The Last Ship (2014) s04e06 Episode Script

The Tempest

1 VELLEK: I'll explain it one more time.
Look, Admiral, it is right there.
It is right there in that blank box.
What exactly am I supposed to be seeing there? It's as clear as a bell.
It's the answer, the key, the eye of the hurricane.
The proverbial missing link to my formula to save this planet lies within those seeds.
Without those seeds, I have no product.
Without the product, your country continues to starve.
And that is exactly, Admiral, what you should be seeing in that blank box.
[CLIPBOARD CLATTERS] Doctor, I am a simple man.
I don't have your gift with figures, but my patience can only last so long.
You asked for our support.
Greece gives you her confidence.
You asked for fighters, we give you a warship.
What, Dr.
Vellek? What do you ask of my country now? More, Demetrius.
I'm asking your country for more.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] [SIGHS] planned out of Israel.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Captain Chandler.
Captain Slattery was just sharing a bit of good news.
Commander Garnett managed to locate another plane in Tel Aviv.
She's altered the flight plan to meet us at Tregua Island.
There's an airstrip there.
It's private, but operational.
But most importantly, unlikely to be on Vellek's radar.
Turns out, Aegis Ashore was a good call, Captain.
Thank you for that.
We're not taking any chances with this plane, as it's probably the last one we'll have at our disposal for some time.
Nathan James will meet the plane.
Cooper will personally escort the seeds back to our lab in the States, where our scientists are standing by.
Rest of us, prepare for phase two finding and capturing Dr.
Paul Vellek.
Any sign of that Greek warship? Negative.
I think it should stay that way until the seeds are far away from the Med.
Sounds like a solid plan.
And a special thanks to Commander Fletcher for his role in helping secure the seeds.
Our nation owes you a great debt.
Feeling's mutual, I'm sure.
That is all.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS, BABY CRYING] [BABY CONTINUES CRYING] Tregua Island? Well, isn't that a riot? You and I haven't been there since When was it last? '09.
That was it.
The Rossi mission.
Yes, I'm well aware of your heroics, Harry.
Everyone knows what you did.
Saved your ass more than once, didn't I? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Right, so, let's formulate a new plan, and quickly.
The timeline has just been pushed.
I still don't understand why this has to happen at sea.
You do realize how mad that is.
Humanity is wasting away, Fletch.
We both know this is the Americans' last shot.
That plane will be the most heavily guarded piece of equipment in the world.
A full assault will be too risky.
And it's crucial the Yanks don't see the U.
's hand in this.
For the aftermath.
I wonder, Fletch.
Has your time aboard the great ship Nate Jimmy turned you soft? And I wonder, Harry, if months of eating dog has turned you feral.
The new battle lines have been drawn, my friend, and the P.
has made it crystal clear get the seeds by any means necessary.
Now you can procure them for me and get me off the ship before she makes port.
Or do some of your friends have to die? I managed a good look at Miss Sasha Cooper.
She's certainly your type, and with a brain to boot.
Or maybe it turns out the captain of the refugee boat was a pirate after all, with ill intentions.
He attacked me when I discovered his true identity.
So I had to put him down like a dog.
No one will doubt me.
They asked me if you could be trusted.
I vouched for you, told them, "I've known Fletcher longer than anyone.
"Grew up with him, fought with him.
He's the man for the job.
" I know you to be a patriot, James.
If the shoe was on the other foot, do you think any of these sailors would think twice before following orders from their President? I'll take care of the seeds myself.
You just get me the gear.
You're under orders to call the home office, I presume? - To report on the seeds? - Yes.
Call this number instead.
She's expecting your call.
Got it, Harry.
Do you? Yes.
Just one last thing.
What? Who does one have to kill around here to score a decent cup of tea? [CHUCKLES DRYLY] [INHALES AND EXHALES DEEPLY] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Captain Chandler on the bridge! - Captain.
- Captain.
Still no sign of the Greek ships on sonar or radar.
We are on PIM to reach Tregua Island at 2100.
My knees feel bad weather coming.
How's the barometer? Sir, the system to the west is growing rapidly, but if we maintain our current course and speed, we should beat it to Tregua by 3-plus hours.
Thoughts? More of a conservative hunch.
We've got the window.
Maybe we ride the edge of that system, use it to mask our signature from any unfriendlies who might be in the vicinity.
OOD, new course, 162.
Captain Chandler wants to get his cover wet.
