The Last O.G. (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Bobo Beans

1 TRAY: All my life, people told me I'd never be good at anything.
I've decided to prove them wrong.
Unfortunately, you don't get credit for being good at selling crack or convincing women that making love to them with your socks on still counts.
So when I got locked up, I made up my mind that I was gonna be good at something legit.
I discovered I had mad culinary skill.
Now it's time for me to share my gift with the world.
Behold, the dessert loaf The shining star of my prison cuisine.
Okay, so what I was thinking - was a South American theme.
- [CELLPHONE VIBRATES] Hold on a second.
Oh, my God.
Oh, really? Shay Shay, why you not taking my calls? Tray, um, now is not a good time.
I got me this smart phone.
This Russian dude jail-broke it for me.
Well, that's nice, but I'm Got games, a camera, even a fitness app that count all my steps.
[LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] I feel like "The Six Million Dollar Man" up in this mug.
But I spent all my money on this smart phone.
Now I feel like the $1.
50 kid.
[LAUGHS] Well, Tray, I'm in the middle of a meeting, okay? Damn! That's your office?! Nice! Why don't you introduce me to some of your colleagues and whatnot? Uh, sorry, I have to take this really quick.
I'm gonna step out.
Just work amongst yourselves, all right? Yo, Shay.
Just work amongst yourselves? Where'd you go? The screen just went black! Man, I can't see you! What do you want? I'm just saying hello.
Tray, stop calling me.
When can I meet the kids, Shay? You want to see the kids? My kids? Our kids.
Oh, I don't know.
How about when you get a job or volunteer at a community center? Something.
In other words, make something of yourself.
All the adults in my kids' lives are positive role models, and I very much want to keep it that way.
So it would probably be a waste of time to ask you to show your booty on camera, huh? - Boy - Shay, wait a minute.
Get off my phone! MAN: I'm sorry, can you run that by me one more time, because, uh? I said I would like to become head chef at D.
It's pronounced D.
Delguadio's, and we already have a head chef.
His name is D.
He's one of the top chefs in the city.
Well, why don't y'all build another D.
Delgottio's, make me head chef, and it'd be a prison theme? Interesting idea, but I don't think it's something Mr.
Delguadio would want to pursue.
I see I got to make you a believer, young man.
Are you ready? I d I don't know.
Let me know.
Are you ready? - I - Are you ready? - I don't - You ready? - I don't think s - Are you ready? - Uh, sure.
- Coming at ya.
- Okay.
- Coming quick.
- Okay.
- Blauw! [LAUGHS] Yeah? What is What is that? It's called a dessert loaf.
You should try it.
Got a little piece waiting right here for you.
I really don't want to try anything.
- Give me your hand.
- Oh, okay.
Turn it around.
Put that in there.
- Oh.
- Taste it.
Mm-hmm? [CHUCKLES] See, the crunchiness that you tasting, that's coming from the Chex Mix.
The sweetness comes from Reese's Pieces.
And that aroma that's going up in that pretty, little nose That's a pretty, little nose you got That's from a splash of pruno.
You ain't never tasted nothing like that.
No, uh, never.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
What I make tastes good.
That's why you should hire me as head chef.
Okay? Here.
I could turn this place around.
We don't need a head chef, and our restaurant does not need turning around.
- We're doing just fine.
- Pastry chef.
- We don't need a pastry chef.
- Line cook.
We have a full kitchen.
I could take garbage out.
We have a full garbage staff.
I'll put a dress on, be a waitress.
Yeah, I and I really appreciate that, but I don't mind.
How about the lowest position here Assistant manager? I'm the assistant manager.
So You are? Well, in that case, I'd like to file a complaint, man.
I've been treated very rudely here today.
Very rudely.
- [LAUGHS] - Ah, man.
Big Country.
Why they call you that, anyway? Was fat cracker already taken? [LAUGHS] Kaboom! I'm on fire today, boy.
You just mad, 'cause I'm a better card player than you.
What? Fool, you crazy.
I'm a card sharp.
[LAUGHS] You hear him? He just called himself a card shark.
Card sharp with a "p.
" Boy, y'all just a bunch of ignorant convicts, I swear, man.
I got to dumb it down just to talk to y'all.
Like talking to a bunch of fifth graders.
I may be dumb, but I'm still gonna take all your money.
No, no, no.
This just pretend right here.
We all had a $10 buy-in.
When we done, we all getting $10 back.
That's some bullshit.
- [LAUGHS] - Great.
So how much we playing for? [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] [LAUGHTER] Nice threads, Tray.
Nigga, that suit is wearing you.
That suit need a hem in it.
- A hem.
- Are those shoulder pads? [LAUGHTER] Yuk, yuk, yuk.
