The Level (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I've got trouble.
It's bad, Nancy, it's (GUNSHOT) SHAY: I bet there is a whole world of people out there just dying to take you down.
MICHELLE: A fifth bullet has been found.
The blood on it is not Le Saux's.
Eagle Repairs is run by Duncan Elliot.
I want surveillance in shifts.
I want you to be OK and you're not.
NANCY: I think there's a leak in the team.
How's my daughter doing? She's smart.
Smart isn't always enough.
HAYLEY: Theo Kettler - he's my dad's moneyman.
(STRUGGLING FOR BREATH) Help me, it's Kettler.
KEVIN: Listen, we've got an ambulance coming as soon as we can.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) MICHELLE: DS Devlin? Theo Kettler? He didn't make it to hospital.
You were out for a run and heard a shot, that right? Did you see anything? No.
You often run out this way? I guess this place was just on my mind.
You either play for the team or you're off it.
I can't have sole operators, understood? Yes, ma'am.
Get yourself home.
DS Martin went AWOL ten minutes before we got there.
Didn't even keep radio contact.
When I got to Kettler, there was something on the floor beside him.
A bit of papercard, I don't know.
Later, it was gone.
The same gun killed Theo Kettler and Frank Le Saux.
The bullet found in Kettler confirms it.
Same gun, almost certainly the same perpetrator.
Was there anything else found? We're still looking for Kettler's car.
No weapon, phone on desk, wallet, keys in his pocket.
Nothing else.
His hands were empty.
Like Le Saux, he was shot in cold blood.
So, what's the link between Le Saux and Kettler? Like Le Saux, he was shot in cold blood.
They worked together.
Eagle Repairs.
Plus it links Kettler, Le Saux and the meeting about the gold mine.
Yeah, and they'll be expecting a visit about that so let's use it.
This is our chance to see what goes on inside that place.
Gunner, Nancy, don't spook the horses, just a routine interview.
But keep your eyes peeled.
For what? For whatever got Theo Kettler and Frank Le Saux killed.
Kevin - surveillance.
Look out for what happens when Nancy and Gunner go in, any ripples.
DUNCAN: Yeah, well Kettler got in around nine, left just before ten.
Watch that.
The cab driver who picked him up thought he seemed agitated.
Well, he was a bit twitchy, but since Frank, not surprisingly, really.
What'd you talk about? The sale of the haulage yard, the service-term contracts The yard's for sale? Well, yeah, I mean, what does Frank's missus want with it? What's she gonna do, turn it into a dance studio? What do you wanna do with it? So you don't know anyone who would want to kill himor Frank? That's long way from my world.
I suppose we all think that, don't we? Seriously, though, you run a HGV repair garage.
Yes? What do you want with a haulage company? I think we're done here.
I think you should listen to your boss, love.
Thank you for your time, Mr Elliot.
Thank you.
If anything comes to mind, call.
What is it with you? Are you just incapable of following orders? What, are you worried I pissed off your friend? You've met before.
The arson attack? Ten years ago.
Were you checking up on Eagle? Or were you checking up on me? Just doing my homework.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back up, back up.
That's it - Kettler's car.
I'll call it in then join you.
Gunner! Gunner, wait! Bastard jilted ya.
Where's he going? Go left, go left.
It's a loop.
We can get ahead of him.
Fuck! Fuck! (TYRES SCREECHING) (EXHALES) That was no fucking accident, it was deliberate.
You heard what he said, he misjudged his speed, braked too hard.
And you believe that? Newman did.
OK, listen up, everyone.
The car has been dusted for prints and we've only managed to find Kettler's.
Nothing else.
There's also traces of latex and cornstarch, so whoever took it was wearing gloves.
No other traces.
Got clean away.
Why take the car at all? Joyriders? I don't think so, mate.
Well, we'll never know, will we, now we've lost the driver? Kettler's passport was in the car along with a suitcase.
So he was making a run for it? You're on fire this morning, Sharad.
The lock on the suitcase was damaged and the contents emptied.
Whoever took the car this morning was looking for something.
Maybe they thought Kettler was taking it with him.
Maybe the killer was looking for the same thing when he hit on Kettler last night.
Kettler didn't have it so he came to search the car.
So we just lost the killer.
That's what he was doing when he shot Le Saux .
looking for something.
Erm Ten minutes Ten minutes between the first shots and the ones that finished him.
What do you do in those ten minutes? You ask questions Ma'am.
Found in the car.
As I'm sure you're aware, under the terms of Frank's will the house passes directly to you.
There are arrangements for his grandchildren, trust funds they can access when they come of age.
I'll let you have the details.
And there is a very generous donation to Brighton Dog Rescue.
With regard to Le Saux Haulage, ownership passes jointly to his son and daughter.
Since when? Since always.
