The Killing Kind (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Everything I'm doing is to protect you.
- I can't trust anyone.
- You can trust me.
The police have Jake Seaton in custody
but I'm certain he isn't
the only one doing this.
The boy that was killed, Craig Nevins,
one of his family members
must hold a grudge against me.
Who else might be involved?
I have nothing to do
with what has happened
to you or Belinda or Judge Stuart.
Flora got a message from Mark.
She told us she was
going to see her boss.
Police checked both of our phones
and there was nothing from that night.
There's a laptop that
has information on it,
that may tell us who's behind this.
Who is it?
It's Emma Seaton.
She's alive.
Did you know Emma's alive?
I can't even say that out loud.
It's absolutely ridiculous.
Emma is the one person
who makes complete sense.
No, because she wouldn't do this.
Jake's not the mastermind behind this.
So who is likely
to have been able to
pressurise him into this?
Not Emma, because she's dead.
We can't be certain.
- I went to her inquest.
- They didn't find a body.
She washed out to sea.
I went to her funeral.
She wouldn't do this.
He means she wouldn't do it to him.
Are you working with her?
Do you really think you're
such a saviour to Emma?
- Keep her name out of your mouth.
- Look
Forget him.
Don't look at Look at me.
You were with her the weeks
before she disappeared, right?
Was there anything unusual?
- Get him out of my flat right now.
- Okay.
Can you leave?
I'll meet you outside.
You have to understand why we thought
you might be involved.
I know you want to find
Emma as much as I do.
Why did she keep all this from me?
I've always been on her side.
We need to talk to Jake.
He's the only one that
could tell us the truth.
Can we get DI Winstanley
to interview him?
No. She's tried several
times. Jake's not talking.
Okay, well, then you.
You are the one person he
might open up to about this.
I'm suspended. Winstanley won't
let me near the investigation.
Okay, I know this is a big
risk, but can you get us to him?
Apparently, he's out on bail.
He's on the electronic tag.
If we can get the location of
that, we might be able to find him.
He's going to try and find Jake.
I'm going to go with
him but you can't come.
You know he can't be trusted.
Well, I'm worried about your safety
because if Emma's
alive, you're her target.
And you're not?
You just go somewhere safe
until you hear from me.
I mean, I have empty
flats I can go to, yeah.
Okay, well, do that.
- I've got to go.
- Ingrid, wait.
If you're going to go with him
take this taser with you.
You might need it.
- Any joy?
- Yeah.
They didn't exactly want to help me.
But I know where he is.
I saw his tag.
We need to talk to you, Jake.
Is she alive?
I'm not here as a police
detective. I'm here for Emma.
I'm sorry for hurting you.
I felt trapped.
What about when you tried
to run me over with a car?
- Did you feel trapped then?
- You were very funny in court too.
Even when you made my sister
- sound like the biggest liar on the planet.
- Jake
- We need to know about Emma.
- What about her?
Is she alive?
Is she?
Jake, I know you must love your sister.
And she was damaged by the trial.
And that must have been
profoundly hard to deal with.
If my sister asked me to
help her, I would do it.
I would.
But this can't go on forever,
and the only way you can help her now
is by telling us the truth.
It wasn't my idea. None of it.
Come on.
What did you do?
I lied to the police.
I told them Emma had called
me that day to say goodbye,
that she was going to end it all.
Then I drove her away from the pier,
hid her in the boot of my car
and made sure no one saw her.
- I should I should have told
- Why didn't you come to me?
It wasn't about you.
Where is she, Jake?
I don't know.
- You communicated online using Tor.
- Yeah. Well
we used to meet up
underneath Waterloo Bridge.
There's a spot where there
aren't any cameras, you see?
Who else is she working with, Jake?
Look, if you know anything,
now is the time to share
it. It won't just help you
but it could keep Emma safe as well.
Michael Nevins, Craig's oldest brother.
He, erm
He hates you more than Emma does.
- He contacted my sister.
