The Last Kingdom (2015) s05e07 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 7

I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred.
Aethelhelm has succeeded in starting a war between Saxon and Dane.
But his treachery was discovered.
Sigtryggr did not kill the queen.
It was the work of Aethelhelm's men.
He must be apprehended.
Seeking to weaken the Saxon forces, Sigtryggr marched boldly into battle and took the fight Aethelhelm's men.
But Edward's arrival turned the tide.
I rode for peace and Sigtryggr has repaid us with more bloodshed.
They must be saved! [all yell.]
While Aethelhelm escaped, Sigtryggr was taken prisoner.
You must accept the gift of baptism.
- [Stiorra gasps.]
- I cannot.
And I was given the gravest duty.
You must be the one to do it.
That Sigtryggr might reach Valhalla.
Brida's desire for vengeance is as strong as ever.
[Pyrlig groans.]
- Tell him I'm coming for him.
- [exhales.]
And a new threat has emerged in the north.
King Constantin of Scotland has formed an alliance with the lords of Northumbria, disputed territory he claims as his own.
This is a moment to join as one.
Among them is my cousin Wihtgar, who murdered his father to steal my birthright for himself.
Destiny is all! [slow hammering.]
[inhales slowly.]
My queen.
Do not forget me on this, your final journey.
Your blade and my heart will remain yours.
[Stiorra sobs softly.]
Tonight all love is buried.
[exhales softly.]
[sobs softly.]
[crowd cheering.]
Sigtryggr, you lived as a warrior! And you died a king! - [crowd cheering.]
- [woman.]
Sigtryggr! [Stiorra cries.]
We should unite in grief.
My grief is that you lived and he did not.
Leave her be.
May we die as you did! With honor in our hearts and laughter in our throats! - May you sail safely to Valhalla - [crowd cheering.]
where we will drink with you again! We will meet again! To Valhalla! To Sigtryggr! [all cheering.]
To Sigtryggr! To Sigtryggr! [panting.]
[crowd clamoring.]
Have you seen Father? The Warrior Priest of Rumcofa.
He showed great courage.
And made Osferth proud.
I have heard of your bravery.
Let us drink to it.
I bring news I do not wish to break.
Brida has struck again.
If he survives the night, he does so at God's mercy.
We're all here, Pyrlig.
You are with friends.
Uhtred she wants to punish you.
She will not rest.
[Pyrlig breathes heavily.]
Fetch Aethelstan.
We will need his guard.
We'll hunt her down.
We'll kill her.
[inhales sharply.]
[theme music playing.]
- Have they found the witch? - No, Lord King.
And how does one woman hide from the Mercian Guard? I do not know, but Uhtred and his men will find her.
And Aethelhelm, does he still wander my lands? Also no news as yet.
Rumors he is heading south.
Of course he is.
He will try to raise a rebellion.
[Pyrlig breathing deeply.]
- [Edward.]
Can Pyrlig travel? - No.
Then we shall have to leave him here.
Is it wise to leave Eoferwic while Brida roams? It depends on your feelings towards Aethelhelm seizing Winchester.
That will be his plan.
We must get south.
Was Aelfweard informed of Aethelhelm's treachery? We felt that was news for you to break.
Indeed, my son has been through far too much of late and to hear of this would only wound him further.
Lord, I understand your reasons to leave, but I must stress I am concerned for Eoferwic.
You saw yourself the atmosphere is febrile.
How differently the Danes mark death.
If we abandon Eoferwic, then our men who died defeating Sigtryggr will have done so for nothing.
Secure Eoferwic and we have the opportunity to foray further north, bring the entirety of Northumbria under your command, fulfil the dream of every Saxon It will mean nothing if we lose Wessex to Aethelhelm.
The people here are volatile, the mood not favorable.
Much pain is felt for the Lady Stiorra and I fear her grief could ferment more trouble.
- Add Brida to that and - The air is poisoned.
I understand.