I'd assumed you'd know.
There are no conditions attached, but I think he was rather hoping that you'd want to take it on.
I can see in light of recent events that might be .
a rather difficult legacy.
Ermwe'd all assumed that the yard would be left to Mum.
I know it's a crime scene at the moment, but still.
I was planning on selling it.
I've an offer on the table.
Well, as I said, you're free to pursue the sale, there's no conditions, as long as you're in agreement.
I don't agree.
(CLATTERING) (GLASS SMASHING) (SHATTERING) I thought I might find you here.
You don't look fit to be out.
I couldn't stick it in care.
Fighting over the remote with some whingeing geriatric from Bexhill.
Never stood a chance.
Still, I've got you to look after me now, eh? How long you staying for? I'm working and you can't even open the door.
(SCOFFS) Sowhat's the thinking then? Michelle Newman got a theory? Maybe I should make conversation the price you pay for stopping here.
Why don't you ask one of you famous contacts, hm? Or watch the news? I did over 30 years in this patch.
30 years dealing with the shit made by people like Le Saux.
You might remember that.
No, Dad, that's not what I remember.
If you're using the shower, remember there's house rules.
(PANTING) Look, I don't agree with him either but he's perfectly capable of holding his own opinion and you know it.
Don't patronise me.
If I'd listened to Tate's opinions, he'd have ended up sleeping in the dog basket with Badger.
He's 20 now, Mum.
He's still Tate.
Look, Hayley, you wanna know why he wants to keep the yard? It's because he likes trucks Yes? .
and he doesn't like change.
Look, I'll talk to him, all right? Don't try and go over his head on this one.
Motherhood suits you.
And divorce? Yeah and divorce.
Have I come at a bad time? It's a bit difficult at the moment, everything's stirred up, you know? Yeah.
I am so sorry, Hayley.
Is there anything I can do? Anything you need? I got to know Frank a lot better over the last few months and I know he didn't think much of me back in the day, did he? (SCOFFS) But I turned myself around a long time ago and he was willing to give me a second chance and I I owe him a lot for that.
And I'm sorry for your other trouble, too with ermTheo Kettler.
Did you know him? I had dealings with him, yeah.
Oh, Hayley, you don't need to know.
Tell me.
Shay I was doing some business with your dad, and after he Well, after he died .
the goods he was transporting to me never came in.
And I thought everything was probably just a bit chaotic, you know? I went to Kettler and he claimed to know nothing about it.
Well, where's the stuff now? (SCOFFS) Jesus.
That's terrible.
We've got to do something.
Hayley, I don't want your mum bothered with this.
Actually, Dad didn't leave the yard to her.
It's mine.
It's mine and Tate's.
Shay, I hope you'll stay for lunch? Cherie, that's that's really kind, but .
business calls.
Everyone .
could you gather round, please.
We've got prints from the phone.
They belong to Frank Le Saux.
So, the killer took his phone.
Forensics are still retrieving text-message data.
But we do know that the night Le Saux died, he made six calls.
Four were to Theo Kettler.
The next to Darryl Quinn.
He works for the family, odd jobs, driving, that sort of thing.
We took a statement two weeks ago, he said nothing about a phone call.
At 12:20, he calls this number.
It's unregistered.
Who was he calling? We need to understand exactly what Le Saux was doing that night.
There's one person who hasn't told us everything they know .
Darryl Quinn.
I'm not gonna lose to keep you happy.
I can lose.
Yeah, right.
I can.
Seriously, the minute you start chucking stuff, me and my money are out of here.
I just want a word with Tate.
Of course, Mrs Svrcek.
Really? I think you can call me Hayley.
You don't have to go.
Tate .
being left the yard, it's Tate, did Dad ever talk to you about this? Did he tell you why he left us the yard? Maybe he thought we'd like it.
(DOORBELL BUZZING) Hayley, ermmay we come in? Sure.
You said in your statement the last time you spoke to Mr Le Saux was earlier that day.
Midday? Yeah.
And that's when he told you to pick up his son from Ryedean Care Home? Yeah.
That your job, is it? To look after his son.
I was taken on as Mr Le Saux's driver, but I get on with Tate and I'm handy so I do other jobs, too.
Such as? I've been fixing the garage door.
Darryl, in your statement, you made no mention of a phone call you received from Frank Le Saux the night he died.
I mean No, I didn't tell you.
11:08, late to call.
He often called late.
Out walking his dog, he liked to go through the jobs for the next day.
And this time? He asked if I'd give Tate a lift back to his home.
He wasn't gonna be able to do himself.
Was that unusual? Not really.
Do you know where he was calling from? A transport cafe.
He was on his way somewhere, I don't know where.
Why didn't you tell us this? He asked me not to say anything.
He didn't want Mrs Le Saux to know.
