The Killing Kind (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[INGRID] There's something
Oliver Gough didn't tell you.
This proves that Oliver Gough
had a history of assault.
[INGRID] When did you report
Mr Webster for stalking you?
I was under his spell.
Emma Seaton. She took her own life.
[INGRID] Do you remember
any of Nevins' family
who attended court.
[LUKE] It looks like someone
is trying to teach you a lesson.
[INGRID] They have all my case files.
[JOHN] Whoever's been logging on to
that account may have killed two people.
Yeah, ambulance.
No, I need Hey, hey, hey.
- I got this.
- You need an ambulance.
You need to go to hospital, John.
Please. Aargh! Aargh!
Okay, just Let me
call someone else. Stay still.
- No, I'm
- Stay still, let me call someone.
Trust me. Trust me.
[JOHN] Please.
Let me call someone else.
Hi. I need a favour.
The doctor was thorough.
How did you get them to
make a house call so late?
He owes me a favour.
How are else are junior doctors
supposed to make a living these days?
The laptop's dead.
Can you fix it?
Yeah. Given enough time.
- Could you help me put this on?
- Yeah.
Here. Give it to me.
Can you turn around a bit because
I don't wanna catch your head.
Yeah. Put it here.
Can you grab the front?
Yeah? Okay.
There we go.
It's alright. Okay.
After I fell
I have this image of you above me.
With this
this look in your eyes, like
like you were worried about me.
Like you cared about me.
Like you used to.
When things felt real between us.
That wasn't just all in my head.
Was it?
Of course there was something.
It was real.
[JOHN] Yeah.
But it was real a long time ago.
And I was in a bad place
with Mark.
And work and everything.
That's not what it was.
You need to get some rest.
You can stay over and we can
get into the laptop and
You are concussed, aren't you?
No. Seriously. Whoever that
was, he's still out there.
And you're just safer here.
And it's like the doctor
said I need to be monitored.
What if I have a brain
haemorrhage in my sleep?
Yeah, okay. I do need you alive
to get me into the laptop.
You can take the bedroom.
It locks from the inside.
If that makes you feel any better.
Right. I'll check on you later.
I don't want a knock on the door
in the middle of the night, okay?
Tell me you hated him.
Go away forever.
Wake up.
She was pregnant.
- What?
- Emma Seaton, when she died.
She was pregnant.
I didn't want to tell you, I didn't
Was it yours?
The baby.
Was it yours?
Of course it wasn't mine.
Were you still seeing
her after the trial?
You know it was only you after we met.
Why are you looking into her death?
Because I care about them and
I wanted to try and make sense
of it all
to see if there was some part
that I might have I played in it.
Did you have a part to play in it?
Is that why you have the file?
Covering your tracks?
Why would you say such a vile thing?
I shouldn't have ever trusted you.
I'm going to the police to
tell them about last night.
[ANGUS OVER PHONE] Angus Grey speaking.
Hi, I know it's early but I
really need to talk to you.
Thank you for taking the time.
If it's a letter of
recommendation you're after
then I won't stand in your way.
- But I can't in all good conscience
- No.
I'm not looking for a recommendation.
I need your legal advice.
Excuse me?
I'm going to go to the police.
I'm going to tell them everything I know
but I need to do it in the right way.
How's it going to look for
Chambers if I get disbarred?
I know how much Belinda
cared about this place.
Last time we spoke you were accusing me
of hiding something in connection
with Belinda's death, or have
I was upset.
Your wife was the best lawyer I knew.
And now you are and I'm
asking you for your help.
Why don't you tell me the
whole truth, Ingrid. For once.
All I've been trying to
do is get to the truth.
Then why are you here? Why didn't
you go straight to the police?
If I'm not a lawyer I
don't know what I am.
I'm asking you to help me
handle this in the right way.
The more we can demonstrate
active cooperation
in sharing this information
I'm sorry, I tried to stop her.
Ingrid Lewis, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of burglary.
Ms Lewis is willing to cooperate
there's no need to do this now.
You do not have to say anything
but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention when questioned
something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may
be given in evidence.
An eye witness reported a break in
at the West Gate hotel
at 20:30 last night.
You, along with John
Webster, were identified.
Who identified me?
Excuse me?
Well, it's a very quiet
area. Extremely dark.
