The Last Kingdom (2015) s05e06 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 6

I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred.
Aethelhelm plotted to unseat King Edward and put his grandson Aelfweard on the throne.
You are a fine and true young man who will one day be a mighty king.
He planned to have the visionary Aalys killed on her pilgrimage to Lindisfarne.
And blamed the murder on the Danes.
You do realize this could start a war between Christian and Dane.
Hopefully, yes.
But unknown to him, his daughter, Queen Aelflaed, journeyed with Aalys.
I am the visionary! Who did this? They were sent from the king of Jorvik.
They said Sigtryggr wanted vengeance.
Despite Brida taking Father Pyrlig as her prisoner, a bond has formed between them.
I accept your offer of safe passage and protection.
Take me to Uhtred.
Aelswith has made a new plan to protect her granddaughter, Aelfwynn.
I have chosen you a husband, someone you know.
I will explain.
Aethelhelm's men marched on the Danes of Rumcofa in revenge for the attack on the pilgrims.
Osferth was among those who fell defending them.
Aethelhelm has discovered what his plotting has cost him.
Your daughter was traveling with the pilgrims.
And was also slaughtered.
And ow, both King Edward and Sigtryggr prepare for war.
His wife for mine.
Sigtryggr! Sigtryggr! Sigtryggr Destiny, is all! Edward knows nothing of what he's unleashed.
Truly he has stirred the hornet's nest.
Two days! In two days we mount the heads of Saxon turds on spikes! Brother I have spoken with the men and all agree.
We should surprise them on the road.
The king has chosen the battle site.
Sigtryggr, they outnumber us.
If Edward thinks numbers will win this, his arrogance will be his undoing.
- He believes we're at his mercy.
- It is not wise, brother.
But it is necessary, Rognvaldr.
Our people will paint the land with Saxon blood.
If you're afraid, you may stand down.
All who fight as brothers, fight as one.
We attack from the high hill! Sigtryggr hopes that by attacking from high terrain, he can overwhelm us.
But we will turn his attack to our advantage.
We launch our assault here with 300 men.
Danes attack, yes, but it will give us the time to move here and take out their vanguard.
Those men will most likely be lost.
Then they shall be lost with honor.
It is the price we must pay to protect our kingdoms from the heathens.
Ensure Lord Aethelhelm is located and told of our intentions.
King Edward is camped 20 miles from here and the Danes are marching.
The men grow tired of waiting, but they remain loyal.
Then we wait.
In Edward's hour of need, we ride to the Saxons' aid.
We must watch the young Aethelstan.
Keep him close.
There are those that have ambitions for the boy.
You are now Aelfweard's one true ally.
Let us therefore pray my daughter's sacrifice may yet bear fruit.
Keep an eye on Aethelstan.
Lord, we must rest the horses.
Eat faster.
We have men to kill.
Edward will have camped north.
- What if he's already moved on? - Then we catch up to him.
We find the king and then we seize Aethelhelm.
Each man take a limb and we tear him into quarters.
There are only three of us, Lord.
Osferth's spirit will stand in place.
His spirit is busy taunting the fool that got him killed.
You're not guilty of this, Finan.
Save your anger for the ones that are.
Aethelhelm will get what is coming to him.
But first we must avert this war.
We cannot linger here.
Where is Cynlaef? Perhaps he resists the offer of my hand.
You allowed him to touch you.
He will want more.
That is just the way of young men.
Besides, he has been given an order.
Do not pull that face.
We all want this whole ghastly affair to be over.
I'm sure Cynlaef will not let you down.
My lady, one of your guard approaches.
I know this man.
He is loyal.
Redwald, what news do you bring? There has been a massacre in Rumcofa, my lady.
Countless Danes put to the sword.
Men and women both, children and the elderly.
- Who carried out this attack? - We cannot be certain.
But there have been rumors.
Some say war is coming.
These lands are no longer safe.
- Cynlaef may yet still live.
- We cannot linger here longer.
I must get you to safety.
Shh, there are men in the trees.
They are merely scouts, resting on their journey.
- I thought it was an ambush.
- They won't harm us.
Did you think I intended to murder you? The thought did cross my mind.
- You're no use to me dead.
- So why did you stay just now? I need you to speak for me when I stand before Uhtred.
Or perhaps you despise me less than I thought.
Your company's torturous.
I've had boils I liked better.
I see.
I'll go and speak with them.
Perhaps they have news.
I will not let you lock me away in a convent! It is safe there.
This morning I was to be wedded and now I am being banished to a place of chastity and prayers at dawn! Things have changed.
It is our only option.
You would not treat my mother with such torment.
You are not her.
You simply wish to be rid of me.
