The Librarians (2014) s04e08 Episode Script

And the Hidden Sanctuary

1 Come on! (MUSIC PLAYING) - Hurry up! - Whoo.
- (LAUGHING) - Whoo.
I've never ridden through the woods and I Oh, no.
My snow globe! It was a present from my dad.
Forget the stupid snow globe.
Look at your bike.
You can't ride that thing, and I'm not waiting for you.
You're just gonna leave me here? Yeah.
BOY: Let's get outta here.
(WOLF HOWLING) (HEAVY BREATHING) (WOLF HOWLING) (PANTING) (GRUNTING) (HEAVY BREATHING) That is one pissed off Incan princess! (GRUNTS) You'd be pissed too if you had been used in a human sacrifice! Worry about the mummy's feelings later, guys.
Cassandra, how are we doing? (GRUNTS) If Wassen was right, then the progression of values depends on the position of the table.
BAIRD: Cassandra, let's go! It's, uh I think it's this one.
No! No, no, no, no, no.
No! No! No, no, no, no.
- Come on! - STONE: Cassandra! Come on, Cassandra! You gotta do it! (GRUNTING) Cassandra! - Come on, Cassandra, you can do this! - Cassandra! We can't hold much longer! Cassandra! - (YELLING) - Cassandra! - No! No! No! No! No! - STONE: Cassandra! - Cassandra? So sorry.
- (GASPS) Didn't mean to startle you.
I was, um, searching for the hazardous materials list.
Oh, thank you.
I was just, uh, cataloguing the grimoires.
- Hmm.
- Inventory week is exhausting.
What does that say? It says you need bifocals.
I (EXHALES SHARPLY) And one more annoyance of the human body.
Not only does it decay, now I have to go see the purveyor of eyeglasses? Um, oh.
I couldn't help notice, uh, your nap did not seem very restful.
The Ecuador mission again? Yeah.
I can't seem to let it go.
I was gonna die.
Not to seem unsympathetic, but that's not a unique experience for you.
Exactly, but I had my tumor, I was always going to die, and now, I mean, I could live to be 100 years old.
And I risked that for what? You saved the world from an Incan curse.
Jones found the lever.
You got back safely.
But that won't always be the case.
I failed because I was scared.
I couldn't solve the problem, Jenkins.
I couldn't think.
Cassandra recently my life was shortened when I voluntarily chose to forfeit my immortality.
It made me reflect.
Reflect on, uh, well, my purpose here, in the Library.
How best to use the time that was left to me.
Well, did you come to a conclusion? My conclusions aren't important.
What you want to do be, that's what's important.
- Leaving? - Not leaving.
Just a brief sabbatical.
An extended hiatus.
Hey, if she gets to bugger off during inventory week, then so do I.
Look, I get it.
You got rattled.
Soldiers face this all the time, but you're not one to hide from your problems, Cassandra.
What if Darrington Dare was right? I mean, what if there's only supposed to be one Librarian? - I mean, what are the odds that it's me? - (RUSTLING) (GRUNTS) One in four? Actually one in three now that Flynn's gone.
Right? Exactly.
Flynn Carsen left the Library, and he's Mr.
It's just I've never had normal before.
If I'm not meant to be the Librarian, how do I know what a normal life is for me? Okay, well, take a little time, figure out where you might want to go.
Oh, you know exactly where you're going and you're going now? Havenport, Ohio.
According to my research, it is the safest town in America, so not only will I have a normal life, but I won't have to worry about having a short one.
Ohio? When I have my existential freak-out, - I'm gonna do it on a beach somewhere.
- No one's freaking out! - Are you guys okay with this? - Uh, no.
Who's gonna help me inventory the new artifact room if you go? And by help, you mean do it for you, right? Exactly.
Cassie, you take as much time as you need, okay? The Library's always gonna have a Librarian as long as I'm here.
I know.
Look, Jenkins told me he has been thinking about his purpose within the Library.
That's what I need to do.
Find out if my purpose is here or elsewhere.
Be safe.
That's the plan.
She'll be back.
(TRIO SINGING) A very, very good morning A very, very good morning to you Bop-a-loodle-doo and howdy do You're gonna say it twice 'cause it's very, very nice A very, very good morning A very, very good day is dawning - Wow.
- A very, very good, good, very good Good morning to you This house was built in 1910, so it can get drafty, but there are lots of extra blankets in the closet.
- It's perfect.
- You know, we fell in love with it the moment the realtor showed us.
