The Life and Times of Tim (2008) s02e07 Episode Script

Nagging Blonde; Elephant

* now you're looking at a man that's getting kinda mad * * I had lots of luck but it's all been bad * * no matter how I struggle and strive * * I'll never get out of this world alive * * my fishing pole's broke, the creek is full of sand * * my woman run away with another man * * no matter how I struggle and strive * * I'll never get out of this world alive.
* All right, Whoo! Let's see what we got here.
Okay okay.
You ready for this? Boom boom boom boom! You can just take the shot.
This one's called the don quixote.
- Here we go.
- What? - Whoo! - Whoa, ow! - Damn it! - Tim: What happened? You are a terrible pool player.
It's amazing.
You win again.
One, two, three, four, five balls.
- That's 50 more bucks I owe you.
- $190.
But my luck's about to change.
Rack 'em up.
Here we go, another game! No, I gotta get home actually.
My girlfriend's waiting.
- Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
- Stu: Wha-pish.
- You can't do that, man.
- No, you gotta just pay.
No, because you can't leave without giving me a chance to win my money back.
Yeah, he's right.
I mean, that's basic gambling etiquette.
Gambling etiquette? - It's not fair for one guy to win and then leave.
- It's not cool.
- But when do I ever get to leave? When you have lost.
That's how it works.
And by the way, I don't have any money, so you have to play anyway.
Joke's on you.
- Wait.
You don't have any money? - Dude, I'm a hustler.
- You're a hustler? - You've been losing for two hours.
- Yeah, well - That's how a hustle works.
- Man: Thank you.
I lose a bunch of games on purpose.
You get all confident, and then bam I pull out a tiny suitcase.
You're like, "what's that?" And I'm like, "it's my custom cue, a.
" When was that gonna happen? It's almost midnight.
It's like smoking a piece of pork.
- It takes a long time.
- Man: Yes.
I don't have time to smoke a Piece of pork.
Ugh, this is a time-honored tradition.
There's a code and you're disrespecting it and I don't appreciate it.
- That's fair.
- Man: I'm gonna go get a nice kebab - and go home and sleep.
- He's leaving the bar.
That was rude.
You should have let him take you.
Yeah, he bets me and then the guy, he just left.
Tim, we could really use $190.
If you say it like that, it sounds like we're poor.
- Well Come on, we got a microwave oven and a toaster oven.
Seriously? - Who has multiple ovens? Rich people.
Someone took advantage of you and, as usual, you just backed down.
No, I didn't back down.
I stood there and made sarcastic comments as he continued to do as he pleases.
Just call the guy and make him give you the money.
If I do, will you stop nagging me about it? - What? - What happened? You talking to me? - "Stop nagging"? I didn't say that word.
That's the forbidden word.
- Yes, it is.
- I'll stop saying "nagging.
" - You just said it again.
- What, "nagging"? - Stop! - You're nagging me right now.
- No, I'm not.
- You can't nag someone - Stop saying that word! Enough.
Enough with the persistent requests.
- Oh, stu.
- Tim.
You're looking a furious guy.
Furious George: The angry monkey.
- It's not funny.
- You do look like a monkey.
How do I get in touch with your buddy, - the pool hustler? - Gabe? - Is that his name? - That guy's not my buddy.
I lost money to him at poker and couldn't pay.
You brought him in and said, "hey, everyone, meet my buddy.
" I just said that because he said he would let me off the hook if I introduced him to my friends so that he could rip them off.
I don't appreciate that.
What you're missing here is the silver lining, and that is that I consider you a friend.
And that is the point of the story here.
- No, I want my money.
- It's a touching moment.
I don't need the friendship.
I need the hundred - You need to acknowledge these moments, Tim.
- I'm getting furious now.
- I can tell because nothing about you has changed.
- Do you have his phone number? - I got something better.
- Got his address? I have a series of clues and hints which, if deciphered correctly, will lead you to an underground card game which he plays in occasionally.
It's not better than a phone number.
- It's as good as a phone number.
- No, it's a little worse.
Six of one, six of the other.
Hey, you know, is this the underground poker game? - I don't know.
Uh, I'm a bum.
- You're a bum? - Nice meeting you.
- Uh That's a pretty sweet microwave, by the way.
- Thank you.
- Man: What? - Oh.
Is this the underground poker club? Underground poker club? That sounds illegal.
This is a bookstore.
