The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Chaos Theory

1 [Holder.]
What's your relationship with Jerry Vincent? He was murdered last night.
He left you his practice.
Including the Trevor Elliott trial.
Tech guy who killed his wife, her boyfriend.
I negotiated a deal for my company to be acquired.
But if this goes on any longer, or God forbid, we lose, that deal goes away.
And then I really will have lost everything.
- [Cisco.]
Remember Bruce Carlin? - [Mickey.]
Jerry's investigator? [Cisco.]
He's missing.
Then why did he run? Maybe he knows who killed Jerry.
How's the trafficking case? I want to keep this under wraps as long as I can so that Soto doesn't see us coming, and my witnesses don't get rattled.
Take a look at this.
Got it from a camera outside Jerry's building, around the time he was shot.
So you got a suspect? [Izzy.]
The thing I had to figure out was what pain the drugs were numbing.
You can't recover until you know what you're recovering from.
Eli Wyms is the magic bullet.
He was arrested the same day as the murders a couple miles away.
That's why Jerry wanted the case.
It can't be a coincidence.
This guy knows something.
What did Jerry Vincent know that got him killed? [Griggs.]
You're at risk, Counselor.
You could be next.
[man panting.]
Haller? The guy from the photo, I think he was just here.
Just get over here! [sighs.]
[muffled clatter.]
[footsteps approaching.]
[door clattering.]
- [banging at door.]
- [panting.]
Haller? [banging at door.]
Put the gun down.
[Mickey whispering.]
Oh, shit.
Thank God.
Did a quick sweep.
Whoever it was, he's gone.
- You okay? - You got the photo? This is the guy.
Who is he? Our best guess is he's a hitter brought in from out of town.
Question is, what's he want from you? How should I know? Only one reason this guy would come back.
He thinks you know something.
- So, what is it? - I told you everything I know.
- What are you hiding? - I'm not hiding anything, man.
I'll come back later.
- [door closes.]
- Shit.
That's the last time we'll ever get our trash picked up.
Look, I've got the biggest trial of my career coming up.
Okay? And Jerry had a defense.
Whatever it was, I think it was in the briefcase this guy stole.
So, if I knew anything that could find him, I would tell you.
Come on.
I'd better walk you to your car.
I don't want you putting two in the mailman.
I was about to go get something to eat.
You wanna join? What? You got here in under five.
Least I can do is buy you a steak.
You know Taylor's on Eighth? Yeah.
They'll keep the kitchen open if I call.
Sorry I'm late.
Can't valet a city car.
What? It was the lights, wasn't it? What lights? You were waiting for me outside.
That's how you got to me so fast.
You saw me turn out the lights in my office, that's when you knew I was heading for the garage where your guy was waiting for me.
- [waiter.]
Ready? - The photo gave it away.
You said you'd bring it by the office, show Jerry's assistant, - but you never came.
- Yeah.
I got tied up.
This photo was intended for an audience of one, me.
But the clincher was this.
I asked my investigator to look into your suspect.
He's got a source in the LAPD.
But as soon as he asked about the photo, his source, he just dried up.
Because they asked you about it, right? You used this to smoke out a leak.
You set me up.
For the record, smoking out the leak was just a lucky bonus.
Thought you were holding out on me.
You thought I knew who killed Jerry? I had to consider the possibility.
I was just trying to scare you into talking, that's all.
Look on the bright side.
At least now I know you're being honest with me.
I call the Chief of Detectives, I can end your career right now.
Unless for once, you're honest with me.
Now, what do you know about Jerry's murder? Not much.
But the week before he was shot, Jerry got a bunch of calls from somebody in the FBI.
I don't know who.
The Feds don't share their business with us.
Jerry have any federal cases? No.
Not at the moment.
He could have been an informant.
Or the target of an investigation.
Either one could've gotten him killed.
Or, for all you know, somebody in the bureau was in his fantasy league.
I'm grasping at straws here, Haller.
Jerry's clients were a dead end, we lost his investigator, this Bruce Carlin.
You knew Jerry.
Don't you want us to find whoever killed him? I told you everything I know.
It isn't what you know that can help me.
It's what the killer thinks you know.
Whoever killed Jerry, if we could make them think you know something you're not supposed to, I can use that to draw them out.
You're asking me to make myself a target, like, for real this time? Maybe we'll find out what was in that briefcase.
You're really something, man.
So, are you in? [opening theme music playing.]
[male reporter.]
