The Life and Movies of Erşan Kuneri (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Couldn't Get Enough

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Action! POLICE No one can escape the law! No one can escape the law! You can't escape the long arm of the law.
You can't escape the long arm of the law.
I said stop! Stop! Cut, dammit, cut! Moron! You're doing a shitty job! I'm sick of this already.
Let's take five.
Go rehearse.
- What's up, Payro? - Wow, Erşan.
- Welcome.
- How's it going? Good.
Dealing with explosions, collisions, stuff like that.
Tumtum's here too.
Yes, Altın's also here.
Well, this is The Lieutenants Return.
By Tunç Film.
The Lieutenants This Aren't they Lieutenants Murat and Necmi from my movie? They must have planned something.
I don't know much though.
It's okay.
No worries.
Seyyal's here.
I should say hi.
As you wish.
- What's up, Nail? - Hi.
Are we ready? What's going on? Good day to you.
Hello, Erkut, my friend.
The Lieutenants Return, huh? Yeah, they return.
Look, I'm shooting a movie here.
All right, is everyone ready? Let's go, then.
Pay attention.
Clapper, get ready.
Roll! No one can escape the law! Cut! You're all assholes! All of you! You don't deserve me! Cut! Take five, guys.
I'm quitting, guys.
I won't make movies for a while.
Yeah, get some rest.
No, you should make one.
Why wouldn't you? This The Lieutenants What was it? Aren't they the lieutenants from our movie? It's common in Hollywood.
What's it called? Spin-off.
It's called a spin-off.
Same characters, different movie.
Fine, but you could've asked me.
No one asked me about it.
Saying "Hollywood does it" justifies it.
- True.
- Is that so? Are we following Hollywood rules now? Aren't you from Zeytinburnu? No, but, you know - You? - I'm from Moda, Erşan.
- Returning Lieutenants, huh? - The Lieutenants Return.
Let them return, then.
 Well done.
- How you doing, Seyyal? - Fine, Erşan.
You? Good.
I heard you got engaged.
Fuck that bastard.
He really got on my nerves.
I came to bid you farewell.
Farewell? Hey! Stop dawdling there! Idiots.
Get back to your marks, come on! He yells a lot on the set.
He swears a lot.
That jerk's got no talent.
He takes it out on others.
Don't fucking piss me off! Get back to work, come on! - Erşan.
- Don't do it.
- Erşan, stop.
- Easy.
- It's okay.
- No.
- It's okay.
- Don't get all wound up.
- It's okay.
- Erşan.
Bro, you yell too much on set and swear excessively.
That's below you.
- Is that so? - Every job has its own etiquette.
- Erşan, come this way, please.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- It's okay.
The porn guy who fucks people on set is lecturing me about etiquette.
Easy, Erşan.
Listen, man.
On the movie set, we work like brothers and sisters.
Nobody says anything that would hurt anyone else, okay? Everyone is careful that way.
No one raises their voice.
If you swear at my friends again while you're shooting, I'll shove that megaphone up your ass.
I don't have a megaphone.
I'm talking about that one.
See that? That one.
You'll be hailing tankers passing through the Bosphorus as you fart.
He got it, Erşan.
- All right? - Okay.
- You got me? - I got it, okay.
- Sorry.
- Yes.
If you can make a decent guy out of him, monkeys might fly out of my butt.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Exactly.
- It must be like this.
- Functional.
- Okay.
- Please.
- Asswipe.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Good luck.
All right, then.
Let's not be like You know? Come on.
Wow, Erşan.
- We're picking up tissues off the floor.
- People are crying their hearts out.
Meanwhile, you're laughing, of course.
Of course.
We can laugh, right? What are you up to? How's it going? I heard you're making a karate movie.
Is that right? Well, no, we took a huge beating this season.
I came here for something else.
Remember that money I borrowed from you once? Well, now, that Shoot Them in the Mouth Things didn't go as well as I hoped.
I wonder if it's possible to revisit that Shoot Them in the Mouth project.
"Erşan Kuneri is shooting them in the mouth.
" Was.
"Given the chance.
" Maybe we add that too.
Like, "Shooting them, given the chance.
