nights in a row
and I waited for the homeless
man seen in the CCTV to reappear.
I recognised him, approached him
and we had a conversation.
Mr Wilson?
You were in the CCTV footage.
Do you mind telling Ingrid
what you saw that night?
I sit on that street
sometimes, by the crossing.
It was pissing it down that night.
I was just gonna get up and leave
and that's when I saw your woman.
What was she wearing?
Beige coat, three-quarter length
and a red umbrella.
What were her actions when
she approached the crossing?
She walked up,
pushed past people to press the button,
- And then I saw her jolt.
- Jolt?
What do you mean? Do you
mean stumble, overbalance?
No, she definitely didn't stumble.
That woman was pushed.
Did you see the person who did it?
It was too busy. It was dark.
Male, female, young, old, anything.
I'm sorry. They were all bundled up.
We need him to talk to the police.
He's adamant he won't.
That, that must have been hard to hear.
At least I know I was right.
Can I walk you home?
I hate that you're still so wary of me.
Hi, DI Winstanley, it's Ingrid Lewis.
I've got some new important information
about Belinda Grey's
death that I need to speak
to you about as soon as possible.
So please call me back.
Are you all right?
Ingrid, Ingrid, are you all right?
Are you hurt?
Where hurts?
Come on.
You're all right.
You're all right,
breathe, breathe.
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