The Last Panthers (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Still haven't told Roman where we are? We don't need his backing.
This is the place.
We will find something here.
Why are there so many kids here from Les Agnettes? It's no coincidence.
- Kids go to gyms.
- Mm.
There must be 20 gyms closer to them than this one.
Why this one? Yeah.
You know, sometimes you can't correct mistakes.
That's life.
Khalil? What's wrong? - Maybe you're right.
- What do you mean? About mistakes.
Let's get back to the station.
Tourists, hm? - Piece of shit.
- Why? This is the holiday I've always dreamt of.
Mum, Dad, 40 Kalashnikovs.
Three rocket launchers.
- Good equipment.
- Old equipment.
For me, this is a nostalgic moment.
- After this, I'm done with weapons.
- Totally? It's a matter of profits, risks and boredom.
Zlatko, where's my money? I'm getting tired of you.
You're getting tired of me? Fuck you and listen carefully.
Stop playing me.
The Animal has returned.
That's how I like you.
The boss wants to go home.
- Michael Farnborough? - Uh, yes.
He's our bug expert.
And he knows it's my team? He knows I'm running this? - Yeah.
You've worked together before? - You could say that.
He's my ex-husband.
So, this is Sol Meyer, the Panthers preferred diamond dealer.
I have it from a good source that he's about to receive 15 million euro in stolen diamonds.
We know where he works, we know where he lives.
We know where his children go to school, we know his family.
What we don't know is the time and the place of the transaction.
Once the diamonds pass through his hands, they're lost forever.
So, we need to monitor his calls around the clock.
we've got 48 hours.
You know why I was so keen to have you with us? Because you grew up here, so I thought you'd understand.
There's nothing to understand.
You're pursuing something which no longer interests us.
Marseille is delicate.
It needs to be handled by people with delicacy.
Causing riots and bloodshed is not the answer.
We know where the shooters are in Serbia.
That's enough.
- There's still one in Marseille.
- And we have no new leads.
Or have you seen something sitting pointlessly outside that gym? And the death of the Belairs doesn't interest you? Their death interests me very much.
Shall we discuss how it happened? And whose fault it is? I'm reassigning you.
SIM card fraud in Aix.
I need you to head that up.
- I'm off the case? - No.
The case is dead.
You've a new job.
In Aix.
Thirsty? Here.
Your friends still aren't answering our calls.
They've cut off our gun supply.
We need the supply taken up again.
You need to help us.
Dumb fucking Serb.
He can't understand a word.
- How much trouble are we in? - That's not your concern.
Piece of shit.
Khalil, I give up.
I don't feel up to this.
- You chickening out? - No, you don't need me.
- Stay.
- My father would kick my ass.
What are you saying, Halim? Son of a bitch.
What kind of car is it? Peugeot 405.
With Serbian plates and a sticker with a hedgehog.
There is a bag under the carpet in the boot.
They want the bag.
- OK.
- See you in a bit.
- Mokhtar.
- Khalil.
Schitzo wash won't work.
It's too dense, too many people, too many phone calls.
We just need to shave off one phone at a time.
Once we find his phone, we'll isolate it.
We haven't got time.
He works here, his phone is here.
We can't get any closer.
We just have to be patient.
James, get me LBC Radio, Radio London, Capital One of them.
- An untraceable line, please.
- OK, what are you thinking? It's just networking.
We need to get him on his own.
Ready to dial.
A fucking bomb scare? This way.
- How long will this take? - Three hours, maybe four.
Fuck three or four hours.
I'll be at home if anyone needs me.
There he is.
- It worked.
- Maybe.
We'd just better not lose him now.
OK, Milan.
You know what you're doing.
But I remember you came back home in 2002 all covered in blood.
Zlatko wanted to steal tiles.
You were bedridden for a month, and he was fine.
In 2003, he caused trouble in a bar for a girl.
You caught all the punches.
He didn't have a scratch.
- In 2004 - I know what he did.
It's up to you.
It got worse every time.
A woman got hurt, children Every time you did something wrong, he whispered it in your ear.
He owes us money.
We'll find it somewhere else.
I've tried everything.
We need money for your surgery.
Don't worry about me.
I'll hang in there for a while if you promise not to visit Zlatko anymore.
If you don't do it yourself, you'll be his slave forever.
- I need to go.
- Then go.
And here we're going to start our second runway.
Notice the landscape.
It's very flat.
It will allow for wide visibility for all visiting pilots.
The control tower will be situated here.
We'll be incorporating the new Saudi technology.
It's very exciting.
Here, you see the architects' plans in 3D.
They all speak English, don't they? You can take a virtual walk through the airport.
It's very amusing.
I will now introduce the people who are part of the project.
Unfortunately, Guillaume von Reeth can only join us virtually.
Good morning, everybody.
Henrik Porel Hoiston, in charge of the concessions, James Deloitte, in charge of parking, and Zlatko Mladic, representing his company Lugano Holdings, which will be in charge of security.