- It's not a bookstore.
- Yeah, it is.
Books 'n' stuff that's the name of the store.
- Oh, man, I just wanna ask you a question.
- Okay, officer.
- You can ask me any question you want.
- I'm not a cop.
I don't have a gun.
I'm not muscular.
- I'm not confident.
- You know what you look like? - What? - A snitch.
Come on.
- Doesn't take muscles to be a snitch.
- I'm not a snitch.
- You got a little snitch mouth, don't you? He does have that snitch mouth.
That's the first thing I thought too.
- Is anyone talking to you? - No.
He can't wait for people to talk to him.
He would never get to say anything.
I'm looking for a guy named Gabe.
He plays in the game.
I could tell you where you can find Gabe.
- Yeah? But you show up there and they're gonna ask you a lot more questions than I did.
Sounds very dramatic.
How did you hear about Madison academy? Um, I was looking for an underground card game and some guy told me through a door I did not receive your pamphlet if that's what you're asking.
- I I'm looking for Gabe.
- Oh, Mr.
He teaches in b26.
- He can't be a teacher.
- Oh, yes.
He brings math to the masses.
I can't imagine it's the same Gabe.
Okay, since the two triangles ade and abc are what, are what? Similar, you get - Hey.
- Okay, everybody, I gotta deal with this dingaling outside my door.
Give me a second.
What the heck's going on here, man? What are you doing? You're a math teacher? I'm a math genius.
It's why I'm so good at pool.
- I see all the angles.
- Really? I guess there was one angle you didn't calculate properly The Tim angle.
Really? - It's at a right angle.
- All right.
- Pointy.
- That's great.
Do you want me to give you your money? - I don't have it.
- You gotta pay.
I came to the school.
It's a dramatic gesture.
- You're gonna pay at this point.
- Nope.
I'm telling the principal.
- What? - I'm telling on you.
- What are you, a little tattletale? - I don't care if I'm a grown man.
- Tattletale Tim.
Dude, you're still tattling? - Man, like, how old are you? - Still tattling? I stopped for a good 15 years and now I'm coming for a comeback.
A pool hustler? That's so awesome! - Thank you, thank you.
- Awesome? - Yeah.
- You're the principal? - Yeah.
- It's a crime.
Well, it's one of the cool crimes.
You know, like bank robbing or embezzling.
Yeah, I'm like a character clive Owen would play or something.
- Ooh.
- No, we're here to tell on him.
- I'm telling on him.
- Okay okay.
- Hey! What the hell, Gabe? - Uh, no no no.
- Huh? - What's happening? Emma said that some creepy lesbian was yelling at you in the hall about being a pool hustler? - Me? No, I'm not a lesbian.
- It's the haircut.
- You told me that you stopped.
- Don't do this now.
How are were supposed to have a future together if you can't be honest? - Don't do this here.
- It's over! Here's your stupid underwear back.
- No.
- Asshole! - Ew.
- Oh, boy.
- Uh - Principal: Gabe? Here's the thing we did have a sexual relationship, but never on school grounds.
We only had sex at quizno's, which is where she works.
So if anything, she should lose her job and I should be fine.
First of all, you should never give - your underwear to a woman.
- Okay.
Second of all, you should not be dating one of the students.
I think you could state that even more emphatically.
It really upsets me that you did it at quizno's because I have a lot of my sandwiches there.
The thought of you and one of my students making love back behind the counter Where in quizno's? You're asking all the wrong questions.
Look, man, I'm not a kind of monster that's gonna get my stuff on the meat at quizno's.
- I eat there too.
- You did not have relations on the meat? Nowhere near the meat, no.
Well, thank you for getting me fired.
Me? I got you fired? - Yeah, you showed up, everything's gone to crap.
- Who else should I blame? - Gabe, you had sex with a student at a quizno's.
She slept with me, okay? I just laid there with an erection.
- You know what? - What's up, girl? You're obviously not gonna pay - Wait wait wait.
What if I told you I had a plan for how to get the money? Does it involve going to an atm? If it involves going to an atm - Exactly.
But instead of going to an atm, we're gonna go to the horse track.
That's a liberal use of the word "exactly.
" I got a rock-solid tip coming in at 50-1.
I just need $200 for the bet.
We split the winnings.
It's $10,000.
Nagging blonde in the 10th.
Nagging blonde? - I know a nagging blonde.
- That's a sign.
All right, Tim, let's go.
