The Last Ship (2014) s04e09 Episode Script

Detect, Deceive, Destroy

From Malta to the farms of France, Russia, Iowa.
Our own backyard.
Our great gift to the world.
I'm proud of you, Dad.
[INHALES AND EXHALES DEEPLY] The last transmission to the prison island puts them here 165 nautical miles south of Malta.
That means only 70 miles of search area, thanks to Fletcher.
Safe to say Vellek's still traveling with the two warships that pursued us into the storm.
No way they'd leave the flagship unprotected, especially with the seeds on board.
They had a team on Kleos just a few hours ago.
That means Nathan James is somewhere in this area.
And if they intercepted our last broadcast, then they have a pretty good idea of where we are.
Question is, do they know where we're headed? Giorgio, think.
Do you remember if you told Fletcher about Malta? I don't know.
How much did you talk to this man? Enough to figure him out.
And there's no way to know whether the Nathan James actually heard whatever message Fletcher was trying to send before we caught him.
To state the obvious, this could be a trap.
Fletcher risked his life to make that call.
But it's also possible they set him up, let him get the message out to lure us to Malta.
The intel he provided adds up.
Vellek's gonna need an airfield to deliver his poison.
Malta's got the closest one.
Either way, best we operate on the assumption they know we're coming and they're ready for us.
If they think we're headed to Malta [TAPS MAP] chances are, they will, too.
Which makes them easy to find.
And three on one, we're unbeatable, even against an Arleigh Burke.
We'll close from the south and then take them by surprise.
My father wanted those seeds in Malta yesterday.
We maintain course.
Lucia, please.
We have to do this my way.
"Unbeatable," you said.
"Three on one.
" Here, there What difference does it make? You'll do as my sister ordered and continue on to Malta.
You Velleks, always looking for a battle with no idea how to fight one.
Let me remind you, Stavros, that it was my father who put you in charge.
And you can easily be replaced.
Greece doesn't eat until the Velleks are happy.
I have an idea.
Look at that.
He has an idea.
Let's talk options.
I suggest we do a high-speed run to Malta and tuck into the bay.
When the Greeks make port, we launch a small boat attack, determine which ship is carrying the seeds and sink the other two.
There are fishing grounds in this area here that still see a lot of boat traffic.
At EMCON, it shouldn't be hard to blend in, - get to Malta undetected.
- We'll never beat them to Malta.
And if we did, we don't know what kind of assets they have on the ground backing them up.
We need to take 'em out at sea.
A direct confrontation with three warships? - We wouldn't survive that battle.
- So we split 'em up, - take 'em out one at a time.
- Yeah, we feint.
Let 'em know where we are, then we disappear.
When they send in a ship to investigate, we take it out.
Three on one becomes two on one.
While the Nathan James engages the other screening ship, Vulture team boards the flag ship, retrieves the package.
So that's the plan then.
We'll need eyes on those ships.
I'll get the helo in the air.
This is not action.
This is delay.
This is cowardice.
I need to get to Malta now.
Now! Today! I worked it through with Stavros, and tactically, this is our best course of action.
We are just trying to make it safe for you, Dad.
Safe for me? You need to keep me safe, Giorgio? Now? After all you've done to obstruct the salvation of the world, now it's time for you to think about the safety of Daddy? Who are you?! Why are you speaking to me?! Dad! Dad, look [SIGHS] You know how much I want this for the both of us.
We're so close to getting what you and I have been looking for since we lost Christos.
This plan is the only way we can finish what we started.
But I need you to trust me.
12 knots.
No faster.
Okay? And, Dad? Promise me you'll stay radio silent.
Yes, yes.
Giorgio, wait.
Giorgio [SIGHS] Rarely are sons similar to their fathers.
Most are worse.
This is your last chance.
Don't muck it up.
[GRUNTS] Another day, another mission.
Same day, another mission.
Hey, saving the world's a full-time job.
As soon as we isolate the seed ship, Vulture team is ready to move.
Packing some serious firepower.
LAMS are the safest way to cripple that ship without sinking it, and we need those seeds.
Sasha, if Fletcher's alive, he's with Vellek.
You'll have your chance to get some answers.
RODNEY: Air crew, listen up.
Get those hellfires secured, Razor.
It's time to start the motors and spin the rotors.
Roger that.
- Wish me luck.
- You don't need it.
Hey, Nolan.
You know, if you're still looking for a call sign, I got one for you - Cupid.
