The Leftovers (2014) s02e06 Episode Script


_ No, no, no.
Everyone can show correlation.
Even fucking Denzinger can show correlation.
What is the cause, huh? What's the cause? I'm here for research.
I'm not putting my equipment through your fucking machine.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Is this the home of Evangeline Murphy? Who are you? Gracias.
Hey! - Nora Durst? - Yes.
Hello, my name is Dr.
Joaquin Cuarto.
May I speak to you for a few minutes? About what? Um, may I ask when you moved into this house? What? Um, the records say you purchased it on the 21st.
But when did you actually take residence, On the 21st or on the 22nd? I don't remember.
Why are you asking me that? The girl next door disappeared on the 22nd.
Um, is that the day you moved in? Did you make contact with her? - What? - Evangeline Murphy.
Did you touch her at all on that day? What is that thing? May I ask were you in physical contact With your husband and your children on October the 14th At the moment of their departure? Get the fuck off my porch.
This will just take a minute.
If you'll just hold still.
- Get off my porch.
- Please don't Just hold still.
Get out of here! I'm just trying to help you.
You okay? I'm fine.
Good morning, Mary.
Hope you slept better than I did.
Would you like to visit Matt today? You must miss him, huh? _ - Hello? - Hello.
- Is this Nora Durst? - Yes.
Miss Durst, my name is Dr.
Allison Hebert.
- How are you this morning? - I'm fine.
I believe my colleague Dr.
Cuarto Paid you a visit yesterday.
- Miss Durst? - Please don't call this number.
You okay? I'm just tired.
I didn't sleep great.
Go back to bed.
I can feed Mary.
You sure? Go.
Is the baby awake? - Not yet.
- Okay.
Uncuff me? Maybe in a minute.
If you cooperate.
And if I don't? Then you will pay.
What? Did I hurt you? No, I just got a cramp in my leg.
_ Babe.
Somebody threw a rock through our window.
What? Somebody threw a rock through our window.
You slept through it? Uh, yeah.
What do you think this is about? What do you think this is about? Wait, babe, where you going? To get a broom and dustpan.
- Who is it? - It's him again.
Murphy, can I speak to you for one moment? Don't answer it.
Oh, baby.
_ Morning.
Can I ask you a question? - Is there a place - Who are you? - Sorry? - Who are you? Oh, uh, George brevity.
I'm with the DSD, The department of sudden departure.
Nora durst, northeast division.
I'm on leave.
Small world, huh? - What branch? - Benefits.
You? Secondaries.
Oh, of course.
Do you know them? The Murphys? Not well.
We just moved in.
- Lucky you.
- Lucky me? I mean, it's hard to find a place here, You know, since we verified.
What did you want to ask me? Oh, is there a good place to get breakfast? The tourist stuff is getting old.
Try Smitty's.
There's no sign outside.
There's a green awning across from the guy on the pillar.
- Smitty's.
- Mm-hmm.
Excuse me, Mrs.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Mrs.
Could I just talk with you a moment? Mrs.
Poor woman, huh? It's horrible.
We need you to talk john into talking to the DSD.
John isn't the one that doesn't want to talk to them, I am.
Why not? We've talked to the police, we've talked to the FBI.
And they're the ones that are looking for our girls.
But they haven't found them.
The man from the DSD said that he could rule out Rule out what? What questions did he ask that we haven't already been asked? We're not supposed to say.
- We signed a - nondisclosure agreement.
What are y'all wearing tonight? To the fundraiser.
I'm wearing whatever I want.
Okay, well, then I'll see you tonight.
Emily, you smell like alcohol.
_ Order up.
Hey, you found it.
Yeah, the promised land.
Mind if I sit with you for a sec? I ordered some carryout.
Be my guest.
Forget the water.
This brisket's the miracle.
Mmm, barbecue is a religious experience down here.
- You're not from Texas? - DC.
Oh, I thought they'd send someone from regional.
You're living in the only municipality With a population above Three girls lifted from here? They're not calling regional.
But they're gonna rule it unconfirmed, right? Not gonna rule anything till your neighbors talk to me.
