The Last Panthers (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 18-14, do you hear us? - 18-14 here.
- Understood.
19-P, are you at the location? - Suspect sighted.
- All clear.
Get ready.
Rue de Ménagère 18, second floor.
I'm picking up a signal.
- Inform the units on site.
- Understood.
All teams go.
Police! Police! You're clear to go in.
- There are kids over there.
- OK.
You can't come.
He's had a heart attack.
He's my brother.
- You fucking arsehole.
- The spare key.
You gave me the spare key.
And I thought breakfast, you'd want breakfast.
So And my darling girl, I have always been insensitive.
On which note Your face looks considerably better than I had anticipated.
There's nothing.
- Nothing? - No.
We have two more warrants.
Let's go.
Police! Police! Police! It's going to shit.
Hurry up.
- Is it clear? - Clear.
Nobody here.
Oh, fuck! Come on, move it! - You left me.
- I did not! I airlifted you out of that disgusting Belgrade hospital.
I got you the best medical treatment that money could buy.
The very best.
And now I'm here to apologise.
Now, you made your feelings perfectly understood.
And, expert or no, I should never have encouraged you to go to Belgrade.
You didn't encourage me.
You made me go.
You ordered me.
I have passed it on to Gregory.
Charming boy.
Occasionally a bit dribbly, but he'll do fine.
He'll never find them.
He's too much of a Boy Scout.
Actually, he started rather well.
Blood on your clothes.
DNA samples.
The three dead people.
Drago Jankovic.
And Borisav Simic.
And an unknown.
Here, do you recognise them? Our diamond team.
Oh, yes, and there's one final sample.
The man who lived.
The man who, according to the statement you made, saved you.
Milan Celik.
Also one of our raiders.
And with previous.
Did six years for aggravated robbery.
Antwerp 2005.
- Diamonds, naturally.
- Naturally.
The leader of that robbery is still in a Belgian jail.
Dragan Tosic.
It's a friend of ours, actually, would you believe, from the war.
Dragan Tosic? Gregory is on his way to interview him as we speak.
Now, we are going to find this Milan.
And we're going to find out what happened to you.
And we're going to find the diamonds.
I promise you.
Police! Police! Police! Police! Police! They're here! They're here.
Come on.
That's not one of the flats.
They're moving the guns.
Let's go.
Do I call the intervention team back? No, there's no time.
Are you alone here? Oh, fuck.
Guys! Guys! Retirement's working for you? Right, then, that's me.
Well, consider yourself on trauma leave.
Until you feel de-traumatised, I guess.
Stay safe.
A little bit over dramatic, isn't it? Give me the files.
We really need a result on this one.
Back to the vehicles.
Let's go.
You can put the mask on.
It might help your breathing.
Does it only hurt there? His pacemaker failed, but he's stable now.
However, Mr Celik - Yes, I know.
I'll get the money.
- What money, Milan? You OK, buddy? Why are you freaking out? - Sorry, I need to breathe.
- Go on.
- Are they going to open me up again? - Mmmmm.
They need to fix your heart.
- Why? Is it broken? - Don't joke around, Adnan.
It's because Nada Topcagic blew me off.
How could it not be broken? Do you know Nada Topcagic? She sings Blonde Hair, It's Morning - I don't know that shitty music.
- You don't know anything, anyway.
Of course you know it.
Shut up, they're going to hear us.
By Allah, are you as hungry as I am, Milan? Forget Allah.
We are Serbs, now.
What Allah? Hunger will kill me before the mean Serb catches up to me.
Adnan, you're not the only hungry one.
So what? Should we flip a coin? The one who wins can kill the other and eat him.
What coin, buddy? You're losing it.
Are you cold? Come here.
- Things have changed.
- Yes, my friend.
- You know I've always admired you.
- I know.
You know what? I'll be honest with you.
That's who I am.
When you came back, you probably know that I told Zlatko to tell Dragan to fuck off and to put a bullet in your head.
- I believe he didn't listen to you.
- No, he didn't.
Maybe you're not as powerful as you want to be.
Wait here.
He's coming.
Do you want me to call you Milan or the Animal? Milan.
- You'll call me Milan.
- Little Milan.
My name's Zlatko, little Milan.
Are you ready for all this, little Milan? For what? Yeah, what He's looking for young blood, little Milan.
Young blood to do what? I want money.
Money, huh? Maybe you'll get some.
What's up? Come on, show him.
Look at that.
That means you belong to me.
Do you have a problem with that? No.