Could you answer some questions about the Elliott trial? - Make it quick.
I'm late.
- [reporter.]
Everybody was expecting you to ask for a continuance, but you didn't.
Could you tell us why? Mr.
Elliott's been living with these charges for months.
He won't wait a minute more to prove his innocence.
But will you be ready? To prevent the miscarriage of justice? I'm always ready.
This whole case is a tragedy.
Whoever killed Mr.
Elliott's previous lawyer took his laptop with all his confidential files on it.
Fortunately, all those files were backed up on an external hard drive, so I am up to speed and people are gonna see this thing was a rush to judgment.
- Excuse me.
- Are you concerned for your own safety? [cell phone ringing.]
- When do I get my Oscar? - [Griggs.]
Guess we'll find out.
When someone takes a shot at me for real? That's not gonna happen.
We've got SIS on you.
Surveillance unit.
- You won't even know they're there.
- Seems like the two of us could've come up with a better plan than using me as a bait.
I didn't catch much, but I don't like the sound of "bait.
" I already thought somebody was following us.
It's okay.
The cops are watching.
Considering some of the locos I've represented, today's probably the safest we'll ever be.
You'll forgive me if the LAPD having my back doesn't give me a lot of comfort.
The only reason he fired the gun in the first place was because of the poor security in your building.
You go talk to your boss and we're just gonna draw up a lawsuit.
That was the building manager.
- They wanna throw us out.
- Another reason I work out of my car.
What's on tap for today? First up, felony Internet fraud.
Sam Scales, he's one of Jerry's.
I see a D in the file.
As in delinquent? [Lorna.]
To the tune of $5,000.
On the bright side, if he ever does pay, it's fresh cash.
What's next? You're on the list at County to meet with Eli Wyms.
You still think that Wyms is Jerry's magic bullet? - Has to be.
- [Cisco.]
I don't see how.
Wyms went Rambo hours before the murders, he couldn't have been the killer.
He was in custody by then.
I just know he's connected somehow.
It's the only thing that makes any sense.
- [cell phone ringing.]
- [Lorna.]
Fine, I'll run it by my boss.
When do we have to move? We don't.
And the landlord will pay for the repairs.
You see that? You just shifted liability.
You'd make a helluva lawyer, Lorna.
Objection, Your Honor.
There is no basis whatsoever to the allegation my client embezzled from a charity.
Haller is right.
The People do not contend that Mr.
Scales embezzled from a charity because that would imply that such a charity actually existed.
Instead, Mr.
Scales solicited donations for cancer research, which he then spent on Lakers tickets, rare wine Are you committing more crimes while I'm representing you in court? a commercial-grade espresso machine, a vintage Rolex watch Your Honor, may I have a brief word with my client? [Mickey sighs.]
I don't need to be here, Sam.
God knows I don't want to be here.
I inherited Jerry's assets, not his liabilities.
You are a liability.
I know.
I'm behind on my payments.
- But I'm broke.
- [Mickey.]
Yeah? What about the fucking espresso machine, huh? And, what, the Rolex? I sold them to make bail.
Hey, I got mad computer skills, though.
Maybe we could work something out.
"Something" has to be a tangible asset, like a car, a boat.
Not really a big boater.
Well, think of something.
You have until Friday, or I withdraw as your counsel.
That means a delay, and delay is not your friend.
You might get on the Feds' radar.
Then you will go down for wire fraud.
Do you know what that means? It means no probation.
You do all the time.
Do you understand? [sighs.]
Atta boy.
Let's go back in.
We oppose any bail.
These are serious charges, the defendant is a flight risk.
Soto is not some mob boss.
He's a respected businessman with deep ties to the community.
His elder care facilities receive five-star ratings.
Built on the backs of slave labor.
That is an outrageous accusation! He doesn't pay employees and they can't leave.
- What would you call it? - Let's take it down a notch.
[cell phone vibrates.]
The court finds Mr.
Soto is a flight risk.
But I'm not persuaded he's a danger to the community.
As a result, bail will be set at $2 million.
Soto will surrender his passport and submit to an ankle monitor.
Everybody clear? [Maggie.]
The judge split the baby.
Soto got bail, but he's not going anywhere.
That's some good news at least.
What's the bad news? We raided Soto's nursing homes last night, and the other employees aren't willing to cooperate.
That explains the texts I'm getting from my witness.
He's having second thoughts.
We had to do something.
These people are terrified.
How about sending in one female detective next time, not an entire SWAT team? - Where you heading now? - To talk my witness off the ledge.
