The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Pity.
Pity, get up.
Come on now, sleepyhead.
Come on now, boy.
We ain't got all night.
Coydog? Of course it's me.
Now be quiet.
Let's go.
What you doin' here? Gettin' you.
That's what I'm doin' here.
No, no, no.
My mind ain't supposed to be back here no more.
I'm cured.
You stop talkin' that foolishness and let's go.
No, Coydog.
My mind ain't like this no more.
I-I took the devil's poison, and and now I remember the past instead of it remembering me.
So you remember it all? Yeah.
Then what was it I tasked you to do? Come on.
Why won't you just tell me what it is I don't recollect? Well, don't you think I would if I could? Why can't you? 'Cause this ain't my dream.
Here we is.
- That's Delia's Cathouse.
- Mmm.
Why we had to go the long way around to get here? We went the long way around to come up on the back so nobody see us.
Why we hidin'? What's up there by Delia's? - The old iron trough? - Show me.
Here it is, Coydog.
Here it is.
Shut up, boy.
We don't want nobody to hear us.
You remember where the pig head at? On this end, over here.
And which way Mr.
Pig lookin'? Uh Uh, southeast.
Let's go.
This way.
You know what this is? Yeah.
It's the old, stone dry well the slaves used to make.
You know Clive Miller? He that mean, old white man.
His kinfolk owned slaves back in the day and did terrible things to 'em.
And after the emancipation, he run that sharecropping business.
A nigga work for him be in debt the rest of his natural-born life.
Got mad at my daddy one time.
We never seen my daddy again.
His family been squeezing the blood out of Black folks for hundreds of years.
Since before the revolution.
They made all men equal, except for if they had Black skin.
They took all the freedom, love and hope out of every Black soul they touched, and they made it all into a black heart that Clive Miller keep to hisself.
It's really a heart? Well, that's what I calls it.
It's treasure, Pity.
It's treasure made off the suffering of Black folks.
And Clive Miller gloated on it.
He gloated 'cause the only thing make him feel good is the pain he put on us.
One night last year, when he was drunk on some moonshine I sold to him, he told me about his treasure.
So last night, I sold him some corn liquor.
And when he wasn't looking, I poured some laudanum in it.
And when he passed out, I searched his house till I found that treasure, that black heart he holdin' on to.
And I did all that for you.
- For me? - Mm-hmm.
See, Clive gonna know I took his treasure, so I gotta run.
And, Pity… it's you who gonna have to take what I stole and use it to help our people.
Is it down in this well right here? At the bottom of this here well, there's one reddish cobblestone.
Now, I hid the black heart behind the stone two rocks above the red one.
You understand? Yeah, but you gonna go away forever right now? Right after I go by my place.
Can I come wit' you? No, little brother.
Could be dangerous.
But you said Mr.
Miller was drunk asleep.
I gave him a full dram of laudanum.
So I'm coming? Let's go.
Nobody there.
Maybe not.
Then why you going if you so scared? Well, my mama's Bible down there.
That's all I got left of her.
I could go get it for you.
He ain't looking for me.
No, no.
You just a child.
And I done already put enough on your shoulders.
That's my Bible down there.
And I'ma go get it.
Get him! - I got him.
- Well, look who it is.
- Not so strong now, huh? - Easy now.
We need to talk to him first.
- Please, help.
Who would help? - There you go.
Settle him down! Get his arms.
Boy gained some weight.
Come on, get him over there.
Get that barrel.
- No, please, no.
- Uncle.
- Uncle, wake up.
- Wh Oh, wh Wh Where am I? You're in your bed.
Well, how How long I been asleep? Couple days.
- Couple d - You been You been in and out.
Mostly out.
How you feel now? Like I was dead and been drug across hot coals back to life.
You were screaming and yelling in your dreams.
Didn't feel like no dream.
Felt real.
Coydog always after me about what I ain't doin'.
And I ain't understand.
I'm starting to get it now.
It's It's It's about the black heart.
What's What's a black heart? This treasure Coydog stole.
He told me what I need to do with it.
He even told me where it was.
But now I… …I don I don't know what I did with it or where it's at.
Here, just take some water.
I called the doctor.
Just now? When your fever spiked and then again when you started screamin'.
What'd he have to say? The nurse said to rub you down with alcohol.
Doctor said to to bring you in when you wake up, which is some bullshit.
Easy now.
You know, you don't get to say that to me.
You scared the shit out of me.
I didn't know if you was gonna wake up.
If I'd known this was gonna happen, I would've never let you do it.