We've been here for three years now, and we are so much more at home here than we ever were in the city.
Speak for yourself, Mom.
Hey, please pretend you have manners and introduce yourself.
Freddy, this is Cassandra.
Cassandra, this is my son, Freddy, who I promise was not raised in a barn.
Can I ride my bike to the camera store? In Victorville? How many times have I said no riding outside of town? - But I need to go get - No.
(SIGHS) Nice to meet you.
Please ignore him.
Bought him the camera for his birthday hoping he would join the photography club, make some friends, but instead he just spends more time alone.
Sounds familiar.
So what do you think? I'll take it.
Let's introduce you to the rest of the town.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I know the cutest little lunch spot if you're hungry.
Hey, Sylvia.
Ready for the bake sale? Aren't I always? I love baking.
It's basically chemistry.
I developed a pie crust recipe that's won first place in three counties.
Ah, well, do yourself a favor and don't tell Sylvia.
She's a little bit of a perfectionist.
- Oh.
- She runs the quilting bee, too.
We meet in the library every week.
Oh, I work in a library.
I mean, I guess I used to.
Then you have to meet Penelope.
Dave, don't forget poetry night.
Not a chance.
(CHUCKLES) If you're a caffeine addict, this place has the best mocha lattes.
And that salon, half-price mani-pedis every Wednesday.
- Ooh! (CHUCKLES) - John, Vincent, be careful now.
Keep up the good work, guys.
Oh, and our library is right here.
- Right across from town hall.
- Oh.
There's no traffic lights.
Where are the stop signs? (CHUCKLES) Yeah, that threw me, too, at first.
But, you know, this place isn't safe because of a bunch of street signs.
It's safe because people look out for each other.
I never thought we'd find a place where we felt safe again, but people are so much different here.
One sec.
- George! - Yes? I need your blueberry crumble recipe.
(CHUCKLES) Of course you do.
It'll be my pleasure.
Oh! Oh! Whoa there.
Whoa, that was a close one.
You're telling me.
That car almost hit me, didn't it? Well, I'm sure it looked like it from where you stood, but those kind of things don't happen around here.
No one wants to break the record.
(CHUCKLES) Record? Well, Havenport's been accident-free for 10,000 days.
Button? Oh, Cassandra.
You almost fell.
- How are you? - I'm I'm great.
How are you? - I'm great now that you're here.
- (BOTH CHUCKLE) Oh, I see you met my new tenant.
Uh, Cassandra, this is Councilman Weeks.
Councilman? That's impressive.
Not full time.
I'm also the local real estate agent.
He sold me our house.
You moving here, the town's better for it.
I'll just, um I can show myself around.
Can I help you? Oh, I was just looking at the library.
Which is beautiful, by the way.
Thank you.
I've worked very hard over the last 25 years to make it so.
Without a vacation.
Do you have a children's science area? Sorry.
I, uh, used to work at a library.
The Library.
Mostly in acquisitions.
Just got to be too dangerous.
At the Library.
You know, we are hiring.
Probably shouldn't.
Don't know how long I'm gonna be in town, so I'm going to get you some paperwork, sweetie.
JENKINS: Oh, yes, Cassandra.
- Hello? Mr.
Jenkins? - Yes, hi, Cassandra.
- Got her.
Yes, hi.
- (STATIC) Uh, wait, I'm sorry.
There's a lot of static.
I can't quite hear you.
What? Wait, is is this better? JENKINS: Oh, yes, yes, yeah, yes, yes, that's much better.
Now listen, I really hate disturbing your hiatus, but I was wondering, could you tell me where my Selkie Skin collection is? Have you tried the cabinet under the aquarium? (CHUCKLES) There it is.
Right in front of my nose.
Yes, I really do need to go see that that eye doctor.
I'm (WHISPERING) I can do this.
Yes, I know that.
I'm trying.
How are you? How are you? How are you? I'm great.
It's really nice here.
I think I'm getting the hang of this being normal thing.
Well, I think I speak for all of us when I say that would be a tragedy.
Actually, it's great.
I haven't felt scared.
Not even when I almost got hit by a car.
JENKINS: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
What did you you almost got hit by a car? One second it was going to, and then it didn't.
- Do you think that's odd? - Do you think it's odd? You are you going to investigate? No, no, no, no, no.
Not investigating.
Everything is fine here.
Wonderfully normal.
I'm not at the Library, just a library.
Little L.
JENKINS: Yes, well, I'm glad that you're fi (STATIC) Hello? Jenkins? Hello? She's gone.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) Well, at least she's acclimating.
