The Lazarus Project (2022) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

Why's time jumping backwards?
- Because we made it.
- We?
We’re a top secret multinational
organisation dedicated to preventing
and undoing mass extinction events.
- If you use it now
- We’d wake up yesterday,
until we go a whole year
and get to July 1st, 2023,
and that becomes our new checkpoint.
It’s a lot to take in.
How’d you like to come
and save the world with us?
I don’t know anything
about saving the world.
- You pick it up as you go along.
- See you later.
You can’t turn back time
to stop what happened to Sarah.
Dennis Rebrov
He’s on almost
every terror watch-list in the world.
He’s ex-Lazarus?
You want to turn back time?
- Yes.
- A nuclear warhead
nicknamed "Big Boy"
was hijacked.
- Worked out where Big Boy is?
- Yeah.
I’m gonna bring her back, Shiv.
They are resetting the clock.
I can’t marry you, George.
I think we’re different people now.
He’s been shot! I need help!
What the hell happened?
It was an emission
of gravitational radiation
caused by two black holes
merging together.
There was a big explosion. Everything
in the known universe got zapped.
So how do we stop it exploding again?
Oh, it’s already started
collapsing in on itself.
In three weeks it’ll go again.
We can’t stop it.
So we’re just gonna keep living
the next three weeks on loop?
It’s the singularity.
It’s self-destructing.
I don’t think we can stop it.
So, someone’s behind this.
If you wanted to work out a way
of turning back time yourself,
what do you do? If it were me,
I’d find the one person
smart enough
to know how all this works,
- and I’d put them to work.
- Janet?
How did you find Janet?
- Your new recruit led us straight to her.
- George?
He went to her apartment in Barcelona
just before the nuke went off.
- I was in Lazarus, just like you.
- When?
Long time ago now.
- Dennis didn’t mention it?
- No.
- You betrayed me.
- I had to save her.
- No, you wanted to save her.
- You won’t find Janet.
Someone’s found a way
to break through the checkpoint.
Found a way to send her
back in time.
It’s a serum.
It’ll help you remember
the time you’ve lost.
I love you, Sarah.
I always have.
Every time.
- Sync & Correction Vost -
Hurry up Reggie.
He’s been shot!
Fucking hell.
You can time-travel.
I was making dinner,
and there was a huge bright light
in the sky and then a rush of noise.
It was like, like the end of the world.
Then suddenly I was in my living room,
and it was three weeks earlier,
and I just
what the hell, George?
Listen, there is a lot
I need to tell you,
and show you, and explain,
and none of it’s gonna be easy.
But I am gonna
- Mate
- Oh God.
George, listen to me.
Janet left Rebrov a message.
I think he’ll know
where to find her,
and she’ll know
how to fix this loop.
You need to talk to Wes.
You have to tell her everything, George.
I just, I can’t believe
you took the serum.
- You told me to.
- Yeah.
- You never do what I tell you to.
- And we wonder why?
Okay, uh, I gotta go in there
and talk to some people.
- So are you gonna
- Yeah, yeah, I am, I am.
It’s just I am going to admit
to some crimes.
- Quite a lot of crimes, actually.
- What exactly did you do?
Yeah, things got out of hand.
I did some bad things.
But I did them for a good reason.
I just need to go and explain that.
Come on.
So let me understand something.
After you worked out
the location of Big Boy,
after you killed Shiv,
evaded the police,
fought off terrorists,
exploded a nuclear warhead,
then murdered the Russian
ambassador and her husband;
causing an outbreak of war
so potentially destructive
that we had no choice
but to turn back time itself.
After all that
she dumped you anyway?
Uh, yeah.
I like you.
If time were moving
in a linear fashion right now,
I would put you in jail for
the rest of your natural life.
- You do know that, don’t you?
- Yes, ma’am.
Rebrov was here.
The other turncoat. He believes
that Janet has been sent back to 2012.
He believes that someone has invented
a True Time Machine.