" Erşan, you are a big star.
- I'm humbled.
- Listen.
We had a project, what was it? - I Can't Get Enough.
- Yes.
- A story called I Can't Get Enough.
- Does it have a plot? Of course.
Let's do this together.
The script is great.
The script has a factory, a class conflict, a club, fame, and a great deal of revenge in it.
Besides, write whatever you want to add.
I Can't Sounds arabesque.
Maybe you can call it I Can't Get Enough, But Man, this guy's a genius! It just popped into my mind.
Or maybe you can call it But, I Can't Get Enough.
- That's even more obvious.
- Yeah.
We need three or four songs.
We'll figure that out, okay? Let's make this movie together.
Then you can do whatever you want, man.
I'm really surprised.
I'm not saying I won't do it.
I'm surprised because when I came to you, I thought you guys would mock me, make fun of me.
How could you say that, Erşo boy? Actually, it was a bit like that, but Well, anyway, guys.
That's great.
I Can't Get Enough.
We can do it.
That magic of the movies, for us I mean, for professionals like us, that magical ambiance, the movies How much will I get for this? - Excluding the contract, ten percent.
- Ten percent? Deal.
I will make you such an arabesque movie, that you won't only be picking up tissues off the floor, but hearts.
You want sex in the movie? I mean, just metaphorically, sex is fine.
As far as I'm concerned, the lead's life might be fucked up.
- Throughout the movie.
- He goes through a lot, anyway.
Let the bastard die three times.
Huh? Let him be half dead and half alive.
Fine with me.
Let him die at his birth.
At birth? No, then it'd be a short film.
We'll do it.
And we'll do it very well.
For the movies! For the movies! Guys, we're in a really grim situation here.
I'm sure Erşan will tell you when he gets here.
Things are so bad.
You can't even imagine.
Don't tell me to leave You cannot be left If there's death Send it my way Don't tell me to leave You cannot be left If there's death Send it my way Erşan, where have you been? We've been worried sick.
Erşan, are you okay, darling? You seem agitated.
Whoa, Alev! "Agitated"? What? For heaven's sake.
I saw it in a crossword.
You don't own all the fancy words.
What would you like me to say? You look upset.
Are you upset? On the contrary, I'm quite good.
Eryetiş! Take these grapes and serve everybody some.
I'm very well, very good.
The Lieutenants Return, huh? Drop it, man.
The set exploded.
What? You've stopped shooting? Let our friend tell us.
The set literally exploded.
I mean, it blew up.
The director is in the hospital.
It was an unfortunate accident.
These things can happen on a movie set.
I'm sorry to hear that.
And the guy? Let the bastard rot.
Guys, speaking of bastards, I'd like to say a few words, if you'll allow me.
Erşan and I talked everything through, and we've decided to quit.
And as far as I remember, for our movies, we owe some money to Seyyal.
None to Feride and Alev.
But if we owe money to any of you, tell us now.
Have some grapes.
- Thanks.
- Enjoy.
I Can't Get Enough.
- We can't either, man.
- Neither can I.
- I don't think any one of us can.
- I Can't Get Enough, But Erşan, are you trying to kill us with curiosity? Do you want to make us all cry? Our new project.
I Can't Get Enough, But - It says I Can't Get Enough.
- I added the "but" part.
Is this a play on words, like mixing up "but" and "butt"? Nice.
No, it's our new project.
It's filled with arabesque themes.
It's amazing.
I have a phenomenal script.
I researched what makes people cry.
And I added things like grief, sorrow, luck, fortune, defiance, objection, and other intense synonyms.
There are parts for all of you.
What do you say? Are you gonna make us cry? Is it a sad movie? Very sad, but we're gonna laugh a lot.
And money? Neco and Muzo.
Ten percent, plus the contract.
Shall we open the office tomorrow? Well, I'd better let Fedon know too.
Yes! Let's drink to that.
Come on.
I'd like to see you smile.
We're living in luxury.
- To luxury, then.
- Come on.
Always to more luxury.
Come on.
We should laugh a little.
We'll cry a lot.