I was outside for barely a minute
and a member of the public
apparently identified me personally.
Does that make sense to you?
So, it was you then, Ms Lewis?
- I'd like to remind my client
- Yes.
It was me.
Could you tell us what you and
John Webster were doing there?
We believe that the person who
may have killed Belinda Grey,
Judge Stuart, and attempted to kill me
have been using that location.
Why didn't you call the police?
I wasn't confident that the
lead would be followed up.
As I think I've made clear
I believe the police
have completely mishandled
this investigation from the outset.
Ms Lewis
a few days ago
you tried to convince us to
consider John Webster a suspect
in these crimes.
Now the pair of you are conducting
an investigation together.
My life is in danger.
And the lives of the people
I work with are in danger.
So far, John Webster is the only person
who seems to be taking
this as seriously as I do.
But you have previously
alleged he's stalking you.
That's correct.
I wish I hadn't had to engage with him.
But I was left with no other choice.
Do you know where he is?
He was at his apartment
on Garston Street
when I left him this morning.
So you spent the night together?
I stayed at his house in the
interest of my own safety.
Inside the hotel, I
found copies of files
of every case I have ever worked on.
This is not just an attack on Chambers.
This is a personal vendetta against me.
The man you claimed attacked
you and John Webster last night,
have you got any idea
who this man might be?
The boy that was killed
in the pub by Oliver Gough,
Craig Nevins, one of his family members
must hold a grudge against me,
Belinda Grey and Peter Stuart.
Peter was the judge on that trial.
So you're saying you believe
the Oliver Gough trial
is at the centre of this
vendetta against you?
I've already spoken
to DS Nash about this
I'd hoped that you'd
already followed up on
the Nevins family being
potential suspects.
We don't currently have any evidence
against any member of that family.
There's a laptop.
A laptop?
It was damaged in the
confrontation last night.
But I believe that it
has information on it
that may tell us who's behind this.
Where is it?
If you find John Webster,
you'll find the laptop.
You're being released.
There will be no further
charges at this time.
Emma Seaton was pregnant
- when she died.
- No, she wasn't.
- I read the inquest report.
- She'd suffered a miscarriage.
That wasn't in the report.
That only came to light later on.
Why are you looking into this?
The investigation
concluded that the loss
was a contributing factor
in her decision to take her life.
I've been instructed to reiterate
in the clearest possible way
if you interfere any
further in the investigation
- you will be re-arrested and charged.
- Yeah.
Thank you for being here,
Angus, I really do appreciate it.
You're still a member
of Chambers, Ingrid.
But on a personal level, I do
beg you to take a long, hard
Fuck off, please!
I'm sor
Thank you for helping me, Angus.
[SUZANNE] Don't you think,
whoever the father is
that's a pretty good motive.
For some of it but Belinda had
nothing to do with Emma and her trial.
I feel bad about Angus.
Oh, don't. He's a pompous prick.
No, he's a man who's
lost his wife and
and he was just trying to help me.
You told me he never
thought you were good enough.
You were just Belinda's project.
What if they're right,
the people doing this?
What if I deserve this?
To be terrorised, like this?
You don't deserve it.
No one does.
I love you.
You know that.
You never look back.
Like what happened with Mark.
You let him believe it was all him.
All his fault.
And you just kept moving forward.
You need to take a step back.
Someone you humiliated in court
ended up killing themselves.
Even if you were just doing your job
that is still traumatic.
You never dealt with it.
You need to.
Did you knowingly lie
to the court just now
when I asked you when
you had the tattoo done?
I'm sorry.
He messed with my head.
No further questions, Your Honour.
Beautiful spot.
Did you know them?
A little bit.
- Have a good day, yeah?
- Yeah.
Sorry. Is this awkward?
No, it's just
Hey. Hey.
Don't Hey!
- Stop fighting. Move!
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
- Okay. Okay.
- Move.
What do you What do you want?
I watched you for hours in court
while you tore my sister apart
and you don't even recognise me?
Your Emma's brother.
- Don't fucking say her name.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
No, you're not. And that's the problem.
Up there.
- Go up!
- Okay.
Okay. Okay.
Listen to me, Jake.
I didn't know her.
Your sister.
You have to understand.
- That I was just doing my job.
- Don't say that.