Aye, Sir.
Helm, left standard rudder steady on course 162.
Helm, aye.
My rudder is left 15 degrees, - coming to course 162.
- I see you found your Cubans.
And all is right with the world.
Good to have you back.
Both of you.
Beat me to it, Master Chief.
At our current speed, we're due in Tregua at 2100 hours.
Should be refreshing to see that little island this time of year.
As all of you know, I've only been there in spring, and in less than celebratory circumstances.
Asteris Island is the drop off point.
We'll have support standing by to receive the package.
So is there anything else I can do for you on my end? You're doing the right thing, Mr.
Soon your people will be well-fed, thanks to you.
- And to us.
- Very good.
I'll be seeing you all very shortly then.
Over and out.
[RECEIVER CLATTERS] - Thank you, Chief.
- Anytime, Sir.
[SPEAKING GREEK] Call my brother.
Let him know where to go.
And gather what your admiral promised my father.
Once this is done, I want you to sink Nathan James.
Yes, ma'am.
There's a sight I thought I'd never see Miller reading a book without a crayon in his hand.
[SCOFFS] What you got there? - [MAGAZINE THUDS] - "Odyssey," man.
This shit's crazy.
Didn't get enough of that in the ninth grade? I never actually read it in ninth grade.
It's freaking me out right now.
How so? I don't know, man.
This story sounds kinda like us.
A bunch of sailors wandering the Med, monsters around every bend, people always trying to kill him It's like the gods are against him.
[SCOFFS] Come on, man.
How is that anything like us? Look, we found the seeds and Captain Chandler.
Pretty soon, we'll be eating like kings again.
And you still seem to be in one piece.
That's just it.
Odysseus' problems started after he won the war.
All this mess happened as he was just trying to get home.
- [SMACK] - [GROANS] Why you gotta ruin everything, man? - I used to like that book.
- [MAGAZINE THUDS] - Fever? - Nope.
- Sweats? - Nada.
- Heart racing? - Cool as a cucumber.
But if you keep shining that light in my eye, Heggen, things might change.
I think he's back to normal, Sir.
Um, in your own words, Sir, describe how you're feeling.
Pretty good, actually.
Hard to describe.
I have this, uh, sense of inner peace.
Nothing bothers me.
I love everyone.
It's terrible.
It's fascinating.
I've been studying the Red Rust's effects on various commelinids.
Most of them wheat, rice, corn they failed to thrive once the virus reached the cellular level.
But for this one weed, the virus turned into a powerful hallucinogen Nostos.
Had you been a smaller man, I doubt we'd ever have seen you again.
Yeah, well [SIGHS] there were moments I didn't wanna come back.
[CLICKS TONGUE] All I can tell say is, Doc, uh [EXHALES DEEPLY] you had to be there.
- Sir.
- Gentlemen, as you were.
[DOOR CLOSES] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [CLANK] Here he is, England's man of the hour.
Sorry to be a bother.
I just need to grab a few of my things.
Yeah, sure.
Help yourself, mate.
Half of this stuff came from the U.
in the first place.
Much appreciated.
What are you going to do? Once you reach home.
Can't say for sure.
You are a farmer? Uh, my family are.
Or they were.
I remember.
Mine, too.
Well, if all goes well, they'll be back at it, won't they? Yeah.
Let's hope so.
[DOOR CREAKS] [DOOR CLOSES] A good-lookin' bloke, wouldn't you say? Too pretty for my taste.
I prefer a man who looks like he has taken a few punches to the face.
I think.
- Chief.
- Commander.
[CLANK] Funny.
You're back on the ship.
Now I'm the one leaving.
[GROANS] Destiny has other plans for us.
At least I'll have plenty of time to get better acquainted with Commander Fletcher.
I'll bet.
How much you tell him? About us? Fletcher? Only the important stuff.
The rest he can figure out by himself.
Tom Chandler, are you jealous? Speak of the devil.
And he shall appear.
I'll leave you to it.
Everything all right? Yeah.
I just got off the phone with England.
I'm afraid we can't count on them for reinforcements just yet.
I'll be so happy to get those seeds on a plane and out of here.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, of course I do.
Promise me you'll be careful, James.
You know how dangerous Vellek can be.
I promise I'll be as vigilant as ever, Sasha.
You have my word.
I wish I could be there when you take him down.
[COMPUTER CHIRPS] Surface contact bearing 1-6-5.
- Course and speed? - 1-4-0 at 12 knots.
