The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

He Rides Again

[door closes.]
[metallic creaking.]
Hello? [opening theme music playing.]
[heart beating.]
- [man 1.]
Turn him over.
- [man 2.]
Is he alive? [siren wails.]
Can you hear me? [cellphone ringing.]
Where are you? I've been calling for an hour.
Lorna, you're not my wife anymore.
Thanks for that, Mick, I still get confused.
Some days, I think I am your wife.
Others, I'm more like your mother.
Don't do that.
Think I can't tell when you're holding the phone away? What I am is a person who runs this practice, what's left of it anyway, and as such, I need to be able to reach you.
Okay, you reached me.
What's the problem? [Lorna.]
We got a call from Judge Holder.
- She wants to meet with you ASAP.
- The Chief Judge? Technically, the presiding judge.
Tell me you're not sleeping with her.
Why would you even say that? The only reason you'd be called to the private chambers of a female judge is, A, you have a case before her, or B, you have a personal relationship.
And since you haven't had any cases for a year I never even met the woman.
- She wants to meet with you now.
- But she didn't say what it was about? No.
But can we please allow for the possibility this might be positive? Maybe she wants to assign you a case pro bono.
- Work begets work.
- Well, maybe.
Mick? Still here.
Drive one of the Lincolns.
They're in storage.
Get one out of storage.
The Lincoln becomes you.
And you become you.
Should this present as a real opportunity, you gotta go in there full Mickey Haller.
All right.
Hey! [upbeat song playing.]
[cellphone ringing.]
You've got Hayley tonight.
Just calling to remind.
'Cause you think I'll forget? Six o'clock, okay? Not 6:10.
Not 6:05.
Who's the lucky guy? Do I know him? 6:00 p.
sharp, Mickey.
I got it.
Hey, what can you tell me about Judge Mary Holder? Why? I don't know.
She called me to her chambers.
- Did you do something? - No, I haven't done something.
Then why would she call you to chambers? I don't know, which is why I'm asking.
What can you tell me about her? She's got a bug up her ass the size of the legal canon of ethics, which makes me think you've done something.
- Thanks.
- Wait, Mickey I'll see you tonight.
He's done something.
Oh, hello, Mick.
- Lorna.
- I was driving this way anyway.
- No.
You're checking up.
- [Lorna.]
Says who? You look good.
I have always loved this one.
What are you doing here? This could be a very big deal.
She's the presiding judge.
So I came down to gather intel.
And? Most of her work is administrative, which judge goes where and so forth.
And? And she assigns cases.
- If that's what this is about - You don't want me to blow it.
I'm just saying, whatever this is, it has to go well.
Okay? [Holder.]
Haller, I presume.
Judge Holder.
I don't believe we've met before.
No, Your Honor.
Well, come on then.
The Lincoln Lawyer, that what they call you? Some do, yes.
Or did.
Why? Mainly worked out of my car.
Going from court to court.
All the driving and so forth.
Being ready to flee the jurisdiction if need be.
Never fled the jurisdiction.
Have a seat.
What's your relationship with Jerry Vincent? Jerry Vincent? Uh, I used to go up against him back when he was a prosecutor.
And he switched sides.
He was murdered last night.
Excuse me? Shot dead in his car.
What? If you were close, please accept my condolences, but that's not why you're here.
Were you close? I mean, friendly.
Colleagues, mostly.
He left you his practice.
I beg your pardon? Mr.
Vincent filed a motion with the court ten days ago that allowed for the transfer of his entire practice to you, should he become incapacitated or deceased.
- He never discussed this with you? - No.
Well, last night he became deceased, which means what was his is now yours.
Including the Trevor Elliott trial.
You have heard of that? The tech guy who killed his wife and her boyfriend.
Of course.
That's now my case? They're all your cases, Mr.
You might not get to keep them.
Every client has a right to move on to another attorney once apprised of Mr.
Vincent's demise.
What it does mean is you get first shot.