Laugh it up, man.
I'm trying to improve my life while y'all sitting on your asses playing cards.
Okay? I got ambitions in this world.
I'm gonna find me a job.
That's good.
I see you are following my orders.
Very good.
Everybody in my house gots to get a job.
I'm doing this on my own accords, Mullins.
It ain't got nothing to do with you.
No, you following my orders.
That's what you doing.
Where you looking? Restaurants.
You know burger flippers don't have to wear no monkey suit.
You know that, right? High-end restaurants.
All y'all know my skills in the kitchen.
I'm gonna be a chef.
Gourmet chef.
[LAUGHS] That's great, Barker.
That's great.
You know what? Would you mind bringing me an order of fries with that? [LAUGHTER] With some aioli dipping sauce.
Make 'em truffle fries.
And a fava bean pesto.
Hey, Tray, if you going for real, - can you bring some fries back, though? - [DOOR SLAMS] Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
We don't employ anybody with a criminal record.
Last felon I hired stole four boxes of frozen meat out of the walk-in.
Never again.
Take a hike, pal.
Ex-con? Yo, get the [BLEEP] out of here.
Welcome to Grundle's.
What can I get started for you today? I just need the key to use the men's room.
Um, the bathrooms are for paying customers only, so unless you're gonna buy something, please step aside for the next paying customer in line.
What kind of policy is that? Uh, that's a standard policy.
Don't grab that.
Don't you Sir! No! Please, no! Restrooms are for paying customers only! - [SIGHS] - [KEYCHAIN CLACKS] - [DOOR OPENS] - MAN: Yo, my man, you need to come on out of here.
Y - What's up, Wavy? - Dinner's ready.
Five girls, five boys.
- [TIRES SCREECH] - Man, come on! Put your hands up! [SIRENS WAILING] You have the right to remain silent.
- Anything you say - MAN: What do we got here? Wavy? Yo, coffee is my new hustle, son.
Yeah, I got in this shit early right after you went away.
You mean, after I got knocked and you didn't? Don't think I ever forgot that you never snitched.
No, your your getting busted, that was my wake-up call.
I'm glad my incarceration was a teachable moment for you.
Meanwhile, I'm a felon, unemployed like a mother[BLEEP] Mm, I hate to see you like this, too, man.
Ill-fitting suit, dirty as [BLEEP] Nah.
I think it's time we paid you back.
Payback? Yo, this coffee game is more lucrative than slinging ever was.
Coffee beans dirt-cheap from Colombia.
All we do is sprinkle some hot water in them shits and sell 'em for like $4, $5 a pop.
That's good money.
$5 for coffee? Yo, these white folks got jobs.
And their kids come in here, too.
Beats looking over your shoulder for cops.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
- I know that.
You ain't got to look over your shoulder for no damn cops.
But you do have to look out for corporate trying to bust mother[BLEEP] for not upholding the standards of the brand.
That's why I got Elizabeth.
That's my lookout.
Little girl with the glasses? Look like Velma from "Scooby-Doo"? That woman is not to be [BLEEP] with.
Yo, she scare the [BLEEP] out of me.
It's like it's like she could see through me with those cold, little shark eyes.
So, what that mean? That mean we gonna be like Like, we gonna be partners? Partners? ELIZABETH: So how about we start with some baby steps and you inspect this condiment bar? How does that look to you? Lot of shit on there, man.
It need to be cleaned.
Good, Tray.
Wipe it down, then.
Hey, J-Boogie? Could you throw me a rag? No, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
We don't use the term "rag" here at Grundle's.
We say "cloth.
" Once you read that manual that we gave you, you're gonna be more caught up on the lexicon.
J-Boogie, could you toss me a cloth? No, no, no.
Oh, my goodness.
- No tossing.
- That's what you said.
We don't want anyone to get scalded with hot coffee or tea.
- That'd be bad, right? - You right.
You don't want to melt nobody [BLEEP] face off, you know.
That's exactly what we're gonna avoid.
Remind of that movie "Hannibal Lecter.
" You ever seen "Hannibal"? No, I haven't seen it.
Yeah, he had this melty-faced dude in there, man.
He's all [BLEEP] up in a wheelchair.
- I don't like that.
- Burn victim.
I don't watch movies with wheelchairs or burns.
Ray Liotta eats his own brain in that movie.
No, I mean, it sounds great.
It's the sequel to "Silence of the Lambs.
" You don't remember "Silence of the Lambs," when he was singing that song? With his thing between His pecker between his legs? [HIGH-PITCHED] Uh-huh.
I'm not gonna see that, and we need to focus - on what we're doing.
- Let's get focused.
- Okay.
