The Lake (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Trust Issues


Yeah ♪
Yeah ♪
Yeah ♪
Oh, that looks good.

- Beychella?
- Quadchella.

The triplets’ 17th birthday version.

Triplets? Aren’t there four?
Well, Olive’s birthday is tomorrow.

She was born after midnight.

Anyway I'm
I'm going with Killian,
as in, like, on a date.

We're dating.
Sort of.

We're not surprised.

The video he posted
of you was so adorable.

You creeped his profile?
What kind of parents
would we be if we didn't?
We’ll unpack how you're drawn
to family figures when we get home.

Oh, so we're fine with me dating now
after wanting to send me to Bible camp?
It was the only one we
could book last minute.

Now, if you’d have
sexted a Junior Prof
earlier in the year,
we could’ve packed
you off to swim camp.

Never wanted you not to date,
just wanted better judgement.

Now dating boys your age
can still have its challenges.

They're all prefrontal cortex
with poor impulse control
and poor hygiene
Hey, what's more
psychologically disturbing?
Baby head in the toilet or random limbs?
It's the head, right?
It's gotta be the head.

I thought we were done
with horror pranks.

Yeah, Whoreen said that
someone from “Payne Realty”
is coming by to look at the cabin,
so I figure if we let Murder Manor’s
natural gore core shine through
then maybe we got a shot
at renting it next summer.

Why don't you put an offer in?
Girl, if I had that kind of cash
Yeah, but Maisy does, right?
Show Maisy the trust.

I know you were saving it for a big play
but she might help if she
thinks that her dream reno
- all comes to us one day.

- It might persuade her
to buy us out.

Ah man that would be
enough for a down payment.



Lock up your spouse.

Jayne Payne will sell da house!
Still workshopping my tagline.

Jayne, you’re Payne Realty?
Yeah, Payne is my maiden name.

No pain, all gain.

With Jayne not bad.

Well, since when did real estate
become your side hustle?
It used to be my main hustle
but then the girls came and
I had to get out of the life.

It just it took too much.

But there's been some local interest
and Whoreen asked if I could
help and so I thought
“Let’s see if she
can still dance.

Teesa’s posts
made this space look like a lot cuter.

Yeah, we just took all of our stuff down
so this is the cabin's original charm.

- Is that blood splatter?
- It's not fresh.

Show Maisy the trust.

Honesty is the way to go.

Yeah, it's also a long shot.


Oh, you found Rosemary's baby head!

- Maiser!

What are you doing to
my favourite shorts?
I’m fixing a button.

You're letting them out?
I I told you that following Opal
on his patisserie journey
would have consequences.

I was supposed to roll
the dough, not become it.

No, no, no, no.
No fatphobic talk, okay?
Pro athletes have such
unrealistic beauty standards.

Long flow, washboard
abs, dumptruck ass
No man has all three.

I just pulled my back
doing a baby gym session.

Tiltapalooza’s next week
and how can I defend my title?
You suck it up and suck it in.

Go have a shvitz at Ulrika’s
and loosen that back up.

Because I married a ten time champion.

Thanks, babe.




What do you want?
Um So Um

Dad never told me about a trust.

Probably 'cause he's not your dad
but the long and the short of it is
the cottage is mine.


But Derrick left the cottage to me.

Yes, correct.

But once you leave it or kick it,
the cottage comes to me.

Oh, well, I don't plan
on kicking it any time soon, so
Maisy, this is not about us.

This is about the kids.

And this document says that
any money that you spend
on the cottage goes to
Billie, not Killian and Opal.

Which is why I'm proposing
that you buy me out
for half the cottage's current value.

Which would be cheaper than post-reno
and it'll let me put an
offer on the murder cabin.

And then, maybe, Maisy, we can just put
all this family drama shit behind us.

I appreciate you telling me.

Why don't we just go down
to the dock and discuss it?
So you can drown me?
Not if you push me first.

I'll just grab us some coffee.

All right.

But Billie knows where I am
just in case anything happens.

Duly noted.

Are you still four creams?

Actually, two, lactose
free if you've got it
or oat, almond in a pinch is fine.

- Thank you.

- Mm-hm.

Honesty is the way to go.




