The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Jerry Vincent was going to trial on the biggest case of his life, and he had no defense at all? When Lorna was going over Jerry's book, she found a bunch of payments to an investigator.
Bruce Carlin.
All I know is, last few weeks, Jerry was scared of something.
My boss has reason to be worried? Jerry gamble much? He went to this place three different times in the last month.
What if he just needed the money 'cause he blew it all here? What if Jerry was just an addict, same as us? You need this just as much as I do.
This is your one shot.
The only thing he ever said was that he had a magic bullet.
What was that all about? What's a magic bullet? The thing that can't lose.
Anybody following us today? Nope, not today.
All clear.
One thing I know, in court, success is all about momentum.
Before you can win, you gotta act like you can win, which means you gotta believe you can win.
But what if you don't? Then you better fake it till you make it.
Haller? What a miracle, dude! What's up, Luis? Haven't seen you.
Where you been? Been around.
Hey, Mick.
- Hey, Tony.
- Long time, no see.
How's it going? Been killin' it.
I just got a drug case kicked.
No shit.
Crime lab was so backed up, some techs were dry-labbing.
We're getting together for Jerry later, over at Casey's.
- You gotta stop by.
- Oh, yeah? And hey, if you need a second chair in the Elliott case - I'll keep you in mind.
- This guy here.
- Let's catch a Dodgers game soon.
- You got it.
People vs.
Kymberly Wagstaff.
Good morning, Your Honor.
Mickey Haller for the defendant.
Your Honor, I'm afraid Miss Wagstaff used her one phone call on me just a couple hours ago, so I apologize, but I - I haven't seen a police report yet.
- Ramon? Gracias, Ramon.
Miss Wagstaff, you are charged with a violation of Penal Code 647, commonly known as lewd conduct.
How do you wish to plead? The human body is beautiful, Your Honor.
Would that be guilty? Your Honor, may I confer with my client please? Would it matter if I said no? Thank you for coming.
I didn't know who else to call.
No one was answering.
Sorry about that.
I've been out of commission.
What are we talking about? How uptight this country is.
In Europe, everyone walks around on the beach topless.
But, come on, this is what, your seventh offense? They're gonna ask for cash bail.
Unless you got a couple grand - A couple grand? - Yes.
I have to get out of here today.
I have a thesis defense on Friday.
Thesis? What is it about? Randomization in numerical linear algebra.
Do something.
All right, let me try something.
Your Honor, I'm afraid it's impossible for my client to plead when there's no offense alleged.
Nice try, but the offense is clearly alleged.
Sunbathing topless on a public beach, despite repeated past warnings.
According to the police report, the officer found Miss Wagstaff in the water up to her neck, and there's no record of any complaint prior to that.
So? So, by ordering her out of the water, the officer created the very offense with which my client is charged.
You're kidding me, right? That's a question for a jury.
Well, if Your Honor really thinks that's the best use of judicial resources.
Do you have a witness who could testify that they were offended by Miss Wagstaff before the officer ordered her out of the water? Not at the moment, Your Honor.
Do you know what this is? It's my docket for today.
Miss Wagstaff, keep your damn top on from now on.
Charge dismissed.
Thank you so much.
You are a lifesaver.
Can we work out like a payment plan or a student discount, or something? Lorna will be in touch.
And, please, Kym, just use your head next time.
It's obviously in good working order.
I'm so happy you're back.
Yeah, me too.
It's been a little rough.
I've been getting back on my feet.
- Come on.
- Thank you.
Yes, Your Honor? It seems I have you back in my courtroom again this afternoon.
What an unexpected treat.
For which case is this, Your Honor? People vs.
Eli Wyms.
It's one of Mr.
Vincent's cases.
I'm assuming you will handle this as well? Yes, yes, Mr.
Of course, Your Honor, I'll be there.
I'll be here, Your Honor.
Thank you.
Who the fuck is Eli Wyms? I thought you said you had Jerry's calendar under control.
There's nothing in the calendar.
Not even a file, and I've looked twice.
What do you mean? You heard me.
There's nothing anywhere in this office with the name Eli Wyms on it.
Find out whatever you can.
I'll be there in an hour.
And so, you work in a nursing facility, is that correct? A facility owned by this man.
Angelo Soto? Yes.
And every few months, new Filipino immigrants turn up to work in this facility, is that correct? Yes.