How can you say such things? - I have done my very best to protect you - And you have utterly failed me.
As you did my mother.
Gather your things.
We depart before the day is ended.
If we have to travel by darkness, so be it! - Ensure she does not leave this room.
- Yes, my lady.
I shall not go! And you cannot keep me here against my will! It saddens me to hear of this massacre.
- Rumcofa was a haven for many.
- No longer.
We ride now for Aegelesburg.
We wish to be as far as possible from this bloodshed.
- And Edward is coming north? - He's already on the road.
The kingdoms are in turmoil.
The peace that existed between Saxon and Dane has ended.
They're at war.
It is time for us to take our leave, unless you need any assistance.
My companion and I have all we need.
What news did he offer? Nothing of importance, but we should set out at once.
What's the hurry? Honestly I cannot wait to escape this blasted cold.
Besides, the sooner we meet with Uhtred the better.
More sent from the northern burhs.
We look strong.
Lord King, we bring grave news.
Sigtryggr did not kill the queen.
It was the work of Aethelhelm's men.
- Send for Sigtryggr! - Yes, Lord.
Our scouts say it's not Edward's camp.
The banners belong to one of his lords.
Perhaps the gods are speaking to us.
Perhaps we can use this.
Edward's chances dwindle with fewer allies on the field.
The king's forces can afford to lose men.
Can we? They have scouts.
They'll see you coming around the lake.
We need not go around the lake.
It's frozen.
We could go over it.
No Saxon would ever condemn his daughter to such an end.
He did not order her death.
It was the visionary Aalys he sought to kill.
When the moment came, the queen sacrificed herself to save the girl.
- Do you have proof of this? - I have spoken to Aalys.
- I've seen the horror in her eyes.
- And Sigtryggr had no part in this? He could not have planned it.
No one knew the Queen traveled.
The country is full of spies.
What reason would Sigtryggr have to attack a farm girl and then deny it? Lord, Aethelhelm must be hunted down and brought to justice.
Aelflaed's blood is on his hands.
As is Osferth's your father's natural son.
He was one of my most loyal men.
He fought at my side for Wessex through countless battles.
I'm sorry to hear it.
Only Aethelhelm benefits from this chaos.
He wants you to turn to him and his armies, so he may strut again in the palace in Winchester.
He must be apprehended.
A rider was dispatched to find him and will soon return.
Send word to Aegelesburg.
Aelfweard is to be shielded from his grandfather's influence and protected by my personal guard.
That order should extend to Aethelstan.
He stands between Aelfweard and the throne.
I sent Aethelstan to find Aethelhelm.
Then he is in danger.
What of the war with Sigtryggr? Tell Sigtryggr our conflict is over.
My quarrel now is with Aethelhelm.
Your strategy at Lindcylne was a good one.
Why abandon it for uncertainty? Because I hear your words.
We do not have men to spare.
This stealth attack could destroy hundreds of Saxons with little loss of Dane life.
It is a gift.
Or a trap! What if the ice doesn't hold? It will.
I can see from here it will.
I have crossed frozen fjords in Iceland, - slept before the ice rivers of Irland - This is Mercia.
The weather of these lands is as unpredictable as the Saxons who live on them.
That does not change the nature of ice, my queen.
But it is, as she says, a risk.
All is a risk.
Let me show you I am right.
I will walk upon the ice to measure its strength.
You tested me once.
I survived.
Let me show you I can lead in battle.
Gods offer you this, Sigtryggr.
Do not slight them by refusing it.
It is a risk.
But we will at least test it.
Once night falls, have him test the ice.
- I will take word to the Danes.
- We will find you there.
Aethelhelm shall be found and tried before Saxons and Danes.
We can forge a new union with Daneland.
For that, I am glad.
I am sorry for Osferth, even though I did not know him well.
He was still your blood.
- You were his true brother.
- Yes.
And I will avenge him.
Lord Aethelhelm.
As requested, I've stationed men to patrol the east and the west perimeters.
With the lake at our backs and ample eyes to the trees, our camp may rest soundly.
Look, I wish to inspire my men, maintain their spirits, but I fear I'm falling short.
On the contrary, you are an inspiration to them.
You are proving yourself a true leader.
Any minute now he'll pull a miracle out of his saintly arse.
He is both righteous and pompous, just like his father.
I have news.
The ladies Aelswith and Aelfwynn have been spotted.
They travel with a personal guard.
- Where are they? - South of Buccstan.
They were seen by Mercian monks.
Silver is a god all men serve.
Well, the ladies will have to be rescued.
The princess is important to us.
Her safety is our greatest concern.
We need to get rid of him.
Accidents can happen.
Even at night.
We are leaving for the nunnery before the sun sets.