If sympathy for the young widow is the problem, that can be resolved.
Summon Lord Uhtred.
Do not ask.
We did not find her.
Perhaps she's left these lands.
Pyrlig could not have traveled far with his injuries.
She's still near.
She knows that to return to Eoferwic means certain death.
She's ruthless, but she's not foolish.
Rest the horses.
We will ride out again.
Uhtred, you are summoned to the King.
There is no news.
That is the news.
Nonetheless, his word stands.
[Uhtred sighs.]
Lord Uhtred.
I bring you nothing.
No Brida, no Aethelhelm, no change in Pyrlig.
How then are the Danes? Danes of Eoferwic.
Since when have you cared for them? Since I became their king.
I know it sounds a little strange.
To rule Danes was not my expectation.
You've always coveted these lands.
Indeed, but my hope was that a conquest would be peaceful, that the people would live side by side.
That became difficult when you martyred their king.
I see the King's widow has a grief that would move the stoniest of hearts.
She's young.
She loved him very much.
She has lost a great deal, her future, her status, her home.
All of which she would forgo to have the man.
Still, her grief could become a touchstone.
Perhaps it is wise she hide it a little better.
That is impossible.
Perhaps then I can offer her a salve.
I need to take my household south, to sit again on the throne in Wessex.
- You fear Aethelhelm - I fear no one.
But I suspect Aethelhelm will fuel dissent, which is why I need Eoferwic at peace.
Tell that to Brida.
I'm sure she will comply with your wishes.
I do not expect Brida to comply, but I would hope Stiorra might.
What is it you want her to do? Tell her to swear to me, publicly, to bring comfort to the Danes that all is resolved between us.
The people here have endured too much for that.
We have all endured too much.
She could lead the Danes as your sister led in Mercia.
It could give her some purpose.
It could restore something As long as her purpose is not to lead them against me.
I do not think she has an appetite for rebellion.
But she will not take a baptism.
My father ensured she was baptized as a girl, so she is already saved.
I see no need to do that again.
I must be acknowledged as the true overlord of Eoferwic.
And in return, she has your protection? - Yes.
- [Uhtred.]
Then I will tell her to comply.
Thank you, Lord King.
It is an honor I know my daughter will not be expecting.
If we cannot honor our greatest warriors, we cannot be great kings.
God is merciful.
That is her horse.
She will be close by.
Wait here in case she returns to it.
We will look for her.
Lady Aelfwynn? It is you.
You are Aelfwynn of Mercia.
You, you confuse me for another.
Surely not.
I am, I am Glaedwine.
I too am of Mercia.
I was errand boy to your mother.
My heart grieves for your loss.
If you did once serve my mother, then do as I ask and leave me alone.
My lady, are you in trouble? My grandmother would imprison me in a convent for my own safety.
Then it is well that our paths have crossed, my lady.
I have been tasked to serve you and to protect you.
Tasked by whom? Someone who cares for you very much.
Cynlaef? He lives? - He's been searching for you.
- I thought he was Well, let us make haste.
I fear Lady Aelswith's guard are near.
Where is he? Where's Cynlaef? This way, my lady.
[crowd speaking indistinctly.]
Go on.
Lady Aelfwynn? I thought you said Cynlaef was going to be here.
Never trust a handsome man, my lady Aelfwynn.
They only want to hump you, or rob you.
The elder is the man who approached me in Aegelesburg, who offered me silver for Aelfwynn.
We have met before, have we not? Lady Eadith.
One alehouse whore is much like another.
She is no whore.
It is unwise to insult a lady who travels defended by Mercian Guard.
She's no friend of yours.
She took silver from me in exchange for news of your whereabouts.
Then may your charity be returned in exchange for Aelfwynn.
This is no business of yours, witch.
Perhaps not of hers, but as Aelfwynn is my granddaughter, it is most definitely business of mine.
Lady Aelswith, I did not recognize you.