- When?
After you got off the person
who murdered his brother.
Michael got into Emma's
head. He played into her
played into her feelings about you.
They wanted to see you punished,
they started planning it all.
So who's idea was it for
Emma to fake her death?
Nevins. He
told her she'd be so much
freer to do what she wanted
and make you suffer like she had.
Especially, with you around.
You promise you don't
know where Emma could be?
I'm telling you everything.
We need to speak to DI Winstanley.
Emma has to be found.
She said you wouldn't
understand why she had to do it.
You're going to go to prison, Jake,
for what you've done.
And I can't help you.
I didn't kill anyone.
Jake, you've not helped your sister.
You've helped ruin both of your lives.
Let him go.
You were suspended.
- This is gross misconduct.
- Jake wasn't talking to police
so I judged that he may
have come clean with me
in light of my connection with Emma.
Oh, you judged it, did you?
And how does his death figure in that?
That was all my doing, And
I'll take the consequences.
We have to find Emma.
Basic decency means
there should never
have been a connection
with Emma Seaton.
If I have my say, your career is over.
Emma was manipulated into this.
It was Michael Nevins
who initiated the contact.
Leave this building now!
Right, may I advise you yet again
to take every measure
possible to protect yourself.
Get yourself somewhere safe.
Inform our officers where
before you leave the station.
- Can we just
- You shouldn't be here.
I'm busy, I have suspects to locate.
John Webster needs protection,
we are both prime targets for Emma.
John Webster will receive
exactly the same advice as you
when it comes to personal
safety while we're investigating.
- That's not enough.
- Feel free to register a complaint
with the Home Office about
our lack of resources.
You didn't suspect anything?
What, that my disturbed ex-girlfriend
brought me to court
for breaking up with her
would be so unhinged as
to pretend to kill herself?
No, Ingrid, I didn't suspect that.
We need to stay here
until the police find her.
I owe you an apology.
- It's not necessary.
- But you were right.
From the first phone
call you were right.
You needed to come to
your own conclusions.
You know your own mind,
and that's something I've always
found incredibly attractive.
So, what, do we just
wait until we have news
from DI Winstanley?
I just kept thinking
about Emma and Jake
and I just feel terrible
about them, you know?
And, if I'm honest, I think
I know I'm partly responsible.
I saw how damaged and fragile she was
when we first met, and
I should have treaded more carefully.
Well, it's probably true
what you said last night.
- No use in speculating, is there?
- Well, I can't help it.
One breakup rippling out to
affect so many lives. It's
I mean
I can't quite believe it
- It's just
- Emma faking her death.
I mean, it's hard to
get your head around.
- Especially on the dark web.
- Emma and Jake meeting up under a bridge
to hatch their plans against us.
It's crazy.
We should stop talking about them.
I should get that.
Anne. Hi. What's happened?
Okay, yeah. Erm, I can, er
Well, I can come right now.
Yeah, I'll see you in a bit.
Yeah, he's, erm
He's woken up.
That's great.
Yeah. He's asking for me.
Well, you should go. I'll come with you.
No, it's safer for you to stay here.
I'll come back.
Okay? Okay?
Okay. Bye.
I'm lucky.
To have you on my side.
Hi, you're through
to DI Jill Winstanley.
Leave me a message and
I'll get back to you.
And you are certain you
didn't see who it was?
I'm sorry.
Could it have been Webster?
Jake Seaton told me where
he and Emma used to meet up.
It was under Waterloo
Bridge to avoid any CCTV.
Yeah. Webster knew exactly
where they were doing this.
- Maybe you told him.
- No.
No, absolutely not.
And Nash would never.
So how would he possibly know that?
I don't want to make you feel bad,
but I need to ask you something.
When he was pretending
to be your squash buddy
- Oh, no, I had no idea who he was then.
- I know. I know.
Did you ever talk to him about Flora
or show him a photo of her?
Yes, I
I have to I have to go. Okay?
The fire.
