The Killing Kind (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Are you alright?
[MAN] You need to question
everyone around you.
[INGRID] I'm so sorry
for what happened to Flora.
It was an accident.
Will you tell him to stop sending cards.
[WOMAN] The incident
involving Linda Grey,
someone appears to have
been tracking her movements.
[MAN] And it doesn't
look like Pepperstone.
[WOMAN] Potentially your
work is the common factor.
[MAN] When did Linda die?
[WOMAN] It was the 3rd of October.
[MAN] Same as Flora's birthday.
[MAN] I did receive a
postcard like that last week.
[INGRID] Peter it's Ingrid.
[MAN] Ingrid.
They're saying they need to talk to me.
You need to ask for a lawyer.
Why? What's going on?
Why did you really follow me here?
You don't think I have anything
to do with this, do you?
Mr Orpen, Ms Lewis. We really
need to get you to the station.
Ingrid? Okay.
Why did you go there, then?
I thought Peter might know
something about what's been going on.
Because you both received
the same postcard.
And Mark Orpen, your ex-fiance.
Why was he there?
He says he was following me.
Following you?
He was concerned for my safety.
Because of what
happened to Belinda Grey?
Because he knows John
Webster is back in my life.
Are you aware of any ill-will
Mr Orpen may have had
towards Belinda Grey
or Judge Stewart?
Are you treating him as a suspect?
Do you have a reason to think we should?
We obviously need to investigate
why he was at the crime scene.
If you'd listened to me about Belinda
and when someone tried to kill me,
then Peter might still be alive.
I understand your frustration.
You were very helpful
in providing a list of cases that
you'd worked on with Belinda Grey.
We're gonna need you to do
the same for Peter Stuart.
And given that he was
previously Head of Chambers
we must consider that your
Chambers may be the target.
[SUZANNE] Ah! You were
gone when I woke up.
Yeah, I went to the gym, I
needed to get my head straight.
Is that sensible with
everything going on?
[SUZANNE] Have you heard from Mark?
He's still in custody.
The police think he might be involved?
[SUZANNE] Did you take these photos?
[SUZANNE] Is that legal?
Taking photos of a crime scene.
It's not illegal.
They can confiscate
them under Section 19
but they'd have to know I've
taken them, which they don't.
[SUZANNE] Did you get any sleep?
[INGRID] Talk to me about that ring.
It was just one punch.
I don't deserve to have my
life ruined for that, right?
We've seen the prosecution evidence.
But today is about hearing the
incident from your side, so
why don't you talk us through it?
[OLIVER] Okay.
So, me and some friends
went to the pub and
and this guy, He just
wouldn't leave us alone
wouldn't shut up.
And that would be Craig Nevins?
[OLIVER] Yes. But I
didn't know his name then.
And had you met Mr Nevins before?
I asked him to stop
but he got aggressive.
He started mouthing off in my face
about how I pushed him at the bar
and how I had no right.
He got angry, started squaring up to me.
So, I punched him.
And why would you do that?
To get him to back off.
The prosecution are going
to paint a picture of you.
What we're going to do is make sure what
the jury sees is not that one moment
that's being prosecuted,
but they get to see you.
The real you, the whole you.
[INGRID] That's my job.
[INGRID] Okay?
So talk to me about that ring.
Tom's pulling together
that list of cases
for DI Winstanley, if
you can wait five minutes?
[NASH] Yeah, no problem.
Thought you'd like to know that I've
been assigned to this now full time.
- Has Mark been released?
- [NASH] Yes.
But we've advised him
not to leave London.
Just until we've made
some further inquiries.
[INGRID] You don't think he
could be involved in this, do you?
We are checking if he has another bag.
For now I think it's best you
don't tell him where you're staying.
Could I talk to you outside?
Has the pathologist report
- come back yet on Peter Stuart?
- No.
I think I found something to do with
the injury on his hand. The ring.
Listen, this is not a case for you.
This is our investigation.
The back of Peter's head, it
looked like blunt force trauma.
But, what about his hand?
His finger is broken.
I really can't discuss
the case with you.
It looks like a defensive wound
but why would he have a defensive
wound if he was hit from behind.
I bet the cause of death come
back with traumatic brain injury
and they broke his finger
forcing a ring on post mortem.
Why would anyone do that?
To send a message to me.
Look, I've seen this ring before.
The crown versus Oliver Gough.
Oliver Gough was my client.
He punched Mr Craig Nevins in a pub.
Nevins hit his head, subsequently died.
Another classy client of yours.
A lot of people wear signet rings.
But this is the identical family crest.
It was made for Gough personally.
I asked him to take it off for court
because juries don't tend
to respond well to posh boys.
But Belinda and I
worked on this together
and Judge Stuart heard the case.
