The Leftovers (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Two Boats and a Helicopter

Why are you here? It wasn't the rapture! They were no better than us! I have proof! Free of charge! She beat her children! It was not the rapture! Matt.
Really need to do this today? Especially today.
Next time you see your dad, you tell him he's off the hook.
I will be sure and do that, Matt.
I'm not asking for that perfect day at the beach.
Just give me all four of us alive and together.
A year ago, these people didn't even exist.
Now there's almost 50 of them.
Where did they come from? What do they want? You don't even know who they are.
We know who they were.
I'm trying to talk to my wife! Please come home.
Do you even remember what it feels like to care about anything? _ This is the story of a a little boy.
I'd say, "Stop me if you've heard this one before," but you have, and I don't really want to be stopped.
_ This boy, he's a good kid; not perfect, but good, and when he's about 10 years old, his mom and dad tell him he's gonna have a baby sister.
And the baby sister comes, and of course he loves her very much.
But she's getting attention.
His attention.
So he wishes actually he prays for that attention back and a month later, he's diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia.
And the cancer eats away at the boy until there is almost nothing left.
But he fights it.
He survives and now he has a choice to make.
Does he decide that he was punished or that he was rewarded? Will he be angry for having been made to suffer, or will he be grateful for that suffering because it changed him? This is the story of a little girl.
She's 8 years old, and just over a week ago, she's playing in the park.
She loves to go high on the swings, up to the point where you hang there for a moment, suspended, before the chains clink and gravity pulls you back down.
She's been asleep in a coma, for 9 days now.
Her brain activity is negligible.
Her outcome is undetermined.
The girl's name is Emily and so that little boy is asking for attention again now.
For Emily, let us pray.
Heavenly Father, You invite all who are burdened to come to You.
Allow Your healing hand to touch this girl.
Fill her heart with Your courage and infinite love for all that you create Please.
- Oh! Oh! - Stop please! Oh _ Well, it's probably not a concussion.
Doctor will want to take a look at you before you can go.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Amber Johnson, "a local pharmacist trainee, "secretly stole significant quantities "of Percocet, Oxycodone, and Vicodin and sold it to community college students.
" I know what it says.
Amber here, she poof ed? She was a Departure, yes, mm-hmm.
So you think our assailant knew Amber, maybe didn't appreciate your little newsletter? I got this one, Lou.
Chief, I was just taking his statement.
There's no need for All right.
Press charges, Matt? No.
There you go.
Here we are again.
Occupational hazard.
What are you gonna do? Stop pissin' people off.
They need to hear the truth.
Your dad understood that.
Look where that got him.
You know, me and Jill are living in the old man's place now.
Come over tonight, I'll grill up some steaks, do a Sunday dinner like old times.
Nights are tough for me.
See you next time, Chief.
Guess you and me are going to the same place.
You need help? Emily.
The girl who was in here do you know what happened? She woke up, asked for a Sprite.
Well, she's OK? I guess so.
You know her? No, I visited with her, but my congregation this morning, we prayed for her.
Well, she woke up last night.
You've reached the administrative offices of Our Savior.
Please leave a message at the sound of the tone.
Matt, hi.
It's Jim Lewis from FDR.
You're a hard man to reach.
I'd really love to talk to you, in person, preferably, as soon as possible.
I'm here at the bank all day.
Talk soon.
Hey, hi.
Um, are you open? Sure.
Come in.
I don't know if you remember me.
- I used to come all the time.
- Craig, right? McNary.
Sorry I haven't been in a while.
My wife, ever since the 14th, she's not really into, you know Anyway, she's over getting a manicure, and I told her to get her feet done, too, you know, just to take some time for herself.
I'd take the baby and come back, pick her up later, so How long does it take to do a, you know, a baptism? We we have that confidentiality thing, right? I'll try to keep my mouth shut.
Oh, I I don't know what the appropriate contribution is Please.
It's on the house.
You sure? How about you ask your wife to join you and your son for services this Sunday? We'll call it even.
I don't think that's gonna happen.
Heh! Had to try.
If I don't, who will? This guy I worked with he used to get loaded and drive out to the Indian casino in Connecticut.
Gambled away his paycheck every other Thursday.
And when that was gone, I heard he I heard he cleaned out his kids' college account.
He went on the 14th.
What was his name? Andrew Sasaki.
We don't discuss personal information about our clientele.
Of course not.
This man, Mr.
Sasaki, he was a Departure, and the reason I'm asking about him is, uh I'm sorry, I know this is personal, but did you lose anyone close to you, sir? My niece.
She was 9.
