The Life and Movies of Erşan Kuneri (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Bad Stuff

1 A NETFLIX SERIES You won the people's award for most promising movie.
How do you feel? We're very happy, but we hope the people will award us with better prizes.
- Right.
- Yes.
It was a very artsy festival.
What do you think, Muammer? As you see, in the end, I lost the bet, but the nation has won.
And the 18th Golden Orange Film Festival award for best actress award goes to Meral Orhonsay! Ah! Thanks, love! - Come on.
- Come on, guys.
All right, take your place, babe.
Could you check my hair one more time, please? Seyyal, dear.
Is that hairspray? Alev, take this too.
- Mami, is this spot good? - Perfect.
Ready? Guys, could you take my gum? Take the gum.
Gardener's Pepper, scene three, take one.
Wait a minute.
Where's Altın? Am I supposed to be in or out? Don't worry, I'll use a wide shot.
- Ready! - Come on, while it's still up! Wait, where's Sami the Arab? Sami, come here, son.
- When I tell you to go, you go to town! - Yes, sir.
Clapper! - Gardener's Pepper, scene three, take one.
- Hit it! You're more than just a phone call to me.
- Why were you in my dream? - I'm sorry.
I didn't see you come in.
But I can see you going in.
- Erşan is not in the office.
- Tülay, I am Erşan.
He likes me.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I had a dream.
We were shooting an erotic movie.
I wish.
That's what I call a dream.
Did you see the paper? You look very nice.
Don't ever bet against me again.
It looks like the joke will eventually turn into reality.
One more weird movie, and we won't be able to afford pants.
Erşan, can I play a gay in this movie? - Sure.
- You dipshit.
What are you talking about? I'm here for my money, and I wanted to share my ideas.
- Guys, whiskey? - Whoa.
Erşan, what whiskey? No more whiskey.
There isn't even tea.
Nothing at all.
I'm giving you all my money.
Erşan, I owe you 500 liras.
- Mami, didn't I borrow 1,000 from you? - Yes.
I'll pay that back.
Hang on.
- 1,100 - Tumtum, do you have 2,000? - I have 800.
- 800, then Mami will give you 1,200.
Tumtum, can you lend me 1,000 liras until Tuesday? Then you'll owe me 300 liras.
Why 300? Didn't you get 400 liras in advance? I'm paid 2,000 liras for this movie.
I'm already owed 1,600 liras.
- You were already paid.
- Guys, wait.
Can you hear it? That's the sound of bankruptcy.
- Wow.
That bad? - That bad.
Tumtum, can you get me started with gambling right away? - Odds or evens? - Odds.
- Evens.
You owe me 100 liras.
- Well, that's the only way I'll learn.
Guys, behold the project that will save our lives.
Atari? That's The Japanese director? Kumiro Atari? No, Erşan.
 You're obsessed with cinema.
It's an arcade game.
It's operated with tokens.
I'll get one for the bar.
I think we'll make good money.
I saw one in a pub in Aksaray.
There was a line in front of it.
Gentlemen, this is our future.
- So we'll be running a den of iniquity? - No, Erşan.
We're talking about computers here.
Think big.
I'll play it a lot, man.
How much does a token cost? We'll see.
I'll open a 50-buck tab for you.
That's great.
- The Atari's here.
- Is that it? And fifty bucks for this guy for delivering it.
That fucking Atari is a pain in the ass from the get-go.
So, Alev, in what direction is Erşan Kuneri's cinema headed? Well, I'd like to be in a romantic movie.
Huh, Erşan? Let's make a romantic movie.
We all work collectively.
We always say what's on our minds.
Well, I don't work that way, dear.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Two and two make four, drop that ass on the floor.
Stop that crazy talk.
She's recording our voices.
- Hello! - Alev, Seyyal.
Let's take it down a notch, huh? Please.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Hi, Muammer.
Hi, bro.
- Welcome, man.
- Thanks.
I heard that you got an Atari, so I brought my friends.
But it seems like there's a line.
You don't need to wait in line.
They said something about tokens.
How do we do this? Should I buy ten? I think you should start with 20, Altın.
