The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Twelve Lemmings in a Box

1 You think there's a chance Elliott might be innocent? In my business, that would be what we call a unicorn.
You ever had one before? Jesús Menendez.
He's doing 15 years for murder.
A witness disappeared on me.
Without her, he was looking at life.
The court finds Mr.
Soto is a flight risk.
Bail will be set at $2 million.
Get here right away.
It's your witness.
It's my fault.
He didn't wanna do it, and I pressured him.
Come here.
It's okay.
No, you did everything you could.
- I should, um - Yeah.
I don't know what the Feds spoke to Jerry about.
Couple days ago, my assistant told me there's over a hundred grand missing from his accounts.
Now we got two other people to point the finger at? Neema Shavar.
She was giving money to this guy, Rilz, too.
And she has a husband.
He runs a private security company.
Trevor, jury selection starts Wednesday.
The 12 citizens will decide if you spend the rest of your life in prison or not.
Once we pick a jury, there's no turning back.
Clear your calendar.
We have work to do.
This is me.
Okay, I get it.
You brought me here to take me down a peg.
Is that it? Rich guy only eats at Nobu.
I make video games.
You think I never had Pink's before? I brought you here because I wanted a chili dog.
And another reason, too.
Look around you, Trevor.
This is your jury pool.
My father used to call the jury the Gods of Guilt because at the end of the day, they decide.
You might think your trial starts with the opening statement.
It doesn't.
It starts tomorrow with jury selection.
With them.
Every single one of them will scrutinize you as soon as you park at the courthouse.
They will judge what you drive, how you dress, every single expression you make.
- So, please don't make any.
- I really can't drive my own car? The one that costs five times what your jurors make in a year? Lara's Prius is still in the garage.
Okay, what else? From you, nothing.
We've got the best jury consultants in town.
They charge accordingly.
- Just sign this agreement.
- I don't want a jury consultant.
What? Why? You remember the last celebrity trial you saw? People see a rich guy hiding behind a wall of suits, they automatically think you're guilty.
I know how to read people, Mickey.
I know what they like.
That's how I got where I am.
I trust my own instincts and yours, not some consultant I never met.
I appreciate the confidence, Trevor, but we need all the help we can get, so please just sign here.
Let me be clear.
No jury consultant.
- What are we doin' here? - Trevor doesn't want a jury consultant.
- So? - So I'm not hiring one.
- 'Sup, Haller? - 'Sup, Bubba? She here? Call.
The chances somebody doesn't have a full house are not good.
Ten thousand.
All in.
Kings full.
Caught it on a river.
Sorry, big baby.
Four of a kind.
Straight flush.
Mickey Haller.
Hey, stranger, it's been a while.
Trying to live the clean life.
Yeah, you and me both.
Listen, uh, I need your help on a murder trial.
I just made more on one hand than you can pay me in a week.
I know.
I also know reading people is a skill that has to be practiced.
I'm just giving you the opportunity to do what you do best.
You always were a sweet talker.
I can give you a day.
Fair enough.
I'll text you the details.
Just one thing, my client can't know.
Well, I'm nothing if not discreet.
You've reached Maggie McPherson.
Please leave a message.
Hey, Mags, it's me.
Look, I'm really sorry about your witness.
And, uh, I'm sorry how we left things last night.
Anyway, I'll try you later.
Okay? Bye.
Janelle Simmons has made women in Los Angeles less safe.
As chief of the Major Crimes Unit, she stood by while an overburdened laboratory neglected rape kits, and tainted evidence.
Her negligence victimized women again.
When you needed her, Janelle Simmons didn't do her job.
Vote Robert Cardone for district attorney.
I'm Bob Cardone and I approve this message.
Every crime lab in the country is backed up.
And he's in charge of conviction review.
He's just milking this to make me look bad.
Right now, every case needs to be airtight.
Well, we are airtight, Janelle.
Your lead witness is dead.
Because Angelo Soto had him killed.
I am under a microscope here, Maggie.
Without your witness, the case falls apart.
We have his testimony from the grand jury.
Which you can't use if defense can't cross-examine him.
- They'll move to dismiss and win.
- Not if we prove Soto killed him.
We do that, the grand jury testimony comes back in.
Can you? If you can prove that Soto was behind this, do it.
Or we need to drop the charges before it gets to a hearing.
- Wait, what? - You heard me, Maggie.
Track anyone with ties to government.
Family in the military, contractors.
We want rule followers.
This is it, right here.
You know, anyone's who's His name is Anton Shavar.
This is the guy with the private security firm? Arms dealers, oligarchs.
He's not particular about where his clients get their money.
