The Lazarus Project (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

You're stuck in an infinite
time loop of three weeks.
Welcome to the Lazarus Project, Sarah.
What exactly can you tell us
about the Time Break Initiative?
My guess is, they're trying to
build their own time machine.
And if we wanted to build a time
machine of our own to fix this loop?
I'd start with finding these guys.
They're scientists.
We think they built the machine
that caused the second singularity.
So you find them
Just tell me
where Dr. Wheeler is!
they build you a machine
We go back past the checkpoint,
before the second
singularity was created,
stop it, rescue Janet.
Cancel the loop, everyone lives
happily ever after.
- We found Dr. Samson.
- Where?
Swiss Alps.
Are you here to kill me?
I came here to keep
you alive, actually.
- OK, Get down on the ground down there.
- What about you?
I didn't come all this way
to hide in a cupboard.
Just drive!
I've got him.
- Thank God.
- The Time Break Scientists
they're all connected
to this woman, Dr. Kitty Gray.
Wes already knows about her. Why
wouldn't she mention that to anyone?
- So yeah, what do we do?
- Nothing.
Not until we're sure
what we're dealing with.
Why don't I start with who we are?
We are the Lazarus Project,
a top secret organisation.
When did you get your mugs made?
Uh, Christmas present.
An overenthusiastic secretary.
I already know who you are.
The Time Break Initiative
knew all about you.
We modified some of our early
equipment based on your satellite tech.
So you know what we do, then?
Rudimentary time loop manipulation.
You can switch back to checkpoint
days. Reset every solar cycle.
It's uh, it's impressive.
And, um, I understand that you use that
to undo bad things happening.
Extinction-level events, yes.
Like the one you caused.
- And there's lots of them, are there?
- More than you'd think.
- You say we're in a loop?
- Yes.
1st of July to the 21st of July.
For how long?
- Over two years.
- We created a second singularity.
- We destroyed the world.
- Yes.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
Thank you.
I didn't know it would happen.
We moved too fast.
The night the fire destroyed the lab.
We were rushed to an air strip
and put on a plane.
- Where were you?
- At a casino.
- Where were you?
- I was asleep. Obviously.
Dragged me out of bed.
I thought I was gonna be shot.
We were taken to the facility
in Switzerland.
- I'd never even heard of
the Time break
Initiative at that point,
but now they became my whole world.
And Robin Lerner was the man
in charge of that world.
This is going to be
your new workplace from now on.
We lost a lot in the fire.
We lost hard drives,
we lost blueprints,
we lost equipment, we
lost research and, of course,
we lost Dr. Gray.
But we didn't lose you.
And you are gonna
continue her work here,
with all the money,
equipment and manpower you need.
Together, we will finish
what Dr. Gray started.
It's her legacy.
And it'll be your life's work.
It was strange at first,
living at the facility.
But there was so much to do,
and progress was fast.
Within a few years, we were ready
for our first live test subject.
Decomposition levels in line
with predicted date of death.
Oh, my God.
It works.
It actually works!
We need something bigger.
- After our first success,
we thought only of going forwards.
Of reaching for greater,
more dangerous goals.
Cylinders closing.
And eventually,
we thought we were ready.
- I don't like these readings.
Shut it down. Shut it down!
We had no idea how
badly wrong it would go.
- What happened?
- There was a miscalculation.
- It wasn't a miscalculation.
- The numbers weren't
The numbers are fine. It's the machine.
It's not ready
for what we're trying to do.
It's like trying to perform
keyhole surgery with a hammer.
What happened?
An energy surge unlike anything
We've created a black hole.
And we killed a dog.
- Incredible.
- It's expanding.
If it continues to do so,
there's a chance that it could start
to join with its nearest singularity.
A black hole known as M83.
If M83 and our new
singularity start to merge, then
it's the end.
The end of everything.
The end of the world
doesn't bother me, Dr. Li.
I've seen it all before.
We've been in this process, what?
Ten years?
And we've done incredible
things, gentlemen.
Yet we still find ourselves short
of where we need to be.