Okay, see that couple right there? They're leaving, so we want to get to their table within 30 seconds, so you can wipe it down and make the next customer have a more satisfying Grundle's experience.
Hi, ma'am.
This is team member Tray.
He's gonna wipe down this table for you and make sure it's clean.
- Oh, great.
- [CHUCKLES] Clean table for the lady with the latte.
And the pretty body.
- You know what? I'm gonna call Animal Control on you.
- Why? - 'Cause you a cougar.
- You on the loose.
- Ooh! - I'm scared of you.
- [LAUGHS] I swear to God, I'm scared of you.
I'm ready to do something strange for a little bit of change.
- Here you go.
- You'd better know that.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I would love to talk to you right now.
- [CHUCKLES] - She gave me some money.
[LAUGHS] Hey, I love that you're establishing - a "rapport" with the customers.
- Mm-hmm.
I think that's real cool.
But, uh, I'm gonna need you to stay away from suggestive language so that we don't get sued for harassment.
Damn, What you mean, sued? She don't want to sue me.
She tryna do me.
She probably don't even want me to use a rubber.
Oh, my God.
What, I'm just [HORN HONKS] Good? How's the bruschetta? Mm.
Too much garlic.
I don't think so.
[MUMBLES] Uh, you're insane.
This is perfect.
- Good.
- I will.
Just don't try to kiss me later.
You don't try to kiss me.
No, you don't try to kiss me.
- [CELLPHONE VIBRATES] - Try it right now.
- Try not to kiss me right now.
- No.
It's impossible.
You-know-who is trying to call me again.
Well, just answer it.
No, I don't feel like dealing with him.
Who's you-know-who? Mind your business and finish your food.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] Oh, what number is this? Huh? Don't answer it.
Yo, Josh.
I'm trying to reach Shay.
She there with you? How'd you get my cell number? Oh, it's on your Linkedln page.
I also found out you was in an a cappella group called Pitch Slapped.
You looked at my Linkedln? Yo, Josh, let's stop with the jibba-jabba, man.
Put Shay on the phone.
You called me.
I mean, you called me, so, how What? Yo, what up? How you living, young people?! You moved the camera.
I can't see the kids no more.
Tray, you are stalking me now.
I just called to tell you I took your advice, and I got a job.
I'm over at Grundle's Coffee Shop, man.
I'm a barista.
I'm happy for you.
You think I could meet the kids now? Who's that on the phone? This is all moving way too fast, Tray.
Well, I'm a fast mover.
You know, I came into some good luck.
Wavy owns the coffee shop, and he hooked me up.
[LAUGHS] Wavy? You mean, Wavy-Wavy? He went legit.
Wears a suit and everything.
No lime green nowhere.
The fool who let you rot in jail for holding his stuff? [LAUGHS] Why you doing your mad laugh, Shay? No reason.
No reason at all.
You just back working with Wavy.
So, can I see the kids or what? I think we should wait a little bit on that just to see if this nigga ruins your life and you end up back in jail again.
Mmkay? All right, great.
Did you just say "nigga"? Did you just say "nigga"? Yeah, all right, stay mad at me, then, Kisha! Yo! Yo, you ain't do it! - Done, done.
It's done.
- You ain't do it.
You got a job? - It's done! - Aah! Tray got the job! [LAUGHTER] I see you, boy! - I knew I didn't look up to no fool, man.
- Park up, park up.
Let me tell you all about it, man.
I'ma relax, man.
Tell me what happened.
It wasn't no puzzle I was gonna get my life back on track.
Well, come on, man.
You talking to the kid right now.
Look, I know, I know, but I got to admit, when you told me you was looking for a job, I was like [INHALES SHARPLY] "I don't know, man.
You got to check that box, and don't nobody want no felon.
" - I knew you was worried.
- [LIGHTER CLICKS] I seen it in your eyes.
But see, that's why you don't snitch.
You understand? Yo, no matter what go down, in the name of loyalty, when it's all said and done, ain't no more else to say or do, loyalty what pays off.
Yeah, that's dope.
I mean, you had to give up 15 years of your life, but now, you a barista.
[LAUGHS] Man, that's dope.
Man, it's just the beginning for me, man.
- Sky's the limit.
- Okay.
Yeah, sure, I'm selling overpriced coffee now at Grundle's.
- That's for now.
- Yeah.
But soon, watch.
Head pastry designer at Grundle's Franchise Coffee.
Talk to me, son.
And then that's when I'm gonna tell them - Yeah.
- "Yo, make me a partner - Yeah.
- or I'm out like a light, I'm gone.
" That's what I'm talking about.
Get down and lay down, B.
[LAUGHS] He better know that.