Supposedly, he's ex-Mossad, but that may just be PR.
Sorry, I know I'm only here 'cause there's donuts, but how does this all tie in with Trevor Elliott? Don't apologize.
That's exactly what the jury will ask.
So Elliott's wife was found dead with this guy, Jan Rilz.
- The yoga gigolo.
- That's about the size of it.
Rilz was sleeping with a bunch of his female clients.
Mostly wealthy, mostly married.
Like Neema Shavar, Anton's wife.
Now ex-wife.
It's called the "it could have been this guy" defense.
- Mmm.
- Anton's potentially dangerous.
He's got a motive.
Got anything else I can use to point a finger at him? Yes and no.
Rilz filed a restraining order against Anton two months before the murders.
He said Anton came to his house and threatened him.
Now we're talking.
So, you said, "Yes, and no.
" What's no? Rilz never showed up for the hearing.
The order wasn't granted.
How did you find out about it? Never mind, I don't wanna know.
If Anton's violent, maybe he threatened Rilz into dropping the restraining order.
That's smart, but we can't prove it.
Not that he threatened him, but there may be a way to show that he's violent.
And you definitely don't wanna know.
All right.
Surprise me, Cisco.
Just make it quick.
We pick a jury tomorrow.
You ready? Mmm.
- Mick.
- Yeah? Where you going? I got one more thing I gotta do before tomorrow.
Old business.
Anything to do with the Jesús Menendez case? You asked me to get you a file, out of nowhere, for a case that got put to bed a year ago.
Did it? 'Cause it's eating at me, Lorna.
It was driving me crazy.
- Mick - Just forget it for now, okay? Did you at least get Trevor to sign off on the jury consultant? Not exactly, no.
Goodbye, Lorna.
The one who's driving me crazy is you.
My God.
- You motherfucker.
- Wait, Cherry.
Let me explain.
You tricked me.
I took two buses to get here from Hollywood.
- Sorry.
You wouldn't meet me otherwise.
- We had a deal.
I was looking for Glory Days.
You're gonna get me off that drug charge.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I ended up in rehab.
An accident, shit went from bad to worse.
I did two months in County because you ghosted me.
Wait, you went to rehab? Yeah, I don't wanna get into it.
Don't stand there waving cash in my face.
If you're here to make it right, make it right.
Cherry, I'm here because I really need your help finding Glory Days again.
Maybe you should've paid her more.
You're not exactly Mr.
Big Spender.
There's more of that if you can help me.
When was the last time you saw her? Not since last time you asked.
Her profile's been dark.
She's not working parties.
A girl doesn't disappear without a trace.
- She got cold feet.
- On what? I don't know.
She was my key witness in a murder trial.
Where would you go for work if you had to start fresh? The world is my oyster.
Look, if you wanna pay me to chase a ghost, I'm not complaining.
But instead of a down payment, maybe I can earn the rest of it right now, help you forget about her? Enjoy the room for another 50 minutes.
Take a bath.
Watch some cable.
Keep me posted.
What the hell is that doing? Mapping the place.
That way he knows where everything is, so he doesn't bump into things.
- "He"? - Mr.
He was our custodian in middle school.
He was so nice.
Don't we have a janitor to do that? The service has been a little spotty since the whole gun thing.
Look at you! My man can sew.
Well, I'm an Eagle Scout.
Look, I know you're onto something with this Anton guy, but you should look into this one.
Carol Dubois.
The insurance lady? I already did, babe.
She has got an alibi.
She was at some conference in Tucson.
Unless you think she hired a triggerman 'cause she was upset about losing 25 grand.
No, it wasn't about the money.
She didn't care about that.
It was Rilz.
Alibi or no alibi, there is something off about her.
I'm telling you, it's the women.
Hello and welcome to jury duty.
I'm Mary Holder, presiding judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court.
And as I like to say, there is no justice without you.
But let's talk about how you got here.
It all begins in the Jury Services office, when your name was randomly generated from voter registration rolls and other public sources.
How come whenever I get called for jury duty it's at some court on the other side of town? Because they assign jurors randomly from all over the county.
That way, you get a diverse jury pool.
That's the theory anyway.
What's the reality? The reality is, it doesn't matter where they come from, almost none of 'em wanna be there, but your entire case depends on them.
- These are the people deciding my fate? - Yep, and they start right now.
Don't say anything.
Don't smile.
Keep your head down.
What do you think I've been doing the last six months? Literally.
Cameras can whip around and cause a concussion.
- Haller! - All right, Lorna.
Come on.
DA says the evidence against your client is overwhelming.