I CAN'T GET ENOUGH Anything that reminded me of her I burned it all Your pictures on the wall I removed them all DUBBED AT DİMİTRİ VAPURİDİ STUDIOS Like it was out of the blue Like it was never true I had you removed like a mole I had your name erased I have no memory of your shape After you, I started lashing out at everyone I had your name erased I have no memory of your shape After you, I was all over the place I had a few traces of you Now my hurts are too few I had cursed my fate, not you You said, "Don't come this spring Maybe I won't be here this summer too" You put me away like your winter wardrobe I had your name erased I have no memory of your shape After you, I started lashing out at everyone I had your name erased I have no memory of your shape After you, I was all over the place Anything that reminded me of her I burned it all I had cursed my fate, not you Like it was out of the blue Like it was never true You put me away like your winter wardrobe Your songs, your lyrics, they're so close to my heart.
I'm scared that something will happen to us and we'll break up.
Zeynep, we've been together for 22 years.
We spent our childhood together.
My father was working in this workshop, and your father was the owner.
And it's still like that.
We held on for this for a long time.
Now only death will keep us apart.
- My sweet darling.
- My love.
- You know what I'm curious about? - What? That loud music you have in the background while you're singing, where does it come from? Oh, you mean this.
I had you removed like a mole Your singing is so sincere, so beautiful.
The sound of your voice is so moving, Ercan.
- Zeynep, what's wrong? - It's nothing.
- Your nose is bleeding.
- It's nothing.
Seriously, it's nothing.
- What's that? - Just a chest X-ray.
I'm fine.
I just happened to have that taken.
How come? Zeynep, we'll never be apart, babe.
Don't you worry about that.
Even death can't keep us apart.
What if we don't die, but become miserable? Won't we break up then? Oh, you silly.
Ercan, while you were singing, Coşkun couldn't stop coughing.
That's weird.
What's wrong, son of the boss? You big boy, what ails you now? Coşkun? That's really blood.
No way.
That's not possible.
You rascal! Alas, it's the white plague.
Is there no hope, Doctor? Who are you to her? Her father.
Her misfortunate father.
I'm willing to sacrifice my fortune so that my daughter can live.
My diastolic pressure sometimes hits 95 or 100.
I took blood thinners for a while.
But when I work out and keep a healthy diet, it's all good.
Please leave.
Thank you.
Let's leave, Zeynep.
Stop crying, Gülcan.
That's enough.
They're very good people, Mother.
His dad accepted me as his daughter-in-law even though I'm his employee.
I mean, Coşkun and I were to be married.
But you know what the doctor said? Alas, there's nothing more to do, except to keep quiet.
Science? Yes, exactly.
Even though Ercan is the son of a laborer, I love him as my own son.
We should leave this small workshop to him.
Distribute the open lands and lodgings to the employees.
What is it, brother? I was about to marry Gülcan.
But I fear I'd be a burden for whatever short time I've got left.
Why do bad things happen to us? Why? Desire is like a waterfall What's that? What's that noise? Life is always an excuse I kept saying I can't get enough They said I got enough Ercan! This is my last word to you May your glass of love be always full Just when I thought fate has smiled on me It is over, they said to me Dad! - Zeynep! - Daddy.
Dad, no! Please, Dad! Dad, are you okay? Zeynep! - Ercan.
- What's wrong? My dad's collapsed, Ercan.
Pain! Come on, bring it on.
Bring it on! You cannot tear me down, life! I will resist! I will endure all pain! Come on, hit me! Hit me more.
I will endure.
I will not be taken down! Ercan, my dad? Yeah, your dad.
My boss.
Who am I compared to him? Just a worker! Ercan, I didn't mean it like that, darling.
No, I'm an insignificant worker.
But he is a mighty boss! - Right? - No.
What ails my father, Doctor? Tell me.
Isn't that a chest X-ray? Unfortunately, it has spread to the lungs.
Can I get the payment? Lies! They're all lies! I don't believe in medicine! Lies! Let's get out of here! How much do we owe you? Do you expect me to put a price tag on your father's life? How much do you think a man's life is worth? Doctor, what's wrong with you? Unfortunately, it's the white plague.
Even if I get tongue-tied If time stops If the world burns If the world burns You're the win "My Trials.