I don't I don't know
if you understand the
severity of the situation.
I'm afraid if we use the machine
to try and go back and undo this,
then we are going to
cause further damage.
- we do not know how to fix this.
- No, you don't.
But I know someone who might.
Take them both.
Bring them here.
We'd been years from even
contemplating a human test subject.
But circumstances had forced our hand.
The black hole we had created
was expanding.
Our only hope to fix it
lay not in the present
but in the past,
in sending one brilliant
mind back in time
to meet another.
I have a moral code, Miss Wesley.
I broke it
more than once.
My only defence
is that I had no choice.
Our mentor, Dr. Gray,
she always, um,
warned us of the potential
dangers, of time travel
but we dug too greedily and too deep.
Yes, you did.
After the final experiment,
it became clear
that things had changed.
New scientists had been brought in.
On your knees!
We suspected they were thinking
of adding them to the team.
- Where are the other scientists?
- I swear, I'm not lying.
- Where are the other three?
- We were wrong.
We fled, all of us, as far as we could.
Scattered to the four corners
of the globe.
We knew the Time Break
Initiative were after us.
All we could do was pray
we could outrun them.
All your colleagues are dead, Henry.
The Time Break Initiative
were cleaning house.
You had become disposable
to them, a loose end.
They were worried,
you'd fall into the wrong hands.
Like ours.
They were afraid because of
what we're going to make you do.
What are you gonna make me do?
We're going to make you
build us a time machine.
Hey. Wanna?
- That's what I thought is it?
- Yeah.
You all right?
What are you doing later?
Nothing, really.
A couple of guys that get into a fight
outside my flat later. It's pretty funny.
If you want to come and have a look.
What What was that?
It was nothing.
I miss you.
Don't you knock anymore?
Do you not lock your door anymore?
I brought you breakfast.
What is it?
It's called a croissant.
All of Parisian high society
are talking about them.
You can just say it's a croissant
without doing a whole bit about it.
Yeah, but I like to be adorable.
And I think you like that, too.
If you hurry, we can make
the 12:50 back to Heathrow.
I'm not going to London.
Why not?
Got something I need to do today.
We just found one of
the Time Break scientists.
You got something bigger than that?
I got a lead.
On what?
A safe house.
Do you want to extrapolate on that?
When we took Janet,
we took her daughter too.
We were instructed to
hand her over to a man.
And so we did.
I'd like to find that man,
because I'd like to find out
what happened to that little girl.
You were following orders.
They were bad orders.
And this safe house?
I think that's where he's hiding out.
Well, I'll come with you.
I didn't ask you to.
Yeah, which was very rude of you.
Fine. You can come.
Gee, don't sound too pleased about it.
You got the serum?
They tell you about the
memories, how they come back?
They said that probably
I'm not gonna enjoy it.
I may have been killed
many, many times.
Well, you might remember
some good stuff, as well.
- Did you?
- Some good.
Some bad.
- Some good, some bad.
- Yeah.
Can you tell me about Dr. Gray?
How did you meet her?
I like reading obscure medical
journals. It's, um, kind of a hobby.
I saw a paper she'd written,
some mad piece on
the theory of time travel.
I started skimming it, thinking it would
be nothing but a bunch of crackpot ideas,
but then I realised it wasn't.
I mean, the ideas were outlandish.
Completely out of this world.
But But they were grounded
in something real.
So, what, you became a disciple?
That's the name we gave ourselves.
We were really dedicated to her.
She was
Godlike to us.
Must have been really
difficult when she died.
When she was murdered.
Why do you think someone would kill her?
Because they knew what we knew.
That it wasn't mad.
It was all possible.
Some people will do anything
to stop progress.
I'm gonna wake up back in
Switzerland in a few weeks.
Back running for my life.
At least you've got
somewhere to run to now.
You've got us.
I'm not
I'm not a brave man.
Well, you don't know
what kind of man you are yet.
When the memories come
how real will they feel?
Like they were yesterday.