I administered the new questionnaire to the parents of the other girls.
None of the fraud flags popped.
There's a new questionnaire? Uh-huh.
The algorithm came from the Japanese.
Getting some interesting results.
Can I see it? You kidding me? They'd fire me.
They want me to sleep with this thing under my pillow.
I mean, if the questions got corrupted, There'd be no way to confirm the secondary is the real deal.
Mm, the real deal.
The girl's Mercedes was found running Like a foot just disappeared off the gas pedal.
Music still blasting.
All the personal effects are still inside the car.
Purses, phones.
No sign of any kind of struggle whatsoever.
No reason to run.
Everybody I've talked to around here says these are good girls.
Choir girls.
Three weeks gone and there's not a single sighting of them anywhere.
If the questionnaire says they lifted, Maybe they lifted.
Can I ask you something stupid? My favorite kind of question.
Have you ever heard of someone Being responsible for another person's departure? You mean the lensing thing? Lensing? You know, like a lens.
Like a kid taking a magnifying glass and frying ants with it.
The idea is that someone gives off Ultraviolet rays or whatnot Causing everyone around them to lift.
It was in that "scientific American" article they emailed us last month.
Can you forward that to me? - Dr.
Murphy? - Mm.
We need you in exam three.
Can somebody else take it? It should probably be you.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I was just selling water.
How much? Just a couple of bottles.
How much are you selling it for? The samples I took from the spring that drained are genuine, So if people are willing to pay that much, Then what did I do wrong? Want to let me take a look at your hand? Yeah.
They took my palm print.
Why would they do that? Can you make a fist? I want a copy of your report.
The rangers want a list of my injuries when I go in to describe my attackers.
One of them black, 40, clean-cut? He's the one that hit you the hardest? Yeah.
That's john Murphy.
Maybe you let him slide just this once.
Why would I do that? Because I have plans tonight and I don't want to miss them Because I'm back in here fixing you up again.
Let me get you some ice.
What are you doing out here, miss lily? Oh, let's get out of there.
Oh, oh, okay.
"researchers found themselves intrigued By the anomalous phenomenon of the departure cluster, The most extreme example of which is the notorious Brandenburg carousel.
" They never confirmed that fucking carousel.
Some genius in German tourism cooked it up.
- Lily? - She was on the hood of the truck.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Kevin was watching her.
I thought she was down for a nap.
No worries.
When Evie was five years old, I thought she was playing in the backyard.
I had no idea she was gone until her friend's mom called And asked when was I gonna pick her up.
My daughter Erin did that same thing when she was four.
Oh, I didn't know you had another daughter.
I used to, but she's gone now.
My son, too.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Well, thank you again.
Don't tell me how to fucking do it.
I know how to strip fucking It's wallpaper.
Well, then don't fucking tell me.
Who are you talking to? Myself.
Oh, shit.
I took her to the hardware store and I had all that shit to carry And then I I forgot to go back out and get her.
- I am so sorry.
- Kevin.
It's okay.
It happens.
It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
You should hop in the shower.
I'm gonna take Mary to visit Matt And then I'll meet you at the visitors' center for the fundraiser.
- Wait, what? - The fundraiser.
For the Murphys and the other missing girls.
- We're going to that? - Why wouldn't we? Because we asked them for help and they fucking banished your brother.
Matt banished himself.
And people aren't at their best when they're in that kind of pain.
We should support them.
That's what neighbors do.
Oh, shit.
- Have you seen my batteries? - Huh? The batteries for my ears.
They're not in the kitchen drawer.
You want me to run out to the pharmacy? No, I have some upstairs.
You think this is on me? What? People throwing rocks through our window.
You think it's because of what I do? That man that you beat the shit out of this morning, He thinks it's because he was selling our water.
No, he was selling lies.
Then why'd you take his palm print? Because I seem to recall there being one left On the car that our daughter disappeared from.
Let's just call this what it is.
What is it? You need to hit people because you need to hit people.
I'm trying.
I know, babe.
SPF 75? What a joke.
Anything over 30 is basically useless.
