The Last Kingdom (2015) s05e01 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 1

1 [Uhtred.]
I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred.
Edward, King of Wessex, commanded me to raise his bastard son, Aethelstan.
Protect him and take him to safety.
Teach him how to be a warrior and all you know of the Danes.
For Aethelstan has rivals who plot against him.
Edward's father-in-law Aethelhelm is determined that his own line will prevail and he stops at nothing to see his grandson Aelfweard on the throne.
If the king cannot choose between his sons, it may be that we need to ensure his ally, the queen, does not survive.
Mother! Mother! [Uhtred.]
For many years, my men and I protected the Mercian border, where we serve at the pleasure of the Lady of Mercia.
Aethelflaed has taken a vow of chastity to rule alone, although a deep love remains between us.
The price we are paying is great.
I will miss you, Uhtred Ragnarson.
And she takes great comfort in her precious child Aelfwynn.
My own daughter Stiorra has made her bond with Sigtryggr the Dane.
We seek a homeland.
But we do not succumb to anger.
For many years there has been peace between Saxon and Dane.
And of Brida? Nothing has been heard since she fled Winchester.
- My love - [Brida yells angrily.]
- [Cnut groans.]
- [Uhtred.]
And gave birth to Cnut's child.
[groaning intensely.]
But I fear that her anger towards me still haunts her.
Blood has been shed.
More will flow.
I will take revenge on all those who have betrayed me and I will not rest until they suffer at my hand.
Destiny is all.
Years passed.
And for those years we heard nothing.
No word, no sign.
Just quiet rumors that she had died.
That she was reborn.
I hoped the silence meant that she had found peace.
Most forgot her.
I did not.
And I knew, in time, she would return.
- [crowd singing eerily in Icelandic.]
- [drums beating.]
[singing continues.]
[woman vocalizing intensely.]
[crowd singing in Icelandic.]
The reckoning approaches.
[crowd murmurs.]
The gods are speaking.
They guide the seer to choose amongst you.
[crowd whispering.]
The seer has chosen.
[woman vocalizing intensely.]
We make this sacrifice to bring good fortune.
Show us the moment is ripe for our voyage.
The waves To the waves! [suspenseful music with Icelandic singing.]
We sail for battle! Beloved friends, warriors the time has come to save our people! [cheering.]
To war! [Finan.]
Hey, hey! I've told you before, codfish on top of codfish.
Lord? Do you see something? No.
But something's changed.
The air is rotten.
That could be me eating too much cabbage.
Something feels wrong.
I don't like it.
[Finan sighs.]
Lord! Lord! This one says he can't pay.
Sea raiders robbed me.
Let me guess.
The Great Rognvaldr seized his silver.
He wants to trade the border, he pays Mercia a toll.
He says you still have to pay! [Uhtred.]
In coin.
No produce.
And no tin from Cornwallum pretending to be coin.
Iron Lord there.
We have soldiers to feed.
It could be a lean winter.
All the more reason to celebrate while we can.
It's Blood Month festival.
I need ale and you need to hump the tall girl from Frisia.
The tall girl from Frisia's too tall.
It's border country, Lord.
You don't get to be too picky.
[crowd cheering.]
[Finan chuckling.]
[cheering and laughter.]
Aethelstan! Why have you left your post? - [Osferth.]
His first hunt, Lord.
- It's good luck for Blood Month, Uhtred.
You think you're ready to slaughter a beast? You know I am.
Aethelstan says he's ready.
What do you say? - [people shout approvingly.]
- Yes? - [yelling.]
For Blood Month! - [all.]
For Blood Month! [laughter.]
Be careful.
The animal will fight to the death.
Or try to hump you.
- Let's go kill the swine! Kill the beast! - [crowd cheering.]
- Blood Month! - Blood Month! [all chanting.]
Blood Month! Blood Month! Blood Month! Blood Month! Blood Month! Blood Month! Blood Month! Blood Month! Blood Month! - [Finan.]
Away with you! [chuckles.]
- Blood Month! Blood Month! Blood Month! Blood Month [Finan.]
Leave him.
He's a man now.
I should like to see it.
Lord, I, uh, need a little help.
[women shouting in distance.]
[woman 1.]
I'll kill you! - [woman 2.]
Come here! - Swine! [laughs.]