Was it you?
Did you try to kill me?
Did you try to kill me?
I think you were right.
If Flora had got a message to
come and meet Mark at our house,
that would explain what
happened that night.
- I told you she did.
- Can I see her room?
- What?
- Look, I believe Mark
but I don't think your daughter
was delusional. I need to prove it.
I know this must be really
difficult to think about,
but can you tell me again
what exactly happened
the night Flora died.
We were all watching television
together after dinner.
Flora got a text and she raced up here.
She came down later, changed.
All dressed up. That was
the last time we saw her.
What are you looking for?
This is why no one found messages
between Flora and Mark on her phone.
She messaged him secretly on this.
There it is.
He would never call himself Marky.
This isn't Mark, this
is Webster pretending to be Mark.
I'm going to get the police
to come over and get this.
I have to go. Thank you.
What took you so long?
We arrested Michael
Nevins early this morning.
You found evidence?
My officers found a set of keys
to your flat in his glove compartment.
Plus a record on his Visa card
for purchasing a red umbrella.
And we found jewellery
from the break-in on Oliver
Gough's flat in his attic.
So what's Nevins saying?
Oh, shocked, no idea
where it all came from.
Heard it all before.
All our resources are now
focused on locating Emma Seaton.
What about Webster?
- What about him?
- I think he's working with Emma.
He's involved.
What do you mean?
Miss Lewis?
Would have preferred to go
back to where I was on trial.
This isn't a trial
It can still count.
It'll be fair.
That's all that's important.
- Fair?
- Hmm.
Like when you were fair to Peter Stuart?
You have a degree, a network of friends,
a polished wardrobe.
You seem far from the
victim you're portraying.
She was wearing a short
skirt and a low-cut top.
The victim was no stranger to
having drunken, loutish fights.
Judge Stuart made all those
statements to or about victims.
And that justifies murdering a judge?
A man like that should
never have got to decide
- what my jury could and couldn't hear.
- That's his job.
Well, if that's going
to be your defence
"I was doing my job,"
this won't take as long as I thought.
Would you like to talk
about your trial, Emma?
Because it was supposed to be
about what John Webster did to me.
How he harassed me.
How he followed me. How he treated me.
Why didn't all those things get aired?
Because the jury don't get to hear
exactly what you want them to, Emma.
You twisted every word of what
little the prosecution could say.
Would you like to hear how
John Webster really treated me?
He used to call them "challenges."
I would stand there for
hours in the freezing cold.
I wanted to show him how strong I was.
It's time to come back inside now.
He only did it when the
neighbours were away.
Webster knew it was always going
to be his word against mine.
I need to tell you something about him.
Emma, listen.
It's my turn now.
It was the CPS that decided
which allegations wouldn't
feature in my case.
I don't hold you responsible for that.
Making me sound like an
obsessed, unstable wreck
that was all your doing.
I was prescribed some anti-depressants.
You made me look psychotic.
I lost my temper in public once.
You made me seem like I was
seething with vengeful rage.
A woman scorned,
wasting the court's time.
I never got the chance to say why
I actually got John's
initials inked on me.
Another thing you twisted.
And what does the wolf cover up?
- Another tattoo.
- Another tattoo that shows what?
Mr Webster's initials.
You got your original tattoo
later than you claimed.
It was after you'd broken up,
it was after you reported
him to the police,
those were the facts.
That is all I presented.
But he asked me to get it.
He left me gifts.
I didn't know what to think.
He never stopped, he
never left me alone.
I need to ask you
Webster was in touch
with you after the trial?
For how long?
Up until the day before I had to
It was never going to stop.
I thought it was Michael Nevins' idea
for you to fake your death.
It was.
One of us had to be incognito.
And I knew that was the only way
for me to truly escape Webster.
For him to believe I was gone.
What made you feel
like you couldn't talk
- to Nash about Webster's behaviour?
- Start the cycle again?
Police, prosecution,
trial, loss, annihilation.
