The Lake (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Midsommar Madness

So, there's the bathroom,
kitchen, the living room,
Justin sleeps in there
and this,
this is my bedroom.


Bedrooms are are great.

I have one too.

So, do you want to, like, do something?
Justin and your parents should be
at the euchre tournament
for a few more hours, so
Ah, all away.

We could We could watch a movie.

The Wi-Fi got fried in
the storm last night.

Riley's coming by to fix it later.

Oh, we do have this Croatian
bootleg of Dharma and Greg.

- Season four.

- Oh, great.

Or you could just kiss me.

Maybe that.

- What up, fam?
- We interrupting?
- Kind of.

- Yeah, well, we're bored.

Who wants to find out why this
is called the murder cabin?
Put your fingers on the board.

We are attempting contact
with the spirit world.

Lost souls trapped between
our world and the next.

So, close your eyes, clear your mind.

Any tips, Keri?
White eyeliner makes eye shadow pop.

That's actually a really good tip.

- Is there a spirit among us?
- Ooooh.

Guys, focus.

Is there a spirit among us?
Welcome, spirit.

We come seeking answers.

When will Billie and
Killian go to Bone Town?
So dumb.

Ah, keep your finger on the board
or you'll invite an evil spirit in.

Do you have a name, wandering spirit?
Yes, I am?
What do you want, Ysiam?
Do you mean blood?
There’s six of us.

Weed break.

Which one of you bitches
finished my stash?
In our defense
Yeah, we did.

I'm going to Ulrika’s
to borrow a cup of bud
while she’s at the tournament.

Won’t she notice?
Who do you think taught me how to roll?
Okay, which one of you moved it?
- Don't look at me.

- Keri can barely spell.

I'm better with shapes.

What's taking her so long?
Ready to stick pins in my eyes.

We could watch Dharma and Janko
‘til she gets back.

Janko’s hilarious.

What was that?
Holy shit.

What the hell is that?
Are those Olive’s jeans?
“One down.
Five to go.

I bet Olive’s just messing with us
- for stealing her weed.

- Or stealing her homework.

Or toasting her lizard.

He looked cold.

- Wait, what?
- What the hell is that?
Is that a fucking crossbow?
Oh, nice shot!
Oh, my God.
Go, go, go, go, go.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Killian, lock the other door.
Call 911.

No signal.
Wi-Fi’s still down.

Aah! How does this thing work?
They're going back into the woods.

- Oh, God.
Oh, God.

- Do you think Olive’s dead?
No, Olive’s a stoner.

They always survive until the last act.

- You need them for comedy.

- This isn't a movie, nerd.

Guys, we have to make a
run for the dock right now.

Do you want to be the dumb jock
that eats it in the first act?
- You can’t outrun an arrow.

- If he’s the jock who are we?
I’m the final girl, so
you guys are the dumb slu
Fun girls.
You guys are the fun girls.

What are we going to do?
Well, the killer always
tries to separate us, right?
Makes us easier to pick
off, so we stick together
until the signal comes back
or until our parents come home.



Shouldn't you fill
that with boiling water?
Why? Do you want soup?
Can anyone hear that?
No, no, no, no.

No, no, let me go, okay?
I was bullied by my imaginary friend.

- Ghosts hate me.

- No, no, no.

It’s just the wind or something.

Holy shit!
Keri! Keri! No! I will
not be an only child.

They’re weird and self-obsessed.

- I'm an only child.

- Yeah, see?
Everything will be just fine
if we just stick to

Open up! Is anyone there?
Oh, Riley, thank God!
Oh, God.

What the hell is going on?
Some crazy crossbow freak
chased me off the deck.

I barely made it inside.

We know, we've been
trying to call for help,
but the signal's still down.

- Can you fix it?
- I brought your cable.

but there is no way I'm going out there
with a crossbow bathrobe psycho.


Did you use that?
In here?
Does the name Ysiam
mean anything to you?
Shit, shit.

Local legend says
that this rock was once
a witch coven’s party pad.

