The Librarians (2014) s04e07 Episode Script

And the Disenchanted Forest

1 (MUSIC PLAYING) What do you mean he's gone? Flynn has left The Library.
- But he's coming back, right? - No.
He always comes back.
I mean, he leaves, he makes everybody crazy, - but then he comes back.
- Not this time.
What makes you so sure? Because he's never resigned before.
You don't think he's off with Nicole, do you? - Why would you say that? - Sorry.
He's not off with Nicole, he's off because of Nicole.
Because what The Library did to her, because The Library lied to him.
Or because of something Darrington Dare said to him.
He told Flynn that there could only be one Librarian at a time.
He said if there were ever any more than one, eventually they would all try and kill one another.
He said it happened once before and it led to the Dark Ages.
And if we continue with more than one Librarian, at some point we'll meet an equally horrible fate.
He did the only noble thing.
He's not about to ask one of us to quit, - so he lead by example.
- Which means what? That of the three of us left two more need to resign.
I mean, now that I don't have the tumor and the threat of death hanging over my head, I have wondered what a normal life outside The Library might be like.
And I always thought that I'd fall in love, maybe settle down.
I mean, staying here, that would be giving that up.
Guys, it's gonna be all right.
You two should just quit and I should be the one true Librarian.
It just makes sense.
- No! - Are you kidding me? (ALL CLAMORING) Why are you yelling? - (JENKINS COUGHS) - Jenkins, are you okay? I don't think I've ever seen you sick before.
Mm, that's because I've never been sick before.
How do you mortal us mortals deal with being mortal? (JENKINS COUGHS) One has to sleep and eat.
What's the deal with poop? It's too much.
Uh, maybe you should just quit, too.
I mean, Baird and I can handle the Library stuff.
- It's fine.
- Nobody's putting you in charge, Jones.
- If anybody stays - What? I guess it's got to be me.
Why wouldn't it be me? When it comes to magical knowledge, I'm as close to Jenkins as I am The Librarian! I will miss you! No one is quitting the Library.
What about Flynn? Flynn was wrong, okay? The Library invited each of you.
And as far as I know, The Library has not rescinded any of those invitations! That doesn't bother you? That Flynn's gone? Even a little bit? We need to stick together.
We need to get back to work.
We need to get back to who we are.
Just dig in here and get going.
Salvation through action.
Oh, ho, ho! And I think I found exactly what we're looking for.
Summer camp is tons of fun Team building camp? Robbie Bender's Team Building Camp.
So shout out, cheer, summer's here "World's most successful corporate team building consultant.
From Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to professional sports teams, Robbie Bender has taught every kind of team how to meet the challenge of being a winning organization.
" - Yeah! - Oh, I hate camp.
In fact, I'm gonna just try and meet the challenge this weekend of getting as much sleep as possible.
Starting now.
The Clipping Book didn't give us one clue of why it's sending us here? Maybe it's karma.
Maybe it could sense that we needed it.
No, the book doesn't work like that.
Something must be going on for it to send us there.
And while we're there, we're not just going to investigate, we're gonna participate.
It's time our team to be a team again! I love camp.
I've never been.
You love it, you never been? Summer camp is tons of fun What? What? Get ready for lots of sun - I am gonna love camp! - Summer's here And camp's the best part of the year Summer camp is tons of fun Get ready for lots of sun So shout out, cheer, summer's here Camp's the best part of the year I thought people were sent to places like this when they've done something wrong.
The Libris Corporation, am I right? - Yes! - (CHUCKLES) Thanks for squeezing us in last-minute.
You guys got lucky.
The Barriston Industries group had to cancel.
Hostile takeover.
Should have come to us sooner.
(CHUCKLES) Like an old familiar song or a nostalgic memory, being at camp reignites a special part of us.
Over the course of this weekend, we will have a number of inter-team contests to see who it is who is best at adopting the B.
I'm Robbie Bender, this is my transformational system of personality unity.
Welcome to Camp! - Whoo! - (APPLAUSE) Please.
Thank you.
Everything you do here at camp will be designed to strengthen your abilities to work together.