But you could have gone to the police,
you could have gone to the police.
Then why didn't you do that?
When Webster turned his
attentions in your direction?
How do you know about that?
I saw you with him.
You could have gone to the police.
They would have dealt
with him, they would.
- It's not the same.
- It's exactly the same.
- It's not the same.
- It's exactly the same
and I know why you didn't.
So many women know
why we wouldn't report
what men like Webster
do until it's too late.
I didn't create the system.
And the rules,
and the rights, and the wrongs.
You would defend anyone
and destroy anyone to win.
Wouldn't you?
It doesn't make you bad person
to defend bad people.
Doesn't it?
So, you made it to round two.
And if this goes well,
final hurdle to a pupillage with us
is meeting our Head
of Chambers Angus Grey.
These Chambers are my first choice.
Oh, really? Why so?
Don't let the fact
that Angus is my husband
in any way affect your answer.
All you clients here are often
fighting the hardest
fight they ever will,
when you represent them. And
I want to fight the good
fight on their behalf.
- Oh, God, I'm sorry. I know you mean it.
- I do.
- I really do.
- Yes.
I'm sorry, Ingrid.
I'm way too cynical these days.
So, Ingrid
You have the CV, the work experience,
the outstanding academics.
So does every applicant.
I'm not like every applicant.
Angus has the final say, and
trust me,
fighting the good fight will be
an instant thumbs down from him.
Why do you really want to
be a criminal barrister?
A trial can change
people's lives entirely.
And as a lawyer you can
get to be a part of justice.
Being that, it really is
all I've ever wanted to do.
And I really like to win.
I know what you all tell yourselves.
That a lawyer is not morally
accountable for what they do
in fulfilling their professional
duties. Textbooks say that.
Your friend Belinda thought the same.
Why her?
She wasn't even one of
Webster's lawyers. So why her?
I wasn't planning to
hurt her that night.
But then I heard her
on the phone to you.
Singing your praises.
It made my blood boil.
I'm not sure I'm the best
representative of Chambers.
Bollocks, Ingrid.
You're making a name for
yourself as a killer advocate
who can work miracles for her clients.
So I'm telling you as
your wise mentor to do it.
Excuse me.
Webster hurt you, not me.
Definitely not Belinda.
- You don't get to decide who hurt me.
- So
Because you didn't get the
result that you wanted at trial
you did all of this damage.
Is that fair?
This is bigger than me.
People like you achieve more success
the more you break people.
I found out what you and
Belinda, and that judge
- did to Craig Nevins and
- How?
- How?
- and so many other people.
Did Michael Nevins tell you
or is that part of
what you got Jake to do,
- research me
- Have you spoken to my brother?
He was arrested.
I know.
I didn't force him to help me.
Is he still in custody?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
We went to go and talk to him.
It was an accident.
Jake died.
Things felt real between us.
But it was really a long time ago.
And I was in a bad place.
I need you to call him, now.
- Emma, your brother's
- No, no.
John. I'll tell you what to say.
Okay. Look, you need to
listen to me about John.
Webster took the life
I had and destroyed it.
You helped him get away with it.
- What are you going to do?
- Enough talking.
I'll tell you what to say.
He'll come running to you.
I need you both together now.
Emma, the police are searching for you.
You just tell John that the
police have already arrested me.
That you That you want
to meet him where I died.
To start a new chapter. He'll like that.
- Do it. Do it now.
- Okay.
Hi, John, it's me.
I've just heard that they've
they've arrested Emma. Yeah.
Can you meet me somewhere?
Emma, we're on the same side.
- Be quiet. He'll be here soon.
- Tell me, it was Michael Nevins
who messaged you first,
right? He contacted you?
I told you this already.
Have you ever met Nevins in person?
- No. We were protecting each other.
- Protecting each other.
Okay, when was your
last message from him?
This isn't important.
Yes, it is, Emma. I promise you it is.
When was your last message
from Michael Nevins?