Cough it up.
This place I gotta say A little depressing, no? - What's depressing about it? - Pardon me, gentlemen.
Hello, hi.
I wonder if I might be able to borrow cab fare from one of you guys.
The, uh, trifecta did not work out as I had hoped and consequently, I lost my wheelchair and also my pants.
You're dragging yourself across the floor? - Well, for now, yes.
- How much for that shirt? - The shirt? - Yeah.
I'll sell you the shirt for 20 bucks.
I'll give you five bucks for the shirt.
- Well, thank you very much.
- Here you go.
This place is not uplifting.
Yeah, track's full of crazy characters, man.
All right, forget about him.
Just remember why you came the sign.
Never ignore the sign, Tim.
- Why are you here, by the way? - Dollar hds.
- That means "hotdogs"? - You know it.
Jesus Christ, you guys.
The race is about to start.
I can't believe I'm paying.
- Hey, buddy.
- What? Don't cut my hotdog conversation short.
- Woman: Gabe.
- Mom? - What are you doing here? - I'm here to save you.
- Let's do this! - Who are you? This man is here to help you, Gabe.
- He's an interventionist.
- Hey, let's do this! - What's going on here? - You wanna know what's going on? I do.
- You have a gambling addiction, young man.
- Me? No.
I'm well-adjusted.
- Hey.
Yeah? - I'm not here to play games with you, fella.
- I see what you are.
- Yeah? I'm not blinded by my memories of how - Uh, no, not him.
- What? - I'm not Gabe.
- Oh! It's just that he He's got that weak-willed thing about him - Kind of a slouch - No.
- And sad of face.
- This is the guy.
- I am the guy, but - Hey, let's do this! I don't have a gambling problem, okay, sir? Then why are you at the track in the middle of the afternoon? My brother gave me a tip on a horse.
I can't lose.
That was just a trick to get you down here.
- Tim: What's this? - Surprise! - It's still a good tip, right? - I doubt it.
I don't know anything about horses at all.
I just picked a name off of a racing form.
- The brother is screwing me.
- Man: Hey hey! I hate to intervene That's a joke.
I hope you enjoyed it because it's the only one I'll be telling today.
Hey! Who did that? Was that me? - Gabe's mom: Yes, you that was you.
- Hey! It's a tick.
You're not aware you're doing that? Sometimes I'm doing the "hey" on purpose and some hey! See that? I didn't mean to do that.
Hup hey! Let's do this! You are just no longer the Gabe I know.
I look at you and I don't see the little boy who suckled at my breasts.
My heart breaks for you, Gabe.
- It's not a fun day at the track.
- Why are we here? Gabe has the ticket still.
The horse could still win.
- I mean, it was a sign.
- Let's do this! So, Gabe, I hope you listen to us and go to rehab tonight and that your next bet is on yourself.
- Awesome intervention.
- Man: What? Tim, why are you Why are you clapping? - We don't clap at interventions? - Not there, no.
When? Randomly throughout? Hey! Tim, do you have something you wanna share? - No, just the clapping.
- Everybody, all eyes on Tim.
- No, the brother's next.
- It's Tim time.
- I - Hey! Go.
- Yeah, heal me, Tim.
- Gabe's mom: Please.
And they're off! Chicken of the air up on the rail and after an early lead with nagging blonde second on the outside.
Should we be doing this with such a great view of the track? Hup! This is exactly where we can confront Gabe's temptation.
- Announcer: With relish! - I love stuff with relish.
Are you seriously watching a race in the middle of my intervention? I am indeed.
- Whoa whoa whoa! Look at nagging blonde! It's nagging blonde neck and neck with relish! - Stu: Look at her go.
- Gabe: She's making her move.
- Gabriel, stop.
- Gabe: Let's go, nagging blonde! - It's nagging blonde! - Come on, nag, nag, nag.
Up to nagging blonde who's pulling away! Come on, nag it up, nag it up, nag it up! - Yes! - We won! - We did it! - Holy shit, five each! - $10,000! - Oh my God.
Get it up there, brother, mother, interventionist, st Get it up there.
This is like watching somebody shoot up.
- Let's rent a limo and drink.
- No.
Shut up, Tim.
- Man: Go, Gabe.
- Let's collect the winnings If you cash that ticket, Gabe, that's gambling.
No, it's not addicted to cashing out.
- Hup! Look, this is the point: No more easy money, Gabe.