" "Let My Misfortune Burn.
" "Shoot Me to Death.
" "Devastated Ones.
" Don't tell me to leave You cannot be left If there's death Send it my way Ercan, my son.
Don't touch that saz.
Are these my dad's records, Ma? May God strike him down.
Yes, they're his.
Why didn't you tell me that he had these records? Your father almost ruined us all when he was young.
I never told anyone what happened.
But I can see that you'll go through the same thing.
That saz brings nothing but trouble, grief, and despair, Ercan.
And as you play, one by one we will fall.
Look at the names of those songs.
"Devastated Ones.
" "My Trials.
" No.
Don't play it.
- I will play it.
- Don't.
- I will.
- Don't.
You're gonna kill us all.
- I will.
- Mom? What happened, Mom? You should go and tell everyone.
They need to know.
- I'll play it.
- Brother? - Get up, Mom! - We're leaving.
We're in trouble! Come on, go! If I get tongue-tied What's going on? Things will get ugly, Gülcan.
- Mom! - I'm locking the door.
- What's going on? - God help us.
- Gülcan! - Let's go.
What's going on? Mom! Open the door! Gülcan! I will play! I will play! I will play! Come, Zeynep.
Orhan Verevli, psychiatry specialist.
He's got something to tell us, dear.
Hello, Ms.
Ercan's condition is pretty complicated.
But the effect it has on you can be explained rather simply.
How long has Ercan been singing? For four or five years.
And when did his father's saz come into play? - Fifteen days ago.
- He recently found it.
I had it hidden in a chest for years.
- These are the records? - Yes.
"Devastated Ones.
" "My Trials.
" "Shoot Me to Death.
" "Let My Misfortune Burn.
" Pretty obvious.
Is he alive? - No.
- Perfectly normal.
Gürsel Erses.
I seem to recall him.
What is it, Doctor? Tell us.
He means the world to us.
Now, listen.
If we put the parapsychological side of it aside, it is a condition that I can define as mass psychological damage.
The fact that you love Ercan increases the damage.
His songs make you sick.
First mentally, then physically.
But this is ridiculous.
Young lady, I guess you're unaware of the experiment where they yelled "you're a freak" to a droplet of water, and its crystal structure became modified.
Oh my God.
Inherited from his father, a mystical spell, or conditioning, if you will, comes to life in arabesque music.
And his music leads to cell deterioration in those exposed to it.
As he constantly says, "I can't get enough.
" The self-esteem can't get enough and keeps asking for more.
There are even cases which I define as "trauma addiction.
" Cases? You can think of Ercan as a victim-slash-hunter who turns into a werewolf without regard for others when he picks up the saz.
- Slash? - Slasher? My brother is no werewolf.
You don't appreciate arabesque music.
You're just contemptuous and discriminative, an educated robot, but not a decent human being.
After only three days of not being exposed to Ercan's music, you can see that Coşkun's red blood cell levels have improved significantly.
You should realize how childish you are being.
I feel better.
So its effect on us increases as we love it.
You're telling us love is a crime? Scientifically, even? Beware of this girl.
Zeynep's mind has been completely possessed.
Because she's in love.
- Lovers never die, Mr.
- Oh, you have no idea how they do.
Open the door! - Oh my God! - Zeynep! - He's here! - No! - Calm down.
- Open! - We'll be fine unless he sings.
- Who's there? I should take preventive measures.
- Open! - Brother! - Don't! - Zeynep! Open the door! Open the door! Can you hear me? Zeynep! What's going on? Open the door! - I'll break down the door! - Don't come in! Why did you shut me out? Why did you leave me alone? Careful.
He's playing with your minds.
You were just trying to protect yourselves.
But he's taken it personally and is trying to make you feel bad.
Who is this man? Why is he coming between us? He's ignoring science and emphasizing that life can be driven by emotions.
Coşkun, brother, why do you have a rifle in your hand? Ercan, darling! Please, calm down.
It turns out your singing is making us ill.
- So, would you please shut it? - No.
You want me to stop my laments? See? He's getting defensive.
Be careful.
Brother, please.
