The Last O.G. (2018) s01e10 Episode Script


1 ["THE GODFATHER" THEME PLAYS] Wavy gotta die.
He took my life, now I'm gonna take his.
I didn't want it to come to this.
What's fucked-up is I aim to do good in this world.
Now, we all know the role we gotta play, right? Country.
Yeah, r-real quick.
Who am I? Clemenza.
You stash the gun in the bathroom.
But Grundle's don't got no old-school toilet, so you gotta stash the gun in the napkin dispenser.
Well, then, who am I supposed to be? You're Tessio.
After I blast Wavy, you meet me out front of the joint, and Imma jump in your cousin's gypsy cab.
Well, ultimately, Tessio betrays the family.
Tessio gets whacked.
Do I die? Yo, no spoilers, man.
What in the Sammy Hagar is going on in here? Y'all supposed to be asleep.
Clemenza? Sollozzo? Oh, it's "The Godfather.
" Yeah, I love that movie.
I've seen it a million times.
You know what my favorite line is? [WITH BAD ITALIAN ACCENT] I thought I told you.
I am The Godfather! Was that in there? [LAUGHS] I'm just messing with you, man.
I ain't never seen no "Godfather.
" Any black people in it? No.
Then I ain't gonna see it.
Lights out! [SWITCH CLICKS] Y'all know what y'all gotta do tomorrow, right? Go to sleep, men.
So you have something you want to say to me? You want to tell me anything? Hmm? I don't know, like Like why you didn't come home last night.
Hmm? Mad? Mad? Why would I be mad? [LAUGHS] No, me? I'm not mad.
[LAUGHS] Shay you have to pull it together, girl.
No, no, no.
No! No, Shay.
Shannon will not allow that today.
Imma bust his ass, Imma beat his ass Imma bust him and Imma kick his ass You know what, Josh? Imma kill you, and Imma get away with it.
[GLASS BREAKING] Blink-182 lookin' motherfucker! [SOBBING] [STEAM HISSING] [POUNDING] [STEAM HISSING] TRAY: In "The Godfather," who's better, Michael or Vito? The answer's Michael.
He killed his own brother.
[FOOTSTEPS ECHO] When a man is pushed to the limit he seeks his own justice.
Hey, Tray! Um So, I noticed that you're being kind of low energy, and I know we all have our days.
But if you could just brighten it up a little, that'd be helpful, m'kay? Wavy take a shit at the same time every day.
You could set your watch to it 7:00 a.
Oh, not the response I was looking for, and it's 7:02, actually.
[GUNSHOTS] This burner right here is untraceable.
We got the special tape around the grip, the serial numbers are filed off, and the trigger repels fingerprints.
This is a body-snatcher, son.
My nigga.
So, you really gonna go through with this, huh? I gotta do what I gotta do.
Even if it means sacrificing my own freedom.
15 years! He took everything from me.
Fuck that.
Wavy gonna get it.
[SOBBING] [RHYTHMIC KNOCKING ON DOOR] - What do you want? - Can I come in? - Tray, now is not a good time.
- Amira.
After tonight, you might not see me for a while.
[VOICE BREAKING] Not now, Tray.
Please, not now.
What happened? - Dad left.
- Josh? He didn't come home last night.
What's in the box? Some homemade grape jelly rolls.
Shay, don't cry.
I don't want to talk about this with you.
Oh, come on.
You know I don't like to see you hurting.
Please, come on.
Just tell me what's going on.
We been fighting a lot, and Josh didn't come home last night, and I don't know what to do.
He's not answering my calls.
He's not answering my texts or nothing! [SOBBING] I'll find him for you.
All right? I know this city like the back of my hand.
Now, I can't vouch for this weird-ass white boy and what he gonna be doing when I do find him.
But I'm gonna go get his ass, and I'm gonna bring him home to you.
I gotta make this thing right before it's too late.
[SIGHS] - [SLURRING] One more, please.
- All right, that's enough.
- This was your last one.
- It's not enough.
It's not enough.
- I have a tab, and I gave you an Amex.
- I said you're done.
I said give me one more, please.
- Thank you.
- Look, you reached your limit.
You need to settle up and get out of here.
I've reached my limit? I've reached my limit? You know my limit? - You think you know my limit? - Hey, hey, don't start any trouble.
I'm not starting trouble.
You don't know what trouble is, okay? I'll tell you what trouble is.
Look at that.
Do you see that tat right there, bro? Do you see it? That's from Burma Fuckin' Burma.
Have you ever been to Burma? No? You need to put your shirt on and get out of here.
Stop pointing at me.
That's rude.
I took part in a Muay Thai fighting circuit in Phuket.
I said I want you outta here! I don't care! Come out here and do it, then! Come out here and fight me.