If you keep losing, you can buy more.
It looks easy enough, but it's a hard game.
- How much, Payro? - One hundred liras.
- Here you go.
- Thanks, dude.
- How do you play it? - It's easy.
Just insert a token and start shooting down the planes.
- Okay.
- Go ahead.
- Just get behind Tumtum.
- Let's go, boys.
Come with me.
That moron can't finish the game even after three boxes of tokens.
It's a computer, you moron! - You lost.
- I'm gonna break my record.
- Let the man play.
- You can play later.
- Go away.
- You're young.
But my record Caner, dear! What's going on over there? Come here.
Auntie, I'm out of tokens.
That man pushed me.
My turn wasn't over.
It was my turn.
He took it! - I was about to break my record.
- Excuse me, please.
Come with me.
- Wow, is that an Atari? - Yes.
Hey, what the hell's going on there? Who's been pushing this kid around? Can I take a few photos of it? Well I was talking about my point of view.
We got interrupted.
Never mind.
Alev, sweetheart, there's a queue.
All's fine.
He died anyway.
Hey, you're being unfair to the boy.
I mean, look at you! Everyone plays with their own tokens.
- Oh, really? - Yes.
Mami, give me ten tokens.
- And two more.
It's on me.
- Yes, thanks.
Dear, take this and play your game, okay? Don't let anyone tell you otherwise or I'll give them hell.
Come on.
Go and wait behind him, get in line.
Mami, you're causing trouble.
- What can I do? This is the computer age! - Get in line.
Damnit, I'm dead.
Keep it quiet! I failed, dammit! But I'll get you this time.
What's going on? Erşan, we sold 300 tokens in just an hour.
Isn't Atari amazing? But the interview! They're addicted to it.
Motherfucker! A plane came and Be quiet! Do I need to insert another token? Ma'am, can we focus a bit less on the Atari? Yeah, but it'll be big.
Well, yeah, sure, being an artist myself Technologically speaking, as an artist, I'm always keeping an eye on Atari's developments.
Maybe in a movie Shall we take a photo with the award? - All together.
- Sure.
- Let's take one.
- Come.
- Wonderful.
Hold still.
- Good.
The Atari story's for another time, right? It was awful.
We were all butt naked.
- Oh.
- Oh, no.
Don't bottle it up.
Guess what they offered me.
I'm taking the stage at the İzmir fair.
- Can you even sing? That's weird.
- No, I can't.
I'll be singing in sign language.
What a question! How would I know? I think artists should express themselves wherever they can.
- What will you sing? - Pop-arabesque fusion.
Oh, it will be a fusion, no doubt about that.
But try not to get too mixed up! - Erşan, you have a piano, right? - Yes.
You think Alev and I could have a few sessions there? Of course.
And for the next three months, I don't think we'll have the means to make a movie unless we go begging.
That village movie brought everyone down.
Couldn't we make something more cheerful, Erşan, huh? "Erşan, huh?" Maybe I could take to the stage at a fair too.
I mean, you're all free for the month.
Alev, I think you should take the gig.
At the end of the day, a gig's a gig.
Feride, you were talking about theater.
There are a few experimental things.
Addiction and passion Please, I'm begging you! Just one more game! Please! - Turn it on! - Are you crazy? - Fuck off! - Please! - Are you nuts? - I'm begging you.
Let me play one more time! - What's going on? - The Atari is broken.
I need the authorized servicing number.
Altın, what's wrong with you? Atari is gone! Atari has shut down! I put in my token, I was getting fuel with the little plane, then the big plane crashed into me! - I'm begging you! - Get ahold of yourself! Look at me.
Stop this nonsense now! What's wrong with you? He's gone off the deep end.
He's lost it.
Atari, man! Give me one token, will you?! He's extremely fixated on it.
Hey, look over here.
- He didn't care.
- See? - Hey, is my nephew still there? - That goddamn little brat! The filthy dwarf! This is all his fault! This wouldn't have happened if he hadn't played before me.
Just my luck! Hey, stop it, or you'll get a piece of me! I can't find it anywhere! - Look at me, dammit.