May I show you something? This is Albert Wayne Studdard.
He abducted a young girl walking home from school.
Violated her sexually, strangled her to death.
On October 14th, he disappeared, right out of his jail cell.
And this man, this monster, is on the same list along with all the others who left us, along with the innocent and the good along with your niece.
But someone has to expose these people for who they truly were and what they truly did because if we can no longer separate the innocent from the guilty, everything that happened to us, all of our suffering, is meaningless.
I think I know what happened to your face.
Can you help me? Well, we don't keep the security cam data past 6 months, but I'll see what I can do.
Jesus fucking Christ! Come on! What about the bet? What about the bet? Get outta here! Get outta here! I have to deal with this.
Get down to Pit 4.
There's fuckin' birds on the table.
_ Oh.
I'm sorry.
I don't have any in white.
I know you have a job to do, but please tell Patti she's wasting your time sending you here.
I've made it this far.
I'm not gonna turn around now.
Oh, Lord.
What? Hello, Matt? Hey! Jim, is that you? I'm sorry.
My phone's been acting up.
Uh how are you? Good.
I'm good.
Matt, I'm sure you're busy, but can you come by the bank? Sure.
- It's important.
- Yeah.
I'll come right over.
Thank you! There's been an offer on the church.
But I don't understand.
You you said I could stay.
I said you could stay as long as no buyers came forward.
I I'm sorry, Matt.
I've been trying to tell you for at least two weeks now.
Now, you always knew this could happen once you stopped making payments and we had to foreclose.
Who's the buyer? Corporate LLC, probably a hedge fund.
They can't really remodel, but the land is worth something.
They probably want to knock it down and throw up some apartments.
Knock it Well, it's not some restaurant.
This is a house of worsh I'm sorry.
I have to take this.
Can I call you back? I'm in the middle of a We're out of bleach.
What? Which kind? - Doesn't matter.
- Yeah.
OK, I'll grab some on the way home.
- Bye.
- Bye.
How is Mary? Tell me how I can keep my church.
With, uh, no other offers on the table, we have to accept theirs.
But, now, if you can come in, all cash, even one dollar above their price, I can get your name back on the deed.
What was their price? $135,000.
How much time do I have? Tomorrow, end of day.
Oh - Hey, you.
- Hi.
Bar fight? Am I interrupting anything? No, I was just watching TV.
Come on in.
Doug won't mind.
I promise.
Is Mary OK? She's she's great.
Then what? I need to borrow $135,000.
What? They're gonna sell the church.
I'm sorry.
I know it's a lot of money, but it'd just be a loan.
Things are changing, people are ready to come back.
I just performed a baptism this morning.
I hate coming to you, but this is our family church, Mom and Dad's No, Matt, it's your church.
They left it to both of us.
They didn't leave it to anyone.
They died in a fire when I was 7, and then it was given Please don't don't get upset.
- Why do you always have to do that? - What? Make me upset and then tell me not to get upset.
You can't just knock on my door and ask for $135,000 Do you not have it? I thought the benefit money That money was for my husband and my children.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
I shouldn't have asked.
I just didn't know where to go.
Will you stop making your paper? What? You're asking me for something.
I'm asking you for something.
Stop making your paper and I'll give you the money.
- I can't do that.
- Why not? People need to hear the tru People need to punch you in the face! I didn't say it was easy to hear.
Then deliver the truth in your church.
That's what you're asking me for, right, your church? - That's not what this is about.
- No! It's about the accident! It's about the judge! And it should have ended there, but you kept going! You dug up your dirt, and people called you crazy behind your back, and I defended you because I knew you were in pain, but then you decided it was your calling, your your purpose, like you were personally selected by God Don't say that word! Don't say that word.
You don't get to talk about something you don't believe in.
I don't get to? What do you believe in, Matt? Do you know where my family went? Do you know what it was? It was a test.
Not for what came before, but for what came after.
It was a test for what comes now.
Well, if it was a test, then I think you may be failing it.
I love you, Matt but what you're doing your paper, the church it's not working anymore.
It's not making things better.
Maybe it's time to let it go.
Doug was having an affair.
The kids' preschool teacher.
They usually did it at her apartment.
But a couple of times, he brought her to The Plaza in the city.
He was smart enough to use cash, but I have the receipts from the ATM in their lobby.
It's the one story I will never publish.
I love you.
I love you, too.
They're gone, but so much of them is still here.
You've tried to move on, tried to live a normal life, but you haven't let go because you haven't known how.
Loved Ones bereavement figures allow you to say that good-bye.
With as little as a single photograph, Loved Ones can create a tangible likeness of your departed, a bereavement figure for burial or cremation, allowing you and your family to finally - Hey.