What evidence? What evidence? They have no murder weapon, no witnesses, not one drop of blood on my client's clothes.
The only thing overwhelming is Mr.
Elliott's innocence.
Please excuse us.
Haller, the DA evidence Voir dire.
That's what they call jury selection, right? Mmm.
That's French, means to speak the truth.
What? The truth is the least of my concerns.
I don't want fair-minded jurors.
I want them biased as hell.
Biased for me.
I want 12 lemmings in a box.
And the DA wants the exact same thing.
So I try to get rid of his lemmings and he tries to get rid of mine.
That's how you pick a jury.
Hey, you handled the press like a pro out there.
It's part of the job.
Case as big as this, you can't get many of those.
Once you get through those doors, it's just another homicide.
Nothing I haven't seen before.
This is gonna move fast once the jurors come in.
I'll input the basics right away.
Age, ethnicity, flesh it out as we go.
Colored pens and post-its, is he for real? You know they make software for that.
A computer can't hear how somebody answers.
- It can't read their eyes.
- They can now, actually.
Go get 'em, tiger.
Relax, I've picked dozens of jurors.
You're in good hands.
I read about how this works.
Once they take their seats, they're on the jury unless they get cut.
That's right.
My job is to figure out who to cut, who to keep.
Our job.
This isn't some video game launch, Trevor.
This is my domain.
Just leave it to me, okay? And it's my life.
I'd like some input into the people deciding it.
I built my brand on trusting my instincts.
I don't want you cutting anyone unless we make that decision together.
All rise.
The honorable Judge Stanton presiding.
Be seated.
Wanna weigh in? Fine.
But just be quiet and brief.
If the jury sees us arguing, you're dead.
All right, let's bring in the first 18.
Thank you for being here.
I'm going to ask you some questions, then the lawyers will have a turn.
There are no wrong answers.
Your only obligation is to be truthful.
Now, due to the media attention, this will be an anonymous jury.
Attorneys haven't been provided with your identities.
If you slip up and say anything that identifies you, I will be forced to excuse you myself.
Any questions? Good.
Let's start with some basics.
Juror number one, tell us your occupation, marital status, and where you live.
I'm a stay-at-home mom with two kids in high school, divorced.
I live in Woodland Hills.
I'm a writer, technical manuals mostly.
I'm engaged so, sort of married, Culver City.
I'm an attorney.
I am divorced.
No kids, I live in Los Feliz.
I'm an aerospace engineer at Lockheed Martin.
I'm single and I live in Palos Verdes.
I'm a caterer, married with three kids in Altadena.
I do weddings, buddy.
Give you a juror's discount.
I'm an artist.
I just moved to Silver Lake from Ohio.
I'm single.
I'm a graduate student and a rideshare driver.
Van Nuys.
Not married, no.
My name's Janice.
I'm a stand-up comedian.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't supposed to say my name, was I? Juror number 12 is excused.
Excuse me.
Good morning.
My name is Jeffrey Golantz.
I'm the prosecutor.
This is a murder trial.
The defendant is charged with murdering his wife and her lover.
Now, we want a fair, impartial jury.
So, I need to ask, would the fact that the victims were having an extramarital affair make it hard for anyone here to be impartial? Two, four and 15 are bluffing.
Keep them.
Your Honor, the People thank and excuse jurors two, four, and 15.
Shit, this guy's good.
See, jury selection is the one part of a trial that's a game, and like any game it has rules.
Each side gets ten challenges.
You can use those to strike any juror you want, but be careful.
Because the replacement may be even worse, right? Exactly.
So the trick is to hold on to as many bullets as you can and get the other side to fire theirs.
Plus, this is your chance to introduce yourself and your client to the jury.
Not just as a lawyer or a defendant, but as human beings.
So use it.
Off to a rough start, folks.
All right.
Good morning, everyone.
My name is Michael Haller.
And this is my client, Trevor Elliott.
I'm the defense attorney and I'm here to help you find the facts in this case so we can get to the truth.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
I have a daughter, right? She's 13, and what can I say? She's got me wrapped around this little finger.
If I ask her, did you make your bed? Did you do your homework? Did you wash the dishes? She'll say yes, and I'll want to believe her even when I can see her unmade bed or her school bag unopened.
Why? Well, because she's my baby girl, you know? - Anyone with me? - Yeah.
All right.
Does anyone feel that way about cops? About people in uniforms with badges and guns? You just believe them even when your eyes are telling you they're not being truthful? Number one is bluffing.
Hand to her mouth is a lie.
Dead giveaway.