First team to reach their cabin wins! Doesn't say where our cabin is.
You have been given your assignments, but only if you can work together.
I usually like to start at the back and work my way up.
It's a game! Bring it in, bring it in, we got this, we got this.
- What to do? What to do? - It's in that weird syntax.
"You've been given your assignments.
" That means something.
What have we been given? - The brochures? - Start from the back.
Read the back, read the back Let me see yours.
Yes, that's it.
Look at this.
This word right here, okay? In the small print.
Mine says, "By being energized.
" His says what does yours say, man? His says, "By being unwavering.
" - "Loyal.
" - Mine's "bold.
" Energized, unwavering, loyal, bold.
First letters E-U-L-B.
Guys, shouldn't we be looking for, like, an artifact or a mystery? - B-L-U-E.
- Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue! - Blue! It's the blue cabin! - (WHISTLE BLOWING) Aah! (ALL SHOUTING) High-five! (CHEERING) Winning is a result.
Team building is a process.
I always like to say that the most important decision you can make every day is to be in a good mood.
- Yeah, so did Voltaire.
- Ooh.
Now today, we are celebrating our six-month anniversary here at Camp B.
And because of our unprecedented record, 100% success rate, we are preparing to expand our campus.
Sally, take it away! Whoo! Yeah! (CHEERING) Now, a forest is not made up of individual trees, it is one organism.
A team.
The root systems of Aspen Groves are literally interconnected.
That is why we chose this site.
And speaking of our team, I want to welcome our staff to the stage! Come on down, guys! - (CHEERING) - Here they are.
Whoo! Yeah! Now, they will be here to assist with our program, to rebuild, to reshape, to refresh.
Our program begins this evening after dinner with a campfire marshmallow roast at Teepee Hill.
- (CHEERING) - Yeah! Whoo! All right! Yeah! Whoo! Come on.
Long before the white man stepped foot in these lands, the local people believed this forest to be haunted.
They called it "duhubite", which in Shoshone means "Hell.
" Mm, no.
It means "black" or "dark.
" So upon their arrival, the first settlers to step into these woods were beset by ghosts! (LAUGHS) (SCREAMING) (LAUGHS) Really, Cassandra? WOMAN: Hey, Sally? I noticed when the Menford Electric group arrived, there were eight of them.
Now there's only six.
Yeah, that happens.
Bender calls them the weak links, says it's good they're gone.
It keeps our success record perfect.
They just disappear? Well, vanished.
How many times has that happened? Okay, you didn't hear this from me, but at least a dozen since I've been here.
Really is pretty weird.
No one even sees them leave.
Just gone.
Guys I think I know why the Clipping Book sent us here.
ROBBIE OVER BULLHORN: The plank race is the first test of your team's cohesiveness.
Remember, like Robbie Bender said, it's not about winning, it's about the process.
It's about getting back to that Old-timey feeling.
Commitment! Commitment to each other.
Are you sure you're talking about us? Guys, we got this, okay? On three, "Libris.
" One, two, three, Libris! - Libris! - Libris.
Okay, on three.
Jones? All right, it's okay! It's okay, we got this.
Let's go! (BLOWS WHISTLE) Ah! I really hate that whistle! The team that goes fastest is the team that can work together with the best coordination.
All right, I should be in back.
Stone, you get in front.
ROBBIE: Remember, this event will reward the team that can act as one organism.
That can feed off one hive mind.
No me-firsters need apply! Get ready.
One organism.
- Hive mind.
- Okay.
ROBBIE: Get set, go! (WHISTLE BLOWING RHYTHMICALLY) Left foot, huh! Right foot, huh! One, two, three, four Come on, guys pick it up! I feel like a caterpillar! On a triple macchiato! BAIRD: Come on, guys! Two, push! Push! One, two Did she just say, "mush?" Together! Follow me! That's right.
- Go! - (LAUGHS) three, four! One, two, three four.
One, two - No, no, no, no! - Yeah! Yeah! - No.
- Way to go, team.
(GROANS) You guys! Don't you even care about winning? I thought it wasn't about winning.