Loresca, can you explain to the grand jury, please, what you've observed regarding these workers? A bus would come in the morning.
Maybe 25 people.
They kept them separate from the rest of us.
"They"? The people who watch over them.
People who work for Mr.
Are these workers treated the same as the rest of you? No.
They were scared.
If they talked to us in English or Tagalog, someone would tell them not to.
At lunch they ate the scraps the patients left on their plates.
Loresca, when you get your paycheck on payday, have you ever seen any of these workers get paid? No.
Hey, what's up? Soto's leaving.
He booked a flight for the Philippines tomorrow.
Think he heard about the grand jury? It's under seal.
Looks like a regular business trip.
Once they return the indictment, it's public.
He'll know.
And if he's out of the country, we'll never get him back.
I've got my star witness on the stand.
We'll get him to return the indictment today.
- Is that gonna be enough? - Gonna have to be.
This is too important.
Building this case for six months, I'm not gonna stop now.
Okay, keep me posted.
Sorry to interrupt.
That's okay, we're done.
Detective Lankford.
What, you two have a case together? You could say that.
She's 5'6" and a hell of a soccer player.
Well, look at that.
Learn something new every day, don't you? Guess you do.
I'll be in touch.
I take it you two know each other.
Is there anyone in my life you haven't pissed off? It's not my fault the guy's an asshole.
Just be careful with him.
I don't trust him.
Like there is a cop in LA you do trust.
No, but I keep looking.
- Got my message? - Yes.
For the record, I didn't say anything to Golantz about you.
Well, he seemed to have a pretty good idea I spent the last six months getting clean.
It's not a secret.
This place is like high school with bailiffs.
You told me that.
If Golantz wants to play, we'll play.
He wants to win.
Same as you.
I gotta go.
See you at the game Saturday? - Hayley's starting.
- You better believe it.
Hey, we should just go for pizza after, like we used to.
- Maybe, we'll see.
- Come on, Maggie, you love that place.
You can order cannoli, then I'll eat it, like I used to.
I said, we'll see.
Okay? Speaking of cops I don't trust.
Feeling's mutual.
Especially when you keep holding out on me.
Holding out on you? Yeah.
That suspect list you gave me was a dead end.
Protecting one of your new clients? I You're unbelievable, you know that? I bent over backwards to get you that list.
You got something real to ask me or you just gonna bitch and moan? - 'Cause I got shit to do.
- Take a look at this.
We got it from a traffic camera outside Jerry's building, around the time he was shot.
So you got a suspect? Maybe.
He look familiar? No, not to me.
But Jerry's old assistant is coming by to pick up the rest of her stuff.
Let me take a picture.
No way.
It's our first solid lead we've had.
Not letting you run around with it.
- I'll bring it by your office later.
- Suit yourself.
Got a murder trial to prepare for.
Trevor Elliott.
Funny, his lawyer got killed, he didn't.
I'd keep that in mind if I were you.
Got anything on Eli Wyms? Docket entry.
Attempted murder of a police officer, multiple counts.
Multiple? That's ambitious.
They brought him in from Sylmar, County Mental Health.
Yeah, Jerry must've sent him over for a psych evaluation.
There is some good news.
Prosecutor's Joanne Giorgetti.
She still Hayley's soccer coach? Yeah, that relationship is a bit delicate.
Yeah, I still don't understand why there's no file on this guy.
My theory is that it was in Jerry's briefcase the night he was killed.
That's why it's not here.
On that cheery note Here.
You asked me to get ahold of Elliott.
He's set aside the whole day tomorrow.
Still getting used to working out of an office.
What's all this? You wanted the rundown on the wife's boyfriend.
- Jan Rilz, the yoga teacher.
- And? We've gone through his stuff, but nothing definitive.
I don't need definitive.
I'll take plausible.
Tell me you got something for me.
Define "something.
" What is this? This is the security footage from outside the casino that Jerry Vincent kept going to.
Haller Associates, may I help you? I'm sorry, he's not available.
That is Jerry.
Who's the other guy? What papers did he just hand over? No idea.
Cops are tryin' to ID him, but nothin' just yet.
But at least we know Jerry wasn't gambling.
Where'd you find this? My source at the LAPD.
Better you don't know.
Think it's got anything to do with Elliott? I mean, I've been over that file a hundred times.
