The Lake (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Game Night

Today, today ♪

Cruising while roller skating ♪
Wild flowers grow
through the pavement ♪
We were young and misbehaving ♪
Like a soul that don’t need savin’ ♪
Why do we wait for the sombre path ♪


Why is it so dark?
Are you still
in bed? It's almost 10.

Could this mean she's actually relaxing?
No, I can't sleep here.

Night’s should not be
this dark.
It's unnatural.

What happened to my horror movie fan?
I thought you'd miss getting scared.

I miss flushing my pee.

Well, if you prefer a Bible
camp, we can make some calls.

You guys said it would
be B-B-Q’s and beaches
but Justin's weird ex
step family is here.

Don't let internalized
feelings of abandonment
from being adopted stop
you from having fun.

You're not betraying
us by getting to know
your birth family.

And I'm pretty sure I'm the
only Black person on the lake.

- Just stay away from the tea.

- Baby.



Hold up.

Are you guys in Greece?
Look, honey
Internalized feelings my ass!
You just want me to have fun
so you don't feel bad
for having more fun!
Okay, hardly.
This book
tour has been relentless.

We barely have a minute to ourselves.


The masseuse is here
It’s a working massage.

What? I don't understand.

There's not like a
notwithstanding clause
or anything? Any kind of loophole?
No, no, no, no.
I don't understand.

If she's not
This is a family trust.

She’s not fucking family!

No, it was an untimely death.

We're not no, there's no
blood relation of any kind.

- Ugh!
- Oh my God!
I didn't mean to scare you.

But, it's nice to hear screams come
- from the old place again.

- Again?
Yeah, I think there was murder here.

No, wait.
I think it was a kidnapping.

Anyway, Wi-Fi’s up.

Yeah, I know Todd!
No, I'm not raising
my voice! I am not
- I’m sorry
- [RILEY.]
He okay?
He's a bit
operatic when triggered.

Copy that.

I'm Riley, by the way.

I'm Billie.

Pass me my sledge hammer?

What's it for?
Ah, there’s some things down here
that can chew through wires.

You might want to go back inside.

- Okay.

- Yeah.



I have been
working so, so hard this year!
I am a better person!
The lawyer said that
the trust is ironclad
so we don't get the
cottage until Maisy dies.

Maybe when she hears about it,
she'll have a heart attack.

- That's it.

- That's a joke.

No, no, my dad.

My dad must have put
the trust in the box
before he had his
heart attack which means
- Maisy doesn't know about it
- So tell her.

Maybe you can work out a timeshare.

If Maisy finds out that the cottage
is coming to me, she'll
bury herself in it.

We're never gonna get it.

You don't know her the way
that I know her, alright?
We once had a crush
on the same lifeguard
and she shrank my bathing
suit to make me look fatter.

Or you got fatter.

They went from board shorts to a Speedo.

Thank God, I am an only child.

I am an only child, right?

- Hey!
- [RILEY.]

Your Wi-Fi is all set up.

He fixes cable, runs
the general store
man, you’re like a
real life handsy-pandy,
like a handyman.

Uh, you want to keep this?
No, no, that's a gift for you.

Maybe, see you around?
Yeah, I’d love that.

I mean I would like that.

I would like that.

God, I hope bad game
is a recessive gene.

- [MAISY.]
That's quite a view
- Oh, God!
Make some noise when you walk.

Was that Riley just leaving?
Yes, it was Riley.
He just
came to install some Wi-Fi.


Careful Billie, bringing
cute boys around.

Justin once tried to steal
an old boyfriend of mine
by wearing these tiny
little swim trunks.

She's lying.

- It didn't work.

Listen, I know it was rough
- hearing how dad
- Not your dad
Left me the cottage but I just want
to make a fresh start.

How about your FAVE: Games night!
My place, tonight.

Ooh, we would love to but we're so busy.

We got lots of like
birth father-daughter
bonding to do.

Well, Billie's invited too.

Everyone's dying to get to know her.

There'll be drinks, more
We could play charades!
That could That could be fun.

See you tonight at 8:00.

- Okay.

- [MAISY.]
Don't even think
- about bringing anything.

- Okay.

Don't even think about
bringing anything?
Was I raised by Wolves?
Two minutes ago, you
wanted to annihilate her
and now we're going over for
white claws and lawn Jenga?
Yes, because games night
is the perfect way to
run her off the lake.

Games night, where friendly competition
and binge drinking
equals spilled secrets,
rumours spread and sloppy make outs.

Blood feuds are born
and marriages torched.

And that is how we are
going to take down Maisy.

That is Game of Thrones.

But with a much more satisfying ending.