When I first saw you,
Something stirred within me ♪
You were standing sultry
In the rain ♪
If I could've held you ♪
I would've held you ♪
It's a serum, Sarah.
It will help you remember
the time you've lost.
And what did I lose, George?
Just tell him.
Just tell him.
Tell him, tell him, tell him.
Everybody likes to be fancied,
unless it's someone they find repulsive,
in which case, that's a bad situation.
But you're not
repulsive. You are, in fact,
what I would call an attractive woman
talking to herself in a toilet.
You're wearing a nice dress.
You've had three and a half pints
and one line
of what I assume was cocaine.
You're gonna go down and tell him
that you're ready
to ruin the friendship.
In a sexy way.
And that's just what you're gonna do.
Excuse me.
I'm getting off at Rathborne Place.
- Okay.
- Just in case
you were also getting
off at Rathborne Place
and you thought I was following you.
- Well, I'm I'm not.
- Okay.
I am actually getting
off at Rathborne Place.
Oh. Okay.
now I'm wondering
if you're following me.
Next stop:
Rathborne Place.
He's the idiot.
He had a chance with
you and he threw it away?
- You don't want to be with a guy like that.
- Right.
I'm this way.
Oh right, well,
- thanks for walking me home.
- You're welcome.
- Yeah, I don't suppose you
- Yes.
- Yes, I will take your number.
- Oh, great.
I'm terrible at darts.
No hand-eye coordination.
Genuinely, I struggle to eat soup.
You're incredibly
attractive to me right now.
Tell him, tell him, tell him.
Excuse me. Hi.
- I don't suppose
- Yes!
I will take your number.
Excuse me.
I'm supposed to find this girl
called Sarah.
- You were at that party?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I think I saw you.
I think I saw you, too.
And what did I lose, George?
A burn on his arm in 2012.
There you go,
what more evidence do you need?
We know Wes met Dr. Gray.
We know she covered it up.
We know Dr, Gray was murdered
and her lab burnt down in 2012.
We now know a conveniently
dead Lazarus agent
who suffered burns
at the exact same time.
You don't have to be
fucking Columbo to work it out.
We don't know, Wes
covered up meeting Gray.
She just hasn't mentioned it.
Pretty big thing to not mention.
"Oh, we're just looking
for these six scientists
who all happened to
work for the same person,
who happened to be
a time-travel expert,
who I actually happened
to have already met.
I just didn't think any of
that was worth bringing up."
No, no, no!
Not with the bell again!
Piss bag needs emptying.
Mate, I'm trying to
make a fucking ragù here.
Oh sorry, if I'm low on sympathy.
I can't actually ingest solid
food until four days before
time jumps back to me being shot again.
I do not understand why they can't
send you straight to the hospital.
Why would Wes cover it
up, if she had killed Gray?
I don't know. Why do people usually
cover up, when they've murdered someone?
Oh, yeah, because they go to jail.
Who are you texting?
Uh, Sarah.
You need to give her some space.
Let her sort her head out.
Yeah, you'd know lot about
giving girls space, I bet.
I wouldn't worry about it.
She's just probably at home in bed
- with her fiancée.
- You're a prick, you know that.
Yeah, well, I hope you choke
on your fucking ragù.
Hey, come on, you must
remember something from 2012.
This Ross Keane guy, you don't
remember him getting injured?
- Being on a mission you didn't
know about? - No. No.
If you want to ask anyone, ask Archie.
She knew him a lot better than me.
Oh, you mean like, like
she " knew him," knew him?
They were a thing for a while.
Until he got himself
killed on a mission.
If he told anyone his secrets,
it would have been her.
I'm gonna go in and have a
look around. You stay here.
You want to me to wait in the car?
That feels like a bad use of resources.
I'll call if I need you.
My dad used to leave me in the car with a
pack of crisps, while he went to the pub.
Okay, we don't have
time to unpack that right now.
- No.
- Just stay here.
Don't like people sneaking up on me.
Yeah, well, I don't like people
pointing their guns at me.
That's too bad.
- Are you okay?
- I thought you wanted him alive.
He was going to kill you.