- Hey.
- Hey.
We're going to visit Matt.
Do you want to come to the fundraiser with us or go with your dad? Actually, Michael asked me.
How do his parents feel about that? I don't think that he asked them.
And I'm not really asking you either.
Well, if you were, I'd say he's a sweet guy And I'm happy for you.
All right, I'll see you there? See you there.
_ - Hello.
- Miss Durst, please don't hang up.
It's Allison Hebert again.
If I could have one moment, please? What do you want? I need to apologize for my colleague Dr.
He's a great scientist, but he lacks people skills.
He should not have come to your home To collect the data from you without permission.
- Data? - Yes.
I must say the measurements he took were very promising.
If you'd allow us, we could guarantee their accuracy By replicating them in laboratory conditions.
You think I'm a lens? You're familiar with this theory? Not really.
I don't I just read an article.
Miss Durst, you moved to Jarden, a town with no departures, And that very night three girls disappeared, One of whom lived next door to you.
Yes, we believe you are a lens.
Why? Do you know why me? Well, this is where our research is, um Divisive.
I would like very much to discuss this in person.
Please just tell me.
Miss durst, we believe that the demon Azrael has chosen you as his earthbound instrument.
This entity resides in you through no fault of your own and is responsible for the chaos that surrounds you and possibly many others.
Cuarto and I have contacted the Vatican Hey! Hey! - Why'd you run? - I was just dropping off Wait, wait, wait.
Say it again and say it slow.
What the fuck is this? That's a pie.
Why'd you send it to my house? Well, 'cause I know you're in pain.
John got a pie on his birthday.
We weren't in pain then.
You weren't? Is this about Michael coming to pray with me? What? Oh, he didn't tell you.
I'm not gonna say this again.
Stay away from my family.
I know what I did.
And I know I can never make it right.
And I also know that you wish it wasn't so, But I am your family, Erika.
You want to take a bird with you? Why the fuck would I do that? Hey.
I come bearing gifts.
Hey! - Thanks.
- Yummy.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- That was for you.
- No, we share everything here.
Hello, my love.
I'm sorry you have to come out here again.
Not all the people are degenerates.
So this is, what, your new congregation? Nah, just a bunch of folks who needed a little guidance.
And all you had to do to win their respect was humiliate yourself in the stocks.
No, all I had to do was refuse to let someone else take my place.
Suffering breeds compassion.
Nobody does it like you, Matt.
You clean the tube every night? Of course.
And we got the bed like you had back in Mapleton.
They're expensive.
You and Kevin didn't have to do that.
It's fine.
We rented it.
The OB appointment is this Friday, So we'll pick you up on the way out of town.
I bet you're looking forward to that, huh? Get our first peek.
Hear the heartbeat.
Any sign of her Waking up? No, Matt.
Give her time.
You look nice.
Going somewhere special? Oh, we're going to the fundraiser for the families of the missing girls.
They need money to continue the search, so What? You bringing Mary? Yeah, we're going straight from here.
What, Matt? The Murphys don't believe what happened to her.
They deny it.
You bringing her to their party may be regarded as hostile.
They lost their daughter.
Why would I feel hostile towards them? I don't know.
Why would you? Fuck you, Matt.
- Let me help you with that.
- I got it.
Thank you.
She loved that on you.
I think she just wanted you to give it to her, but you never took the hint.
I took the hint.
Just wanted it for myself.
I'm in here.
- You gonna get dressed? - Yeah, just a minute.
I know you go out there to pray with him.
Who? Don't make me say his name.
Do you know what your father would do if he found out? Shoot him again? Michael, you can't go out there anymore.
- He deserves forgiveness.
- No, not him.
Everyone who asks for it deserves it, Mom.
Even him.
Michael, go get dressed.
But again, thank you.
Listen to me, if you call this number again, I will report you to the fucking police.
Do you understand me? Is this Nora? Who is this? It's Laurie Garvey.
Nora, are you there? How did you get this number? On the internet.
It's really easy to unlist if you want.
I'm sorry to call you.