I can belong to you.
Come on, get in.
Ah, you little What a place, right, buddy? - Disgusting, obviously.
- Obviously.
Well, kids love this place.
What can you do? I let them play here a little.
It's part of my contribution to the local community.
So they have a good memory of the Panthers.
Like when politicians say bullshit like that.
- Zlatko.
- Tell me.
I need money for my brother.
My diamond money.
You see, Animal, you were never able to express yourself nicely.
Come on, I have something to show you.
Huh? Birds.
- What birds? - What are you laughing at? Kosovar birds.
That's important.
Sit down.
Dragan never understood he had to be modern.
Diamond money, even gun money, it's nothing.
And there's too much risk.
Way too much.
If only the risk of killing a child by mistake.
We live in modern times.
Things need to be changed.
I change them.
No more drugs, no more guns, no more diamonds.
Only clean stuff, mate.
What you brought me, that's not what we are anymore.
Or maybe you're not like us anymore.
I'll give you the money for your brother.
But you need to understand that a lot has changed since you left.
A lot.
Be patient.
And trust us.
What are you talking about? Zlatko, you're talking about trust and all, while wearing the watch that I stole.
I'm the one who stole it.
I just told you.
Be patient and trust us.
Time heals all wounds, my friend.
Thank you for meeting me.
I heard about what happened.
I need access to a case file.
It's one of yours.
A Dragan Tosic.
He was arrested on an international warrant travelling through France in 2005.
My boss opened a bottle of champagne when they got him.
But he's in jail now.
Yeah, but I want anything on him I can use.
- And in return? - A name.
Three names, in fact.
Sorry, two.
Anything still live.
Anything suspected.
The database is deep.
This is evidence from your attack, right? There are two truths in this life.
You insurance freaks, you take risks that you really shouldn't.
And Serbia is a big, deep black hole.
We won't be able to do anything, and you know it.
I'll take the files back, then.
Tell Tom to fuck off for me.
He shouldn't have let you anywhere near Belgrade.
- And they've released you? - I left.
- Nothing serious, then? - No, a cracked rib and a big bruise.
Where is the old couple? Roman said to go easy on them.
They've been through a lot.
Don't worry, it'll be fast.
- Where are they? - Upstairs.
- Let's start from the beginning.
- Do we know each other? I grew up in Les Agnettes.
- I'm Rachedi's son.
- Ah, yes.
And your sister, Samira, was a good girl.
She worked at the Timone hospital.
Is she still there? And you had a brother, right? What time was it when the guy entered your flat? Two minutes before you.
He burst into our flat, forced us to get on the bed.
He put the guns under it.
- Margot was petrified.
- He forced you? - No, he knocked and - You let him in.
There's no sign of a break-in.
No sign of a break-in! No, he knocked, I answered, he put a gun in my face.
- And what was his name? - I don't know.
Of course you know it.
- What was his name? - I don't know.
- You're sure? - Yes.
You don't know? Yes, you do.
His name? - I don't know.
- Him, there.
What was his name? - I don't know.
- Mimo.
Fréderic Mimo.
You don't know who he is? - No.
- Everyone called him Mimo.
Nothing? You don't know him? And you? You know him? - No.
- You don't? Sure? For him, it was the same as the others.
At 12, he was a good kid.
At 13, he was recruited as a lookout.
At 14 he made runner, and at 17, he lies, head smashed, where? In my flat? Where? Where? - In our flat.
- Exactly.
- Did you help the kids in the block? - No.
Did you help the kids in the block? No? You haven't done anything? He knocked on the door.
He put a gun to my face, forced us to get in bed, hid his shit under it.
- We had never seen him - You must think I'm an idiot.
You want to play it that way? Fine.
Things have changed in Les Agnettes.
It's not what it used to be.
Halil! Khalil! Hurry up, Mokhtar! What do you think I'm fucking doing? Fuck! Take it easy, guys! Shut the fuck up! I told you to hurry up.
- Oh, fuck! You OK, Khalil? - I'm fine, I'm fine.
What good timing.
I was looking for you.
- Does that hurt? - Yeah, a bit.
- And there? - You're enjoying this, aren't you? Do you remember when your father broke his leg? Couldn't stop screaming.
The one who said I was making a fuss when I had his children.
The Rachedi men.
You can't deal with pain.
There you go.
Do you remember the Belairs? Georges and Margot.
They were a bit older than us.
They lived in the middle tower.
- What did you think of them? - They were always very nice to you.
