The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

The Magic Bullet

Haller, I presume.
The Lincoln Lawyer, that what they call you? You haven't had any cases in quite some time.
[Mickey clears throat.]
I was in an accident.
There were complications.
I took painkillers.
Got addicted to 'em.
- Hey.
- You got Hayley tonight.
- Just calling to remind.
- [Mickey.]
Hey, Mags.
If you're gonna treat me like shit, have the decency to not look so amazing while doing it.
What's your relationship with Jerry Vincent? He was murdered last night.
He left you his practice.
Including the Trevor Elliott trial.
The tech guy who killed his wife, her boyfriend.
Before I consider you, I need to know you'd be ready next week, because I am not pushing this.
Not for another week.
Not for another fucking day.
Do they know anything? Any suspects? [Mickey.]
Not to my knowledge, no.
Mickey's not really serious about trying this case next week, is he? Cases like this don't come around very often.
Someone targeted Jerry Vincent.
You're at risk, Counselor.
You could be next.
I don't know how to thank you.
I will pay you one day, I promise.
Uh, you pay me now.
I'm broke.
Don't have a nickel to my name.
Have a driver's license? - [Mickey.]
Is something wrong? - We're being followed.
We're being followed.
Black SUV, a couple cars back.
- No front license plate.
- You sure? Not positive, but they pulled out right after us.
They've been on us ever since.
- Want me to try and lose 'em? - That an option? [sighs.]
Works in Grand Theft Auto.
[tires screech.]
Hang on.
[engine revving.]
[tires screeching.]
[cars honking.]
[cars honking.]
Not bad, huh? [opening theme music playing.]
You missed all the news trucks out front.
But CNN called, the LA Times called.
- You are gonna need a publicist.
- No time for interviews.
Izzy, meet Cisco, my investigator.
This is Lorna, she pretty much runs the place.
You put together that list? - Threats from Jerry's files? - Yeah.
It's on your desk.
[dog barks.]
Are we bringing the dog every day? He's still getting used to me working away from home.
Aren't you, Winston? Whatever.
You want to hang out here for a while? No.
I'll grab a coffee downstairs.
Call me when you need me? - [Mickey.]
Sounds good.
- Nice to meet you both.
You too, Izzy.
- What's eating you? - You've known this girl for ten minutes.
I get gut feelings about people, you know this.
Now come on, let's start on Elliott.
All I've seen is the prosecution's case.
What do we have in the defense file? Honestly? Not much.
A couple of statements, a witness list which you already have.
That's about it.
You mean to tell me Jerry was going to trial on the biggest case of his life, [laughing.]
and had no defense at all? Well, if he had one, it's not in that file.
Whoever killed him stole his laptop.
So, maybe it was on there.
- Didn't he back that up? - Not here nor in the cloud.
What about at his house? My source at the LAPD said they didn't find anything there, either.
The judge called for a status conference the day after tomorrow.
This could be the perfect opportunity to ask for a continuance.
- I can't do that.
Elliott says - [Lorna.]
It's a deal-breaker.
But going to trial with nothing ought to be a deal-breaker, too.
I'll figure something out.
You need me, I'm back here.
And there is just one other little thing.
- What? Something else? - One of Jerry's cases.
I've been trying to piece together his calendar, which is a disaster, terrible, I can't figure it out - What is it, Lorna? - Okay.
You're due back in court.
In 41 minutes.
- In Inglewood.
- Inglewood? But on the bright side at least there's a file.
I'm seriously beginning to regret this.
Don't worry.
He thrives on this.
- [sighs.]
- [door closes.]
You're going with a grand jury instead of prelim.
I wanna keep this under wraps as long as I can.
That way Soto won't see us coming, my witnesses don't get rattled.
- Just make sure you don't lose any.
- [cell phone ringing.]
Tie this up with a bow, Maggie.
What'd they say? Uh-huh.
What? No, this is my biggest fundraiser.
We need that room.
[jazz music playing through car speakers.]
You like jazz? Yeah, sometimes.
Helps me think.
My father used to like it.
He was a defense lawyer too, right? I looked you up.
Had to know what I was getting myself into.
Man, I can see why you need a car and a driver, going to different courthouses.
- Izzy.