The sooner we move on from this place the better.
- Lady Aelswith.
- Eadith? I've come to warn you and Lady Aelfwynn.
You are in danger.
A man is tracking you.
A man who seeks to exchange news of your whereabouts for coin.
You are certain of this? I would not have journeyed all this way if I was not.
Come with me.
We are leaving before the day is over.
You cannot wait even that long.
Go now.
Whoever this man is, you do not want to meet him.
Then we must go where he will not find us.
In truth, it should comfort Aelfwynn to see you.
Where is Lady Aelfwynn? - How could you let her leave? - I did not know.
She has fled.
She has taken her horse.
This assault makes me uneasy.
Is it the assault that troubles you, my love, or the one I chose to lead it? You're entrusting him with too much.
He seeks atonement by facing danger, a danger that will be great, which is why I need you to go straight to the safety of the surrounding trees as soon as we cross.
Your plan is a good one.
You placed your trust in it.
- It is as we hoped.
- We may have found a way across the ice.
Then the gods have answered us.
Tell the men.
We rise before dawn and we attack them in their deepest sleep.
When we cross over, make for the high ground.
Strike down those Saxons as they try to flee.
- Lord Uhtred! - It is one of Edward's scouts.
What news do you bring? Lord Aethelhelm is camped in a valley north of here, on the banks of a frozen lake.
- He has raised a vast army.
- Edward is on the road behind us.
Find him and tell him where Aethelhelm is camped.
We must get to the lake.
That way.
Let's go.
Help! Help! This cannot be.
Forget them! Protect me at all costs! Shield Wall! Watch out, brother! Dear god, we're too late.
We must find a way to stop this, Lord.
Stiorra! - You must help Sigtryggr.
- No, I must stop him.
Aethelhelm was the one responsible for the massacre at Rumcofa.
This is his camp.
Edward is coming with 1,000 men to apprehend him.
He sought to restore the peace, but when he sees this We must tell Sigtryggr.
He has seen reason before.
Stay here.
Get Aethelstan to safety and cut a path to Sigtryggr.
It's the only way to stop this.
And Aethelhelm is to be taken alive! Aethelstan! Aethelstan! Aethelhelm! Why do you not fight? Aethelstan! Aethelstan! Sihtric, get him to safety! You find Sigtryggr, I'll deal with Aethelhelm! I rode for peace.
And Sigtryggr has repaid us with more bloodshed! Lord, what would you have us do? We must trust, Uhtred.
There is still time for him to stop this.
Sigtryggr! Aethelstan.
Where is my father? He's still searching for Sigtryggr.
Stop fighting me! I don't want to kill you! Stop! Sigtryggr! Many more lives will be lost if we do not act now.
Those men, your men, they are Christian souls, the future of England.
That is what Aethelhelm wishes to destroy.
Aethelhelm cannot be allowed to succeed.
They must be saved.
Edward is coming! Men! With me! Hold them! Men! With me! Aethelhelm, I'm coming for you! You're a dead man! Fight me! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! Get me away from here! - Fight me! - Pull back! Too many protect him! Now surrender! Sigtryggr! Get back! Retreat! Get back! Retreat! Fall back! Hold on! Sigtryggr! Rognvaldr! Rognvaldr! Sigtryggr! Sigtryggr! Stop! No more slaughter! No more slaughter! Put down your swords! - Sigtryggr must not be harmed! - Look around! - Look at what his anger has wrought! - Aethelhelm is to blame! Put down your swords! It is over! - No, Stiorra! - Let me go! You cannot save them.
It's done.
Stiorra! A king should always heed the good counsel of his queen.
- I should not have forgotten this.
- You have time to make it up to me still.
Aethelhelm provoked this.
The massacre in Rumcofa was his doing.
Edward was never your enemy.
I was riding to tell you he was calling for a truce.
In the midst of battle, Aethelhelm escaped.
It is over for us, then.
It is not.
Lord King.
I've come to speak for Stiorra.
She has killed no Saxons in this fight.
Lord, I appeal to you as her father.
Spare her.
Then she is spared.
You have my word.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you.
What of Sigtryggr? His fate is to be decided.
Swear a new alliance with him.
You would have me pardon a man who slaughtered so many innocent Christians? You have won some favor with the Lords here today.
- Do not risk it.
- Favor is not only won with the sword.
Your men know that you can fight.
Show them that you also know mercy.
Our people must be assured of your leadership.
They are not the only ones, Lord.
The Danes are also your people now.
You must unite them all, ensure that this does not happen again.
Do not despair.
There is still much for our kin to sing of.
For many years there was peace between Saxon and Dane until one emerged who has sown hatred between our God and yours.
This battle shattered that peace.
I have decided to restore it.