Assuming I'm satisfied that Mr.
Vincent's clients are being transferred to a replacement counsel of good standing and competent skill.
As far as I can tell, you haven't had any cases in quite some time.
[clears throat.]
I was in an accident about 18 months ago.
Surfing, if you can believe it.
I had multiple surgeries and, well, there were complications.
Complications? I took painkillers.
Got addicted to 'em.
But that's over now.
I got help.
Got clean.
So whatever concerns you may have about my reputation, I It's my reputation I'm concerned about.
I'm the one that has to sign off on you.
Or not.
Why you? Of all the lawyers out there.
Honestly, Your Honor, I have no idea.
Well, if you were to guess? Well, as I said, Jerry and I were friendly, we trusted each other.
And second, though this is subjective, when I am right, there's no better criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles and Jerry knew that from personal experience.
And you think you're right now? I do.
This is an order transferring Mr.
Vincent's practice to you.
I can rescind it just as fast.
I will be monitoring you, Mr.
I want an updated inventory of cases by the beginning of next week.
After that, a bi-weekly status update of every case on which you will remain counsel.
- Am I clear? - I won't let you down, Your Honor.
Don't let your clients down.
I suggest you get to Mr.
Vincent's office right now.
The police are, no doubt, searching it and probably invading their privacy as we speak.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Good luck, Mr.
Well, did you get a case? I just got a lot of them.
Including Trevor Elliott.
What? I need to meet the clients, get their sign-offs, but I might be back, Lorna.
I might actually be back.
What did I tell you about positive visualization? You wake up, not a single client.
Now, you are repping a guy like Trevor Elliott in a murder trial.
If he decides to keep me.
Positive thinking, Mickey.
Positive thinking.
[elevator dings.]
- Floor is closed, folks.
- We have business on this floor.
- Not today, you don't.
- Talk to the judge.
Need to see some ID.
You know, you don't help yourselves being dicky-do's.
Just saying.
[indistinct chatter.]
[indistinct conversation.]
- Can I help you? - Mickey Haller.
I'm an attorney.
I've taken over Mr.
Vincent's practice.
You need to come back tomorrow.
This is a crime scene.
It's sealed off.
The crime scene was a parking garage, not this office.
There are client files here I need to access and apparently safeguard.
What'd you say your name was? Mickey Haller.
This is Lorna Crane.
She works with me.
Well, Mickey Haller and Lorna Crane, I need you to both leave.
- Dicky-do's, I'm telling you.
- What was that? That wasn't meant for you.
But if you heard me, you heard me.
You're contaminating a crime scene.
You can't be here.
This order will confirm I've been appointed by the presiding judge of the Superior Court as replacement counsel to Jerry Vincent's clients.
That means his cases are now my cases, and you have no right to be in here looking through files.
That's attorney-client privilege.
Vincent's been murdered.
The motive could be in one of these files.
- Even if that were the case - Counselor Just read the order, Detective.
Your crime scene is out in the garage and no judge in LA would extend it to this office and these files.
You say this gives you all of Mr.
Vincent's cases? That's right.
- Then that puts you on our list.
- Come again.
Our suspect list.
He's dead and you get the whole business? That's motive, ask me.
Care to tell us where you were last night between 8:00 and midnight? You got me, Detective.
You got me.
I killed Jerry.
Case closed, everybody.
Clearly you've done this before.
Are you gonna get out of here, or do I need to call the judge? Yeah.
- Guys.
- Nice to meet you, too.
- Bye.
- [detective.]
Let's go.
Leave everything.
What? [chuckles.]
All right.
Come on.
Sometimes I think they teach it in the academy, how to piss people off.
When you think of all the bad blood between the people and police, you'd think "how not to piss people off" would be in the curriculum.
How would you feel about me hiring Cisco? Ha! Mickey.
He's a good investigator.
One of the best I've worked with.
Working with your ex-wife is one thing, hiring her boyfriend is pushing it, even for you.