- [Izzy.]
Let me ask you something.
What'd you think of Jerry? As a lawyer, I mean.
Was he a good lawyer? [sighing.]
Uh I guess so.
I mean, I'm no expert, but he seemed pretty good to me.
That's what I thought, too.
A pretty good lawyer wouldn't go to trial with nothing.
[cell phone ringing.]
- Hey.
- Hey, yourself.
Hear you got the Elliott case.
- I guess news travels fast.
- Especially around here.
I didn't ask for this, Mags.
Judge Holder gave it to me.
Well, she gave you the opportunity.
But I bet it was that patented Mickey Haller charm that got Elliott to sign off.
Use what you got, right? - How's Hayley doing? - [Maggie.]
She's fine.
She got a bit freaked out when the cop showed up at your house.
Oh, yeah.
He's a piece of work.
Hey, can I ask you something? This prosecutor, Golantz, I don't know him.
That's what happens when you're out for a year.
- Mickey, don't.
- I'm not asking for trade secrets.
It's just, you know, what am I up against? It's a high-profile murder.
Who do you think they're gonna put on it? - [Mickey.]
Okay, so he's good.
- [Maggie.]
Try undefeated.
It's why they moved him up to Major Crimes.
Well, you know I love an undefeated prosecutor.
They're cocky.
Trips them up every time.
Yeah, he's cocky.
He's also prepared.
You should be, too.
- I gotta go, okay? Good luck.
- All right.
[door buzzer sounds.]
Coleman? Which one of you is Terrell Coleman? I'm Coleman.
Who're you? My name is Mickey Haller.
I'm your lawyer.
I'm sorry to say this, but Jerry Vincent, he well, he passed away.
Yeah, I saw on TV.
Got himself shot.
So, what? Now I got you? If you want me.
- [Terrell.]
But I already paid Jerry.
- Then you already paid me.
Hey, man.
You a lawyer? I am, and I'm busy with a client right now.
You mind? Sorry about that.
So, they charged you with battery on a peace officer.
Maurice? - I didn't lay a finger on that fool.
- I'm sorry.
Maurice? Officer Grainger.
- You know him? - [Terrell.]
Of course.
We went to high school together.
Never forgave me for stealing his girlfriend in 10th grade.
Wait, hold on.
The file says you got shut down selling bootlegged T-shirts outside the USC game.
- Half the city there selling shit.
- And you didn't push him? - Do I look like an idiot to you? - No, you do not.
Then why the fuck would I push a cop? Shit, he pushed me.
- Why did he? - What do you mean? Why'd he push you? I might have said something about Chanel.
- Who's Chanel? - The girlfriend, man.
Keep up.
What'd you say your name was? [laughs.]
- It's Haller.
Mickey Haller.
- Okay, Mickey Haller.
It's like this.
Maurice hates me.
And he's also a cop.
So that's just my cross to bear, as my grandma used to say.
And you agreed to a plea of a year.
Correct? Jerry said if I didn't take it, I'd do three.
Man, I got a daughter.
I've been in here too long already.
- How old's your daughter? - Eleven.
Almost 12.
She lives with her mother half the time.
Well all the time now.
Jerry said if I plead, they'll knock off what I served? [Mickey.]
[door buzzer sounds.]
You're up next.
Sit tight.
I'm gonna ask for a continuance, buy us a day.
Okay? - For what? - Have faith, Terrell.
[door closes.]
I need you to call Trevor's office and set up a meeting.
If I can't find anything in the file, he may tell me something.
And before I forget, tell Cisco I'm gonna need something for the new case.
Terrell Coleman.
I'll explain later.
Tell him yourself, we'll be here all night.
Jerry's books are an even bigger mess than his calendar.
And I'll need access to his accounts.
Send an order to Judge Holder's clerk.
I'll get her to sign it.
Listen, Lorna.
I know you're just being protective, but maybe lighten up about Izzy.
Protective? Is that what you think? She parked her car in the garage this morning and asked me if we validated.
They're the worst.
All right.
Hey! [car engine starts.]
But are you sure it's the same SUV? If I were sure, I'd be a hell of a lot more freaked out.
I'll look into it.
But if there's no plate number, there's not much I can do.