Again? - Come here, bitch! - [men groaning.]
- [Finan.]
Right! Hey, hey! Easy, easy! - [woman 1.]
He's mine! He's mine! [Finan.]
Split it up.
Come on.
Come on! [woman 2.]
Get off me, you dirty whore! - Why do they fight over you? - I I'm I've got no idea, Lord.
Finan! Get your arse over here! It's 'cause all the best men are spoken for.
Keep the peace! We're here to secure the border, not kick the arses of drunk women! You can kick my arse anytime.
I'm going hunting with the men.
Go on, then.
- [woman chuckles.]
- Hey! [pigs snorting.]
[Finan grunts.]
Here, piggy, piggy! [shrieking.]
Here, piggy! Whoa, whoa, whoa! [men clamoring.]
Woo, woo! - Ow! - [Finan.]
Aethelstan, you madman, you! - [men howling.]
- [Cynlaef.]
Piggy, piggy, piggy! [man snorting.]
- Aethelstan! - [men whistling and shrieking.]
Aethelstan! [men clamoring in distance.]
- [wild boar squeals.]
- [leaves rustle.]
[wild boar squealing.]
[man laughing in distance.]
[leaves rustle.]
Whose men are you? [both grunt.]
- [men howling.]
- [sword clanging.]
[hooting and snorting.]
[man shrieking in distance.]
[grunting and groaning.]
[man gasps for breath.]
Finish him! [leader.]
Come on.
[Aethelstan breathing heavily.]
[gasps for breath.]
Uhtred! [Aethelstan.]
Uhtred! Do you hear that? [grunting and groaning.]
Uhtred! Aethelstan! Bastard? Aethelstan! [men clamoring.]
Aethelstan! [Aethelstan.]
Uhtred! [yelling and grunting.]
[Aethelstan grunts heavily.]
[Aethelstan breathing heavily.]
Bastard! Where are you? [Uhtred.]
How many men? [breathing heavily.]
There were three.
One escaped.
- [Finan.]
No sign this way.
- Who were they? Not from here.
- Are you hurt? - [exhales deeply.]
You took three men alone? Yes.
[laughs softly.]
What did I say? [all chuckling.]
I told you! Let me go downriver and fight the sea raiders.
You're not ready.
Take him to the alehouse.
Celebrate his victory.
You had us worried there for a second, boy.
[all laughing.]
Just a scratch.
Come on! [laughter continues.]
- [Osferth.]
Tonight we dine in Rumcofa.
- You're the one not ready.
[Finan laughs.]
He's still a virgin though! [men laugh.]
[men cheer.]
[birds squawk.]
[bird thuds.]
[tense music playing.]
[bird thuds.]
[tool clanging.]
[missionary 1.]
He will redeem us all! You must follow.
You must read this.
We will all perish.
We will all perish.
God! There is one God! You, lady, redeem your heathen forebears.
Return Jorvik to its Christian heart! Restore the name of Eoferwic.
Danes, hear me! There is only one God.
How long can they do this? Every day the same sermon.
King Edward pays them well.
King Edward steals your people from you.
You are ruler here.
Tell them to leave.
And signal that it troubles us? A worthless fight.
If I am to be provoked, it will take more than an old man trying to extract coin.
They're not just raising coin.
They poke at our gods.
Our gods can withstand it.
He's taking your kingdom one convert at a time.
We're supposed to be at peace.
Yes and the peace means that we are breeding at twice their speed.
We grow our town.
We build a country for generations.
We ignore old men.
Could we not have them beaten, just for good measure? [Sigtryggr chuckles.]
Once they've collected enough silver.
They hide it in the sewers.
Think we do not know.
You accept too much.
- And you too little, my Queen.
- [Stiorra chuckles.]
[man in distance.]
Come on, Christian, fight me! Not all Danes want to keep the peace.
Fight me! Did Jesus cut your cock off, hm? Fight me! - [Sigtryggr.]
Is that my brother Rognvaldr? - Back from the dead.
Once again.
King Sigtryggr! Show yourself! The Great Raider Rognvaldr! Who have you enraged this time? No one! I am completely reformed! A man of peace.
We heard you drowned off Scotland.
That was last year! I heard you needed a kick in the arse.
Letting Christians roam your lands? Ignore them.
They are harmless.
Am I welcome? I will warn the serving women.
