The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Goddamn it.
This shit ought to be loose enough for me to jimmy it up.
Shit! - How about this? - Mm-mmm.
Turn it other way.
Other way.
- Other way.
- There you go.
Hit it with the head.
Now, jimmy.
Jimmy it up.
Jimmy it up.
There you go.
Come on.
One more time.
There you go.
This one's loose.
Whew! What? - Yep.
That's it.
- What's this? Ooh.
Come on.
Open it.
Well, ain't nothin' in there.
Open it then.
I thought you said treasure.
See? Why don't you go ahead and keep this here one? Then we gonna see in a little while what you call that "nothing.
" I was 12 years old when I left Mississippi.
I left 'cause of all that death and sufferin'.
I left, but not before I kept my promise.
I followed the path.
I followed his every direction.
Found Coy's treasure, 14 stolen gold pieces.
- So, these coins - Mm-mmm.
Doubloons is what they is, like pirate treasure.
These doubloons, they're worth real money? Sure is.
All right, so you said there was 14, and I only see two.
You know, Sensia, she liked pretty things.
You know, jewelry, that little comb you like and, oh, I'd say, oh, a hundred or so silk dresses.
'Course you went and spent this money on impressing her.
Ah, celebrating her.
I was crazy about that woman.
But I wasn't crazy enough to spend all that money on gifts.
Then she got cancer, and the insurance bills show.
And that's when I started cashing in the coins.
Even though I knew that wasn't what Coydog wanted.
But he's been dead for like a hundred years.
What could he want? Me to spend that money to save our people.
- What? Like Black people? - Mm-hmm.
You were like ten years old.
Oh, no.
Seven going on eight.
So, how's a kid supposed to be responsible for all that? Well, I spent most of my life trying to figure that out.
Then Sensia come along.
I'd do anything in the world for that woman.
But in the end, I failed her and Coy.
This my last chance to do what I promised.
- With these two.
- Mm-hmm.
All right, so… what's this? What this open? In due time, little bird.
In due time.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
And where you going with that? Knockout drops.
Get him up.
- Watch out.
That's it.
- Come on.
That's right.
Come on.
Come on.
Help me.
Bring that thing over here.
Put it around his neck.
There you go.
Get him up.
Get that can of juice.
- Hold him now.
- Stand still.
Get up there, boy.
Come on.
That's right.
Come on.
Get up there.
- Tell us what you know.
- I can't breathe.
Go ahead.
Easy, boy.
The only way you'd make it through this night is to give me back what's mine.
You better talk.
Kerosene, boy.
Better tell the man what he wants to hear.
What they call "highly flammable.
" Son of a Look out.
Oh! You better watch it, boy.
Tell me where my things is at, boy! Or you fry.
No! Burning! We don't want to kill him yet! I need this nigger alive until he talks.
- Get him down! - Bring him down.
Bring him down.
I gotcha.
Help me.
What you doing? I was I was just thinking, hey, that this this sofa ain't no place for a young girl to be sleepin'.
Oh, it ain't that bad.
You didn't like it when you first come here.
Yeah, well, a lot has changed since then.
You ain't like my ass that much either.
Aw, that's not true.
At least not no more.
You said that boy who used to work with Reggie wanna come by here? Roger Dawes.
- Uh, tell him to come on.
- You sure? Yeah, I remember him.
He from he from down-home.
All right.
Bird, give me a hand.
What you doing? - I'm gonna need you to help.
- All right.
All right.
All right.
Come on.
It's heavy 'cause of all All this change in it.
Where you get all this? Oh, uh, back before I lost my marbles, uh, I used to cash my retirement checks.
And what I ain't use, I I put in here.
How much is it? I don't know.
Um, been a while since I been in it.
So I'm gonna have to say, oh, 40, 50.
- Forty or 50 what? - Thousand.
You shouldn't show me all that.
You scared of money? My daddy was killed over some money he owed.
And my mama used to do stuff for money.