Now, the best way to get
rid of an invasive species
is to make its environment inhospitable.

So, in Maisy's case, that's family.

Army of skanks Friends.

And Cottage.

Is this Mean Girls again?
We're already becoming a family.

- Mm.

- Step one,
we alienate her from
her friends and family
by exposing a secret so dark
it rocks the foundation
of Maisy's world.

What secret’s bad enough
for someone to leave their cottage?
Summer of ‘77.

At a Quaalude and metuso
game of two truths and a lie,
Paul Park brags to his friends
that he Munchausen-ed his dad
into disowning his brother.

The cottage was sold the next summer.

Summer of ‘98, after two two-fours
and three grams of hash,
Nancy Sweeney confesses
that her brother in law
fingered her at her sister's wedding.

Ripped the family apart
and the cottage was sold.

Which brings us to step
number three, the cottage.

What happened to step two?
Can't do math when I'm making a plan.

My grandpa was a Scottish asshole,
tied with turds and money.

His septic system alone is enough
to get the cottage condemned.

So if I can find my grandpa's plans
and bring them to the
county Inspector
Maisy’s gonna have
to fix those violations.

At a huge price.

Yes, question in the back.

If it's such
a huge price to fix,
how will you afford it?
Excellent question.
defer to future Justin.

Any other questions? Yes.

What's wrong with you?
I was a breeched birth.

Now, once all the little
pieces are lined up,
we just sit back, relax and
watch them fall like dominoes.

There's no “We,” on Games night.

So it's come to bribery, has it?
Spicy? Okay.
Best offer:
You don't have fun tonight,
I'll leave you alone for
the rest of the summer.

You can even keep the big bedroom.

And if I do have fun?

We are gonna bond so hard.



Or you're going to stay here
with whatever Riley woke up in the pit.

Place looks great, Maiser.

No mention of the reno okay?
I already told the kids.

Is that why you put
Opal’s vision board away?
Well, with Justin back on the lake,
I just don't want people talking again.

You remember what it was like
when I first got the cottage.

Oh, no, of course you don't.

You had just been traded to Pittsburgh.

Ah, yes.
The lost years.

Relax, hon
Once the Boathouse
president approves our plans,
the renos are all good.

And I hear she's got
the elections locked up this year.

You don't understand.
People said
that I slept with my stepdad
to get him to change the will,
that I bribed the board.

But didn't you bribe the board?
I incentivized.

Once I'm re-elected, nothing can keep us
from our dream cottage.

But if Justin’s happy, then
he won't cause any trouble.

And we all know what makes Justin happy.


Nope, not a clue.


Not a word.

- Hi.

- [MAISY.]

Look who brought nana’s bean dip.

Seven layers of dietary

- You remember Opal?
- Hi.


And Killian.

- Hey.

- Hey.

Thank you so much for having
us over It's really nice.

Victor, why don't you and Killian
give these two a tour of the cottage?
Yay! Oh, I feel like an exiled Romanov
returning to his ancestral dacha
after it was stolen by the unwashed mob.

Did they bring
bean dip to the dacha?
Yeah, I just can't believe
that we've never met.

Oh, I was playing for Tampa, back then.

- Wasn't around much.

- Oh, hello!
Oh yeah.

Is it weird being in
your family cottage?
No, it's not really my family.

What's weird is my Black
parents being obsessed
with me connecting over my white roots.

Like, they're worried I'll lose a kidney
- and need a donor or something.


Yeah, my mom's the exact same way.

Like, I like dumplings and everything
but does she have to bring
‘em to every school barbecue?

That's why I love the lake so much
because all the shit fades away.

Is that you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


With my grandpa,
or um, our grandpa
Justin's dad.

What was he like?
He was really fun.

He was always up for
something just crazy.

You have the same eyes.

Hey honey.

Honey, can you guys come in here please?
Everything looks the
same, smells the same.

Feels the same.

Stop that.
Stop that.

It's so nice to have
the family back together.


- Wassup!
- Wassup!
Moore, party of six!
- Here ya go.

- [MAISY.]

- Lovejoy, up top?
- Sure, hey Wayne.

- [JAYNE.]

- Yikes.

Did you see the links that I sent?
- Hey, sweetie.



- Sorry.




You were so zooted the other night.

She means thank you for
not ratting them out.

Snitches get stitches, right?
Oh, it's just uh
Never mind.

We're hanging at the
fire pit.
Wanna come?
I'm good.


Oh, my God
Guys, wait.

They’re not as bad as you think.

They made people believe
I stole coconut cream vodka.

You don't come back from that.

They've been doing dumb shit like that
to me since we were
You get used to it.