Where is Gough serving his sentence?
He pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
Suspended sentence, no prison time.
- Where is he now?
- From what I've been able to piece together
he had a few dead end jobs and
then he just drops off the radar.
Okay. I'll pass this
on to DI Winstanley.
Pass it on? Look, we need to find him
Two people are dead and
one of them turns up.
Wearing the ring on his finger.
Oliver Gough is connected
to this whole thing.
Ingrid, after everything
you've been through
over the last few days,
you just need to slow down.
Slow down? Sorry, how
many people need to die
before you start taking me seriously?
We are taking you and this
case extremely seriously.
That is why I am going to
pass this on to DI Winstanley,
who is in charge of the investigation.
I am still a target.
Passing it along isn't
going to stop that.
You need to let us do
our job the right way
or you're going to get
yourself in a lot of trouble.
Gough. Oliver Gough. I'm his barrister.
Three weeks? No, I don't have
time to put a request in writing.
It's very important.
Please don't put me on hold ag
Hi, yeah, I understand
it's not protocol,
but I'm just asking for your help.
Yeah. Okay, no, I get it.
Rules are rules.
Yeah. Okay.
What happened?
Sorry, I, erm
I have to find Oliver Gough.
And I'm just hitting my
head against a brick wall.
[SUZANNE] You need to get some sleep
before you do something you regret.
You're not the police, you
can't do this on your own.
I know.
I know.
Hi, you okay?
Come on, Ing, what's up?
I keep seeing him.
That's to be expected after
everything that happened.
Webster's gone.
He hasn't been in
touch for months, right?
Since just after the fire?
Do you know what the weird thing is?
Before I knew where he was all the time
and then he just disappeared.
And with him gone it's actually worse.
I mean, it's
it's okay, I actually wanted to see him.
How messed up is that?
I need your help.
I need you to do something for me.
I need you to find someone
who doesn't want to be found.
He's not listed on the electoral role.
Nothing on the Land Registry.
What about credit checks?
I checked Experian but
there's been no activity.
You posed as Gough. I'm impressed.
Okay, here it is.
I, Oliver Gough, 22 Church
Crescent, Richmond, TW9 5NK,
British Nationality Act, 1981,
abandoned the name
of Oliver George Gough
and assumed the name of Ollie Smith.
[WEBSTER] That's imaginative.
Changed his name.
What are you doing?
John, what are you doing?
Who are you calling?
Hi, this is DS Nash, Papa1570168.
Can you run a PNC check for me, please?
Ollie Smith, likely an
alias of Oliver Gough.
Date of birth: 10th of the first, 2001.
Do you have a last known address?
Okay, thank you, that's it. Thank you.
- Did you get an address?
- Hmm-hmm.
You didn't write it down.
I've got a good memory.
Oliver Gough may be the killer.
- Why? What's his motive?
- That's the point. You don't know.
You don't know anything about
his current state of mind.
That's why you need me with you.
Give me the address.
Just give me the address.
Ingrid, it's not weakness to
have someone who wants you back.
John, tell me where Gough is.
Either we go together or not at all.
[INGRID] Why you doing this?
I know you're wary of me.
I can't believe anything you say.
Because I think deep down
you know you need my help.
Ingrid. It's alright.
It's alright.
- Where are we?
- We're here.
- Where?
- This is where Oliver Gough lives.
Space number 12 back there.
It's DS Nash.
- What the hell's he doing here?
- He followed up.
Oh, yeah. Where's his back up?
- Just stay in the car.
- Why?
Because if he sees you with me
what little credibility
I have left will be gone.
Just get down.
[NASH] Hi.
You understand that I have
the grounds to arrest you now.
This is obstruction of a police officer
Oliver Gough is a former client of mine
and it is perfectly
legal for me to meet him.
How'd you find him?
His parents gave me the address.
- Shall we go and see if he's home.
- No, we won't.
He knows me. I can actually help.
I don't know if you remember
this, but he killed someone.
Yeah, so maybe you shouldn't
be here without back up then.
And anyway, why would
he want to hurt me?
Belinda and I are the reason
he's not in prison right now.
Those kind of assumptions
can be very dangerous.
There's a pub about five
miles back down the M4.
It's called the Black Horse.
If you go there I'll meet you after.
[ON PHONE] This is John Webster.
Leave me a message. Thanks.
[INGRID] Oliver Gough.
We shouldn't go to trial
with the accident defence.
We're not.
And we're also not at work now.
Learn to switch it off
once in a while, Ing.
Listen, Gough is the hero of the story.
That's quite a stretch.
Okay, fine, then he's the victim.
That would mean doing a
real number of Craig Nevins.
Yeah, but just because Nevins is dead
it doesn't suddenly make him sane.