You know what? I knew you had a plan.
What, you think this is amateur hour? Hey, at first, I was buggin'.
I was buggin', 'cause I'm like, yo, I'm petty.
- You know I'm petty.
- I know, I know.
See, 'cause I'd be pissed! Oh, man, Wavy gave me some low-level, bullshit GED dropout, below-the-poverty-line job that you got? [LAUGHS] Man, but I but I see you got it all figured out, cuzo.
Bobby, there's a such thing as being too supportive, man.
My apologizes.
I'm still good for a latte though, right? - [LAUGHS] - Cappuccino, Frappuccino.
Look at you begging already, man.
A'ight, a'ight, a'ight.
You know I earned mines, you know what I mean? - [SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY] - Kevin! - What up? - That's Kevin.
- Hey, yo, Kev! Kev! - KEVIN: What up?! Cuzo got the job! Cuzo got the job! Ooh, you see him?! [LAUGHS] I like that Unh Thank you, Cheryl.
Now, you just take your fine ass over there.
Team member Jason will get started on your ice blended.
- Thanks.
- Mmm.
Next! Oh, Liam Neeson face.
Get over here, Kevin.
I know you have a particular set of skills, especially with the ladies.
[LAUGHS] Boom! Your black coffee's - over there ready for you.
- KEVIN: All right.
All right, Steve and Lisa, my hot latte couple.
Ooh, Steve and Lisa sitting in the tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G Unless I lay my hands on her first and get her pregnant.
Hey, you know I'm old school.
I don't be pulling out.
You didn't know that? [LAUGHS] Go on, girl.
The Big, Bad Wolf is out there.
I'll huff and puff and blow her vajayjay down.
[LAUGHS] Who's next?! Excuse me? Tray? Hey, excuse me.
Um, I know that you are doing your best, but if there's another infraction today, I'm gonna have to write you up.
Easy, mama.
I'm just doing my thing here.
Don't do your thing! Okay, I want you to do my thing 'cause I'm the boss, and I say what goes! You do what I say! [EXHALES SHARPLY] I'm gonna I'm gonna take over the register for a little bit.
[SIGHS] [CLEARS THROAT] Who's next? Can't fool me, Goth Girl.
SS alert.
What? - Secret shopper.
- Where? Marilyn Manson over there is from corporate.
Ain't no thang.
I got this.
No, no, no.
Tray? Tray, don't.
Tray, please don't do anything.
Welcome to Grundle's.
Oh, your "Mad Max" vibe got me inside out, girl.
Doing it.
[LAUGHS] May I help you? Just a medium coffee, please.
I think you mean regolaré.
This way.
Let me help you.
This way.
Can I interest you in some tasty pastry cakes? She'll help you out right here.
[SIGHS] [CLEARS THROAT] Thanks so much for coming to Grundle's.
Help Can Medium coffee.
Regolaré? [THUNDER RUMBLES] Did good with that secret shopper, my nigga.
I had her eating out of my hands like Bubbles the monkey.
And that is why you the perfect man for this next mission.
See, we been pinched.
But, you know, you good, you good, you know.
Secret shopper gave you five stars.
But we got a snitch in the midst.
Somehow [SIGHS] corporate found out about a little con that I've been running.
Wavy, you told me this place was legit.
And I told you I had to keep my nose clean or I was going back.
- I'm not going back, man.
- Easy, easy, Tray.
Easy, Tray.
This ain't about the police.
This is coffee.
It ain't drugs.
All right? Look, look.
I just been, you know, taking the fair trade beans, and I'm cutting them with a little generic bobo brand.
Now you in trouble.
Maybe not.
It depends.
Depends on what? On whether or not you want to take a hit for your man Wavy again.
Come on, all you got to do is say that, "I didn't know.
" Look, I promise you, I will take care of you down the road.
I don't know about this.
Yo, just do your man a solid.
I'ma make it worth your while.
15 years ago, I might have took the rap for you, but not now.
Got kids now.
Just trying to be the type of dude they're proud of.
I'm not gonna sit here and act like I'm a part of some shit I ain't have nothing to do with.
Now, I hope you understand.
But if you don't, it's okay.
[LAUGHS] Look out! Yo, I'm just [BLEEP] I tested you, you Come here, man.
You passed the [BLEEP] test.
That's what I'm talking about! Crazy.
I love you, man! See, I can trust you now.
Ah! So, if that's it, I'ma hit the floor, man.
You know, make sure everybody got enough chey powder.
Chai powder.
Chai powder.
We didn't have that in the joint.
Yeah, you dismissed, nigga.
Go handle your business.
Yo, Tray.
What's up? It's good to have you back, my brother.
[LAUGHS] Good to be back.