[elevator dings.]
It's okay.
Nobody's shooting at us in broad daylight.
I'm glad you're relaxed.
Well, I like a long car ride.
It's where I get my best work done.
No distractions, forward motion.
Learned that from my dad.
[cell phone ringing.]
It's Trevor.
Leave a message.
[line beeps.]
You know who this is.
Jury selection starts Wednesday.
The 12 citizens who are gonna decide whether you spend the rest of your life in prison or not.
No time to play games.
Call me.
- Everything okay? - I've had difficult clients before.
But this Trevor guy is a whole new thing.
Bet you never had a client as rich as him.
Some of the singers I toured with? Life looks different through all those zeroes.
[indistinct chatter.]
Mickey Haller, your attorney.
You remember me? - From court.
- [Mickey.]
That's right.
From court.
Listen, uh, I wanna go over your case and ask you a few questions, all right? It's about something else that happened the night you were arrested.
I got nothing to say to you.
Eli, I'm here to help you.
That's what Jerry said.
And then he left me here.
I'm not Jerry.
Eli, you're in serious trouble.
Attempted murder of a peace officer.
That's 20 to life.
No! [whispering.]
It's okay.
I can hit a target from 800 yards.
You don't think I would've hit those cops if I wanted? Then talk to me, man.
Tell me your story.
Wanna hear my story? Then get me out of here first.
Until then, fuck you.
[policeman 1.]
You kidding? The '96 Bulls would destroy today's Lakers.
They wouldn't win a game.
Michael would stop LeBron? No, Dennis Rodman would stop LeBron.
- Michael would - I'm sorry.
[policeman 1.]
He'd score 70 'cause nobody can hand check him today.
Which team did you put in the time machine, again? Chips.
[cell phone chimes.]
You do not look like someone who had all his questions answered.
[cell phone ringing.]
This is Haller.
We both know Jerry didn't have his files backed up.
Barely knew how to turn on a laptop.
- Who's this? - Bruce Carlin.
Okay, you got me.
Don't want the DA to think I'm going into trial with nothing.
I know what you're doing.
This has Griggs' fingerprints all over it.
- I didn't kill Jerry.
- [Mickey.]
Why are you on the run? Why are you calling me to bust my balls about lying? Whatever we say is privileged, right? [Mickey.]
If you wanna hire me to cut a deal, sure.
But first I need something from you.
Tell me about Eli Wyms.
Who's that? [Mickey.]
Jerry's client.
Drunk ex-marine, shot at a bunch of cops? Tell me how he's connected to the Elliott case.
I never heard of the guy.
You know what? I don't have time for this.
I can give you the number of another lawyer.
I called you.
You're up to your eyeballs in this.
All I care about right now is Trevor Elliott.
You have information on Jerry, call Griggs.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
You saying they're connected? How? Jerry's murder with the Elliott case? Not on the phone.
You know where Royce Canyon is? Griffith Park? [Bruce.]
Seven o'clock tonight.
By the picnic tables.
Come alone.
No cops.
If I know Griggs, he's got SIS all over you.
How do I lose them? That's your problem.
But if you're followed, I'll know.
[line disconnects.]
Excellent choice.
That's my favorite.
You need napkins.
Here you go.
Okay, sweetheart.
Daddy is gonna talk to his friend for a minute.
She's cute.
I went to work this morning and they were staring.
I think they know it was me.
You came to us, David.
You said you couldn't sleep knowing what Soto was doing to these people.
I know.
But I'm a parent.
I didn't think about that.
So, we have a program.
We can relocate you and your family before the trial.
Pay your rent, everything.
If I leave, Soto will know for sure it was me.
Everyone I know lives here.
My parents, my sister.
We all live in the same neighborhood, we go to the same church.
Who's gonna protect them? Do what's right for your family.
Just so you understand, if you don't testify, we have to dismiss the charges.
Then nobody is stopping Soto.
[children laughing.]
You sure meeting up with this ex-cop is a good idea? No.
But if he knows something about Elliott, I want to hear it.
The guy who won't even take your call? Got a lot riding on this trial, Izzy.
If I can win it, maybe I can get back what I lost.
You think there's a chance Elliott might be innocent? [Mickey.]
He says he is.
In my business, that would be what we call a unicorn.
You ever had one before? Yeah.
A guy named Jesús Menendez.
He's doing 15 years for murder.
- [Izzy.]
- [Mickey.]
A witness disappeared on me.