I'm the one said yes, not you.
I guess I'll make the call.
Get your own self dressed.
Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa Men have named you Is it just because Your sad and mystic smile Is it only 'cause you're lonely Men have blamed you Is in your eyes Where you find that suit? - You like? - Yeah.
Clean-shaven, too.
Not too bad, Pitypapa.
Yeah, it don't fit like it used to.
I done I done shrunk a little bit, but Mmm.
Smells good in here.
The gas was just turned off on the stove.
I got down there and turned it on again.
You better than having a handyman.
I feel like I ain't ate in a month of Sundays.
My daddy used to say that.
Where is your daddy? Dead.
- Your mama? - Her too.
You told me that before, didn't you? Hmm.
I seen my first dead body when I was six years old.
My little girlfriend, Maude Petit, burnt up in a tar paper shack.
My mama had to hold me back to keep me from runnin' in there and save her.
- You remember that now? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, but I-I-I I don't remember like I remember remembering.
And not everything.
It's like the things I can't recollect is behind this closed door.
And I can hear my memories, but I can't see 'em or touch 'em.
You know like like Coydog's treasure and, uh and and and Reggie.
I know he told me some things, but I can't quite hear 'em right.
So, I think when I do, I'll be able to figure some stuff out.
Like what? Mmm, like, you know, why he got killed and maybe even who killed him.
Car will be here in 20 minutes.
Be ready.
What the hell just happened? There ain't no fish in here.
Ah, Mr.
Oh, you look very sharp.
How you feeling? - Never better.
And that's fact.
- Good.
Miss Barnet.
How's, uh How's your memory? Oh, I'm still a little foggy, but, mmm, I know what time it is.
And And I'm stronger.
Lot more stable on my feet.
Well, that's That's very good news.
Less than 10% of our patients experience a physical improvement.
Well, that make me one of the lucky ones, don't it? Yes, yes.
Please, this way.
Come on.
What's the matter? So you just gonna sit there nodding your heads, smiling, like he wasn't burning with fever and sweating like a pig, crying for help? Look, his intense response to the first shot did It took us by surprise.
But that That is just the nature of this beast.
It was still messed up.
He could have died.
I assure you that Mr.
Grey's life was never in danger.
- Yeah, why should we believe that? - Look, these are merely side effects.
Night terrors, delirium, they're not uncommon, and they will abate in a few days.
So what about his fevers? His fever will return from time to time.
Mostly at night.
It'll need to be monitored and managed.
The fever I can handle.
What gets me is what's going on in my mind.
It's a whole lifetime just spinning around in there, but not everything.
Especially not the time when I was afflicted.
And you said I would remember it all.
Well, we're only halfway there, Mr.
You'll need the last injection before all blockages are cleared.
And that's when all of it comes back? Yes, more than you can ever imagine.
So then he'll be, like, safe and sound? For the duration of the trial, yes.
- Absolutely.
- Wait.
Back up.
For the duration? I thought you said this was a cure.
Th-Thanks to people like Mr.
Grey, we will ultimately move the human race, the entire species, forward.
Millions of people that suffer from his disease will have a cure.
What about him? What's gonna happen to him after your "duration"? On average, peak effect lasts around four weeks.
- Four weeks.
- Sometimes six.
Maybe seven.
And that's when the party's over, and I go back to normal? Actually, we have found, depending on the intensity of treatment, in some cases it can… …accelerate the cognitive deterioration that was already taking place.
Meaning my mind's gonna be worse than it was before? Out of the 157 trials we've logged, not one patient has reacted the same.
And no one as strong as you has ever been tested.
That ain't exactly a ringing endorsement.
What if we walk out this bitch right now? I wouldn't advise it.
Oh, that's a pretty valid question though.
What if I was to leave out here right now? If you did that, you would experience some mental and physical reckoning not unlike withdrawal.
And at your age, that would not be a pretty road.
I sat with my mama through withdrawal twice.
I could get him through it.
Come on.
If you do that, his mind will still fade.
- He gonna be back to normal.
Come on.
- If you can call it that.
Fuck that.
You don't need them.
You don't need any of this.
I know your heart is in the right place.
But I got to finish this.
She means well.
But you… have lied.
Grey, I would do anything to achieve a cure.
But I think that you already knew that.
So… You got something I need to sign? Can I get you anything? Uh Uh, no, thank you, ma'am.
Here, baby.
Let me get that for you.
Looking good.
Bless you.
How much I owe? Don't you worry about that.
