The Last Kingdom (2015) s05e08 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 8

I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred.
Edward marched his forces to Eoferwic, where he received momentous news.
We have been both blessed and cursed.
There can be no more bastards.
We are to be wed.
Let us fetch a priest.
So soon, Father? So I am to be replaced also.
Aelfweard left the city with reluctant company Journey to where? To join my grandfather.
for Aethelhelm had traveled north and made an alliance with King Constantin of Scotland.
You help me raise rebellion against the king, we put my grandson on the throne in Wessex, we would offer half the profits from the lands of Mercia through a marriage bond to the Lady Aelfwynn.
Lady Aelswith failed in her attempt to free Aelfwynn from Aethelhelm's men.
Do not fight it! Aelfwynn! Run! Following Sigtryggr's death, Stiorra sought revenge against those who brought her sorrow.
Please tell me Brida is your captive.
I cannot.
Then tell me she will be mine so that I may punish her.
Knowing our fates are entwined, I answered Brida's call.
We both knew this was a fight to the death, but our bonds were too deep.
I will not kill you.
If there was hope before, there can be hope again.
- What have you done?! - Ragnar Destiny is all.
What are you doing here? I will see you in Valhalla.
Stiorra! Stiorra! Why will you not speak with me? I have freed you from her curse, there is nothing more for us to say.
She did not curse me.
She was coming back to me.
She could have been saved.
Sigtryggr did not have the chance to be saved.
I will never understand why you were granting it to her.
You could have stopped her, but you never did.
You let this happen, many times.
It is done.
It is over now.
Stiorra, please come with me.
We can go home.
You have no home.
You have nothing to offer me.
Stiorra, you have suffered too much.
No! Those who have hurt me have suffered too little.
No one has felt pain like I have endured.
Not yet.
Your life is not over.
Yes, you have lost, but you will find new purpose.
We carry our losses, but we journey onward.
I will journey onward, yes, but not with you.
We will build here.
There is wood and fresh water and loyalty.
Other Danes are coming.
- We will live as Danes and die as Danes.
- You will not find peace here.
Then I will find it in Sigtryggr's dead embrace.
No, do not say that.
That path is not meant for you.
That is not what the gods want.
I no longer believe in destiny.
You have always spoken as though every action is part of some plan.
Everything you have done has been excused because it was not your choice.
That is not true.
I have not walked blindly.
All your battles, all those you have killed.
You chose them over your family and called it fate.
What your destiny has brought me is pain and grief.
So now my choice is to turn my back on you.
Yah! Lord Aethelhelm You have visitors.
- The Lady Aelfwynn is here? - No.
Then kindly tell them I will attend when I am ready.
I am not your lackey.
You may be an ally of King Constantin, but you are a guest in my fortress I am ready.
Who is here for me? - Your grandson.
- Aelfweard? Why did you not say? Now, this, this is a mercy! Oh, beloved child of my child! At last we're reunited.
Oh, no.
Oh, now, whatever is the matter? You've been told of my mother's death? Of course.
And though my heart is broken having you here is some reprieve from the unending sadness.
My father has already remarried.
The new queen is with child.
It will likely be a boy, your father's seed is strong, and should he view you as a threat to the succession, then your life will be in danger.
My worst fears come to pass.
I I do not think he would harm me.
The king can be most unforgiving.
Indeed, in my darkest hours, I imagine your mother's death was on his command.
No, it was the Danes.
He may not have loved her as we did, but but that he would not do.
Of course.
I am sure you are right.
But everything we do hence is to honor her hopes for you.
Are we united? Always.
With a whole heart.
And Father Benedict.
Welcome to Bebbanburg! My everlasting thanks for bringing the boy.
All debt to me is paid.
Twice over.
Now come, tonight we celebrate your arrival.
Drink well, feast well, all.
Great energy will be required for the times ahead.
Eat! How are we to proceed? Well, first A wedding.
King Constantin of Scotland travels here to be married to Lady Aelfwynn.
My cousin is here? May I see her? She has not yet arrived, despite your grandfather's promises She will be here.
She's simply taking her time.
Like all women, she rides slowly.
She wishes to marry this King Constantin? I would not want her to be forced.
She will understand that it is for the best, my boy.
It seals your alliance with the Scottish king and gives him reason to support our rebellion.
It will provoke your father to war.
A war? I thought you said we could do this without bloodshed Not war.
Confrontation, which we will win.
Some blood may be spilled, some villages burned, but We will present the king with our superior strength and he will concede defeat.
