The Lazarus Project (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

Shut it down!
The only way of fixing this black hole
is to send Janet back to 2012.
- I'm sorry, who are you?
- Doctor Hill. Janet.
Where he goes, I go.
You don't know what he is.
He's the one that's going to save us.
What do you know
about Operation Midnight?
It was a kill mission.
Kill the scientists, destroy the lab.
It wasn't just Gray they were after.
Wes wanted all the disciples killed.
I don't think the Dane was on
the same mission as the rest of us.
Someone reprogrammed
the machine before we left.
We were never going back to 2023.
We were on our way to 2012
when the system crashed.
We're going to 2012
whether we like it or not.
I had a dream last
night that I was flying.
I was over London
and it was night time.
And the whole city was on fire.
I could feel the heat coming
up from it on my face and
I could see the flames below me
tracing the pattern of the streets.
Miles of these, like
flaming grids.
London doesn't have a grid pattern.
No, right.
Maybe it was New York
or something, I don't know.
But in my head it was London.
Anyway, I knew it was
I knew it was home.
What do you think the dream means?
What, the dream about
me flying over an inferno?
Probably nothing.
Doesn't sound very symbolic, does it?
- Do you mind if I smoke?
- You know I do.
What's new outside of work?
Nothing, really.
Same old, you know.
Do you ever think about children?
Not in a weird way.
Would you like to be a father?
I guess one day if it was, you know,
- if I found the right
- The right person?
The right circumstance, yeah.
Are you seeing anyone?
Is that a choice?
I don't know. I mean, how do
you date when you do what we do?
I don't know.
There is someone I like.
But I mean, it's stupid.
It's impossible.
- Why?
- Because she's better than me.
We've talked about your
self-negativity before.
Yes, I know. But she's
literally better than me.
I've seen people, you know.
I've had relationships.
Of course. Because
Because you try, don't you?
The relationships didn't work.
No, none of them worked.
But you know what?
It wasn't the loops.
It wasn't It wasn't that
You know, that her friends were
boring or she was snobby or
she didn't read books
or her laugh was too loud.
It wasn't time travel. It was me.
I'm the reason the
relationships didn't work.
I'm why I'm alone.
You have one new message.
To listen to your messages, press one.
Hey, I'm at mum's.
I just got off the
phone with the doctor.
They're going to admit her to hospital.
They think it's the UTI
making her crazy, but
they don't know.
Look, man, just call me.
I can't be up all night with her again.
We're supposed to be
sharing this shit, yeah?
Well, what do you want me to do, Jay?
I've got work. I can't just call in sick.
I can't just get covered like that.
I told you, it's not that kind of job.
Look, I'll call you when I get off, okay?
I'll try and get over there
as soon as I can, alright?
- Evening, ma'am.
- Evening, Shiv.
- Are you off home?
- If only.
Off to Robin's club for our
monthly cock measuring contest.
Well, you know, I think yours
is the biggest around, ma'am.
Thank you, Shiv.
I found a scientist
who believes she can
build a time machine.
One that can break past the checkpoint.
What do you want to do?
Go back to when you had hair?
It's impossible to
break through the checkpoint, Robin.
And a bloody good thing too.
It's not impossible, Lizzie.
It just hasn't been done yet.
It's exploratory research.
It'll probably come to nothing.
If there really is someone out there
who truly believes they can
break through the checkpoint,
you shouldn't be investing in them.
You should be burying them.
Everyone okay?
We know what's in your bag.
What are you really doing here?
I have orders.
Total destruction.
Everything that was missed last time.
The lab, the scientists,
the documents, everything.
It can't survive. None of it.
It all has to go.
Kill it at the root. You know this.
Do you have orders to kill Janet?
You know. You have to do this.
- Do you have orders to kill Janet?
- Rebrov.
They all have to
What the shit?
- That man was a friend of mine.
- Get better fucking friends then.
He was going to kill my mum.
If someone was going to kill
your mum, what would you do?
Probably shoot them in the head.
There you go, then.
We're on a rescue mission, Archie.
He were on a kill mission.
We're here now.
We're saving Janet.
And Becky.
We're bringing them home.
A home that makes sense.
No loops,
no more time travel,
That's why we're here.
They're moving her to
the ward for observation.
What is that? What does that mean?
It means It means
they're observing her, Shiv.
They're observing her?
Why aren't they treating her?
They don't reckon there's
much they can do now.
So what are you saying?
I'm saying you should come and see her.
The doctors are saying that you
should come and see her tonight.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
It's our fucking mum, Shiv.