Why are you asking? Did you see them again? They might be involved in a case.
Leave it.
I'll get it.
Look after yourself, son.
Don't worry.
What are you doing here? - What do you want? - You pissed off a lot of people.
How do you know that? Watch out, brother.
People talk about you.
People talk a lot about you, and not always in a good way.
Were you sent to scare me or something? You've always been fucking pretentious.
Nobody sent me.
The whole city is talking about you.
Maybe because they know who they're dealing with.
Or maybe they want you dead.
If they find out I came here, I'm dead, do you get it? Are you sure they didn't send you? Just be fucking careful about what you're doing and where.
Stop being reckless.
Give this to Mum.
Tell her they're from you.
I can clean up Les Agnettes.
My name is Naomi Frankcom.
I believe you've already met my colleague.
He's grateful that you were able to meet me today.
- What happened to your face? - I was attacked.
- Attacked by whom? - I didn't see their faces.
I'm investigating a jewellery heist.
Do you recognise any of these men? I know none of them.
Really? Yet you stood trial, and you were jailed with this man here.
Milan Celik.
You're 56.
You're ex-military, and you were known to be a close associate of Arkan.
And as such, a key member of the Tigers.
I was deployed in Bosnia.
I heard of you.
Everybody did.
Where will the diamonds be? Are you married? No.
I'm not married.
- Do you have children? - No.
- Do you fuck women? - No.
So you are all alone in the world, huh? - No.
- How so? Because I have friends.
A community that I'm part of.
So do I.
Panthers don't talk.
Panthers have never talked.
Why would you ask me such stupid questions? Thank you.
Bravo, bravo.
All this is about a new future for Belgrade.
About the future of Serbia.
It is about a future where we have a world-class airport, for a world capital.
The European Union offered us a friendly hand, so we will accept it, and we will shake it.
Belgrade is open for business! You piece of shit.
You politician scumbag.
I'm sure you voted for him as well.
Why are we here? Mr Guillaume Von Reeth from Plex.
Thank you so much, Mr.
Well, on behalf of Plex Industries For him.
Does he deal in guns? Cement.
He deals in cement.
We could not have found a more loyal partner to this wonderful project anywhere in Europe.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- That's it? - Bravo.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Item 43.
- Pending police judgment.
- Item 44.
- Tricky.
But I've got my best on it.
Final item.
This one's a bit of a shit heap, I'm afraid.
Another oil spill.
- What's our exposure? - Limited, Lord Belmaire.
Keep it that way.
- Guy.
- Can't stop.
- Due at the Lords in 20 minutes.
- I just need a moment.
A vote on some EU bollocks.
They give us all the shit they can't be arsed to understand.
Well, things aren't quite as they should be.
You mean, you keep failing to find the things you set out to find? Exactly.
And it's commission only, you see, so - Getting close to the bread line? - I need something bigger.
Paintings, diamonds, they're limited.
I need something solid, - something with a proper revenue.
- Tom Don't you think now is the time to start thinking about retirement? - Start thinking about truly enjoying.
- I'd rather not beg.
Just one chance, Guy.
I've not let you down yet.
There is one thing.
An airport.
Can't promise it'll be easy.
You won't regret it.
They're here.
- So it starts.
- What's starting? The airport deal.
We want the security contract and a few locals.
There's a lot of money there.
Take this and keep watch.
And don't shoot any kids, OK? Georges? It's him, right? What are you playing at? - Khalil, you're going too far.
- Whatever works.
Come on, move.
Take your fucking money! You're treating me like an idiot.
You're treating me like a fucking idiot! Fucking idiot! Let go of me! - Let's go.
- Back off! Your monkey here just ruined my pants.
And I've more than paid for new pants.
If you'll take my money.
This is two million euros.
What cash? Don't you get it? I can't cross the border with fucking cash.
You might as well just give me a shit roll.
Then we will get it to you another way.
Digitally? You want it digitally? Listen, you've had your time.
I've given you plenty of time.
Fuck off, man.
I'm finding somebody else for the contract.
- What if it wasn't money? - Easy, Animal.
Diamonds! You can transport them easily.
You can hide them easily.
When you get home, we will help you sell them.
- This is what we do.
- Shut up, Animal.
Wait How many diamonds? Shop value, 15 million.
Street value, four or five.
I'll give you them all to cover the two mil.
- Right? - Yeah.
And you'll help me, uh sell them? Or trade them off, or whatever? With no traces leading back to me? You'll need to travel to London with them.