For better or worse.
- (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) - (CHUCKLES) (EXHALES SHARPLY) I'm surprised you managed to talk that long.
This entire town is one big dead zone, literally and figuratively.
The internet is spotty, too.
So, what was odd? Uh You told your friend you saw something odd.
What was it? Um, nothing.
It's just a near miss.
It was completely normal.
Things like that happen all the time.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) For one second, I thought you noticed it, too.
You, um, thought I noticed what? That things are off in this town.
Don't be silly.
This is the safest Safest town in America.
I know.
You know, you don't have to invent some big mystery if you're bored.
I don't? Not when you have all this excitement right here.
Come on.
Ta-dah! Any adventure you could ever want is right here.
You want me to read a book? I've read books.
Not just any book.
Your book.
The one that gets your mind racing and your juices flowing and all of a sudden you can be anywhere you want.
You know, put your mind and your imagination at peril.
Not your, you know, you.
You want to be in a dystopian future fighting for your life? Or, uh, ooh, on a remote desert island with pirates? Or romancing the lord of the manor.
No? Probably more my thing.
Ooh, what about this? Let me guess.
It's about a time machine.
Super original.
You're right.
Because this is the original.
Wells invented the time machine.
And by invented, I don't mean he actually invented one and ninjas stole it and then it exploded.
That didn't happen.
"Adventures of a time traveler who journeys to an idyllic new world.
But are things too perfect?" Oh, I get it.
You're saying it's just like this town.
That is actually not what I'm saying.
Not so bad after all.
Maybe I'll find something to relate to in here.
Actually, no oh.
You're a librarian.
Don't get me wrong.
Dewey was an absolute genius in his time, but he did not foresee the need for more categories based on general information.
Am I right? - (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) - (APPLAUSE) Come on up, guys.
Here you go.
(CHUCKLES) Yes, I do want to adopt kittens.
Audubon Society, score! Yes! - We meet every second Tuesday.
- Oh.
Last month we spotted a Pacific loon.
- You know, you've, uh, done quite a bit here in the past few days.
I just get so excited, and once I get excited, I just can't stop.
Well, it's impressive work, especially considering you're a newcomer.
Uh, where did you say you were from? Oh, Portland.
You worked at the Portland library? We have a branch there, yes.
That a poster for the festival? I am so looking forward to it.
I was thinking maybe the library could have a booth there showing the town history.
We'd use some of the things from the display case No, these, uh, are posters for the town hall meeting in a few days.
- Oh.
- You should come.
Civic engagement keeps our property values high.
- I will.
- (LAUGHTER) Would you like me to help you hang those? Okay.
Hey, you know, um Karla's she's taken a liking to you.
She taken a liking to you, too.
- (CHUCKLES) - You should ask her on a date.
They tell me fortune favors the bold.
Well, I've I've never been bold.
(FLINCHES) What is it? Nothing.
I You know, I forgot I had a council meeting.
Oh, I can finish this up.
I you know what? You really are a go-getter.
(CHUCKLES) This is a problem.
(GLASS CRACKS) I find quilting to be so soothing, don't you? A series of micropatterns repeated with targeted variation.
(SIGHS) This quilt is going to auction for top dollar at the festival.
Oh, Sylvia, you, uh, missed a stitch.
Right there.
Okay, I-I think that's enough quilting for today.
You have a customer.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, I need to check out these books.
I knew you'd find what you were looking for here.
- More than you know.
- (CHUCKLES) "Stepford Wives," "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson, I see we're going with a fiction thriller theme.
Yeah, I don't think it's that fictional.
You know what I mean? No.
What do you mean? (EXHALES DEEPLY) What did Freddy want? He was just, uh, checking out some more books.
What kind of books? Something's been going on with him lately, and I think it might have something to do with you.
No, I-I-I just told him that if he was bored, he should try reading something.
Yes, and now he's asking me all kinds of questions.
Like, uh, how can there be no traffic accidents? Why don't we have a fire department? Which, come to think of it, are perfectly legitimate questions.
You don't know what our life was like before.
Everything was hard.
I used to jump at the littlest thing.
You know, a dozen locks on the door.
It didn't help.
But here everything is safe.
We're part of the community.
And Freddy is better off here whether he wants to admit it or not.
I'm sure you don't mean anything by it, but do us both a favor and don't put any ideas into my son's head.
I know my mom talked to you.
She doesn't like when I ask questions.