And in return for that concession, you will be declared the next king.
Then it will be an end.
Or your father will be killed.
Grandfather, reassure me to kill my father is not part of the plan.
I am a man of peace.
All I do is for the good of the Saxons.
Edward, he's grown tyrannical.
Tell that to the Danes of Rumcofa killed on your order.
Each one complicit in the murder of my daughter! Do not doubt me on this, Benedict.
I have proved many times that I am righteous in word and deed.
Then I would hate for you to meet that which you dread.
I should like to pray, alone.
I have verses I must study.
Perhaps there are some wise words in the book about the sort of man I am.
Perhaps you do not know me as you think.
Lord King, word has returned from the south.
Aelfweard is not in Winchester, nor anywhere in Wessex.
Do you think he went to Aethelhelm? It would seem likely.
Though we know not where.
The ingratitude.
The dishonor of it.
How could the boy be so foolish? He is still in grief for his mother and our marriage was quite hasty.
- Do not attempt to dilute my anger.
- He is a boy.
As my child will be a boy.
No mother wants to see a man reject his son.
As ever, you speak with reason.
I am wounded by his betrayal.
As you should be.
It is a grievous offense.
I thought I had more mastery of things, but now I find myself reacting yet again to Aethelhelm's provocation, unable to gain the momentum.
Dragging myself on horseback to chase him.
The momentum brought you Eoferwic.
And your boldness against Sigtryggr won you a kingdom that eluded your father.
At whose arrangements? Aethelhelm's.
- That is a cruel irony, yes, but it - I fear it is more than that.
What does this mean? All of it, why why does it occur? In unreasonable haste, I win Mercia and Eoferwic.
Two conquests that evaded kings greater than I - You deserve your success.
- Do I? Perhaps God tests me.
Or perhaps the devil tempts me to overplay my hand.
This humiliation this betrayal by my son it is a moment that challenges my pride and I must think clearly.
Aelfweard is lost to me.
Were we to find him, this I would struggle to forgive.
To flee the palace and ally with a man who has done so much wrong to me and to Wessex, I do not think I can forgive it.
We have another son in your belly.
Perhaps I should accept Aelfweard is forfeit and allow him to range like a fugitive with Aethelhelm.
That will mean he is always a threat.
Better a threat away from Winchester than within the palace.
Well, it would take great strength to ignore such an offense.
I know and I struggle with it, but my heart tells me to not once again take the bait Aethelhelm has cast upon the waters.
I ignore provocation, fortify enough to rebuff them, but do not chase them down and walk into a trap.
Am I foolish? Is that the devil's course? Well, I I would never try to guess the mind of the devil.
Just as I would never suggest you forfeit your son for my child.
But as one who counsels you, I would say it is a wise strategy to settle for these gains.
You control three of the four kingdoms.
In time, our son can fight for the last.
There is no dishonor in this path if you choose it with a clean heart.
- If I do not play, Aethelhelm cannot win.
- Mm.
He then dances to my song.
And I prevail.
After the fight is over when we agree a truce, we build a new palace in Lundene.
It stands between Mercia and Wessex.
It's well placed for trade.
It should be at the heart of your new kingdom.
This is all very ambitious, Grandfather.
I only hope I'm worthy of your faith in me.
It is not mere faith! It is your blood! With the right advice your people will sing of you as Aelfweard the Great! Your reign will hold in the same esteem as Charlemagne! And we will raise a minster to your dear mother.
Under your rule, never again will a heathen harm any of our people.
Never will a boy lose his mother as you did.
- Is he drunk? - He has not been on the ale.
I think perhaps he really believes he can unseat the Saxon king.
Maybe it's time to kiss his arse? I am a man of low principles.
- I prefer to call you pragmatic, Lord.
- Mm.
Yet even I would not stoop to seek the favor of that Wessex turd.
I am not certain that our host welcomes your ambition.
Then he will learn what happens when you cross men like us.
You! Boy! - Fetch me ale! Fetch ale for your king.
- Ye Yes, Lord.
Watch his back hoof, he's tired.
I have abused his good nature.
She failed to kill me.
What a joy to see you well, Pyrlig.
- Did you find her? - Yes, I found her.
Where is she now? She's with the gods.
- You decided to kill her? - No.
You were right.
But, uh I will tell you all.
For now I want you to go to your sister.
She has secluded herself in the forest.
I want you to find her, speak with her and make her come to Rumcofa.