It was an hour ago. Michael was
watching you at the hospital.
He told me that you'd gone
to see Mr Pole. Keep moving.
Okay, listen to me. Listen
It's not possible
that Michael Nevins was messaging you.
That you were communicating
with Michael Nevins.
He was arrested by the police at dawn.
Who else would it be?
It's Webster.
It's always been Webster.
Has she hurt you?
I don't know what you think you're
doing but this has to stop now.
What do you think
we're doing here, John?
You've been so careful from the start.
What has she been saying to you, Ingrid?
Nash was right about you.
We've been through so much,
you're not thinking straight.
You posed as Michael Nevins
to manipulate Emma
into faking her death.
It can't be you.
You're too intelligent to fall for this.
And the fire, I was right by
the fire as well, wasn't I?
You wanted me to come home
that night, and find Flora.
You set the whole thing up
so I would come running
to you after I left Mark.
And Flora was, what, just
collateral damage, was she?
And then there's this
This This desperate plan
to have me terrorised and traumatised
so I had no one to trust but you.
You made me put all my faith in you
and then leave me indebted to you
after you saved me from Emma.
You should have killed
Emma and have me defend you.
I only get off on the
high of winning, remember?
Emma. You okay?
No! No!
- Don't!
- Ingrid. Stay
Emma! Emma! Emma! Stop!
Emma! Stop it, Emma.
Get away from her.
All I've ever done is love you.
What's happened?
So, Webster brought the taser with him?
As I stated previously.
And despite carrying the weapon
and the apparent intention to attack
you and Emma Seaton,
he voluntarily confessed to
the murder of Judge Stuart?
Yes. Webster was bragging.
He thought he was untouchable.
Based on the last few years, I can
I can see why he might
consider that to be the case.
It's just moments before the
attempted attack on Miss Seaton.
Before, according to your statement,
Webster ran towards
Emma with the weapon,
he slipped, overbalanced,
and fell into the water.
What are you doing about Michael Nevins?
He had nothing to do with any of this.
Well, we'll investigate.
Follow the law.
You remember the law, don't you.
Webster framed Nevins.
To manipulate Emma and Jake Seaton.
And I'm certain
that if you can trace the messages
sent to Flora Pole's phone
on the night of the fire,
it will prove to be a
cloned copy of Mark's number,
created by Webster.
It all sounds highly elaborate.
Webster would do anything
to achieve his goal.
Which was what, exactly?
What drove Webster to do all this?
In his mind it was a love story.
He would do anything
to have me to himself.
Is it the whole truth you're telling me
about how he died, Ingrid.
It's what the court will hear.
I'll leave you with Sarah
to get into all the details.
And your plea is clear?
All your claims against John Webster
have been comprehensively
documented and supported.
Thank you.
For helping me.
Thank you, too.
You made me think about the
effects of what we do in court, and
the end of the trial
isn't the end of the
situation for those involved.
I suppose that is some comfort.
Goodbye for now, Emma.
Thank you.
You okay?
I didn't really want to run
into Miss Seaton in the hallway.
Thought it best to get some air.
Have you changed your mind?
You said you were okay with
our Chambers acting for her.
I did. I am.
But only after everything
you told me about her.
And what Webster did to her.
Well, it demonstrates
our Chamber's commitment
to the essential principal of the law.
It's still a trying situation.
Helping the person who killed your wife.
Do you think
think Belinda would be
proud of my magnanimity?
Of course, she would.
She respected you immensely, Angus.
As do I.
Oh, it's definitely Ingrid's round.
- No.
- Yeah.
Oh, okay. Fine.
I can buy three drinks, one time.
Hey, thanks for inviting me out.
It's nice to see you enjoying yourself.
Well, a wise lady once told me
that work isn't really my friend.
No. Hmm.
And you two have been
real friends to me.
I'm going to go the bathroom.
And then we'll do karaoke.
And I'm going to tackle Lady Gaga.
- All right.
- Yeah.
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