Oh, I get scared too, but you got to carry on.
Plus, you need a good night's sleep on a good bed.
And you need some new clothes and some spending money.
That's money for me to make.
You should keep your own money.
What I need with money when I got gold? You can't pay your bills with them old coins.
Ah, sh That show what you know.
Well, you still gotta get it out this ugly-ass suitcase.
Ugly-ass suitcase? What you talking about? This genuine imported alligator from Florida, Louisiana, where they grow them exotic-ass alligators.
This here the real shit.
Feel that.
It don't come no better than this here.
Yeah, well, it's still trouble waiting to happen.
Well, what you want me to do with it? And this account is to be in her name? No, ma'am.
No, he wants this account so he can have what you call, um, a debit card.
I see.
And you want this checking account separate from the one you already have? Whatever you think's best.
- You want online access as well? - Yeah.
I just want to open a new checking account for my for my closet money.
Well, you have nearly $4,000 in your savings account already, Mr.
I appreciate you, Ms.
Brooks, and I understand you.
See, you think Robyn here is trying to get at my savings account by having me open a checking account with a few dollars, so she can come in through the back door.
But there's one thing wrong with your suspicion.
Help me with this here, Bird.
This here is near about $40,000.
You would think that if Bird here wanted to rob me… …don't you think she would've just run on off with all this cash? Ain't no way I could prove she done it.
See? I think we understand each other now, huh? - Yes, we do, Mr.
- Good.
Now, I'm gonna put most of this here money in that checking account we talking about.
And I'm gonna take the rest and, uh, take care of some pertinent business that I got on my mind.
All you have to do is pull this here.
So easy, a child could do it.
All right.
Thank y'all.
Here you go.
- For you.
- Ah.
Thank you.
You still want us to move that old couch out? Sure do.
That would That would That would That'd be a big help.
Thank you.
Watch your step over there now.
Wait, wait, wait.
What are What are you doing? What are Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Is y'all still here? Get outta here.
This is the first real bed I ever had.
Oh, it it it ain't really a bed.
- Well, it's real to me.
- But it got three real strong slats in it, so it won't hurt your back when you sleep on it.
But I ain't ever have a real bed before.
Not even at your mama's house? No, just a sleeping bag.
Well, you like it? It's beautiful.
It is beautiful.
Whoo! Like that dress too.
- Oh, yes, yes.
It's nice, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Got it on sale.
- What you got in these sacks over here? Oh, I got a couple more outfits.
And the clothes that I - That I went there with.
- Oh, and what brought this about? Nothing in particular.
- You got a boyfriend.
- No, I don't! - Ah! You got a boyfriend.
- No particular reason.
And then the preacher comes out and says, "Well, this church for whites only.
" I told him, "I ain't want to come in.
I just stopped 'cause your house of God was so beautiful.
" I remember you told me and Reggie that story a long time ago.
I was I was just starting to lose my mind for real, around then.
So, Robyn here tell me that you been working with Reggie a lot.
Oh, uh, he threw me work when he could.
Was always grateful.
Every bit helps.
You know, I'm in school.
Or trying to be.
I'm taking classes when I can.
- Yeah, at the art institute.
- Mm-hmm.
So you you a artist.
Well, game design.
Video games.
Oh, ain't nothing wrong with being a carpenter now, you know.
But that's not That's not what he wants to do.
Well, what is it you want to do? He just said it.
No, he just said what he was in school studyin' to do.
What is it you really want to do with your life? I mean, where you see yourself in ten, 20 years? That's not really a fair question.
That don't make it no less important.
Okay, well, if it was so important, how come you You ain't never ask me nothin' like that? Listen, girl.
Anybody know that you gonna be whatever it is you choose to be.
Now, man ain't got the luxury of choosing like that.
He He He got to get out there and make something of hisself and and do what need to be done in this world.
Maybe in your world.
But But in this one, women are carrying just as much of the load.