[TYPING] - [BEEP] - Bridge, CIC.
I have a surface contact shadowing our course and speed.
Bridge, copy.
Alpha track bearing 1-6-5.
Radar contact! Two additional unknowns in company, bearing 1-6-0 at 5-0 miles! That makes three all day.
KARA: Contact confirmed.
EW parameters on Bravo match our log of the Hydra class.
- [CHIRPS] - Bridge, CIC.
confirming contact Bravo is the same Greek warship - we encountered off Sardinia.
- Vellek.
He's found us and he's gathered a fleet.
He won't fire at us with the seeds on board.
No, but he'll trail us all the way to Tregua, take out that plane before it ever lowers its landing gear.
Gator, find us a spot to hide.
Okay, there's a single island up ahead.
It's small, but if we could get around it, we could get enough cover to lose him in the island chain further to the south.
Where? Here.
It's the only other island in range.
How long until we're there? - About one hour.
- We gotta move.
OOD, come to course 1-7-0, all ahead flank.
- Make for Asteris.
- STEWART: Aye, Sir.
Helm, come right steady course 1-7-0, all engines ahead flank.
RAY: Helm, aye, coming to course 1-7-0.
All engines ahead flank.
All right, next, please.
- Commander.
- Gentleman.
- Hello, Fletch.
- What's your name? [UNDER BREATH] 1800.
RAIN: I found their HF comms on an obscure channel.
I've isolated their signals to determine which ship is communicating and when, but I haven't been able to decrypt what they're saying.
Bravo seems to be receiving and emitting more often than the other two.
Yes, Ma'am.
I'm thinking that's their flagship.
I concur.
So now we know who's calling the shots.
Nice work, Chief.
Keep working on the decryption.
Let's see if we can figure out their plan.
Yes, Sir.
They know we have no backup here in the Med.
They're either gonna attack us at the LZ or try to surround us before we get there, starve us out.
If we don't lose them in the islands, we're gonna have to wave off the plane.
We can't afford to have it shot down.
How many ships in the Greek Navy, you reckon? No idea.
Why? Well, it's obvious we're looking to hide in the island chain.
And they're pushing us right toward it, like they want us to go there.
You think they got other ships waiting on the other side to ambush? One way to find out.
Lucia! They have changed course.
Now turning away from Asteris towards open water.
Where the hell does he think he's going? Order the other ships to flank him on his port side.
Get him back in line.
Yes, Ma'am.
There's nowhere else to hide! They've adjusted course 20 degrees to port, now heading 1-2-0.
No doubt about it, they want us to round that island.
Gator, options? Sir, we can't continue along this bearing for much longer.
There's a rocky outcropping of shallows.
It'll tear us apart.
Rocks in front of us, enemies around us, and a storm closing in from behind.
We're trapped.
You thinking what I'm thinking? Trafalgar.
Turn and charge, break through their line.
Lose them in the storm.
Never mind the maneuvers, boys.
We're going straight at 'em! [AMPLIFIED VOICE] General quarters, general quarters.
All hands, man your battle stations.
Make ready for heavy seas.
Strap in, son.
This is what you trained for.
Everything floor to the engine rooms.
[MACHINERY WHIRRING] Circle William is set.
I'm trying to get 3 generator to align.
I got it.
Generators 1, 2, and 3 all parallel to the bus.
Bridge, Central.
I've got three generators available.
Condition zebra set.
Time 1721.
Here we go.
[SPEAKS GREEK] Lucia! They're going to charge our line! They're going to what?! They're going to try to lose us in the storm! [SPEAKING GREEK] [MAN SPEAKING GREEK] CIC, Bridge.
TAO, fire defensive measures only.
TAO, aye.
Switching weapons to CIWS, defensive posture ALPHA.
Steady, Helm.
Stavros! What do you want me to do? They have the seeds! Step aside! - [RAPID BEEPING] - Fire control radar detected! Closing to within minimum weapons engagement zone! Bridge, CIC.
Range 1,000 meters and closing.
She won't fire.
- He's insane! - [BINDER THUDS] Send the other two ships to follow him! - Into the storm? - Yes, damn it! Into the storm! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] All deck, water tank is dry.
OOD, come to 12 knots.
Make bear steerage way.
Aye, sir.
Helm, come to 12 knots.
- Make bear steerage way.
- Helm, aye.
Subsurface, be on the lookout for debris! Sonar is completely washed out, Sir.