They tied my hands Seared my eyes Coşkun! Don't! - Don't! - Stop it! You're my brother! I loved you as a big brother! - But stop bringing everybody down! - Ercan! You can't silence the tunes! You can't silence my lament! Coşkun! What have you done? Why? Ercan, why? Ms.
Zeynep, let go.
- Why? - Trust in science! Let go! Shame on you! I loved you as my own son! I am a victim of fate.
Go ahead, hit me.
Kill me! Ercan! I warned you.
Coşkun won't be able to walk anymore.
Gülcan, if you want to work at a club, which I think will be the course of events, take this card.
- At least they're acquaintances of mine.
- A club? Where did that come from? Science comes to conclusions via experimentation, Gülcan.
At any rate, you should heed my words.
By the way, your father will have a stroke now.
This is predictable.
- Dad! - God! - Dad! - No! Dad! - Dad! - No.
Ercan! Dad! How is my wound? How is my wound? Look, it's not healing My wound is seared It gets on top of me Like when I fall They laugh at me Dreaming of you My wound's not healing No one is asking "How is your wound?" You and my wound only And my burning cigarette No one is asking "How is your wound?" How is my wound? Look, it's not healing My wound is seared How is my wound? Look, it's not healing My wound is seared How is my wound? Look, it's not healing My wound is seared How is my wound? Look, it's not healing My wound is seared COSMOS RECORDS This is what I call a preemptive strike.
Well What can you do? This is my job.
He is in prison, his mother is miserable, and his sister is working at a club.
Your brainwashing ability is just amazing.
Are you crazy? Should we leave them to ruin music? Never! There's jazz and there's polyphonic music.
And they want to belt out in pain? Yeah, sure.
Arabesque singers, I'll ruin them all.
I'll ruin their lives, one by one.
We should transfer 5,000 liras to Dr.
Ali for the false results.
Yes, will do.
You'll end arabesque music, but to what end? I just don't want it! So what? Ercan has a powerful voice.
All I wanted was to hunt him down before he rose to fame.
I'll ruin them all.
Every single one of them.
People will listen to jazz! Even if I have to force them.
That's silly, Suat.
You don't know shit.
You have no grasp of social dynamics.
What do you think the blues you're so fond of is? Enough! The blues is far away, and it's not eroding society.
"I saw her on the tracks, Mama didn't give her blessing.
" That won't corrupt me.
It's in English.
But arabesque music is different.
And it stinks.
I pity you.
You're ignorant.
An educated ignorant.
Listen, bitch! I wouldn't be a villain if I knew some shit.
Don't push me.
Orhan, you failed to brainwash her.
Because she has no brain.
When this evil blows up in your face, I'll be waiting for your scientific explanation.
If that happens, we'll call it karma.
Which isn't scientific either, so it won't happen.
We get what we want.
Look around you! Look! This is Cosmos Records.
We are the big picture! Beware of that girl.
The way things are going, I think she's gonna pull a trick on you.
This is the only thing she'll pull.
Hey, sister, a word? Who are you? Your sweetheart, Ercan, he's innocent.
You have been played big time.
He's a great artist.
That's why there are people who want to stop him.
Please, just leave.
Stop interfering with our lives.
Zeynep, Ercan loves you.
Never forget that.
And you don't have cancer.
It was all a trick.
Oh my God! Ercan! That was some singing, Ercan.
Thank you, Forlorn.
- You made our hearts sink.
- Thanks.
I hope you won't be back here.
You're leaving tomorrow, huh? We're getting out, Cemal.
I'm taking Ercan with me.
We'll head to the club.
I'm sure they're already printing your posters.
Stop joking, Forlorn.
- You're being a rascal again.
- Not at all! I want you to shake it.
I want you to shake İstanbul.
No matter how much you shake, the last few drops fall on your pants.
That's such a bad joke.
You made me laugh despite all the troubles and grief.
You remind me of the inability to make funny characters be funny.
I can't speak with fancy words, if you know what I mean.
We'd laugh so fucking hard if you had a stutter.
I can't do that.
BAYRAMPAŞA PENITENTIARY Zeynep! Ercan! - Zeynep, my love! - Ercan! Be careful of my saz.