It is an honor to keep the company of your granddaughter.
You may keep the silver as reward for finding her.
He was too reasonable.
You underestimate how men crumble in the face of Alfred's widow.
Anyway, fear not, our guards are close.
[horse neighs.]
It would be ill-advised to cry out for help.
[men speaking indistinctly.]
I ask for just one moment! I wish only to speak to her as a brother! And yet the word of her father must come first.
Please tell me Brida is your captive.
I cannot.
Then tell me she will be mine so that I may punish her.
She is the source of all our sorrows.
Then do not think on her.
Better to think on the one who started it than on the one who dealt the final blow.
I'm in grief for Sigtryggr, too, and you know this.
You have been wronged by many things, but this anger will destroy you.
Destroy what? I am nothing.
A wife to no one, a queen to nowhere.
Yet you are still a daughter with a father who would do anything to make this right.
I cannot raise the dead, but I can raise you from your grief.
I think you could find some solace in comfort.
- That is all I want, Father.
- And so there is an offer.
Edward proposes that you be lady here and rule for him in his stead.
You would not be queen, but Eoferwic would look to you.
What does Edward want in return? - You must swear allegiance and forgive - I do not forgive.
I cannot in my heart.
Then forgive with your mouth and let your heart keep silent.
I am no more an oath-breaker than you are.
Yes, but you are a woman alone and I am not.
As your father, I can offer some protection.
- But the day will come - When you'll be called elsewhere and I will be left as a target, as was always true.
Please, see that you need to do this.
For you to thrive, I want you to accept.
Who are they? Why have they taken us? Your uncle wants you concealed so you do not threaten the Mercian throne.
No, my son is shrewd and if he felt she was a threat, he would keep her close.
Not use hired men on the road.
Only a wealthy coward would pay men to Oh, you foolish woman.
He is as rich as he is cunning.
Only he would be so bold to arrange the seizing of a lady, a former queen and a Well, he did not know you were going to be here.
- That is a great comfort.
- What would Aethelhelm want with me? I do not know, but I am certain I have no wish to find out.
How do we resist? We have no weapons, no plan.
That is not completely true.
People have come for my life on other occasions.
Of course I am schooled in how to protect myself.
[Eadith and Aelfwynn laugh.]
Aelfwynn, do not fear.
They look at us and they see weak and feeble women, but therein lies our strength.
Aethelhelm and his men are fools to underestimate us.
We have pledged our allegiance.
Why does the king not let us leave? He is swinging his cock around.
I'm not even certain he has a plan.
You think there will be war with Wessex? No.
Peace serves both kings better.
We stay here, kiss arses, go home.
[door thuds.]
That old goat's not of Northumbria.
Just another lord whose balls hang lower than his coin purse.
Lord King.
They call me the Dane-humper, but I'm fairly sure they're assassins.
You Edward's ambassador? I am from Wessex, yes.
Lord Aethelhelm.
Well, show me the gift.
My humble apologies, Lord King, there is no gift.
No toe of St.
Cuthbert or bread from the Last Supper? The king is not sure you appreciate holy relics in Scotland.
[laughs uneasily.]
Did he tell you to say that? To insult me? Forgive me.
I'm just the messenger.
[Constantin chuckles.]
I've heard of his conquest of Mercia.
Does the treaty I made with Aethelflaed still stand? The king has not spoken to me of a treaty.
Then he intends to come north? Again, not something he has spoken of.
Why send an ambassador who claims to know nothing? What game is this? Does he want me to cut your head off and send it back? [inhales sharply.]
Lord King, you seem to be a man who knows the quality of mercy.
I therefore throw myself upon your compassion.
I come to give you fair warning.
Of? I fear King Edward's eye wanders northwards to Northumbria and to Scotland.
And these ambitions are not shared by me.
So you're telling me this out of the goodness of your heart.
I do not need warning.
We are already prepared.
Half the lords of Northumbria are sworn to me.