I give you my word as King of all the Saxons.
In exchange you must accept the gift of baptism.
All shall be welcomed into the family of Christ.
Never again will our people face such division.
We will be united.
You ask to strip them of their gods, of who they are.
It is too much.
It is an offer of peace.
A Dane stripped of his gods is no longer a Dane.
Your people will be safe, but under the rule of a Christian king.
We must do it.
It is over, brother.
Stiorra was right.
You are a coward.
I will not swear.
I cannot.
So be it.
It does not have to come to this.
He has chosen, Uhtred, and I cannot go back on my word.
- He is not the one to blame.
- Aethelhelm is responsible.
And yet he has fled the battlefield.
Aethelhelm worked to destroy the peace you created.
If Sigtryggr dies, he has won.
Do not let him.
What did the king say? You have been spared.
But Edward is to be Overlord of Eoferwic.
And Sigtryggr is sentenced to death.
I am to die.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Do not be.
I have failed.
I let them take everything.
You have not failed.
I will take back Eoferwic.
Danes will live there in peace for countless generations.
You must be the one to do it.
- Do not ask me to do this.
- Uhtred.
I only wish for an honorable death at the hands of a great warrior.
I wish to the gods we were not here.
Perhaps we would not be.
You brought Edward here.
If you had done nothing, we would have won.
They will cheer for you in Valhalla.
And I will sing for you here on earth.
I will wait for you in the halls of our ancestors.
Will you find me? They may butcher our bodies our souls are Odin's own.
- We should stop to rest soon.
- Wait.
Stand back.
Do not be afraid.
We mean you no harm.
You're one of Sigtryggr's men.
Who did this? Saxons.
They slaughtered us.
We fought only to avenge our people.
Was Uhtred Ragnarson at the battle? Uhtred Ragnarson? He fought with the Saxons.
- Brida.
- You promised me a path to forgiveness.
Is this the peace you speak of? - What you have with Uhtred - Is worse! The Danes lived with the Saxons in harmony for years.
Uhtred's daughter was their queen and yet they slaughtered them like dogs.
What will they do to me? The conflict between Edward and Sigtryggr is entirely separate.
Conflict? What conflict? Did you know that this would happen? The scout mentioned that Edward was riding north.
That is all.
- You lied to me.
- No.
You used my grief for Vibeke to disarm me? - No, that is not true - You're leading me into a trap! I only sought to help you find redemption.
Redemption? Peace? Mere words used to mask your true motives.
There can be no reconciliation.
You wish to help me, Father Pyrlig? Then give Uhtred a message if you live.
Tell him I'm coming for him.
We should not have left Rumcofa.
Perhaps then Osferth may still be with us.
I wish to go back to my old life, Uhtred.
That time is over.
Men look to you now as a leader.
I wish they did not.
I wish that this had not come to pass.
Yet, there is hope, even in all this despair.
Eoferwic is yours, Lord King.
The dream of England has never been closer.
- I will ensure you're safe in Eoferwic.
- How? You have broken the spirits of my kin.
It is no longer a refuge.
You still have family.
I'm also your kin.
We can build a new home.
I knew love, Father.
I left a queen and now I have nothing.
Edward's victory has been my undoing.
We can lie low here, set out at first light.
Find the nearest port town and bribe our way in a ship bound for Frankia.
I have no intention of slinking off into the shadows.
Lord, you have lost your army your reputation with the king.
My grandson now stands alone.
Securing his legacy has never been more urgent.
- What about you? - Complete the task I was set.
I was sent to secure an alliance with the King of Scotia.
I intend to turn it to my advantage.
Only Constantin of Scotia, the true Christian king, has power to end Edward's tyranny.
King Constantin will be expecting a gift.
We shall give him one.
The Lady Aelfwynn is without allies.
You must retrieve her.
The Northumbrians share much news, Lord King.
The Saxon Edward has routed Sigtryggr.
Then we were wise to invite the Northumbrians as our guests.
Will we be executing any of them? We'll make one an example and the other lords will swear.
All stand for King Constantin of Scotland! Welcome, Lords of Northumbria to this feast of friendship.
Whilst our ale is strong and plentiful, the day comes with sobering news.
Edward turned on his greatest ealdormen and he turned on his ally Sigtryggr.
From this we assume we must prepare for hostilities.
We fear he will turn his gaze northward and add Northumbria and Alba to his conquests.
This is a moment to join as one and confront the threat from over-mighty Wessex before our lands are swallowed by this dream of England.
- What say you, Lord Edmund of Jarrow? - Aye.
- Aelfgar of Berwick? - I will swear also.
What's your name? Wihtgar, my lord.
Wihtgar of Bebbanburg.

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