All right.
It's okay.
Would you like me to read it to you? I can read, Satan.
Says here you want ownership of my body.
That's the basic agreement, yes.
But not my soul.
- I have no use for a soul, Mr.
- Good.
'Cause I'm gonna need mine.
How come it don't bother you when I call you Satan? There's a lot of money behind this research.
Individual trusts, big pharma, plenty of wealth and privilege.
I assume that you're just calling it like you see it.
Also says here I get $5,000 just for signing.
Yes, I could probably bump that up.
No, no, no, Beezel, no.
I'm sure your money bought plenty of Black souls and bodies.
But I ain't selling.
Me and you, we just trading favors.
And I need this here contract to say that.
- If it makes you feel better.
- And that ain't all.
Now you say when I get this here next shot, that's gonna bring all my memories back? Yes.
Well, that's when I sign.
Grey, I'm sorry, but it doesn't work like that.
I need a signed release before I give you the last dose.
Listen here.
I got a lot of things to do, and I need my memory to do it.
All of it.
Give me that… this body is yours.
I won't make it today.
I woke up feeling pretty tore down, so I'll catch you ladies next time.
Miss Barnet, Mr.
Grey needs you.
- What you doing? Get off.
- Okay.
Le Let me go.
No! No, stop it.
Leave me alone! Get - Help! Help! - Please.
Calm down, calm down.
Get Get the fuck off The fuck off of me.
Can you get the fuck off of me? Oh, goddamn.
What is it? Stay with me through this? Mr.
Grey, I'm gonna lean you back now, okay? Here we go.
Here we go.
All right.
Tell me something, Satan.
Yeah, what's that? You enjoy your work? Brace yourself, Mr.
Think I'm gonna sit out here for a while in the sun.
You welcome to join me if you want.
Yeah, and that's all right because she's used to waiting.
What you doing? I'm about to text Billy.
For what? I got to go to Niecie's house to get the rest of my stuff.
You still mad, huh? You think I made a mistake.
What you care about what I think? What you think is very important to me.
Them people don't give a shit about you.
Yeah, I know.
Then why you ain't listen to me? I could've got you out of there.
Why you let them people fuck with you like that? You remember when you, uh, first met me at the repast? What'd I smell like? What if you had told me to go in Niecie's room, look in the top drawer of her bureau and bring you the red socks? You You think I would have remembered any of that? No, but somebody could give you a bath, and I could get them socks for myself, so… Mmm.
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, Reggie took care of me.
Now you doing it.
So let's flip this.
Flip what? What if it's you who smelled like body waste? You who can't remember from one word to the next.
You who got the mind of a child in a grown woman's body.
What would you do? And don't say you'd jump out a window, 'cause you can't even remember how to open the damn thing up.
And that's how this thing is.
You don't know whether to hate your condition or to hate yourself.
You felt all that? Yeah.
All the time.
- Oh, here come that woman again.
- Huh? Oh.
That's W-R-I-N-G.
I can't believe this the second time you come over trying to give me this money.
The first time you were asleep, so I had to come back.
Well, you know, sun go down, my eyes get heavy.
I was in the bed.
I'm a country boy.
I'm used to goin' to bed when the sun go down.
When the sun rise, I get up and get at it.
You sound like my father.
He said, "Early to bed, early to rise.
You can get more done during the day.
" That's right.
Sure enough is.
And you honest 'cause I-I be Tell the truth, I ain't even remember loaning you this money.
Well, I gave you my word.
- You see this money here? - Mm-hmm.
I didn't even know I had loaned her this money, but Shirley went out of her way to pay me back.
Ain't that somethin'? Real nice, Miss Wring.
Just trying to return Mr.
Grey's kindness.
And And you you you, uh, had this pretty ring at the bank.
I remember that.
It was It was a treasure.
My father gave it to my mother 60 years ago.
You got it with you? Uh-huh.
I know I shouldn't carry it around, but… Mm-hmm.
Ever since I remembered that ring, I said, "I hope I run into her again," 'cause I found this in my pockets.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
Robyn, come here.
All right.
I'm coming.
- Look at this.
- I'm coming.
See this here? This is craftsmanship.
This here's a work of art.
It's really beautiful.
A beautiful ring for a beautiful woman.
- Well, I got to go shopping, so… - Oh, here.
Take this.
And here.
It was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Wring.
- Nice girl, your niece.
- Oh, no, no, no.
That's my great-niece's best friend's child.
- Oh.
- Uh, her folks is dead.