Especially ones she can't answer.
It wasn't my intention to cause problems with you and your mom.
She just wants what's best for you.
"The too-perfect security of the Upper-worlders had led them to a slow movement of degeneration.
" You know what that means? That things are never as good as they seem.
You have to look closer.
Freddy, I am thrilled that you are getting into these books.
But, you know, it doesn't mean that anything's going on.
Havenport's perfect.
And no one is asking why.
Where are we what? Freddy, where are you taking me? What is this? What have you been doing? When we first moved here, I noticed odd things about Havenport.
Just like you.
I mean, my mom wrote it off as me not fitting in, but I knew I was right.
So I dug into town history.
- What did you find? - A lot.
Did you know that no one has died in Havenport in nearly 30 years? That's admittedly strange, but, I mean, it's explainable.
The nearest hospital is in Victorville, so And there hasn't been a catastrophic weather event in all that time, either.
Are you seriously basing your theories on predicting where tornados should be? 'Cause that's not I've gone through nationwide statistics on accident rates, insurance claims, property damage.
Havenport has zero.
Zero? Well, that's mathematically impossible.
No, I mean, your math's probably a little off.
(MUMBLING) There's no way this data can account for certain variables such as the the conscientiousness of a population like Havenport.
It's Oh, my God! What are you doing? Nothing.
Just like I said, nothing.
Nothing happened.
And that's just not mathematically impossible, that's impossible impossible.
(SCOFFS) Here's my map of all the places I took pictures of it happening.
Or not happening.
See what not happening? Any time someone might get hurt, it always looks like it's gonna happen, but then it doesn't.
Only in Havenport.
Never anywhere else.
Wait, Cassandra! Wait! Hold up! Some sort of barrier just over the town.
A protective spell or an enchantment, but what kind of artifact would do that? What are you talking about? Nothing.
Nothing is going on.
Nothing at all.
Why are you trying so hard to ignore this? Because I want to ignore it, okay? Because I want to feel safe.
Things aren't okay just because you want them to be.
My mom is afraid all the time.
I can't go to the next town over because she's afraid of how unsafe it is.
That didn't go away just because we moved here.
It got buried.
That's just your mom.
It's not just my mom.
It's everyone.
- Just look around you.
- (BAND PLAYING) Decorations look lovely.
Thanks! Gonna be a great festival.
People, there is no need to panic.
No need to panic? John broke his leg! - ALL: Yeah! - And while that's unfortunate That's never happened before.
The emergency room wasn't even open.
- (ALL SHOUTING IN AGREEMENT) - It hasn't been open in years.
- ALL: Yeah! - Everything will be fine.
We're getting someone out here to fix the hydrant in time for the festival.
How could we have a festival? Our safety record is a crock! - ALL: Yeah! - How can the quilting bee go on? - Needles are dangerous! - ALL: Yeah! - We need to be protected! - ALL: Yeah! The town council is looking into all of that.
The town council hasn't done diddly-squat in decades.
(ALL SHOUTING IN AGREEMENT) Now, people! Everybody, please.
All I know is I moved here with my son because I thought this was a safe place.
And now I just want someone to tell me that everything's going to be okay again.
And it will be.
I swear everything is going to be exactly as it was.
How? Uh, Councilman? If I may.
Uh, the fact that your town went without an accident for so long is a statistical phenomenon.
(STAMMERS) A statistical phenomenon? Yeah, um, I happen to have some experience with statistical phenomena.
At my old job, for a lack of a better term, we referred to them as anomalies.
They usually have a cause.
Um, so 10,000 days is approximately 27.
4 years.
So can anyone tell me an event or an occurrence that might have happened around then that could have influenced this phenomena? - (CROWD MURMURING) - Anyone? No? Okay.
Can anyone think of an object or piece of jewelry, some might call it an artifact, that's turned up recently? I can think of something that turned up recently.
Yes! Good! What? - You.
- Me? I don't, uh, no, it's not me.
(CHUCKLES) Um, no, I-I don't No.
Um, I'm just like you guys.
I just want everything to go back to normal.
You do have experience with statistical phenomena.
Because I read about it in a book.
Which I should go get for you.
I should leave and go get that.
I will, uh, do that and be excuse me, sorry back in a jiff.
Uh I will grab that book and I will be right back.
I will be as quick as I can.
Don't you worry.
(CROWD MURMURING) - Oh, come on, come on.
- JENKINS: Hello? - Jenkins? - JENKINS: Miss Cillian? Ca can you hear me? JENKINS: No, I can't.