Does anybody here have relatives or family members in law enforcement? How about you, juror number one? Maybe in the past? Well, my ex-husband was a cop in Long Beach.
I mean, he's not a relative or family member anymore.
How long? Fifteen years.
What if you wanna get rid of somebody, but you don't wanna waste a challenge? You get unlimited strikes for cause.
And the judge can kick anybody for being biased.
So you've got to try and bring out that bias in your questioning.
Usually cops try to stick it out for 20 so they can get their full pension.
Why did your ex leave the force so early? Because being a cop is a tough job.
He just couldn't do it anymore.
So, there wasn't an incident? What do you mean? An allegation of misconduct like excessive force? Corruption? Maybe he just cut corners? Objection, Your Honor, to the entire line of questioning.
Counsel, approach.
Your Honor, their case rests entirely on the shoulders of the cops.
I've a right to explore her feelings on law enforcement.
- You're baiting her.
- I'm drawing out her biases.
You've got ten challenges, Mr.
You wanna strike her, use one.
I'm not doing it for you.
The defense will like to thank and excuse juror number one.
Well, that didn't work.
Yes and no.
I used a challenge, but I put the idea of corrupt cops in their heads.
We need another way to get to Soto.
What about his girlfriend? Tanya Cruz, 26.
Came over from the Philippines four years ago.
No record.
No money either, until Soto started taking care of her.
- Think she knows something? - It's worth finding out.
If we can turn her, maybe she can give us the shooter.
How long do we have? A week, maybe.
They'll file a motion to dismiss today, ask for an expedited hearing.
What? Nothing, it's just Most DAs, when it gets political, they cut and run.
I'll let that go on account you've never worked with me before.
Look at you, making me think twice about lawyers.
We're gonna need some leverage.
Yeah, we are.
Nothing like a pedicure, huh, Neema? Me, I can't ever get 'em.
My feet are too ticklish, drives me crazy.
Do I know you? Oh.
I work for the defense attorney.
Representing Trevor Elliott.
The guy who killed Jan? Innocent till proven guilty.
It's a fundamental tenet of our justice system.
What do you want? Were you aware your ex-husband threatened Jan before he was murdered? If you were, why didn't you report it to the authorities? What the hell? Just some of the questions you'll be asked when you're subpoenaed, not to mention the ones about your affair with the deceased.
You might wanna start thinkin' about your answers now.
I think we're done.
Great job.
- Hey.
- Hey, where are you? Just pokin' a bear.
Like you said, it's the women.
They get everything done.
This case may involve testimony from experts in the field of firearms.
Anyone have a problem accepting their opinion? My client is a wealthy man.
Does anybody think that makes him more likely to be guilty? Any video game players here? - What's your favorite game? - Who has family in the military? Who has had a negative experience with the police? You know what drives me crazy? Putting together IKEA furniture.
Anyone else? Yeah.
People thank and excuse jurors 16, nine and 18.
I'd like to thank and excuse juror number eight, 13 and 28.
Three and 35.
Six, 37, 11, and 40.
Number five's a lawyer.
Lawyers make bad jurors.
Not necessarily.
She could be our foreman.
Juror number five, what kind of law do you practice? Real estate.
Mostly transactional.
You know once you're a juror, you can't wear your lawyer hat.
- Would you be able to separate the two? - Of course.
She likes you, but number ten likes you even more.
Have you ever practiced criminal law? No, but I have an interest in it.
What kind of interest? I read novels.
I listen to true crime podcasts.
I've been working on a screenplay.
Me and everyone else in LA.
Any more questions, Mr.
Haller? I beg the court's indulgence for just one moment.
Your Honor, my sincere apologies, but I have an urgent personal matter.
Okay if we take a ten-minute recess? No more than that.
Thank you.
Jurors, you may take this opportunity to stretch your legs.
What the hell was that about? If it works, you'll see.
Back on record on People vs.
All parties present.
Peremptories are with the People.
People would like to thank and excuse juror five, Your Honor.
I thought you liked the lawyer.
I did.
Until I found out she was a frustrated writer who wants to turn this into a movie.
The last person I want.
And you didn't wanna waste your last challenge.
Now you're getting it.
I left my folder open.
Thought maybe Golantz couldn't resist a little peek.
He thought blue meant I wanted her.
But blue means cold.
You learn that from your dad, too? I told you, you're in good hands.
I'll see you tomorrow.
No, Ray, you know exactly what you're doing.
And you know where it's gonna lead.
Look, I gotta go.
I'll call you later.
Everything all right? Yeah, fine.
How was day one? I threw some punches.
Took some, too.
Sure you're okay? It's my ex.
Exes are complicated.