And she come to stay with me till she get herself together.
Ptolemy Grey to the rescue again.
Oh, no, no, no.
If anything, she's saving me.
I don't know what I'd do without that girl.
You seem different than you were that day at the bank.
Oh, yeah, new medication.
I'm firing on all cylinders now.
I hope I didn't embarrass myself when I met you at the bank.
Oh, you? I'm the one should apologize.
Asking a stranger for money? Lucky I met someone as kind as you.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I ain't as nice as you think.
Oh, you need to stop.
Oh, if you I ain't saying I'm bad.
It's just that, you know, I never stood up to be counted.
I always kinda blended in with the crowd and went along with the program.
You stood up for me.
Uh, hey, girl.
What you want? Your name's Robyn, right? If you knew my name was Robyn, why you calling me "girl"? I'm Roger.
Roger Dawes.
I work at Reggie's sometimes when he does carpentry work.
Helped with his aunt Niecie's kitchen cabinets.
Yeah, okay.
Hey, you used to live down in Bankhead 'fore staying with Niecie, right? Uh-huh.
Yeah, I haven't seen my man Reggie since that job.
What's he up to these days? - Dead.
- I'm sorry? Reggie died.
Somebody shot him.
What Da What happened? Just told you he got shot.
Dead? I gotta go.
Well, how's his uncle doing? The one whose name starts with the silent P? - Why? - I know him and Reggie was close.
Reggie was looking after him.
Well, I do that now.
I met him a few times.
Told some really good stories about back down in Mississippi.
- That's where all my people's from.
- Mmm.
I'd like to drop by.
Offer my sympathies.
Yeah, well, Mr.
Grey ain't really in a place for folks to be coming by without him knowing first.
I understand.
I can give you a ride.
Car's right there.
- It's just a couple blocks.
- I could walk with you.
Let me get your bags.
We can walk if you wanna walk.
- How you doing? - Fine.
I mean, if I had to choose a song to send to space in the Golden Record, it would be Stevie Wonder.
To be clear, '70s Stevie Wonder.
Not the "I Just Called to Say I Love You" stuff.
What? You don't like Stevie Wonder? No.
It's just, uh Did you just mention the Golden Record? Yeah.
Just not something that typically comes up in conversation.
- With the people I talk to, anyway.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, I saw the spaceman on your boot.
Well, it's a Martian, actually.
So… - Thank you.
- Yeah.
Don't forget to call me for a good time I can come by and see Mr.
I won't.
- Okay, then.
- Okay, then.
Go on.
I'll call you.
- Okay.
- For Mr.
For Mr.
All right.
Go on! Oh… …I'd better be going.
Already? You just got here.
My friend Alta's home from the hospital.
I just want to check in on her.
Oh! Shirley Wring to the rescue.
I'ma call you in a couple of days.
- I hope so.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh! You going already, Miss Wring? - Oh - Yeah, she running out on me.
No, I'm not.
I just want to check in on a friend.
Well, I hope to see you again soon.
I hope so.
- If your uncle wants me to.
- Oh, quit.
- Bye.
- Mm-hmm.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Billy's gonna help me get the rest of my stuff from Aunt Niecie's house.
I won't be too long.
You need anything before I go? Uh-uh, go ahead.
I'll take care of all this here.
I'm gonna heat up my coffee, think about Shirley Wring.
Well, don't strain yourself.
Get on out of here, dirty girl.
Let's get down to business.
Boy, he's feisty.
Behave now, boy.
Coy, don't leave me.
Come on.
Look like he don't wanna talk.
Man, what you got in here, little sister? Just the stuff I was able to grab before they evicted me from my mama house.
Got behind on your rent, huh? Yeah, I couldn't even pay for her funeral.
That's the one that fucked me up 'cause the city had to do it, and I don't want nothing from the city.
Hey! - Here we go.
- What is y'all doing? Look, I knocked on the door, but you ain't answer.
So I used my key to get the rest of my stuff.
Hey, best step back, man.
This is my house you're taking that out of.
But I ain't stealing nothing from you.
It's mine.
Yeah, well, I'ma go check.
And if anything come up missing, don't think I ain't gonna find you.
You ain't gotta find me.
I'm staying at Uncle Grey house.
What you gonna do about it? - Oh, you his keeper now? - Yep.
Bitch, that ain't even your real uncle.
Hey, what you saying, man? Leave him alone.
He ain't even worth it.
He only about this big.
It ain't even fair, Billy.
You gonna crush him like a bug.