If Trevor Elliott decides to keep me, I'm gonna need to move fast with an investigator I can trust, and Cisco [cellphone ringing.]
Yeah, Mickey Haller.
Yes, sir.
2:00 p.
As in 2:00 p.
today? Yes, sir, I'll be there.
Thank you.
Who was that? [sighs.]
It's Judge Canter's clerk.
It seems Jerry has a trial today.
- What? - Yep.
- Are you gonna eat your sandwich? - No, Lorna, you can have it.
Thank you.
[indistinct chatter.]
- I'm covering for Jerry Vincent.
- Oh, I heard.
What's the name? Haller.
Mickey Haller.
And your client's name? Right.
It's, uh Letts, first name Izzy.
I think it's a theft.
That would be Marc Daniels, who I'm covering for, so that's actually mine.
- Grand theft, by the by.
- Obviously I'm gonna need a continuance.
Obviously I'm not gonna give it to you.
- What? - I got out-of-town witnesses.
I'd rather they be pissed off with the judge or you than me, especially if I wanna get them back.
People vs.
Izzy Letts.
And we're on.
Sarah Shepard for the People, Judge.
Ready for trial.
Mickey Haller for the defendant, Your Honor.
I'll be with you in one second.
May I approach? Your Honor, Mr.
Vincent unexpectedly passed yesterday.
I'm filing in.
My sincere condolences.
When will you be ready? - Well - [Wallace.]
Don't be greedy.
It's a bench trial with two witnesses.
Out-of-town witnesses, who I'll lose with a continuance.
How's tomorrow? Tomorrow? Look at the file.
If you feel like you can't be ready, let me know.
Step back.
This case is continued until tomorrow, 10:00 a.
- Wait, what? - Sir? Your Honor, we flew down here from San Francisco.
- This is not fair.
- I'm afraid we have an emergency.
What about the victims? We had an emergency.
My wife was attacked, for God's sake.
She had her necklace violently snatched off her person.
And the court is sympathetic, but it's unavoidable.
This case is pushed over until tomorrow at 10:00 a.
Victims have no rights in this process.
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
- That's what she stole? At least your client has taste.
- Mickey Haller.
I'm your attorney.
- Where's Jerry? Why don't we go someplace we can talk? [Izzy.]
He was such a nice man.
He wasn't even charging me.
At least, not yet.
Why would somebody kill him? I don't know.
The police are still gathering evidence.
What kind of world is this? I got to be ready on your case by tomorrow.
- So anything - I did not attack her.
I snatched the necklace and ran.
I did not attack her.
And is there a reason Jerry didn't try to plead this? 'Cause they wanted two years.
And Jerry said it was excessive.
He thought with a trial, I could at least impress the judge with my extenuating circumstances.
Which are? I'm a good person.
Who had a drug problem.
It wasn't me who stole that necklace, so much as somebody I don't even recognize.
Somebody who's gone.
I went through rehab.
I'm in recovery.
I believe you.
But I don't know if that other person's ever really gone.
Mine was oxy.
You? Same, basically.
Which I switched to when I couldn't afford the oxy anymore.
So, Jerry planned to put you up there? [sighs.]
And introduce my good personhood status into evidence.
The trial is tomorrow, you say? Bench trial, two witnesses.
I think I'm good.
Call Marvin Beedleman, tell him I need a favor.
He's pushing 80, you might have to remind him he owes me.
Got anything on Trevor Elliott? Jerry took a retainer of $625,000, most of which seems to be gone.
He's due another 450 at trial.
- Wow.
- I know.
It's like a year's worth of DUIs.
It's a franchise case.
- Who's the judge? - James P.
He's an ex-defense attorney, so that's good.
Are you almost there? - Your appointment's at 3:00.
- I'm pulling up.
Do we know for sure Elliott hasn't already hired another lawyer? Don't worry about any other lawyer.
Just go.
All right.
Your name? Haller.
Mickey Haller.
Nice car, man.