- Token! - Calm down! - Give me a token! Token! Atari! - He's foaming.
- Man.
I was flying so smoothly.
- Atari! - Easy.
Token! It crashed me! He's foaming.
I was flying so smoothly.
Token! Atari! - It's not working.
- What? There's water inside.
It must have short-circuited.
- I'll die if you can't fix it, Payro! - Man, stop.
Erşan, this kid has something to say.
This man took away my tokens.
He sold me tokens made of ice.
He said that I wouldn't die and that they were 250 liras apiece.
He's lying.
I said, "250 liras is too much for me.
I can't afford it.
" I sell bingo cards in schoolyards, and I can barely make ends meet.
I spend it all on Atari.
You wanna pick one? It's five liras.
I swear How could I ever harm the Atari? Don't drive me crazy.
Get that Atari out of here! - Erşan, what's he saying? - He's a tourist.
I be help you.
It drives me insane when they say, "I be.
" I heard him say "I" and the word "help.
" We're here to help too.
So what? Let's see what you got.
Fix it.
Eryetiş, take him home, and take his bingo cards away.
And don't say anything to Alev.
All right.
Fix it! It wasn't you, right? - Man, you know me.
- I do! Now, listen.
Do, mi, sol Let's hear you sing.
No, you're rushing.
Listen carefully.
Sol Hold your horses.
Now, hear it inside your mind, then let it out.
Here we go.
Who knows Why are you singing like that? Don't.
But I need to sing like that.
I can't sing any other way, Feride.
Oh, who knows How I will be waiting for you - Wait! Let me find the notes for that! - Okay, find them.
I'm waiting.
Hey, girl, you really can sing.
Of course, what were you expecting? Who knows Who knows Just a second, guys.
Really, please.
Can't you find it, dear? Come on.
- She can't.
Just sing it, come on! - Nope.
It really isn't here.
Well, fuck it, then.
 What else can we do? Girl, look at you.
You can sing too.
You're not so bad yourself.
Oh, honey, I can sing anything.
Oh, poor thing, she can't find the notes.
Why don't you form a duo like the group Cute Girls? Cute Girls are a trio.
Feride, come with us to the fair.
Let's go.
All three of us.
We'll bring the house down.
Huh? But you won't the find the notes.
Oh, I'm gonna pee myself.
But I can do a solo act as Bad Girls.
Who knows? Why not? Who knows No, it's not working.
Who knows Can't you hear? Who knows No.
You're way too low.
You're off-key.
Going down on the Play! You're just causing more trouble, Mami.
- Is it done? - Is it working? Wait, don't tell me! Well, yes.
Insert a token.
A token, yes.
Give me a token, man.
- You think they're free? - Just give him one so he can try.
Same thing.
He's the perfect type, huh? Mami, the perfect type.
For the movie.
Just the type.
Oh, it's working.
Get fuel! This is unbelievable.
Are you serious? Seriously.
We're booked at the Great Pine for 20 nights.
Cute Girls? We're not Cute Girls.
There are already Cute Girls.
I just wore this outfit for fun.
I'm not really in this.
Yes, you are.
Wait, I'll find a name for you.
We have an audition with Fecri at 5 p.
If you become famous singers, will you still make movies with me? Of course.
- Do you promise? - Oh, sweetie.
Then I've got one for you.
The Lion Girls.
Oh, no, not that.
It sounds like the title for a musical.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Can you give me 20 liras? Dude, what's wrong with you all? What's going on? İbo, if you need tokens, I'll give you a good deal.
15 liras.
That's it! I'm sick of that asshole, Erşan.
That tourist has been playing for four hours with a single token! He made the Atari beg for mercy.
People are bursting with rage.
I'm gonna stab that fucker.
Altın! Tokens! Enough! Atari! Erşan! Tokens! ERŞAN SHUTS DOWN ATARI I swear that God has spared us all, Erşan.
That Atari is a real pain in the ass.
Tell you what, if computers don't take over the world someday, then I don't know shit.
We smashed it and threw it away.
We paid the mover 50 bucks.
So it still causes problems.