Stay away from the crib! He gonna get them brains knocked out his head.
He better watch it.
Come on.
He ain't worth it.
- What's up, Mr.
Grey? - Hey.
What you doing? Oh, trying to see how many folk I remember from when I was a boy down in Mississippi.
- I'm up to 227.
- Mmm.
You knew a lot of people, huh? Mm-hmm.
Most of these are my kinfolk.
I figure I can probably fill out about six more of these.
What it feel like remembering all that after so long? Oof.
Like I'm standing on the tallest mountain in the world and laying down in my grave at the same time.
Well, would you like to come on back down to Earth and go with us? - Where to? - To the diner to thank Billy.
You buying him lunch.
Lucky me.
I remember Uncle Thorne told a joke, grabbed his chest, keeled over.
Dead as a doornail.
I remember, my mama wore a white dress she dyed black to the funeral.
What's this medicine called, man? I mean, I have an auntie can't remember her husband's face.
Well, it ain't got no name or nothing yet.
But I'll tell you, it is the devil's brew, and you got to be willing to sell your soul if you take it.
Remember, the devil come knocking, you better answer, or he'll burn your house down.
You deep, uncle.
Where'd you all find this devil doctor? You know that note you found stuck to the TV? - Reggie made the appointment.
- Mm-hmm.
Right before he died.
Don't let me disturb you.
Sorry, ma'am.
I didn't order more.
Name is Sonia.
And I could look at you and tell you got a good appetite.
It's on the house.
Look at you, blushing.
- Blushing and you're Black.
- Stop, man.
I mean, I was I was gonna say that, um Uh Um I know getting you better was always on Reggie's mind.
What else was on Reggie's mind? Wife and kids.
He really loved them.
Wasn't worried about nobody trying to kill him? Wasn't nothin' goin' on, Uncle.
He ain't die by accident.
Robyn's right, sir.
I mean, Reggie was a good man.
The best.
It's just one of those bad things that happened.
For no good reason.
It's messed up, but that's just how it is sometimes.
When you was at work, Billy Freres come with her and loaded everything in his car.
See, she probably moved in with Uncle Grey so she could get her hands on his retirement checks.
I have a hard time believing that a good girl like her would do something like that.
A good girl that sleep with a knife under her pillow? Come on.
How much you say Pitypapa get from the city? Three checks, almost $300.
And he's so crazy, he just throw it away.
People in his neighborhood talking about he got a whole box full of money somewhere in all that mess.
You really think he that far gone? You've seen him, Mama.
When he talk, you can hardly understand him.
And he see people that ain't there.
Robyn said she was gonna stay with him? Not just help him out like I asked.
She was gonna live right there with him in that foul apartment? That what she say.
I'm tellin' you, Mama.
She after his money.
You need to get the city to look into this, know what I'm saying? Like, maybe it's time to put him in a facility or something, you know? For his own good.
All they gotta do is see how he living and they gonna pull him out of there in a minute.
Trust me.
I drove a ice truck, worked as a janitor down at the post office.
Had a bunch of other jobs.
I come to Georgia 'cause my sister, June, said her children need family near.
Now, on June's side of the street, - there was the Joneses… - Mm-hmm.
…the Pettys, George and Marion White, and… …Bunny Rogers.
Bunny? That's a woman? No, no, no, Lord.
Bunny Rogers was a man.
- Bunny Rogers killed Tommy Bottoms… - What? …did not do a minute, did not stand trial.
I can see it all so clear now.
I can see everything except that one thing… where I put Coydog's treasure.
Don't worry.
It'll come.
And until then, you can think sweet thoughts about your new girlfriend.
Shirley's nice.
But she ain't the kind of girl you dream on.
Now, Sensia… I ain't never been happier anyplace than I was with Sensia.
You should lay down now, Uncle.
Sensia the most beautiful woman I ever beheld.
That's it.
Nice thoughts.
Sensia worth giving up my life for.
Sleep tight.
Whoo! Whoo! Whew! I'll be right back.
Was that you I saw running? Uh, my, um My uncle Coydog What kind of name is Coydog? Well, he's not really my uncle, that's just what I called him.
But Coydog was his name, 'cause, well, that's the only name I ever heard anybody ever call him.
- Well? - Hmm? What does your not-uncle Coydog have to do with you running? Oh.
Coydog said, "There will come a time in every Black man's life when he's gonna have to run.
So, if you don't practice, when that time comes, you may not be able to reach the required speed.
" Sounds like a smart man.
He was.