- Thank you.
- [valet.]
I got it.
Go right up.
He's waiting for you.
Sure you don't need anything? Water I'm fine.
Thank you.
Elliott's in his office? His office? [chuckles.]
Mickey Haller.
How you doing? Mr.
Elliott? [Trevor.]
I stand trial for murder next week.
My attorney's just been shot dead.
You can probably imagine how I might be doing.
Do they know anything? Any suspects? Not to my knowledge, no.
I'm told they wanna interview all of his clients.
Obviously, I wouldn't advise you talk to them while this other matter is pending.
What, are they gonna charge me with killing Jerry too? Why not? It's open fucking season.
So, who are you? How come I've never heard of you? You've never heard of me because I make it a practice not to be heard of.
Celebrity lawyers bring too much attention to their clients.
I don't operate that way.
Now as my case manager explained, Jerry transferred his practice to me.
If you look at the contract of representation you signed with him, you'll see it allowed Jerry to discuss your case with me.
Did he? Discuss it with you? No.
The point I'm making, Jerry trusted me.
It doesn't mean I have to.
No, it does not.
- It's Mickey, is it? - That's right.
You play any basketball, Mickey? - A little bit.
- [Trevor.]
I don't.
Not really.
I love to watch though.
But it always drove me crazy seeing great players struggle with free throws.
It's the one thing you can control.
Every shot, exactly the same.
Take your time, line it up.
And yet, time and chance happen to them all.
I don't mean to be an asshole.
Or maybe I do.
We were set to go to trial next week.
I've been waiting five months to clear my name.
- I understand.
- Do you? You understand what it's like for an innocent man to have to wait and wait to have his day in court? To have to read all the lies and the bullshit in the media, to have to wear a fucking ankle bracelet 24/7.
- You understand all of that? - I've dealt with clients wrongly accused.
Do not handle me.
I'll get right to the punchline then.
Jerry Vincent was an excellent attorney.
- I'm better.
- So you say.
- So would say Jerry.
- Maybe.
If he were here, which he is not.
- I get your frustration.
- I asked you not to handle me.
Before I consider you, I need to know you'd be ready next week, 'cause I am not pushing this.
Not for another week.
Not for another fucking day.
- I could be ready.
- You're up to speed on the case? I will be.
If I'm not prepared, I'll tell you.
But I'm confident you won't have to delay the trial.
You're confident you have to tell me that to get the job.
All right.
I need to think about this.
That's a good idea.
Have me checked out.
Take your time.
Not too much.
The longer you wait, the greater the chance the judge will push your trial back.
If you go with me, I'll make sure that won't happen.
Your sales skills are admirable, I'll give you that.
Criminal defense is what I do, Mr.
I do it very well.
You have my numbers.
I've lost everything, you understand that, Mickey? My life, my reputation worst of all, my wife.
Who I very much did love.
I get it.
You get nothing.
Not yet.
You think you just hit the lottery, but I'm telling you not yet.
[Lorna over phone.]
Next week? That is impossible.
It was a deal-breaker.
First, let's land him, then maybe I can talk him into a continuance.
That has to go.
- What? - Nothing.
I'm gonna need a driver.
I need this time to be going over files.
I was thinking maybe Quintero.
Is he around? Still doing time in Corcoran, I heard.
Well, what about Stevie? Stevie is a terrible driver.
Nobody's getting in the car with him.
All right.
Put the word out, will ya? I'm pulling in.
See you in a second.
You scared the shit out of me, Cisco.
What the hell are you even doing here, man? Lorna said you wanted to hire me.
Not for this, Cisco.
To work on the Trevor Elliott case.
The police'll handle who killed Jerry Vincent.
You're giving me a heart attack, man.
You could have given me one.
So, Trevor Elliott, huh? That's a big get.
Yeah, if I get him.
I haven't nailed down the gig.
I need to be able to tell him something good.
Something to make him wanna hire me.
Have you seen the file? Some.