If Jerry had a magic bullet, I sure as hell can't find it.
Yeah? Well, there's something else.
Remember him? Bruce Carlin.
Jerry's investigator? Yeah.
He's in the wind.
Whereabouts unknown.
Your buddy Griggs put the word out on him, but so far nothing.
He even left his Corvette.
Which tells me he doesn't wanna be found.
Thing is, Carlin has an alibi.
The cops know he didn't kill Jerry.
Then why did he run? Maybe he knows who did.
And maybe whoever it is caught up with him.
What? I don't wanna worry Lorna, but Griggs showed me a photo.
He thinks it might be Jerry's killer coming out of the building.
My source didn't mention it.
He's usually pretty good.
Yeah, Griggs plays everything tight.
Just run your source again, see if LAPD has any idea who this guy is, all right? Good job.
Something else? Yeah.
This whole case is weird, Mick.
You working here late at night.
I don't like it.
I can take care of myself.
Well, there's Lorna, too.
What's that? Your lunch? Jesus.
Just a little peace of mind.
There's an internal safety, you just pull the trigger.
I don't have a license to carry a gun You're not carrying it, are you? It's registered to me.
100% legal.
I'm just storing it here.
What? Trust, but verify.
If it makes you feel better, put it in there.
I don't wanna touch it.
Better to have it and not need it, than You know the rest.
Eli? Eli Wyms? Eli? Eli.
My name is Mickey Haller, I'm your lawyer.
Do you understand? Eli? Can you hear me? Great.
Hey, what's up, Coach? You have not earned the right to call me that again.
Come on, Jo.
That was a year ago now.
Refs have long memories, especially when dads yell at them from the sideline.
- Yeah.
- Almost cost us the game.
Keyword being "almost.
" I'm a different person now, Jo.
Are you covering this for Jerry? - What the hell happened? - Nobody knows.
I'm like a hamster on a wheel trying to catch up.
Speaking of which, I don't have a file on this guy.
You mind if I I can get you a copy of the discovery, but it'll take a day.
Us poor DAs don't have all the staff you fancy defense guys have.
I owe you one, Jo.
You owe me more than one.
Here, look at mine for now.
Just not the privileged stuff.
Guy's a vet? Twice decorated in Iraq.
A sniper.
Wife kicked him out.
Case of High Life later, he's sleeping it off in a truck in Topanga State Park.
Sheriff's Department got reports of gunfire, so they sent a cruiser out to investigate.
But when the Deputy called it in, all hell broke loose.
Three hours and 90-some rounds later, they had Wyms in custody.
It's a miracle nobody was hit.
Pretty obvious plea bargain.
Which is where I was headed with the public defender before Jerry took the case.
Wyms had a public defender? How did Jerry end up with the case? Beats me.
I figured he needed the pro-bono hours.
And then he sent the guy out to County for a competency evaluation? Which just prolonged it even more.
From what the PD told me, Wyms was a pain in the ass, but he was competent.
All they did at County was pump him full of drugs.
You wanna plead it out, I'm all ears.
All rise.
People vs.
Eli Wyms.
Oh, Mr.
Twice in a day.
My dreams have finally come true.
Are we setting a trial date here? Approach, Your Honor? I think we can come to a plea in this matter.
But first I need a cease-and-desist to get my client off his meds.
Or I can't even speak with the guy.
Respectfully, this guy used a park full of Sheriff's Deputies for target practice.
What happens when he shanks somebody in the day room? What happens when he finally does come off the meds, and doesn't like the deal we negotiate? You want him coming after the State for forcing him, while incompetent, to make that decision? Miss Giorgetti? Better keep your damn mouth shut at the game this weekend.
She won't leave.
It's been like an hour.
You're taking the fish? Jerry loved that fish.
I wrote a speech.
For Jerry's memorial tonight.
Do you wanna hear? I would love to, honey, but I am up to my ears here.
What is all this? This is the Trevor Elliott case.
You know how you said you had a magic bullet, we're thinking it was a third-party culpability defense.
A what? Pointing the finger at someone else.
Like, maybe the wife's boyfriend was the real target.
So, I'm looking at all his other yoga clients and cross-referencing them with his bank statements to Does the name Carol Dubois mean anything to you? No.
Should it? There in his private yoga journal, he used initials to be discreet.
But this Carol Dubois wrote him a check for 25 grand.
