The Last Ship (2014) s04e05 Episode Script


1 All right, son, all you gotta do is jump.
- I'm a little scared.
- [HEART BEATING] It's okay.
I'll catch ya.
I promise.
- [GASPS] Lucas! - Shh.
- Captain, you're back on the James.
We've got 'em.
They're safe.
They're safe.
[EXHALES] Oh, thank God.
No, sir.
Thank you.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [EXHALES] - [EXHALES] - Captain Chandler, the main event at a fight club in Sardinia.
What are the odds? Ah, well, it's good to have him back.
Yeah, how long before he takes off on us again? [GUN COCKS] Look, I love the guy, okay? I mean, God knows he's saved all our asses enough times, he can do whatever the hell he wants.
But we're in another war.
The world is dying again.
And? And he didn't come lookin' for us.
No, he didn't.
Which means he could walk away at any time.
Face it, Wolf, it's only random luck that got him back on the James.
It was not luck.
It was destiny.
What's that now? I have been fighting my whole life.
In my country, we fought for food, for water.
We fought for any reason.
Or for no reason at all.
When the virus came, we had a common enemy.
But there was no way to beat this virus.
And so we went back to fighting each other.
And then we heard about the cure.
The Nathan James.
And Captain Tom.
He gave us hope.
I always knew that when the world needed him again, he would make his way back to his ship.
And that's why you joined this crew.
You knew he was coming back.
I wanted to thank him, to learn from him, to fight with him.
That was my destiny.
"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.
" Climate, disease, famine terrify us.
And our terror begets chaos, aggression, and violence.
And there's your end of days, man.
World of hazards shifts at the speed of light [SNAPS FINGERS] and we are neither poised, facile, or quick enough to adapt, thus, we panic, accelerate into hysteria, and kill each other.
And this deficiency is exactly what destroyed every single civilization before us and is exactly what threatens to obliterate us now if we do not rapidly resolve ourselves to the hard problems and salvation that lie within evolutionary biology.
And this is where I come in.
- [LAUGHTER] - Face it, natural evolution is a bust, man.
Natural evolution used to be smart, but now it's half-baked and inefficient.
Remember the appendix? Who the hell needs the appendix now? Appendix has been rolling around inside of us like dead weight for more than a millennium.
Natural evolution is done.
But with transgenic coding, we seize an immediate future wherein all people of all cultures can acclimate, adjust, and conform to any challenge of a dynamic planet in less than one single generation.
And it is not just our bodies that will step on the gas, but our minds.
Think about that for a second.
That the guy you met in the arena? - He's let himself go.
- Paul Vellek.
One of the fathers of modern bio-informatics and computational biology.
Also father to Giorgio and Lucia Vellek, who were kind enough to escort you to Sardinia.
There's another son, Christos, whereabouts unknown.
According to your National Security Agency, Dr.
Vellek wasn't just brilliant, he was also considered morally and ethically dangerous.
Apparently, he wasn't satisfied with boosting crop yields.
He want to "re-engineer what it means to be human.
" Indicted six years ago, he fled the U.
And wound up in the Med with access to a Greek warship.
Most likely, he bought off of the Greeks with the promise that they'd be the first to benefit once he cured the Red Rust.
Then he simply turned to his friend Omar to steal the actual seeds.
Imagine, the future of the world in this man's hands.
How long did St.
Louis say it would take to engineer disease-resistant crops? A year, maybe more.
Maybe Vellek can help.
Well, if he's really the genius everyone says he is, he may have a solution Or part of a solution Our people haven't thought of yet.
Are you suggesting we work with this madman? I'm suggesting we find him, grab him and his research, and convince him of the righteousness of our cause.
- Come on.
- Let him know that cooperating with our scientists is in the world's best interest And his.
If he can shave off even three months of work finding the cure, that's a lot of mouths fed, a lot of lives saved.
Any idea where we find him then? There's a room in Giorgio's mansion.
Only he and his sister have the key.
There are files inside, log books, mostly written in code, but in one of the books there was one phrase written over and over "Sent to lab.
" Vellek's lab.
We find the lab, we find him.