Two dead people.
He was at the scene.
Not exactly stellar.
Yeah, well, I gotta offer "stellar" somehow.
Maybe Maggie can give us some inside baseball on the State's case.
Oh, shit.
Damn it.
You can go, Mom.
I'll be fine till he gets here.
I'm not going.
Think I'm okay to be by myself for a half-hour.
The world hasn't gotten that dangerous.
- Not happening.
- I'm hoping to have a nice time tonight.
My chances are better if Dad's in a good mood, and the chances of that are better if you don't rip him a new one for being 15 minutes late.
[tires screech.]
There he is.
- [Mickey.]
I'm sorry.
- [Maggie.]
Really? Hi, Dad.
Sorry, Mags.
- You look good.
- You gave me your word.
6:00 p.
I know.
You really wanna get back to joint custody? Step one Maggie, I'm here now.
How about we deal with you and me later, all right? - [Maggie.]
I'll pick you up in the morning.
- Okay.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
If you're gonna treat me like shit, have the decency to not look so amazing while doing it.
- How are you, baby? You good? - I'm good.
- Ready? Have your bag? - Yeah.
He had a sense what was coming, Jerry.
I don't know.
Well, he files a motion ten days ago.
Transfer his practice in case of his death.
Look, let's just focus on Elliott for now, okay? Mickey's not really serious about trying this case next week, is he? Technically, it's nine days.
Okay, I said the same thing, but cases like this don't come around often.
And Mickey needs this.
He needs something.
He's okay with You know? Um - I take it you haven't told him.
- I just haven't found the right moment.
[Cisco sighs.]
So, you didn't actually go in the water? No.
You know that nightmare I have? It's not so much of me almost drowning, it's of you.
Leaving you behind, that's the part that always gets me.
- Dad - What? You had an accident.
You're not the first surfer it's happened to and I'm not the first kid to have something bad happen to a parent.
You are tough.
You are tough.
[in Spanish.]
Just like your mom.
[in English.]
Don't get quite as tough as her, okay? - [chuckles.]
I'll try not to.
- Well, good.
She's worried about you.
She said that? She thinks it might be some mid-life thing on top of the pills.
Is it? Well, maybe a little.
What do you mean? Mija, two failed marriages, busted law practice, six months in rehab You hit the jackpot with your daughter.
Come on Hey.
When I look back, I always wanted to be a defense lawyer, ever since I was a kid watching my dad.
The stuff they teach you in law school, how the system's supposed to work.
You get out there and it's all just muddy.
Everybody's working an angle.
Everybody lies.
After a while you wonder if you're doing any good at all.
You know Mom never feels that way, right? She just puts bad people away.
Your mom's a true believer.
That's what makes her so great at what she does.
But you're not? [Mickey sighs.]
I was.
I think I still am.
Look, I believe that in our system, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
Now, when the State points the finger at you, well, I'm all you got.
[doorbell rings.]
Now what? Are you kidding me? Sorry to intrude.
This better be good, Detective.
It's important.
We really gotta see Jerry Vincent's files.
I realize you have attorney-client privilege.
DA says you probably have the right to shut us down.
Seriously? I knew this guy.
I really need you to see what we're up against.
It's a kill shot to the head, very clean.
Whoever pulled the trigger picked up the shell casings too.
Someone targeted Jerry Vincent and they didn't take his wallet or his cash.
They took his bag with his laptop.
Now, the question is, what was on there? What did he know that got him killed? If the answer's any place, it's probably in his files.
I wish I could help you, Detective, I really do.
I'm asking you to help yourself.
You're at risk, Counselor.
You could be next.
Was Jerry involved with wise guys or cartel guys? I doubt it, he was straight ahead.
- Ex-prosecutor.
- Maybe it's someone he put in prison.
One second.
Yeah, I thought about that.
Comb through the files.
Look for any hint of threats, clients, ex-clients, everybody, all right? I'm on it.
In the meantime, Elliott gave us access to his house in Malibu where the murders happened.