- [PATS BEHIND] 'Cause you shot your arrow [CLICKS TONGUE] right through Diaz's heart.
[LAUGHTER] [SWITCH CLICKS] I can't just sit here anymore.
My responsibilities, the crew The crew can manage.
Get some air, play some cards.
And if you want to, you can move a little, - but you are not going back on duty.
- Doc You have a punctured lung, Master Chief.
The risk of infection is too great.
[GRUNTS] When can I go back to work? Time will tell.
Bearing 3-1-7.
- Sounds like prop noise.
- Warship? WRIGHT: Hard to tell from this distance, sir.
Could be multiple.
- Heading north.
- Toward Malta.
It's Vellek.
Has to be.
We're a long way out to be picking up prop noise from a strike group that should be staying quiet.
Could be from damage they incurred when they chased us into the storm.
Still awfully loud.
Do you think it's a ploy to draw us out? I do.
I think that's giving them too much credit.
We'll know more when we get eyes on those ships.
Captain Meylan, notify the bridge - and get Sunshine that bearing.
- Roger that.
Sooner or later, we gotta play our hand.
Now's as good a time as any.
[CLICK] What? Look at you, running a warship.
- Oh.
- Three warships.
Believe me, it wasn't my plan.
It's really incredible.
Not too long ago, all you cared about was being the first one to drive Jon Lambdin's tractor.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] It was a nice tractor.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS CONTINUE] Mother, this is Sunshine transmitting via Hawklink.
- Do you read? - Loud and clear, Sunshine.
Confirming secure point-to-point transmission.
Limit all further communication to Hawklink in order to maintain EMCON condition Alpha.
We copy, Mother.
Razor, confirm all active radar systems off.
Roger, Sunshine.
Our nose is cold.
Eyes peeled, Nolan.
You see anything more than the top of a mast, - we're too close.
- Yes, sir.
Passive radar feed coming in from the helo.
System is triangulating now.
Waters are busy today.
Can we get I.
s? Fishermen.
I've worked these waters.
Hell of a lot of trouble for one damn ship.
This plan of your sister's Jesus, we can get out and and swim faster than this, Christos.
Christos? Christos! [CUP CLANKS] [CUP CLANKS] Ohh.
Oh, God Multiple masts! 2 o'clock! Shit hot, kid.
Nathan James, we got a possible target.
Moving in for visual confirmation.
We copy, Sunshine.
Standing by.
Nolan, we're gonna pop up.
Call it as you see it.
Roger that.
Three warships, guns pointed outward.
Starboard ship has a big wake.
Port ship no wake at all.
Center ship, approximately 15 knots.
Dropping down.
Based on the wake of those ships, they're doing this patrolling their quadrants, protecting the middle ship.
Classic NATO formation when traveling with a high value asset.
The seeds - are on that middle ship.
- Checks out.
We need to move forward as planned.
Call back our helo, light up the radar, and draw the first ship out.
I still think it's a setup.
It's too perfect, exactly what we'd expect.
So the fact that nothing's suspicious, makes it suspicious? They made a lot of noise to draw us here.
I'm going with my gut, Mike.
We light up, it won't be one ship coming after us, it'll be all three.
[SIGHS] You're suggesting they'll engage us with the seeds on one of those ship? I'm suggesting the seeds aren't on any of those ships.
How do we prove it? - Kennedy maneuver.
- Kennedy maneuver.
As in John F? As in Chris Kennedy, call sign Talent.
Warfare Tactics Instructor.
- I remember her.
- Heard she was still alive.
- She survived? No way.
- Yeah, on a sub.
- That's great.
- You guys wanna tell me about her maneuver? Copy that, Mother.
Razor, light up the radar.
Lighting her up.
- [BEEP] - Nose is hot.
Hellfire 1 safety is up and primed for launch.
RODNEY: Hold on to your ponytail, Nolan.
It's working.
Helo's been spotted.
Greek ships just activated tactical radar.
Sunshine, ready a hellfire, aim 2 degrees off the port bow of the center ship.
Roger, Mother.
We're going in fangs out.
The high value ship should've fallen back, let the other ships protect it.
Instead, it broke formation to engage the helo.
Which means that ain't no high value ship.
My compliments to Commander Kennedy.
But where are the seeds? Is it possible they could already be in Malta? No way he got there so fast.
Vellek's still at sea.
So there's a fourth ship.
Smart move would be to keep the other three ships between it and the Nathan James.