This man's lunatic army killed dozens of our people at Rota.
His Greek warship tried to sink us.
And now they're actively hunting us in waters where we have dwindling supplies and zero support.
- Captain, we're - The seeds are in hand.
And we have orders from the National Command Authority to get them back to the States post haste.
We'll make post at Naples in eight hours.
The C-130 out of Ramstein will meet us there to fly the seeds home, where our scientists can get to work on them.
That is our mission.
That is all.
[DOOR OPENS] - Captain, a word? - [DOOR CLOSES] Since you seem so keen on joining our fight Every active ship in the fleet has a copy of these orders.
This is a full Presidential pardon for any crimes you may have committed during the recent Constitutional crisis.
This reactivates your commission, reinstituting you to the active duty rank of Captain.
- [FOLDER CLOSES] - All that's required now is your signature.
And you taking the oath again.
I left this ship for a reason.
And yet somehow, here you are.
This ship will always be your home as far as I'm concerned.
But I won't lie to you Master Chief has reported some mixed emotions from the crew at having you back.
So for clarity and morale, you need to decide one way or the other, and soon.
[SIGHS] [DOOR OPENS] FLETCHER: Vellek went to too much trouble to get those seeds.
No way he gives up now.
His destroyer's out there, hunting for us.
Now we just need to get to Naples before he finds us.
Sasha, what do you think about the idea, going after Vellek, forcing him to work with us? You're serious? My brother had to evacuate his family from London.
Neighbors were killing each other over scraps of food.
At this point, who cares where the help comes from? I hear you.
I do.
But Vellek is not the answer.
He was run out of the States for a reason.
There's no proof he can actually do what he advertises.
What he has proven is that he'll kill anyone and everyone to get what he wants.
It's a crazy idea.
Tom Chandler didn't seem to think so.
I can't imagine what you're feeling right now, seeing him after all this time.
What I'm feeling is that we have the seeds.
We just need to get them to Naples.
Then, if it comes to it, we'll deal with Mad Doctor Vellek on our terms.
- [MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY] - RIOS: Sometimes he's lucid.
Sometimes his eyes glaze over and he goes somewhere else.
Do you think he was dosed with the hallucinogen you saw people taking in Greece? Nostos? A weed that was changed by the virus.
Vlita, Lucia called it.
That'll help.
[PEN SCRATCHING] He'll be fine, sir.
And he'll be glad to see ya.
His eyes were all glassy.
It was like he didn't see the bullets whizzing past us.
Talking about someone named Christine.
Is that his daughter? I think she's his wife.
All I know is the CO is definitely on something.
I just wish someone would tell us what's goin' on.
ASHLEY: We're fine.
Cali stops by every day with something to eat, and I'm working at the pier now.
It's okay, Dad.
Don't worry.
We got this.
You're starting to sound like me.
Yeah, I guess the apple doesn't fall far.
How are you? I'm good, Ash.
I'm good.
You're back on Nathan James, though.
Yeah I'm back.
For now.
A sailor belongs at sea.
Listen, Ash, I can't talk long and there's a lot I can't say, but I need you to know, I'll finish this thing and come home to you and your brother as soon as I possibly can.
- I know, Dad.
We under - [STATIC CRACKLES] Ashley? I can try to raise them again, Sir.
We said what we needed to.
- [RECEIVER CLATTERS] - [INHALES SHARPLY] - Thank you, Lieutenant.
- Anytime, Sir.
It wasn't like any acid trip I'd ever heard of.
It was more like time travel.
Everything about it was real.
The smell of her perfume, the softness of my kids' hair.
Seeing them, all of us together again [BREATHES SHARPLY] Oh, it was perfect.
And just like that, they were gone.
I'd lost them again.
And the wound was re-opened.
But it was worse this time, because I had 'em.
I had 'em, Russ.
I was home.
But you have to remember, it wasn't real.
It's the drug.
What if someone told you that you could go back? Pick a time and a place, see your wife and kids.
Wouldn't you be curious to try? [MAN SPEAKING ARABIC] Lieutenant, getting something coming on channel 1-6.
[CONTINUES IN ARABIC] Mayday, Mayday, our engines are failing.