It's important we get a true picture.
I'll shoot you the address.
Let's meet there around noon.
This means we have the case? Not yet.
The more we learn the better our chances.
- Where are you right now? - Heading into trial.
- Oh! Mickey! - Thanks for coming.
I appreciate this.
Why wouldn't I? When the greatest person I ever met asks for my help, I give my help.
How's Eleanor? Oh, she's absolutely fantastic is how she is.
And she sends her love.
Send my love to her.
Thank you.
People vs.
Izzy Letts.
Be with you in a second.
Mickey Haller, Judge, asks that we approach? Please tell me you're ready.
- Almost, Judge.
- [Wallace.]
Actually, Judge.
At the risk of further antagonizing Mr.
Holt, maybe we call him up for the sidebar? - Excuse me? - What's going on? A bit unorthodox, but in the best interests of judicial economy and justice.
Take 30 seconds.
Could you approach the bench? How you doin'? All right, I'll make this quick.
My client is charged with grand theft.
Which under Section 487 of the Penal Code means the value of the stolen object exceeds $950.
Your Honor, that necklace is worth what, $400, tops? What? I've taken few payments in diamonds and gold, developed a pretty good eye.
But to be sure, Judge, I also brought with me an expert on the matter.
That is Marvin Beedleman.
He's a jeweler.
He can give us a pretty quick appraisal.
The District Attorney might want to get one of her own.
Guessing your wife doesn't know it's a knock-off? I, of course, don't want to upset her.
Are you kidding me? I am not.
I am not.
Even if it is a knock-off, the defendant thought she was stealing the real thing.
You have a witness to testify as to her state of mind? Did you not have the necklace appraised? We have the appraisal from his insurance company.
Might open up a whole new can of fraud.
I could be wrong, of course.
Miss Shepard, any thoughts on how you might like to play this? Completely dismissed? I get to just go? Well, unless the DA decides to prosecute the Holts and you get called as a witness against them, but I don't think that'll happen.
Oh, my God.
Didn't even have to get up there and testify as to what a nice person you are.
I don't know how to thank you.
I will pay you one day, I promise.
You pay me now.
I'm broke.
I don't have a nickel to my name.
Have a driver's license? Excuse me? [Lorna.]
What do you mean you hired her? I told you I needed a driver, and she can drive.
I'm actually a good driver.
She's actually a good driver, Lorna.
It wouldn't kill you to work from an office.
Too much structure.
I gotta work while I'm on the move.
- Didn't you say she's an addict? - Former.
Who am I to judge? Turn right.
I'm almost there.
Call you back.
Mickey, no [groans.]
[knocking at door.]
- Maggie.
- Hi, Lorna.
Nice to see you.
Um, thank you, and likewise.
You look pretty.
Something I can help you with? We both care for him, Lorna.
And I mean, I'm happy for all this positive turn of events for Mickey But? But taking over a high-profile murder for a lawyer who was just gunned down for God knows what reason, do we really think this is a good idea? The wolf is at the door, Maggie.
I have been holding his practice together with string and glue.
His life is bigger than just his law career.
He needs to get back on his feet first.
His daughter needs him back on his feet.
I know, and this could be the thing that gets him there.
For the first time in a year, he's alive again.
And you know Mickey.
The only thing he likes more than a fight is a fight with one hand tied behind his back.
I'll be about 15 minutes.
Sounds good.
[knocking at window.]
Welcome to the jungle.
Remind me.
We're never bringing the jury here.
They'll hate this guy and we're doomed.
Wife was there on the bed.
Boyfriend there on the floor.
Police think Elliott stood at the door.
Maybe watching them fuck Fornicate for a while before he came in and shot 'em.
Murder weapon was never found.
Probably out there in the ocean.
I don't know, Mick.
You're good, but this good? If they could place Elliott here.
Motive all over.
Positive gunshot residue.
Has he given you his story? Hey, listen, there's something else.