Why has she gone to the forest? She believes there's no place for her, but she's wrong.
She has suffered much, Uhtred.
Perhaps it is wiser to let her be rather than to command her.
No, I shall not abandon her again.
I will prove there is a place for her in Rumcofa.
And that I can be a true father.
Father, the sentiment is truly noble, but Stiorra has been a queen.
She cannot live in Rumcofa as a trader's wife.
Besides, too much has happened there for it to be a place of sanctuary.
Nevertheless, it is all we have.
Lord! Ah.
You're alive.
I am.
And Brida? No.
I know you did what you could.
At least it's over now, hmm? We know you will have chosen the right path, Uhtred.
You should take some time, rest yourself.
I was thinking it is time we go back to the peace of Rumcofa.
I promised I'd return you to your families.
The danger's over now.
We can stop running for Wessex, make some coin from the toll on the trade river.
Fight the raiders, go back to how things were.
Lord, no.
Our families have fled to Wessex, Lord.
They have settled.
They are waiting for us.
Our lives in Rumcofa are destroyed.
Let the dead rest in peace, hey? But it can be a home, a real home for us, for our families.
- Aethelstan, you loved it there.
- I did.
- I do wish to be alongside you - And I want you there.
I also wish to serve my father.
He needs loyalty.
And I I need I understand.
You will come visit us, I'm sure.
Lord Uhtred, we are brothers for life, thick and thin.
We'll ride with you to death.
You know that.
But this is not the right choice, Lord.
Our time in Rumcofa has passed.
There There are too many things there to remind us of what we have lost.
But we cannot roam forever.
We cannot leave our children without a place to find comfort.
Uhtred, come on! I've lost Stiorra until I can offer her hope.
I need you to agree.
If you command Rumcofa, we'll follow you.
But I ask, is there another path? Open the front gate! A lesson for you, act with confidence, providence smiles.
Lady Aelfwynn.
Will you come down from your horse? - Do I have any choice in the matter? - Do not be afraid.
I do not intend violence, merely to bring peace.
Where's Bresal? There was a fight.
He did not survive.
I'm sorry, Lord.
I know he was a good friend to you.
The men I truly count as friends do not die so easily.
Lord King! One moment.
- Lord King, Lady Aelswith is here.
- Yes.
My King, whatever's the matter? Prepare for a new attack.
- The Danes? Or Aethelhelm? - Neither.
Shorter and more vicious.
Oh, my dearest son.
Mother, what happened to your plan to spirit Aelfwynn away from Mercia? It went awry and so I bring grave news.
- Aelfwynn was captured on the road.
- By who? We are not certain, but one, at least, did not survive my wrath.
We believe them to be hired men.
We suspect an association with Lord Aethelhelm.
Rouse Lord Aldhelm, tell him I come imminently to discuss the matter.
Send a command to search for her now! What is there to discuss? She is your blood and she is in danger.
And that is to say nothing of her value to your enemies.
Edward, why do you hesitate? I'm not hesitating! I am simply not rushing blindly into action.
- Edward, why - Please do not argue with me, Mother.
- She is Aethelflaed's child! - I am aware of her bloodline.
But I am also aware of Lord Aethelhelm.
I will not react with haste to this provocation, nor chase him blindly.
We do not even know where he is, so allow me to follow what I know to be the right path.
Oh, you have not had the chance to meet properly.
- Mother, this is your new - I will not acknowledge whichever harlot you've decided to bed! I was going to say this is your new queen.
Eadgifu and I are wed.
She is with child.
Well A A baby will be a blessing.
Thank you.
I I did not mean to call you, um I would kneel, but my bones are stiff from No, I quite understand.
You are no longer young in years From slaughtering a man with my bare hands.
A slight exaggeration.
I drove a knife through his neck.
I was not wearing gloves.
It has been an eventful time.
Then you have surely earned a good rest.
I will ensure you are given the grandest chamber in Eoferwic.
The king and I can sleep elsewhere.
It is my honor to honor you.
I hope, in time, you deem me worthy of your son.
What has changed within my son, I wonder, that he has no appetite to fight for his niece and against Lord Aethelhelm, no less? His new bride, perhaps? No, I do not think the king's so easily distracted.
Then he maneuvers in ways I simply cannot understand.
Lady Aelswith, there is another possibility.
You have silver.
You could easily buy the men to find her.
Silver? For the honor of saving the blood of Alfred? - I merely suggest - Men should be paying me for the privilege of fighting in her name.