They're running Fortune 500 companies, getting getting elected into office, locking down the Nobel Peace Prize for editing genomes and shit.
They may even make it to Mars one day.
Well, as for me, I'll still be here on the earth, tryin' to figure it out.
But I'm working on it, Mr.
And as for carpentry, I like it, but you gotta be good with people to do it.
Reggie had a way with people.
When the last time you seen Reggie? Uh, we had just finished that job at Niecie's.
Oh, who else on that job with you? - Just me and him.
- Oh.
Did he seem worried or bothered by anything? No.
Same old Reggie.
Uh, did he pay you for doing that job? Why you gonna go and ask him something like that? Actually, sir, no, he didn't.
I figure, now that I know what happened, he probably didn't have a chance to do it.
See? How much he owe you for that job? Oh, no, no, no, no, Mr.
I mean That's not why I'm here.
Did I say the wrong thing? It feels like I said the wrong thing.
Oh, what? No.
There's no such thing as the wrong thing.
How you figure? Well, is there a right way to talk about somebody being murdered? Nah, guess not.
Why didn't you take the money? 'Cause of what I said.
I came by 'cause I like the man.
What was that? I don't know.
Just 'cause.
Don't make it a thing.
You ever worry about losing your woman? Your family? I got something I need to say, and I don't… I don't know who else to say it to, Unc.
It's about, um… Nina and me.
See, Nina Nina got this ex-boyfriend that went to prison for killing somebody.
He then got out and, uh They been talking to each other.
And I told her to leave him alone.
She ain't listen.
So, I th I think I'ma just just pack her and the kids up and and move on down to Texas.
You know, we got people down there, and, um… Plus Plus, if he leave Atlanta, that'll violate his parole, so You still with me, Unc? Took your time coming back.
- Ah, we was just talkin'.
- Talking about what? How he wants to take me to a movie.
But I told him I had to check in with you first.
- Why? You don't answer to me.
- You don't want to know? I like the boy.
Yeah, he's all right.
Little corny.
Um, but he really did appreciate you offering to pay him for for Reggie.
Like I said, I like the boy.
Well, you asked him all those questions about Reggie, and that's the real reason you want him stopping by.
The boy a friend of Reggie's.
He know people we all know.
I mean, can't I ask him a couple questions? It's not about him.
I'm worried about you.
Well, don't worry about me.
When you get to be a certain age, you ain't scared no more.
Yeah, but what if ain't nothing left to find? What if you waste what little time you have left looking for answers that ain't even there? So, how is your sleeping? Oh, well.
Not much, really.
You know, memories turn into dreams, and I… just can't cut 'em off.
That happens to some patients.
I'm I am very sorry.
It ain't nothing to be sorry about.
Instead, I'm I'm lucky to have my mind back at all.
How long I'm gonna have it? Your vitality is amazing, Mr.
Hmm, it takes to the treatment like, um Like a fire to dried grass.
And your mind Your mind is completely alive, more so than than anyone that I've ever seen.
But you also know that a fire like that can only leave scorched earth.
So I I can't tell you for how long that it will last.
But I can tell you that it will be the brightest light in the heavens.
The man what helped raise me was named Coydog.
He said… Sin is a long road that run from downtown hell to uptown heaven, and your sins determine where you stand on that road.
But ain't no person all good or all bad, except God and the devil.
Coydog stole something from a white man.
And when they caught him, they lynched him.
And burnt him up.
He had a noose around his neck and was standing in burning kerosene.
When the white man got close to him, he kicked that barrel over, hung hisself, and set 'em on fire.
And he He passed that strength on to you.
Can I ask you something, Satan? Yes, of course, Ptolemy.
Could it be that once I got old and decrepit, I got so scared of what I knew that I just forgot it? All I can tell you is that if I knew all that you do, damn, if I wouldn't run like hell.
Thank you for signing the paper.
Thank you.
All right.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, what's the word? Oh, everything's smooth as a fat baby's ass.
What? You sure you up for all this? He had you in there all morning.