These men from the Ministry of Health and police are here to see you.
Welcome, gentlemen.
Oktay is from the Ministry of the Interior.
I'm from the Ministry of Health, Mr.
Nuri is with the police.
Gentlemen, allow me to give you my business card.
My people found this inside the building.
Take it to the police immediately, son.
- If you'll excuse me - Please, stay.
Continue, please.
Maybe you've already seen it in the paper.
You put your finger on a social issue, and it's been the talk of the town.
We had our reservations about that scourge called Atari, and we'd like to see how we could cooperate with you.
We have the budget.
We just need you to make a movie as a social admonishment.
An anti-drug movie.
Against addiction.
Erşan, I got the tokens.
Altın, get out, please.
Erşan, as you know, these filthy tourists are leading our youth astray.
How do you feel about making a movie that brings all these issues together? Yes, sir.
God damn those filthy tourists.
They're the worst kind of evil.
Sultanahmet is crawling with them.
Gentlemen, we are against all forms of addiction.
We can make a movie that will make drug dealers repent and go on pilgrimage.
Sir, cinema is a very effective weapon.
Rest assured that I'll be using it in the best way possible.
Very well.
Otherwise our youth will be beyond saving, Erşan.
Far, far beyond.
The nightclub gig was a bust.
He said that these two have an ear for music, but that I didn't.
What the fuck are these? Vine leaves? Screw the nightclub.
Come on, let's make a movie.
Who are they? They're the Lion Girls.
Ladies, our movie is ready.
It's called Bad Goods.
A movie which battles evil, and, on top of that, gets results.
Erşan, guess what? I've quit gambling.
See? We're already getting results.
Hey, welcome, Nihat.
- Let me get that so you can sit down.
- I won't sit, Chief, thank you.
This mission is very dangerous.
I need a man with fire in his belly.
And you're the only one who fits that description.
Now, give me your gun and your badge.
- But, Chief, why? - I fucking lost mine.
It's been three days.
I can't find them.
We've looked everywhere.
Now, I'd like to call in the people whom you'll partner with for this mission.
I work alone Never mind, call them in.
- Chief, can we come in with our radios? - Come in.
Lunatic Necmi and Hunter Murat.
And there is a sniffer dog on the team.
Cango? Where is it? On a mission.
Hear that? That's his voice.
Woof woof.
You'll cut off the heroin, cocaine, and weed coming in from abroad.
But let's call them all "the goods" because that's how they operate.
We need to think like them and act like them.
- Can we use the word "dealer," Chief? - As in "drug dealer"? Sure.
You need to be sharp.
Come with me.
CHIEF Chief, we received a tip about a mule.
Helena Kempinski.
She'll be arriving at Yeşilköy Airport.
One of the nastiest mules.
She's been known to carry 20 kilos at once.
What a twat Sorry.
No, that is exactly how she carries it.
The drugs are transferred from Holland to Naples.
From there via Morocco and Algeria to Malta, and then to a district in İstanbul, which wishes to remain anonymous, Chief.
Which district, Chief? I don't want to implicate anyone by naming names.
But you already said "Naples.
" - Right.
- You're right.
That's disgusting.
Not even one young person should go near this malady, boys.
Chief, how do you do this? We infiltrate their minds.
It's like a game of chess.
That's not what I meant.
Do you write your names with the drugs after you confiscate them? How do you do that? - Here, take this knife, Nihat.
- What's this for, Chief? Well, you do that thing and then you do this.
He means the procedure.
- You mean like this, Chief? - Exactly.
- Like this.
- Yes.
- This.
- That's it.
Yes, but there is also this.
These two are important.
- Do I try it like this? - Yes.
- Like this? - Exactly.
- Got it? - This is poison.
Since this is a billion-dollar industry, I guess this is also a political issue.
Without any buyers, there'd be no sellers.
I'll whip their asses! - You're too naive, Murat.
- Yes, I am.
You should go and catch those poison dealers.
As you command! As you command! As you command! Be careful with that asshole.
I don't trust him at all.
If he wasn't a disguise expert, I wouldn't have him on this team.