I know it's not fair, But I just need to know, is Tom there? - Tom? - My son, Tommy.
Is he there with you in Texas? No, he's not here.
I've never even met him.
Is something wrong? Well, if you do see him, if he comes there, will you tell him that I'm worried about him? Can you tell him I'm sorry? Okay, I'll do that.
All right.
Thanks, Nora.
Hey, how was Matt? Fine.
- You okay? - Yeah, let's go sit.
Hi there.
We're taking donations for the reward fund and for the families to hire out-of-state resources for the search.
Oh, yes, of course.
We'd like to give 500, please.
That's very generous.
Do you have a Paypal account? - Sorry? - A Paypal account.
That's how we do the donations.
If you don't have one, I can set one up for you.
- No, I have one.
- Then you know the drill.
There you go.
Let's grab those seats up there.
Excuse me.
- Evening.
- Oh, hey there.
Oh, Kevin, this is I'm sorry, I forgot your name.
George Brevity, DSD.
Oh, did you guys work together or? Mm-mmm.
I sent you that article.
Did you get it? - Yeah, it was horseshit.
- Really? Our research guys thought there was some pretty interesting stuff there.
They're working some of that data into the new questionnaire.
Okay, if everybody could just take their seats.
- Excuse me.
I've got to record this.
- Okay.
We're gonna go ahead and get started.
Thank you.
On behalf of me and Sam and Loretta And John and Erika, We are so grateful for y'all coming out to support our girls so we can get them back to that beautiful choir real soon.
If Taylor and Violet and Evie are out there, we're gonna find them.
Our girls were such good friends ever since they were little.
Emily and I put together this little slide show.
I hope you enjoy it.
Uh-uh, no.
How do I stop this? Jerry, uh-uh, no.
You got to get out of here.
- Let him do it.
- No, Jerry.
Come on, let him do it.
He's trying to help.
He's trying to help? This man is crazy.
He killed a goat on October 14 Before any of us knew what happened and he was locked up in jail where he should have stayed.
But then all y'all decided that Jerry must have saved us, that Jerry knew something.
He sacrificed something to protect us.
So now he's a holy man and he gets to walk around here Killing goats whenever he feels like it just in case? Babe, can you calm down, please? No, you let him do it, too.
If there aren't any miracles in Miracle, then why does he get a pass? Cecilia, you were trying on your wedding dress when it happened, huh? So now you put it on every day and you take pictures with the tourists, huh? Number 13 on the audio tour.
Well, maybe you were the one that saved us.
Maybe, huh? We are the 9,261 and we are spared.
We're spared.
We're not spared.
We're not safe.
All this shit we're walking around here doing, it doesn't matter.
It doesn't work.
My daughter is gone.
So no.
No, Jerry.
She departed.
See you at home.
Where are you going? Okay, folks, everybody just stay seated.
Everything's gonna be fine.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I was at the fundraiser.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
It's the questions the DSD wants to ask you.
Where did you get it? I borrowed it.
That man, the agent isn't going to leave you alone.
I wanted you to have it so you could see there's nothing to be scared of.
I'm scared? Yes.
Of what? You're scared that if you answer these questions, everyone's gonna know that your daughter didn't depart.
She didn't? And those questions will prove it? Well, come on in and ask them.
Did the missing person bite or chew his or her fingernails? No.
Did the missing person recently commence new dietary habits including but not restricted to vegan, gluten-free or paleolithic? No.
Would you describe the missing person as generous? Yes.
Would you describe yourself as generous? Generous people don't describe themselves as generous.
So no? No.
To your knowledge, did the missing person consume one or more alcoholic beverages per day? No.
Do you consume one or more alcoholic beverages per day? No.
Did the missing person use aluminum-based antiperspirant? She uses secret.
It's aluminum-based.
Is the missing person a product of a multiple birth? Yes, Evie and Michael are twins.
Did the missing person have visual impairment or wear corrective lenses? Yes.
Was the missing person diagnosed with any neurological conditions Such as essential tremor, Tourette's syndrome or any disorder that manifested seizures? She has epilepsy.
She had a seizure the night she disappeared.