CIC, Comms, we're picking up a transmission over VHF emergency channel.
- Possible distress call.
- [SWITCH CLICKS] MAN: There are 28 aboard my vessel.
Many are sick, we have no food Can you get a bearing on them? NISHIOKA: Calculating bearing, aye.
MAN: I say again, this is the trawler, El Alamein, requesting assistance.
I've got the transmission.
Bearing 1-1-8, detecting an S-band radar signature.
Classifying it now.
We're still tracking, but we haven't yet responded to their distress call.
Good to see you.
CIC, Bridge.
Can you confirm ship ID? They're beyond our range of visibility.
With the CO under the weather, Captain Meylan would appreciate your expertise close by.
Happy to help.
S-Band is a commercial navigation radar.
AIS reports they're a commercial fishing vessel.
Intermittent engine noise.
Spin off their prop suggests a small vessel - with engine trouble.
- Course and speed reported concurs with what we're seeing on radar.
Bridge, TAO.
Small, probably commercial vessel.
Barely approaching 3 knots.
Bearing 1-1-8, 28 miles.
That's opposite direction of our course toward Naples, Sir.
So aside from our usual concern of pirates, we now have to consider this could be a trap set by Vellek.
Even if it's not a trap, his warship is in the area looking for us.
He could've heard our broadcast.
You're still itching for a confrontation with Vellek.
You made your call.
I respect it.
[SIGHS] Even if this is a legitimate distress call, our obligation to render aid cannot apply here.
Our mission is to get the seeds to Naples or millions are gonna die.
What would you do? This crew can execute VBSS rescue better than any ship at sea.
To that, I can personally attest.
There's no way to eliminate the risks, but saving lives is saving lives.
MAN: Mayday, mayday, mayday.
El Alamein, this is the trawler, Fisherking.
MAN: Yes, yes! I'm hearing you, Fisherking.
- Go ahead, please.
- We have your location.
Sit tight.
We'll be with you in the hour.
Thank you, Fisherking.
Thank you! Thank God.
Thank God.
Y'alla, Y'alla, they're coming! [WEAPONS COCKING] XO, starboard RHIB is away.
Very well.
I hold the trawler DIW, slight drift to port.
Recommend slowing to 2 knots to maintain 4,000 yards CPA.
Helmsman, steady as she goes.
All engines ahead one third for 2 knots.
[HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING] Mother, Vulture Team, this is Sunshine.
I have the trawler in sight.
Appears DIW.
Will confirm.
Light her up.
[SWITCH CLICKS] [ALL SPEAKING ARABIC] Master Chief, hail the trawler.
Tell them to get everyone above deck.
El Alamein, this is U.
Navy warship 1-5-1, 4,000 yards off your port bow.
We are here to help.
Muster your crew and passengers topside.
Everyone must sit on deck with their hands visible.
MAN: Yes, we understand.
Andiamo, let's go.
That boat's definitely ridin' low.
They're takin' on water.
Or it's weighed down by explosives.
We take no chances.
They are hostile till we see otherwise.
Vulture Team, deck is not fouled.
You are clear to approach.
Recommend boarding portside.
Copy, Sunshine.
Approach from the stern, portside! [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] Portside's clear.
Go ahead, go ahead.
WOLF: Back up! Back up! Back up! Back up! Back up! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Back up! Back up! Stay back! Steady.
Keep her steady.
Keep her steady.
WOLF: Hands up! Sit down! Stay where I can see you.
Step aside.
Get down! Easy, easy.
Navy, okay? We're here to help you.
Everybody back.
- [AZIMA SPEAKING ARABIC] - Everybody down! Hands up, hands up.
You, move over there.
[CONTINUES IN ARABIC] - Sit down where you are.
- Back up, back up.
- [CONTINUES IN ARABIC] - [WOLF SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] Get down, get down, down! You, sit down! - Down! You two, down! - Raise your hand! [SPEAKING ARABIC] It's okay, we're here to help.
Come on now.
Okay, come.
- Hands.
- Slow.
Right there.
Search them.
It's okay.
Keep your hands up.
Show me your hands.