What you reading? Love story? Um, well it's it it's about two men that don't know each other who wanna kill people.
Different people.
But they know if they did it theyself they would get in trouble.
So they swap.
You know, victims.
Well, I don't like murder stories.
Too much blood and violence for me.
It don't matter what you read, just as long as you read something.
- Coydog Coydog… - Uh-huh.
…always said, "The best thing a Black man can do is know how to read and think for himself.
" I think I would have liked your uncle.
He sure enough would have liked you.
Oh, and why you say that? I'm Sensia.
Sensia Howard.
Uh, Ptolemy Grey.
Uh, a lot of folk think that's an African name, but really it's Greek.
Oh, you got family from there? Uh, my mama loved history.
So, when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, 300 years before Jesus was born, the governors became kings Or, uh, pharaohs.
And three of 'em was named Ptolemy.
- One of them was Cleopatra's daddy.
- Hmm.
So, not only was he Greek, he was the king of Egypt.
Tell me something, Ptolemy… you ever read out loud at night to your girlfriend? Hmm? Sensia.
Yeah? They're getting ready to have that barbecue.
Oh, I'm not hungry, Ezra.
Uh, this here is Mr.
Ptolemy Grey.
Named after a Greek king of Egypt.
- King, huh? - It's just a name.
Well, look, we got to get going.
Why don't you come on with us, Mr.
Grey? He's not invited.
Then, maybe I'll just sit here and talk for a while and be up in a little bit.
I said, come on.
Ezra, stop! Ain't got to be grabbing on the lady like that.
Man, you best mind your motherfucking business, nigga.
Ezra! You don't wanna be fighting on no Sunday.
Come on.
Come on.
What you doin' here again? I already told you, my aunt Alberta taught me never to let a man mistreat me.
But then I couldn't be with no other man for at least three days, lest I be called a trollop.
Ezra grabbed on me on Sunday, and this here is Wednesday night.
If you had a free day, rent paid and some money in the bank, what would you do? This here.
If you were alone? - Oh, that.
- Mm-hmm.
Hmm… Get up before the sun.
Take the bus down to Lake Allatoona.
- Mm-hmm.
- Take off my shoes and socks.
Walk down to the shoreline and watch the sun come up.
That all? Then I'd go over to the High Museum and surround myself with beauty.
So, all you'd spend on your day off is bus fare? I'd probably buy me a sandwich and a drink.
Then, later on, treat myself to a book.
That's why I'm here.
I need to be with a man like you.
A man to make every day a surprise.
That's about all I can offer.
My ma and Alberta also taught me, "You can't have everything.
You gotta accept that and settle on what you need.
" And what is it you need, Sensia Howard? I used to think I wanted a man who could buy me fancy dresses, nice clothes.
I got the clothes.
But they fit like ropes and chains.
Now, I want a man who can read to me from some book every night.
So, I guess I gotta settle on you.
I got anything to say about that? Of course you do.
As long as you say yes.
Nigga, you better say your prayers.
- Ezra.
Ezra, now, you know we - Get the fuck out the way.
- Man, I don't want no trouble.
- Motherfucker, I'm gonna kill you! No! - Ah, fuck! - Ezra! See if you still want him after I get through.
Ezra, I'm warning you, don't hit him again! Or what? I warned you never to lay a hand on me.
I am not running to him.
I left you.
Oh, you gonna pull a gun out on me? You gonna shoot me? For this piece of trash-ass nigga here? It's over, Ezra.
I'm done with you.
Well, fuck it, then.
Bitch! Ah! God! Shit! Ah! Goddamn! Sensia, come on now, baby.
Please, now.
Please, baby.
Oh, Sensia.
Get off.
Why'd you stop me? He was gonna kill you! Lookee here.
I don't mind starting this here thing with a little blood.
But I ain't about stepping over no dead bodies to get there.
You keep it.
Come on.
Let's get you to bed.
I could use some sleep.
And when you wake up, you need to dig up that treasure and put it to work.
Bird! Bird, get up.
What the hell? I remember it was right It was right there.
- What is? - The black heart.
What? I put it down in the floor when I fixed it after Sensia shot a hole in it.
- Mm-hmm.
Sure did.
- You all right? I know it was right Right down here somewhere.
Uncle! - What you doing? - It's right here.
Come on.
Let me help.
- Come on, then.
- All right.
But don't swing that.
- Cut across that way.
- All right.
There you go.
Ain't nothing gonna get in the way now.
We 'bout to find it.
Well, what are we about to find? The future, Bird.
The future.

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