Some locals drowned the coven
and the head witch cursed this place,
asking for blood if anyone
disturbed their rest.

I thought it was bullshit, but
the head witch’s name was Ysiam.


Story has it the only way
to send her followers back
is with the blood of six virgins.

- Keri’s a virgin?
- Such a liar.

- Where's Keri?
- Too soon.

We can't just stay here
and let them pick us off.


All right.
We make a run for my boat.

We'll get to the Boathouse,
we’ll call for help.

If you don't die, come
back for us, ‘kay?
And bring us some snacks.
Yours suck.

How many of those freaks did you see
when you were on the roof?
I wasn't on the roof.

Ah! Well, fuck me in half.

- Why? What's wrong?
- My boat’s gone.


We need to go back to the
cabin like now, alright?
Ah, fuck!
Oh, my God! Fuck!
Holy shit, Riley!
- Killian! Oh, fuck.

- Go! Go!
- I’m right behind you.

- Okay.

Get inside.
Get inside.
Get inside.

- He’s gone.

- Who’s gone?
- Riley!
- Did he fix the internet?
- What?
- Billie! I’m coming!
- Justin?
- No, no, no, no, no.

I have to go after him.

No, in New Moon when
Bella hears Edward's voice,
it's just it's just her
mind playing tricks on her.

- Is this Twilight again?
- It's a horror movie too.

Well, falling in love’s scary.

Man, the shit we take from
you horror purists online.

Riley’s cable.

We can replace it and call for help
- without a phone signal.

- Where's the modem?
In the crawlspace under the cabin.

Of course it is.

I'll just run down there and swap it.

And then when I get back,
we can bring up FaceTime
and bunker down until
someone comes to help us.

- There's more of them now.

- Okay.
Distract them.

Not that kind of fun girl.

- Yeah.

- Be careful.

Be fast.

Come get me you Volturi sons of bitches.

Thank God he's hot.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

Come on! Let's go! I’m right here!
Bring it on, motherfucker!
Okay, Billie.
We’re gonna do this.

You’re not gonna die in
this shitty fucking cabin.

Oh, my God!
Oh, God.
Oh, shit.

- Killian?
- Open the door!
- Killian!
- Come on, come on!
Open the door, Teri!
Did you reboot the modem?
No, there's too many of them.

Maybe they'll leave once they have you.

You’re the final girl.

Aah! Come on! Come on, I have an idea.

We can jump.

Are you nuts?
Jumping is always scarier
than the water, remember?
At Raven’s Rock, not
the Cabin in the Woods.

Okay, on three.




Cabin in the Woods.

Do you have a name, wandering spirit?
Are those Olive’s jeans?
- Y.

- BRB.

- S.

- Open up!
Do you want to be the dumb jock that
- eats it in the first half?
- I.

This isn't a movie.

- I thought it was bullshit
- A.

The head witch’s name was Ysiam.

- M.

- You’re the final girl!
Cabin in the Woods.

Cabin in the fucking woods!
No, Billie, wait!
Hey, Opal Bader Ginsberg.

- You there?
- Go ahead, Olive.

I’m clear of the cabin.

Ouija board’s in place,
phone jammer’s on.

I'm heading to Ulrika’s
until Prank Day is over.

Do they suspect the gag of it all?
Not a clue.

My generation is screwed.

That's a go, everyone.

Walkies stay on for
further instructions.

Jane, prep the arrow.

Don't skimp on the blood.

Copy that Opie-dopes.

Am I just sticking
the arrow into the door
or am I actually firing the crossbow?
Shooting would be more immersive.

That's what I said.
Told you, Jayner.

- This is a bad idea.

- Mm, it’s a beauty.

Wayne, stop.
All right?
Nobody is shooting anyone with anything.

Opal, when did blood and
crossbows come into this?
Guys, I want Billie
to remember Prank Day
with a smile, okay,
not regression therapy.

She’s not gonna come back next year
if she's still having
nightmares about it.