Is that even possible?
That’s classified.
Strictly for agents of the Lazarus
Project, which you no longer are.
Ma’am, I’d like to stay and help.
I wanna help fix this.
I can’t have people working
for me that I don’t trust,
and I don’t trust you
as far as I could throw you.
Though, I think I could probably
throw you pretty fucking far right now.
So I don’t doubt that you want
to help to put things right.
But I don’t want you
within a hundred miles of here.
So get out.
- Wes
- Now!
You stay.
Sit down.
How much of the serum
did George give you?
Five mils.
A smaller dose
might have worn off eventually,
but, no, I think
you’re stuck like this.
What What does it
What is happening right now?
You’re stuck in an infinite
time loop of three weeks.
The world is destroyed
on the 21st of July.
The machine we use to harness
the power of the singularity
automatically takes us back to
one second past midnight
on the 1st of July,
by which point
the events that will lead
to the destruction of this planet
are already in motion.
We’ll keep going back, and the world
will keep being destroyed for,
in theory
I think I’m gonna be sick.
And there’s nothing
you can do about it?
If I’ve learnt anything
in this job,
it’s that there’s no such thing
as impossible.
What did George tell you
that what we do here?
He said you save the world.
And now you’re going to help us.
Welcome to the Lazarus Project, Sarah.
Sarah, I don’t
Hurry up Reggie.
He’s been shot!
You need to shoot him
in the heart.
I don’t like
shooting them in the heart.
Well, then you’re gonna keep
getting brains on your floor.
Anyone for a cup of tea?
It's a group calling themselves
The Time Break Initiative.
Clue's in the name.
From what we can gather
they've been working
behind the scenes for years
to develop their time machine.
Dr. Samson, Dr. Li,
Dr. Morgenstein, Dr. Gardner,
Dr. Wong, Dr. Wheeler.
These six individuals
were all placed
on an open assignment wanted list
by the Time Break Initiative
- in early 2024.
- Wanted dead or alive?
Just dead, actually.
What exactly can you tell us
about the Time Break Initiative?
I worked for them.
Went where they sent me.
Didn’t ask questions.
So you killed and kidnapped
a few people for them?
I go where the money is.
Very noble of you.
Look I don’t know much
about them,
but they knew about you.
They had us watching all of you.
My guess is, they were trying to build
a time machine of their own.
And if Janet really was sent back
to 2012, then they were successful.
And if we wanted to build a time machine
of our own to fix this loop?
I’d start with finding these guys
and hope at least one
of them is still alive.
You heard the woman.
Let’s go.
Hey, you all right?
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Good to see you.
- Mm, yeah.
So how have you been?
You know, keeping busy.
- How about you? How’s everything at?
- Work?
Are you, like, a full agent now?
I work at a desk, mostly.
There’s talk about me
going into the field,
but I don’t think I’m ready.
It’s just been a lot.
I didn't know
Wes was gonna make you join.
What was gonna happen,
once you’d given me the serum?
I was just gonna teach the same
three weeks of primary school forever?
Listen, um,
how are you guys doing
at figuring out the loop?
What? What, you can't talk to me
about Jesus!
I was an agent there
way before you.
I’m not there now, cause I threw it away
to help you.
I never asked you to do that.
Yeah, you couldn’t ask me,
because you were dead.
I wouldn’t have been dead
in the first place
if you hadn’t forgot that a fucking
bin lorry was gonna run me over.
- Yeah, I-I got distracted.
- Clearly.
What do you want,
do you want me to beg?
I will beg. If you want me to, I’ll get
on my hands and knees and beg.
Sarah, come on,
I’m going crazy here!
They’re scientists.
We think they built the machine
that caused
the second singularity.
So you find them,
they build you a machine
We go back past the checkpoint,
before the second singularity
was created,
stop it, rescue Janet.
Cancel the loop,
everyone lives happily ever after.
Yeah, that’s the idea.
Except we can’t find them.
- Why can’t you find them?