I need you to focus on Trevor Elliott.
That reminds me.
Last night, when Lorna was going over Jerry's books, she found a bunch of payments to an investigator.
- Anybody we know? - I don't think so.
Bruce Carlin.
I'm gonna pay him a visit, see if he knows anything.
All right.
After that I need you to look into something else.
The boyfriend.
Jan Rilz.
- The yoga instructor? - Yeah.
The cops got tunnel vision.
They zeroed in on Elliott, he was the obvious suspect.
- But there was a second victim.
- You're thinking Rilz was the target? Instead of Elliott's wife? I'm thinking I need something to defend my client with, Cisco.
I have the order you requested.
This will grant you access to Mr.
Vincent's business accounts.
Thank you, Your Honor.
It seems you've inherited quite a thriving practice.
Naturally, I expect you to be on top of all of the cases, not just Trevor Elliott.
Of course, Your Honor.
- Was there something else? - Just one thing, Your Honor.
It's about the police.
You were right about them trying to get into Jerry's files.
- I put a stop to that immediately.
- I should hope so.
The thing is, the lead detective, his name is Griggs, Raymond Griggs.
Well, he made a good point.
He said the evidence suggests that Jerry's murder wasn't random.
That could mean one of his clients.
I can't give the police access to Jerry's files.
So, my investigator and I went through them, looking for any red flags.
Red flags? Clients who made threats against Jerry, or angry family members.
And you want to give this list to the LAPD? That would still be violating client confidentiality.
Not necessarily, Judge.
There's an exception if a lawyer believes there's an imminent threat to his life.
Now, Detective Griggs thinks the identity of Jerry's killer might be in his files.
And, uh Well, those are now my files.
So his threat is my threat.
I took the liberty of drafting another order.
I don't like this.
That said, I do appreciate your situation.
But for your sake, Mr.
Haller, I sincerely hope that Detective Griggs is barking up the wrong tree.
[car engine starts.]
- Nice car.
- It's not for sale.
I work for Mickey Haller.
The guy took over Jerry Vincent's clients.
It sounds about right.
I never met Haller.
I remember his old man though.
Does he pay well? Well enough.
So, you want to know about Jerry's cases, is that it? Mostly Trevor Elliott, he's the whale.
Were you working on that? Only at first.
Then Jerry pulled me off it.
- Why? - The hell if I know.
Whatever he was putting together for Elliott, he kept it quiet, even from me.
So you have no idea what he was planning as a defense? What'd I just say? Sorry.
Just Whole thing has me a little rattled, you know? One minute you work with the guy, the next minute - So my boss has reason to be worried? - I don't know.
All I know is the last few weeks, Jerry was acting funny, like he was scared of something or someone.
Now he's gone.
So you tell me if there's something to be worried about.
Knock, knock.
How's the trafficking case coming? Like pulling teeth.
And Janelle's on the warpath.
Six months until the election, it's only gonna get worse.
You need a break? Want to go grab a coffee downstairs? - What? - I'm just trying to figure out your game.
Or do you expect me to believe that you're asking me about my case? Okay, fine.
Um It's no secret that your ex-husband took over the Elliott trial.
I just don't want anything to be awkward.
Why would it be awkward? It was two dates, Jeff.
No big deal.
I see I left my usual big impression.
I'm gonna tell you what I told him.
Which is he's good.
Very good.
So are you.
So it's gonna come down to who has the best case, you know, the way it's supposed to.
Where's he been? Your ex, I mean.
I looked him up and it doesn't seem like he's handled anything for almost a year now.
Just took some time off.
I should get back to this.
Of course.
Maggie McFierce.
What's "huh"? We got the access to Jerry's business accounts.
But look Remember I told you he took a $625,000 retainer from Elliott? [Mickey.]
Well, there it is.
But then there's all these withdrawals.
- It's almost gone.
- What the hell did he spend it on? Rent, overhead, whatever.
But most went into his personal accounts.
Salary advance.
- We don't have access to those? - Nope.
But he had an assistant, Wren Williams.
Visiting her mom in Cleveland for a week, she's coming in tomorrow.
[Mickey grunts.]
Um There's one other thing I've been meaning to bring up.
- About Elliott? - No.
