The Leftovers (2014) s02e07 Episode Script

A Most Powerful Adversary

I've been walking in my sleep.
- I woke up in a drained pond.
- I was right there with you.
You found a rope and a cinder block and then you tied it to your ankle and you threw it into a goddamn lake.
And if not for an act of divine intervention, you'd be gone.
Why are we losing? Because they're giving them something.
We can strip it away, but once it's gone, we have nothing to put back in its place.
Well, let's give them something.
Who wants a hug? I know you go out there to pray with him.
Do you know what your father would do if he found out? Shoot him again? My son, Tommy, is he there with you? No, he's not here.
I've never even met him.
If you do see him, can you tell him I'm sorry? I think I just made your sister uncomfortable.
You don't make me feel uncomfortable.
Have you been noticing that I've been kind of losing my mind? I'm letting you handcuff me to the bed every night and we're acting like that's totally normal.
I've been seeing Patti Levin.
- But she's dead.
- Yeah.
What is she saying? She's saying I never should have told you about her, that I just made a big mistake.
She's gone.
Gonna be a hard day, buddy.
What? She grabbed a suitcase, threw some clothes in, grabbed the baby and tiptoed out.
I told you not to tell her.
Of course she ran off.
I sat right here and watched her do it.
Barely even looked at you.
If you saw her, where'd she put the key? No idea.
Nora? She's not here, Kevin.
Nora! That's not her.
She's gone.
Shut the fuck up.
Who are you talking to? - Don't tell her.
- Nobody.
Nora didn't leave me the key.
I think I Can you run downstairs? Where's Lily? I guess she's with Nora.
Can you run downstairs? In my toolbox, grab my bolt cutters.
You guess she's with Nora? Dad, what's going on? - Don't tell her.
- Honey, can you just run down? They're under the sink in the kitchen.
I remember the day Neil left me.
I went outside on my lawn and I sat there until the sprinklers turned on.
The whole fucking world looked like all the green went out of it.
She didn't leave me.
She wouldn't do that.
She would and she did.
Kind of didn't leave her any choice once you told her about me.
You tell your daughter, she gonna leave you, too.
It's for you.
Where did you find that? What'd you do? Just give me the letter, honey.
It's that's mine.
What'd you do? Okay.
Jill, stop.
Hey, stop it! Jill, stop it right now.
Give me that.
"Mary and the baby are with me.
Don't call.
" So she just left? No, I Jill.
Jill, come on.
I can fix this, Jill.
Jill! Honey.
Like I said, Kevin, hard day.
This is Nora.
Leave a message or don't.
Hey, Nora, it's me.
I know you're in town because you got Mary with you.
I just need to know where you are, that's it.
I know what I said is crazy.
And I'm not crazy.
We just need to talk about it, that's it.
And, uh just please call me back.
I love you.
I hope she calls back.
I was right.
About what? Told you something was going on with them and now she's gone.
She took Lily and she left.
Wait, wait, slow down.
What happened? What happened is my dad fucked up.
Please, can you not Really? You want me to go outside to say fuck? - Jill, come on.
- Fuck.
Fuck! No lightning bolts, so Tell me.
He's losing his mind.
He and Nora have to handcuff themselves together every night so that he doesn't sleepwalk.
He doesn't even remember where he goes.
He sleepwalks? And he talks to himself.
Actually, no, he doesn't talk to himself.
He talks to someone else.
My grandpa did the exact same thing and then they locked him up in a mental institution.
He heard voices that weren't there.
How do you know they're not there? Because they're not.
I talk to someone who's not there.
You mean God? Uh-huh.
Is he the one that's telling you that we can fool around, but we can't fuck? Or is that Jesus? Or the Holy Ghost? I get the three of those confused.
Which one is it that you're talking to? Why aren't any of you guys talking to me? Hello.
Hello! You know, I can really use some fucking help here.
We can't do it because I don't want to do it.
What? Listen, I think you're amazing.
But we barely know each other and I don't know if I love you yet.