- Because we can’t find them.
- They’re missing. We’re doing our best.
- I should be there to help.
- I don’t think that’s a good idea.
- Are they all still mad at me?
Yeah, I think it might take them
a while to forgive you.
What about you?
What about me?
How do you feel?
I’m here, aren’t I?
I wish I could see more of you.
- Who’s that? Wes?
- No, it’s my fianc It’s Michael.
Oh, right, yeah.
How is that going?
Look, George, I should go.
Do you mind,
if I hold onto these?
- I’m not gonna tell anyone.
- I promise. Just
Yeah, I actually
don’t speak German.
What do you want?
Uh, I’m looking for a guy
I think you know.
His name’s Dr. Trent Wheeler.
I’m looking
for Dr. Trent Wheeler.
Oh! Fuck!
Out of the way!
Just tell me
where Dr. Wheeler is!
Why won’t you just stop
fucking running.
Fuckin hell, man.
Fuck’s sake.
Where's Dr. Wheeler?
Where is he?
Wheeler? Where’s Wheeler?
Dr. Wheeler.
Where is he ?
Morning, babe.
This train is ready to leave.
Please mind the doors.
Please stand clear
of the doors.
This train is ready to leave.
- Didn’t I fire you?
- Yeah.
Well, then what the fuck
are you doing here?
Ma’am, Dr. Wheeler’s dead.
- I tracked him down.
- Did you?
- How many loops did that take?
- Ten.
Seven months you’ve known about it
and didn’t tell us.
- I-I wanted to
- You wanted to prove yourself.
No, I wanted to show you
I can be part of a team.
Don’t say what I just said
with different words.
You’ve proved you're selfish
and untrustworthy.
Fuck’s sake, Wes, you need me!
You need everyone that can help.
I'm losing my mind in this loop.
I found Wheeler
when none of you did.
Look, you know I can be helpful to you,
so just let me be helpful.
You sit here. On desk duty.
No gun. No field work.
You type in that computer
and you do what you can to help.
But I still don’t trust you.
With Wheeler dead, that’s three
of the Time Break Initiative scientists
now confirmed
to be permanently deceased.
That leaves us with Dr. Samson,
Dr. Li, and Dr. Morgenstein
still unaccounted for.
Now, Morgenstein, we believe,
could be somewhere in Russia.
Unless, George, you have a secret
lead on her whereabouts?
- Uh, no. No, ma’am.
- No. That’s a shame.
As it stands, Samson is a ghost.
So I’d like us to focus
our attention on Morgenstein,
and I’d like you all
to pull your fingers out
and get me some results quickly.
Do you think
we’re gonna find him alive?
Probably not.
- Morgenstein and Samson?
- Probably not.
- You seem pretty calm about it.
- Inside I’m screaming.
- I’m hungry.
- You should have eaten on the plane.
Ah, Dr?
What did he say?
He says he must be a lucky man
to have us two chasing him.
Boy is he wrong about that.
Says if you wank him off,
he’ll tell you.
Listen, you could either
say where he is now,
or I cut out your tongue and you can
write it down. What’s it gonna be?
- Oh, do you want me to translate that?
- Yes, please.
Before the checkpoint?
"My dearest Li, The forces
that once bound us now hunt us.
"I pray you escape their clutches.
I will be waiting here for you
in the hopes of our meeting again.
Dr. Henry Samson."
We’ve got a lead on Samson.
Greta, grab who you can.
You’re taking a team
to Switzerland.
I want you in the chopper
on the way to the airstrip.
- Where’s the Dane?
- Everyone’s out, ma’am.
- Ma’am, I can
- No.
But ma’am, we gotta go now.
All right. Both of you go.
- Me?
- Both of you.
You got this, okay?
What about me?
"What about me?"
- Don’t I get a gun?
- So you can shoot me like you shot Shiv?
No. I don’t trust you.
We get into trouble down there,
you can keep behind me.
Just don’t stab me in the back
while you’re there.