It's not about work.
Well, it's kind of about work.
But, um About you and Cisco? - He told you? - Well, can you blame him? He didn't think you'd ever get around to it.
There's just been so much going on, I didn't want to make things weird.
Hold on.
Look, there is a lot going on right now.
Okay? This isn't part of it.
I just want to be sure you know what you're getting yourself into.
The guys Cisco used to ride with, they're not a social club.
- That was a long time ago.
- I know.
I'm not saying he's not a great guy.
He is a great guy.
The best.
- Just not Mickey Haller or anything.
But - Don't start.
You know that's what my mother's gonna say.
Now I'm the one being overprotective.
I'm happy for you, Lorna.
For both of you.
I really am.
[door opens.]
- What? - [Mickey.]
Forget it.
You get anything useful from Carlin? - On Elliott? No.
On Jerry - [Mickey.]
What about Jerry? Well, Carlin said he was acting scared.
But one PI to another, Carlin knew more than he was letting on.
Good thing your pal, Griggs, beat me to him.
LAPD was there? Mmm.
What about you? Anything? No.
Look at this.
It was in the file.
Some freelance videographer, the types who surf the police channel all night.
Yeah, I saw it.
I was hoping it might show some discrepancy from the cops' account, but it's exactly the same.
Why was Jerry putting this into evidence? And this witness list, he's got every deputy in the Malibu sheriff's station here.
- He's playing hide-the-ball.
- Hide what ball? He's got this ballistics expert, Dr.
No, I talked to her.
Jerry never even sent her the file.
- What? - [Lorna.]
She won't testify or even write a report until she knows what she's dealing with.
And Jerry never sent it to her.
Oh, my God.
You gotta be kidding me.
- You get me that appointment with Trevor? - That's the other thing.
His office said he'll be tied up in meetings all day.
His new game's coming out.
He'll see you at the status conference.
Tomorrow? Does this guy realize he's on trial for murder in a week? Whatever.
I gotta go.
There's only so much you can do for the guy.
You can only work with what you got.
- You get paid either way.
- No, Cisco.
You know what the problem is with a high-profile case? It's not about the money.
You gotta win.
Cochran, Shapiro, the "Dream Team"? They aren't legends because they got OJ, they're legends because they won.
I lose this case, and I'm just a guy who got a second chance and fell flat on his face.
[door slams.]
I'm telling you, he thrives on this.
[cell phone ringing.]
Everything okay? Yeah, I'm just dealing with this grand jury thing.
Listen, I know this is really last minute.
But can you pick Hayley up from school? - The carpool flaked, and I'm stuck here.
- Uh - Yeah.
At what time? - [Maggie.]
Three o'clock.
If you can't, it's okay, I'll figure something out.
I can do it.
I'll bring her by your place later.
Okay, thanks.
Listen, I'm just going to say it.
You really must be in a bind.
Either that or you're starting to trust me again.
Three o'clock, Haller.
I mean it.
You asked, I answered.
What's this? I can't give you access to Vincent's files.
So, I did the next best thing.
We went through them and identified every bona fide threat we could find.
That isn't gonna work.
You don't know what you're looking for.
Really? Because I figure, as a defense lawyer, - I might spot some stuff even you'd miss.
- So you say.
Yeah, so I say.
Look, this is the only thing the Judge would go for.
Do you want the list or not? Fine.
- I don't have time for bullshit.
- But first [scoffs.]
So, Trevor Elliott, Jerry's biggest case is now my biggest case.
Only Well, I'm having a hard time finding a defense.
Tough to save them when they're guilty.
But your type usually comes up with something.
It would help me to know what Jerry was working on.
There's not much in the files, and you didn't find anything at his house, either.
- And how the hell do you know that? - It doesn't matter.
I wanna know what you know.
I'm not asking for anything confidential, just For example, it would be standard procedure to run the GPS on Jerry's car, see where he's been recently.
Anywhere unusual that might point me in a direction I wouldn't think of? You got some set of balls on you.
I have been told, yes.
All right.
There was nothing out of the ordinary on his GPS.
Work and home, basically.
Except for one place.
- A casino.
- A casino? Athena's Temple.
One of those poker places in South LA.