You hiding something? [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Hands, hands! Thank you for responding Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down! Hands! - Down! Sit down! - I am the master of this vessel.
Sit down! Stay down.
Right there.
Arms up.
- Hey! - Come! - [MUFFLED VOICES SHOUTING] - BURK: What happened?! - MILLER: I'm sorry! I tried to warn him! - You okay? AZIMA: Weapon! I found a weapon! Weapon? Weapon! Weapon! [SHOUTING IN ARABIC] What are they saying? What are they saying? - Shut them up.
Shut them up! - [SHOUTING CONTINUES] Shut them up! Shut them up! - Hey! - [SPEAKING ARABIC] Hey, sit down! Get down, goddamn it! - [SPEAKING ARABIC] - You stay down.
- Everybody stay down! - [SPEAKS ARABIC] Hey, hey! - Down! - Hey, stay down! Down! Stay down! Don't move! Get down, goddamn it! Stay down! - Check these people.
- It's okay.
They're just people.
I said check them, PO1.
Do it! - [WOMAN WHIMPERING] - Hey, hey! She's got something in her hands.
She's hiding something.
What's she got in her hands? What's she got? It's a child.
It's just a child.
- [AZIMA SPEAKING ARABIC] - [WOMAN CRYING] Doc, we're clear! - Clear.
- Clear! - Clear.
- [BABY CRYING] - Burk.
DANNY: Let's go, Doc! Wolf, see if this tub's really sinking.
All clear, all clear.
Medical team is boarding the vessel.
Let me take a look there.
[WOMEN SHOUTING IN ARABIC, CRYING] We can't do much for them here.
They need food, hydration, and antibiotics.
Vessel's got no water integrity.
She's gonna sink.
We have to bring 'em back.
Burk! [HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING] Mother, we have 28 PAX.
Many sick and injured.
Vessel is FUBAR.
Permission to bring them aboard for additional medical assistance.
Begin transferring PAX back to Mother.
We're sending out the second RHIB.
[SPEAKING ARABIC] [WOMAN CRYING] Once our guests are aboard, resume course for Naples.
Yes, sir.
This is taking too much of our time.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Anyone look familiar, Sir? None of these people work for Giorgio.
And Omar's guys are better fed.
They were headed north looking for food.
I didn't have the heart to tell them it's the same everywhere.
- Kathleen, I wanted to say - [CLATTERING] I'm sorry.
I should've come to you after your dad died, told you what happened myself.
I I didn't have the words.
I hope you haven't spent the last year and a half agonizing over this, because I haven't.
Tex saved my life.
And it wasn't the first time.
I owed you more.
Yeah, well, you know what my old man would say to that? Get over yourself, Commodore.
- [EXHALES] - I've got work.
[CLATTERING] Hey, I checked those people already.
I'm checking again.
[RATTLING] Let me see yours.
Open it up.
Hey, man, if you need some time, we got you covered.
Why would I need time? I know if my brother were hurt This isn't about Cameron.
Then what? What is going on with you? - Just leave it.
- I'm not gonna leave it.
You can't bury this shit, Burk.
Hey, talk to me.
When are they gonna stop coming at us? When are we gonna know who's really on our side and who's just waiting to see where the chips fall, huh? I mean even our skipper still won't put on the uniform.
BURK: Keep two guards at every door.
Move 'em to the head in shifts.
No one gets in or out.
Security update.
Get some rest.
So where's the CO? Moved back to his stateroom.
I needed space for these people.
Got you something.
Found it on one of the refugees.
Figured it must be the same plant that the Captain got dosed with.
You figured right.
I mean, why else smuggle a bunch of weeds, right? - I was gonna dump it, but I figured - No, no, no, I'm glad you didn't.
I need to run some tests, make sure there aren't any toxic side effects.
Could you escort her back to the helo bay, please? Yeah, you got it.
Miss, come on.
- Shukran.
- Mm-hmm.
[DOOR OPENS] Seeds are in good shape.
C-130 will be on the tarmac in Naples by the time we anchor.
And how are the new passengers doing? They'll be all right.
Most of them are just hungry.
A lot of that going around these days.