As ever, the Lord provides.
I have a job for you.
Lord Uhtred, it is Eadith.
Yes? I thought you had left for Frankia.
The gods had other ideas.
It has been quite the journey.
It is a relief to see you.
Mm, do not be too hasty.
I bring only trouble.
I have spoken with your men.
They say you are returning to Rumcofa.
I am.
You are welcome to join us should you wish.
That is kind.
Are you set on this path? Yes.
I know the men have suffered there, but I have to take Stiorra away from Eoferwic and the lands she has lost.
A darkness has found her.
What has happened to her? I did not stop it.
I did not protect her.
Well, perhaps I could talk with her.
Find a way to cure her heart.
I'm afraid it's already too late.
For many years I was not there when she needed me.
I gave my life to Wessex and the Saxons.
This feeling I know.
My children have suffered.
I never gave them a chance to live as a family after they lost their mother.
I thought that to be absent was to protect them from the dangers I faced, but I was not a father, not as they deserved.
Stiorra is being swallowed by a dread.
I've seen it before.
In Brida.
I've seen what it can do.
She needs a place to heal, to become herself again.
And that place is Rumcofa? I do not know, but it is all I have got.
- Why do you ask me of this? - Aelfwynn has been taken by Aethelhelm.
The king is reluctant to act, so Lady Aelswith and I were wondering - if perhaps you might gather your men - No, Eadith, I cannot.
She is Lady Aethelflaed's daughter.
You swore to protect her.
I cannot give myself to others when my daughter needs me! Lady Aelswith has silver.
I've tried to persuade her to buy men, but she will not.
She's The king should look to his duty.
Not me, not you, the king.
The king is deaf to it.
I'm sorry.
I have to take care of my daughter.
So, what shall I do? Uhtred, whatever you need for this pursuit, Mercia will supply.
- I will not be leaving to seek Aelfwynn.
- But you must.
Edward has refused.
And yet I cannot help Mercia with this.
In time the king will come to his senses.
- Trust that I have my reasons.
- Of course.
But, please, speak with the king on this matter, he will not heed me on it.
- Despite himself, he listens to you.
- Lord Aldhelm! Not today.
Will you ask for me to speak with the king? - I will summon you when the time is right.
- My business is urgent.
- Lord Aethelhelm is fomenting rebellion.
- We know this.
He will be stopped.
I'm not so certain.
He has the Scottish army on his side.
He has made an alliance with Constantin and has offered him the hand of Lady Aelfwynn.
Of course.
She is to be used in a bargain.
How do you know this? I have heard Aethelhelm speak of it himself.
I escorted Lord Aelfweard to find his grandfather.
- Then you are an enemy of the king.
- I know.
And I will accept what punishments may come.
But the threat from Aethelhelm seemed too great to ignore.
He is set on war with the king and the Scots follow him.
And when Christian realms turn on each other, I fear all is lost.
You should leave here.
Protect yourself.
I will report your message.
Lord Aethelhelm, where will we find him? In a fortress north of here, name of Bebbanburg.
He is the guest of Lord Wihtgar.
I trust you slept well.
I did not sleep at all.
The howling of the wind can unsettle those softened to such things.
Please, eat.
You will find the food is not what you are used to.
It is the food of my lands.
And what a bounty your lands provide.
Why have you brought me here? For your protection, child, from the king.
He would never harm me.
I am his blood.
He has remarried.
The new queen is with child.
He is creating a new bloodline.
History has proven, time and again, a new regime wants rid of remnants of the old.
We are kin.
I do not need this protection.
The king has denied you the throne your mother left you, murdered the ealdormen to seat himself.
His disregard for you is apparent.
If you were not here, you would surely already be dead by his hand.
And to secure your protection, as your mother would have wished, we have found you a husband.
I am already betrothed to Cynlaef of Rumcofa.
A boy from Rumcofa? Hardly a match for a granddaughter of Alfred.
No, you will marry a king.
Not him! Too much kinship is bad for a bloodline.
It creates weak men, and weak men make for weaker kings.
I speak of Constantin of Scotland.
An alliance with him will leave Saxon lands safe.
I do not wish to be traded like cattle.
I do not see any other purpose for you.
You are not a queen.
You are not a warrior.
You are, by your own admission, barely a lady.
It is a good marriage, you should be grateful.
Please, cousin.
If you have - any remaining loyalty to your family - It is not I who has been disloyal.
It's my family who has been disloyal to me.
I will throw myself from the walls sooner than marry this man.