Ercan! I had been brainwashed.
Please, forgive me.
And my illness was a lie.
My dad's also recovering with physical therapy.
Physical? What about Gülcan? Coşkun? Well, they work at Çakır Bar.
One of them is on restroom duty, the other one entertains the patrons.
Who's on restroom duty? Is it Gülcan? Is Gülcan on restroom duty? Please say it's Gülcan.
Please! Coşkun! Head to the club.
Forlorn, keep an eye on Zeynep.
Sure, Ercan.
- Where are you going? - To the club.
There's just one club anyway.
You can't miss it.
- Is it cheerful inside? - It is.
What's it to you? I'll fill it with grief! I'll fill it with sorrow! NUMBER ONE - NUMBER TWO Ercan.
My dear brother.
Forgive us, brother.
Life has stained us.
No, Coşkun.
You guys are the most pure-hearted people I've ever met.
Gülcan? She's in there, brother.
Come with me.
Gülcan! Gülcan! - Gülcan, where are you? - Run! Gülcan! Gülcan! Gülcan! Ercan, brother? Gülcan.
Enough! This has gone too far.
Don't move! I'm ready, brother.
Coşkun, don't.
For Gülcan.
I'm ready, brother.
Coşkun! It's okay.
We're together, just like in the old days.
Just like Oh, you little rascal! Brother.
- Come here.
- Brother.
They tied my hands They seared my eyes They clipped my wings And told me to die I can't get enough of you I can't get enough, but It goes on like that.
You can't write these lyrics without going through that pain.
Do you like it? You'll go places.
I'd like you to start as early as next week.
Before I start work, I'd like to ask you for a special gala.
A gala where I can invite my loved ones and special guests.
Say no more.
Bless you! - Thank you.
- It's nothing.
Cigar for me, sugar.
How do I look, babe? I'm scared to death that something will happen to us.
What could happen to us, babe? I'm here for you.
That's what I'm saying.
Your guests are seated, Ercan.
Sis, your dad's also at your table.
Bravo! I think another band will take the stage.
They're getting ready.
Ercan's coming.
What's going on? Where did you take us? - I don't - Move, and I'll shoot you.
You You You take my breath away You You You turn my fate upside down If I get tongue-tied If time stops If the world burns You're the winner If there's no hope And if this is the fate If my heart stops You're the owner Don't tell me to leave You cannot be left You don't kill, you maim Don't tell me to leave You cannot be left If there's death Send it my way You tell me to wait Stop for a rest In every smoke You're the dream If this is you And there's nothing to it Let the world hear me You're the tyrant Don't tell me to leave You cannot be left You don't kill, you maim Don't tell me to leave You cannot be left If there's death Send it my way Brain hemorrhage.
My condolences.
We do not know the deceased, Prosecutor.
And they don't know us either.
If we got to know each other, it might not have ended this way.
Hold me, Ercan.
I can't get enough of you.
And I can't get enough of you, babe.
- I can't get enough, but - But? THE END The ones who write destiny The ones who put me through pain They put a stop to What happened last night - Thanks.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Erşan, what have you done? Look, I'm crying.
Wow, dude, what a movie that was, huh? See? I slit my wrists.
- Well, I told you so.
- You did.
- Bravo.
- Goodbye.
Mami, is the bar closed today? Not today, Erşan! - Not today! - What? Thank you.
May your glass of love be always full Just when I thought fate has smiled on me It is over, they said to me I wasn't expecting that.
It's unbelievable.
Erşan, they left this here earlier.
- What's this? - What's that? That's strange.
Hey, look.
It's something like an invitation to represent Turkey at some Man of the Year contest abroad.
- Whoa! - Erşan! Do it, please.
If it was the Man of the Month, I'd be invited.
I'm the Man of the Month.
It's definitely not me.
I'm the Man of Wasted Years.
So? Are we going? Huh? We have a lot to do.
Maybe we will, maybe we won't.
- That's it! - Let's drink! - Come on! - Give me one.
- Come on.
- Bottoms up! - Ready? Come on.
- Come on.
Subtitle translation by: Diana Renker, Marc Seyers
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