- Begin to feel hope again.
Visit with a Loved Ones associate today or visit us online to receive this Uh this is the only kind they had, but bleach is bleach, right? Fine.
Is everything OK? When you gonna pay me again, Mr.
Matthew? Oh, uh right.
I'm sorry about that.
I I'd write you a check, but, uh, I've been moving money between accounts and Three weeks I work here for nothing.
I know, I know.
Uh, here.
Take this.
Uh and I'll give you the rest when I can? Great.
If you can't pay me, I can't do this anymore.
You understand, yes? Yeah.
I understand.
She needs her bath.
Hello, sweetheart.
Help me.
Thanks so much for doing this, Roxana.
I I never would have called if it wasn't an emergency.
Nights are overtime.
Right, of course.
Thank you.
Mary's asleep upstairs.
I just didn't want to leave her here on her own.
- How long will you be? - Three, maybe 4 hours.
Morning at the latest, and when I get back, I'm gonna pay you everything I owe you, all of it, tonight included.
I'll come through this time.
I swear.
Uh, Kevin's dad, your father-in-law, he left something here.
For me.
He said I could get it whenever I want it.
_ I won't say anything if you won't.
_ _ Hello.
How would you like it, sir? In chips.
What denomination? Oh.
Does it matter? Would you like to bet? Yes.
On red.
Right there, sir.
Uh, sir, our high-limit tables are in the back.
- If you'll allow me to escort you - No, I I want to play on this table.
No more bets.
Aw, shit! We got a player here.
Again, please.
Uh, heh heh! No more bets.
Awoo! Winner.
That is insane! Congratulations.
- Jesus.
- 80,000.
Once more, please.
Jesus, man.
Hey, whoa, whoa.
You know something that we don't know? Gee, what the fuck are you do Tina? You're gonna jinx the guy.
That's a fucking jinx.
- No, you bet with him.
- No, no, no.
Black is due.
What do you need me to do? Good luck.
No more bets.
Congratulations, sir.
Hey! Winner, winner, chicken dinner, right? - Heh! - Yeah.
Yeah, congrats, man.
- Thanks.
- You were on fire.
I never seen balls like that.
I was trying to get my girl over there not to bet against you, but she fuckin' ignored me.
- I I have to - Hey, listen, here's the thing, though.
We dropped our last hundred, and we got to be in Niagara Falls in the morning and that's at least two tanks of gas, so I was just wondering maybe you could help us out, you know? Unless you're short on cash.
Uh Thank you.
Uh here's two.
Gas is expensive.
You know what, man? Why don't you hang on to that, and I'll just take that envelope? No! No! Get in the fucking car! Jesus! Stop! Aah! Aah! Please stop! Please! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Are you OK? Huh? What'd they throw? Yes, uh, there has been an attack.
A man was hit with a rock.
He's he's bleeding.
We're on, uh, Cedar Lane and Whoa, whoa, whoa! Am I too late? Of course not.
All are welcome.
I'm sorry, Matthew, but it's spreading.
Are they burning in there? Yes, Nora, they are.
Why isn't anybody doing anything? Daddy! Daddy, where are you?! Help me! Sam! Sam! Sam! Hey! Honey? Do you hear me? Help! Please! I need help! Honey? Kevin! Where did you go? Help me! My wife is hurt! Please! Help! Matt, Matt.
Why do you persist? Why isn't anybody doing anything? Oh! My God! God.
Hey, you shouldn't be up.
- What time is it? - You need to sit down.
What time is it? Please, I need you to call the bank.
The one on ***.
Ask to speak to Jim Lewis.
Tell him not to close.
Tell him Matt Jamison is coming over right now.
Wait a minute.
I don't know now.
You Just call him! No, no! - Someone called! - We're sorry.
We're closing.
Wait! I need to see Jim Lewis.
- We open tomorrow at 8:00.
- But wait! He's expecting me! - Hey! - Step back! Jim! Jim! It's Matt! It's OK, Frank.
Let him in.
Jesus! Matt! What what happened? I was, uh I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Here it is.
All of it, in cash.
Well, I I'm sorry, Matt.
It's it's too late.
No, it you said end of day, and it's only10 minutes.
I I have the money.
We made a deal.
That was 3 days ago.
What? You came in on Monday.
This is Thursday.
Now, I tried calling you on your cell phone, but I'm, uh, I I'm sorry, Matt.
No one here wanted them to have it.
But they paid all cash, no escrow.
They, uh, they took possession yesterday.
"They"? Sync & Corrections by Darcade