So if it is war you wish to avert, you have picked the wrong king to dissuade.
You misunderstand me.
I do not come for peace.
Well, what, then? What is this trickery? It's a bluff.
I know Edward is your family, husband to your daughter! And that that is the thing.
Forgive me, Lord King, for she was murdered! News of the queen's death had yet to reach my ears.
Edward would have Wessex believe it was Danes.
[Constantin exhales.]
So it is vengeance you seek? Lord King, if I The king is merciless in his pursuit of land.
You see that from his disposal of the ealdormen, his behavior toward Sigtryggr.
He sees enemies everywhere, even in my grandson, his heir, Aelfweard, a sweet Christian boy, whose ambitions would stretch no further than Wessex and Mercia.
What plan are you trying to sell me, Lord Aethelhelm? You help me raise rebellion against the king, we put my grandson on the throne in Wessex.
Aelfweard, under my guidance, guarantees no incursions into Scotland.
Your lands are safe, as are his.
I have no interest in playing kingmaker in Saxon lands.
One king is much like another.
Which is why we would offer more than just a treaty.
We would offer half the profits from the lands of Mercia through a marriage bond to the Lady Aelfwynn.
The lands are prosperous and fertile, as is the girl.
Edward is dangerous and committed to expansion.
He is haunted by this dream of his father's, to unite the kingdoms in one so-called England.
If you do not strike now the opportunity may not arise again.
[exhales softly.]
Leave me to dwell on it and speak to my commanders.
But do not go far.
You have intrigued me, Lord Aethelhelm.
And that is no inconsiderable feat.
I can do it when they're asleep.
They will know nothing of it.
We let them live, it will not be a guard chasing us.
It will be an army.
Killing royal women does not end well.
This I know.
But you are right.
If we do not, we will be hunted.
They are planning to kill us.
We do not know that.
We are too powerful to be left to tell the tale.
They know what forces I can raise.
If we are going to act, it has to be now.
I, um [Aelfwynn.]
I must I have no polite word for it.
Take a piss? [Bresal chuckles.]
That oak needs watering.
Where she can be witnessed? It wouldn't do well to deliver your cargo soiled, would it? Walk.
- Where are you taking us? - Sit down.
To whom are we to be delivered? [Eadith.]
Answer me.
Sit down.
Or I will make you sit down.
Huh? - [Aelswith yells.]
- [Bresal screams.]
[Bresal groaning.]
[Eadith screams.]
[Bresal grunting.]
[Eadith screaming.]
Do not fight it! [screams.]
[Eadith gasping.]
Death is the destiny of all men.
[Eadith gasping.]
We are not men, and we are not so easy to kill! [exhales sharply, then gasps.]
[Bresal grunts.]
- [Aelswith panting.]
- [Eadith gasping.]
Did you see? I felt like Saint Michael the Archangel when he slew Satan's armies.
Begone or I shall slay you also! [hooves beating.]
Aelfwynn! Run! - [yells.]
- [Aelfwynn screaming.]
No! Grandmother! Help me! Grandmother! [screams.]
Have them prepare for a ceremony.
Invite whichever Danes are most appropriate.
Stiorra can swear as they bear witness.
It should calm the waters.
It's a wise plan.
Why is there not a place set for Lady Eadgifu? It was my understanding you had sent her away.
No, that is not correct.
Well, her servants were told not to unpack but to turn back.
[door opens.]
- [Edward.]
Why did they not unpack? - My Lord.
My Lord, I am returning to Cent.
I am not at ease here.
My love, I would not bring you somewhere that was not safe.
It is not any danger I fear.
It is your wrath.
[inhales sharply.]
So, please, let me on my way.
It is for the best.
Why do you flee me now? I'm not fleeing you.
I am sparing you the trouble of sending me away.
We have been both blessed and cursed.
No, it cannot be.
It shall not stand.
There can be no more bastards.
I understand, which is why I leave.
