The Lazarus Project (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

Shut it down!
The only way of fixing this black hole
is to send Janet back to 2012.
- I'm sorry, who are you?
- Dr. Hill. Janet.
What do you know
about Operation Midnight?
It was a kill mission.
Kill the scientists, destroy the lab.
It wasn't just Gray they were after.
Wes wanted all the disciples killed.
I don't think the Dane was on
the same mission as the rest of us.
Someone reprogrammed
the machine before we left.
We were never going back to 2023.
We were on our way to 2012
when the system crashed.
We're going to 2012
whether we like it or not.
What do we do?
I'm here to save you, you idiot. Go, go!
We have to go.
Shit, he's bleeding out.
Just hold on, hold on.
What do I do?
Keep the pressure on, Samson.
Yeah, I'm keeping it on.
I'm trying!
We should get him to a hospital.
Yeah, he's not going to make it.
Just hold on, hold on.
Find me
Find me in Lazarus.
Find Bryson.
I know, you're Bryson.
- What are you saying?
- Bryson.
Bryson Wesley.
Did he just say Bryson Wesley?
So what are we going to do now?
I don't know. Everyone's dead.
Janet's dead. Becky's
dead. Other Becky's dead.
Dr Gray's dead. He's fucking dead.
- We failed.
- Right.
I think I'd be asking a stupid question,
but isn't there a way we
can just undead everyone?
Haven't we got access to a
machine we can jump back at with?
No, no, no, we don't
have access to a machine.
First we need to get into Lazarus HQ,
then we need to convince Wes to
use it. And trust me, that ain't easy.
Bryson Wesley.
He's Wes' son.
I didn't even know she had a son.
Well, she does, and
it's this fucking guy.
Who's the dad?
I don't recognise him.
And he said for us to go
and find him at Lazarus.
Well, he knows he was
captured and taken there.
Well, maybe he can help you
convince Wes to use the checkpoint.
- Oh, fuck.
- What?
It's not what you've done,
it's what you're going to do.
That's what Bryson
said to me at the tube station.
So what are you going to do?
I'm going to use Bryson to
make Wes turn back time.
Take him to med bay.
Set him down in bay four.
Three and nine to bay six, please.
You did well today.
Did well, okay.
I mean Jesus Christ, is that what
I'm going home.
Everyone on your list is dead.
It was messy. Daytime.
You won't be able to
blame this on the fire.
I'll deal with it.
Anything else?
I have another job for you.
I need you to go to
my son's university,
pick him up and bring him here.
Here? Are you sure?
Oh, another thing.
We took someone alive.
One of the guards, I
think. He's in the med bay.
Keep him locked up.
We'll think of something.
Green light.
Yes, ma'am.
My name's Ross. I work with your mother.
What do you want?
I want your delicious sandwiches.
What do you think?
Your mum wants to see you.
Well, I don't want to see her.
we've had a very difficult day.
Endeavour not to make it worse.
- This is ridiculous.
- 'twas ever thus. Let's go.
What are you doing?
One of the errand boys or something?
I sense you're using
errand boy as a pejorative.
No, I'm not using errand boy
as a pejorative. It is a pejorative.
I'd say you're being a prick then.
You threw my lunch at the wall.
Right. I'm sorry.
You were being very
fucking hostile though.
she can't just send someone to
come and grab me whenever she wants.
I'm 19. I'm a grown man.
- What are you doing?
- Calling my dad.
Yeah, just like a grown man would do.
They're not answering?
Obviously not.
We've actually met a few
times before, you know.
- I don't remember you.
- No, clearly not.
- You know what it is your mum does?
- Yeah.
She works for the government.
- Intelligence stuff.
- Intelligence stuff.
- Yeah.
- Right.
Intelligence stuff.
What's your name?
I'm going to be honest with you.
It's not going to be good.
The next part.
fallen into a void.
black hole.
I'm going to disappear you, not
because I want to, but because
I don't have any choice.
Someone has to make these calls.
Someone has to be
the grown-up in the room.
Otherwise it all falls apart.
I'm sorry.
It is believed that at least
five people have lost their lives,
and that number is expected to rise.