- Hey hey! - Gabe's mom: Exactly.
- Let's not be - Tear up that ticket.
- Gabe's mom: Yes.
- No.
- * heal thyself, Gabe * - * tear the ticket.
* - what? - My singsong got out of hand there.
- Gabe: Shut up, everybody.
I'll do it for you, mom, okay? - If I tear up the ticket - Holy shit.
- Oh my God.
- I tear up my past.
- And I enter a bright future - I'll be taking that.
- What? - Tim: Good luck, Gabe! Gambling is a disease! If he knew what he looked like running, he would never run.
All right, classy dinner.
I'm proud of you for getting that money back.
- Thank you.
- Can we get some more wine? - Yeah, let's drink it up.
I don't think we're gonna go over the 190, but - We can go well over it, to be honest.
- What do you mean? I, uh, kinda fell into a little money.
- What? - We were at the track.
I saw a horse.
The name reminded me of you.
I said, "you know what? I'm gonna let it ride on my girl.
" - That's so sweet.
- Yeah, it's very sweet.
Okay, but you have to tell me.
- What? - I mean, what was the name? Of the race track? What was the name of the horse? - Oh, the name of the horse.
- That reminded you of me.
Um na * no matter how I struggle and strive * * I'll never get out of this world alive.
* - stu, we're coming back from lunch.
- Mm-hmm.
- You're eating a hotdog.
- Yeah, but do you see any relish on it? No, because it's about setting limits for yourself.
Hold up there, fellas.
Hold up.
- Tim: What's going on? - What's going on? The circus is in town, my friend.
- The circus is in town? - That's correct.
That seems a little old-fashioned, huh? What's old-fashioned about it? Marching elephants through New York? The circus arrived by train and now the elephants are traveling foot from the train station at Madison square garden.
This feels like a "little rascals" episode.
Oh, don't look now, but stu has a boner.
- What possibly prompted that? - Sir, I'm stu, by the way.
We're talking about the circus, st It's this political girl over there.
Check 'em out.
- Shame on you, circus! - Shame on you, circus! She's so cute.
I wish I could shit on your faces! - She's pretty cute.
- It's like a sunflower just at dawn.
Elephants are like the negro slaves! Ahem, hello.
I am stu and this is Tim.
- Hi.
You guys here for the protest? - No, we're just here to mingle.
- No, we're here to - We're here to mingle.
- No, Tim.
We are enraged.
We are so enraged that just oh! Right on, man.
Hey, I like your style.
I'm Kim.
- What's up with the blood-drenched clown? It's the image that captures the true essence of the circus.
Are you aware of how they treat these poor creatures? - No.
They're whipped and beaten and stabbed, okay? It's really really sad.
- So I want you to take this bullhorn - They don't advertise that.
- And tell everyone how you feel.
- What do I say? - Say what's in your heart.
- Speak your heart.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- All right, um Oh, the anger I feel.
It's not a fucking monologue, dude.
Yell things.
You've really this whole operation is poorly timed.
Get into the logistics of it.
I'm gonna take this bullhorn and Shove it - Shove it up their butt or something? - I'm gonna shove it up your butt.
- Kim: Get mean.
- You monsters.
- I like the monsters part.
- I hope you rot in hell.
- Yeah, that was good.
- Hey, did you just call me a monster? - Keep walking.
Did you call me a monster? In a fun, light-hearted way.
Hey, you're a monster, the cookie monster.
No, I'm not the cookie monster.
Do you know how much I do for this animal? - No.
I've cared for him since he was a baby.
- I feed him with my bare hands.
- Really? Yes, I bottle-fed him.
You know how heavy a baby bottle is for an elephant? That's actually a little weird.
You know what I want you to do? Go home, have a little lunch, - lay down - Lay down? And then go fuck yourself! I'm done.
I'm setting him free.
He's yours.
Good luck taking care of an elephant.
He he really took offense to that monster comment.
Congratulations, man.
We'll see you in a bit.
- We gotta keep this show on the road.
- What about him? The guy left the rope with you, so - What? Look, the elephant's sort of looking at you.
- Stu: Aw, it's cute.
- Kim: You're his daddy.
We gotta go, okay? Just because we freed one doesn't mean we're done.
- No, you - Kim: See you, Tim.
"He left the rope with you"? Is that the rule? Tim is stuck with an elephant.
Same old story.