Why do you speak so coldly? Would you have me weep and bawl? I am not a mewling babe.
I knew what I did and I take my punishment proudly to give thanks to God for the small time we have had together.
I said there can be no more bastards.
God has blessed us.
I know not why, but perhaps this is the reason we have suffered so much grief.
Perhaps the taking of Aelflaed was part of this design.
Perhaps he decided that we are to be wed.
Let us fetch a priest.
[Benedict in Latin.]
Love is patient and is The love kind.
Love not copies.
Not being boastful.
Not arrogant.
[in English.]
- So soon, Father? - Aelfweard.
My mother replaced while she lies warm in her grave? God has sent us an unexpected blessing.
So I am to be replaced also.
Aelfweard, return.
I command you come back here! Allow him to grieve his mother.
Find him.
Comfort him.
But remind him of his duty.
I shall not stomach a disobedient child.
I have been asked to comfort you.
There is no comfort, Father.
The king loves you.
Talk with him and you will know it.
His actions speak differently.
He does not want me to be king, and he felt no love for my poor mother.
What can I do, child, heal your spirit, hm? Seek help from me and you will find it.
There is one thing, but you will refuse.
I need to travel from here.
If I journey with a priest, I am less likely to be questioned or troubled.
Journey to where? To join my grandfather.
I cannot help you.
I do not know where he is.
But I do.
I know how to find him, I know which men he pays and who to ask.
I only request that I do not travel to him alone.
Much as I seek to soothe your troubles, I urge you to stay.
And I would urge you to pay your debt to my grandfather.
He tells me of those who are his men, who owe him favors.
I am not Lord Aethelhelm's man.
Would the king see it that way? If I told him of the debt - [Uhtred.]
Are you prepared? - [Stiorra.]
- Why must I be paraded like a prize? - It is a show of unity, nothing more.
Do this one thing and it is over.
You can resume your life here, live as a lady.
I know how hard this is, but pride is what drove Brida to the darkness.
[men speaking indistinctly.]
Kneel before your king.
[Stiorra inhales.]
I know that it is wise for me to kneel.
But my heart will not allow it.
- [crowd murmuring.]
- [Stiorra cries.]
I am sorry.
I was told you were agreed.
I was trying to honor my father's wish.
But to honor him is to dishonor my husband.
And it is a destruction of everything we have built here in Eoferwic.
I do not believe you will let Danes live here in peace.
If you will not show loyalty to the king, then you will face the consequence.
- Do not do this.
- You have done this to humiliate me.
I returned to you your dignity.
You would have lived in comfort.
The only thing I want you cannot give to me.
- Stiorra, this is foolish - No! I will not crumble just to be protected.
I will be free.
And if that freedom is only to face the executioner's blade, then so be it! - I shall join my husband.
- No! Lord King, you gave your word on the battlefield that her life would be spared.
You and all who follow you are to be exiled from Eoferwic.
Those who wish to stay live at my behest! But if you are not gone by sunset I will not be so generous.
- Stiorra! - Bring Rognvaldr to me! Have him kneel! Put a sword to his throat if he does not! Give me time.
I can make this right.
Rognvaldr will betray you.
- You know this - Then I shall execute him and find another and another and another until I can turn my back on this wretched town forever.
I advise you do the same.
Edward now offers Eoferwic to Rognvaldr.
You want this for your people? He will make war, take tribute, use the children as his slaves, just as he meant to when he brought Brida here.
You give this to him, you undo all we have fought for.
He abuses the people and the people leave in search of their true queen.
Rognvaldr will rule nothing.
They shall come to me.
Please do not lose everything in a futile pursuit of dignity.
I am your daughter.
I was bred to follow honor.
Do not make me do things that you would not.
Swearing to the Saxons pulled you from your destiny, made you the plaything of Brida and the arseling of the House of Wessex.
- What? - That fate will not be mine.
[sword rasps.]
Hey, drop your sword! - Please go to her.
Speak with her.