It's not, it's about caring.
Are we forgetting that we're supposed to be solving a mystery? I mean, everyone here is turning into teenagers.
When did I become the adult? You're right.
It's elective time, and I'm gonna go find out what's up with the Helmridge Group.
That was the counselor that was talking about the disappearing people.
- I'll see what I can find out.
- No, no, no, I got it.
Arts and creativity, language arts.
Guys, hello? Which means you and I have elective time! So the idea that creativity flows from the individual ego is challenged by group creations of Sanskrit poets, African tribal art.
But in the modern world, often team members won't contribute because of fear.
The ability to relax in stressful a situation is key to unleashing creativity.
Often, to relax, I think of a poem.
A lullaby.
"Golden slumbers kiss your eyes.
Smiles awake you when you rise.
Sleep, pretty wantons, do not cry" "And I will sing a lullaby.
Rock them, rock them, lullaby.
" Why, yes.
That's right.
Thomas Dekker? You're a fan of 17th century poetry? Actually, I'm a Beatles fan.
When I found out they used one of his poems, I looked him up.
Kind of fell in love with his writing.
Made me want to write.
Changed my life.
Love can do that.
It's true.
Love is magical.
Do you believe in magic? Actually, I do.
'Cause I don't think I'd like you as much if you didn't.
Are you teaching another class today? I think I'm gonna go back to my cabin for a nap.
Maybe I'll see you this afternoon.
I'm not taking a side.
I'm just saying our firm has represented lawsuits around deforesting.
You have to have an environmental impact study done before you commit to expanding the camp.
You know what, Duke? Your team went down 15 minutes ago.
You should've been with them.
Okay, Ezekiel, it's your turn.
Woohoo! You did it! Yes! Okay, Ezekiel.
We got you.
Wasn't that great? Yeah.
Usually when I'm doing that, there are prized jewels for me to steal on the other side.
What is the point in all this? It's fun! Camp fun! Fun fun.
(LAUGHS EXCITEDLY) This is not fun for me.
This is work.
And speaking of work, we should be out there hunting for clues, and we're not gonna find any messing around here.
MAN: Hey, where did he go? (MUTTERING INDISTINCTLY) Oh, my God, are you all right? Yeah.
What were you doing up there? You said you were gonna take a nap, so I thought that I would just, um check out the trees.
Me, too.
Would you want to do it together? Sure.
- Mm.
- Sounds fun.
(BEEPING) Right through there.
Looks good.
All right, I want to make sure we cover this whole area, people.
Don't miss a spot.
Who are these guys? Military-grade locks? (ALARM BEEPING) MAN: Hold it right there Colonel Eve Baird.
So, the great Colonel Eve Baird trips our motion sensor and now is caught.
Maybe not so great after all.
You've heard of me? That's all we ever hear about.
"Eve Baird wouldn't have done it that way.
Eve Baird would have figured it out by now.
Eve Baird wouldn't have driven into the swamp.
" You know, I'm so sick of hearing about you! You guys aren't from a hedge fund.
Duh! DOSA.
Agent Tannen, Department of Statistical Anomalies.
What are you guys doing here? What are you guys doing here? That's what we're trying to figure out.
We know there must be some kind of magical anomaly or the Library wouldn't have sent us.
Don't play coy with me, Baird.
You broke into our cabin.
You knew exactly who we are.
Honestly, I didn't.
But now that I do, let's work together and try and figure out why these people keep disappearing.
People are disappearing? Seriously, you've been here for three months and didn't know that people were disappearing? Well, yeah, we knew.
You you just tell us what you know.
That is everything I know! Our mystery is trying to figure out what the mystery is.
Oh, you are clever, Baird.
But we're not falling for your playing dumb ploy.
We're on the same team, Tannen.
Our team is in here.
And your team is out there.
So, do you make a habit of following people? I do when they say they're gonna take a nap and sneak off into the woods.
(CHUCKLES) You said you believed in magic.
Is that true or were you just flirting? Well, I I mean, romance and magic, they kind of go together, don't they? I don't know why, but I feel like I can trust you.