The headlines today,
if you're just joining us,
multiple shootings in London
have left at least five people dead.
Investigations are underway
at two separate incidents,
a university lab and a
cafe in West London.
Police do not know yet whether
the shootings are related.
You know you're bleeding, huh?
It could been when I shaved.
How do we get in undetected?
There's a guard on the room.
The security cameras are watching.
Where's the security control room?
On site.
So we need to spot the guard
without the control room noticing?
I don't know how to do that.
I do.
How's it look?
- Ridiculous.
- I'm sure it's not that bad.
Look like a ninja, feel like a prick.
What about you guys?
What do you look like?
We look all right.
You're lying, aren't you?
We're all going to die, aren't we?
It's fucking bad
It's great.
Let's find out.
Got delivery.
There's nothing scheduled for today.
Yeah, we were supposed
to be here yesterday,
but I got held up on the M4.
Well, I'm going to
have to check the back.
Be my guest, mate.
Okay, miss.
Everything seems to be in order.
On you go.
You have to open the barrier.
I don't know how to open the barrier.
There's a button.
Thank you.
Okay, what now?
So if Bryson is here,
they're probably keeping
him in a cell downstairs,
so we need to figure out a
way of getting him out of there
and up to Wes's office.
You want to take the guy
out of the heavily guarded cell
and take him to the woman
in the easily accessible office?
Yeah, why? What do you suggest?
Taking the woman from
the easily accessible office
down to the cell that she can
literally walk into whenever she wants.
- Yeah, that is better to be fair.
- Yeah.
What about cameras?
The control room, we take it out.
- Take it out?
- Take it out.
- Think carefully what you mean, miss.
- Kill them.
Are you sure you're up for that?
If we do it properly, they'll
come back to life straight away.
Don't do it properly, you're a murderer.
Don't do it properly,
we're all dead anyway.
OK, so we take out the
control room, get Wes,
bring her down to the cells
Take out the guard in the cells.
Take out the guard in the cells as well.
- And then
- Then we
We what?
Well, Bryson said I was a monster,
so I guess I've got to
do something monstrous.
Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
Hello, darling.
Come in.
Could have just called me, you know.
I couldn't.
Well, what is it?
Bryson, your father is dead.
He was shot in a cafe this morning.
I heard about it on the radio.
They said they were
They said they thought he was
connected to the other shooting.
We're still trying to ascertain
exactly what happened.
Right, you're trying to ascertain
Got it.
What happened, Mum?
- Why is he dead?
- I honestly don't know.
I promise you.
You're all right?
I'm fine.
Let's just do this.
There he is.
It's a changeover.
Where's Dajan?
Stomach bug. Had to go home early.
Who are you?
Samson? I've never heard of you.
You've never heard of me?
Fucking hell.
I'm going to cry
myself to sleep all night.
I'll be called in because
Dajan's had a funny curry.
He's currently pissing
gravy out his arsehole.
And I don't trust any of you knuckleheads
to make up the difference on your own.
You know, I was much happier
when I was before, believe me.
Where were you before?
Classified fucking information, sunshine.
You got any questions,
you radio to control.
Ask them.
Control, it's Jones.
I want to confirm I've
got Samson down here.
Says he's in to replace Dajan.
Copy that.
I was only asking.
Let's do this.
What the fuck do I do now?
Go to the control room,
lock yourself in there.
- Look, where's the
- It's down the corridor to the right.
Oh, come on!
Jesus Christ!
Oh, don't be sick.
Don't be sick, don't be sick.
They're just done
They're just sleeping.
Sleeping little friends.
With holes in their heads.
I think you should stay
at the house tonight.
I want to go back to uni. I
want to go back to my mates.
The house I can protect,
the university I can't.
- Am I in danger?
- I don't know.
I want to watch over you.
What happened to Dad?
Who killed him?
Excuse me?
Are you lost?
No, we ain't lost.
What do you want?
I know you've got a panic
button under your desk
and a Glock in your top drawer.
If you reach for either, I'm
going to have to shoot you.
Don't move.
Who are you?
- And what do you want?
- We want a code black.