I didn't know her like
you did and I'm sorry.
To do what I do you
have to compartmentalise.
You destroyed her. You and John Webster.
No, we
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
- You don't have to do this, Jake.
- Yes, I do.
- You don't have to do this.
- I do.
[LUKE] Stop!
[LUKE] Stay down! Stay down.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
So, Winstanley's just said
that I can take you home now.
We'll get your statement later on.
How did you know where we were?
I'm following a lead that Jake
Seaton may have been involved.
What lead? The laptop?
Did you find Webster?
No, we haven't been able to
locate him yet but we will.
What were you doing at the pier?
I needed to see where it happened.
We'll get a PC to bring
a car back for you.
You said please.
Excuse me.
When you were arresting Jake
you said please.
What did you say to him
when he was struggling?
Had you met him before?
At the trial.
Emily, you don't have to see him
- ever again.
- I see him every time I close my eyes.
- Stop! Stop it!
- [LUKE] No!
It's okay.
You okay?
- You injured?
- I'm fine.
Thank you.
Is she okay?
Emma's going to be fine.
I'll make sure.
- My God. Oh, my God, I should have seen it.
- Right.
It was yours, wasn't it?
- What was?
- Emma's baby.
This was all you.
- Ingrid.
- Has this all been you?
- Has this all been you?
- No, it hasn't.
I have to leave. I have
to go and stay in a hotel.
- But no one knows your here.
- Exactly. The police
- [SUZANNE] Let me come with you.
- [INGRID] No.
I have to do this on my own.
You destroyed her.
You and John Webster.
[GOUGH] Craig Nevins was a
good person and I killed him.
You took away my one
chance to make amends.
Emma's going to be fine. I'll make sure.
couldn't you come to the station?
I don't him knowing where I am.
John Webster?
DS Nash.
Detective sergeant
Nash is on suspension.
He came to my office this afternoon
and admitted his relationship
with Emma Seaton. He should never
have been on this investigation.
He told you?
Yeah, he did. And he'll
face disciplinary action.
What about Jake Seaton?
What's he saying?
You know I can't
discuss specific details.
He tried to kill me.
Well, he's not talking.
But we have recovered
material from his nails
which is consistent with the disused
hotel you and Webster ventured into.
We're trying to establish
if Jake is responsible
for the attacks on you,
Belinda and Peter Stuart.
He had no motive to hurt Belinda.
She wasn't involved in Emma's trial.
Well, like I say we are looking into it.
With the files we found
all of my cases, everything
that's been happening
I don't think this is just Jake.
What if this is different people
working together? People who feel like
they've been let down by the system.
People who blame me.
Who else do you think might be involved?
Working with Jake Seaton?
A member of the Nevins
family like I've said before.
Possibly DS Nash.
He has motive.
Nash is the father.
Do you really expect me to
believe that you don't know him?
That you didn't leave
Emma's inquest report
there for me to find
it in there by mistake?
- You think too much of me.
- So you didn't know?
No, I
I suspected, I just didn't have proof.
You should have just told me.
Because you've got such a strong
history of believing everything I say.
The police have got
Jake Seaton in custody.
But I don't think he's
doing this on his own.
You need to be careful.
You could be a target too.
Is that why you wanted to meet me?
Warn me to be careful?
Or because you need my help again?
Well, I'm sorry, Ingrid,
I won't to this anymore.
How did you know where I was?
Look, we started during
the trial, me and Emma.
Building the case, I got to know her.
I saw the woman that she was.
Before Webster.
I just wanted to help her be that again.
Men love a damsel in distress.
I'm not like that.
That's how men like Webster operate.
They like the challenge, you know?
After the trial, Emma fought
so hard to rebuild herself.
Then she got pregnant.
Wasn't planned, but she
was happy and then so was I.
But Webster just wouldn't let her go.
Even after he was gone he was
still in her head, you know?
Then there was the stress
then the miscarriage.
Why are you telling me this?
You told me you've known one too
many people let down by the police.
We did everything
that we could for Emma.
We built a solid case
against John Webster.
But it was you.
You tore it all apart because you could
even though you knew that he was guilty.
No, I didn't, and that's not
how the justice system works.
Webster's not going to get justice,
but in prison he would have suffered.
Because I would have made sure of that.