You can.
I'm not a creative expressions teacher.
Yeah, I kind of figured that when you mispronounced your favorite Russian muralist.
I'm not a very good liar.
But I am a good reporter.
At least, I was before I got fired.
What'd you get fired for? Look, I'm not crazy.
I'm not a conspiracy nut.
I don't believe in UFOs.
But there have been enough incidents in the last several years to make a real case for magic existing in our world and for people using that magic for their own personal gains.
So you wrote about it? I tried.
I was laughed right out of the newsroom.
I lost my job, my reputation, everything I had worked so hard for.
They fired you for writing about magic? They fired me because I wrote about The Library.
(SCOFFS) I discovered a secret society, decades, maybe centuries old, that houses and procures magical artifacts called "The Library.
" I know how all that sounds.
And you think The Library is here in the forest? I uncovered a secret black ops organization within the U.
government called DOSA.
My sources tell me they work hand in hand with The Library.
And you think they're at this camp? I intercepted an internal communication.
I figure if they're here, maybe they can lead me to The Library.
If I can prove that The Library exists, I would be completely vindicated.
I could show them I'm not a lunatic.
I'm sorry.
I said too much.
I'm so sorry.
(STAMMERS) Damn splinter.
(ETHEREAL WHOOSHING) This is bloody hard.
Don't get frustrated.
Here, have a drink.
Did you hear another camper vanished? Probably one of those me-firsters.
Did you hear that? Another one.
(YAWNS) Sorry.
I'm just really tired.
I think it's the altitude.
Maybe you should go back to our cabin and take a nap.
What are you up to? Nothing.
I just want you to feel better so we can solve mysteries together.
Right? Go! Go, go, go.
Go, go.
Take a nap.
Summer camp is tons of fun Get ready for lots of sun - So shout out, cheer - Cassandra! Summer's here And camp's the best part of the year It's not funny! It's funny.
It is very funny.
What the hell is the matter with you? Does this camp just sap everybody's maturity or something? Oh, come on, it's just a prank.
You gave me a sleeping potion.
Just a little minor magic spell from Dr.
Malifici's little book of little white spells.
What are you doing, Cassandra? Do you think I like this? I mean, don't you? Come on, just a little bit? No! Why would you think that? The movies.
Like, camp movies.
I mean, pranks.
Everybody laughs.
This is your problem, Cassandra.
You've never lived in the real world.
You've only experienced everyday life in fiction.
Your world has been studying and The Library.
You actually have no idea what normal people do or think or like! Maybe you're right.
Maybe I don't know what normal life is.
Yeah? Well, maybe you ought to find out! - Aah! - Oh! (LAUGHS) What is that? Can't get this damned splinter.
(LAUGHING) (MAN YELLING) (SLITHERING, GROWLING) You guys aren't gonna believe what I have to tell you! You're not going to believe what I have to show you! - The guys in that cabin - This briefcase - they're DOSA! - Hey! You guys are not gonna believe this.
So what do we know? Well, we know the Clipping Book sent us here, but we don't know why.
We know that people are disappearing.
Yanked away mysteriously by a bunch of vines and branches.
And DOSA knows something that the Clipping Book didn't tell us.
So these people who are disappearing, why them? More importantly, who is making them disappear? May I have your attention, please? Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much.
I have an announcement of another departure of a weak link.
A camper from the Kellog team, Duke Kellog, has left us.
Apparently, he felt what did he say? "Suppressed by all the team talk.
" Ego, right? You are so better off without him.
No me-firsters! I will see you later! All right! Whoo! Duke Kellog? The initials on the suitcase were D.
Who throws their luggage in a pond before they split for home? I think we have a suspect.
We need five minutes.
- Ten tops.
- Okay.
- I don't know about this.
- Follow my lead.
Remember, I've seen "Band Camp" four times.
Good morning, Camp Director Bender! Not my title, but good morning.
Are you enjoying your B.
experience? Absolutely! We have an idea, though, how you can make it a little bit more amazing.