Yeah, well, I would've come back.
Even so.
Time Break initiative's facility
is a beast.
The machine's vast, but able to be run
by a small skeleton crew of engineers.
It's an old military compound.
Miles of tunnels underground they
retrofitted into a velocity chamber.
- Like the Hadron Collider?
- Exactly.
Tunnels form a high-velocity track
so the subject can reach
the right speed for time travel.
Like 88 miles an hour in a DeLorean?
- Sorry?
- 88 miles an hour in a DeLorean.
- It's like Back to the Future.
- Ah. I haven't seen it.
Really? Never?
I'm not really a movie guy.
Right, but, like, I mean,
it's fucking Back to the Future.
- Okay.
- Everyone's seen it.
My mum's seen it, and
she hasn't seen anything.
I've just been really busy
with science and stuff.
But to be fair, you literally
made a time machine.
That's like an archeologist
not watching Jurassic Park.
- What?
- It's like a palaeontologist
not watching Jurassic Park.
An archeologist would
watch Indiana Jones.
- They're different jobs.
- Shall we get back to it?
Okay, so,
the thing is, the
velocity of the subject
in conjunction with their position
alongside a planetary alignment.
The position of the singularity?
Relative to the speed
and position of the subject, yes.
Velocity and planetary alignment.
That's just a jet and a supercomputer.
Only if you know the calculations
you're looking for, sure.
- Then there's the neurotoxin.
- Neurotoxin?
It's a version of the serum
that some of us in this room
have already been injected with,
the one that allows your brain to
become aware of lost time loops.
Well, this toxin creates a link
between the mind of the subject
and the pull of the black hole.
To travel through time, you have to
believe you can travel through time?
In layman's terms, yes.
How do we get hold of this toxin,
then? Can you make more of it?
- Well, we would need the formula.
- Where is it?
In there.
Then that's where you're going.
Move out. Plane leaves in 30 minutes.
I'm putting you back in the field.
Thank you, ma'am.
Trust is important, George.
I hope you won't betray mine again.
No, ma'am.
What about The Terminator?
- You seen that?
- No.
Groundhog Day? No?
Well, it's good.
Also you're basically living it,
so, you know, worth a watch.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- This is Samson.
- Ah, Dr. Samson.
We've been looking for you
for a long time.
So, what are we doing here?
Breaking into a time
machine to try and steal
a formula for a neurotoxin.
Just another Tuesday, then.
You worked here?
When you sent them back,
was there a little girl with them?
Well, I never thought we'd ever
Did you send the little girl back?
Look, can I ask you something?
We're trying to find something
out about an old mission, in 2012.
- Check the logs.
- There's nothing in the logs.
- Ask Wes. - I don't really want to
bother her with it.
- Okay. - I just wondered,
maybe you might know something.
It involves a agent called Ross Keane.
I think he might have been
quite badly injured during it.
A burn on his arm.
That was before my time.
When you got your lost memories back,
what did you remember
of the night we met?
I remember we didn't actually
get together till the last time.
- What do you think about that?
- Well, I guess
I guess I think it means
it must be fate, right?
That one time we actually got
together and ended up not being undone.
Do you know what I mean?
Or it means fate's complicated.
Fate, fate is complicated.
You all right?
They sent back the girl.
They put her in this
machine and sent her back.
You didn't know they
were gonna do that.
I just kidnapped her and her
mother and didn't ask questions.
We've all done things,
we wished we hadn't.
That's the world we live in.
That's not you anymore.
How do you know?
Because you're here,
trying to make it right.
Also, I just know, because I know you.
You're a good person.
You don't know me that well.
I know you better than you think.
Looks like they cleared out
most of their stuff.
What is that?
No toxin, then?
But I think I know
where they moved everything to.
Do you still love me?
That's a big question to ask a girl
in the control centre
of an abandoned time machine.
No, it's a simple question.
It's not, though.
It's a really hard question,
and you know that.
It's not a hard question for me.
It's easy. I love you.
Right, and I-I-I miss you.
And if you don't love me, that's okay.