Not for much longer, thanks to you.
Can I help you find something? Doc Rios took my Cubans.
He said the nicotine would screw with the detox.
I stashed one for emergencies somewhere.
I'm not a doctor, but I think you've had enough stimulants for the time being.
[EXHALES] I should've known.
Halfway around the globe, we'd find you working the same problem as us.
Trying to save the world again.
You know, 16 months, Tom.
I was starting to think you were dead.
Part of me was.
Still fighting that battle? I saw a side of me, Mike I thought I'd put it away, but it came back again in Greece.
Vengeful, angry, and out of control.
I didn't like it.
Welcome to the human race.
[CHAIR SPINS] Or what's left of it.
You know, when I was dosed it wasn't just my family I saw.
You were there, too.
[BREATHES SHARPLY] They're gone again, but we're still here, you and me.
That's gotta be worth something.
You are here, right? [LAUGHS] I'm glad to see you're feeling better, Mike.
[SIGHS] Ship needs her captain.
Hello, Harry.
El Alamein.
Very subtle.
Figured it would ring a bell.
"My grandpapa fought back the Jerries in Egypt.
" [CHUCKLES] You wouldn't shut up about it.
We started to believe you personally stood in front of Rommel's tanks.
What do you want, Harry? I have a message from the River House.
Could've telephoned.
Couldn't take the risk our cousins would decrypt it.
So? The special relationship with the Americans is no more.
The labs in the U.
are not prepared to work with the progenitor seed.
The U.
is going it alone.
How? Our labs are worse than theirs.
We found a scientist.
Home office says he has a lock on the science.
Let me guess.
This scientist His name wouldn't happen to be Vellek? He reached out, made us an offer.
We deliver the progenitor palm seeds, and England receives the first batch of plague-resistant crops.
Our people will be fed.
No waiting around like we did for the cure.
Where are the seeds? In the medical bay, under lock and Under lock and key.
Well, obviously I won't be able to get anywhere near them, filthy refugee that I am.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] - You're gonna have to do it.
- Me? And find me a discreet way off this ship.
What do you mean, off the ship? You're just gonna swim away? We're due in Naples.
There's a plane.
That's not happening, James.
I leave with the seeds before the ship gets to Naples.
And what? I stay behind to face a firing squad? No one will know your part.
You'll remain on board to throw them off the scent.
Can't have the Americans starting a war with England over this.
- This is ridiculous.
- Fletch I've been working with the Americans for months.
Listen to me, it's quite simple.
Their people have fought and died for these seeds.
And where were they during the Immune wars, hmm? While they were spreading the cure with kisses and love, we were massacred.
We're dying at home, Fletch.
I'm sorry about your new friends, but this is a good deal.
It's a dog-eat-dog world now.
Have you eaten dog yet, Fletch? I have.
It's no fun.
I shouldn't have to remind you of your duty, Commander.
MAN: This is U.
2-4-0 Alpha Tango.
How's our ceiling at Naples? U.
2-4-0, beautiful day, clouds scattered below Angels One.
Copy that, Navy Spear.
We're 109 mikes out.
2-4-0, your last was unreadable.
Say again, over.
The C-130 just went silent.
And now I've lost their transponder.
Toss the satellite on Ka-Band.
2-4-0, we just lost your IFF transmission.
Recycle your mode C transponder, over.
2-4-0, nothing heard.
Please respond.
There you are.
I've been trying to track you down.
What is it? KARA: Satellite captured this 20 minutes ago.
There's no evidence of a missile or other aircraft.
But comms was pretty spotty over the Apennines.
Impact site is easily within range of a standard missile fired from a Hellenic Destroyer off Naples.
How the hell did he know about our plane? The range ring for his warship will be in this area.
Which means we're likely headed right towards him.
Still think we should cut a deal with this maniac? Are there any other aircraft available to fly the seeds to the States? No, sir.
All our bases in Europe are down.
Port of Haifa had a couple cargo planes, but they're no longer in service.
Commander Fletcher, does the Royal Navy have any assets it can scramble? Commander? [CLEARS THROAT] Um, I'm afraid our Air Force is nonexistent, Sir.