We want to reset back to the checkpoint.
Answer the first question.
We're Lazarus Project agents.
You haven't met us yet, but
you're our boss in the future.
In the future, you work for me?
That's right.
Our standards have
certainly slipped, haven't they?
Pick up the phone and call it in.
Code black.
You already know
that's not how this works.
OK, stand up.
I said stand up!
We're going down to the cells.
- Wait.
- What?
Samson, call down to
the guard on the cells
and have him bring up the prisoner
- to Wes' office.
- OK.
OK, I can do that.
Can I do that?
This is Control.
Director Wesley requests the prisoner
be transferred to her
office immediately.
Copy that.
He's on his way.
What's your plan?
We're going to make you
do what we want you to do.
- You're scared.
- What?
You're scared.
And you don't know what you're doing.
Well, there's three dead
guys in the control room
who'd probably beg to differ.
Do you want to ask them?
We're not messing about here, Wes.
We are going back to the checkpoint,
whether you like it or not.
Why are you so keen
to go back a few days?
Well, Lerner's machine
works, the future's fucked.
We came back here to fix it,
only you killed everyone today,
- so we can't.
- Wait.
Did you say Lerner?
Robin Lerner's your dad?
- Yeah, I
- Don't talk to him.
What? It's fucking Bryson.
There's two Brysons here.
No, there's only one.
What the fuck?
All right, move.
All right, sit down.
Sit down!
I told you, we're from the future.
You're 18-year-old Bryson?
- 19.
- 19 OK.
Listen to me.
We really need you to set the clock back.
Just reset back to the checkpoint.
Do it now.
No-one needs to get hurt, nothing
bad has to happen here tonight.
I don't like being threatened.
And to be honest, I really
don't like doing the threatening,
but there we are, we're desperate,
and we're armed,
and we've got your
son two fucking times.
And we are going to make you do
what we want you to do, so please,
just turn the clock back,
so I don't have to do something
that you're not going to like.
Now, the version of your son that
I know, that I've met in the future,
he's a broken man.
And tonight's definitely
the night that he breaks.
Don't you understand?
This is your chance
to stop all of that from happening.
She won't do it.
Even if it stops you hurting me,
you're not going to do it, are you?
Let me tell you
what our mother
does to us.
She throws us away
because she has no time for us.
Now, I know you don't know what
happens here, so let me tell you,
this place is in some
government security department.
Now, it's off book.
It's a secret.
They manipulate time.
They turn the clock back whenever
they want, and no one knows,
except the people they want to know.
Now, there's a serum they
can give you to wake you up
and experience everything yourself,
but our mother didn't think
we deserved to have that,
did you?
Wouldn't even acknowledge
any of it was true.
- It's our dad who finally tells us
- Dad's dead!
He was killed today.
Dad's still alive in the future.
He's still alive in the future.
Oh, you did it.
your father's death
- had nothing to do with me.
- She hates him!
He left her after she
burned the lab down.
- That was today.
- Yeah, it was today.
- I was there. I nearly died.
- I would never,
put you in harm's way.
Hey, well, you know,
here's some good news.
Your dad's not going to stay dead.
That lab's not going to stay burnt down
because we're going
back to the checkpoint.
Ain't that right, Wes?
I've already told you.
That's not how this works.
But you could bring back Dad.
She don't want to bring him back.
She's the one that killed him.
Stop saying that.
We don't turn back time because
we don't like how things turned out.
It's not a tool to
sculpt a perfect world.
It's a Hail Mary.
It's what you do when
everything else has failed.
We use it to save the world,
not make it a better place.
That is the principle that this
entire organisation was founded on.
It is the rule that maintains order
in this world.
And it is non-negotiable.
You can torture me
all you want,
but it is
Except he's not going to torture you,
is he, Mum? He's going to torture us!
Jones to Control.
I've got McDonald and a
few of the lads down here
coming in for a debrief
with Director Wesley.
I don't have that on
today's schedule, I'm afraid.
He says it's definitely in the diary.
Oh, shit.
Yeah, I've got four guys here,
expecting a debrief with Wes.
Stall them.
I can't stall them.