Oh, oh, oh, Jupiter ♪
Oh, oh, oh, Jupiter ♪

Smile! Just yeah
Wai wait.
Just one sec.

- We’ll do you in a second.

- 17!
Can Olive not be in
this picture, please?
There we go, Olive,
go ahead, get in there.


All right.
Looks good.

I feel a little bit underdressed
next to the Queen B.

Oh, shut it.

Your Jared Leto is full
fashion meth realness.

They wish they looked so hot.


Early birthday gift.


That is so sweet, I hate it.



I would like to say a few words.

My baby girls are 17, now.

Almost womans
practically DJs.

Do not take this time
in your life for granted.

You have got to cherish these
ragers without hangovers.



And don't forget to party the fuck on!
- Woo!

- But party safe.

- Okay, thanks, Daddy.

- Let's wrap it up.

- Hey, hey, hey,
have you seen your mom?
She left early this morning.

Okay, no boomers at Quadchella.

She won’t take my calls.

Don't forget water.

Drink lots of water, okay?
- [KERI.]
You got it.

- The answer is always water!
- [JERI.]
Love you, Daddy!
- [KERI.]
I’m not cleaning
up anyone’s puke!
Except my own.

All right, people.


Let the magic begin.

You know, when I
dropped that trust bomb,
I half-expected you to
come at me with a knife.

It's too messy.

They say that poison
is a woman's weapon.

All right, little bro.
wouldn't want us fighting.

Still, not your dad.

But it is my cottage.

So respectfully, I have
to decline your offer.

It's not an offer.

I'm allowing you, graciously,
to buy me out so you can
tear down my family cottage
and build some Muskoka
afterbirth with a fugly turret.

It's a Lighthouse gable
and it's not cheap.

Neither is reclaimed
wood, marble countertops
and Opal’s trips to Milan.

We are not in a position to buy you out.

maybe, we could redo the bunkie.

Because I mean, I'd have
to approve the floor plan.

And I've always really wanted
a fire pole, and like, maybe
a dumbwaiter or a hot
waiter or No, Maisy, wait.

This is not a negotiation.

All right?
If you don't buy me out,
then everything goes to Billie.

You have no idea
what goes into cottage ownership.

It takes commitment, it takes work,
concepts that you struggle with.

You can't poison me
with your words or your dairy.

I know this was real cream.


I really wish you hadn't done that.

What the fuck!
That was part of a really cute set.

You brought a bone saw?
It's for drywall, you amateur.

You detached the dock?
Had to make sure you wouldn't run away.

Yeah, the grown ups are at the Boathouse
and the kids are at Quadchella
so it's just you and me, baby.

And our little trust issue.



Today, we honour my
sisters’ 17th birthday
and the liminal space
between adolescence and adulthood.

As your Shrooman,
I will guide you through today's trip.

There are only three rules.

One, stay with friends.

Two, stay in nature.

And three stay hydrated.

This tastes like trash.

Yeah, it’s poison, not truffles.

Don't worry.

I secretly micro-dose
them every Christmas.

And it's the only time
they ever show empathy.

Are we really doing this?
Studies show psilocybin
has therapeutic benefits.

Cures depression, PTSD.

Let's take our medicine.



And feel the heat
Straight on the street
So fresh So fine, all mine ♪
So crazy how we're all, like

You know what I mean?

Why has everyone gone full Midsommar
and I feel nothing?

- And we ate a ton of pizza.

- Yeah.

Food slows absorption rate,
anticipation, too.

It'll happen.


You're, like, low key
my favourite, favourite sister!
- Whoa!
- Hi.

- [TERI.]
- Hi.

Everything has a heartbeat.

The step-crushins
are totally gonna bone.

Stop that.

Okay, let’s go.

- Where?
- To get some privacy.

Really? What?
Don’t over think it.

What Well, I mean
I mean we should maybe
overthink it a little bit.

I don't want to pull a Justin.

I mean
you can pull out but
things do happen fast,
faster than maybe you want
Okay, stop before I pull out, right now.

We'll get some condoms,
then some privacy.

If you wanna take it ♪
Hey, Riley!
I am honoured.