Any questions? Bomb scare or something.
I know, it's shit.
Now Dad's wanking in his office, and you can't come round.
- Is that the daughter? - Fits.
- Got him.
Got him.
- Bring it up on the speakers.
12 at 50, 16 at 48.
Will that work? - Hello? - You're alone? I can be.
I've sent mail on the encrypted.
How's it going? Thank you for hiring Michael Farnborough for this one.
Better the devil you know, my dear.
Hold on.
No, I don't know them.
I just wondered, as Serbia is your arena of choice.
- One of them has a Tiger tattoo.
- What's the gig? - Consortium for an airport in Belgrade.
- That's an interesting choice.
I'd be particularly interested to know what your Interpol contact made of it.
I only had enough for one.
We can share, right? Have they called Dad? Yes.
He's on his way.
That fucking dog I was scared.
You're OK now? Thank you for coming.
For doing this at all.
- You'd do the same for me, right? - Of course.
Do we open it? He said not to open it.
We've got ten minutes before Dad is here.
Shall we open it? Shit.
Nadim is coming to get it.
I won't come every time you call.
- That? - Are you training now? Don't fuck with me.
I saw you.
I saw the cars.
I saw them leave.
The foreign number plates.
What calibre are they? What are you saying? You're losing it? You're fucking with me.
Mokhtar, you're going to be in deep shit.
This is for real.
So tell me.
- Tell you what? - The Serb.
- What about the Serb? - Where is he? How would I know? - There's a link with the guns.
You're my little brother.
I'll fix it, but you have to talk to me.
Get off my back with your bullshit.
For once in your life, make the right choice, jackass.
You always considered me a shithead, didn't you? You want to talk about the blood on your hands? Dad was right, you know.
You really have a screw loose.
- Do as I say.
- We're not doing anything! Stop.
Let go of me! Stop moving.
I'll hurt you.
Let go of me.
You never understood anything.
You'll never understand anything.
Get fucked, you and your Serb! I've got something for you from your family in Serbia.
- OK.
- When would be a good time to deliver it? I will let you know.
- What time is that? - 30 minutes ago.
- Since then nothing - Play it again.
I've got something for you from your family in Serbia.
- OK.
- When would be a good time to deliver it? I will let you know.
There's some noise just before "I will let you know.
" Play it again.
time to deliver it? What was that? The sound of a different phone being turned on.
He's got another phone.
He's swapped phones.
OK, we've got them all recorded, right? - Yes.
- I want you to check every record.
Find that phone.
He's hiding from us.
You were right, there was another phone.
Time and place? The exchange happens at 11 a.
George Street Square.
- Good.
We'll need - Carla has already organised us.
She is very good.
- What's this about? - What about? - This isn't just about diamonds.
- I'm just doing my job, Michael.
- The bomb scare? - Is doing my job.
It's reckless.
I don't think Tom would like it.
- Are you going to tell tales on me? - No.
I want to know what's going on with you.
All I can think is Tom should never have let you get involved with Serbia again.
What happened to us, to you I still don't know how either of us recovered.
You didn't help me with that then, and you're not going to help me with it now.
All I'm saying is, if you're going to go back to that place, you have to find someone to talk to.
Maybe I need to go back to that place, Michael.
Maybe I want to.
You can't run away forever.
Every time, you come home with different bruises.
Do you want to drink something? Something to eat? No, I'm OK.
I saw him.
Last Tuesday.
He was walking past the shop.
I hid.
- Mokhtar? - Mm.
Do you see him? When I see him, I avoid him, too.
How did this happen? I don't know.
You threw me out, I wasn't there.
Your father thought he understood what was best.
Sometimes he was wrong.
When I came back, I thought I'd be able to fix things.
You can.
You just can't fix everything.
I thought I'd be seeing you.
Were you going to charge in here and threaten me? For hurting your friend? You didn't hurt him, you killed him.
He left you at the site.
He left you behind like a piece of shit.
So, I showed him.
And by showing him, showed everyone.
There is a new king in town, and that king is me.
Yes? Mm-hm.
- It's Manu, from Marseille.
- Who? We sold him Kalashnikovs.
Milan's friend is alive.
Hello, Manu.
I have a friend of yours in Marseille.
The man you have is no friend of mine.
But he's a Serb.
I don't give a shit.
What do you mean? He's one of your guys.
Listen, I'm out of the business.
I'm out of Marseille.
OK? Yes? One of the faces you sent me is interesting.
Can you send me the file? Sure.
Why don't I just be at your beck and call? The guy they found, what's his name? Rajko.
They think he's important to me.
I told them that nobody's important to me.
What matters is what we do.
Are you going to give me trouble? Why would I bring you trouble? He was like a father to you.
To me, too.
We always call him the boss.
That means we're not going to go save him.
Dragan is an old story.
It will interfere more than anything.