By the way, you're neglecting your family, right, Nihat? Of course, Chief.
That's important.
- I love my job, Chief.
- That's great.
- I swear.
- Here.
What's up with you, Nihat? You seem distant from me.
You have that blank look like you just don't care.
I love you more than I love myself, Bahar.
But this job 41 TONS HEROIN You didn't even notice my new hairdo.
My mind is drifting, babe.
I'm trying to bring down a ring which relentlessly poisons our youth.
A ring? What ring? A drug ring.
Dear Lord! Get down, balloon guy! Down! Nihat, what are you doing? He's just selling balloons! My mind is elsewhere, dear.
For a moment, I thought he was misleading teenagers.
- Sorry.
- What the hell? - Nobody move! - Hands in the air! - Pull back your hoodie.
- Move! Get over there.
Damn! Turn around.
Money? Police.
Commence the operation.
We found various types of drugs on these youngsters, Chief.
Poor kids! Kids, it breaks my heart to see you like this.
Only fools use drugs.
No, Murat, not fools.
It's those who think they're smart who are in real danger here.
You think you're so smart, huh, kids? We're artists, man.
This makes us more creative.
Is that right? So, this is how they seduce you, huh? I'd like to be able to write songs like Jim Morrison, to play the guitar like Hendrix, or Who was that junkie artist? Somehow, I don't know, Chief.
- Right.
- You're right, Chief.
And that changes what, Murat? I write poetry.
Really? "My Hometown.
" "A gentle breeze Atop the great mountain" You gotta smoke the whole of Colombia to make something of this poem, girl.
You'd only waste away.
For the last time, stop smoking that shit.
If I catch you with it again, you'll be sorry.
It's not our fault.
It's those cartels.
If you only knew the forces in play.
What can youth do anyway? The cartels will be dealt with too.
As for your youth Nihat! Now we have cartels too? Bahar.
What do you expect me to do? Huh? It's all drugs and heroin to you.
But, Bahar What do I have to do to get your attention, huh? Tell me! - Ma'am, no.
- Bahar, this is not the way.
My home would be wrecked if it weren't for you guys.
And your wife is hot.
She is.
Smoking hot.
You're right.
- Flaming.
- Blazing.
Fuck you both.
- You're right.
- Right.
Eight o'clock tonight in Dragos.
All right.
He was so nice and friendly with us.
Not like a police lieutenant at all, but almost like a father.
Enough already.
Shut your mouth.
Enough of your yapping about Nihat.
I'm off to play cards.
Do whatever shit you do around here.
Go to your room.
We need to talk business.
You're so uncaring and so lacking in love.
Thank God I don't have any bad habits.
The goods from Marseilles are almost here.
Helena is already on the plane.
Then we'll start distributing.
Unless that bastard Lieutenant Nihat interferes.
I barely escaped from the raid.
My good boys.
Eat, my boy, eat.
I made all this myself.
You don't eat well and you barely sleep.
Eat, my boy, eat! You naughty boys.
Mama Hatice, you're the best.
The prettiest mom of all.
Stop it.
Hey, stop.
Hey, what the hell? Don't fool around with my mom, fuckers.
Mom, get over there.
You're right, Chief.
Thank you, Mom.
This is great.
We're embarking on a new mission.
We're going to clean up all the filth and the mess.
I'd do anything for you, my brave boy.
Finish it all.
- I can't get enough of this.
- Eat.
Mom, what's this? I don't know anything about that, son.
That doesn't belong to us.
How is this possible, Mom? Come here.
Oh my God! White poison.
Don't move! Shame on you.
And now it's your mother? Sure, you take care of her, arrest her.
But what about me? Bahar.
Mom, how could you do this? Lies! Slander! Bahar brought that.
She told me to sell the goods for her.
Family comes first, Chief.
It all starts in the family.
And I've refused to believe that.
They went after my family.
Speak! Who's your guy inside the police department? Or is it me? I'll shoot myself, I swear! The chart looks roughly like this.
The wife procures the goods and the mother distributes it.
The enemy is always closer than you think, Chief.
Sometimes I even suspect myself.
Oh, poor old me! Necmi, take my mom away.