That's a lot of namaste.
Leave a message.
I'm not bothering you by being here, am I? No.
I just I have to go do something, so, you can just lock up before you go and good luck with your speech tonight.
You knock 'em dead.
Bad choice of words.
Goat stew, the real thing.
Did you say "goat"? Yeah.
This will change your life.
- Damn.
- Right? Told you.
Do you know every place in LA? A lot of 'em.
There's always new stuff or they just build on top of the old.
How long have you lived here? Well, I was born here.
When my parents split up, I went to live in Mexico City with my mom.
But I spent most of my summers here with my dad and, I don't know, this place gets under your skin.
"Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.
" Frank Lloyd Wright.
I think.
Told you.
Life's changing.
- Slowly and surely.
- Imparting knowledge right now.
Minus the deductible.
You always have to pay a deductible.
Sir, I didn't make the rules, I Well, of course.
You always have that option.
You too, sir.
Sorry about that.
Some people just think they're special.
Now, what can I do for you? Well, thank you for agreeing to meet with me.
First of all, I didn't wanna discuss this over the phone because it's a bit delicate.
It concerns Jan Rilz.
Jan? What about him? Well, I work for a law firm that is looking into some potential claims relevant to Mr.
We've uncovered a pattern, clients meeting with him for private sessions.
Some of whom may have been lured into giving him money.
"Lured"? No.
I wrote him a check.
He wanted to start a yoga retreat, in Joshua Tree.
There have been some allegations that he may have had a physical relationship with some of his female clients.
Jan was an old soul.
He knew how to connect with people.
It's what made him a great teacher.
He could make you feel like you were the only person in the world.
But you weren't.
And I knew about his other investors.
Neema Shavar, for one Wait.
Neema Shavar, was she another client, or I'm sorry.
What law firm did you say you were with again? I'm so sorry.
I think I'm barking up the wrong tree here.
I must've gotten some bad information.
I've taken up enough of your time.
Have a great rest of your day.
What? It's a bar.
I can see that, yeah.
Full of people you used to drink with.
Yeah, my problem was with pills, Izzy.
You wanna stay clean, it's best if it's all off-limits now.
Jerry Vincent gave me my career back.
Least I can do is pay my respects.
So, just park somewhere close and I'll text you when I'm done.
There he is.
What'll you have, Mick? - I'm good, man.
- Get the man a drink! - Thanks.
- One drink.
Come on.
Give me a club soda with lime, please.
You know, Jerry wasn't just a great boss.
He was a great man.
You know? Yes.
To Jerry.
- To Jerry.
- Jerry.
Slainté! Your turn, Mick.
Speech! Speech! Who, me? You want me? - Yes, you! - Aw, come on.
Why me? Come on.
You took over his practice.
- He trusted you.
- Come on.
All right.
Well, I'm not much for speeches, except in a courtroom.
Uh I first met Jerry back when he was still a prosecutor.
I hear you.
I guess Jerry did, too, because, well, then he switched sides.
He was kind enough to tell me that I was one of the folks who inspired him to do that.
Although, personally, I think he just wanted the money.
Now, honestly, I I hadn't seen Jerry in a very long time.
But taking over some of his clients, it reminds me that Jerry was like any of us.
You know, he had some big cases that paid the rent.
He had some little ones that, well, only he knows why he took 'em.
But the end of the day, he just wanted to leave his clients better off than how he found 'em.
And that's That's all any of us can do, right? So here's to Jerry.
As my father used to say, "We shall not look upon his like again.
" - To Jerry.
- To Jerry! Excuse me.
That was some good stuff, bro.
Hey, that was something.
Good seeing you.
You here for Jerry? Some defense lawyer? Fat chance.
No, just having drinks with some cops after work.
You know, decent people.
- Ah.
- Mmm.
So, McFierce Huh.
I wonder what she ever saw in you.
Well, that makes two of us.
So, how's your boy doing? Jesús Menendez out in Calipatria.
Well, say hi to him for me.
I'll see you around, Counselor.
Another club soda, boss? Give me a pint and a shot of Herradura, please.
It's all off-limits, huh? It doesn't seem fair.
Fair's got nothing to do with it.
It is what it is.
You know? It's like trying to turn a pickle back into a cucumber.
You're a pickle now.
Yeah, I heard that in rehab.