Without her, he was looking at life.
So I had to plead him out.
Best thing I could do.
Then my accident happened and I just kind of buried it.
Until that cop got into it with me at the bar the other night.
The night you had a staring contest with a shot and a beer? [chuckles.]
Boy, you don't miss anything, do you, Freud? [chuckles softly.]
Talking about this stuff.
Your triggers It's a good first step.
But it works better in a group.
There's a meeting tonight.
I'll save you a chair.
Thank you.
I'm allergic to circle sitting.
- Yeah? - Mmm-hmm.
So that's it? You're just gonna white knuckle it the rest of your life? Oh.
I get it.
You hired another addict to drive you around and help keep you straight.
That's not like going to meetings at all.
[cell phone ringing.]
- Griggs.
- [Griggs.]
You calling it a day? Not even close.
There's no telling when I'll be done.
So, everything cool so far? [Griggs.]
All quiet.
Just go about your business.
- We'll be watching.
- All right.
You ready? Let's go.
Ah, shit.
You good? Yeah.
After I see a chiropractor.
What? I had to borrow Lorna's car.
Just get in.
Don't forget your seat belt.
[cell phone ringing.]
- Yes? - [Bruce.]
I told you to come alone.
I am alone.
I'm a sitting duck out here.
They were here.
They're on to you.
- Who's they? - [Bruce.]
You fucked up.
Carlin, who's they? What does Jerry's murder have to do with Elliott? - [line disconnects.]
- Carlin? [sighs.]
- [Cisco.]
- We lost Carlin.
Where are you? It wasn't me, Mick.
I was a mile away.
Yeah, well, somebody spooked him.
Carlin's an ex-cop, right? He would have got there at least an hour early.
So, whoever scared him off wasn't following you.
They were waiting.
Griggs told me the FBI was onto Jerry about something.
You think they bugged your phone? I don't see how.
They wouldn't have probable cause for a warrant.
If you were gonna bug the Lincoln Lawyer, how would you do it? [indistinct.]
- No, leave it.
- What? If we take it out, whoever planted it will know we're on to them.
This way, we have the upper hand.
How you gonna talk about your cases in a bugged car? Ah, I'll work around it.
You know, I left a motorcycle club to work for you, and somehow my life's gotten even crazier.
Why did I talk the landlord into letting us stay? - Now this whole office - Jesus, Lorna.
We're fine.
You never did tell me where you got that gun.
No, I didn't.
Cisco's trying to keep us all safe.
In spite of my best efforts.
Don't blame him.
Another thing.
I need you to get a file for me.
Which one? Jesús Menendez.
I'm pretty sure that one's in storage.
Yeah, well, dig it out, Lorna.
- Please.
Thank you.
- We're clear.
No bugs.
Still not gonna feel comfortable until I know who bugged your car.
Whoever did tried to ambush Carlin, Carlin knows who they are.
We gotta find him.
That's easier said than done.
I mean, he must have a stolen identity or something because my LAPD guy said he's totally off the grid.
Get him back on.
I'm not going into this trial in the dark.
Okay? Find Carlin.
[police siren sounds.]
[indistinct shouting.]
All right, man-to-man defense.
You take the wife, I take the husband.
Separate rooms.
Got it? [rapping on door.]
Riverside Police.
Open up.
Riverside Police.
- [crowd cheering.]
- Yeah.
Tomorrow? So I'll call tomorrow? [Mickey.]
Come on, Hayley! Yeah! Yes! Good job.
Hayley! Okay, go ahead.
Say it.
"Who's the workaholic now?" No, I just wanted to tell you what a great job you're doing as a snack mom.
- Oh.
- Lots of healthy choices.
Thank you.
He's not the one I got into it with, is he? - [Maggie.]
Who? - The ref.
Come on.
Thought he was eyeballing me.
He probably recognizes you from TV.
- I saw you, Mr.
- Oh, yeah? How did I look? Better than on your bus stop ad.
[Maggie laughs.]
[crowd cheers.]
Be right back, okay? What? Oh, duty calls? Phone call's one thing.
This is a whole other level.
[Maggie chuckles.]
Come on, Hayley.
I just saw Eli Wyms.
He's doing much better off his meds.
Glad to hear it.
He wants this all behind him.
So do I and so do you, Coach.
Can't you bug me for more playing time like other dads? Look, I don't have much wiggle room here.
He shot at cops.
Did he? You said it yourself, the guy's a trained sniper, twice decorated.