You're welcome.
- [Rognvaldr roars.]
- [missionary 1 gasping.]
[missionary 2.]
Jesus loves you! Wolland! Did you miss me? - Let's get him to bed.
- Prepare the chamber with no fire.
- That should keep his visit short.
- Bring him in! Why has he come back now? Hella, if he tries anything this time, I will cut his hands off myself.
Thank you, Lady.
You are good to us.
[townspeople chattering.]
Make it known that there will be a curfew until the visit of the Lady of Mercia is over.
Lord, it is Blood Month.
Yes, they will have to hump each other in daylight.
Why the caution? They were just sea raiders trying their luck upriver.
- They could have attacked anyone.
- But they did not.
They chose the eldest son of the King of Wessex.
Who actually knows that? Up here, he's more arseling than aetheling.
- [Sihtric and Finan chuckle.]
- Perhaps.
Perhaps they were just raiders in search of coin, perhaps not.
There've been signs.
The air has changed.
Well, that is definitely a bad sign.
When Aethelflaed comes for the festival, she's bringing us a priest, a Father Benedict.
Lodge them near the cornfield, show them the East Well, and hide the strong ale.
[Sihtric sighs.]
But it's the festival.
She thinks Rumcofa shames Mercia with its heathen ways.
Uhtred! A ship, it's turned in from the sea, which we cannot identify.
Then the soldiers will be ready.
Why would anyone attack before the lady arrives? Line the riverbank.
Right, come on.
It's Rognvaldr come to slaughter.
Will you stop? You'll unsettle all the men.
Rognvaldr is nothing.
- He's just a coward who buys reputation.
- Trust us.
We've fought a lot of Danes.
Am I mistaken, or is that Eadith? [Eadith.]
We are travelers and traders! Happy to pay the toll! [children giggling.]
- [Sihtric.]
Look after your sister.
- [woman chuckles.]
Hey, hey, don't let the chickens run away.
- [patrons chattering.]
- You remember Osferth.
And that little one is Aethelstan.
Surely not! Oh, you were a very solemn child.
- Yes, he beat it out of me.
- [Eadith chuckles.]
Thank you.
Those two are always up to no good.
- [Sihtric sighs.]
Go and annoy Uncle Finan.
- Sidgeflaed, who's married to Sihtric.
- Hello.
- Just call me Sig.
And all the little Sigs and Sihtrics that populate this town.
- Oh, my God.
- And this is Ingrith.
Finan's wife.
- Eadith.
- I have heard of you.
- [Sihtric sighs awkwardly.]
- What brings you to Rumcofa? I have learned much in Frankia in the ways of healing.
And I hear Rumcofa is riddled with disease.
Oh, that's all Osferth's work.
So, uh, no husband, then? No.
No, my silver's all my own.
Hey, I'd watch yourself.
Our turds have baffled every healer from here to Frisia.
- [all laughing.]
- You're telling me! - [Finan.]
Hey! [blowing raspberries.]
- [laughter continues.]
Not on your child! Eadith, tell me, what were they like before we civilized them? Much the same.
This one less so perhaps.
Is the king really happy with his son living among soldiers? We tend not to mention that.
- No shame in being a bastard boy.
- [Aethelstan.]
Whoa! Yes, much has changed.
- No.
Uhtred's still the same.
- What? He's not married either.
[all laughing.]
[Eadith, Ingrith and Sidgeflaed singing drunkenly and laughing.]
Escort them to the lodging house.
And do not get into any fights with any young monks.
It's not my reputation men wish to test.
I trained you for battles, not for ale yard brawls.
Look, I know you seek to protect me.
I know that, but you were sworn to protect a child and I'm not.
Yet I made a promise to your father, the king.
So, only a king can relieve me of that oath.
Our bond holds fast.
Pleasant surprise.
- [Uhtred.]
Hm? - Eadith.
Though I'm wary of surprises so close to Aethelflaed's visit.
Eadith is a friend.
People can change.
The attack on Aethelstan I do not think it was chance.
Someone trying to get rid of him now he's of age? - Maybe just someone trying to frighten me.
- And are you frightened? No.
But I expect worse.
Lord, you're brooding.
My wife thinks it's the change of the seasons getting to you.
We have scouts at every lookout point from here to the burh at Thelwall.
Hey, hump the tall girl.