Miss gonna try the mirror.
- Oh, okay.
- (STATIC)Miss Cillian? Can you hear me? Jenkins, thank goodness.
I need your help.
Fishsticks! - Why? - Who was that? There was an old guy in the mirror.
I was trying to call for a door out of here, but the connection died.
Of course.
The barrier makes it a dead zone for magic as well.
Why do you have a suitcase? What are you running away? Freddy, they think I did this.
I can't solve this on my own.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) You're not on your own.
I think I found something.
Come with me.
All right, you said the town was protected by a barrier.
So I went through all my pictures to see if I could see it.
- Did you? - No.
But I saw something else.
That lens flare is on every pic.
That's not a lens flare.
Uh, we need to see it closer.
- Can you zoom in at all? - Yeah.
What is that? A fairy.
(CHUCKLES) It's a fairy.
Only one problem, I don't know anything about fairies.
I mean, I know a little bit.
I met one once.
You met a fairy? I have the basics.
Uh, they don't like iron.
They have an aristocratic social structure, but I don't I don't have the specifics.
But we do have a library.
You're right.
Come on.
(CROWD MURMURING) I told you she was strange.
No one's that good at quilting.
- Let's check my house next.
- Come on, let's go.
- Let's hit the books.
- What are we looking for? Anything about fairies.
Luckily, fairies made it into human folklore, so we know more about them.
They like nature, tidiness, and shiny things.
And there are a lot of different types of them.
Pixies, sprites, brownies, leprechauns.
(CHUCKLES) No way to figure out which one is helping the town.
You know, that's another thing.
I don't think fairies are naturally altruistic, so why is one helping Havenport? Well, maybe we can ask it.
Look, this book says, if you see a fairy ring, fairies are nearby.
There are rings of trees and mushrooms like this all over the woods.
So we must be near a fairy grove.
So, we go to the woods, find the fairy ring, and maybe find the fairy.
- (DOOR OPENS) - (CROWD MURMURING) We don't have time for maybes.
I think I've got a better idea.
(SIGHS) Are you sure about this? Only one way to find out.
The magnetic display in the children's science area had all of these iron filings.
Since fairies are allergic to iron, should be able to slow it down enough so that we can see it and follow it.
But if the barrier is breaking down, what if the fairy doesn't come? Then, ouch.
Ready? Three, two, one.
There it is! The fairy! Go! (GRUNTING) Follow it! Follow it! - FREDDY: Where is it going? - CASSANDRA: I don't know! Where she belongs.
Councilman Weeks, you trapped the fairy? I was a boy.
My friends had left me in the woods.
I was scared.
And I tripped.
And there she was.
She was stuck.
I freed her.
And because I freed her, she said she would grant me one wish.
My dad, there had been a car accident.
"I want my father back," I said to her.
But she said she couldn't undo the past.
So I thought, make everything better for the future.
I wished no one got hurt anymore.
I wish I wish that no one got hurt anymore.
Ever since then she's protected the town.
No one gets hurt here.
So the globe started to crack.
And the magic's failing.
Only since you showed up.
You must have done something.
No, I didn't.
I just came through the the door.
I used a magical port of entry.
It must have punctured the barrier.
This is my fault.
Then only you can fix it.
No, I can't.
Nor should I.
Yes! You'll go away.
The town Karla they will believe in Havenport again.
Everything's going to be okay.
Things aren't okay just because you want them to be.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! There she is! Get her! It's okay.
Everybody calm down.
Why did you do this to us? Oh, she didn't do anything.
Freddy, get away from her.
Listen to your mother, son.
You're not my father! And you don't get to play nice with me.
Now that I know the truth, this is your fault.
- Don't be hysterical.
Cassandra - No, this is your fault, and I'll prove it.
- No, Freddy! - No! What is that? It's a fairy.
It's been stopping accidents in Havenport for 27 years.
27 years of servitude.
Years I was forced to stop you foolish humans from your own misdeeds, soothe your scraped knees, and fix your mistakes.
And now, I have 27 years of pain to give.
(SCREAMING) (CROWD REACTING) - (SCREAMING) - (CROWD SCREAMING) Come on! - (ALL SCREAMING) - Ahh! She's going to destroy the town and it's all your fault! I only wanted people to be safe.
I didn't mean for any of this.
Karla, please.
You did this.
No one else is responsible.
Hey, hey, hey.
Everyone is responsible.
You all knew there was something strange about Havenport.