You need to come in now.
Yeah, I'll I'll be
there as soon as I can.
Jesus Christ.
All place is shut down.
What'd they partner you with?
Get on your radio and give
your CO the passcode Brimstone.
And tell them Agent
Reddy is on the scene,
then come back to me, alright?
I've got Agent Reddy here.
Passcode Brimstone.
His name's Eric Erickson.
- He's a
- Soldier, Jaeger Corps.
Danish Special Forces.
- How do you
- Because I met him.
We've been watching him as a
potential new recruit for a while.
- Right, well, now he's dead.
- Yes.
So someone's killing Lazarus recruits?
I don't know,
but I want you to find
whoever else was on that plane
and I want you to do it fast.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll send you the photos now.
I met Erickson four weeks
ago for a preliminary interview.
Clean-shaven, 20 pounds lighter.
Must have had a hell of a month since.
This man is at least ten years older
than the man I met.
You don't
I looked up the
specifications of that plane.
It hasn't been built yet.
Hasn't been built yet?
The make, the model, the serial number.
It's of a classification
that is currently
in the planning stage
at its manufacturer.
And how is that possible?
Robin has been funding a side project.
A scientist who has a theory
that she can one day build
a true time travel machine.
And you're saying this
plane is from the future?
So the theory
I don't think it's a theory anymore.
So are we going back
to the safe house then?
We don't know if it's being used.
I don't even know if it
is a safe house in 2012.
It's not.
Opened in 2014 after the incident
with the Hungarian ambassador.
What happened with the
Hungarian ambassador?
Let's just say we needed a
safe house and leave it at that.
So where are we going to stay?
You know, I've got a place.
Your parents' house.
You're sure it's empty?
Oh yeah, I remember
they had this massive rattle.
Because my dad had got
tickets to the London Olympics
and my mum wanted to go
back to Ghana over the summer.
Obviously mum won the argument.
What did he have tickets for?
Athletics finals every Saturday.
Yeah, yeah. It was Jessica Ennis,
Mo Farah, the ginger guy who
did the long jump. All of that.
Seriously, he still hasn't forgiven her.
Anyway, they were gone. Well,
they are gone until the end of August.
- Have you got keys?
- No.
But they usually just leave
them under the front pots.
They're not very safe.
Yeah, they get robbed in a couple
of years and stop leaving them there.
- Well, let's go then.
- Yeah.
Eight or seven.
No way.
Who'd have thought
that sweet little boy
would one day steal and
detonate a nuclear bomb?
Yeah, well, we all grow
up eventually, don't we?
Have you got any food?
George's mum always has food in.
Yeah, you should have seen
her the first time she came round.
My mum made her spicy jollof rice.
I cried. Actual tears.
Yeah, you still came
for seconds, don't you?
That's why your mum always loved me.
Used to, anyway.
Kitchen's this way.
You any good at cooking?
- I'm good at ordering.
- Well, I can cook.
Oh, wow, he makes time
machines and he can cook?
Hard to believe I'm single, eh?
Those are sweet potatoes, yes?
Yes, they are.
And we have the makings of a curry.
Janet never spoke about it.
What happened at the lab.
Not once.
She should never have been sent there.
Not for a first mission.
Look, we're going to
go in quick and quiet.
Pull her out before any of that happens.
Pull 2024 Janet out, yeah.
2012 Janet still goes
in, still has to live with it.
We all have to live with it.
We all have to live with
the things we've done.
All the things we're going to do.
What if we don't?
What if this is our
chance to undo it all?
Undo everything we ever did wrong?
Yeah, we could undo all that.
Undo you betraying us.
Going on the run, mass
destruction, mass murder.
We could undo your son.
Undo your daughter.
Undo everything and everyone.
You know we're not here to do that.
We can't do that, we
haven't got that right.
So you agree with Wes?
Time travel's too dangerous,
we should destroy it while we can.
I think we're here to rescue
Janet and undo the loop.
Grab Janet, jump back
in our little time machine,
land before the loop starts
and all live happily ever after.
I don't think we'll all
live happily ever after.
But yeah, that's the general idea.
- Thank you.
- Here we go.
Alright, there you go.
Tuck it in, tuck it in.
It smells amazing.
- You got any salt?
- Let me. Here you go.
The Dane.
- The Dane.
- The Dane.
The Dane.
This is lovely.
- Very good.
- This is good.
Pass me that when you're done.
No other beds again?
No, there were other beds.
Do you ever wonder if the worst
thing that's ever going to happen to you
has already happened?