All right.
Thanks for the talk, Reverend.
_ All right, I know this one.
Don't tell me.
Huh Hey, I'll be with you in just a sec.
God damn it, I know this.
Hold on.
It's a duck.
Don't tell me now.
Is it It's a fucking duck.
Is it sobaka? No, utka.
Sobaka is dog.
Oh, he's learning a language.
Damn it, utka.
I knew that.
- Hey, how you doing? - I'm good.
How you doing? I was wondering if you could help me out here.
How did you do that? Tell him it was sex stuff.
I just wondered if you could just cut it off.
Well, let me get a look.
Yes, sir.
That's police issue.
Yes, it is.
I'm a cop.
Was a cop.
Well, if you want me to pick it open, I'm gonna have to see your badge or police ID or something.
Could you just do me a favor and cut it off? It was a stupid accident.
Accident? Mm, honesty, Kevin.
Shut the fuck up! Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Just trying to help.
Ooh, that is rubbing you raw.
I can tell.
So you got a plan here now? That's your plan? Hmm, seems ill-conceived to me.
Maybe if you just, I don't know, put it God damn it! Just shut up! What do you want? Sorry? Why do you keep following me? If you want me to do something, just fucking say it.
I'm glad you finally asked, Kevin.
There is something you need to do.
In Cairo, Egypt, there is an ancient artifact.
It's in a museum now.
They found it in the tomb of Amenhotep.
Scholars call it the Wishing Cup.
You need to acquire this cup.
It's more of a chalice, actually.
It's gonna be heavily guarded, but you need to get it any way you can.
Because once you do, you need to fill it with your cum, Kevin.
And then you need to drink it down.
Every last drop.
Jesus, Kevin! I have no fucking idea what you're supposed to do.
I don't have some asshole with a halo giving me instructions.
I killed myself.
Next thing I know, I'm saddled with you.
I'm just as fucking lost as you are.
Please, just leave me alone.
Please? You're destroying my life.
You're destroying your life.
I just get to watch.
Please, just go away.
Please, Patti.
I'm begging you.
What? I guess it didn't work.
What? It didn't work.
She's still here.
I know you went to see him.
You don't remember? Uh, Michael, um I need you to get out of my truck.
- I'm not having a - Her name's Patti, right? The woman that you see.
Her name is Patti.
She dresses in white.
How do you know that? My grandfather told me.
Listen, if you want to get rid of her, he can help.
If you can't remember how to get there, I can give you directions.
Two blocks up, make a left.
Just wait here a minute, okay? Hey, Pop.
He's here.
Well, Kevin, that there looks like a fella who's a solution to all our problems.
Michael says you're a sleepwalker and you don't remember coming here.
All right.
Well, come on in.
We'll go over it again.
Just you.
Three's a crowd.
You remember seeing me at the visitors' center? The day you got here.
You recall what I said to you? You said you could help me with my situation.
It's 'cause I felt her clinging on you.
Like that plastic they put over a plate of food so it won't go bad.
So I invited you over.
You pretended like you didn't know what I was talking about.
But later that night, you came knocking.
I can't remember being here.
Yeah, well, you were here.
Sat right there in that same chair.
Talking to me just like you're talking to me now.
If you were asleep, I certainly couldn't tell.
Wake up! I'm not asleep.
Okay, I'll take your word for it.
Do you remember what I said when I was here? Mm-hmm.
You told me who she was, Patti.
Told me how she killed herself right in front of you.
And ever since then, she wouldn't let you be.
Then you asked me how you could cast her out.
Sounds like a fucking exorcism.
Oh, you people and that movie.
Let me ask you something.
You throwing up across the room yet? Your head turning round and round? No.
No, that's because she ain't in you, Kevin.
She's on you.
And if you want to get her off you, you can't do it on your turf.
You got to go to hers.
The other place.
How do I do that? You die.
I don't I don't understand.
You understood just fine the last time.
In fact, you grabbed a piece of my rope, picked up a cinder block from outside, then off you walked into the woods.