Really? Well, I'd ask you into my office, but I'm doing a little reorganizing right now Actually, we were hoping you could come with us to the amphitheater.
Oh, I'm sorry, champ.
I really need to get in there You know what? This retreat it's really changed our lives.
You know, we feel empowered, more in sync with our team, in sync with nature.
And we as Libris Corp would like to give back.
Give? You know what? Maybe I could spare you a few.
- Great.
Come with me.
- (LAUGHS) Thank you, Mr.
BAIRD: We're looking for anything we can find on missing campers.
You see, Mr.
Bender, this may be the greatest team-building exercise of all, because even during a solo performance, the rest of the team functions as stage managers, as background musicians, all working together to fulfill that one person's vision until it's their turn.
A talent show? You're pitching me a talent show? What is more summer camp than that? ROBBIE: I thought that Libris Corp was perhaps interested in investing in this beautiful We went to talent camp when we were kids.
- Changed our lives.
- May we? (PLAYS NOTE) A lot of correspondence with elected officials.
Up until a few months ago, this place was government-owned camp.
A no-go area.
Testimonials, success stories ugh! Ugh, I can't find anything on missing people.
Help us.
Stone? Stone! - Yeah.
- What's the matter? Hmm? It's like you were gone there for a minute.
Well, you see, I keep hearing some might be an inner ear thing.
Or maybe pining over a girl? - What? - We don't need any distractions! We need to focus on the job.
Maybe we are becoming obsessed with the job so that we don't have to deal with our personal lives.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about maybe we forgot that we are individuals.
I'm just trying to keep this thing together.
I'm just looking for some team commitment.
It doesn't feel like you're trying to build a team.
It feels like you're like you're trying to fill a void.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about the elephant that is not in the room.
I took Flynn back every time.
He left again without saying a word.
That's not even about commitment.
That's about common courtesy! I'm done! Well, I guess we found our missing campers.
- Oh, dear God.
Thank you.
I've really just got to be somewhere else.
Anywhere else, really.
(BLOWS KAZOO) You guys start on the files.
I'll catch up.
I got to talk to somebody.
Great work today.
I need to talk to you.
I haven't been completely honest with you.
Is there somewhere we can go and talk in private? Please? So what is it you wanted to tell me? Listen, I'm sorry.
You opened up to me and you told me your secrets.
I figured I scared you off.
No, not the way you think.
What do you mean? I'm not who you think I am.
And I want to be honest with you.
If you ow! (STIFLED GROANING) What is that? It's just a damn splinter, but it's it's crazy how much it hurts.
Help us.
- Jake? Jake? - Help us.
Help us.
- Help - Jake, what's happening? Run! Jake! Jake! Jake! You're sure this is where he was taken? Yes, it grabbed him right here and dragged him away.
The dirt is disturbed around the roots, but it's hard-packed, like they've submerged.
We've looked all over this area.
There's no signs of a struggle.
So where did it take him? JENKINS: The Devil's Forest.
Devil's Forest? I was doing some cross-referencing between the Clipping Book back file and the historical deep dive, as far back as the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Seems that there have been dozens of disappearances in what was called the "Devil Forest," in the words of Meriwether Lewis.
And, interestingly, located very near where you are now.
So people have been vanishing here - for over 100 years? - Or more.
But Bender's only been here for six months, so he can't be involved.
Unless Bender is an immortal.
And taking souls to extend his own life.
Immortals? Taking souls? It's possible.
Purveyors of dark magic have often exchanged longevity for human sacrifices.
How is this connected to the forest? Native Americans believed that there was a central tree, a grandfather tree, if you will, from which all other forests derived.
They believed that if that tree fell, all the forests of the world would die.
Bender did mention something about the inter-connectivity of the forest.
There are new theories about fungi living in the soil and functioning as a brain for the entire forest.
So the woods around the tree come to life to protect it from potential dangers? And Bender's using it to take out his enemies.
There he is.
There's Bender! Bender! - Bender! - You're not going anywhere, Bender! What'd you do with our friend? I don't know what you're talking about.
Someone I care for a great deal was taken by your forest.
And you're gonna tell me everything you know.