What's the good word? - Nothing? - Man: He's hungry.
- He wants a falafel.
- Because you sell falafels? No, because he wants falafels.
- Look at him.
- That's the look on his face? That's the look on that elephant's face.
All right, fine.
Give me one.
Now you're talking.
Ah, he likes it.
He likes the falafel.
I think I'll name you, uh falafel.
- Very creative.
- Trainer: Hey, guys.
- Hey, listen - I'm back.
I don't want any trouble.
- I don't wanna fight you.
- No no no.
- I couldn't leave him.
- You're gonna take him back? I love this guy so much and I started to miss him.
- You started to cry? - Oh, I well, yes, I did.
You got a problem with that? I'm surprised, based on the rage I heard earlier, to hear that you started crying within a half-hour.
- You wanna revisit the past? - It's just a wide range of emotions.
I came in here with good intentions, to get my boy back.
- Now you're making fun of me? - No, the last thing I wanted - And you're talking about rage? - Holy shit.
- I'll show you rage! - Holy shit.
- You wanna see rage? - No.
If I had the time, I would pop your goddamn head off your neck.
Stay away from the circus.
You are a numbskull.
That was the angriest elephant trainer I've ever seen.
All right, people, these numbers are abysmal.
Do they seem acceptable to you? Ahem, excuse.
- Who are you? - Which one of you is Tim? - Why? - I'm looking for you.
The boss: Oh, Tim, are you part of some kind of eastern european perverse sex thing for underage dudes? - Why is that your first thought? - Look at this gentleman.
Yes, I used to run a sex slave ring.
- I don't run a sex slave ring.
- The boss: See what I mean? I could see you in it Red ball in the mouth, leather strap, know what I mean? You would've been very popular.
- What's your - You are a pretty boy.
- What's your business here? - I am "yuggler" with circus.
You're a yuggler? - You are Tim who fed elephant yesterday on street.
Am I correct? - How did you find me? I don't even It is not hard for man like me to find man like you.
I used to be romanian secret polizia.
Secret police? Yuggler, I mean, that is a good resumé.
Listen, I am sent here to bring you to Madison square garden with me.
- Oh, no.
- We should really go.
Maybe it will be fun.
We will not kill you.
That's very reassuring.
So what did I do exactly? - I don't know, Tim.
- You must know.
You probably, you know, poisoned elephant, probably killed the beast.
- I killed falafel? - You did not kill falafel No, that's his name.
Oh my God, this is awful.
Awful? Awful falafel.
You're not in the mood for jokes.
Oh wow, long line.
We just show these passes, - they let us backstage.
- Stu: Hey, Tim! - Oh, protesting.
- What up, what up? These are my friends.
Can I meet you in there? - Okay.
- I'll meet you.
But if you run, I will hunt you down like a runaway sex slave, okay? - Okay.
- Just so we're clear.
- You gotta be clear.
- Stu: Who's your friend? - I am Yuri belov, king of juggle in Ukraine.
- Whoa, that's something.
Take bite of apple, juggle.
Take bite of apple, juggle.
Take bite of apple, bow.
Stu, what are you doing here? You never came back to work.
Stu's helping me hand out literature.
- This is my work, my passion.
- Hey, there, little boy.
- Do you wanna learn about the elephant holocaust? - Yeah, no, thanks.
- Yeah? But you said "yeah" first.
- Oh my God.
Would you condone gang rape, little boy? Do you know what a rape is? The circus animals are saying no, but the ringleaders are saying yes.
- Don't do this.
- It's just like when a girl, maybe a cheerleader say, is hoisted over a buick.
And guess who's behind her the football team.
- Because that's what they're doing! - It's a circus.
- Yeah, I'm gonna go now.
- You're not exempt, okay? I'm gonna follow you.
Stu, I gotta question your choice of ladies.
- You don't want me to be happy, do you? - No, I do.
- What are you even doing here? - I gotta go backstage.
- They think I poisoned that elephant.
- That's great.
Great? - If we can go backstage with you No, that's not gonna happen.
We can get some photos of the kind of abuse going on.
And that way, I will be able to put myself inside of her at some point.
Is this a date you're on? How would you classify this? I would classify it as I am interacting with a female over a period of time.
And for me, that is a honeymoon.
- Oh, it's you.
- Tim's the name.
I don't need to know your name.
That's not a nice way to answer the door.
- Is the elephant okay? They told me to come down.