You heard the man, Josh.
You? What do you want? I don't know much about the Narc-Anon program, but I know getting wasted in a bar ain't one of the 12 steps.
- And fuck the 12 steps.
- Come on, man.
You don't want to fall back into those old ways.
You talking about heroin? That's a great idea, Tray.
Hey, does anybody got any smack? Maybe a little bit of "H"? I'm a junkie, so I'm looking for some good heroin.
Or some bad heroin, it doesn't matter.
I can use good or bad heroin.
- It does the same thing.
- Cut off.
Have a seat.
I drink what I want.
Oh, this ain't about drinking, man.
This is about cutting off that bullshit coming out of your mouth.
I'm s Are you telling me to shut up? No, I'm telling you to shut the fuck up.
[SCOFFS] Ever since you came back, it has been so fuckin' hard.
You just show up out of nowhere, and it's different now.
Shannon loved you first, and those kids, they're your They're your flesh and blood.
My k my kids my kids are your flesh and blood.
I'm so scared I'm gonna lose them.
[SIGHS] I don't want to lose them.
I don't want to lose them.
How'd you even find me here? I wanted to help, so I took a chance.
I called your credit-card company.
I pretended I was you and I tracked your purchases.
I even answered some of those secret questions they have for you.
You did that for me? No I did it for Shannon and I did it for the kids.
Our kids.
Then I went and bought me a pair of new Air Jordans.
That's fair.
Not that it matters, but how much? Thank you.
Next customer in line, please.
Uh, I actually just need y'all's bathroom key.
Oh, bathrooms are for customers only.
Oh, that's fair play.
What can I get that's cheap? How about them mints right there? Uh, those are "After Java" mints, and they're $3.
$3 for mints? Well, they are "After Java" mints, sir, so they work really, really good.
Let me change that order up, then.
Uh, I want a Ice Blended Green Tea Chiller with extra whip.
- Great.
Size? - Regolare.
That'll be $4.
Name for the order? Clemenza.
["THE GODFATHER" THEME PLAYS] This is incredible.
I don't even feel drunk anymore.
- What did you put in this? - A secret recipe.
It's mostly pretzel dust mixed with some Twix [SIREN WAILS] straighten your ass right up.
- Wow.
It's amazing.
- I used to call it "Wild Style".
You know, I'll be honest with you, Tray.
I wasn't psyched when you first showed up, but I was wrong.
You're a good person.
You're all right, too, man.
- Yeah? You mean that? - Yeah, man.
You raised my kids, man.
Stole my woman.
If I ain't think you was a cool dude, man, you'd be dead by now, man.
I'm from Brooklyn, man.
You wouldn't have even seen it coming.
Thank you? On the way home, stop and get some Tic-Tacs and some bubble gum.
'Cause your breath smell like horse shit.
[GRUNTS] By the way, thanks for the sneakers.
You're welcome.
Thanks for your help, Big Country.
Hope them compression socks work out for you.
Get 'er done, Tray.
You wasn't much help.
Thanks for getting up early in the morning to say goodbye, B.
Nice knowing you, Tray.
[SIGHS] I made this pouch for you as, like, a farewell gift.
It's got a Sony Discman in there.
You're the only man I know still listens to CDs, bruh.
My man.
You know what, I want you to hold onto this 'til I come back, a'ight? That cool? - We're cool.
- Okay.
[SNIFFLES] Felony.
Parting with you is such sweet sorrow.
I'll be seeing you later.
Remember? I'm your ride home.
I'm Tessio.
Damn right.
Yo, it's hard times I done been through it Always thought I could make it, and I knew it Man, I'm 'bout to do it I'm 'bout to do it Yeah, it's hard times I done been through it Always thought I could make it, and I knew it Man, I'm 'bout to do it I'm 'bout to do it - I'm 'bout to do it - Yeah - My cousin.
- 'Sup? Moment of truth.
- [SIGHS] I got you something.
- [LAUGHS] Fly jacket, man.
It's O.
It's Clyde's lucky jacket.
Look, I know y'all used to have each other's back, and if you wear that jacket it's like he's still watching your back.
I gotcha, Tray.
[KEYS JINGLE] What the fuck?! [DOOR OPENS] You looking for this, nigga? I know everything that happens in my stores.
Cameras in the bathroom.
You watching people use the toilet? That's some real Chuck Berry shit.
Now, why you got your man up in there, stashing a gun? What was you trying to do? Ambush me while I'm taking my morning shit? I guess you ain't figured out everything after all.
Oh, okay.
You're trying to be like the Godfather.
Kill me.
- Don't fuck with me.
- Come on! 'Cause if you don't, I swear, Wavy, Imma hunt you out.
Imma kill your black ass.
Believe that.