I thought you'd be worn down or something.
I ain't got no time to be wore down.
There's too much left to do.
Besides, I'm looking forward to this.
I ain't seen this man in over 20 years.
Look how clean I got this one.
Mmm, be careful now.
You really never show Sensie one of these? - Not a one.
- Why? Sensia was one of the most beautiful, pure souls I have ever known.
She was also a woman of great appetites.
If she'd know about that treasure, wouldn't have been no stopping that woman.
Oh, so you're saying she woulda stole it.
Oh, no, no.
She wouldn't spend it all on herself.
She'd spread it around.
Friends, family, lovers.
You mean like boyfriends? It ain't always have to be men.
- What? It was like that? - Mm-hmm.
And you just accepted it? I accepted her.
So, what about you? You have any appetites? Ah, slipped up one time.
This friend of Sensia's named Lolly.
- Oh! Like a revenge thing.
- Unexpected thing.
Sensia was out of town for the weekend.
Lolly asked could she cook dinner for me.
Took me to her place.
Only happened the once.
But I hated myself for it.
Sensia took one sniff of me, she knew.
Kicked me out.
Hour later she come looking for me, saying she'd die if we couldn't be together.
I never looked at another woman again.
Did Sensie do the same for you? Wow.
- It somethin', ain't it? - Yeah.
Why you whisperin'? I don't know.
It make me wanna whisper.
My old friend, Ptolemy.
How are you? Syed.
How are you, my friend? Oh.
God is good.
And who is this? This is Robyn.
She's been helping me out.
- Robyn.
- Yes.
- You like my antiques? - Yes.
This marble bust is of the great Roman emperor, Hadrian.
He wrote a poem a long time ago, right before he died.
My father knew it well.
"Dear fleeting sweeting, little friend," My body's comrade and its ghost, What region now must be thy goal, Little numb and naked soul, "Unable, as of old, to jest?" Wow.
That's it.
Look around, please.
Ask me anything you'd like.
Thank you.
How How How's the family? My sons are in college, and Fatima will be taking over the store one day.
And your father? My father died, uh, three Augusts ago.
Jafar, such a good man.
Yeah, he was.
One of the rarest pieces I have.
It was done centuries ago in Central Africa.
For years, experts refused to believe that Africans had the craft to create such perfection.
But obviously, they were very wrong.
Um, Syed, you still using that tearoom back there? Absolutely.
Come on.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Robyn was asking, uh, how we actually met.
Um, I was 14.
When I saw this Black man walk through the store, I lingered, just to make sure he wouldn't take anything.
I was I was young and stupid.
Ptolemy asked about the Celtic circlet hammered from silver.
I believe we were selling it for $700 at that time.
I wanted to get something pretty for Sensia.
Uh, she had been sick for a long time by then.
And Jafar, his daddy, asked me how much money I had.
I told him $87.
He said he'd take that as a down payment and I could pay him the rest when I come back in a month later.
- Wow.
- Put it in a pretty box.
Wow, Sensia was so happy.
When Mr.
Grey left, I asked my father why he trusted a Black man that he had never met before.
He told me, "You cannot tell a man from his color, his clothes, nor his nationality, nor his God.
You can only know a man from what he has in his heart.
" That Jafar.
Ah, he was a good man.
I came by every month till I paid him back.
What are you doing here today, my old friend? Just saying hello? Show him the coin, Robyn.
- You're looking to sell this today? - No, no, no.
We just want a price right now.
Give me one second.
You know, Mr.
Ptolemy brought these coins in from, oh, time to time.
That's why we got this index.
Let's see.
Saint-Gaudens double eagle.
Good condition.
You're looking at 50,000.
Wait, 50,000 for for these? For each one.
That is a general estimate.
Like my father always told Ptolemy, there are better dealers for these type of artifacts.
More profit.
But then again, Ptolemy never trusted them.
Ah, ain't nothing changed.
'Preciate your help.
Yes, sir.