God help you.
Thank you.
Fate has dealt me a bad hand.
Now that I've arrested my mother, you're the only one left.
Hold out your hands.
I'm arresting you.
Like hell you are! Bahar! It's futile, Chief.
"Police failed to arrest Bahar.
" Right.
You're right, Murat.
I'm stepping down, Chief.
Even the ones closest to me were in on this.
I failed.
Forgive me.
No, Nihat.
You taught us all a very important lesson.
That any one of us could be a victim.
Anyhow, just get ahold of yourself.
I've always suspected that damn old lady.
The enemy can be disguised as a mother, a friend, a brother.
That is the message here.
What about that bitch? That uncaring bitch.
- Sorry.
- Anyhow.
Eight tons of morphine base, Nihat.
From Gibraltar to Jamaica, Marseilles to Portugal, then to a port, which again wishes to remain anonymous.
You all know the young person who came to us with this information.
Hello, Lieutenant.
Hello, pretty girl.
- How did you come by this information? - My father.
My father is the leader of the cartel.
How do I know you're not lying? My father is both vulgar and apathetic.
- And my mom plays cards all the time.
- Bingo! Not bingo, she plays conquian.
The port of Marseilles, huh? We need to act quickly.
This could be related to Helena Kempinski.
She could be bringing it in between her thighs, or inside her vagina.
Vagina? Pussy.
I heard it was eight tons.
Holy mother of pussies.
So her mother's also in on it.
Lieutenant? Baby girl.
- Don't leave me, okay? - Never.
I'm very happy to see him find love so soon.
It's awkward.
I mean, we catch a lot of young girls too, but Good heavens, what a fucked-up equilibrium this is.
Like we aren't cops too, dammit.
- Right.
- You're right.
I'm Lieutenant Nihat's wife.
He knows about the shipment.
He'll destroy you.
That is absolutely crazy.
Why do you want to work with us? Because I want the whole world to see what a woman hungry for love can do.
Oh my God! That's what we're all here for.
Our parents, they never loved us.
They never showed us affection.
Had they loved us, business and geopolitics would be meaningless.
Why do we do this? Because there's no love.
- My father used to beat me all the time.
- See? We'll get along well, Lieutenant Nihat's wife.
I'll poison all the youth.
Just watch.
I will finish you, Lieutenant Nihat.
Where did this come from? Where do you think? From downstairs.
From down under, if you catch my drift.
Dear, oh, dear.
Speak! I sightsee Istanbul.
I be innocent.
It drives me insane when they say, "I be.
" Who's teaching you Turkish? I'll do anything you want, Nihat.
Don't hurt me.
I'll give you names.
There are four families behind this.
I can name them all.
Every one of them.
You go and make those men talk.
I'll interrogate Helena.
I'll make her sweat until she tells me everything.
Us too? No, dammit! You'll just tell us the usual way.
What kind of cop are you? The moment I met you, I found my tongue.
I want to tell you everything.
Oh, how did they deceive you? A mule All those drugs you've been carrying at the expense of your own life.
Sorry, it got stuck.
You know this is a crime, don't you? Is it a crime to love as well? Come here, you.
You said there were four families behind this drug business.
Who are the four families? The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Barbapapas, Bonanza.
Is that a joke? Of course it is.
- Nihat! - Ayşen? You are neglecting me just like you've been neglecting your ex-wife.
And on top of that, you're cheating on me? Living out your fantasy, huh? What fantasy, Ayşen? She's under arrest.
I'm interrogating her.
Lies! - Whore! - I'm not a whore! Not you, idiot.
Do not move! I be shooting! - Helena, no! - Nihat! Ayşen! Ayşen! Hayır! Ayşen.
All I ever wanted was some attention.
Go now.
Save those young ones.
The warehouse address is Cankurtaran Street, Fehim Paşa Avenue, number 17.
That's on the coast, Chief.
No, she means the third street after you exit the roundabout.
That's where it is.
After the mosque, on the left.
- Is it near Demirkapı? - No.
On the coast.
After the coast.
Not the first right but the second.
She's gone.