Jerry like to gamble much? Not that I ever saw.
He went to this place three times in the last month.
We checked it out, but no link to the murder.
Maybe as a defense lawyer, um, you'd find something I'd miss.
Or not.
I really don't give a shit.
Now if you don't mind.
See you around, Counselor.
You sure you're okay? I'm almost done here, I could swing by.
Trust me, honey.
This is so not your scene.
- I'll call you if I get anything.
- All right.
- Okay.
- See you soon.
- Bye.
See you next week.
- See ya.
Hey! Great class.
- I'm glad you enjoyed it.
- Your studio's over on Rose, right? That's us.
Come check it out.
Oh, is that a nose ring? That is so cool.
I thought about getting one of those.
There was a guy that used to teach there.
Ugh, what's his name? Like Johann or something? Jan.
Jan Rilz.
- But I'm afraid he, uh - Yeah.
I heard about that.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I'm not very good at this.
So, I'm just gonna be honest.
I work for the lawyer representing Trevor Elliott.
- Seriously? - I'm so sorry to show up like this.
We're just doing our job and that includes looking into everything.
'Cause that other lawyer tried this too.
Who? Jerry? Yeah.
I told him to get the hell away from me.
- And the same goes for you.
- You know he's dead, right? - Who? - Jerry.
He was shot in his garage three nights ago.
That's how we got the case.
I don't blame you for being mad.
But there's something really weird going on here, and if that's the case, don't you owe it to Jan to get to the bottom of it? [Cisco.]
Looks like the boyfriend might be in play.
He owned some yoga place in Venice with some lady named - Krisha.
- Krisha Gold, yeah.
Lorna talked to her.
She figured she might fit in better than me at yoga.
Aw, come on, Cisco.
Nobody does a tree pose like you.
Yeah, well.
Uh, she wasn't happy to talk.
But Lorna worked her charm and this Krisha gave up a bunch of Rilz' old stuff.
- And? - And it turns out Lara Elliott wasn't the only married woman to whom Rilz was giving private lessons.
Now we're getting somewhere.
See, if there's one jealous husband, there might be more.
But this Krisha said that Jerry was sniffing around this, too.
If he had found anything, wouldn't he put it in the file? Not if he didn't want the prosecutor to see it.
Might not be ethical but I don't know what Jerry was capable of.
All right, I'll stay on it.
Did you get those photos I sent you? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, they're perfect.
All right, thanks.
Listen, I gotta call you back, okay? How was your day, mija? Oh, I'm sorry.
Did you say something? How was school? Oh, uh it was good.
That's great.
Sorry for the mess.
I don't usually have guests.
It's fine.
I mean this is your office, right? Yeah.
- Shit.
Don't Please don't look at that.
- Dad, it's fine.
I mean, you represent, like, murderers and stuff.
I get it.
You should see what Mom brings home from work.
Like what? Doesn't matter.
It's just I'm not a kid anymore.
You know that, right? I know.
Doesn't mean I have to like it, though.
Don't tell your mom I said "shit.
" [Hayley chuckles.]
- So, you're my dad's new driver? - That's me.
- What were you in for? - Hayley.
What? You always hire your clients as driver.
It's a valid question.
I am happy to say, I've never had to do hard time.
Thanks to your father.
- Sweet.
- How're we looking, Izzy? We'll need to go to Inglewood first to be on time.
Honey, I'm late for court.
You mind if Izzy drops me off and takes you to the office? - You can hang with Lorna until I get back.
- So, you have an actual office then? Uh, sort of.
It's temporary, I think.
I have a better idea.
You, okay? You seem nervous.
Of course.
I am nervous, not about the case, about my daughter watching me.
She's never done that before.
- What? - Nothing.
It's nice.
You care what she thinks about you.
Her mom is a prosecutor.
It's complicated.
A year ago, if this had happened, I'd be popping pills like Tic Tacs.
I hear that.
Hey, can I ask you something? - What? - Lorna, the one who doesn't trust me.
She's your ex-wife, too? Yeah, that was a mistake and we both knew it.
I was just in the rebound from Maggie.
And now Lorna is marrying your investigator.
Like I said, it's complicated.
It's not that she doesn't trust you.
She does.
She worries about me.