But you decided to look the other way and accept it.
Being the safest town in America was more important than acknowledging what was going on.
It's everybody's fault.
You're right, sweetie.
I'm so sorry I didn't believe you.
(GLASS SHATTERING) (HISSES) She's coming! Brace the doors! - (CROWD REACTING) - Brace the doors! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) FREDDY: Cassandra! KARLA: What do we do? How do we stop her? - WOMAN: Cassandra? - MAN: Cassandra! Cassandra! Cassandra, you're the only one who can save us.
- Cassandra! - Cassandra! - BOTH: Help us! - MAN: C! (HEAVY BREATHING) Cassandra, if you don't figure this out STONE: we're gonna die.
Cassandra! - MAN: Cassandra.
- You know all about magic.
- Cassandra! - Cassandra! - JENKINS: Cassandra.
- STONE: Cassandra, we need you! - Come on, Cassandra! - Cassandra! Hurry! - Cassandra! Cassandra! - JENKINS: Cassandra.
- Cassandra! - Cassandra! - EZEKIEL: We need you! - STONE: We need some help here! Cassandra.
Have you come to any conclusions about what you want? What you want to be? What do you want to be? I want to be a Librarian.
Cassandra, are you okay? The gazebo in the town square, is it made out of wrought iron? Yes, I think so.
The fairy, if we can get her into the gazebo at the size she is now, she'll be trapped inside.
Then maybe maybe then we'll be able to reason with her.
How do we get her to fly in there? I'll do it.
I'm the one who trapped her.
It's me she wants.
So how do we get him in the gazebo? I have a plan.
Here we go.
(SCREAMING) - Now! - Hey! Hey! Hey! Over here! Say cheese.
(GROANS) Now! Hey! Oh! Ahh! - Ahh! - Now! (CYMBALS CLANGING) (GROANS) Hey! Why are you wasting your time with them? I'm the one who caught you, remember? I'm the one you want.
You! (SCREAMING) (GRUNTS) What is this? It's iron on all sides.
We need to talk to you as soon as you calm down.
Calm down? I have been held captive by a boy for decades.
Yes, you've been held captive by a boy, by a scared little boy who is now a scared man living in a scared town.
Scared? Everyone here knows fear.
I came here because I was afraid.
I don't feel fear.
What I feel is anger.
And now you will all pay, starting with this one.
But aren't you forgetting something? What? You owe Freddy a wish.
He broke the snow globe.
He set you free.
- (HISSES) - Come on.
And so you owe him a wish.
Make it quick.
I have an entire town to punish.
I wish you knew what it was like to feel afraid.
(SCOFFS) That's ridiculous.
What good would (GASPS) (WHIMPERING) What is this? (WHIMPERING) Don't come any closer! That cold shiver that's fear.
Sometimes it freezes us.
Sometimes it makes us do horrible things.
Mostly, we just live with it.
If this is what it's like to be human, this this is punishment enough.
You're returning to your natural size, and you won't be affected by the iron.
You're free to go.
(CROWD CHEERING) Hey! Hey! You're going the wrong way! Since I've taken over the town council, our priority is public safety.
First up, fire department.
No vacation for me.
Okay, so you have your inhaler, you have your phone.
- Yes, Mom.
- Okay, and you're going to call me Yeah, when I get there, when the movie's over, and if anything happens.
And be home before dinner, okay? (EXHALES DEEPLY) Do you really have to go? Yeah.
But I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other again in a couple of years.
Keep your eyes open for a letter from us.
Bye, Mom.
- Bye, Cassandra.
- BOTH: Bye.
Was that really so hard? - That was so hard.
- (LAUGHING) It'll get easier.
I don't know how I'll ever forgive myself for not believing him.
Well, I think maybe we could all benefit from a little bit of forgiveness.
(SIGHS) If you ever decide to visit, you'll always have a home here.
Thank you.
(CHUCKLES) - Nice specs.
- Oh! Conforming to my new reality.
Human ingenuity in the face of conflict or obstacles, always commendable.
You can say that again.
You missed all the fun.
I should have come to your aid.
I apologize.
I didn't reali It's okay.
Turns out I came to my own aid.
Ah, may I? Ah, thank you.
If I've learned anything, it's that you can't avoid risk.
Might as well do something with your life that makes that risk worthwhile.
Although, I did enjoy my time being a librarian with a little L just a bit.
So much for normal.
What? What is that smile? I just glad that you realized what we all have clearly known.
You are anything but normal.
Thank goodness for that.