Alpha and Charlie are still on our tail.
- We're coming up on another one! - [THUNDER CRASHING] Brace! Brace! Brace! Hang on.
[GRUNTING] - [GROANS] - Master Chief! - [STRAINED VOICE] I'm all right.
- Captain, we're approaching the navigable semicircle of the storm now! If we don't lose them before the wind shifts, we never will.
Captain, she's pulling hard to port! I can't hold her steady! Fuel's already been redistributed.
It's our live ballast! - [CLICK] - M-A-C, Bridge, get the live ballast against the starboard bulkhead! M-A-C, Bridge! Shit! Internal Comms are down! I'll go! - Hatches are holding, sir! - [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] [DOOR CLOSES] [LOCK CLANKS] - [SCREAMING] - [METAL CREAKING LOUDLY] - [CRASHING] - [SCREAMING CONTINUES] DANNY: All right, let's get ready to move! We're gonna go one by one! [SHOUTING ARABIC] All right, together now! We need everyone to stay together so we can balance the weight! [SHOUTING ARABIC] - Ready? - Yeah! Good! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] [WOMAN GASPING] - [WOMAN SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] - MILLER: Okay.
She's got a child.
Got to go.
- Ready, Miller? - Yeah! You hold on to that baby, okay? Hold on to that baby.
MAN: I got her! I got her! I got her! [SPEAKS ARABIC] [SPEAKING ARABIC] We're going to be stuck Hey, hey.
[SPEAKS ARABIC] [HARRY GROANING] [CONTINUES IN ARABIC] Corpsman! Hey! Hey! Corpsman, up! Get a team around.
Just stay calm! - [GROANING CONTINUES] - It's okay.
Take it easy, sir.
[GROANING CONTINUES] - [BREATHING HEAVILY] - Let's move him to medical.
[WAVES CRASHING] It's all right.
I got him! WOLF: Make way, Commander! Coming through.
- Can I help? - No.
- We just gotta get him to medical.
- Okay.
HEGGEN: Bring him on in.
[GROANING] Okay, just set him down.
We have to transfer from the floor.
Easy, easy.
- I got it from here.
[DOORS CLATTER] Sir, can you hear me? - Do you speak English? - A little.
We're just gonna take your vitals.
We got a big one coming portside.
OOD, I have the conn.
- Aye, Captain has the conn.
- Uhh! Helm, hard left rudder! Hard left rudder, aye! [SWITCH CLICKS] CIC, Bridge.
I'm showing a single contact on radar.
- Aah! - [THUD] Copy and confirmed, Captain Chandler.
- We lost Alpha in the storm.
- We got one more.
Captain Meylan! Green! Get Doc Rios up here now! Aye, Sir! CIC.
Captain, the storm is pushing us back toward Asteris island! - How far? - 8 nautical miles! If they've set an ambush, we're heading right for it.
Good luck to 'em.
Storm's coming for all of us now.
And the Hydra class is top heavy.
I have a visual on the island.
We gotta ride the troughs, get between the waves.
Hard right rudder, all ahead two thirds! Hard right rudder, aye! All ahead two thirds! We're gonna put our beam to the seas until we lose that last contact.
Bridge, Comms, I'm no longer hearing the second ship.
Comms, Bridge, keep looking.
It's out there.
Damn it.
Maybe I'm on the wrong channel.
Careful now.
Try to stay down.
- [PANTING] - How's your head? It's not my head.
It's just my shoulder.
It's dislocated.
I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna hurt.
On three, okay? One, two - three! - [BONE CRUNCHES] [SCREAMS] [WAVES CRASHING] We lost 'em! - OOD, you have the conn.
- Aye, sir.
Come to course 2-1-5.
Keep us zigzagging until we hit the navigable side of the storm.
Helm, right standard rudder, steady course 2-1-5.
My rudder's right 15 degrees coming to course 2-1-5.
[WAVES CRASHING] [MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY] Your heart's just fine, sir.
It's humming away at a cool 72 beats per minute.
And your vitals are holding steady.
As far as I can tell, this wasn't a cardiac episode at all.
- Uhh! - [THUD, TRAY CLATTERS] What you experienced was most likely a mild panic attack, which is understandable, given the condition you were found in.
And, well, not to mention how unnerving a storm at sea can be.
I'm going to recommend that you stay off your feet as much as possible for the next - [SLICES] - Uhh! [CLATTER] Shh.