Not sure I buy it, though.
Then why didn't you have those drinks? 'Cause I wanted to prove I didn't need to.
And because I don't get joint custody back until I earn Maggie's trust.
I don't think it works long term if you do it for somebody else.
I heard that in rehab, too.
I saw your car.
Dance studio bumper sticker.
That's you, right? How'd you know that? I looked into you, too.
I had to know what I was getting myself into.
You're not sleeping in your car, are you? Not anymore.
I got a new place two days ago.
With all the big bucks you're paying me.
I came to LA to study at that studio.
It paid off.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I toured all over the world with a bunch of rich pop stars.
And a bunch of drugs backstage that I somehow managed to avoid.
Until I hurt my back, and I didn't wanna lose my job.
The thing I had to figure out, though, was what pain the drugs were really numbing.
You can't recover until you know what you're recovering from.
That's the work.
Come on.
Hold on.
You did what? Babe, you cannot put yourself in these situations.
Don't infantilize me, Cisco.
- Infant What? - We were up against it.
You weren't answering your phone, so I took initiative.
I'm telling you, this woman could've done it.
Then she started talking about other clients, somebody he was probably schtupping.
Are you serious about this? She loved him.
Then realized he was spreading it all over town.
Someone like that, who knows what they're capable of? I make a pretty good investigator.
That's not all you make.
We going somewhere? We are.
My driver will follow us.
- I wanna take your car.
- My car? Watch your hands.
Do yourself a favor.
When you come to court, just drive something else.
Jury sees you in this, forget it.
You gonna tell me where we're going? - Or should I just - Don't worry about it.
Just stay under the speed limit.
It's like a ticket mill out here.
Where are the buttons here? - What do you need? - To smell the ocean.
All right.
Let's talk about your case.
On the prosecution side, it's pretty circumstantial.
The problem is, for a jury, it's also pretty believable.
I didn't know she was having an affair.
There's one important piece of evidence.
The gunshot residue on your clothes.
No, that was a false positive.
It had to be.
I've never fired a gun in my life.
Jerry said he could attack the test results.
Which bring us to the defense case.
You and Jerry ever talk about that? He said he had something but he didn't want to tell me until he was sure he had it locked down.
We were supposed to discuss it this week.
But I guess that's not gonna happen now.
Why'd you wait five minutes to call 911? Because I was in shock.
Then you should've hung up and called a lawyer.
So they could tell me to keep my mouth shut? Plead the Fifth? That's what guilty people do.
That's what smart people do.
The jury needs to hear from my mouth that I'm innocent.
You mean testify? Golantz will run circles around you.
And once your credibility's shot, it won't matter what you tell the jury.
There's two juries.
In the courtroom, and the Twitter mob outside.
I told you, they need to see that I'm innocent.
Or our acquisition turns into a fire sale.
This is non-negotiable.
It's filed? You sure? Okay.
Great, thanks.
They just unsealed the indictment.
Nice work, McFierce.
What? Nothing.
Just You and Haller.
I can't wrap my head around that one.
Is this gonna be a problem? No.
It's not a problem.
Because if you have a beef with my ex, it's got nothing to do with me.
All right, my bad.
I get it.
I'm divorced too.
Oh, come on.
What are we here? Cagney and Lacey on a stakeout? Which one am I? I take it you two were on opposite sides of a case? Yeah.
It wasn't even my case.
I was just the supervisor on it.
It was a murder.
Jesús Menendez, this guy who carved up a prostitute, and your ex pled him out.
Yeah, sounds like one of his cases.
Eyes on the target, heading out.
Here we go.
Angelo Soto.
Stop where you are.
Come on.
Soto, you're under arrest for suspicion of human trafficking, Penal Code 236.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in court of law.
Why the hell did you bring me here? The DA knows when you left your office that morning.
Based on time of death, they need to prove you could've gotten here in 40 minutes or less.
Thirty-six minutes.
And that's driving the speed limit.
You brought me back to the place my wife was murdered for that? No, not just that.
Take me through the whole day of the murders.
You wanna take the stand? I need to hear exactly what you're gonna say.
Start with the night before.
We had a fight.
About? Same thing we always fought about.
My wife resented having to live in my shadow.
Do you blame her? So you went to bed angry.
But I came out here the next day to try and make up.
I thought we would do something spontaneous, maybe drive up to Big Sur Then what? Then what? Then you know what.