[Finan chuckles.]
Has he finally revealed what he wants? Not yet.
He is still boasting of his escape from the sea.
- He says the gods sent men to save him.
- He always has a tale to tell.
Do you know he pays sailors to say they fear him? [Sigtryggr.]
Better a lying rogue than a killer.
You're too tender.
Send him on his way.
And break an oath of hospitality, my love? [menacing music plays.]
Wake up! You're in Valhalla! Wolland, get him to bed.
Time for sleep.
We do not want to see your arse.
She's cold, your woman.
We should set to feasting alone, talk as kin.
I have learned much since last I saw you.
Changed myself.
Things have happened to me.
The gods chose to save me.
We are never divided at feasting.
We will feast, you and I.
[Rognvaldr grunts.]
When you are sober, we will feast, hm? [Sigtryggr sighs.]
Why do you agree when he seeks to come between us? [Sigtryggr.]
What he suffered, when I left him alone in Irland [sighs.]
you too would have a spirit broken.
He boasts because the gods have not favored him.
That doesn't mean you should.
He is my brother and so I honor him.
For all his faults, our blood is shared.
Blame the Christians.
- They have spoken too much of forgiveness.
- [laughs softly.]
[water splashes gently.]
[water dripping.]
[speaks in Icelandic.]
[speaks in Icelandic.]
[gasps softly.]
[Eadith exhales, then inhales sharply.]
Uh Oh, were you expecting a rather tall girl? Yes! She asked me to exchange rooms because this bed was too short.
- That would explain it.
- Yes.
Ooh! [exhales.]
[Eadith chuckles.]
[both laugh.]
[Eadith laughs.]
[horses neighing.]
Keep at your right hand the souls of kings.
Alfred, known as the Wise, and Aethelred of Mercia.
Bless my daughter, Aelfwynn of Mercia.
May she learn to resist temptation.
I pray for my brother, the King of Wessex.
Guide him well and hear my entreaty on behalf of my mother, Aelswith, wife to Alfred.
Why are you praying for me? What do you think is wrong with me? I do not think anything is wrong with you.
I - Does it look white? - No, Mother, it looks quite normal.
- This breeze will stiffen my neck.
- [horse whinnies.]
Lord knows what ailments lurk within Rumcofa.
Perhaps we should return to Aegelesburg? Uh, the Lord wants us in Rumcofa for festival.
Which Lord? Lord Uhtred? - Do not fight her, it wastes your time.
- [Aethelflaed groans.]
Is something wrong with you? No, Mother.
I am just stiff from riding.
Lord Aldhelm, Father Benedict Ready to bring the faith to this dark corner of our land? Where you lead, we follow, Lady.
[men laughing.]
- [boisterous shouting.]
- [man.]
In you get! [Father Benedict.]
Are these people heading for Rumcofa? Blood Month is wild in these parts.
That's why Lady Aethelflaed wants to find a way to make it more Christian.
Well, it falls near Martinmas.
Perhaps we could enlighten them.
They would talk in Rome of these Northern tribes that they could be resistant.
Is the reputation deserved? The lady is fond of both you and of Rumcofa.
She will not place you somewhere you would not thrive.
Uhtred! Lady Aethelflaed is arriving.
- [Cynlaef.]
So, that's your cousin? - [Aethelstan scoffs.]
Go and help the Lady Aelfwynn off her horse.
Of course.
Lady Aelfwynn, I'm Cynlaef.
[giggles softly.]
I was sorry to miss you on our last visit south.
I was You were making a treaty with the Scots, I know.
Yes, it was.
Still, the timing was unfortunate.
Not much has changed here in two summers.
The soldiers thrive, so does the town.
Occasional raids, much trade.
- And you look well.
- That's life in the open air.
Perhaps I should try it.
- The Witan like to talk.
- You still look beautiful.
Behold our gift.
Rumcofa does not need a priest.
No, but Father Benedict needs a new place to preach.
- Did he hump someone? - No.
No, nothing like that.
He's an exceptionally gifted scholar.
He's a gambler.
He gambled all his alms money in Rome.
- Then in Canterbury.
Then with us.
- So put him where he can do no damage? Welcome to our chapel.
- [goats bleating.]
- [chickens clucking.]
Aethelflaed, look.
Look how fine he has become.