That's all.
- Ready? - Yeah, come on.
47922, the People vs.
Terrell Coleman.
So, Mr.
Haller, you had a chance to kick the tires on Mr.
Coleman's plea agreement.
Are we ready to sign off on that today? There's not gonna be a plea, Your Honor.
Coleman has decided to go to trial after all.
Your Honor.
Haller, that is your client's right.
But I will have to give Mr.
Choi time to prepare.
I understand, Your Honor, and he may need even more time, once we introduce some evidence here.
There was no body camera footage from Officer Grainger.
Officer Grainger's body camera was malfunctioning that day.
Right, if Officer Grainger says so.
Now, luckily there's an ATM with a camera across from where this alleged altercation occurred.
Is there a monitor we can use? Your Honor, the People welcome any footage Mr.
Haller wishes to present.
- It will only serve - [man clears throat.]
Choi? Your Honor, may I have a moment to confer with Officer Grainger? [sarcastically.]
Why, of course, Mr.
Choi, the court is made entirely of time.
- What's happening? - Liars getting caught in their lies.
Okay, time served.
Only if you drop down to selling without a permit, expunge the whole thing from his record.
Good news, Your Honor.
I believe we've come to an agreement after all.
[door opens.]
Mickey Haller, I'll never forget this, man.
Anything you need, I'm there.
Hopefully, I won't have to take you up on that.
You never know.
There really was a camera on the ATM down there? Of course.
We never lie to the court, Terrell.
Now, what's on that camera? That I have no idea.
So, what's on the flash drive? That's just some music my dad used to like.
You see her? That's my daughter over there.
Don't forget to pick yours up on your way home.
- Thank you.
- Take it easy.
- Ready? - Mmm-hmm.
[door opens.]
- [Hayley.]
We're home.
- Hey, Mags.
Hey, you.
- Homework? - Already did it.
If you wanna jump online that's cool.
- Half an hour, okay? You got school.
- [Hayley.]
- Love you, honey.
- Bye, love you.
Thanks again for helping out.
Are you kidding me? Anytime.
You don't have to hide the evidence.
Just because I'm in recovery, doesn't mean you can't have a glass of Cabernet.
So, Hayley saw you in court today.
Why? You wanted me to call you first? You seemed kind of busy, Maggie.
No, I'm just being a nervous mom.
How's Trevor Elliott coming? It's good.
You know, you never did tell me who the lucky guy was.
- What lucky guy? - You know, the other night, when I picked up Hayley, you looked all nice.
I just assumed that What? Am I not still allowed to get a little jealous here? A, no, you're not.
And B [scoffs.]
like you're not out on Tinder or whatever.
Tinder, eh? Yeah, that's what you think I do? - You liked my profile, didn't you? - Maybe.
Mickey, it wasn't a date.
It was a, uh, parent-teacher conference.
Aw, shit, Mags, come on.
You should have told me.
- Could have gone together and - Mickey.
Right, sure.
I get it, you're not ready for that yet.
You know, I'm not the same person I was a year ago, Maggie.
I know that.
I'm fully aware that Hayley needs you in her life again.
Believe me, I need you in her life.
Can't we take it one step at a time? Yeah.
[cell phone ringing.]
Tell me you got something.
Well, sorta.
I was printing Jerry's account ledgers when I realized you can access the memory of the printer, find out the last thing Jerry printed.
- Yes, good thinking, Lorna.
- Don't get all happy yet.
The day Jerry was killed, he printed a motion for continuance in the Elliott case.
So, he was gonna ask for a continuance after all.
But he never filed it.
Might have been in the stuff that was stolen from his car.
He was gonna file it the next day, but he never got the chance.
Jerry needed more time because he didn't have shit and neither do I.
So, we're set to begin voir dire exactly one week from today.
But I'm yet to receive a motion for continuance from you, Mr.
Your Honor, the People wouldn't oppose a continuance.
We wanna avoid Mr.
Elliott claiming ineffective assistance because his lawyer was unprepared.
Especially given Mr.
Haller's situation.
And what situation is that? Mr.
Haller has been away from the practice of law for quite some time.
I don't wanna cast aspersions, but it's my understanding that his absence was due to his recovery from a substance abuse - Mr.
