The Last O.G. (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Paid in Full

1 You getting up? Hell yeah.
Going through the drive-thru, get one of them breakfast biscuits.
Oh, get me a muffin.
You get me a muffin.
Uh-huh, girl.
Get off.
I'm trying to sleep.
- Stop! - Mmm.
I want some of that morning booty.
That good stuff Crusty eyes, stank-ass breath.
You nasty.
That's right.
Get off of me.
You know you nasty, right? You be farting in your sleep.
That's only to ward off natural predators.
I'm like a blowfish, but with farts.
Well, it ain't working, 'cause I still love you, you blowfish pootin' ass.
I love you, too.
Brush your teeth.
Alright, what is it you wanna do when you grow up? Hey, yo, I'm gonna be on ti-dop That's all my eyes can see Victory is mine, yeah, surprisingly I'll be layin', waitin' for your next mistake - Big Tray Diesel! - What's up? Give me two.
Petey Pablo Escobar! Only basehead I know who's up in the A.
You one of them rise-and-shine motherfuckers, huh? I do like mornings.
I just love that fresh air.
- And that crack.
- Yeah, and the crack.
Yo, I scoped it out Hey, Tray.
Ladies! My Mercedes! Why you in a hurry? Come back here.
Come on, man.
Y'all doing y'all thing.
Shay Shay the only one for me.
Get away from my car! We was watching it for you, Tray.
Good lookin' out, little man.
How can I get me a car like that? Ambition, hustle.
You got those two, the world is yours.
Do me a favor Stay in school.
See ya, Tray! What up, baby? What's good? What's up, Dirty John? Hi! Welcome to Burger Willy's! - Yo! - Yo.
Let me get three ham and cheese on biscuits, a muffin, and two hash browns.
Does that complete your order? Nah, let me get four packs of ranch.
Make that five.
Why you want ranch? This breakfast.
Nigga, don't worry about why I want ranch! - You want some ketchup or something? - I don't want no ketchup.
Put some ranch in the bag, Kevin! You gonna dunk the biscuits in it? That's right! It's delicious! - Front window, nigga.
- I'm coming.
Pay right here! Yo, $5.
Yo! Y'all gotta move, man! What the What? Oh, shit! Just take it and go! I'm trying to tell you, man They shot at me.
- What? - Tried to assassinate me.
- Are you all right? Oh, my God! - Yeah.
They ain't get me.
Baby, who was it? Did you see who did it? They was driving a red Taurus, I think.
It was the Purvis family, man.
Malcolm got a car just like that.
The Purvis family? Why they shooting at me, man? I ain't got no beef with them.
For territory.
They want our blocks, B.
Man, there's a hundred of them niggas, man.
Remember Sherwin Purvis? Man, Sherwin don't fuck around.
In high school, he even choked out the principal.
Then you got Bertha Purvis.
That bitch carry a Buck knife, and she know how to use it.
Shit, even Big Wally Purvis Fat as fuck, but he quick.
He could beat anybody in a foot race.
I'm even scared of the youngest, Romell Purvis.
Aah! Romell shot a man for selling cotton candy.
He's only 11 years old.
The cops couldn't do nothin' about it, 'cause he's a minor.
You know, they got aunts, they got uncles, they got cousins.
Baby, there's a bunch of them, man.
If you fight one of them, you got to fight the whole family.
If that's what it's gotta be, then so be it.
Baby, you do not have to do this.
It doesn't have to be this way.
You are a talented, intelligent, and hardworking black man.
You could do so much more.
What What you mean, "more"? You You mean, like, explosives? Yo, my man can get us some grenades for the low, Shay Shut the fuck up! Look, baby, okay? Listen to me.
You don't have to do this.
You can do anything else.
What What about the cooking classes? Whoa, whoa.
Stop, stop, stop.
Tray, Tray, w-what's this cooking stuff? Huh? You cooking? What you gonna be, Chef Boyar-Tray? - Nah.
Let's go.
- Let's go, then! Where you Where you going, baby? No Tray! - Yo, Tray, come on! - Be back later.
That boy lucky he got some good dick.
Tell me what happened.
Look, the Purvis family tried to kill Tray.
We think it was them.
I didn't get a good look at the dude.
Look, it was Malcolm Purvis, man.
Been talking shit from back in the day.
He drive a red car.
Look, what more do you need to know, man? That's all you got? A red car? That's all I got? That's all I need, son.
Well, I heard you and Malcolm got into it last week at the car wash.
What he talkin' 'bout, Clyde? Yeah, we had a little situation, man.
We had a few words.
That's it.