Is he not the image of his father? You have the light of prayer shining through you.
And quite the swordsman now, I hear.
Is it true you were attacked? [scoffs.]
By raiders, yes, but I'm being sent to fight them on the seas.
No, he's not.
Lady Aelswith, how's your stomach? I survive, but still, I should like us to avoid too many commoners.
For fear of passing them my many afflictions.
[Aelfwynn giggling.]
Aelfwynn! Lady Aelswith remains cautious in matters of health.
- Lady Aelfwynn.
- Lord Uhtred.
Is the border secure? Yes.
Aethelstan was just thieves.
Still, we're concerned.
Uh, we've heard of a raider plundering at sea, a Rognvaldr.
Rognvaldr is not a threat.
He's a boastful turd.
Ask his brother Sigtryggr.
We will not be seeking the word of Sigtryggr.
- Not concerning Danes on the border.
- Why? The alliance has held.
Uhtred, we know Sigtryggr is family to you, but that does not mean Mercia has to trust him.
This Rognvaldr harries north of our coast.
We fear he may strike Sigtryggr will not allow him to cause real trouble.
He extracts coin, no more.
Tell that to the widows of the men that we've lost.
Thirty of them off the coast of Cumbraland.
Men massacred and not for silver, but to avenge the gods, they said.
I have to be more wary of the Dane.
Heathen threat.
I know many Danes live here in Rumcofa in peace.
Live in peace, trade, marry our men.
- The Danes are no danger here.
- But this Dane is.
Maybe we know things you do not.
These past weeks, there have been stories, mutilations.
Raiders seen with white marking on their faces.
I do not think that is the work of Rognvaldr.
They may speak it of him, but that does not make it true.
Who then? [tense music playing.]
We have received no word of mourning from Rumcofa.
It did not quite work out.
- Does Aethelstan live? - He was a tough little bastard.
Did you try? I lost two of my best men.
Don't blame me.
Blame Uhtred of Bebbanburg.
If you have the silver, I can try something else.
I hear the lad can be provoked into a scrap in an alehouse.
No, it's too soon.
I'll call on you when I'm ready.
In the meantime, find out what is said among the common people of my grandson Aelfweard? No one speaks of him, Lord.
Then spread his name.
For his protection.
I have seen enough to know that when two boys have one claim, both cannot thrive.
Where am I next? The ambassadors from the Duchy of Lotharingia.
I can make an excuse, but you'd have to meet a visionary from Lewes.
She saw St.
Cuthbert in a cabbage patch.
What? Ambassadors it is.
She looks like she's hawking fishes in Cheap Street.
Lord King.
The queen is playing matchmaker.
She is keen that her sisters find husbands that will do you honor, Lord King.
Will you be introducing them to Aelfweard as the aetheling? - And why would I do that? - My grandson is coming of age.
It would signal abroad that your dynasty is prepared.
And alarm people by mooting the succession.
No, I'm still a young man myself.
Aelfweard, introduce Lord Aethelhelm to the guests on my behalf.
Explain he is a respected elder of the family.
Yes, Father.
Of course.
I'm sure they'll love your stories from the old days.
Well, perhaps I should advise her on making suitable alliances.
There's nothing worse than being landed with a spouse you come to detest.
[guests chattering.]
My darling boy.
Did you suggest that Aelfweard be introduced as aetheling? Yes.
Uh, he refused.
And the other aspect of our plan has become problematic.
Aethelstan fought back.
Of course.
'Cause they are training him to become a killer who will one day come for us.
Calm yourself.
All of Wessex favors Aelfweard as aetheling.
That will sway things if there is any contention in the matter.
For now the king looks more to other women every day.
Ah, I shall remove her.
Like you removed Lady Aelswith? Lady Aelswith's [louder.]
strong constitution is a blessing to us all.
My grandfather, Lord Aethelhelm.
[Sigtryggr and Rognvaldr laughing hysterically.]
You have recovered.
Indeed, and my regret if I broke the conditions of my welcome.
I am sworn from ale these days, but - [laughs.]
- sometimes What is it you want? Stiorra.
He only visits when he wants something.
Make your demands and then leave us be.
You are right.
She sees everything.
I seek safe harbor for some of my people.
They have been accused of raiding and, I believe, unfairly.
I wish for them to prove their innocence here, under Danelaw.
And I have agreed.