Golantz, that's enough.
- Your Honor, this is outrageous.
That is confidential and completely irrelevant.
- "Irrelevant"? - Come on.
- Goes directly - That's it? to potential motion for a new trial.
- Gentlemen.
- Come on.
The stenographer will strike that last exchange.
Golantz, one more word, and I promise you will not be happy.
Haller, the court is offering you a continuance, and clearly the People are in agreement.
So? Your Honor due to the circumstances, I'm afraid I have no choice - I do not want a continuance.
- Don't, Trevor.
- I don't want delays.
- Sit down.
I'm the one who's on trial here.
Elliott, in this session, in every session, you will allow your lawyer to speak for you unless I say otherwise.
Do you understand me? - A moment with my client, please? - Talk to him.
- What do you think you're doing? - What are you doing? I told you we go to trial with schedule.
And I'm telling you that is a mistake.
- I need more time.
- And I can't give you any.
What are you not telling me? What do you mean? I mean, we are talking about whether or not you go to prison for the rest of your life, Trevor, and you couldn't make time to meet with me.
You won't even consider a delay.
What is your angle, Trevor? Because for the life of me, I can't figure it out.
I have lost everything that matters to me.
Almost everything.
The one thing that I have left is my Legacy.
The technology I created, the company Lara and I built from it.
- What's that have to do with anything? - I negotiated a deal.
A very lucrative one for my company to be acquired.
For our technology to be licensed all across the industry.
That deal is how I cement my place in history.
That deal is how my investors get paid.
But if this goes on any longer, or God forbid, we lose, that deal goes away.
And then I really will have lost everything.
But that's not gonna happen.
Is it, Mickey? Because you need this just as much as I do.
This is your one shot.
So, you better take it, or I will find someone else who will, even if I have to represent myself.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
So? - We'll be ready for trial next week.
- [judge.]
Sure? Yes, sir.
I'd better not regret this, Mr.
You've reached Maggie McPherson, please leave a message.
Hey, Mags, it's me.
I just got ambushed by this fucker, Golantz.
Just call me back, will you? What if this is it? What do you mean? I keep thinking Jerry must have had a plan, but what if he didn't? What if he just needed the money 'cause he blew it all here? What if Jerry was just an addict, same as us? [cell phone ringing.]
We're heading back now.
If you hurry, you might catch Jerry's assistant.
- Was she of any help with the finances? - No, she's pretty useless on everything.
I'm thinking her and Jerry might have had a more personal relationship, if you catch my drift.
Lorna, keep her there.
I just answered the phone.
We filed paperwork, stuff like that.
Jerry never talked to me about strategy or anything.
He was a good man, you know? He was a really nice man.
He was, he was a really nice man.
And he was a really, really good lawyer, and that is why there is no way Jerry would go to trial with nothing.
He had to have something, and I owe it to his client to do the best job I can.
I mean, that's what Jerry would want, right? So, please, I need you to think really hard, if Jerry ever said anything to you, maybe, I don't know, maybe outside the office.
[breathing shakily.]
The only thing he ever said was that he had a magic bullet.
- What was that again? - He A couple weeks ago, before I went to see my mother, I woke up one night and Jerry wasn't there.
We I don't wanna shock you, but by then, we were spending most nights together.
He said he couldn't sleep.
There was something he had to do for the Elliott case.
He was so excited.
And I asked what it was, he said the less I knew the better.
All he would tell me was that he had this magic bullet.
I'm sorry.
I don't even know what that means.
Thank you.
What was that all about? What's a magic bullet? It means the thing that's gonna blow the prosecution's case wide open.
The thing that can't lose.
We've all been searching for that.
We've found nothing.
Either we've been looking in the wrong place or not looking hard enough.
He must've been hiding it.
Don't know why.
But Jerry had something, meaning there's something to have.
And if he could find it, I can fucking find it.
Yes! Where are you going? I think better on the road.
Izzy, it's me.
Pick me up in front.
You okay? You're being awful quiet.
I'm good.
Better than good.
Here, plug this in, please.
In the console right there.
[jazz music playing through car speakers.]
Anybody following us today? [Izzy.]
Nope, not today.
All clear.
Take the freeway here, will you?
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