You know Demirkapı? Keep your back to the mosque.
It's near that.
- That's a dead end.
- He's right.
It's not dead.
It can't be.
- It leads to the coast.
- It was a two-way road, but it closed.
- It's just one-way now.
- Right.
I hope so.
The road she told us is a two-way road, and it's right after that one.
Isn't there an overpass here? There's a roundabout here.
Take the third exit there.
- No.
- Behind the mosque.
No, not that one, Chief.
We'll take this road.
We'll skip the bridge and reach the sea.
Ayşen is dead.
But we can save the other young ones.
- Right.
- You're right.
Just know that I'm not a whore.
- Right.
- You're right.
Ayşen! UNDERCOVER POLICE OFFICIAL BUSINESS ONLY This raid is very important, Nihat.
Why aren't you wearing your vest? Because in here, there's a heart that's stronger than steel.
He's gonna get us fucking killed too.
Let's go! You're surrounded.
Take whatever drugs and white poison you have in there and come down.
Surrender! Surrender to justice! Go away! Go! Whether we poison people or not is up to us! Society will decide.
Go away! Nihat, stop! Bahar! - Be careful! - Cover each other! I don't want any backup! Nihat, watch out! I don't want any backup! - Nihat! - Chief! Run! Cover me! I'll go after him.
He's right again.
- Right! - Right! WHAT'S WRONG, SUCKER? - Murat! - Chief! Be careful, son! That's my boy.
We have no idea what's gonna happen in there.
- We have to be very careful.
- Right.
If I die during the shootout, if you ever have a kid, name him Nihat, will you? Chief, we've had this conversation many times.
We're naming him after my fiancée's dad.
- Is that so? - It is.
All right, son.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Come on.
Down on your knees! Get up! Drop it! - Murat! - Chief! - Are you okay? - I'm fine, Chief! - You? Are you bleeding? - I'm okay.
- Murat.
- Chief.
- Chief! - No! No! - Murat.
- Chief - Murat.
- You'll do it, Chief.
No one will smoke that filth.
No one will use that shit! Murat, my brother.
And all the chicks are crazy for you.
I never fucking understood that.
Murat! Oh, you naughty boy.
BOSS He's coming.
He's killing everyone in his way.
He just isn't dying.
He's been shot over and over, but he still won't die.
That's impossible.
How could this be? A lack of interest.
He loses interest if he's focused on something.
He's not interested in death anymore.
All he has now is killing.
Helena, deal with them! No! Chief! Chief.
The people, Necmi.
The people.
Awaken the people.
Educate the people.
Chief! İsmail! Don't smoke that filth! Just don't! Mamas! Papas! Kids! Youngsters! Laborers! Look.
Look, Lieutenant Nihat is dying here for you! What do you need that for? Is it worth it? If you don't smoke it, no one can sell it.
Don't forget the values that made you who you are! Do not forget! We need no one but ourselves! We need no one but ourselves! Don't smoke it.
Don't smoke that filth! Don't smoke it.
Stop! You're not dead.
You just don't die.
I cannot be killed.
They can only kill my ideas.
Credit to you, Lieutenant Nihat.
You finally did it.
Listen to the crowd chanting outside.
They're yelling, "We won't smoke!" We won't smoke it! We won't smoke that filth! We won't smoke it! We just won't! All that's left for us to do is to repent and quit this business.
We surrender.
Arrest us.
We won't smoke this filth, man! That is our final decision! The cartels will be no more! There are bad habits out there and we're all human.
But what matters the most is distinguishing the good from the bad.
Go now.
Do your time.
And then, come back to society.
With a stop in Marseilles, right? Helena Oh, you Cango, where have you been? It was all a big mess.
Good boy.
Now we have to look after a dog? Just what I needed.
If only you cared for me half as much as you cared for him.
CANGO BECOMES THE CARTELS' WORST NIGHTMARE Nihat confiscated 13 grams of weed, 4 grams of cocaine, and turned in the criminals.
Some names have been changed to protect identities.
You should always remember this: Don't smoke that filth! THE END Subtitle translation by: Diana Renker, Marc Seyers
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