Or if it's still to come
and you're moving toward
it but you don't even know?
I guess the worst thing that could
ever happen to me already did happen
when I lost you.
I got you back though, didn't I?
- That's so cheesy.
- Yeah, I know.
Sometimes I used to think this thing.
I used to wonder
if my life were a movie, would
this be the moment where it ends?
You know, sometimes
when we'd been, like, walking together
or you'd kiss me
or whatever.
I think, yeah, just leave it there.
You know, that would be a good ending.
Credits should roll.
Curtains come down.
Everyone goes home.
You know?
Is just is the truth is I
never really thought about
the worst thing happening because
I was so happy.
Sorry. I didn't know
you and Janet were
- Well, it's
- Shiv.
I didn't go and see her last night.
My brother called me and
I had a job. This thing came in then.
This plane. It's
I didn't go and see her.
How long have you and
Not long.
It makes sense, actually. You two.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
It feels like a real thing, you know?
I'm gonna go.
Stay. Stay a bit longer.
I'll make you breakfast.
I've gotta go. I've got work.
I'll be fine.
Thank you.
You know, one day we're gonna
have to work on your phone manners.
What is it, Greta?
I've got something in for
you overnight. Thank you.
A van was reported stolen
about a quarter mile
from the plane's crash site.
Came in from local police.
I'll send you the details.
Don't hang up without saying goodbye.
We have a fleet of vans,
meant to take the students
out to the lower fields,
but we mostly end up dropping them
at the stations. They go to the pub.
We've got the buggers on CCTV, though.
Can you just rewind that, please?
Pause there.
Of course I was gonna go and
get the bloody thing back myself.
But I thought better to
get the authorities involved.
Get it back yourself?
Oh, yes.
All our vans have trackers on them.
I can tell you where it is right now.
Ma'am, I've got a possible lead
on whoever was flying that plane.
- I'm going there now.
- You alone?
- Do you need backup?
- Well, actually,
I was hoping Dennis could come along.
- I can spare him.
- Good.
Passing location now.
I thought it was just supposed
to be me and Janet on it.
It was, but the appearance
of an airplane from the future
rather suggests that
whatever I was going to do
wasn't going to be quite
enough. Wouldn't you agree?
Don't worry, you're still leading it.
Dennis, I need you to meet Shiv.
- He's sending through a location.
- Is he working today?
Why wouldn't he be?
No reason.
- Well, he needs you now.
- Yeah.
You were wearing that shirt yesterday.
What fuck is this?
It's the lab.
- Are they us?
- Yeah.
Which one am I?
Which one do you want to be?
That one.
This one?
OK, yeah, that's it.
Which one am I?
This little guy.
Why am I white?
I don't have any Asian action figures.
Why not?
That's a good point, actually.
You should take that up
with a toy manufacturer.
No, you ought to.
- Can we concentrate, please?
- Right, yeah.
Thank you. So this is the
lab and the outbuildings,
based on the blueprints
that the Dane was carrying.
At midnight, in exactly five days' time,
Lazarus is going to burn this place down.
So that's our window
for the rescue mission.
Now, we believe that Janet and you
are being kept in this building here.
That's right. We have
a little place upstairs.
OK, so is there anything you can
tell us that we might not already know,
like security protocols,
that sort of thing?
They gave us armed guards.
How many?
I remember four, I think.
Did they have any pistols, machine guns?
Just like the ones on the belts.
So Handguns.
No, they had machine guns. I remember.
- Well, I don't remember if they
- On the night that it happened,
there were machine guns. I saw them.
So they're overly armed.
What else do we know?
What have we got?
At least seven suspects.
Three men, four women.
I think they're armed.
They crash-landed a plane,
which, you know, raises
some interesting questions.
Also, I think one of them is you.
Excuse me?
- It does look like me.
- It does, doesn't it?
I wasn't there last night.
No, I know that.
So it's a bloke that looks like me.
No, I don't think it's a bloke
that looks like you. I think it is you.
How could it be me, Shiv?
I don't know.
Could just be a burly man with a beard.
It's not.
You going to Wes with this?
Why not?
Because what if it is just
a burly man with a beard
and I make myself look like a cunt?
- I thought you said
- Look,
I know what I said,
and I know what I think.
whatever that is, it's in that house.
Well, let's go and
introduce ourselves, then.
I love her, you know.
if that helps.
We're going in sooner than planned.
Your mission is to storm that building
and kill everyone
and everything inside.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
- What's that?
- Becky!
No. No, it's too soon.