No way, man.
You shouldn't, either.


I think I'll just hang here tonight.

If you're staying for Games night,
you're going to need some backup.

To play a bunch of dumb games?
Shit gets real when
boomers are three gins in
and they’re six points down.

Okay, well, we're probably
going to have to have
a safe word if we need to bounce.

- Okay.

Okay? So


- It's perfect.

- Yeah.



- Hey.

- Justin.

- Jayne.

So, Jayne would like me
to apologize to you for taking a leak
in your sleeping bag at
your dad's 50th kegger.

I am sorry.

If he’d known that they would call you
Pisstopher Robin all summer
My dad didn't
have a 50th kegger.

- Total rager.

- Yes, he did.

Party of the year.

Why wasn't I invited to my
dad's 50th birthday kegger?
I guess that's what he wanted.


Cool, cool, cool.

Well, you know what?
Since the games have already begun,
why don't we kick things off
with a quick round of Never Have I Ever?
- Oh.

I haven't played this since like,
I don't know how long.

Hands up, Maisy.

Um, let's see.
Oh God, oh God.

Oh God.
Never have I ever.

Oh, never have I ever had
relations with a puck bunny.

- Yeah!
- [WAYNE.]


- No.

Never have I ever
relieved myself on someone's
imported Spice Girls sleeping bag.



Thanks, Jayne.


Never have I ever, never have I ever
Oh God, what else could I
Never have I ever sucked Wayne's dick
while Jayne was getting
her first aborsh.


Ah, fine.

But it's a good thing you brought up
before Wayne had his
third drink, am I right?
He says it every year.

I told Jayne at her senior prom
and then we ended up
getting drunk and making out.

Best night of my life.

- Hm?
- Hey, everybody.

- [MAISY.]

Oh, hey bud.

- How you doing?
- Hi.



This is perfect timing.
we can play partner games.

You and Justin can be together.

Hey, bean dip.

I made that.

Is that what makes Justin happy?

- Everyone, it's time.

As my bed time is 10,
I've divided each game
- into rounds of five.

- [MAISY.]


You got this, Mais.


The Diving
Bell and the Butterfly!
- Yes!
- What?

- I friggin’ love you.

I love you.

A little bit of this
and a little bit of that ♪
A little bit of this
and a little bit of that ♪
A little bit of this
and a little bit of that ♪

Falcon and the Ass man.

Splinter in the
Splinter in the ass.

Indiana Jones and the Ass Crusade!

- Ugh.


James and the Giant Peach.

Not every peach is an ass, Wayne.

The one behind you is a peach.


A little bit of this
and a little bit of that ♪
A little bit of this
and a little bit of that ♪
A little bit of this
and a little bit of that ♪


Oh, Kill Bill!
- It’s Kill Bill!

A little bit of this,
a little bit of that ♪
A little bit of this
and a little bit of that ♪


Opal, can I get a little help with this?
It's the foundation on which
all gay cinema is built.

Mean Girls.

A little bit of this
and a little bit of that ♪


Well, my bombshell was a bust.

I wasn't invited to my
father's 50th birthday party
and Maisy is some
kind of charades witch.

So I would really like to go.

I don't care about the big bedroom.

You win, it's yours.

Okay, so your plan didn’t work
What about Riley?
I mean, he is.

He's very cute.
He's really cute.

I mean, he's got What? No.

Stop it.
You are just
trying to trick me.

You just want to stay here so you can
keep hanging out with Killian.

I’m saying it because
he's obviously into you.

- Really?

Oh my God.
Oh my God,
no, I can't do this.

I can't, not tonight.

Opal's vegan cheese made you gassy.

No, I don't feel ready.

I was divorced, like yesterday.

I'm not wearing any of the right clo
Yes, fine.
Opal’s vegan
cheese made me gassy.

Are you happy?
No, no one's happy about that.

I just want to go, please.

I'd really like to go.

Well, what about your grandpa’s plans?
You can still steal them.

They may not even be here, I don't know.

I believe in you, Justin Lovejoy.

You are like the Roman mob, remember?
Taking back the family dogs
from the dirty Russians and
Oh, my God, please stop.

You’re butchering a perfect metaphor.

Alright, fine.
But as soon
as we steal those plans,
we’re gone.
But I'm not sitting
behind you in the canoe.


Wouldn’t it be so funny if Maisy and me
just like made out, like right now?

Come on.

I'm going to show you
something so amazing.

Okay, you guys.
Opal’s in bed,
so let's make this
next game a quiet one.

No, duck-duck-goose.

How about Sardines?