What didn't he want Mrs Le Saux to know? Darryl? I think he was meeting a woman.
Do you have any idea who that woman might be? This is a murder enquiry, Darryl.
You don't tell us things, you could be in a lot of trouble.
I owe Frank everything.
I still work for his family.
If he asks me not to say anythingI don't.
But I swear I don't know who she was.
Thank you, Mrs Svrcek.
(SOBBING) Darryl? (SNIFFLES) I'd better get Tate home.
Darryl Quinn told Nancy and Gunner that Le Saux was meeting a woman, which is interesting, cos we now have the phone's text data.
The unregistered number that Le Saux called was sent a text after he was shot.
"Frank's girl".
The women he was meeting, she's our missing witness.
That's not all.
Ten days later, when the hospital gives out the information that Delia Bradley does not have a bullet wound, this So the killer's being using Le Saux's phone to contact the missing witness.
Another one of Le Saux's lovers? No, we've had the STR, the DNA analysis on the bullet that hit her.
It shows that 50% of the DNA is shared with Le Saux.
Frank's girl, the person with him when he was shot, our missing witness .
she was his daughter.
No, that can't be right.
Yeah, Mrs Svrcek was in a stadium in Spain with her kids watching their dad play football.
GAYLE: We're talking another daughter.
O'DOWD: What's the wife saying? NEWMAN: Last time we asked (SOUND FADES) Nancy.
They don't let you visit this early.
Mum, do you know why they sent me to Brighton? Work.
It was work, wasn't it? It was a murder investigation - Frank Le Saux.
(SIGHS) Yes.
You and Frank were having an affair, weren't you? Yes.
What? What was it? Was it once or twice or what? It was happy.
We made each other happy.
Why didn't you tell me? I never told anyone.
Not Frank, not Gil .
not you.
Why? Why would you do that? I thought .
what you didn't know couldn't hurt you.
And that was for you to decide, was it? The ways it was OK for me to be hurt? Sohaving to watch Dad knock you about, that was fine, but me knowing that Frank was my father was not OK.
That wasn't reasonable.
I wish he'd known.
I wish he'd known that about me.
Nancy Cherie was already pregnant with Hayley when I found out about you.
Too many people to hurt.
(PANTING) Too many lives I could have made worse.
Mum there is nothing that wouldn't have been better if you'd have just said.
Nancy (DOOR OPENS AND SHUTS) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) HAYLEY: Stop messing around and put your seat belt on.
Stay in your seat and put your belt on.
Romany, help him put his belt on.
And clip it in.
You got it? Hi.
Why'd you come? I wanted to see you, I I was in London last night in hospital with Mum Is she OK? She doesn't seem to be getting better.
I'm sorry.
Well, I'm glad to see you, though.
So .
Dad left us the business.
Did you know that? Me and Tate.
I mean, obviously, we should sell it but Tate's digging his heels in.
And you know what Mum's like, when it suits her, she pretends that he's not all there.
And then in the middle of us rowing about it, guess who shows up? Shay Nash.
Hm? Blast from the past or what? He was lovely about Dad, though.
Apparently, they'd been doing some business together.
What kind of business? Are you interviewing me again? (CHUCKLES) No.
Erm .
apparently some of Shay's goods went missing or something.
Why doesn't Tate wanna sell? Would you believe, because it doesn't make good business sense.
And because Dad gave it to us.
Maybe Tate's right, maybe you should keep it.
You could run it.
Nance, the only thing I've ever run is a bar tab.
You could, though.
You could do anything .
you're Frank Le Saux's daughter.
Early bird, eh? GPS data in? "Yes, DS O'Dowd, it is in.
" So, where was Le Saux for that last call? Best practice in homicide, is it? Not sharing information.
Darryl Quinn said Le Saux called from a cafe, the one on the A road.
Great, I'll come with you.
No need.
I think there is, you want someone with you, you already fucked up once.
I said, you already fucked up once.
Le Saux called from a Harvest Bite on the A23.
I'm on it.
DS Devlin? I'll pick her up.
Maybe this is where they met up.
A chance to nail our missing witness.
Hold it.
That's Frank.
So he was definitely here.
Play on, let's see where he's off to.
Jesus, he's taking on the driver.
Where the hell is he? So, we've got Le Saux on camera but no sign of the missing witness.
Driver's ID has been confirmed as Stephan Milner.
We've got uniform out looking for him.
And that's the last they see of Le Saux? His car never shows on camera so he must have parked off-site.
So we don't know what time he left.
It didn't occur to you to check for witnesses, I suppose? There weren't any.
If you two wanna see how high you can piss up a wall, do it outside.
How about the truck? We checked its registration with Le Saux Haulage.
According to their inventory, it doesn't exist.
A ghost truck.