Dr. Samson?
Dr. Samson?
In here!
- He’s gone.
- Shit.
The blood congealing and
the putrefaction of the wound tell us
he was almost certainly killed
after the checkpoint,
which means he’s still alive
when we go back.
So we need to get to the middle
of fucking nowhere, Switzerland,
before whoever kills him,
kills him.
Greta and the Dane
are both here on checkpoint.
Helicopter to private jet
to Vienna in 2 hours 30 minutes.
45 minute drive.
We can get there pretty quick.
3 hours 15 minutes.
Let’s hope it’s quick enough.
And that's it,
a stunning first set.
Raducanu’s class, isn’t she?
I still watch the final most loops.
Sometimes it’ll be different.
Different points,
different winner.
And I wonder
what we did to change that.
And what else is different
this time we don’t know about.
- Interesting, isn’t it?
- She’s a Spurs fan, you know?
You have told me many times.
You okay?
I mean, I dunno, is anyone?
Do you think
Samson’s gonna be alive long enough
for us to get to him
next checkpoint?
No idea.
Archie, I just wanna prove to everyone,
they need me.
Are you ever gonna trust me
- I don’t know.
- Like, if you were me,
would you have done
anything differently?
I wouldn’t have got caught.
I’m not, like, a bad guy,
you know?
No one ever thinks they are.
Welcome to London and the 2012
Olympic Games have begun.
So the fact remains that time travel
is not the creation
of science-fiction writers.
It is not an idea
conjured up daydreamers.
Time travel is not something
that we invent.
It is something that we harness,
because time travel
is already here.
It is something
that’s been with us since the beginning
of human civilisation,
just waiting for us to catch up.
Now, we often talk about
possibilities of time travel,
of the opportunities
or the dreams.
But I want to also talk
of the cost.
What are you doing?
As soon as we go back,
we need to be running.
- We’re jumping back three weeks.
- Yeah?
So stretching now isn’t gonna
make you limber three weeks ago.
Jesus Christ, how are people
still confused about how this works?
- All right?
- Just mentally preparing myself
to have a hot piece of lead
in my chest again.
- Right.
- It doesn’t get any easier.
Everyone knows what they’re doing.
Everyone knows
where they need to be.
Let’s get this done.
For God’s sake, George!
- Okay, I’m sorry.
- Oh!
Look, I said I’m sorry.
Just I’m going in
to see what happens.
- Keep me updated.
- I will.
Too late.
So we’re fucked.
Unless we can get there quicker, yeah.
Are you
Are you still angry at me?
Am I still angry at you?
Yeah, for everything
that happened.
My opinion of you
is complicated.
I’m not sure anger covers it.
You lied to me.
You killed me.
You framed me.
And every three weeks,
possibly until the end of time,
I wake up having just been shot
by you
- again.
- Right.
- They’re gonna forgive you, eventually.
- Do you think so?
I mean, I did do all those things.
I killed all those people.
- Unlike Rebrov.
- How many people have you killed?
Not the bomb, I mean. Up close.
- Shiv,
- Rudy,
three guys in a car,
a cop who tried to stop me,
a driver,
five bodyguards,
the ambassador,
- her husband,
- you.
By accident.
And Reggie.
I mean, I killed Reggie
I don’t even know
how many times.
Do you wanna know
what I dream about, every night?
Shooting that prick in the head.
Blowing his fucking brains out
every three weeks.
I swear I keep finding tiny bits
of his brain everywhere.
Shiv says I should
just shoot him in the heart.
But I dunno.
I can’t do it.
You shoot him in the head,
because you don’t wanna look at his face
while you do it.
You don’t want him to know
what’s coming.
You don’t want him to be scared.
That’s why you shoot him
in the head.
You’re not a bad person, George.
No more than anyone else.
Look who turned up.
So what do you wanna talk about?
So, the Time Break scientists
we’re looking for,
are all connected to this one woman,
Dr. Kitty Gray.