I told you you needed help.
You needed a guide.
But you were itching to do battle, so off you went to do it.
Now, drowning's not the best way to cross.
No exit strategy.
And like I said, you need a guide.
But I'd reckon that quake happened right before you passed, opened up the ground, emptied out all that water.
Spared your life.
Which means either you got somebody looking out for you or you've got yourself a most powerful adversary.
Who are you? I'm just someone who once had an adversary of his own.
One that made me do terrible things.
And for those things I was shot in the chest, in the belly and in that foul machinery below the waist which transgressed the laws of man.
And when I went over I did battle with my adversary.
And I vanquished him.
And then, Kevin, I was reborn.
Michael's your grandson.
He is.
And his father John, he he went to prison for attempted murder.
He did.
So what'd you do to him? I hurt him.
I hurt him a long time ago.
And then he hurt me back.
And he freed me.
Now let me free you.
By killing me? Temporarily.
Come on back when you're ready.
Any time, day or night.
Patti! Patti Levin! Where are you? Are you fucking hiding from me? You come out right the fuck now! Jesus, Kevin.
Get a grip.
Where were you? Around.
You lied to me.
- Sorry? - Yeah.
That night you said you were with me the whole time.
You said you saw the girls disappear.
You said you saw me try and kill myself.
But you left out the fucking part, Patti, where I went to him.
So what? What would you have done if I told you that the solution to all your problems was a magical black man sitting out on the edge of town? That's borderline racist is what that is.
He knows what you are.
He knows how to get rid of you.
Then why the fuck are you out here in the woods calling for me? This man gave you a solution and you ran.
You think I'm scared to do battle with you? Oh, Kevin.
I am so desperate to do battle.
So let's go.
Let's go back.
Right now.
Let's go fucking die.
I have responsibilities.
I'm a father.
Maybe Jill would be better off.
This is Nora.
Leave a message or don't.
Nora, can you call me back? Please? I need you, so just call me back.
What about what she needs? - Hello? - Hey.
This Kevin Garvey? - Yeah.
- Ranger Carson calling from the bridge.
Visitors' center gave me your cell.
There's a woman at the gate asking for you.
Says she's your wife.
Is her name Nora? Nora Durst? Hold on.
Are you Nora? Says her name is Laurie.
Hello? Is she there? Is she there right now? Yes, sir, but I can't let her in without a wristband or reservation.
Who was that? I'm Kevin Garvey.
You called me on the phone.
Oh, yeah, great.
Hang on one sec.
Hey, Kevin Garvey's here.
Could you bring that lady on up? She doesn't have an or anything, so you've got to talk to her at the fence.
You're talking.
What are you doing here, Laurie? I know I don't have any right to be here to bother you.
And I know you have every right to move on and I respect your boundaries, but I just I need to talk to Tommy.
Nora told me that he wasn't here and I understand why she felt the need to say that.
I I don't know what he told you, but if you could please just have him come see me.
I'm staying at the Prairie Motor Inn in Laramie, room 114.
When'd you talk to Nora? Last night.
She didn't tell you? Tommy's not here.
I haven't spoken to him in I haven't seen him in over a year.
's not here? No.
Why would you even think that he would come to me? I don't know.
I mean, he's in touch with Jill and I thought maybe - He's not in touch with Jill.
- He's in touch with Jill, Kevin.
They text all the time.
So Tommy, he's been with you? Yeah.
Is he okay? He's fine.
What did you do? What happened? Why are you here? What did you do, Laurie? Are you okay, Kevin? Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm gr I'm terrific.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have come here.
I'm I'm sorry.
No, no.
No, you don't leave.
You'reeave? You don't leave! Hey, Laurie, fine.
Good, go home.
Go home! Go home! Kevin.
Hey, man.
You got the flier? The what? Oh, well, there was a palm print found on the car that the girls disappeared from.
Figured I'd give all the innocent men an opportunity to get on the right list.
But you're not here for that.
Oh, um actually, I was I was hoping you might be able to help me out with this.