If they assumed we'd close from the east, we'll find Vellek's ship somewhere here.
Out of sight, but still in missile range of those ships.
[MARKER CLATTERS] Chandler saw through your trick, Stavros.
He's probably looking for my father's ship as we speak.
Find the Nathan James and destroy her.
[SPEAKING GREEK] [MAN SPEAKING GREEK] [MAN SPEAKING GREEK] Green, I need you in command on the bridge.
- Get us close to that fourth ship.
- Aye, sir.
Pretty soon, we're gonna have three ships on our asses.
Start pitching.
They gotta figure we're headed west for the seed ship, and they know we won't find it without firing up our radar, at least in short bursts.
So maybe that's exactly what we should do.
What do you have in mind? The Meylan maneuver.
Green, Taylor, Kandie, your objective is to pull all three warships out of weapons range of the fourth.
That means here, anything more than 30 miles away from where we believe the target ship to be located.
Assets in the area? Fishing boats.
Some in use, others abandoned.
Any vessel over 60 feet is gonna have the same radar signature as Nathan James.
Find one, make the Greeks believe it's us.
Draw them towards you, but then get the hell out of there.
You can reach us by encrypted radio, but we won't be able to respond without compromising our position, so you're on your own.
SASHA: Miller, Burk, while Green is keeping the three screening ships busy, Nathan James is gonna find that flag ship.
And when they do, we need to be ready to board that vessel.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Roger that.
We're the good guys.
We're the good guys.
Here we go.
[BEEPING] [SPEAKING GREEK] Commercial radar.
[WHIRRING SOFTLY] 18 seconds.
Shutting it down.
We just lost the signal.
So what? Half the boats out there have commercial radar.
Even I know that.
Fishermen either have it on or off.
They don't just switch it on for a few seconds.
- So it's Nathan James? - It's the right size.
They're looking for your father's ship.
We should move to intercept.
[SPEAKING GREEK] [SPEAKING GREEK] All three contacts altering course.
They took the bait.
Sunshine, this is Mother requesting a sitrep.
- Any sign of Vellek's ship? - Roger, Mother.
Search grid zone Alpha one, negative contact.
Alpha one, zero contact.
Keep us updated.
Helo's searching a new grid.
Set new course 2-9-0.
Aye, ma'am.
Coming to course 2-9-0.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Permission to enter the pilot house, ma'am? - Master Chief - Ma'am [BREATHING HEAVILY] This ship is my home.
And if this is gonna be the battle of all battles, I sure as hell don't wanna be hearing about it ankle-deep in salt water.
Let me do my part.
What I was going to say was, you're always welcome on my bridge.
It's been half an hour.
Why haven't we seen them yet? We will have eyes on them soon.
We're getting pulled away from my father's ship.
Soon we'll be out of range to defend him.
Damn it.
[STOMPS FOOT] - What? - That's just what Chandler wants.
Maybe you're right.
[SPEAKING GREEK] Sir? All three contacts are converging.
Those ships must be within a couple hundred yards of each other.
- Keep an eye on 'em.
- Aye, sir.
Come on, come on, come on.
Vellek, sir, an hour or two, at the most.
I don't have an hour or two, Maroudiss.
I have the greatest creation of humankind aboard this ship.
It's the elixir of life, Maroudiss.
You got me sitting around like I'm poolside on a cruise ship.
Apologies, sir.
But any faster, and we'll be jeopardizing your safety.
[FRAME SHATTERS] I'm worried about Dad, alone on that ship.
He's not alone.
I'm worried about that, too.
Try not to.
He'll be better soon.
We all will.
What is that supposed to mean? Nothing.
Bearing 306.
WOLF: Where the hell are the other two? She's alone.
Nathan James, Vulture team.
Be advised solo enemy warship heading east.
No other contacts in the area.
The other two ships dropped to EMCON when the emitters merged.
Which allowed them to peel off undetected.
They're hunting us again.
Only this time, we won't see 'em coming.
Bridge, Captain.
Get watch standers to all radar stations, lookouts to the rails.
Won't be long till that ship figures it out and turns back to the others.
We gotta give the Nathan James a fighting chance.
I won't make this decision for all of us.
I came to fight.
Kandie? Nathan James, Vulture team.
We're gonna hang out for a bit, make your life a little easier.
Give you one less warship to worry about.
They'll get it done.
[GRUNTS] We got enough explosives in here to sink that S.