This isn't your high school's
dinner theatre, Justin.

It's my opus.

Did you hear that?
Justin wants to come back
next summer with Billie.

That would be a real win for him.

And a real loss for us.

Since Justin has been here,
we have lost an election, a bathroom,
and our son might lose his
virginity to his cousin.

- Step-cousin.

- Ugh.

Still gross.

We cannot lose anything else to Justin.

We have to make sure
they never come back.

By scaring Billie so much
that she calls her
parents to come get her.

There's no way they'll let
her come back after that.

Sounds a little harsh.

It was Justin's idea
to bring back Prank Day.

He made his own bed.

Oh, nice shot!
- That's my boy!
- Victor!
- That’s our boy.

- Oh, my God!
Get inside! Go, go!
Wayne! Come on!
Hold on.

What happened back there?
- You got hit with a rock.

- Was I there for that?
You were supposed to
wait like we practiced.

- You never listen.

- Okay, okay, okay.

Next time you get hit
in the head with a rock.

- Thank you.

- Great.
Come on, come on.

- We gotta go.

- No, this way.


- What happened back there?
- Oh, my
They barricaded
themselves inside the cabin
right on schedule.

Dad, you in position for
Operation Ouija Magnet?
In the hammer lane, little buddy.

Spy talk, not trucker talk.

That’s like asking a fish not to swim.

Magnets in the
planchette are pretty snappy
so don’t work too hard.

- 10-4.

- Second warning.


Maisy, what the fuck?
This is supposed to be Scooby-Doo scary.

Shh, shh, shh.

It’ll all be over soon, sweetie.

Hey, hey, Assassin's
Creed, she can't breathe.

- Sorry.

- Can't be too careful.

There are witches in these woods.

All right, this shit’s
getting out of hand.

Maisy, this is exactly why Prank Day
was cancelled in the first place.

No, you're the reason
that Prank Day got cancelled.

Who can't handle a fake alien abduction?
You told them to eat me first
because I had more meat.

- And I stand by that decision.

- Oh, my God.

You wanted to bring Prank Day back
because Billie is this huge horror fan,
but if it doesn't feel real,
she's going to be the first to clock it.

So just sit back and
let Ysiam work her magic.

Should have been my name backwards.

It was my idea.

Nitsuj sounds like a lice shampoo.

Come on, honey, Opal’s
got snacks in the car.

You can bring your kettle.

Wayne Eunice Beverly Moore,
you get your ass down!
I was supposed to do the roof walk.

The roof can’t handle your weight!
- You can't go rogue like that.

- Hey, I’m Wayne.

Don't remind me.

That's a cool dress.

Falcons have fled the nest.

Riley and the kids
are leaving the cabin.

We got to hustle if we
want to beat the kids
to the Boathouse for the hood reveal.

We're not doing the
Boathouse thing anymore.

Yeah, there have been
some last-minute rewrites.

What do you mean? What kind of rewrites?
Opal and I thought that ending the prank
with the hood reveal was a bit tame.

Relax, we're just shooting
and abducting Riley,
and then we're surrounding
the kids so they think
- that Ysiam is coming.

- And then what?
Are you going to sacrifice
them into the fire pit?
- Do you think it's deep enough?
- All right, that's it.

I'm calling it, Joan Carpenter.

This just went from Goosebumps to Saw 5.

Billie? I’m coming!
God, what the hell, Maisy?
Don’t even think about moving.

MI-5 once tried to recruit me.

- Oh, as if!
- I know! Me, a public servant?
- What a waste.

- Maisy, please come on.

I'm begging you here.
Please let me go.

You got to stop this.

You don't think we
had better things to do
than play make-believe
while you paper over
your failures with Billie?
Of course we did, but
we're here because of you.

- I just wanted it to be fun.

- Mission accomplished.

I'm having a blast.

I'm going to need some bungee cords.

The Dalai Drama’s gone rogue.

Well, the joke's on you
because I'm putting that on a T-shirt.

Oh, God,
why do you taste like lavender?
Riley, please.