Your idea or Nora's? It's hers.
- Ooh.
- Yeah.
Well, your secret is safe with me.
Cedric, go grab the cutters.
You know where they are? Somewhere.
While you're here, you mind? - Me? - Yeah, you.
Oh, yeah.
_ Just press it down right there in the ink.
Your other hand.
There we go.
HandiWipes are free.
- Your name? - Kevin Garvey.
Another innocent man exonerated.
Thanks for doing that, Kevin.
You're welcome.
No cutters, man.
Couldn't find them.
must have taken them home with him.
Why would he do that? Sorry, man.
But oh, you know who can help you out? Locksmith right down on Fuller there.
Tell him I sent you.
Well, that's that.
You went there to get free and you got caught.
You know, the only time in my life that I felt truly free, Kevin, was when I picked up that piece of glass and I stuck it in my neck.
You were holding me in your arms and I looked up into your eyes and you were so afraid.
But I wasn't.
Because it was finally over.
That's freedom.
Did you fix it? She's not returning my calls.
You gonna tell me what you did? It's complicated.
I'll bet it's not.
Are you pretending? Pretending what? I believed you when you said that you loved Nora.
And you said that you wanted to adopt Lily.
And you said you wanted us all to be a family.
That's all I want.
Then what are you going to do, Dad? I don't know.
- Please figure it out.
- I know.
This is twice now, so Kevin, I know.
I'm gonna leave first thing in the morning.
I promise.
You didn't need to Can we talk? - What? - Can I talk to you? Okay.
What is she wearing? - What? - Patti.
When you see her, what is she wearing? She's wearing white.
The same thing as when she died? I don't know.
It's just white.
Can I get one of those? Yeah.
Where did you hide them? What? Your cigarettes.
When we were married, where did you hide them? Oh in the trunk of my car.
I also stuck a pack under the mailbox for when I went on runs.
It's fucking great smoking.
So what kinds of things does she say to you? Well, she told me not to tell Nora about her.
'Cause Nora would leave.
And she was right.
Yeah, I guess she was.
And now that Nora's gone, what kinds of things does Patti say? Nothing.
Nothing? No.
Kevin, a few hours ago, you were yelling at me to go home and now we're here.
Is she telling you to do something? Something you don't want to do? I'm assuming she's not here right now.
And she wasn't at the gate when you saw me earlier? No, she Well, that makes sense.
It does? Uh-huh.
She'd want to stay as far away from me as possible.
Why? Because I can prove she doesn't exist.
How? I could ask you to make her tell you something that only she and I would know and she wouldn't be able to do it.
But she tells me things all the time I wasn't there for.
She told me about her husband.
- Neil? - Neil, yeah.
Kevin, I was Patti's therapist for over three years.
I mean, don't report me for breaking confidentiality, but I told you about Neil.
The serial philanderer with the anal fixation.
Highly abusive.
Probably the reason she started fixating on the end of the world.
I I don't remember any of that.
Well, maybe if you listened to me more, we wouldn't be in this fix, huh? It's a it's a joke.
It's a joke.
Well, if you were my patient walking into my office, I would indulge this.
You never tell somebody who's in the midst of a psychotic break that they are in the midst of a psychotic break.
But you are not my patient, so I'm gonna tell you the truth.
What you are seeing is not real.
I know your dad struggled with this as well.
And there is research indicating that there is a genetic link She's there.
She's right there.
She's real.
- You believe that? - Yes.
Can I tell you about belief, Kevin? When the mind is in emotional distress, it will grasp at any construct that makes it feel better.
After the 14th, the whole world needed to feel better.
We were all in emotional distress.
So that made all of us susceptible to false belief, to be taken advantage of.
And the reason I know this, Kevin, is because Tommy and I use it.
We convince people that he could take their pain away just by hugging them.
We had a story.
We made it up, but it worked.
And I mean, Tommy hated it, the lying.
And I said it didn't matter as long as we were helping people.
But he disagreed.