It's over.
It's over.
[WAVES CRASHING] What you got, Chief? I was monitoring signals from the Greek ships.
I ran an ID check against all prior calls - routed through our satellite.
- And? - It's Commander Fletcher.
- What about him? He did not place a call to the London Home Office this afternoon.
He contacted another ship.
Who'd he call, Chief? The channel he used matches that of the Bravo contact we identified as the Greek Navy's flag.
He gave the Greeks our position.
That's how they found us in the first place.
- They knew where we were going.
- I have to find him.
Alert the Master-at-arms and duty gunner's mate.
Yes, Sir.
The seeds.
Fletcher! I'm gonna have to ask you to stop right there.
I don't suppose I could convince you to put down the gun, could I? Drop the bag and put your hands on the ladder where I can see them.
Don't make me ask you again, sir.
I didn't wanna do this.
[CLANK] [METAL CLANKS] [CLANKING] [DISHES CLATTER] Blow-in doors are open for 1-Alpha GTM.
We're taking in too much water.
Reset the doors.
- [TYPING] - [BEEP] It's not working.
The filters are clogged.
We can't lose that engine.
- I'm going up to reset manually.
- Copy.
[BREATHES SHARPLY] Cooper! Here! Oh, Johnny.
Oh, God, Fletcher.
What have you done? [ALARM BLARING] Trawler captain.
Son of a bitch.
[AMPLIFIED VOICE] Security alert! Security alert! Seal all exits to the ship! Man reaction forces! [RECEIVER CLATTERS] [WEAPONS CLICKING] [MAN SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] [MAN SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] DANNY: Look! There he is! Stop right there! BURK: Give it up, man! There's nowhere to hide! Make way! [PANTING] Shit! [DOOR BANGS] Hey, sir, you shouldn't be out here! It's too dangerous! - [STABS] - Aah! [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING CONTINUES] - [GUNSHOTS] - Aah! [GROANING] [GROANING] O'Connor! Captain Damn it! O'Connor! [EXHALES SHARPLY] Stay with me, son! Stay with me! [GRUNTING] Aah! [GRUNTING] Harry! [STRAINED VOICE] Right on time, as always.
Uhh! [GRUNTS] Here it is, the future of the world.
I'm afraid it's all up to you now, Fletch.
Continuing creeping line search pattern.
Updated red light 0-niner-0-0.
MAN: Control, copy.
0-niner-0-0 red light.
- Anything? - No, nothing.
Mother's search area's empty.
No joy.
10 mikes out, inbound for hot pump.
Request green deck.
Copy all, Sunshine.
Expect to shut down after landing.
Roger that, Mother.
[BLADES WHIRRING] [TAPS KEYS] [COUGHING] [COUGHING] [EXHALES DEEPLY] - [DOOR CLOSES] - Anything? Helo's still in the air, scanning the water with infrareds, but so far, nothing, sir.
There is absolutely nothing in these belongings to suggest that refugee was an actual trawler captain.
Or even Middle Eastern, for that matter.
No question he and Fletcher were working together from the beginning.
Much as I hate him right now, I hope to God he survived the swim, for the seeds' sake.
He survived.
Greeks must have had a ship waiting behind Asteris.
That's why they were pushing us towards the island.
England's Prime Minister claims Fletcher went rogue.
That he was acting alone.
POTUS isn't buying it.
Neither should we.
But why throw away an alliance with the U.
? It's not like they're any closer to finding a cure for the Red Rust than we are.
They cut a side deal with Vellek.
Planted the trawler captain on the refugee boat, knowing we'd be compelled to pick 'em up.
He got the word to Fletcher, then they killed five of our men.
O'Connor saved our asses more than once.
Heggen, too.
Now they're dead.
If Fletcher's still out there, then so are the seeds.
So we all know what our mission is.
I want damage and readiness reports in one hour.
That is all.
[SNIFFLES] [VOICE BREAKS] There's no way.
There's no way he could have played me this long.
- Sasha - Tom [INHALES SHARPLY] He was on our side until we went to rescue that boat.
I know it.
Giorgio, tell me you have good news.
No, sis, I have great news.
The package is secure.
Tell Dad.
[BEEP] There's no way in hell any man should've survived that swim.
That MI-6 shit is no joke, huh? Tough as nails, man.
Well, welcome aboard, friend.
I don't know about you, but I could use a drink.
- [CAP CLINKS] - God knows I've earned it.