- Well, you're going to have to.
- How?
Think of something.
This is going to go very badly for
you. You do know that, don't you?
Yeah, no, as bad as
this is going to go for you
if you don't do what we ask.
You think this is the first time
I've been in a room like this
with someone tied to a chair
and someone making threats?
You think I don't know
when those threats are real
and when they're bullshit?
Fucking hell.
You see?
It's one thing to make threats.
It's quite another to go through with it.
It's called having the
courage of your convictions
and I think you're pretty bloody
low on courage, young man.
- McDonald?
- Yeah?
Yeah, change of plan.
Bit of a fuck-up, actually.
Boss is double booked up there.
She asked me to have you wait down here.
How long for?
Half an hour?
All right.
All right, sir.
Now I've got the
courage of my convictions.
- Oh, really?
- Oh, yeah.
You've no idea what I've done already.
It doesn't matter what
you've done already.
It matters what you can do now.
You really don't know what
you're meddling with here, do you?
Today, we saved the world.
And there won't be any headlines
and no one's going
to throw any parades,
but it happened.
we removed one of the greatest threats
to our way of life
that has ever existed
and you want me to undo it?
You can destroy the machine if
that's what you really want to do.
We just want to get our friends,
take them back to where we came from
and then you can destroy all the
evidence we were ever even here.
Destroy all the evidence?
The people are the evidence.
It's the idea we must destroy.
That's what time travel is.
An idea.
You want to get rid of the electric lamp?
You don't stamp on every light
bulb and think you've done the job.
You put a bullet in Thomas Edison's head
and the head of anyone
who ever saw his designs.
That's what you do.
You want to get rid of a wasp's nest?
You kill the fucking queen.
That's why you can't leave.
Dr Gray.
Everyone who ever
worked for her, they're dead.
And they are staying dead.
Alright, if they're staying dead,
then your fucking boys staying dead, huh?
Do you think I'm playing?
Because I didn't come here to play.
And it's about time you
started comprehending that.
It is done?
I've bought you half an
hour. But you need to hurry.
We don't have much time.
Okay, Wes, listen to me.
By the end of this evening,
you are going to have
called the code black.
Now you can do that before
I hurt your sons, or after.
Do you hear yourself?
I have one son.
I have that boy.
That's not my son.
It's an aberration.
It shouldn't exist.
It shouldn't be here.
You shouldn't be here.
Don't you see how dangerous it is?
Considering what we do
here, you really want to talk?
A true time machine
changes everything.
Nothing is safe.
Nothing is sacred.
Nothing is written in stone.
Our lives will be the plaything
of whoever harnesses the ability first.
There will be no other
power in the world.
No economic security.
No stability.
No militaristic might will
be able to stand up to it.
Oh, can't you fucking see that?
Okay, enough talking.
Code black.
Do it now.
- No, I will kill him.
- Mum.
I will kill him, Wes.
Then you will be a murderer forever
because I am not making the call.
Who is it?
It's Jones.
I was radioing, but
no one was answering.
Yeah, I'm having trouble
with the comms, mate.
Can you open the door?
You've left your post unmanned, soldier!
Look, I don't know who you are,
but I want you to open
this door right now.
- Just make the fucking call, Wes.
- Mum!
- Mum!
- Just do it.
Just turn the clock back.
- George, we don't have much time.
- Why won't you do it?
Wes, just fucking do it!
Wes, make the fucking call!
Fucking hell, Wes!
Make the fucking call!
I can't do it!
We're under attack!
George! Help Samson!
Buy us some time. George.
I just need five minutes.
I can undo this.
Like it never happened.
Is he alive?
This is how it always starts.
A small group of people
trying to do a good thing.
Not looking at the bigger picture.
Not thinking about the
consequences of their actions.
You know what we do here, Sarah?
We save the world.
No matter the personal cost.
The plans for the
machine are still out there.
One of the disciples is still alive.
What do you need?
It's a code black.
What the hell?
Oh, what happened?
- Did you reset the clock?
- I did.
I've got some intelligence.
It's classified for now.
- What, do you need us to
- I don't need us to do anything.
It's all under control.
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