Then do it! It will just be one less thing for me to be concerned with.
I thought so.
Do not make promises you cannot keep.
What is it that you want of me? Talking to yourself, Uhtred? Or is this you at prayer? - I think I'm cursed.
- Then consider me the curse-slayer.
Call me a foolish old priest, but I sense you are troubled.
Aethelhelm has joined with the Scots to take Northumbria.
And he's launching his rebellion from Bebbanburg.
Now, that is a strange twist of fate.
It's not strange at all.
My gods are doing it to taunt me, to tempt me from my duty to my family.
Why would they do that? What've you done? - Well, that I never understand.
- Mm.
All I know is that for most of my life, I've given my sword to Wessex and it drew me away from my family.
Stiorra thinks it was my choice, but I'm not so sure.
Sometimes I think that my fate is to wander and to never arrive.
You've served the House of Wessex with much honor.
I've worked hard for Alfred's ambition, yes.
But my own kin suffered for it.
- Well, it brought you Aethelflaed.
- And then she was taken.
- The gods are cruel.
- Mm.
And now they offer this? All life is a test, true.
But my god does not want you to fail.
Perhaps there is design in this that is benevolent.
Then perhaps you are not meant to choose between your fate and Alfred's ambition, between your children and his.
Perhaps you are meant to serve both.
I cannot serve two masters.
But what if there's only one master? - One god, one destiny, many branches.
- Yes, yes.
- One tree.
- That is where our beliefs differ.
And this is where I will insist.
Think about it.
You retake Bebbanburg and ensure Northumbria does not fall to the Scots.
In that act, you find a home for your bloodline.
You're saying that it is my destiny to make England for Edward? That all this wait for Bebbanburg served a purpose? Maybe.
Your god has a sense of humor.
It seems he does.
And do you want to accept this calling? Yes, I want to accept, but is it a path of destiny or or of arrogance? Am I being tempted for a fall? Perhaps the threads my gods have woven, perhaps they make a net to snare me? And when I failed the first time, that was the sign that I ignored.
When Father Beocca was taken It was a sign that Beocca believed in your mission.
- But perhaps you were not ready.
- I felt as ready then as I feel now.
- What if I fail again? - But what if you don't? What if you do? If you died in the doing of it, what would happen? All reputation lost, all bloodline left to roam without protection.
The shame would be heavy in Valhalla.
But there is no shame in heaven.
That is the beauty of it.
So my advice would be believe my god is on your side.
And that you do not walk alone.
- There is no God.
- Mm.
Only the gods.
[Uhtred chuckles softly Thank you for your kindness.
You could be right.
Maybe they are on my side.
Have you heard from Lord Aethelhelm? Has he taken possession of the Mercian girl? Last night, I hear.
I'm impressed.
I thought perhaps he'd overplayed his hand.
I still think it is unwise to trust a man who betrays his king.
But what he offers is sound, so we move our soldiers closer to the border.
It may take a while.
There have been floods in Cumbraland.
Then we do not alert Edward to our presence until all our numbers are gathered.
When we are as one, we shall face him down.
What if he will not be cowed? Then he will face a battle he shall lose.
And in the face of defeat, he will make us a better offer.
What, us being the Scots? Or us being the alliance with Lord Aethelhelm? I will stand by my word.
For as long as is necessary.
We will be ready to move out by the morning.
- Lord King.
- I have been informed of Benedict's news.
But not of my plan, which will return Aelfwynn and deliver Aethelhelm.
And as I already told my mother, this situation requires restraint.
- We are returning to Wessex.
- Listen to me.
I know how to end this.
There is no ending to this that is satisfactory.
Aethelhelm will be expecting me to lead an army into battle, it is surely a trap.
I know, but we have the advantage.
Father Benedict told us of their plan.
We have a moment to strike whilst they're unprepared.
- It would be foolish not to use it.
- I can assure you I am not foolish.
Only unwilling to behave as my enemies dictate.
So we divide those enemies.
We leave immediately, we cut off Constantin before he even reaches Bebbanburg.
If I can intercept him and stop the incursion, then Aethelhelm would be without allies at Bebbanburg.
He may control the household guard, but they'd be no match for the Mercian army.
It would not be easy to breach the fortress.
But it is possible if we're our full number.
I lead the men of Wessex and we push the Scots back over the border.
Meanwhile, Aethelhelm will be forced to surrender and Aelfwynn returned.
But what will stop Constantin from making another incursion in years to come? You fortify the lands north of Bebbanburg and I hold them for you.