They really didn't want anyone finding it, did they? So, maybe that's what the killer's looking for? The truck? Whatever's on it.
Four o'clock, lads, do you hear? It's gotta be done by four o'clock.
(WOLF-WHISTLES) All right, darling.
Hello, gorgeous.
Tommy! Mr Elliot? Yes.
I'm sorry, you don't know me.
I certainly do.
I met you at your father's funeral.
Please, come and sit down.
Here you are.
Let's get that There you go.
Sohow can I help you? I think Theo Kettler suggested to you that Le Saux Haulage is for sale? Yes, that's right.
Well, I'm afraid things are a bit more complicated than we thought.
My father left the yard to my brother and to myselfjointly.
It's not what any of us were expecting, so it might take us a while to work out what we want to do with it.
But I felt like I should warn you that the decision may take a while, and ermI'm sorry.
Oh, please.
You don't need to apologise.
You've done a really decent thing letting me know, a lot of people wouldn't have even bothered.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, Mrs Svrcek? You're gonna get other offers, I know that.
And some people might even try and take advantage of what's been happening.
Might try and tell you that your business isn't worth what you might think it is.
Well, I want you to know that my offer stands exactly where it was when it was first made, and it will stay that way.
Enjoy your day.
Not your Tinder account, I hope? OK, so if it's not Mr Right you're hiding, who is it? Someone I think might be looking for the same thing we are .
a missing truck.
Get him back.
I've seen this face before.
Ermon the surveillance at Eagle.
Gunner got him on camera.
No, this isn't right, there were photographs.
There were photographs of him.
They've gone.
SHAY: You want my advice? Go on.
Accept Elliot's offer.
Don't get me wrong, he's a businessman, he's not a charity.
So if he's keeping the price high, it's because he knows in the long run, he's gonna make a profit, but it's still a generous offer.
Nancy said we should keep it.
She said I could run it.
You still friendly with her then? Not really, it's just the case, you know? Yeah.
Look, Hayley, whatever your dad thought he was leaving you and Tate, it wasn't this, it wasn't a crime scene.
But I asked you here .
because there's something I need to say to you.
When we were together .
I was an addict.
I didn't know it, but I was.
And because I was an addict .
I put you in situations I shouldn't have.
I thought I was invincible.
I thought nothing could hurt me .
or the people I loved.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for all of it.
It's all right, you don't have to Don't say anything.
I just needed to tell you.
Time for another? Actually, I should go.
It's the kids' bedtime.
Night, you two.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Here you are, let me get the door for you.
See you tomorrow.
Late one? Yeah, working late tonight.
See you tomorrow.
Any luck? No.
Well, it was worth a punt but the guy's smart, anything incriminating is going to be somewhere we can't get to it.
We'll keep on at him, he'll slip up in the end.
Nancy, there's something I wanted to say.
Don't take it the wrong way.
I know you can look after yourself but the guy has got eyes on you.
Who knows? Maybe he just likes you, but if you ever feel you need somewhere safe you know where I am.
Look, don't wait, I need to finish up here.
(DOORBELL BUZZES) We don't know what we're going to do with the yard, but until we decide, we need to keep it running and Dad trusted you.
If he was here, who would he put in charge? Erwell, I can give you names.
I could have asked you this at the house, right? GUNNER: And what about Nancy? Why is she here? GIL: What kind of question is that? Well, tell me.
Because she's involved, isn't she? What's your evidence? Your daughter's smart but her luck's running out.
Is that a threat? It's the truth.
Like I said, we're just having a chat.
We don't have to rush it.
I'm not going anywhere, Gil, I've got all the time in the world.
It's all right.
(LAUGHING) You all right? (KNOCKING) Yes, all right, all right.
What's happened? Do you wanna come in? Yeah, if you could do it as soon as possible, that'd be great.
OK, lovely, yeah.
They'll ring when the cab gets here, but at this time of night, it could be a while.
How about a drink? Uhno, I'm fine.
Oh, get over yourself, Devlin.
It's medicinal, not seduction.
Seriously, you look like you need a drink.
Listen, if you don't wanna tell me what happened, you don't have to.
I just need to know you're OK.
It's OK.
All right.
I'll just rinse these.
Hey, we should splash out, there's Pringles in the mini-bar.
(LAUGHS) Are you sure? They'll be like a fiver a packet, these.
Oh, what the hell, Devlin? You're worth it.
You're the woman who saved my life.
A tube of savoury snacks is the least I can do, innit? I'm just sorry there's no Twiglets, because they beat crisps any day of the week.
But how often do you see them in a mini-bar these days? I meannever.
Not since the 1980s, anyway.
Just make sure it's paprika flavour, not sour cream and chives because the smell lingers for days.
I'm sorry we're having to use mugs.
Right, where's that bottle? Here you go.
Oh, thanks.