If he was shooting at the cops, they'd be dead.
- [scoffs.]
- The lights startled him.
Instinct kicked in.
He fired some warning shots.
Ninety rounds of warning shots? [laughs.]
Every trial has its story.
Wanna hear the story I'm gonna tell? No.
But you're gonna tell it anyway.
A man who served his country with bravery and honor.
A hero who saved the lives of seven other soldiers when their convoy was ambushed outside of Ramadi.
I'll get every single one of those soldiers to testify if I have to.
Thank you for your service.
This is not just about Eli Wyms, Joanne.
It's about our entire military industrial complex.
Our forever wars, the shameful neglect of our veterans.
And I'm gonna put it all on trial or Let's just make a deal.
Were you really in the Army? Yeah.
Where do you think I learnt computers? Let me guess.
Dishonorable discharge.
Well, yeah.
What's that? I got to thinking.
If Carlin stole someone's ID, maybe he got it from working here.
I've been going through all the delinquent clients.
"Wayne Banks.
" It's mostly drug stuff.
Guy owed Jerry for some legal work.
So, a couple years ago, Jerry sent Carlin over to collect, according to his notes, when Carlin got there, Banks was dead from an overdose.
I'm sure Jerry had other clients croak on him.
Yeah, but they all had death certificates.
All except this guy.
According to LA County, Wayne Banks is still very much alive.
Carlin's cop buddies took his body in as a John Doe.
No family, no estate.
It's perfect.
And the last time Banks paid Jerry, it was from this checking account.
If you were Carlin, what would you do? I would keep the account and I would change the address.
You are brilliant.
I know.
Easy, tiger.
We're at the office.
Uh, my name is Banks.
The last four of my social, yes.
Well, uh, I'm worried that somebody cloned my debit card, and I'm hoping that you can tell me the last place that I used it.
Let me get a pen.
El Adobe Market at Riverside.
I told you, got nothing to say.
No, what you said is, "Get me out of here.
" [sighs.]
I got the prosecutor to drop the charges to one count of reckless discharge of a firearm.
What does that mean? It's three years.
Good behavior, you'll be out in one.
I knew it.
What? You lawyers are all the fucking same.
Are you crazy, Eli? You're actually crazy? 'Cause only someone with a serious mental illness would think they can open fire on cops, then walk out the door a free man.
This is the best deal you're gonna get.
You don't want it? Fine.
Stay here because this is where you belong.
I'll do the year.
That's the smart thing to do, Eli.
I need something from you, all right? The truth.
Whatever you tell me is privileged.
Whatever you got involved in, I can help you.
What are you talking about? You think I killed these people? No, but if you got involved in any way I never heard of these people before in my life.
Are you sure, Eli? Did Jerry ask you about him? Come on, think.
I told you, man.
Jerry never asked me shit.
He just dumped me in here.
You must have All right, come on, look.
This is where you were arrested.
Topanga State Park, 2:35 a.
Nine hours later, somebody killed these two people at this house.
- Just a few miles away.
- So? So it can't be a coincidence, Eli.
You drove past that house that night, maybe? You must have seen something, know something or else Or else what? Jerry would have never taken my sorry-ass case? [sighs.]
So, you want to hear my story? My wife threw me out of the house.
It was mostly my fault.
But I bought a case of beer and I went up into the hills to blow off some steam.
Wound up shooting a bunch of cans for the hell of it.
And it felt good.
Squeezing the trigger, you know.
Seeing the cans fly.
Next thing I know, there's lights on me.
That's all I remember.
[cell phone ringing.]
Trevor, you there? [Trevor.]
I'm here.
Sorry I've been so hard to reach.
I've been slammed by the release of our new game.
- [Mickey.]
Got my message? - I did.
Jury selection on Wednesday.
No, your trial starts Wednesday.
Once we pick a jury, there's no turning back, no more delays, unless you change your mind about a continuance.
You know my answer to that.
Lara and I talked a lot about our plans for the company.
It was just as important to her as it is to me, maybe more so.
You know what I can't figure out about you? You're not scared.
Why? Because I'm innocent and I have faith in my lawyer.
Does the name Eli Wyms mean anything to you? No.
Should it? I'd be surprised if it did.
It would make too much sense.
Just clear your calendar.
We have work to do.
[door alarm chimes.]
Yeah, I got him.
What do you want me to do? Just stay on him.
I'm on my way.
All right.
I still can't believe that save.
You pitched a shutout today.