Gough doesn't deserve
to have his life ruined
for one error of judgement.
Don't you agree?
Not guilty.
That was the worst thing
that ever happened to me.
I know you were working for
me, but I didn't deserve it.
Yes, you did.
- Everyone does.
- No.
I didn't deserve to get off like
that, like nothing even happened.
You didn't get off. We
took the manslaughter plea.
And you carried out your sentence.
It was suspended.
I didn't have to do anything.
That's what a verdict is for.
So you know what it takes for
you to move on with your life.
It's worked out well, hasn't it?
I deserve to go to
prison for what I did.
After the trial, I looked him up online.
And do you know what, Ingrid?
Craig Nevins was a good person.
You can't talk to
yourself like this, Oliver.
He had his whole life ahead of him.
Then he went to have some
drinks with friends at the pub.
And I killed him.
You took away my one
chance to make amends.
Have you
Have you had any contact
with Judge Stuart since the trial?
Your ring.
The one I had you take off
for court, do you remember?
I can't believe I used
to wear that thing.
It's like it was a different
person there that night.
What happened to it?
It was stolen.
My flat got broken into
a couple of months ago.
Was it just the ring that was taken?
The ring was with the
other stuff they took.
It was a dodgy building
in a shitty area.
Did the police follow up
Did they catch anyone?
I'm glad they took it though.
I was wearing it. That night I
I just want it to be over.
That's why I came here.
To get away.
To be safe.
Safe from who?
I didn't mean to just now.
I've been working on it, my anger.
- And videos online.
- It's okay.
Safe from who, Oliver?
I'll top you up.
Thank you.
There's something I
didn't show the detective.
I didn't want you to get in trouble,
you were just doing your job.
In trouble? What what
do you mean? What is it?
I don't know how they got my email.
Or who they are.
They kept sending the same thing.
I tried to contact them
but it just bounced back.
Do you think it might be relevant?
Whoever's behind this
I am sure they one the ones
that are harassing Gough, too.
This is an incidence
report from student services
from Oliver Gough's university
- about him attacking another student.
He's been sent this from
an anonymous email address.
Someone else who has also
managed to track him down.
We haven't been able to
pull any prints off the ring.
So this could be something.
I understand why Gough
didn't want to see this.
Oh, that's not the reason.
He said he didn't want
to get me into trouble.
Why would he get you in trouble?
Did you know about
this before his trial?
It came up.
He's attacked someone
in a student union.
This proves that Oliver Gough
had a history of assault.
It shows that he's
been in a fight before.
A fight?
What, seven stitches in the
scalp and two broken ribs.
He's beat the shit out of this kid.
He won the fight. He didn't start it.
So it looks to me like
He's assaulted another student
and the university have
covered it up because
what, because he's on the rugby team?
Don't be ridiculous.
They've dealt with it internally.
This wasn't some grand
conspiracy to protect him, okay?
Listen, I've read up on this trial.
The real victim, Craig Nevins,
he was a decent young man.
You made him out to be
some violent reprobate.
A scum of the earth
terrorising the streets.
Craig Nevins' character and behaviour
on that night was relevant to the trial.
While poor Oliver Gough was a
good lad with a bright future
who was just trying to defend himself.
You made it a trial by character.
That's very simplistic of you.
Even though you knew it was a lie.
I was under no obligation
to disclose information
hat didn't pertain to this case
and it is not my responsibility
to do the CPS's job for them.
I've been in the police
for, I think, 15 years.
- Wow.
- I know how the system works as well you do.
It doesn't sound like that to me.
At some point you have to choose
between what is right and what is wrong.
And do something about it.
It looks like someone is
trying to teach you a lesson.
The ring.
And the emails.
Well, it must be one
of the Nevins family
because who else would want to
hurt me, Belinda and Judge Stuart?
Just another case for you, hey?
I'll get us another one.
That got heated.
Where did you disappear to?
I had to keep an eye on Gough.
- You can't be here.
- What did you find out from him?
The police will deal with
it, but you need to leave
You fully trust Nash now, do you?
Because when he interviewed
me at the station, he said
- What are you doing here?
- Nash, Detective Sergeant Nash.
- I'm arresting you for harassment.
- It's not what you think.
- Don't make such a show of this. She's not Emma.
- Don't say anything.
Stop! We drove here together.
I asked him.
I need his help finding Oliver Gough.
- I know what you're doing.
- You're being unreasonable.
I can see through your games.
You two deserve each other.
You just don't know
when to stop, do you?
I don't know when to stop?
- Ingrid.
- Stay away from me.
I thought you'd still take
this route to Chambers.
You've not been returning my calls.
No, I haven't.
The police picked up CCTV footage
of me on the motorway
driving back from Wales
when Judge Stuart was killed, so
I'm no longer a person of interest
in case you were wondering.