You were there.
Yeah, I remember.
How often on average did you dream about the missing person prior to their disappearance? I don't know.
Three or four times a month.
How often on average do you dream about them now? Every night.
To the best of your recollection, what were the last words the missing person spoke to you? I don't remember.
You don't remember? No.
To the best of your knowledge, did the missing person ever express a desire to hurt him or herself? If so, why? Absolutely not.
Have you ever expressed a desire to hurt yourself? If so, why? No.
To the best of your knowledge, did the missing person withdraw more than $1,000 from his or her bank within 30 days prior to their disappearance? If so, what for? Evie's account is connected to ours.
She didn't withdraw any money.
Did you withdraw more than $1,000 from your bank within 30 days prior to the disappearance? If so, what for? Yes.
If so, what for? I was gonna leave John.
You're surprised because we seem so happy.
My Grandmother was born here.
She lived here all her life.
She used to tell us kids this place is chosen.
The Good Lord pointed His finger down on the final day of creation "You.
The Jarden of Eden.
" We didn't believe her, but she said there was a way to prove it, a way to make your wishes come true.
You take a bird, you put it in a box and you bury it.
Anywhere in the woods is fine.
And you wait.
You wait three days, you come back, dig it up, and if it's alive, right then is when you make your wish.
Little girls believe all sorts of things, but I knew pretend when I heard it.
Birds living in the ground for three days is pretend.
Making wishes is pretend.
The Good Lord is pretend.
And then on October 14, people went away from everywhere except here.
That was real.
That happened.
My Grandma had been dead for 10 years, but she was right.
This place was chosen.
And about a month ago, I was walking out to my car and I saw it.
A sparrow right by the driver's side door lying there like it was trying to get me to help it.
It was dehydrated.
Almost dead.
You think I nursed it back to health, Nora? Depending on the size of the box, a bird can survive 20 hours.
Anything over 30 hours is medically impossible.
And like I said, this bird, it didn't have anything left.
So I waited the three days.
I jogged out to the woods, I dug up the box, and I made my wish before I opened it.
I wished that my kids would be okay if I left.
Because they had no idea I needed to go.
No idea what it's like to pretend.
Michael, he has his faith.
He'd be fine.
But Evie She wouldn't understand.
It would break her heart.
So I wished that she'd be okay without me.
I opened up the box, the bird flew out.
And the next night my daughter was gone.
Well, Erika, that's just That's quite a stretch.
Your logic, I'm sorry, it's a little all over the place, don't you think? Well, what do you think? You wanted to leave your husband.
Okay, so why didn't he go? Why didn't you? disappeared three years ago.
Did you wish them away, too? Because that's a lot of birds to bury, Erika.
That's a flock of epic proportions.
I get it.
I felt the same as you.
I I felt responsible for losing my children.
I thought it was my fault.
But I moved past it.
I evolved.
Because that's pathetic.
Terrible things happen in this world.
And the only comfort we get is that we didn't cause them.
So I'm sorry, but Erika, this had nothing to do with you.
Did they depart or did they die? What? Your children.
You said you lost them.
Did they depart or did they die? They departed.
What were the last words they said to you, to the best of your recollection? - Hey.
- Hey.
Mary's asleep.
Jill's putting the baby down upstairs.
Okay, I'll go up and help out.
We need to talk.
Can we do this tomorrow? It's important.
Yes, honey, I know it's important, but can we just I need to talk to you now, Nora.
Have you been noticing that I've been kind of losing my mind? What? I'm letting you handcuff me to the bed every night And we're acting like that's totally normal.
I left the baby I forgot the baby and you act like that's no big deal.
You had your hands full.
It happens.
I'm seeing someone.
What? Um, I've been Seeing someone.
Who? Patti Levin.
She ran the Guilty Remnant in Mapleton.
But she's dead.
It started happening right after we found Lily when you moved in.
I thought she'd go away when we came here.
She didn't.
Are you seeing her right now? Yeah.
Is she talking to you? Yeah.
What's she saying? She's saying She's saying I never should have told you about her.
And That I just made a big mistake.