What brings Queen Bey to the woods?
Your note at the Gas & Go
said you'd be back in five?
I got a hot tip from a
buddy of Highway Patrol
that a swan got clipped around here.

So if I find it, I can finally
finish the season five finale.

Any chance you could
open up the shop for us?
We were just getting snacks and


Big day.

It’s too bad, the Hendersons,
they cleared us out this morning.

But Saggy B and Whoreen
don't live too far away.

I'm sure they would help the cause.

Killian could should you.

You you want me to just ask them.

Well Ulrika’s really
been pushing her Womb Wash.

Apparently it works on chickens.

We just have to ask to use
the Hendersons’ bathroom,
grab a few and bounce.

What? A few?
First times always require a second act.

But just leave a few for Saggy B.

STI’s are tearing through
the senior’s community.


It's not funny, guys.

It's a serious problem.



You two are tripping balls.

Come on.


Don’t tell Justin, okay?
That’s gonna get weird.


You can't just bring
someone on a dock, Maisy.

I mean, this is entrapment!
You're free to leave.

Well, yeah but I just
I've never been this far out before
without a pool noodle.

You better hurry.
Storm’s a-comin’.

Yes, because you poisoned me with dairy.

Not just dairy.

No, you’re just
you’re just messing with me.

This is just this is just anxiety,
a little bit of coffee and my EBS.

- Excitable Bowel Syndrome
- EBS is real, Maisy!
- [MAISY.]
Is not a thing.

- Look it up!

Just hold on, just
I’m just gonna hold
I'm gonna hold it in.

That's fine.
I'm fine.

I can swim to shore in a tight ten.

I'll have a boat here in five.

You tear up that trust
and the throne is yours in 20
No! You can’t erase me
and you can't erase Billie
who's the real grandchild
and Dad's trust confirms it.

Blood is thicker than water.

Is that what you tell Billie's parents?
Ugh! God!
Maisy, all I am asking for, here,
is what's rightfully mine.

- Yours?
- Yes!
I earned every square
inch of that cottage.

I turned this place from
a racist fridge magnet
into the next Muskoka.

And I did it with the entire Lake
thinking that I slept
with my stepdad to get it!
While his sad, gay son gave up his baby
and his 32 inch waist,
I was being crucified
while you were in Australia
getting your micro dick
sucked by a Hemsworth.

A Coffs Harbour Hemsworth,
they're not the same.

I have bent
these generational mouth
breathers to my will.

And I think it's really
adorable that you think
you can come in here and
take what's rightfully mine
just because your granddaddy
built some shit shack on the Lake.


I am going to tear
that baby to the studs
and build an Architectural
Digest centerfold.

Goldie and Kurt are gonna lose it.

Well, it sounds gorge and I can't wait
to inherit it when you
die because the only thing
that I'm dissolving is a Tums in water.

Do you have any?
Do you really think that
you and your excitable bowel
can outlive me?
- I'm younger.

- I'm stronger.

I've had to shit since we got here
but nobody tells me what to do.

Not even my own asshole.


- Oh no.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, no, it's coming.

Oh, my God, Maisy, it’s coming.


- [MAISY.]
Then, get in the Lake.


- Hi! Hi ya, kids.

- Hi.

We we were on a hike
and I needed to use the bathroom.

Of course, sweetie, down the hall.

If it's brown
- Flush it down.


Cool windchime.

It was my mother's favourite
before she died of a broken heart.

And cirrhosis.

How do the colours do that, though?
It looks like they’re dancing.


I think you've had too much sun, dear.

Go and get Billie something to drink.

- Yeah.



I got it.
Let's go.

Oh, oh, bye.

Is that my bathrobe?

What’s up with this?
Never seen you here this early.


Trouble in paradise?
No, no, it's all good.

You know, the kids are good.

Maisy's good, but
You ever wish you could stop time?
It’s not a wish, bud, sunk a boatload
into some time machine startups.

Just waitin’ to cash in.

It’s like when did our
bodies stop playing fair?
Dude, we’re as young as we feel.

Hey, take your last season.

You weren't scoring.

They cut your ice time.

But did you leave the party?

You handled that noise.

That is why you
are Vic-The-Stick.


Hey! Who gives a fuck
what people say, anyway?
Most of us.