And we get one chance.
One ship against the three of us? They're outnumbered.
They're almost in range.
Are we done yet? Just about.
To remind us what we are working for.
Now we're done.
Nathan James isn't there.
The radar was a trick.
I knew it.
[FOOTSTEPS RETREAT] Enemy warship now at 1,600 meters.
Let's go fishing.
- Go on three.
- BOTH: One, two, three! [BOTH GRUNT] [MOTOR STARTS] [SPEAKING GREEK] [SHOUTING IN GREEK] [WHIRRING] Now! [EXPLOSION] I'm picking up explosions in the water, sir.
Metal shearing.
And I have secondaries.
One down.
Vulture team just took out Alpha.
That's my boy.
[EXPLOSION CRACKLING] [GASPS] Wolf! Green! Taylor's down! He has a pulse.
Hang on.
Answer me.
[LATCHES OPENING] [BREATHES UNEVENLY] And here I thought you didn't care.
Demeter is gone.
- Nostos.
Here? Now? Give it back.
Give it back! I need it! - You need it.
Dad needs it.
- It helps us, Giorgio.
This stuff doesn't help you.
It destroys you.
This a weapon for our enemies.
No, it's a cure.
It'll save us.
From Malta, it will spread from plant to plant, all around the planet, until everyone is growing it and eating it.
No, that is not right.
That is not what Dad said.
We can't let ourselves turn into those those creatures.
It's the only way.
Then we'll all finally be at peace.
[EXHALES] Sis, you can't do this.
I won't let you.
It's already done.
I'm tired of being angry.
Aren't you? [KEYBOARD CLACKING] Bulldog, bearing 3-1-5! [EXPLOSION] Nathan James, Vulture Team.
Be advised, small fishing vessel just destroyed by surface-to-surface missile.
No way anyone survived.
I have the coordinates on the Greek ship that fired.
CIC, Bridge.
There's a broadcast coming in over VHF.
Put it through.
LUCIA: You know where I am, but you're afraid to come out of hiding.
I'm giving you a chance for a fair fight.
Consider this a warning.
Show your face, or I will continue killing civilians at random.
And nobody hates putting innocent people in harm's way more than the U.
Except for maybe Nobody himself.
Five minutes, Captain Chandler.
There's gotta be a dozen more fishing boats out there.
Sunshine still doesn't have a visual on Vellek.
But we have coordinates on Lucia.
We should break EMCON, take her out.
There's still a third ship out there.
We light up, they see us, it blindsides us.
What choice do we have? We either fire on her or fire to protect the fishing boats.
In three minutes, we're made either way.
Maroudiss! Get on the good foot! Come on, man, move it! - Doctor - I get it, man.
I get it, man.
You're between a rock and a hard place.
But remember what's at stake, Maroudiss.
Lucia said 12 knots.
Any faster will be jeopardizing I don't give a damn what Lucia says! Hear me? "Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws and asks no omen but his cause.
" I bought your damn Navy.
Now speed it the hell up or else join the ranks of those already martyred.
Hear me? Let's go! Malta or bust! Malta or bust! OOD increase speed.
All ahead full.
[SHOUTING IN GREEK] [HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING] Contact, 4 o'clock! Mother, this is Sunshine.
We spotted smoke.
It's Vellek's ship.
Roger, Sunshine.
Track him, but keep your distance.
We'll back you up as soon as we can.
Lucia won't take us on unless that third ship is close by.
My guess it's hiding among those fishing boats.
There's three vessels in range.
- Chief, can you hulltech 'em? - Checking.
- [TYPING] - Negative, sir.
We can't fire until we know who they are.
We can if we use torpedoes.
Set 'em to low-depth, fire on all three vessels.
If they're fishing boats, the torpedoes'll cruise right under 'em.
If they're a warship, they go boom.
ASW, ready three torpedoes, 30-foot ceiling.
Aye, sir.
Torpedoes ready.
Batteries release.
Where the hell are they, Stavros? [SPEAKING GREEK] [SPEAKING GREEK] You said when they fire, we'd see them.
They didn't break EMCON.
But if we can pinpoint the torpedoes' origination point [SPEAKING GREEK] We got her.
We got Nathan James.
Then kill her.
Vampire, vampire, vampire! Missile inbound! Target is Nathan James! Break EMCON.
Set SPY to high power.
Target acquired.
Calculating fire solution - Kill it.
- Surface, aye.
Engaging with birds.