Like hide and seek?
Well, it's uh, it’s kind of like
a reverse hide and seek
where like, one person hides
and then everybody else looks.

And then when you find the hider,
you hide with them until
the last person finds you.

Justin always wanted to play this game
when we were kids so he
could sneak into my bedroom
and read my diary.

You taught me the game!
I'll save you the trouble.

I don't keep a diary anymore
but my vibrator is in the bedside table.

- I'm down.

- I also want that.

- I will play.

- It could be fun.

I'll hide first.


So, s'mores
aren't just graham crackers,
chocolate and marshmallows.

Okay, well, they're kind of are.


But uh, you can also use
pretzels or Ritz crackers,
milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

And then there's the mini marshmallows
or the jumbo marshmallows.

Well, it looks yummy
but I thought you were going to
show me somethin’ amazin’.

You think you're ready?
Oh, I was born ready.


I don't get it, what are you doing?

Yeah, I'm not so good at nothing.

I mean, plus there's no
such thing as nothing.

I mean, even breathing,
it's like something




What's up, fam?
Oh, my God, you guys would
make the cutest babies.

Oh, my God, you
can't just say that, dummy.

Look at me, you in trouble ♪
I ain’t come here to cuddle (NAH) ♪
Big shark in a puddle (YEAH) ♪
Big shark in a puddle (WOO) ♪
Look at me, you in trouble (YEAH) ♪
No droppin’ this shovel (YEAH) ♪
Big shark in a puddle (YEAH) ♪
Big shark in a puddle, yeah! ♪
Even with me, you
against me right away ♪
Even with me, you
against me right away ♪
Even with me, you
against me right away ♪
Right away ♪
Right away ♪
Ahn! ♪
Lance Bass! Aw! We're
back in sync, baby.



No, no, no, no, Maisy here.


I got you all to myself.

Oh, whoa, um.

Uh, sorry, I thought
I was getting a games night,
sloppy makeout vibe from you.

No, no, you were.

There was totally a vibe.

We were totally vibing.

It's just um, full disclosh
I am pretty freshly divorced
and very badly out of practice.

Uh, the beard tat dating
trauma that you mentioned
at the Gas and Go.

That's the one.

You know, I have this scar
and some like chin zits,
um, like to,
tighten it up and cover
Why are you smiling?
‘Cause triggered is my kink.


Do you, um,
do you wanna play my favourite game?

So now Justin has Riley to obsess over
and he won't care about the renovation.

You're brilliant.

I know.
Justin always
went after the hot guy
that was out of his league
only to be disappointed
when they rejected him.

I don't know.
Him and Riley
seem to be hitting it off.

Oh, Justin may have lost the weight
but trust me, he is still a train wreck.

Riley will see that and dump him.

The pain and the shame will give Justin
two more reasons to run away.


Wanna play seven minutes in heaven?
You dirty dog.




Fuzzy bunnies!
Eight marshmallows!
Okay, Kerri!
Your turn, Killian.

Truth or dare?

I dare you to sit in the
outhouse for five minutes.

Make it a double dare.

We’ll do it together.

In that case, we dare
you to go into the outhouse
and swap clothes.


Janie, can you believe how
good I look in Victor's clothes?
I mean, sleeves are a bit big,
waist a little bit
tight but I'm a snack.

I found it.

The astral nebula.

Why is it so special?
You have to apply to get one.

I've been turned down.


How ‘bout a demo, babe?


Have fun.

Okay, five minutes starting
- Now.

- Hate to admit this
but this is totally on brand for me.

Every time I try to
help, I end up in shit.

Pass me your shorts.


What's the matter?
No, I'm just I'm just
a bit claustrophobic.

That's why they dared me to do this.

So why didn't you just say, “No?”
I didn't want to embarrass myself.

I see my mistake now.

Uh, no big, we’ll just
do another dare.
Okay, yeah.


Oh no.

It's okay, stay calm.
We got this.
Yeah, yeah, we're good.


Some bitches
are getting stitches.

What up, Opie-dopes?
Couldn’t sleep.
My parents
are fooling around in my closet.

Must run in the family.

Yeah Your brother and his cousin
are naked in the outhouse.

Billie and Killian are
having sex in the outhouse!
- Yes!
- No!
Is that bad?
- That's bad.

- Yeah.

Oh, God.

I'm so, so close.
So close.

Yes babe, yes babe, yes babe.

Yes Babe
C’mon, Killian.

Just think of something else.

Yeah, I'm trying.

I'm almost, there!

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I just

Your shoulder’s bleeding.

What? Oh my God.

Oh my God.
My birth daughter's bleeding!
My birth daughter’s bleeding!
It’s okay.
I got it.
I got it!
You don't know where anything is.