Am I clear? Okay, look, in all honestly, I don't know what's happening here either.
I'm as freaked out as anybody.
We found Kellog's luggage in the lake! I was trying to cover up! What else was I supposed to do? So you just decided to hide evidence? Let people's families and coworkers think they just took off? Please, I know.
I should have called the authorities, but said what? What, there's living trees? No one would've believed me.
There's something evil happening in this forest.
It's something unnatural.
No more games, Tannen.
We want to know everything you know now.
And why would we help you? Because whatever it is out there just took one of my people.
What is it? A map of the Devil's Forest.
It was drawn up by the original Lewis and Clark expedition.
They reported anomalous activity to President Thomas Jefferson in 1806.
Convinced that these woods were a repository for dark magic, President Theodore Roosevelt closed off access to the entire forest.
And let me guess, Bender bribed some crooked politicians to open it up for his development.
Well, according to these documents, the Devil's Forest should be right here on the map.
But we've searched this entire area and found nothing.
That's because you're looking in the wrong place.
These maps, they're over 200 years old.
It's not a lot of geological time, but the Earth does age.
Making corrections for soil erosion, heat expansion of the Earth's crust, and two centuries of tree growth It should be located right here.
Let's roll.
CASSANDRA: Come on, follow us.
We know where he is.
- Stone? - Is it the origin tree? Stone? - Can you hear us? - Is he alive? Stand back! Aah! (GROANS) Do it! Destroy the tree before it kills us all! (DEEP VOICE) Do not cut down.
- Cut it down! - Listen, it's saying not to! - Is that your friend's voice? - No, but It's the tree, pretending.
Ignore it! Cut it down! - Do not cut - Cut it down! You may have his face, but you're not Jacob Stone.
(DEEP VOICE) We are the trees.
Give him back to us.
You must listen.
Give him back to us or I will cut you, I swear! Baird, watch out! Oh! TREE: Eve Baird.
Stone? It is me.
I am with them.
I'm part of the forest.
If you really are Jacob Stone, say something only he would know.
It is not your fault.
What? It is not your fault that he left that Flynn left.
You've done nothing wrong.
You've got nothing to prove to us.
We are a team.
We will always be.
The trees needed a voice, so they reached out for ambassadors.
The language of the trees and of the humans are very, very far apart.
Until they found you, a linguist who speaks 64 dialects.
The splinter in your hand.
First contact.
They've been looking for someone like me for over 100 years.
If this forest dies, all forests die, all life dies with it.
They're asking for help.
What do you want us to do? This is the Zero Seed.
Keep it safe.
If this forest is ever destroyed, it can be reconstituted with this seed.
We will protect it.
Nowhere in the world would it be safer.
And you must promise to protect this forest and this tree.
When I report back to General Rockwell, you can count on Area 51 status in perpetuity.
So what are you gonna do with the camp? I've signed it over to DOSA.
We'll make sure this is all federally protected.
This time beyond the reach of politics.
I am sorry.
- About everything.
- Don't be.
We came here to become a team again, and that's what happened.
Thank you.
All right, man.
Before you were taken by the forest, you were about to tell me something.
I'd rather show you.
It's beautiful.
(CHUCKLES) This is The Library.
The Library is real! I knew it! Oh! They thought I was insane, but look! Oh! This place is incredible! (EXHALES) Better than I could've imagined.
If this is The Library, then you I'm a Librarian.
Oh, my God.
(SCOFFS) I can't believe it.
And Cassandra and Ezekiel.
And Baird? Baird is a Guardian.
She protects us.
She protects this place.
(LAUGHS) I cannot wait for them to find out at my old newspaper.
They thought I was crazy, but they are so gonna eat their words! Sarina, you can't write about this place.
You can't tell a soul.
This has to be our secret.
What? Why? The Library works in the shadows.
The light of day would destroy us.
Why tell me? Why show me all of this? 'Cause I wanted you to know you're not crazy.
And I wanted you to know that this is why I can't be with you.
Because you're a Librarian.
My destiny's here.
Will I ever see you again? We'll always have The Library.