[WHISPERS] Come on, man.
Why you got so much hatred in your heart for me? 'Cause you ruined my life, motherfucker! It ain't my fault that you got busted.
You gonna tell me you ain't come at my girl when I was gone? - Tell me that, nigga.
- Hell, yeah, I tried to bone your girl.
I'm a man.
But she wasn't having it.
Now, I might not have been the best friend to you, but I damn sure am not the one that ratted you out.
You're trying to say somebody set me up? Oh, yeah.
Somebody like your cousin, Clyde.
- [LAUGHS] - Where'd you get that from, man? Man, you ain't hear what Wavy said? Stop acting crazy.
Man, fuck Wavy.
What your silly ass gonna do? Me and you could run the whole block.
Ain't no honor amongst thieves.
You know what you could do? You could shut your lying, motherfuckin' mouth about my cousin! Now, that's the truth, homie.
It was your cousin, Clyde.
And I know because my man who works at the force told me.
- No! - I never wanted to tell you - Come on, man! I didn't do nothing! - because that's your cousin.
And then he wanted you to dime on me, thinking if he got us both out the way, he'd be the big man on the block.
CLYDE: Look, I got plans.
I got skills.
Everybody say that I'm stupid, but I'm not.
And when you got busted Yo, the truth is, I got scared.
Look, man, I forgive you for trying to take my life and I hope you could forgive me for not being a best friend, but I damn sure was not the one that ratted you out.
I believe you.
I'm glad.
We cool? We cool.
[FINGERS SNAP] [SIGHS] But, unfortunately, I'm still gonna have to fire you.
Tray, come on, quick! It's all right.
No need to rush.
Man, all y'all in here? Felony, it's supposed to just be you, man.
You Tessio! These dudes wanted to come, too.
Yo, sorry, Tray.
I just felt invested in the outcome.
Yeah, we wanted to see how it panned out.
I-I-I'm Luca Brasi.
But Luca Brasi wasn't in the car.
He was sleeping with the fishes.
- Yeah, you're right.
- Never mind, man.
I ain't shoot Wavy.
I got fired.
- Oh, all right, yeah.
- Country, move your fat ass over, man.
All y'all Tessios, there ain't even no room for me.
[ENGINE TURNS OVER] Damn, it stink in here, man.
It smell like wildebeest ass in here.
I swear to God, one of y'all need some Bubblicious.
JOSH: You gotta catch that.
SHAY: Okay, boys, get over here.
It's time to eat.
AMIRA: Yeah, come on, we're hungry.
Okay, who wants an avocado and sprout sandwich? - Ooh.
I'll have one.
- Me.
Sprouts? What happened to the bologna and cheese? - Tray.
What's up? - SHAHZAD: What's up, Tray? What's up, Josh? Hey, Tray.
Hey, Tray, sit down, join us.
Thanks, Josh, but I can't.
I got this pickup basketball game I gotta get to, man.
Imma put these pretty Jordans to use.
A second chance is a beautiful thing, ain't it? Yeah, it sure is.
I appreciate you helping us out.
It meant a lot.
I'm happy that you happy, Shay-Shay.
That's all I need.
All right.
Who wants some fancy bologna? - Yes.
- Ooh, me.
- Is this Jarlsberg? - That one is chorizo.
Uh, I will take some of that.
You guys want to have a water-chugging contest? Yeah, let's see who can drink the most water.
[LAUGHTER] So you and Wavy just squashed it like that? You didn't even shoot him, gun-butt him, or nothing? Nope.
Ain't too many O.
's left out here, Bobby.
You know what I mean? Dying breed Almost extinct.
- Like dinosaurs, kid.
- [LAUGHS] Can't be out here just killing each other.
There's just too much more left for us to do on the earth.
Yeah, that's what's up.
That's what's up.
Besides, I wanted to come back and bring this to you.
What's this? No, man.
This is [CHUCKLES] This is Clyde's jacket.
You keep that.
But you his brother.
I want you to cherish the memory of him.
I think you should keep it.
Besides, it'd probably look better on your pretty ass.
[LAUGHS] Oh, word.
That's how you gonna do this? - Word.
- [LAUGHS] I love you, cuz.
You remember when you was about 12, and I had you doing layups all night long in the park 'cause you wanted Oh, man, you had me crying that night, man.
I know, remember? You got good, though.
Yeah, yeah, I remember that.
I'm tellin' you now "Give me another one.
" - [LAUGHING] Okay.
- You better do it right! You better do it right, too.
Nah, that wasn't good.
You gotta get up.
You gotta get extension.
Let me see that 18-footer.
Shoot an 18-footer, boy.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! - Boom, boom, boom! - Oh! Give me another one.
Give me another one.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! There it is! Ooh! Wow!