CoJo calls it "keeping a clean sheet.
" CoJo's been watching too much Premier League.
I'm glad you and Dad were both there to see us win for once.
Yeah, me too.
I saw you guys laughing on the sideline.
Well, we were into the game.
Do you think Dad's okay? Why wouldn't he be? I don't know.
I'm just kind of worried about him taking on all these cases.
Especially the big one.
I worry about him too, honey.
But if I know anything about your dad, he's really good at what he does.
If anyone can juggle all those balls at once, it's him.
[dashboard chimes.]
It's Saturday.
I'm with my daughter.
You gotta get here right away.
I'll text you the address.
What's going on? [Lee.]
It's your witness.
Stay back.
Just stay here.
Why? Mom, what's happening? Hayley, just, please.
- [Lee.]
- What happened? Look, the unis are calling it a carjacking, but How is he? You should try to get a statement.
- Hang on.
- David, who did this to you? - [groaning.]
- Ma'am, step aside.
- Mom? - [medic.]
We gotta move him now.
- Honey.
- [Hayley.]
I was worried.
[Maggie sighs.]
Come on.
I said, man-to-man, not zone.
One job.
- She came out of nowhere.
- 'Cause you weren't paying attention.
[policeman 1.]
I told her to stay in the other room.
- Look at this guy.
Hang on.
- [engine starts.]
[police siren blaring.]
[line ringing.]
- [Mickey.]
- Hey, Mick.
We got a problem.
Sit your ass down and watch.
Maybe you can learn something.
Yeah, well, they pulled him over.
License and registration, please.
- I wasn't speeding.
- You ran a stop sign, sir.
I stopped.
I always stop.
How about a warning? I was on the job.
And your registration? Put your hands on the wheel now! Shit.
Man, things are going south here.
- Let me explain.
- Shut up.
Out of the car, hands up.
- I'm an ex-cop.
- Get out of the car! Get out of the car now! - Carlin's got two guns on him.
- Stay there.
I'll call you back.
[cell phone ringing.]
Haller, are you okay? - Bruce Carlin's in trouble.
- [Griggs.]
What? He saw the interview and called me.
Now cops in Riverside have guns on him.
- What the fuck? - Rip me a new one later.
I need your help.
[police 1.]
Get out of the car! Shut up! Get out of the car with your hands up.
Unit 217, I have a Detective Griggs from LAPD on the line.
Says it's urgent regarding your 10-32.
Put him through.
This is Griggs.
An SIS unit is on the way to you right now.
The man you pulled over, his name is not Wayne Banks.
It's Bruce Carlin.
Call him that.
Bruce Carlin.
We need this guy alive, understand? He's a POI in a homicide.
Bruce Carlin.
We know who you are.
Now get out of the car.
Okay, hey, he's exiting the car.
I think they're gonna arrest him.
Just let me explain.
Shut the fuck up and get on the ground! On the ground! Hey, watch it! [police 2.]
- Unit 217, requesting - Oh, my God.
Cisco, do they have him? Oh, my God.
He came out of nowhere.
I didn't even see him.
Oh, my God.
- [Griggs.]
- How the hell did you get in here? That's a risky move given my history.
We had an agreement.
Bruce Carlin was the only one who took our bait.
Now, he's dead.
I'm just looking for some answers.
Same as you.
Look, I don't know what the Feds were talking to Jerry about.
A couple of days ago, my assistant told me there's over 100 grand missing from his accounts.
I don't know if they're related.
I don't know where it went.
I don't know anything, all right? [cell phone ringing.]
Yeah, what is it, honey? [rapping on door.]
Maggie? It's me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hayley called.
Told me what happened.
She saw it.
I told her to wait in the car.
She didn't listen.
Yeah, I know.
She's okay.
It's you she's worried about.
It's my fault.
Hey, don't do that to yourself.
He was my witness and he didn't want to do it, and I pressured him.
- [sobbing.]
He had a little girl, Mickey.
- My God.
Come here.
It's okay.
Don't do that to yourself, honey.
- [Maggie.]
But I should have - No.
No, you did everything you could.
Okay? I mean, if there's one I know about you, it's that.
I should, um Yeah.
[clears throat.]
Are you sure you're gonna be okay? - Yeah.
- [Mickey.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Welcome to the nine o'clock meeting.
Is there anybody new that would like to start this evening? Hmm? Anybody at all? - My name is Michael and I'm an addict.
- [group.]
Hi, Michael.
[closing theme playing.]

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