What you lookin' at? Oh, I'm reading this book about astronomy.
- That for your GED? - Nah.
Did you know that the sun takes up more space than a million Earths? - Damn.
That's big.
- Right? And in the old days, people used to think that the sun was God.
She probably still is.
What you over there brooding about? Everything I ever knew… …all at once.
Yeah, that sound like a lot of work.
Sure is.
But I ain't got but a few more days to get my affairs in order.
It don't, uh It don't bother you, thinking about how it's gonna go back to the way it was? I done made my peace with it.
Bother you? What you think? You know, my My father used to run the streets every night with thugs.
And then one Saturday, he just didn't come home.
Me and my mama buried him.
And then she got on the pipe, and I tried to help her.
And she would promise me, almost every day, that she would get clean.
And then one Thursday morning, I woke up and she was dead.
Devil told me… …that I would go back to the way I was.
Not die.
He said it could be worse.
If I ain't took his medicine, we wouldn't be talking right now.
You just don't understand me.
Then make me understand.
I was I was happy when my mama died.
I knew that she arranged it so that I could stay at Auntie Niecie house.
I hoped in my heart I wish that I didn't, but I hoped that she would pass, just so that I could get out of that house.
So… …I'm the I'm the one you should be calling "devil.
" Mm-mmm, mm-mmm, mm-mmm.
No, no, child.
You are not the devil.
What I mean is… You're the first person I was ever close to that I That I didn't want to die.
I just don't want you to go away.
I don't want you to go away.
I'll get it.
No, I'ma come wit' you.
Grey? Yes? My name is Darwin Andrews.
I work for the city, making sure that our elder residents are safe and capable of self-maintenance.
Do you mind if I come in and ask you a few questions? Yeah, sure.
Come on.
This way.
So, why are you here? Your niece has made a claim that Miss Robyn Barnet has been mistreating and abusing you and your home.
Has you been abusing me, Bird? No, Uncle, I have not.
- Well… - Do you see this, Mr.
Grey? Your niece and her son claim that Miss Barnet has stolen your money and is allowing you to live in squalor.
There might be some dust here and there, but I wouldn't call it "squalor.
" Uh, Officer? Hey, hey! I don't remember giving you permission to be rummaging through my house.
I just showed you a piece of fruit, Mr.
What was it? A navel orange with a hint of green up 'round where the stem was.
What do you make of the claim about this young woman taking your money? You live with somebody, Darwin? I'm asking the questions, Mr.
- Right.
You licensed by the city.
- Hmm.
Now I asked you that question 'cause if you do live with somebody, and my niece said that somebody was stealing your money, how would I know if that was true or not? Why would she lie? Why would I lie? For that matter, why would Robyn lie? Your niece is just trying to safeguard your money and your property.
Oh, and if you deem me incompetent, then my niece is the one who will end up with my property and my money.
Ain't that right? Do you mind if I take a look around your apartment, sir? Oh, no.
Be my guest.
Robyn, give him the grand tour.
- And what's your name, son? - Regent.
My name's Ptolemy.
That means "king.
" Regent means "king.
" Ain't Ain't that something? So, Regent, uh, you and your partner here, this y'all's neighborhood? This y'all's beat? Yes, it is.
Work out of 13th Precinct.
You know anything about a killing happened up around Delmar Circle? Yeah, he was killed about two weeks ago.
Well, young man was my great-nephew, Reggie Lloyd.
Sorry to hear that.
How's the investigation coming? It's above our pay grade.
Detectives are working the case, sir.
They don't tell us anything unless there's somebody to be brought in for questioning.
Has anybody been brought in? Have you had this house cleaned recently? Has your house been cleaned recently? I'll be filing a report with social services.
They'll drop by from time to time to check on you and and Miss Barnet.
That's mighty white of you, Darwin.
Let's go.
Y'all have a good day now.
Thank you.
Fried thighs are coming.
Oh, well, thank you, Sonia.