- [MAISY.]
Oh no,
you are not pooping on my dock.

Get your ass in the Lake.

No, I'm a home pooper.

And there's this tiny Amazonian catfish
that can lodge itself in your urethra.

You come to my house
and you try to extort my cottage.

You throw my triple glazed
French mug into the water
and yet you're the victim.

Justin is always the victim.

You knew I was lactose intolerant!
“Oh, I'm gay,
I gave up my baby, I can't do dairy.
Everybody feel sorry for Justin.

You know what?
Justin never does the work.

Like you did?
Sucking up to a racist
homophobe like my dad?
And who cured him of that?
- Me!
- Yes,
a cis straight white woman
who's never been affected
by any of that in her life.

And I did it before I turned 30.


- You know what?
I was really hoping that when I saw you
at the boathouse barbecue,
things would be different between us.

All I ever wanted was a big sister.

And all I ever wanted
was to not come second
to a talking mudslide.

Oh, I’ll show you a mudslide!
What? No, no, no! That
Don't you dare.
pull your pants down.


That was hand woven in Marseille.


The vibes are weird.

Something's wrong.

Who invited
the kids to Quadchella?
Oh no.
They aged backwards.

It's the only logical explanation.

See, the triplets.

That is what happens
when you appropriate fairy culture.

Oh no it's Olive.

And Lil Wayne.


We have to re-bigulate them.

How do we turn you back, Lil Wayne?
That's it.
Wayne told us.

Water’s the answer.

It's always the answer.

We need to hose 'em down.

We gotta make it fun.

They’re just kids.

Water balloons.


This is the sacrifice we have to make.

So question pour Victor
What do you and Maisers do
when you hit a hump-slump?
Juice cleanse, usually.

the other day
Jayney wants to play a new game
and I'm like “I'm here for it babe.

- What do you got?”
- Yeah.

- So she ties me up.

- Yeah.

- Gags me.

- Nice.

- Then she leaves.

- Sweet.

Yeah, for, like, four hours.

- Not so sweet.

- Yeah, she went to run errands.

Like, look, I know I
have to be supportive
but I honestly did not like that game.

I don't think it was a game, Wayner.

I think she wanted some me-time.

Me-time? [BURP.]

No way.

My girl doesn't want to party with me.

My girls don't party with me!
I'm still the party.

Nothing's changed.

You spilled some
Thanks for the advice, Wayner.

I'm full of great advice
but does anyone listen to me?
- Shit.

- I can't hear you.

If you see Jayney,
would you tell her to call me?

We did it.

They’re all wet.

They should re-bigulate any minute.


What the

We had to re-bigulate them.

Quadchella is two doors up.

Yes, ma’am.


- Sorry ma'am.

What the fuck?


Oh, God.

- Hey, Dad?
- Hey, son.

Got a minute?
If this is about the
talent show postmortem,
I'm still not ready.

No, that's not why I'm here.


Look, I know your body is
going through some changes
but I just want to let you know
that manopause is perfectly normal.

They’re one size up.

I'm good.

You know, back on the
intermittent fasting.

- I’m feeling great
- Stop.

You are not some sad has-been
clinging to their golden age.

Now, embrace the curves.



So how do you feel?
They're okay.

I'm I'm okay.

That's it.
Work it, Daddy.
- Yeah!
- Yeah.

Yeah, I feel good.
Thanks, coach.

Oh, I'm gonna queue up
a Brené Brown playlist.

We shouldn't have made
you go cold turkey.

Thank you, son!
I'm gonna make you proud.

I'm gonna be a new man.

This was a limited run.

You always ruin everything!
You always ruin everything.

You ruined my family!
You ruined my cottage,
you ruined my childhood innocence!
God, would you get
over that? We were kids.

You tricked me
into finding our parents 69-ing.

We were playing Sardines.

You told me where to look!
Oh, grow up.

They had been fucking for years.

I was doing you a favour.

You were doing me trauma.

I was eight years old.

I didn’t know that my dad was
- having an affair.

- The entire Lake knew!
What did you think, that my mom
was some work friend who was staying
- at your cottage for a week?
- Yes!
Because I was eight, Maisy.

Not Dorothy Fucking Parker!
Oh, you could never accept reality.