What? I know you're okay with me seeing Lorna and shit.
At least you say you're okay with it.
Lorna's been meaning to tell you when the time is right, but somehow, I suspect the time might never be right for her, so I'm just gonna say it.
Me and Lorna, we're gonna get married.
[Cisco hesitates.]
What do you mean, "Ah"? What is "Ah"? Is it okay with you? I'm not part of the equation, Cisco.
But I wanna know, is it okay with you? Do you love her? With all my heart.
Then it's all right with me.
But I'll tell you, Cisco.
She's one of the four most important people in my life.
- Should you ever hurt her - Of course I would never.
She's the greatest thing ever.
Who's the fourth? What? You said four people.
Hayley, Maggie, Lorna and [cellphone ringing.]
Who's the fourth? Mickey Haller.
Yes, uh Yes, I'll be there.
Trevor Elliott has summoned me.
You checked out well.
High-performing trial lawyer, much better than Jerry according to most.
Until you went off the deep end and became a drug addict.
I'm not an addict now.
Listen, Mickey.
The thing about this case, I need to win it in court and I need to win in the court of public opinion.
The world is quick to cancel these days.
Just take a look at my Twitter feed.
I need a lawyer who can get me my freedom back and my name back.
Are you that lawyer? No.
No, all I can do is get you a "Not guilty.
" I can't deliver you a finding of innocent.
The courts don't work that way.
Not guilty, best I can do.
And you can get that? For sure? Depends on what I have to work with.
- I didn't kill them.
- I didn't ask you.
But I need you to know, I didn't.
All right, here's the deal, Trevor.
I can win almost any case as long as I know what I'm dealing with.
Right now, I don't.
So you lie to me, I don't want your case, however much I might need it.
I was as far from cool as you can get in high school.
Girls wouldn't give me the time of day, but I could always talk to Zelda.
Real life sucked.
But video games, they mattered.
Then I met Lara.
She was different.
She was beautiful, she was brilliant.
And she loved me.
We're just out of grad school, the game industry was exploding.
But the problem that nobody could get around was the uncanny valley.
Uncanny what? If you're trying to make something humanlike, the human brain will reject it unless it's almost perfect.
You know, video game characters were close to real, but not close enough.
Especially in the eyes, the eyes always gave it away.
But the closer the characters resemble us, the more connection we feel, the more we wanna play.
That's the uncanny valley.
And I was the one who crossed it.
Working out of my garage.
One script, maybe 100 lines of code, changed everything.
The girl in the game.
That was our first big hit.
It's what put us on the map.
And, yes, I modeled the character after Lara.
It's fair to say that her DNA is in everything this company has ever done.
We were a team.
I didn't know she was cheating on me.
Looking back at it, I was working all the time, I was traveling too much, and she grew resentful.
I went out to the house that day to surprise her.
And instead I will never get that out of my head as long as I live.
I found her like that.
My own wife.
My best friend.
And that fucking yoga instructor.
And everyone thinks I killed her, but the truth is if I had found them alive, I wouldn't even have left her.
I would have begged her to come back to me because I need her.
People say I'm a genius.
The code I wrote, they call it magic.
Lara was the magic.
She was the inspiration.
Without her, I would still be sitting in my garage.
I never could have killed her because without her I have no magic.
That's what you're dealing with.
Can you work with that? I can win with that.
- You can win with that? - I can.
- You can win with that next week? - I can.
Then you're hired.
[line ringing.]
- [Lorna.]
Well? - We got it.
- We got the case? - Lots of work to do, Lorna.
- We need to keep our heads.
- Oh, my God.
Lots of work.
Tell Cisco to meet me at the office.
Mickey See you in a few.
[engine starts.]
You okay? Your eyes look like they're about to cry.
Uh, just allergies.
Your eyes should be on the road, by the way.
You really okay? Never been better.
Take the turn up here, will you? [Izzy.]
Um What? Is something wrong? Yeah, we're being followed.

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