But you should just tell me.
You should probably stop
shagging me in alleyways
and doing confusing shit like that.
Okay, I'll stop shagging
you in alleyways.
- Because you don't love me?
- No. No. I don't not love you.
I just don't know how I do feel,
and if it confuses you
We only had sex
in an alleyway once, by the way.
Then I won't do that anymore
while I figure out how I feel about you
- and, probably, everything else, okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
You asked me about fate.
Well, I do remember the night we met.
All the nights we met.
And every time you and
I didn't end up together,
I met Cormac.
But it got undone.
Then the one night I met you, it stuck.
But now I'm not with you
or the other guy.
I'm married to the man
that I originally went
to that party to meet,
and I can't stand him.
So you tell me, George.
Is it fate for me and
Michael to be together,
or me and you, or me and Cormac?
Or are fate and love and soulmates
just some meaningless construct
that we use
to try and put some semblance of order
into the fucking food blender
of random occurrences
that make up our lives?
- Cormac's a stupid name.
- No, it's not.
Yes, it is. And you know what?
I wish I could travel back in time
to before this fucking
conversation happened.
What did you do?
Stop just pressing buttons, George.
It's not a frozen fucking laptop.
I'm not just fucking pressing
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
That's not a "don't worry,
everything's okay" siren, is it?
No, it is not.
- What did you press?!
- I didn't really press anything.
Oh, shit.
Yeah, I fucked up.
I touched something.
That was my bad.
Oh, my God, that's deeply unpleasant.
Can I come to you?
Rebrob, where are you?
And why would I have a tail?
When you were working on the
machine, did you see who was sent back?
Both of them.
There was a man as well.
He was their handler, I think.
You didn't consider the ethical
implications of what you were doing?
I didn't know that that was
what they wanted to do.
None of us did.
The only way of fixing this black hole
is to send Janet back to 2012.
- Can you do it?
- Theoretically.
Theoretically, we could do it.
But we are months,
years away, from safely
performing a human test.
You put a person in that machine,
and there's no knowing
what will happen to them.
The only certainty we have
is that in less than a year,
the world as we know it is going to end.
When the only certainty is destruction,
we must head toward the unknown.
If any of you feel you
cannot be a part of it,
I understand.
But this experiment will take place
with or without you.
Are we really doing this?
Where is my daughter?
She's waiting for you.
So you have no choice,
but to follow her.
Back in time.
According to calculations, you'll
arrive right after Becky does.
You better fucking hope so.
They made it.
Don't think even Agent Rui
knew what they had planned.
Agent Rui?
Well, she was with the other agent.
The woman.
Yes, Agent Rui was part of the team
that took the young girl
and her mother.
She seemed really concerned about her.
- You didn't know?
- No.
I didn't know.
Please stand clear
of the closing doors.
This train is ready to leave.
- That's different.
- Excuse me?
- I think it's happening.
- What's happening?
Your life's about to be in danger.
My life's about to
Whoa! Who are you?
Oh, what the fuck?
What are you What?
You're grown up?
- Yeah.
- How?
Well I was six when I got sent back
to 2012, 12 years ago, so, you know,
you do the math.
- I'm 18.
- Yeah, yeah, I can add up.
You've been on this
train. I've seen you.
- You sat right there every time.
- Yeah.
- Why?
- So I can save your life.
Save Save my life from what?
- Bryson!
- Who?
Come on!
- Who is that?
- It's Bryson!
- Who the fuck is Bryson?
- He's my minder,
I haven't seen him since I was a kid.
Since you were a kid two
years ago, or 12 years ago?
- 2012. Twelve years.
- What's he doing here?
- Why's he tryin to kill me?
- I don't know! I thought he was dead!
This is turning into a very
strange fucking morning!
Move! Move! Get out of the way.
Listen man,
I don't know what's going on,
or what it is you think
I've done, but
It's not what you've done.
It's what you're gonna do.
You are a monster,
my friend. You are evil.
- No, mate, I think
you got me confused - No!
I know you, George Addo.
I know you.
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