I say, far easier to.
And a watch for yourself.
The Animal gave us a lesson, huh? Yeah.
Sure? OK, great.
- There was blood in the Belairs' room.
- And? It's from the Serb who got shot at the jeweller's.
- You're joking? - No.
You were right.
He's here, in Marseille.
I knew it.
- This guy, the Serb.
Where is he? - I know what you did.
We're looking for him.
I know he was in your flat with the guns.
I know what you did.
Look, when I was at Les Agnettes, it was already bad.
There was already drug dealing and shit.
But not like that.
Now, all they want is to have a Glock and play the big boss.
Do you realise a six-year-old can't go out without risking being shot? You made them think I was a sell-out.
You tricked me.
Don't you want things to change? The White Knight of Les Agnettes.
Someone has to do it.
- How old are you? 60, 65 - 60.
How much longer are you going to continue being their mule? Their mule? Come on, I know how it works.
You stash their goods, they're nice to you.
They help you make ends meet.
Nothing too nasty, I get it, but Go fuck yourself.
Georges, I know it's scary, but You're partly responsible.
You have to help us now.
Sometimes things are too fucked up to change.
- You've made up your mind? - Yeah.
In that case, I can't help you anymore.
The Governor won't let me search his cell.
- Have you offered? - Everything I can.
I hate the Flemish.
No guile.
No sophistication.
Hey, who do we know here, anyway? Plenty.
It's Category A heaven.
Who do you want? What the fuck do you want? Oh, nice! Nice, you pussies.
Let's fight! There you go, we got them.
We got two names.
Borisav Simic and Drago Jankovic.
Seems like Interpol has been useful after all.
Nothing on our Serb? - What, our Serb? - The one I found.
Well, you haven't found him, actually.
And we don't have a match for him in the DNA database.
But he's here.
In our city.
We have proof he's connected to Les Agnettes.
We should arrest him, not Interpol.
My way was working.
They may never be arrested, but we can at least tell everyone that we know who the killers are.
Give me more time with the Belairs.
I swear they'll talk.
The Belairs are gone.
- What do you mean gone? - Yes, I told you to release them.
We can't keep pensioners forever.
- There're gone? - Yes.
- Franck! - Yeah? They've just released the Belairs.
We need to find them.
Who sent you, huh? Who sent you? Tell me who sent you.
Put that back! You hear me, you motherfucker? Put that back! Do you hear me? Do you know who I am, you motherfuckers? Do you? - She's good.
- You think? She misses the Emergency Room.
That's better than nothing.
TN13 to Bac 130 Alpha, we have a burglary in process at 57 Michelet.
Copy that, TN 13.
TN 13 to all fixed and mobile units, take note.
Gunshots reported on Aubagne Road.
Two persons seem to be on the ground.
- Do we ignore them? - Yeah, no choice.
Fuck, if they hit us, we're in trouble.
If they wanted to, they'd have done it.
Anyone home? They took off.
Ask the station about the shooting.
- TN13, 2TK 140.
- TK 140, go on.
Can I have details about the shooting? Two dead persons reported outside a parked vehicle on Aubagne Road.
They seem to have been shot.
Units are already there.
- We seem to match now.
- Yes.
What do you want? Mobile masts are pretty sophisticated beasts nowadays.
You called numbers routed via Marseille on the day of the raid.
I have French friends.
But then you called two numbers in Serbia, four days afterwards.
And you won't be able to trace either of them.
But with your past record? I think I've got probable doubt.
Now in this country, we'd struggle to keep you, but in France, where the offence was committed, they have a charge called association de malfaiteurs.
Which in cases like these, conspiracy in the murder of a child by the way, fits the bill very nicely.
You see, they can hold you for up to five years without charge.
So, at the end of the six months you have left here in Belgium, off it is to France you'll go.
And to make matters worse, all those kept on violence against children charges are kept on the same wing.
Do you understand what that means? Do you understand what wing you'll be on? Blah, blah, blah.
You got nothing! It goes without saying, but if you give me the information I need, that charge evaporates.
I want the names of the men who beat me.
In return for the diamonds? I don't know where your fucking diamonds are now.
But I can tell you where they're likely to go next.
Thank you.
- A dog? - And the certificates.
A dog.
I found this in my locker.
Who knows that I work there? It's addressed to you.
FOR THE WHITE KNIGH MEMBERSHIP CARD A sports club? Someone is trying to tell you something.
What's going on, Khalil? English SDH