You got to eat good if you wanna be out here in these modern-day cotton fields.
I hear you.
Might've been easier down-home than up here.
Hal Drucker got shot walking to his car last night.
Just walking.
Now he's dead as a doornail.
Wait, that's the man that That wear the red suit all the time.
- You looking good, Miss Robyn.
- Mm-hmm.
Got them boys chasing her ass double time.
Oh, whatever.
- Please.
- I'll go get your food.
All right.
Now, about Niecie.
I know what's in Niecie's heart.
But Niecie would take everything I got and turn around, think she doing right by me.
Did you ever think that way about me? No.
Mm-mmm, that thought never crossed my mind.
Not even when I took the comb? Mmm.
Young girl see something that beautiful and don't want to touch it, that'd be a crime.
Yeah, but I didn't just touch it.
I put it in my pockets.
Robyn, you ain't got a crooked bone in your body.
- How do you know that? - I just know.
All your life you wanted so hard, you worried you're gonna take something ain't yours.
And Niecie, she don't even know to worry.
Why? Because she just want so bad? Some Black folk, and some white folk too, want things so bad, they just can't help theirself.
But that don't make them bad people.
- What? So what it make them then? - Mmm.
They caught in the quicksand, and we need to help 'em out.
So we supposed to love these motherfuckers even when they don't deserve it? Oh, nah, now.
I ain't I ain't say all that.
So what if I told you there was more shit with Hilly? Like what? Like, Auntie Niecie gave Hilly money to give to Reggie and Roger for the work they'd done, but Hilly never gave it to Reggie.
- So, Hilly stole Reggie's money? - Yeah.
You You see them? Artie! Artie! Latisha.
What y'all doing in the damn street? We're drawing.
Why you wanna draw in the middle of the street for? - Come on.
- Is y'all mama wit' y'all? - She too sad.
- No.
So you all staying here? Just till she happy again.
Lord have mercy.
You bring them in the house, would you? - Come sit on the step.
- No.
- I gotta talk to you.
- No.
What is wrong with you? You know better than that.
We was just drawing.
You were drawing up the street like that? - Yeah.
- No, it's not funny.
It's not funny.
I'm not playing with y'all.
You know better than that.
What the hell is all that noise? - Well? - Oh.
Well, is you gonna let me in? I thought social services took you.
Who's that at the door, Hilliard? Niecie! Tell this fool to let me in.
Wha Come in.
Come inside.
Hi, Auntie Niecie.
That a new outfit you got? Maybe we should tell social services about that.
Maybe I should've cut your shit off when I had the chance.
Uh, did you know them children was out there, playing in the street? Hilly, were the kids outside alone? I told 'em to stay out the street.
Go get your uncle some ice water.
How come you got Reggie's kids over here? You seem different.
Why you got Reggie's children? Nina wanted to get her mind together.
She asked me to take 'em.
She She sent them over here to stay with us.
And how much she paying you for that? Reggie saved up a little bit of money.
She only gave me enough to feed them.
Police call you when Reggie got killed? They called Nina.
She was so scared, she asked me to go with.
And what they tell you? That somebody had shot him in the head.
What you got to say, boy? I ain't no boy.
Listen here.
I went down to the bank, and I opened up a checking account for you, the boy, Reggie's wife and kids and a few other folk.
And I made Robyn here the… What you call that? - Oh, a signatory.
- Signatory.
So, she gonna be writing you a check for $900, once a month.
- Robyn? - Yeah.
It's enough for you to pay your little bills and stuff around here.
Something left over for you.
Why don't you let me write my own checks? 'Cause you tried to get me dragged out my own house and locked up in the old folk's prison.
Uncle, I was trying to help.
Hilly said that you were crazy.
He said you were living in filth.
- He tell you he stole my money? - I ain't steal from you.
I gave Shirley Wring $50, and I know that 'cause she come by my house and paid it back to me.
- You stole half the rest of it.
- You calling me a thief? - To your face.