A few words, huh? Heard you threatened him.
You threatened Malcolm Purvis? That's what this is about? Look, I-I wouldn't say "threatened" but I did get at it.
So you barked on Malcolm Purvis? Are you crazy?! He cut me off in the parking lot! What am I supposed to do?! Huh?! Well, congratulations, dumbass.
Because you almost got your cousin killed.
Man, screw all that! Y'all playing games, man! Y'all ain't ready! Let me tell you something.
I'm trying to run a business here.
You ain't gonna start no war over some damn parking spot.
Wavy, you getting soft, B! Wavy! Wavy! Yo! Yo! Yo, please! Wait a minute, Wavy! What the fuck did you say to me? - Look at me, Wavy.
- I will murder you right now.
Wavy, please.
That's my cousin, man.
My blood.
It's Clyde.
It's Clyde.
He made a mistake.
It's not his fault.
Clyde is stupid.
Come on.
That's how you get my back right now? Look, Wavy.
Okay, I almost lost my life today over some bullshit.
I'm not trying to seek revenge.
I just want a peaceful resolution! That's it.
So all of a sudden, you Dalai Lama? They shot at you, man! Yo, shut your fuckin' mouth! I don't wanna hear another word out of you.
Let me tell both of y'all something.
Okay? Now Y'all Negroes better clean this thing up, because if I have to get my hands dirty, I'm-a kill both your black asses.
Am I clear? As day, nigga.
Fuck Wavy.
He threatening us? Huh? Who do he think he is? Man, you got us into this shit.
Now you got the Purvises on us and Wavy pissed off.
He the boss man.
He better watch how he talk to us, a'ight? 'Cause I will body him, just like anybody else.
Man, you ain't gonna do shit to Wavy.
- How you know what I'm-a do? - 'Cause you mad.
You just talkin' out the side of your neck.
Fuck! What the fuck?! Windy as shit! And my eyes is tearing up! Man, I am glad to be breathing this windy-ass air.
Your car sucks! Shut the fuck up! Shh.
My mom's sleeping.
Yo, she snore loud as hell.
She sound like she may have sleep apnea.
Ooh, wow.
She sound like a banshee.
What's that? The dog from Australia.
Jesus Christ.
She just got a fat neck.
And she smoke too much weed.
Bob-by! Cuzzo! B-O-O-B-B-Y.
Ha ha! What you doin'? You killing aliens? - Those are vampires.
- Man, vampires is weak.
You don't even gotta drive a stake through they heart.
Just turn the lights on.
Yo, Bobby, give me and Tray a minute, a'ight? Okay.
Get out of here, man.
Yo, close the door.
All the way.
Yo, check this out, a'ight? - Where you - Shh! Where you get that from? Weird dude named Mark, man.
Got me out here looking like a black Rambo.
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout, baby? Yeah.
You itchin' for a fight, man.
It's about to be on and poppin' with this thing.
I'm 'bout to spray the whole block up.
- You know what I'm saying? - You heard what Wavy said, man.
Stop acting crazy.
Man, fuck Wavy.
What your silly ass gon' do? See, why you trying to play me, huh? Look, I got plans.
I got schemes.
Look, everybody say that I'm stupid, but I'm not.
That's just an act.
You wanna see some real shit? Mm.
Yeah, peep this.
Where you get that from? Where you think I got it from? Wavy.
Look, I've been taking a little bit off of the top for the past six months.
You see? I am smart.
I'm out-thinking this nigga, man.
This right here is our insurance policy.
Almost a kilo.
Me and you could run the whole block.
Clyde, I'm convinced you have a death wish.
Stealing from Wavy? Ain't no honor amongst thieves.
You going down the wrong path.
Now, I'm-a pretend I ain't see all of this shit.
Oh, I see how it is.
You scared.
Shay got you scared.
Cuzzo, you're my blood.
I love you like the fat kid love cake.
I'm-a tell you one more time Keep my woman name out your motherfuckin' mouth.
You understand me? I almost lost my life out there today 'cause of your bullshit.
None of this shit is worth dying for.
Well, that's the difference between me and you.
I chalk it up to the game.
Just the price of doing business.
Guess I'm in the wrong business.
Why are we all at the Silver Plate Academy? I know why I'm here.
Because I wanted to be a great chef.
I had a passion for cooking.
When I was younger, I knew this is what I wanted to do.
What about you? I don't gotta take this shit! - Get the fuck out of here! - I mean it! You no welcome here! Go! I was born in Brooklyn! You ain't welcome here, with your Taliban ass! I'm Dominican, God damn it! Go! Papi, it's cool.
I got her.