You still live in a
fucking fantasy world!
I always have to have my shit on lock
but you get to be an endless shit show.

Maybe that's why you're
such a constipated shrew!
You know what?
I don't care what your dad wanted.

I don't even care what
that document says.

The cottage is mine.

It belongs to my kids
and I will eat shit
before you and Billie take it from me.

I will come for you.

I will come for your kids.

And then
Are you taking a dramatic pause?
I’m taking a dramatic shit.

Oh! Oh, God!
Lovejoy wins!
We lost the condom
but we saved the bathrobe.


So soft.

I know.

Saved something
On this drive ♪


I just wanna know How you know ♪
That I love you so ♪
Tell me what you want ♪

If you wanna We could get ♪
Is this okay?
- Yes.

- You sure you want to? Yeah?
And if you wanna
we could get crazy ♪
And maybe ♪
Drivin' in your
car Goin' pretty far ♪
Because I'm Justin and you’re Maisy.

It all makes sense now.

Justin and your mom
never got re-bigulated
so they are stuck in the past
but we can unstuck them.

By having sex?
See, it's all because
your mom stole our cottage.

- Wait, your cottage?
- Yes,
it's in grandpa's will.

That's why Justin and
me have been trying
to steal it back.

- I'm an idiot!
- You've been trying
- to steal our cottage?
- What? No, not me.

But only to help you.

I need to sit down.

I am sitting down.

You know, I wasn't
even on board at first
but your mom is kind of a bitch.

She can be a bit harsh, but she’s
Oh, my God, Killian! Don't you see?
If we have sex,
we re-bigulate our family’s past,
we bring our parents back together.

This is what our grandpa would want
if he were here, today.

Grandpa Derrick wants us to
have sex to save the family?

We have to fuck for grandpa.

What’s wrong?
You tried to steal my cottage
and you lied to me.

I'm not feeling this anymore.


I feel better
now that I got that out.

The memory or the turd?
Maisy, how do we fix this?
We can't, unless we
both get what we want.

Hemsworth threesome?
It's not our fault.

We never wanted to
be brother and sister.

I guess we can get a lawyer.

We could solve it like adults.

Sacred blood oath?
- Trial by tilt?
- Next weekend, Tiltapalooza.

If I win
you buy me out
and I take my name off the trust.

And if I win, you take your name
off the trust and you walk away.



- Quadchella-works.


Like wine, I age better
Like a fine cheddar ♪
Know that I’m the shit
But that shit took forever ♪
Now I’m settling
But settling won’t ♪
Pass that batshit For a sedative ♪
No you didn’t just
slip Your mom on the phone ♪
If I hear his name, trust
You’ll be sleeping alone ♪
Oh, my God.

Hey, Miss Carter.

It’s Knowles Carter.

Jay-Z was lucky she gave him that.

Is my bedroom free?

It got kind of messy with Killian.

I'm a squirtter, too.

I'll change the sheets.

What? No.

Not like that.

- it's over.

- Aw.

We’re over.

Cottage parties are all drama
but it all works out in the morning.

But it's probably for the best.

No one should marry their
first crush at the Lake.

No one.

How’d the viewings go?
Most ran out screaming
but it was good to
be back in the saddle.

It sounds crazy
but the houses speak to me.

They tell me who they want.

How much to go above asking.

Do you hear?
They're talking to me right now.


Oh, um




Sorry about your bag.

It was really pretty.

I got it at Target.

Man, you really are the worst.

[NYLO: "Life Is A Highway" ♪
Life is a highway ♪
I wanna ride it All night long ♪
If you're going my way ♪
I wanna drive it All night long ♪
Through all these cities
And all these towns ♪
It's in my blood
And it's all around ♪
I love you now Like
I loved you then ♪
This is the road And
these are the hands ♪
From Mozambique
To Memphis nights ♪
The Khyber Pass To
Vancouver's lights ♪
Knock me down And back up again ♪
You're in my blood ♪
There's no load I can't hold ♪
A road so rough This I know ♪
I'll be there When
the light comes in ♪
Tell them We're survivors ♪
Life is a highway ♪
I wanna ride it All night long ♪
If you're going my way ♪

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