I, erm, spent the night in a cell
and all I could think of was
how could you possibly believe
that I had anything to do with this?
And then, I realised
Why would you trust me?
Why were you sending those cards
to Flora's parents?
I have a lot to be sorry for.
I wanted them to know that.
It breaks my heart that you think
I had anything to do with this.
Look, with everything happening,
- I don't know who to trust.
- If anything happened to you,
I don't know what I'd do.
I'm not the person you think I am, Mark.
Yes, you are.
No, I'm not. I wish I was.
But I'm not. Do you remember
when I went to Bristol?
For that fraud case and I told you
I had to stay over for the trial.
I lied to you.
I was with him.
With who?
Did you sleep with him?
- Sorry, I wanted to tell you and
- No, no, no.
You're right.
I don't know who you are.
Tom. Tom.
The crown versus Oliver Gough.
That's one of the cases
you worked with Belinda on.
Yeah. The victim was Craig Nevins.
- Police have the details.
- Yeah, I know but
do you remember any of
Craig Nevins' family members
who attended court?
Well, only went to court once myself.
It's not like they sign in.
Excuse us, Tom. Can I have
a private word, Ingrid?
I just received a call from DS Nash.
Why? What's happened? Has
someone else been killed?
It's about you, Ingrid.
Look, if this is about
the Oliver Gough trial
No, this is nothing to do with
any trial. That's the problem.
This is about you obstructing
a police investigation.
- So, it's true.
- No, he's blown this out of proportion.
- I didn't tamper with evidence
- I have a vested interest
in this investigation.
Sorry, Angus, why are you
being so formal with me?
- All I'm trying to do is get answers.
- I'd like the CPS to be able to
prosecute the guilty party
once the police apprehend them.
DS Nash had no business calling you.
Can't you see he's trying to help you?
You committed an offence
obstructing a police officer.
He told me you'd been tracking
down relevant parties yourself.
If he'd arrested you this could have
ended up with you being disbarred.
- Someone is trying to kill me.
- And I lost my wife
and the mother of my children.
But you don't see me running
around playing vigilante.
Illegally obtaining addresses.
We're lawyers.
There are standards.
How do you know it was DS Nash?
- What?
- How do you know
it was DS Nash who called you
- Oh, for goodness sake.
- Look, I know it sounds crazy
You've admitted to
engaging a crime while
representing these chambers
and I will not have it.
Why do you keep trying to stop
me? What do you have to hide?
I think you should start looking
for somewhere else to work from.
I don't want to start formal
proceedings against you, but I would
if I had to.
I was actually starting to trust you.
You told Angus about me
going to see Oliver Gough
obstructing a police officer.
- What?
- Do you think if you ruined my career
you're all I'll have left?
This is my life you are
playing with. Do you understand?
I don't want any of that at all.
You losing your job is
the last thing I want.
Because I've seen you
in court, you're
fierce, alive.
That's when I fell in love with you.
Okay, but when are you going
to realise I'm on your side
and everything I'm
doing is to protect you?
How can I trust you?
I can't trust anyone.
You can trust me.
You can.
Because I'm not like
anyone else in your life.
I'm not like Mark.
Weekends with the in-laws
and bingeing boxsets on TV.
I'm not like Nash. You saw how he
reacted in the pub, you can't trust him.
I don't want the fake Ingrid.
I want the real thing.
message sent to Oliver Gough
About the previous
attack at his university.
It was sent from
A random name on an untraceable address.
Okay, so how is that useful then?
Because if someone's been
logging on to that account
from an address in Leytonstone
on multiple occasions
in the last few weeks.
It's something.
Whoever's been logging
on to that account
from there may have killed two people.
We should take this to the police.
Sorry, you just told
me not to trust Nash.
Not Nash. DI Winstanley.
I meant what I said. Keeping you
safe. That's all I care about.
Tell me the truth. Did you
break any laws getting this?
If we take this to the police I
will have to tell them how I got it.
And it could end my career.
Over a piece of evidence
that will probably lead nowhere, so
I will check it out myself.
And if it is anything, then
I'll take it to DI Winstanley.
It's not safe
to go alone.
Let me come with you.
I can't force you.
You sure this is the right place?
This is where the IP address traces to.
Craig Nevins, he had a big family
a lot of brothers, cousins, friends.
Yeah, so?
You saw them in court.
What did you think of them?
Hmm, they didn't like
the way I portrayed Craig.
They were upset,
volatile, but victims'
families often are.
Didn't get that feeling
from them though.
What feeling?
That they were dangerous.
This is my case.
It's me. My name is everywhere.
They have all my case files.
Someone's been here recently.
John! The laptop!
John! John!
John. John!
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