She was their mentor.
She taught them everything
they know bout time travel.
Or, she did until 2012,
when her lab burnt down,
her records were lost,
and she was killed.
Yeah, July 2012, which,
if you’re right about it,
it's about month
after Janet was sent back too?
So the scientist we’ve been looking
for had a boss who died 12 year ago.
You dragged me here for that?
No. No, uh,
I dragged you here for this.
Wes already knows about her.
Now, why wouldn’t she mention
that to anyone?
I don’t know, but I imagine
it’s not because it slipped her mind.
I think Janet was sent back
to before Gray was killed
to help finish her research.
What research
would they need to finish?
The already had a time machine.
Something caused that second
singularity to appear.
My guess is these Time Break dickheads
made a machine,
but didn’t know
what they were doing.
They created the black hole
that caused the time loop.
Right, their machine
is dangerous.
They think Janet and Gray
can help them make a safe one
to fix their mistake.
- How are we still in the loop?
- Something must have happened.
- What do we do?
- Nothing.
Until we’re sure
what we’re dealing with.
No, fuck that.
- I wanna talk to Wes.
- You don’t wanna talk to Wes.
You want to accuse her of something
with absolutely no evidence,
- that’s an extremely bad idea.
- Who else, Shiv?
Everyone else is dead.
They’re not all dead.
We found Dr. Samson.
He’s still alive,
but we can’t get to him in time.
Swiss Alps.
What’s the window?
- Window of what?
- Fucking opportunity.
How long before he’s killed
after the checkpoint?
An hour, maybe.
- I can get there.
- What? How?
By car.
I’m in Geneva on the checkpoint.
Why are you in Geneva?
Because that’s where I am.
Just for the record,
between you and Wes
- I trust Wes.
- Naturally.
- Where are you going?
- To get ready for a fight.
He seems well.
Hurry up, Reggie.
He’s been shot!
Are you here to kill me?
I came here to keep you alive, actually.
- Who sent you?
- The Lazarus Project.
We’re a top secret multinational
organisation tasked with preventing
and undoing the murder of dipshit
scientists who should have known better
than to mess about
with time travel. Light.
- So you know I’m being hunted?
- I know you’re being hunted.
I know the people hunting you
are very close,
and they’re gonna kill you
when they get here,
and I know, because it’s happened
many times already.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah. Bullets?
It’s decorative.
Fucking hell.
They’re trying
to wipe us all out.
All of us who worked
on the machine.
That’ll teach you.
- What are you looking for?
- Weapons.
- You haven’t got a weapon?
- No.
Sorry I’m not better prepared.
I had other plans this evening.
Like what?
Funny story, I were planning
on killing myself.
Don’t know.
It were a long time ago.
- This evening was a long time ago?
- Originally, yeah.
Okay, this is a shit show.
Get down on the ground.
Well, what about you?
I didn’t come all this way
to hide in a cupboard.
Keep close. Stay low.
Get in the fucking car.
- Drive!
- Where?
Just fucking drive!
There could be more of them.
- Yes?
- I’ve got him.
- Oh! Thank God.
- You need to track this number?
- Yes.
- Good. Send the team after us.
thank you.
- What do I do?
- Just drive. They’ll find you.
- You’re dying!
- Don’t worry. It doesn’t last.
We talk of the possibilities
of time travel.
Of the dreams.
The opportunities.
But I want to also talk
of the cost,
because time travel would not be
a cost-free endeavour.
We are effectively talking about
bending the fabric of space and time.
Think of time as a rubber band.
And we start to play with it,
to bend and twist it.
It starts to corrupt
and crumble, until finally,
it breaks.
Let us make no mistakes.
These theoretical ideas
of time travel,
they are ideas of corruption.
The particles of our universe
are a finite resource
that can only withstand
so much interference
before they are
irreparably damaged.
Before everything
we once took for granted
is taken away from us.
Before the world we once knew
is lost forever.
- Sync & Correction Vost -
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