- She will not listen to me.
Her heart is broken, as is her spirit.
- I will pray for her instead.
- Why is she doing this? What made her so headstrong? - Do you really not know? - [footsteps.]
Lord, it's Brida.
- [guard.]
She has a message for you.
- Speak it.
It was to meet at Loidis.
Come alone.
That's it? Loidis? Nothing more? - No.
- I know where she is.
Lord Lord, do not do this alone.
It's a trap.
Of course it is a trap.
Our destinies have been entwined since we were children.
Either she kills me or I kill her.
Take a moment to consider this.
Oh, believe me, it has been on my mind a long while.
Kill her and her death will haunt you.
Instead you can choose compassion.
I have compassion for the innocents she kills.
- If I had taken her life before then - It is not our place to reason why.
Only to forgive Brida in spite of it.
Hate only begets more hate.
Every death she has caused since I spared her at Tettenhall is blood on my hands.
Then you must absolve her of blame and yourself.
Or you will never find peace.
Swear to me.
Swear to me you will not kill her.
Take her captive.
Make her face those she has wronged.
Father, do not kill her.
I will take no pleasure in it.
It is just the way things must be.
Open the gates! [horse neighs.]
Good, you are both here.
Lord King, I think our discussions would be wisest had between the two of us We've agreed the principles.
Lord Wihtgar here will help us with the practicalities.
You will escort Lord Aethelhelm to your fortress as a guest.
There he will prepare the betrothal and await my arrival.
You will give him every courtesy because he has promised me much and would not be so foolish as to not deliver.
We swore allegiance to you, Lord King, not Lord Wihtgar I cannot place you.
I'm presuming your fortress is one of strategic use.
You've probably heard of it.
It's called Bebbanburg.
You are the man that torments Uhtred? [chuckles.]
I had expected someone different.
Brida! Show yourself! You dig your own grave? Mine or yours.
I'm prepared.
Either way, it ends where it began.
It did not have to be this way.
That's what your son said when he begged to keep his balls.
- [Uhtred yells.]
- [Brida grunting.]
[both yell.]
[exhales sharply.]
[both yell.]
[both yell and grunt.]
[Brida grunting.]
[pants and yells.]
At some point, I will see you on the battlefield.
I won't hesitate to kill you.
It does not mean you do not love me.
Uhtred! Give me death.
Vibeke is waiting for me.
[Uhtred yells.]
[both grunting.]
Stop this! It is over.
It is never over! [both screaming.]
[both grunting.]
[Brida gasps.]
[Uhtred grunting.]
[gasps and pants.]
Uhtred, kill me.
Come on! Come on.
You must kill me.
I have nothing left to live for! - [Uhtred grunts.]
- I won't stop, Uhtred.
Something has died within me, Uhtred.
What are you waiting for? Kill me, please.
No! [pants.]
I will not kill you.
If my son could forgive you after what you have done to him [Uhtred panting.]
then I must do the same.
No, come on.
No, do it.
Do it, you coward.
Do it.
Do as I ask for.
Send me to Valhalla.
- Do it! - [grunts.]
No! To kill you would be to kill part of myself! We were bound as one! We were the same.
As there was hope before, there can be hope again.
How? We can't go back.
Everything good we ever had is destroyed.
There's nothing left, Uhtred.
[Uhtred sniffles.]
You're talking through your arse.
Now you sound like the girl who I chased through these woods and humped amongst these trees.
The girl that I loved.
She's there still.
Is she? I can't find her.
[sniffles, exhales sharply.]
I will help you.
[Uhtred exhales and sniffles.]
Trust me.
- [arrow whooshes.]
- [Brida gasps.]
[somber music playing.]
- [arrow breaks.]
- [Brida gasps.]
What have you done?! Only what you could not! [softly.]
I'm sorry.
I I'm cold.
[grunts and pants.]
No! Brida! Brida [sobs deeply.]
[Uhtred sobs.]

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