- Sit down! Sit down.
Robyn gonna call you in about a week.
If you want the money, just say so.
If not… She's not even blood to us.
I just don't think it's right to have some stranger doing our family business.
So, I'm a stranger? I cleaned your house, made your meals.
I do more for you than Hilly ever did.
You gonna call me a stranger? Why don't you take these children down to the store and get 'em something sweet? - Come on.
- Hmm? Come on, let's go.
We going to the store.
- Boy.
- What? Why don't you meet me out here on the porch? Let me rap with you.
So, Hilly, d'you do it? Yeah.
But I ain't I ain't think you was gonna know it.
Like, I wouldn't have stole your money if I knew you could count.
- Hilliard.
- Yeah? Do you really think it's okay to steal from somebody just 'cause they don't know you doing it? I mean, yeah.
I mean, what difference it make? If they don't know it, then it don't hurt 'em.
Jesus Christ.
What? Sorry I took the money again.
I'm sorry about Hilly, Uncle.
He just never had a man to teach him right from wrong.
I Yeah.
I could've been that man.
Oh, you had enough on your plate back then.
Well, I still should've been here for the boy.
Should've been here for all y'all.
Look here, if, uh, I gave you some money, you think you could pull together a little gathering? Uh, you know, maybe the folks who was at the repass.
- Get 'em to come back? - What for? I just want to say a few words.
Well, I don't know, Uncle.
I don't I don't know who's around or would even want to.
- Could you try? - Okay.
I'll try.
Car be here soon.
- You ready to go? - Sure.
- I'ma call you.
- Mm-hmm.
What's this here? Forbes.
It's a magazine about millionaires and billionaires.
Yeah, I know what Forbes is.
I mean, what you doing with it? There's an article on e-sports.
- Here? - Mm-hmm.
What's that? Competitive gaming.
You know, video gaming.
- I thought you designed games.
- To pay my rent.
But there's more money in playing than designing.
You can make money sitting around playing games? The last League of Legends competition had more viewers than a Super Bowl.
Forbes says that last year, ten gamers made more than ten million.
Dollars? Mostly endorsements, but yes, sir.
- I'll be damned.
- Mm-hmm.
Ain't that somethin'.
Ah, there she is.
You really like her, huh? Yes, sir.
I like how tough she is.
Pretty too.
Well, you know she been hurt by folks supposed to love her before? I know.
I'm getting my GED.
Ah! You graduated? - Yeah, I passed.
- All right.
- Oh, no surprise there.
- You know, we should go celebrate.
Uh, I I need to go see Billy first.
I I promised him.
Okay, well, after then? Anywhere you wanna go.
Whoo! - Billy.
Billy! - Mr.
What you doing over here? I wanted to talk to you.
About what? Can I buy you a drink? All right.
Uh, Niko, would you grab us a couple of beers from the back? So, who dropped you off, man? Oh, uh, Roger Dawes.
You know, he going out with Robyn now.
Ah, Roger.
He used to work for Reggie from time to time.
- Mm-hmm.
- He's a good kid.
- Yeah.
I mean, she could do worse.
- Mmm.
You know, I, um I talked to the police about Reggie.
They could give a damn about a Black man getting shot down in the streets.
Even if they know that Black man didn't run the streets.
You don't have to run the streets to get killed in 'em.
Don't I know it.
But… But what? Oh, Reggie told me before he got killed, he was thinking he was gonna have to leave town.
So? So, I wanna know who killed my nephew.
What for? What would you do if somebody killed one of your loved ones? One day, Reggie told me about Something about Nina's ex-boyfriend.
The one just got out of prison? So, he already talked to you about this? He told me some, but, you know, not not not a lot.
He ain't had no name.
Nah, nah, Reggie Reggie didn't say a name.
But he did say that the cat was sentenced to 20 years and and got out in 12.
What you about to do, Mr.
Grey? Oh, I'm about to kill me a motherfucker, Billy.
That's what I'm about to do.

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