[WHOOSHING] [EXPLOSION] Nathan James has its hands full.
And we're running low on fuel.
We gotta slow this son of a bitch down.
If the seeds are on that ship, we can't lose her.
Razor, arm the hellfire.
Tally on target.
Laser on.
Knock out those screws, Sunshine.
RAZOR: Hellfire has target locked.
Firing in three, two - [GUNFIRE, BULLETS RICOCHET] - [GRUNTING] [ALARM BEEPS] [PANTING] Warrant! [PANTING] Mother, this is Sunshine.
We're hit.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] We're going down, grid zone [INHALES SHARPLY] Charlie two.
High value ship still in play.
- [STATIC CRACKLING] - Sunshine, this is Mother.
Please say again.
Your last was garbled.
Mother, do you read? [PANTING] You're hit.
Oh, God.
[GASPS] [STAMMERS] [VOICE BREAKING] We gotta get you out of here.
Nolan, listen I bank left, you jump right.
No, I can't.
I won't.
You gotta, Cupid.
That's the one.
You got yourself a call sign.
- [CRYING] - Now go.
Target splashed.
Helo's in the water.
Nice shooting.
Now let's get the hell out of here.
- [RAPID BEEPING] - Bulldogs inbound, track 61, 62.
Kill all inbound threats.
Ready Salvo two and re-engage.
Aye, sir.
Kill those bastards.
Look at you.
You really wanna give up this feeling? [MAN SHOUTING IN GREEK] We're eight birds from empty, sir.
We can't fight them to a draw.
Then we have to fight smarter.
Ready two Bulldogs, launch chaff, target Bravo from port and starboard.
Yes, sir.
[LOUD WHOOSHING] [SPEAKING GREEK] Drive it home, Chief, right down the middle.
Yes, sir.
Lucia's ship is smokin' and sinkin'.
- [GRUNTING, GASPING] It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
[GASPING] [STAMMERING] It's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be fine.
No, Giorgio! Look at me.
Just hold on, okay? You need to hold on.
You need to look at me.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I promise, okay? Just hold on.
Just hold just hold - No.
- Lucia, tell Dad that I-I tried.
I know you did.
You did.
I I fought.
You did.
You did.
- Somebody, help me! - [LOUD BURSTING] Somebody, help me, please! [SOBBING] Giorgio, please.
Don't No.
STAVROS: Lucia, we have to go! - No.
- We have to go.
- No.
- Lucia, we have to go.
- No.
- Come on, Lucia.
- [SOBS] No.
- [COUGHING] [BOTH COUGHING] [FLAMES CRACKLING] [MOTOR WHIRRING] Eagle in the water, 10 o'clock! [MOTOR REVS] Easy, easy.
Pull on her leg.
Come on.
All right, now.
1, 2, 3.
- RIOS: Support her neck.
- Okay.
You're gonna be fine, Nolan.
You're gonna be fine.
We got you.
All right.
- [RADIO CLICKS] - This is Cobra, we got Nolan.
Sunshine and Razor? Sunshine and Razor are KIA.
- BURK: There's no sign of Vellek's ship.
- [RADIO CLICKS] We sank three ships today.
The most important one's still out there.
This is our new Area of Uncertainty.
Vellek could be anywhere in this zone.
With the helo gone and the fuel we have left, it's gonna be tough to narrow it down.
We can't even be sure that Vellek is still on his way to Malta.
We've got our work cut out for us.
We've done it before.
We can do it again.
Let's get started.
This goddamned game.
I can see now why you left.
Did you hear what I said, Dad? Giorgio's dead.
The Nostos I'm out of it.
Do you have any? Your son has died.
You need to feel that.
Christos can't help you.
He's been gone for years.
And even dead, he cast a shadow over Giorgio and me.
And now Tom Chandler has killed your only son.
Giorgio died protecting me! He died protecting you! All Giorgio ever wanted to do was make you happy and all you ever did was show him contempt.
If you had just done what I said, that ship would never have found you.
Giorgio died for nothing.
No, not not not not for nothing.
Not for nothing, Lucia.
For this.
For this.
Soon, it will not only be the dead who know the end of war [WHISPERING] but the living.
Enough with the philosophizing.
Giorgio was a hero.
A hero.
Was he? Of course he was.
- [PESTLE CRUSHING] - Tell me, when you have your drink, will Giorgio be with you? Or is he useless to you, even in your perfect world? [PESTLE CLINKS]