So you helped Jake get
real justice for his sister.
- Of course not.
- Who else is involved in this?
I have nothing to do with
what has happened to you
or Belinda or Judge Stuart.
Explain how you came to
suspect Jake's involvement.
It was the email that
was sent to Oliver Gough
when I saw the email address, "Durbs".
It was a stupid nickname
Emma used to call him.
- And why didn't you arrest him then?
- Because it was just an email.
And I couldn't be sure
that it was connected.
I didn't think he would hurt anyone.
Well, you were wrong.
But he has no reason to hurt Belinda.
Someone is putting him up to this.
And we need to find that person.
- We?
- Yes, we. I can help you now.
My hands aren't tied anymore.
- We need to stop this.
- Why?
Because whoever's behind this is
a lot more dangerous than Jake.
So you're trying to protect me?
I can't let anything happen to him.
I owe it to Emma.
So why do you need my help?
If you want to save him, just do it.
- Because you're at the centre of this.
- You lied about Emma.
And I can't trust anything you say.
- I'm calling Winstanley.
- Put the phone down.
Please put the phone down.
Just put the phone down.
If you want to protect Jake
Seaton, you go right ahead.
But get the fuck out of my room.
I was wrong to let you
bear all that guilt.
And it was cruel
not to tell you sooner
about me and Webster.
Yeah, it was.
But we both did things
that were unforgivable.
Are you going to give me
your therapist's number?
Well, yes. Yes, because she's amazing.
I want to help you.
No, I can't get you
embroiled in all of this.
I think we've been embroiled
for a long time, Ingrid Lewis.
I didn't see this coming though,
I've got to give you that.
Let me help you.
There is something.
[INGRID] I can't think why Jake
would send Gough that email.
It must be the Nevins family.
Are you sure you want to be here?
Well, this is more my kind of thing
than doorstepping every
member of the Nevins family.
So, what's the plan?
If we can find out
who's been digging around
for the evidence on Oliver
Gough's earlier assault
then we can work out for certain
if someone else has been
working with Jake Seaton.
And if it's been DS Nash?
Do you recognise any of these people?
Could it have been a police detective?
- Possibly.
- DS Luke Nash? Mid-30s.
It'll be easier if you let me.
Ah, here we are.
A nasty fight that got out of control.
The student in question decided
not to make this a police matter.
But Oliver Gough was
involved in the fight, right?
It was a lawyer who picked up the file.
- A lawyer?
- They needed
this information for
the appeal apparently.
There was no appeal.
Erm Who was the lawyer?
Well, a nice, young lady.
A woman?
Oh, here we go. One Bodle
House Chambers. Ms Ingrid Lewis.
Wait, didn't you say your a lawyer, too?
I just need to run to the bathroom.
I'll meet you back at the car?
You've been a great
help, thank you so much.
Thank you.
Mark. Fuck!
Hey. Hey. Hey. Oh!
Ambulance, please.
Has, erm, the doctor come around yet?
She said they might be
able to stop the sedation
once the swelling on
his brain goes down.
If it goes down.
Why would anyone do this?
To Mark.
I have to get this.
How's Mark?
They're not sure yet.
I'm sorry.
How are you?
I thought you were done with me.
So did I.
like you said
I don't know when to stop.
I found a way in to the laptop.
Can I show you?
Jake was using Tor.
It's a dark web browser which
made him virtually untraceable.
Looks like he had access to your
old phone and your laptop's data.
Right, so that's how he
knew where to find me.
It appears so.
What is that?
It's a private forum. Encrypted.
But there's a record of every message.
Who's saying all of this?
Durbs 454. Almost certainly Jake.
That account was linked to the laptop.
Okay. And Wolf 17?
I'm not sure.
I think it could be Nash.
I knew Jake. This isn't the
work of someone like him.
This takes skill, focus and imagination.
But this is what you really need to see.
They've been watching everything.
Who has this level of
access, the means to
manipulate broken, vulnerable
people better than the police?
And Nash does have the motive.
We know this.
- Who is that?
- Who?
Taking the picture.
[INGRID] Do you have
any tattoos, Ms Seaton?
- One.
- Would you mind showing us, please?
It's a wolf.
Oh, my God.
Wolf 17 is Emma Seaton.
That is Emma Seaton.
She's alive.
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