Uhtred, Lord of Bebbanburg, just as you always wanted.
- And you hold it alone? - Not alone.
I take it you're not heading to Rumcofa after all, Lord.
We heard from Lady Aelswith that there may be something you might need our help with.
You have found the men I sought to return Aelfwynn when you refused, I see? Yes, thank you very much for this.
So, then, when you are dead, who holds the north after you? Your seedless son, or a child of Stiorra the Dane? I cannot speak for my daughter.
No, you cannot.
Uhtred's plan has much to commend it, but still this is not the correct course of action.
You're going to allow the marriage to take place? Edward! I'm going to make Constantin an offer in exchange for Aethelhelm's head.
He is the greater threat to our kingdom.
Northumbria is a land much disputed between us and the Scots.
Until a settlement is made, there will be no peace and those that will suffer are not those in this room, but farmers, fishermen, families.
I am a king for all Saxons, not king to one man.
And though I owe that man a debt, I cannot put that debt nor that man's ambition above the lives of my people.
Constantin's reputation is that of a man who seeks to protect Scotland at all costs, above all else.
So, I will come to an agreement with him.
In exchange for marrying Aelfwynn and isolating Lord Aethelhelm, we will divide Northumbria in two, to create an area of fortification around the Scottish border.
You would split Northumbria! These are lands my forebears died for.
Saxon lands! Now, finally, you're a Saxon? The people there speak your language.
They were once two kingdoms.
It has been thus before.
The lands around Bebbanburg fall to the Scots and Aethelhelm is disposed of.
- With Aelfwynn sacrificed alongside him? - Not a palatable choice, but sensible.
If Northumbria is divided, you forfeit any chance to create the kingdom your father hoped for.
Yes, but in return, I will bring peace to a land larger and more unified than he ever achieved.
I have ended the tyranny of bloody succession the people endured.
Now they thrive under the protection of a man, who does not take their deaths lightly.
- Lord King, your choice has no honor.
- No honor? To forego my chance to unify all of these lands for the sake of my people? To put aside my father's dream, the dream of my family, to ensure that we prosper? That is not honor.
That is martyrdom.
If the people wish to reward me in their prayers, that is their will.
My father's ambition failed them in the end.
I do not have his failings.
- It was not ambition, it was vision.
- Visions are nothing more than dreams.
Only a fool would chase them.
I think that you are afraid.
Of war, of death.
You're afraid.
Only a fool would not be.
And I am not a fool.
Lord King, this is callous, to Aelfwynn and to all those in Northumbria who are Saxon.
Mercia owes both a debt of loyalty.
Mercia is best served when the south is secure.
Not at the expense of the north.
Aethelflaed would listen to Uhtred now.
As must we.
And I gave your sister my word that I would keep Aelfwynn safe.
I will not sacrifice her as you do now! And nor will the Mercian army.
- I stand with Uhtred.
- Well, there we have it.
Not only Lord Aethelhelm who seeks to rebel.
With respect, Lord King it is not only Lord Aldhelm who believes you to be wrong.
There are good people in Northumbria.
They are your people.
You owe them your protection.
We stand with Uhtred.
It is not that you are wrong, my son.
It is that you are simply mistaken on this occasion.
Whilst your arguments are considered I would urge you to follow the counsel of Lord Uhtred.
Your father trusted his judgment, as should you.
Aethelstan, my boy, what do you say? Should we take a fight to the Scots, risking decades of conflict, or seek a solution that profits both sides yet denies Uhtred his ancestral home? - You do not have to answer, Aethelstan.
- And yet he should.
Since Aelfweard has shown himself disloyal Aethelstan could be the king to face the Scots.
What do you say, Aethelstan? Our faith teaches us to speak the truth.
It teaches us to seek peace.
And that all Christians must unite.
To abandon those in your kingdom divide their lands that is not unity.
I will follow Lord Uhtred.
Not sure things are going your way, Lord King.
As I told you, Uhtred, you do not walk alone.
We gather an army Whoa, whoa, whoa! I will brook no more defiance.
I am a just king, but think on those who I have crushed.
Think on the ealdormen.
Think of Sigtryggr.
The gates will be closed to all.
No one will leave on penalty of execution.
Then the Mercian Guard will be ordered to ram the gate down.
You can try to fight us, Lord King, but we will fight back.
You delay and we lose the advantage.
So, you can join our mission or you can flounder here.
But we will be gone by sunrise.
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