The new Caesar must kill the old one.
We do this, and you get your money.
I've done due diligence.
I have a problem.
Talk to me.
My problem is your security team.
This man, Zlatko Mladic.
He's a smuggler and a thief.
I assure you that we thoroughly checked all criminal records.
Records? He doesn't have a record.
He's connected.
He has a Tiger tattoo.
He's a Panther.
Well, people can change.
You already knew.
I am here acting in the best interest of Lord Belmaire.
And I advise you, if you do not remove him and his team from the project, your planes will become vessels for smuggling.
You know, no one has been interested in Serbia for a long, long time.
Then the euro has its moment, and suddenly everyone is all around us.
The Chinese delegation offered me a lot of money for this contract.
Everybody wants to work with us.
Why? Because we're a gateway to the European markets.
Because we're backed by the EU, but not yet soiled by the euro.
And for the first time in my lifetime, Serbia has value.
Then you need to use this opportunity well.
How much do you stand to make from this, personally? Three billion means premiums of maybe 45 million a year.
And you, as a broker You have twenty percent of that.
Well, maybe Well, this is just a theory You're desperate for 6.
75 million a year.
I'm good at math.
You are a sweaty leech from a country of sweaty leeches.
You fucked over Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain.
They've got nothing left, and now you're coming east for blood.
I don't think you understand.
We are not Greece, and we are not Spain.
We are not desperate for hand-outs.
- All I'm asking is that you remove - Zlatko stays.
He'll make the airport safe.
And if you don't like it, there's the door.
He should be here by now.
Let me look at the video footage, between 10.
45 and 11.
We're done.
We missed him.
Give me the keys.
Give them to me.
What's this all about? He wants to kill you.
- Kill me? - Yes.
I wanted Milan to kill you.
You could have had everything.
- It was a test of your loyalty.
- Fuck your loyalty! Listen.
You shoot, and he will kill you.
Then, he'll kill your brother.
Don't shoot, and maybe you'll get a chance to warn him.
If I were you, I would not be a wimp, and I'd shoot straight away.
- Shoot.
- Shut up.
Shut the fuck up.
Give me the keys.
Throw your weapon on the ground! Start the car.
- You're right, it was.
- You know what it is? - We haven't seen it.
Do you always have a party after a shit day? Well, you see, we're normally abroad.
Now, we're home.
Anyway, it makes us happy.
Sorry it didn't work out.
Fucking Serbians.
- It's always the Serbians.
And you.
- Yes.
Generally you and the Serbians.
What do you want, Michael? Why are you still here? To commiserate? Or do you just want to fuck me for old time's sake? - You're still angry with me? - No, I'm not.
And I never have been.
So why don't you go home? Go home to your wife, three children and your dog.
Carla? James? Come on.
A man passes her the dog.
That's the exchange.
We need to move.
We need to find his daughter.
We need to find the dog.
Armed police! Armed police! Go to the back door! Room clear.
Stand still.
Where's Sol Meyer? Get your hands up.
Where's Sol Meyer? Armed police.
Show me your hands.
Show me your hands.
- No diamonds.
- But the dog.
The dog has them.
The dog's been cut up.
The dog's dead.
Fuck! What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here.
- Where's Manu? - He told you that we'd come to you.
He promised me less blood.
A girl died, an officer shot Otherwise what? You'll arrest us? Listen, little fuck.
I'm not in the mood for your bullshit.
Roman, let go of him.
He may be a little fuck, but he's my little fuck.
Release him.
Let's see how we can sort this shit out.
- What's that? - I thought you'd like to meet.
I've got a Serb no one wants, and all the police are after him.
- So what? - I need you.
All this shit is because of him.
Call this killing two birds with one stone.
- You won't regret it.
- This isn't how this works.
Trust me.
I've got a solution to all our problems.
Come on.
Get in.
We lost the diamonds.
They're gone.
Thanks for letting me know.
Yes? - If you'll have us, we'll back you.
- Good.
Go on.
Move! Stop! Police! - What are you playing at? - Run.
What the fuck are you doing? If he talked, he was a problem.
As a quiet man, he had no use.
This way, you're a hero.
And now you need to help me.
The Serbs have cut me off.
I need guns.
But you need to turn a blind eye.
Take it.
The cost of peace.
- The IGS is on his tail? - Yes.
He did nothing wrong.
He did his job.
We got our man.
Coming for a drink? I'm going home.
Sure? OK, see you tomorrow.
Here is good.
- How do we travel without a car? - By foot.
We're not going to get far by foot.
Further than in a stolen car with a broken window.
He wanted to kill me.
And then he talked about loyalty.
- Hello? - Adnan, my brother.
- It's you, Milan.
- Listen to me.
Leave your flat right away.
Do you remember where the safe house is? - Go there right away.
- Why? They're coming to get you.
It's my fault.
I'm sorry.
I'm in trouble.
I didn't know it was going to go like this.
Go away.
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