I do.
I do.

What's happening? What happened?
Looks like your
hell spawn struck again.


Is that my shirt?

Does anybody else hear
that buzzing sound?
Uh, we should hit the road.
Good night, guys.
you for a great night.

Thank you.


- Do you think?
- Oh, yes.

I mean, yeah.

Go Wayne.

Can you get tetanus from an outhouse?
Is that a thing?
I think you'll survive.

Oh, you have a better
chance if you stand still.

What about ticks?
My mom says you can
get Lyme disease here
from all the nature.

Lyme disease is really
having a moment, huh?
Justin Bieber did so
much for that disease.

I think you're safe.

You and Kilian make a great team.

Almost second place.

Uh, I know.
I feel so bad.

It's my fault he took the dare.

He didn't want me to
know he's claustrophobic.

No, it is not your fault.
Let me guess.

It rhymes with very, hairy and scary?
Not a lot of cool girls
on the lake your age.

Don't worry, Sarah will be here soon.

You two will get along great.

Oh, cool.
Does Sarah
have a cottage here?
No, no.
She stays with us.

She's Killian's girlfriend.

There you go.
Good as new.


Promised her parents she'd have fun
but not like bleeding
in an outhouse fun.


Sorry, hot mess alert.

Who plays very cool Connect Four.

Maybe you’d wanna play
board games again, sometime?
Unless you're playing board
games with somebody else
‘cause you can play board
games with whoever you want.

I'm not one of those like,
hetero-boardative queers.

Not, not this guy.

Okay, I'm down for a rematch.

- Yeah.

I'll wait for you on the dock.

I should get goin’ as well.


Thanks for a great night, Maisy.

Oh yes, my pleasure.
Get home, safely.

Maybe see you around?
Over, under, whatever.

I'm flexible ‘cause
because I do yoga.


Thanks for the
trip down memory lane.

As far as Game nights go,
it wasn't one of the worst.

I'm so glad you had fun.

And Billie turned out
to be a lovely girl.

Do you mind if I borrow this?
The murder cabin is
kind of short on fun.

Oh yeah, of course.

Take it as long as you want.


Mi casa es su casa.

Not yet.

So why is he an asshole?
Because he has a girlfriend.

We have this amazing
time together and then
So you did have fun.

Ugh, fine.
You win.

But I'm pulling the adoption card
and keeping the big bedroom.

Yeah, you can play that once.

Maybe a few times.

Kilian should have told me.

Well, did he like, say
or try anything creepy?
He made me s'mores
and they were delicious.

What does making a s’more even mean
in boy language.

I think it means that he likes you.

And that he has a
Both can be true.

But the summer is long
and long distance
relationships are really hard.

Why do you think I stayed
with my ex in Australia?
Because you were running from your life
and it's crushing misery.

All right, look.
Not all is lost, okay?
Because you had fun with Killian,
I stole my grandpa's plans.

Paint swatches?
Order numbers?
What the fuck is this?
What the hell is rustic boho minimalism?
She's gonna tear the whole thing down.

Bring it down, Sherlock
Boat House Committee meeting,
construction permits, approvals?
Oh my God!
This is why Maisy hid this!
She didn’t want me to find out
about her reno before
it went to the board.

So why invite you to Games night?
Because Billie, because
she's diabolical.

Of course
What better way to play me
than by showing me that
she's got nothing to hide?
if we could get the
board to stop her reno,
then she wouldn't be able
to demolish our family legacy.

Boat House elections are tomorrow.

We need to game her,
the same way that she
thinks she's gaming us.

And the best part is,
she has no idea we’re coming.

Game and match.

It doesn’t hurt me ♪
Yeah-yeah-yo-o-o-o ♪
You wanna feel how it feels? ♪
Yeah-yeah-yo-o-o-o ♪
Do you wanna know? Know
it doesn’t hurt me? ♪
Yeah-yeah-yo-o-o-o ♪
Do you wanna hear about the deal ♪
We’re making? ♪
Yeah-yeah-yo-o-o-o ♪

Yeah-yeah-yo-o-o-o ♪

If I could ♪
I’d make a deal with God ♪
And then get Him to swap our faces ♪
Be running up that road ♪
Be running up that hill ♪
Be running up that hill then ♪
Oh, come on, baby ♪
Oh, come on, darling ♪
Let me steal this
moment from you, now ♪
Oh come on, angel ♪
Oh, come on, come on, darling ♪
Let's exchange the experience ♪
If I could ♪
I’d make a deal with God ♪
And then get Him to swap our faces ♪
Do you wanna know how it feels? ♪
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