Oh my God!
Oh mi God
No! Wait! Wait!
Put your fucking gun down!
No, you put your fucking gun down!
What, Shiv?
Who's that?
- Fucking old Shiv.
- What do we do?
I don't
Wait, Dad!
Shit, it's him!
I'm here to save you, you idiot.
Go, go!
It's that fucking lunatic Bryson!
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Fucking get in!
Where the hell did you come from, Bryson?
You don't need to worry about that now.
What just happened?
Why are you helping us?
The version of me that's in the lab,
he thinks he can protect
Becky and Janet, but he can't.
Becky, she told me you're
going to be the one that saves her.
Well, if you save her,
then that's what you've got to do.
You've got to save her,
and I have to help you.
Shit, man, you're hurt.
We've got to get you to the lab.
They don't attack for a few days.
No, they're attacking today.
- Mum!
- It's okay.
I'm scared, I want my mum!
Jesus Christ.
Alpha Unit to Control.
We found a body.
It's a child.
Down with it.
We're too late.
To the second floor. That's it.
Keep coming.
Have this number three.
We have to go.
We have to go.
Shit, he's bleeding out.
Take him to med bay.
You did well today.
Did well, okay.
I mean, Jesus Christ, is that what
I'm going home.
Oh, God
What do I do, what do I do?
Keep pressure on, Samson.
Yeah, I'm keeping it on.
Oh, my God.
I'm trying!
We should get him to a hospital.
Yeah, he's not going to make it.
Just hold on, hold on.
Find me
Find me in Lazarus.
Find Bryson.
Yeah, I know, you're Bryson.
- Yeah.
- So what are you saying?
Bryson Wesley.
Did he just say Bryson Wesley?
So what are we going to do now?
I don't know. Everyone's dead.
Janet's dead. Becky's
dead. Other Becky's dead.
Dr Gray's dead. He's fucking dead.
We failed.
I think I'd be asking a stupid question,
but isn't there a way we
can just undead everyone?
Haven't we got access to a
machine we can jump back at with?
No, no, no, we don't
have access to a machine.
First we need to get into Lazarus HQ,
then we need to convince Wes
to use it. Trust me, that's not easy.
Bryson Wesley.
He's Wes' son.
I didn't even know she had a son.
Well, she does, and
it's this fucking guy.
Who's the dad?
I don't recognise him.
He said for us to go
and find him at Lazarus.
Well, he knows he was
captured and taken there.
Well, maybe he can help you
convince Wes to use the checkpoint.
- Oh, fuck.
- What?
It's not what you've done,
it's what you're going to do.
That's what Bryson said
to me at the tube station.
He said there was a
monster, that I'm evil.
So what are you going to do?
I'm going to use Bryson to
make Wes turn back time.
It's Dennis.
Got you a beer.
How's Janet?
Well, she's shit, isn't she?
I can't believe Dennis is gone.
What happened in the lab?
We did our jobs.
We did our jobs, Shiv.
We did what we were told to do.
- And what were you told to do?
- Take them out, all of them.
- Kill mission?
- Yes.
Killing who?
They were building something.
Chemical weapons?
That's what Wes said.
It's a lie, isn't it?
There was another Rebrov.
He's dead too.
There was a second Janet.
She was in the lab. I don't know how.
It's the plane.
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
Janet and Rebrov,
they've both come back from
the future for some reason.
And now they're dead.
And it's to do with what's in that
lab, so what the fuck is going on?
It's a time machine.
A real one.
A fucking HG fucking Wells situation.
That's what we were trying to stop.
- But clearly, you haven't.
- No, clearly not.
No, maybe killing everyone
who knows everything
about it isn't the way to
go, would you reckon?
They pulled out a body.
From the fire.
A child.
A little girl.
So, yeah, I reckon you're right.
What do you think it is?
Whatever happened in the future to
make Janet and Rebrov come back here?
Something very fucking bad.
What the hell?
Greta, what happened?
- Why did we go back?
- Don't know.
Ma'am, what happened?
Did you reset the clock?
- I did.
- Why?
I've got intelligence.
It's classified for now.
- What, do you need us to
- I don't need us to do anything.
It's all under control.
If I'm right,
then this evening a plane is going
to appear in the sky above London
and make an emergency landing.
On board are three men and
four women and one of them is you.
What are we going to do about it?
Well, you're all going to go.
And you're going to ask
yourself what exactly is going on.
Where are you gonna be?
Where I'm supposed to be.
Hey, mum.
Well, let's go say hello then.
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