No, I don't.
You don't get off that easy.
Now, let's go inside.
Come on.
Come on.
What happened after you came in? I called out her name.
Lara? She didn't answer.
I figured she'd gone to the beach, so I went up to the bedroom to put my swimsuit on.
Lara? Okay.
Let's go.
- Don't make me do this.
- Come on, Trevor.
Let's go.
Tell me what you saw.
Goddamn you.
Trevor, tell me what you saw.
What the fuck? He was over there.
And Lara Lara was on the bed.
I found them dead.
Okay? I found them both dead.
They were What about the cameras? What cameras? They were off the morning of the murders.
There's no footage of you arriving or going in.
Lara must've turned them off.
I guess she didn't want them recording her and Rilz together.
Makes sense.
She did that every time she was alone with Rilz, didn't she? I wouldn't know.
Really? I've got a security system at my house, too.
Nothing elaborate.
But I can access the cameras from my phone anytime I want, and I'm just a simple lawyer.
You're a goddamn tech genius.
You told me you didn't know about the affair.
You never asked about the cameras being off? You never noticed this? Fuck you, Mickey.
Trevor, if I can figure this out in a few days, the prosecutor figured it out months ago.
- It's not what you think.
- Then what is it? I didn't care about the affair.
I mean, I cared, but God knows I wasn't a perfect husband.
Success goes to your head.
I I I stepped outside of my marriage, more than once.
Lara forgave me for it, at least she tried to.
Now, did I like that she's fucking another guy? No.
But am I gonna let that destroy my marriage? So, you knew.
- Yes, I knew.
- And you lied about it.
Because I know how guilty it makes me look.
I came out here that morning to fight for the woman that I love.
Not physically, emotionally.
Mickey, I didn't kill them.
I don't have it in me to do something like that.
Now, when I asked you to walk me through your story, what happened on that day, that was your direct examination, and you passed with flying colors.
You said the right things, you showed emotion at the right time, I believed every word and so would a jury.
But just now, Trevor, that was your cross.
That's how easily that fucker, Golantz, will rip you to pieces.
Do you understand this? Then we're done here.
Ay, dios mio.
So now we got two other people to point the finger at? Listen, the woman Lorna found doesn't feel likely to me.
But she did bring up another one of the yoga clients.
Neema Shavar.
She was giving money to this guy, Rilz, too.
And she has a husband.
He runs a private security company.
The kind that cater to off-book clientele.
The kind that's good at following people? I know what you're thinking, but listen, now, all we've got is smoke, not fire.
You need us to stick around tonight? No.
You guys take off.
I could use the peace and quiet.
Cisco, you find out anything about the guy in the picture Griggs showed me? I couldn't get ahold of my source.
He ghosted me.
And Griggs never stopped by with it? Not that I know.
But the DA did send over a discovery on Eli Wyms.
I'll leave it out for you.
All right, thanks.
I'll get to it tomorrow.
Tonight's gotta be all about Elliott.
Momentum's great.
Momentum's what you want.
But momentum can also grind to a halt.
And then it's just you facing the music alone with a couple of legal pads.
First, you just lay out the basic facts.
But the more you think, the more you start to dig.
What are you digging for? Depends.
Every case is like a puzzle.
It's a code you've got to crack.
You've got to find the answers, or the magic bullet that'll blow the whole thing wide open.
Sometimes they might be right in front of your face.
But usually, they're buried, deep down.
So, you dig some more.
What you're looking for are connections.
The elusive kind, the kind you didn't notice at first.
The pieces that don't fit.
Or the pieces that fit too easily.
But sometimes, you move the pieces around, and none of it adds up.
That's when you gotta stop and take a step back.
Because the answer might be right in front of your face.
Eli Wyms is the magic bullet.
I don't know how, but he's got to be.
He was arrested the same day as the murders a couple of miles away.
That's why Jerry wanted the case.
It can't be a coincidence.
This guy knows something, Cisco.
Just call me back, all right? Hey! Fuck! Come on.
Get the hell out of here! Yeah! That's right! Haller? The guy from the photo, I think he was just here.
At the office.
- What? - I scared him off with a gun, I think.
- Fuck are you doing with a gun? - Never mind! Just get over here! God damn it! I'll be there in ten minutes.
Try not to shoot me when I get there.

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