I will send out Wolland with some guard to bring them in, ensure they cause no trouble.
As you command, Lord.
The Saxons always look for reasons to make incursions.
This will show them that our borders must be respected and that we govern here with justice under the law.
And remind the Christians you're not to be moved.
And that we intend to rule here for many years to come.
[rhythmic music with eerie vocalizing.]
[playing cheerful music.]
[tense music playing.]
[children giggling.]
My lady, a dance? Why so troubled? I wish you had stayed in Aegelesburg.
And miss Blood Month festival? Never.
You did not come for the festival.
What did you come for? What is here that is not there? Some say I came to see you.
I wish that were true, but I think it is not.
- Is there a threat to you I should know? - No more than the usual.
You're certain? Yes.
Besides, you have protected us well here.
You have scouts on the bankside and on every road.
We would not lie about a threat to me or to Rumcofa.
- [all grunting.]
- [Father Benedict.]
Ready? - He's not going to say prayers, is he? - I just asked for a few simple words.
And in this moment, Rumcofa came under God! It may be harder than that to douse the pagan flame.
[Father Benedict.]
virgin and mother, for these pigs - [chickens clucking.]
- and these chickens, Gods! [laughs.]
Make sure he gives that back.
We pray for fertility, the rising of sun, the waxing of the moon [sighs.]
Why did he choose the Lorica of Loding? We shall catch our deaths in this draft.
Just smile and wait for it to pass.
[Father Benedict.]
defend me on every side.
Skull, head, hair and eyes, mouth, tongue teeth and their covering.
[woman 1 gasps.]
- [people laughing.]
- [Father Benedict.]
Neck, breast, side.
For the crown of my head with its hair, be thou the helmet of salvation on the head.
[man 1.]
Yes! For forehead, eyes, nostrils bowels [crowd laughing.]
Waist! [Father Benedict.]
Oh, please.
For my limbs, for my entrails, thou mayest thrust back from me the invisible nails of stakes.
Eyes, triform brain nose, face, teeth, the chin - [distant screaming.]
- beard, eyebrows, ears, cheeks.
Make way! Move! Stand back! [man.]
Who is it? [worried chatter.]
Who is it? Children, stay back.
Father - [man 3.]
Help him! - Who did this to you? Rognvaldr? [young Uhtred yelping in pain.]
Find her.
Find her.
Raise the alarm now! Son.
My son.
Lord Jesus Christ, in a rich man's house.
A fallen woman cried as she dried his feet Why allow your people to be converted? Why not keep Daneland for Danes? Is it because of your wife? Since when have you cared so much for the gods? I told you, much has changed this last year.
I was close to death and not for the first time.
- I am sorry that you suffered.
- But this time, I was reborn.
The gods sent men to my rescue.
They took to a land of fire.
And there I learnt how to be loyal to them and to my people.
But you do not care for loyalty.
He blesses you and the Lord Jesus.
Have these missionaries sent back to Wessex tomorrow.
That's enough.
[guard 1.]
Lord, yes, Lord.
I But I I speak here every night.
We've always been allowed to preach here.
[crowd singing in Faroese.]
Strongest bow, sharpest spear He who rules heaven and earth [crowd continue singing in Faroese.]
You are too accepting of enemies.
No, I am not.
It is more difficult to live peacefully with enemies than to fight them.
Do you pity me? I think you suffer without my guidance.
[horn blaring.]
That is Wolland.
Show me those who follow you.
This can be resolved.
[singing in Faroese.]
- Strongest bow, sharpest spear - [guard 2 yelling.]
He who rules heaven and earth [guard 2.]
My Lord! [suspenseful music playing.]
[crowd continue singing in Faroese.]
Sigtryggr! [crowd singing in Faroese.]
Sigtryggr! Open the gates.
[crowd stop singing abruptly.]
Are these your people? [man.]
What do you want? Not mine.
All Danes, all pure.
Do not be afraid, brother.
She's here to save us.
- Where are my men? - [laughs.]
Where are my men?! [yelling.]
Valhalla! [soldiers yelling.]
[horse whinnies.]
Danes of Jorvik who turned to Christ we are here to return you to the gods! No, Lady, do not fight.
Where is she? Find Stiorra, find Uhtred's daughter.
Brida! We're ready for you! Brida! [Uhtred.]
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