What wasn't destroyed during the Immune wars was grounded for lack of fuel and pilots.
All right.
We'll deliver the seeds to Norfolk ourselves.
We'll make for Gibraltar.
There's still fuel at Rota and FOS Monrovia if needed.
LHD Blackwood can come down from the north with an unrep We'll never make it out of the Med.
Vellek expects Nathan James to go for Gibraltar.
You barely made it through the gauntlet last time.
By now, they've rebuilt their defenses.
Then we'll go through the Red Sea.
The locks in the Suez haven't been operational - since the plague hit.
- Are you sure? I've been listening to ship traffic in that region for months.
Then what do you suggest? Well, Giorgio likes to fight, so we fight.
They won't try to sink us as long as we have what they want.
And that gives us the advantage.
We take the fight to them, clear the airspace for another transport plane.
Aegis Ashore out of Haifa should be a good start.
Meantime, we capture Vellek and his research.
- Again with this idea? - It's our best shot.
- I've already made the decision.
- Captured Nazis helped us build a bomb.
Captain Chandler, you are still just a passenger on this ship.
If you really want to be a part of the conversation, then put on the uniform.
If not, let the professionals do their job.
Get St.
Louis on the horn.
Update the President on our current CONOPS.
- That is all.
- Aye, Sir.
[DOOR OPENS] Captain Meylan's under a lot of pressure.
He was right.
I crossed the line.
I didn't say he wasn't right.
This isn't you.
Walking around the ship like you're on a Tiger cruise.
Since when did you become a passive observer? Master Chief Don't Master Chief me.
Goddamn it.
You wanted to get away.
It's what you did.
God knows you of all people needed a break.
But for 16 months, the rest of us pressed on.
The missions changed, but our commitment never wavered.
And although you were always in our minds, when you left, we were broken.
I lost my way, Russ.
You never lost your way.
You may have turned your back on your calling, but your path was always right in front of you.
It led you back to the Nathan James.
This is where you belong.
[DOOR CLOSES] So you're back then? A good friend once told me it was my destiny.
And he's Greek, so he'd know.
If I recall my history, there was another Greek who said a man's character determines his destiny.
You chose this.
I just need to see this through.
Well, if it's a fight you're looking for, you just might get it.
We're staying put in the Med.
We're gonna try to scramble some assets in the Middle East.
In the meantime, I'm looking for a safe haven where we can drop off the refugees.
Meylan made the recommendation to the CNC, who concurred.
And Vellek? Once the seeds are safely en route, he becomes the mission.
Sounds like a plan.
It was your plan.
Meylan's his own man.
How do I look? Better.
Still need a haircut.
All that time you were away, you find the peace you were looking for? [INHALES] There were moments.
Moments? Sounds nice.
[DOOR CLOSES] LUCAS: It's me, Lucas, your son.
I know you said you'd be home before Thanksgiving, but I wrote this "porem" poem for you just in case.
Dear God, I give thanks to you for my pretty mom and thanks for my brave dad.
I give thanks for both my sisters and all the good times we've had.
I give thanks for my best friend, Ron, except for when he's weird and quirky.
But the thing I'm most thankful for is not being born a turkey.
Happy Thanksgiving.
I love you, Dad.
[WHISTLE SOUNDS] Attention to oath.
Raise your hand and repeat after me.
I, Thomas W.
Chandler I, Thomas W.
Chandler having been appointed an officer in the Navy of the United States of America having been appointed an officer in the Navy of the United States of America do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic.
Against all enemies, foreign or domestic.
That I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.
That I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.
And that I will well and faithfully And that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter so help me God.
So help me God.
And salute.
Congratulations, Captain.
Welcome back.
You ever find yourself in a Navy bar, that'll earn you a free drink.
Thank you, Diaz.
[SPEAKING ARABIC] 28 refugees from 7 countries.
Or what used to be countries.
Any place we take them will be a relief.
Assuming there's food.
[SIGHS] Let's just hope we don't cross paths with Vellek first.
We'll manage.
Like always.
Keep calm and carry on.
That's my Fletch.
Never a dull day on Nathan James.
That's for sure.