And we had a fight and he said that he couldn't What I am trying to say is that they believed it.
Every single person that he laid his hands on.
Because their brains would sooner embrace magic than deal with feelings of fear and abandonment and guilt.
And all of us turn to someone who could just turn it off.
Why do you think I joined a fucking cult? And now you are manifesting the leader of that cult because you need someone to turn it off.
There is no Patti, Kevin.
There is only you.
So what do I do? You need to go on medication and maybe go away for a little while.
What you're dealing with is very serious, Kevin.
And I know it's scary, but that's what you need to do.
You need help.
Did you change your last name? What? Is your last name still Garvey? Or did you change it when we split up? No, I didn't change it.
Then I can get you a wristband.
Kevin, I don't understand.
Will you come with me? If you're there, then she'll leave me alone.
You know, just till I figure it out.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I don't think Jill's gonna want to see me.
I didn't want to see you.
I'm getting over that.
You said I need help, so help.
Jill? Jill, honey.
She's not home.
Her boyfriend lives next door.
She's probably with him.
Come on in.
Our guest bedroom's in there if you don't mind sleeping in a hospital bed.
Mary Jamison's been staying with us.
Mary? Matt's wife? Yeah.
Long story.
I'm sorry about the dog.
What? You wanted to get a dog, a puppy.
I was kind of a dick about it.
I forgot that.
I think about that a lot.
Well, consider yourself forgiven.
It's Nora.
Go, take it.
I'm fine.
How are you? How's Lily? Please stop calling me.
Can you tell me where you are? No.
Why not? Please, just tell me where you are.
Can we talk about this? Hello? I don't want to talk about you seeing a dead woman.
I know.
I know it's I know I know I should have told you sooner when it started like we promised each other, but I was scared you were gonna run.
And you did.
And you also handcuffed me to a bed and you didn't even leave me with a key.
- There was a sign.
- A what? I left it on the chair by the bed.
It's not there? She was blocking it.
I love you.
Listen, there's a way.
I have a way.
A way that I can get better.
But I need to know that you'd believe me if I looked you in the eye and I told you that she was gone.
That you'd know that she was.
How? It doesn't matter.
I can.
I just need to know that when I do that you'd believe me.
Because I would never lie to you.
Would you believe me? I would believe you.
And would you come back? I'd like that.
What are you doing here? Well, honey, your father I'm here to - Where is he? - He's upstairs.
- Dad! - Jill.
- Jill.
- Hey, Dad! What the fuck is she doing here? Dad! Dad? Dad! Dad! What's going on? Oh, nothing, nothing.
Michael was Michael was just leaving.
God be with you.
How do we do this? You just tell me you're ready.
I'm ready.
That should do it.
What is that? It's poison.
It's gonna stop your heart.
You said temporarily.
That I did.
That I did.
This epinephrine.
That poison's gonna work like a heroin overdose.
It's gonna shut you down.
This is gonna start you back up.
Now, I'm gonna time this.
Brain will be fine for up to five minutes.
I'll give you the shot long before that.
You've done this before? You know the guy on the pillar? Yeah.
His name's Edward.
He's a living, breathing success story.
Just so you know this is I don't want to die.
Of course not.
Life is precious.
I just drink it? Just drink it.
Wait! She here? I'm I'm glad you're finally taking action, Kevin, but let's think about this for a second.
This is a big step for us.
And we don't really know him.
If I'm understanding right, his primary qualification is that he's a pedophile.
Shut the fuck up, Patti.
Do you want me to do this? - What? - Do you want me to do this? Or don't you? I absolutely want you to do it.
What? What? What did she say? Laurie just told me I was a psychotic.
That I belonged in a mental hospital like my dad.
That was his diagnosis, too.
I saw him right before I came here and he told me the voices were gone, that he was cured.
And I asked him how.
You know what he told me, Patti? He said he finally just did what they told him to do.
Kevin, stop! Good-bye, Patti.
How long does this usually take to I'm sorry, son.
I know it hurts.
But it won't be long now.