- No, the elephant is not okay.
What happened? - He's been depressed ever since the parade.
- So he's alive.
- Yeah, he's alive.
- That's good news.
- Good news that my elephant won't eat, won't play, just sits there like a log? - I think he misses you.
- Misses me? You bonded with my elephant, didn't you? - No.
- Yeah, you did.
- What do you mean bonded? You got together with him.
You shared some shit.
I just was stuffing my arm down his mouth.
You can't you stuffed your arm down his mouth? You know what that's like for him? That's a commitment.
No, it's not - Yeah, it's a commitment to an elephant.
- It's lunch.
- No, it's not lunch.
It's as if you pulled down your pants and had your way with my elephant.
You think that's a good metaphor? I think it's a good metaphor.
Oh my God, it's so awful.
I mean, look at these animals being treated in a way that's clearly upsetting in some way.
Really ticks me off.
- Yeah, it does, doesn't it? - Yeah.
Oh, stu, you're so angry.
You like when I get angry like that? - Oh, yeah.
- Is that what makes you excited? - That gets me hot - You want me to get pissed off? When you're angry about the animals.
Anyone who treats another living creature like this, - they deserve to be strung up - Yes! - And castrated - Yes! -And just treated like - Like a what? Like a Like a lentil stew.
- Oh stu.
- Right? - Yes.
- Let me try that thing again.
This is so romantic, mm.
I'm sorry if I don't know how to kiss.
Hey, there's falafel.
- You gave him a name? - Stop, that tickles.
- He's tickling me.
- This is so vile.
He's useless to me unless you break your bond with him.
You're gonna have to end the friendship right now.
I don't know how to unbefriend an elephant.
Yell at him.
Be cruel.
All right.
Hey, pal.
- No no no, not pal.
- Hey, jackass! - Good.
- Why don't you shut shut up? - Shut up? - I mean, I don't know.
- Get angry! - Suck my cock.
Now you're talkin'.
Go ahead, keep it going.
You look friendly, but you're an asshole.
No, no one asked if he looks friendly.
We are not on speaking terms.
Okay, this isn't working.
Go ahead and stab him.
- Stab him? - Yeah.
We stab the elephants all the time.
How do you think we get them to do tricks? Oh my God.
I thought he was like a son to you.
- Here's your options: Stab my elephant - Or go home? Or pay me $90,000 for him.
I can't imagine those are the only choices.
- You got one minute to decide.
- Stu: Timmy! What's going on, stu? - Angry trainer.
- Don't talk to me.
- Stu: So we go over behind the lions - Nice.
Boom pants down, sex, unprotected, lions watching What the fuck are you talking about? What I'm talking about is stu got it wet, and stu got it wet in front of the lions - You had sex in front of the lions? - Yeah.
- I liked being watched.
- You should stop telling the story.
- How'd he get into the circus? - I don't know.
I'm gonna leave you two to your weird interaction.
I just wanna give you a hug.
You're my friend.
You helped me get laid.
Oh my God.
- Tim: You mind if I hug him real quick? Why don't you stab him? - What's going on with this elephant? - He's jealous.
- He's jealous of me? - Because you bonded with him.
Ow! Uh-oh.
What happened? What spooked the elephant? - Nothing.
- This guy verbally abused him.
I think the real question is: Why were 35 clowns in a pit under the floor? - Don't tell him.
- They were hiding there so that they could climb up through the clown car.
Oh, that's how they do it.
- Damn it! - But silly us.
The roof of the pit was only made to support the weight of a car and not a frightened elephant.
Listen, it was all an accident.
We love the circus.
- What about his shirt? - Oh my God.
- Oh, this shirt? - The bloody clown? You monsters.
I hope you rot in hell.
- We're not the monsters.
- Ringleader: You're sick! - You guys are the ones who abuse the animals.
- Whoa whoa whoa, mate.
- Two steps back.
- Tim: You can't deny it.
We abuse all our workers Human and beast.
- That's even worse.
- It's the show that matters.
- If a juggler drops a ball, he is whipped.
- How else will I learn? If the clown's not funny, I smack him in the face repeatedly.
You know, I've been meaning to talk to you about these learning techniques.
The inspiring part is all circus performers are created equal.
We all have the same rights and we're all subject to the same horrific conditions, which have been a tradition of ours since 1932.
That was the most uninspiring speech I've ever heard.
Can you get a message to the outside world for me?