I know we're in this
garbage phase,
but would you please untie me?
Riley, come on.

Billie's probably really scared.

- That's what you wanted.

- That is not what I wanted.

I was trying to do something special
so that she’d come back next year.

In my prank, you got to be the hero.

You got to save the kids.

In Maisy’s, you get nailed
in the leg with an arrow.

Why are you helping her?
You pimped me out
to Gil the Thrill.

I know.

I know I did that.

having Billie again,
Maisy getting the cottage,
this chance that I got to get
back everything that I lost?
I just went crazy, I went
really crazy and you
got caught in the middle.

I'm sorry.

I’m really sorry.

Please don't help Maisy win.

I never did this
for Maisy.

Bondage, threesomes
I think you're going to need
to update your profile,
there, Tindersnake.

Cabin in the fucking woods!
- Billie, wait!
- Oh, Billie.

Busted, busted, busted,
busted, all of you!
Ysiam is Maisy spelled backwards.

Mom? Dad?
We’ve been made.
Stand down.


What the fuck?
- Are you serious?
- What the fuck, Boomers?
- Hey, girls.

- It’s not a prank!
It’s torture! Oh, good,
you’re all caught up.

That was pretty low
using your evil genius
against your older brother.

I think you mean 'thank you.
For scaring the shit out of me?
For dragging your mopey ass
romance into the second act.

I was waiting for the perfect moment.

Did you or did you not get
your first kiss with Billie?

You're welcome.


And that, twisted sisters,
is why you should never steal my weed.

- Sorry.

- Okay.

Won't happen again.

We need to tell mom
that Justin and Maisy
are the witches’ bitches.

It it was fake, Keri.

All of it.

How high up does this thing go?
You have no idea.

What is wrong with you?
What's wrong with all of you?
You people are insane.

In what universe did you think
- this would be okay?
- I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.

Do you think abuse is funny?
Do you? I mean, unbelievable.

Absolutely unbelievable.
almost jumped off the deck.

My parents are going to freak, Justin.

And I thought Olive was dead.
Keri, too.

I was legitimately fucking scared.

- I know, I'm sorry.

- Good.

Because remember, the body count
is always higher in the sequel.

The sequel?
Oh, yeah, you’re a dead man next year.

You are a good little actress.

I felt terrible.

Maureen, hi, do you have a second?
Has it been 20 years since I
called you by your real name?
No, I want to float something by you.

I am sorry.

I'm sorry that I left you with Maisy
when I was off getting off.

Riley said you got tied
to a tree for me, so
say we’re even.

- And I heard you calling me.

- Yeah.

I'd be dead because
you were beyond late.


You came for me.

Of course I did.

See, it’s not just about the crossbow
or the roof, Wayne.

It’s you campaigning
for Boathouse president
after I was humiliated.

It’s you obsessing about Teesa.

It’s not sharing the Astral Nebula.

I think I have a concussion.

See, it's always about you.


Can I come in?
So you can tie me up again?
So I can apologize.

I might have gotten a
bit too method today.

Psycho, the word you're
looking for is psycho.

Well, it was good for the role.

But I am sorry about tying you up.

That was not cool.

Well, your sociopathy aside,
Prank Day was a huge hit.

Billie wants to make
it an annual tradition.


You guys better start looking.

Places go fast around here.

Yeah, well, you know,
we've actually grown kind of
fond of this little hellhole,
so I'm going to call Whoreen manana
about renting it next summer.

Oh, no.

Whoreen’s selling.

What? What the fuck.

Oh, man.

This place is cursed.

Teesa’s Insta post
got so much attention.

And you and Billie are the first ones
to rent it and not disappear or die.

That's huge curb appeal.

And I wonder who gave
Whoreen the idea to sell.

The lake’s changing.

You can't stay stuck
in the past forever.

But it was fun having you guys here.

Killian and Opal are really
going to miss their cousin.

Great idea for Prank Day, by the way.

Best one ever.

She wins.
Every time.

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