We leaving right now.
Every week, she come in here - to steal the Michelob from me, huh?! - Whoo! Get her out of my face! That's what the night belongs to! Michelob, motherfucker! Papi, I'm sorry.
She didn't mean it.
Get her out of my sight! George Bush! I voted for George Bush! - Eh, fuck George Bush and fuck you, too! - Aaaaah! Ruth, calm your ass down! You know you ain't never voted for no damn George Bush! Let's go! Nigga! I'm a Republican today! Ruth, come on and let's go! I don't let that damn Taliban man call me a crackhead! That son of a bitch! You are a goddamn crackhead, Ruth! Yo, you got anything I can hold? I'm not selling no crack to you, man.
There she is! There's my baby.
Ah, hell, nah.
What you want? The fuck kind of way is that to greet your mama? Just "What you want?" I oughta give you the back of my hand.
You know that? Don't think just 'cause you grown, you could disrespect your mother, young lady.
Let me hold $5, girl.
You a miserable excuse for a child.
You know that? I don't know what I did to deserve this.
Ruth! Calm down! Tray, I ain't got nothin'! Tray, nothin', and nobody love me! Hey, shut up! Here! Here! God damn it.
Get out my house.
All y'all sumbitches.
All of y'all! Why's she do that to me? She ain't mean it.
We gotta move up out this neighborhood, Tray.
It's gonna kill us.
I know.
You know, I was thinking about what you said earlier, about how it ain't too late to change.
Check this out.
Look at that, Shay.
Silver Plate Academy Best cooking school in New York.
They said I can enroll next semester.
I'm-a study the culinary arts.
Are you for real? Yeah, I'm-a cook.
You know, hustlin' was just a means to an end.
You see that brochure? We almost there, girl.
That makes me very happy.
Baby, you're the greatest.
Get your ass Oh! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! I'm-a get one of these for the lasagna.
I'm-a get this, too.
Well, you better not make it too spicy, okay? Do I always make it spicy? No.
You like this.
Let me do the cooking, woman.
Damn! What about that time you made that jerk chicken, though? Yeah, you ate it to a shrivel.
Tore your ass apart.
- Who this remind you of? - Me when I was 10.
Who this remind you of now? You right now! - I know you love me, girl.
- I do.
- Mwah! - There they go.
and Affleck from the projects.
What's up, Wavy? What up, Tray? Damn, son.
You know, uh, she too good for you, right, Traybag? Nigga, please.
Go ahead with your fine self.
Yo, you lucky, son.
I don't even get a smile out of her.
For what? A husky nigga tryin' to kiss my hand? Shay, let me have a word with him.
I'll be in there in a minute.
Yo, she feisty.
Fuck you, Wavy.
Yeah, we could do that, too, Mama.
What's up? I wanna take this moment to apologize.
We cool? We cool.
Want you know it ain't you I got the issue with.
A'ight? It's your wack-ass cousin Clyde.
Clyde, you know, he been stressed out lately.
Yeah, well I'm hearin' he out here in these streets talking shit about me.
Bullshit, though, man.
You know how niggas out here be talkin'.
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
It ain't just what he saying.
It's how he saying it.
So you need to keep his ass away from me.
Keep that motherfucker on the other side of the street.
Otherwise we gonna have a problem.
I'll shut it down.
Wavy? I'm done.
I'm done.
The fuck you talking about, you done? Nigga, you done when I tell you you done.
No more hustlin', man.
To me, last week was a wake-up call, man.
I see something else in my life.
I wanna do something else Do something different.
You gonna leave me out here like this? Nigga, you my number-one soldier.
Me and you go back like spinal cords and car seats, but you got two weeks out of me, and that's it.
Really? You tryin' to give me two-week notice? I'm going to cooking school, man be a chef.
A chef? Oh, you on some gay shit.
Yo, well, if cooking's gay, then so be it.
But if I don't get out this game, Wavy, I'm-a die, and I know it.
Nigga, we all dyin'.
Yo, I don't wanna go too soon.
I'm not trying to die.
A'ight? Put your hands in the air! I love you.
They shot at you, man! You gettin' soft! Wavy! Wavy! Yo, please! You know, uh, she too good for you, right, Traybag? Nigga, please.
I didn't do nothin'! Where you think I got it from? Wavy.
Wavy set me up? This motherfucker set me up! He set me up! All the shit I did for him! All the fuckin' crack I sold for him! - Everybody got choices - He set me up! I choose to get money, I'm stuck to this bread Everybody got choices These is choosin', I'm all in they head Everybody got choices Keep it one thou, the life that I chose Everybody got choices