Take it from me, I have two of them.
She posted photos partying with some people we used to tour with which means she's using again.
There's an old saying about horses and water.
Thing is, I'm the one that got her hooked.
I gotta make it right.
You know these guys? Yeah, give me a second.
Could've just called, Ted.
Yeah, well, we happened to be out.
Saw you on TV.
Guess you're back.
I guess so.
I got some business for you.
One of our boys needs help.
Hard Case Casey, some bullshit parole violation.
Well, I'm nothing if not a man of my word, Ted.
Call my office, we'll figure something out.
- Will do.
- All right.
Say hi to Cisco for me.
You owe those guys or something? Or something.
Come on, let's go.
We're down to the wire.
We've each got one challenge left.
Who do you think they're gonna cut? Number ten.
That's his best bet.
I might have a way to deal with that.
Who should I cut? What does your gut tell you? Seven or 27.
Twenty-seven? That's the Marlboro man.
Everything about him screams prosecution, but He's an independent thinker.
He might not accept the State's line on the gunshot residue.
On the other hand, number seven, he is laser-focused.
Barely moves a muscle.
Can't get a read on him.
He's an engineer.
That means he's detail-oriented.
A guy like that can see through the State's case.
It's a tough call.
If it were a science, I'd win every hand.
To make matters worse, I have to run every choice by my client.
You do have problems.
You know, Trevor has a tell, too.
Lining things up when he's nervous? Yeah, I noticed.
Not just that, he rubs his legs.
He does it to pacify himself.
It can be a sign of deception.
You owe me dinner for all this.
I'll take anything with a Michelin star.
- It's a date.
- Well, I wouldn't go that far.
Maybe someday.
If you ever get over her.
Is this electric? A couple of things.
Number 27 drives a hybrid with a Sierra Club bumper sticker.
So, he goes his own way.
What else? Number seven looks like he lives out of his car.
What kind of engineer makes a mess like that? That's a good question.
All right.
What was that about? Our last challenge.
Lorna? It's Ryan.
From first year torts.
Southwestern Law? - Right.
- Yeah.
I'm interning for a firm.
- You? - You know, same.
I gotta ask.
Where did you go? You were a rock star in that class.
Wheaton used to call on you all the time and then one day you were just gone.
I don't know, um Work.
I don't know.
Um It was really good to see you.
I have to go.
I think we've got to cut number seven.
There's something off about him.
Don't look at the jury.
Look at the grid.
- Seven's an engineer.
I like him.
- I did, too.
But No.
He was giving me good eye contact all day.
Don't cut him.
Cut number ten.
I don't like the way she looks at me.
Ten? That's your best juror, Trevor.
Got to try and stop Golantz from cutting her.
What did I tell you? All rise.
You may be seated.
Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the late start.
But if we move quickly, we can still finish before lunch.
Counsel, you ready? The defense has a motion that's best brought up in chambers.
May we confer? Your Honor, the defense would like to make a Wheeler motion.
- I'm sorry, what? - On what grounds? Mr.
Golantz has used nine of his challenges, seven of which have been on women.
In my view that's called discrimination.
It's called offensive.
I have a valid reason for every juror I've cut.
I'm sure we would love to hear them.
It doesn't make sense.
Your client is accused of murdering his wife.
- I want all the women I can get.
- Then why did you cut so many? Mr.
Golantz, save it.
You're reaching here.
Motion denied.
So much for finishing this morning.
We'll take an early lunch.
You each have one challenge left.
Let's not make this a nail-biter.
- That's bullshit and you know it.
- Then you have nothing to worry about.
Dennis Wojciechowski.
Yeah, I can find you, too.
You threatened my wife? Ex-wife.
And I didn't threaten her.
Just presented her with a couple of facts.
Here's a fact for you.
You come near me or my family again, I break you like a toy.
Is that a gun? You don't wanna find out.
Stay the fuck away from my wife.
Tanya Cruz.
Detective Lankford, LAPD.
This is Maggie McPherson from the DA's office.
What is this about? It's about Angelo Soto.
Don't worry.
We have eyes on him.
He's waiting for you at home.
- What do you want? - Just a minute of your time.
Only one reason a man goes to the gynecologist with you.
How many months pregnant are you? Three months.
I have to go now.
He's waiting.
Are you aware your name is on several of his bank accounts? I He had me sign some papers.
That's how guys like him operate.
They insulate themselves so someone else takes the fall.
I don't understand.
Well, let me be clear.
Soto's gonna go down, if you're part of the paper trail, you're going down with him.
Give birth to your baby in jail.
They'll take it away from you.
I don't know anything about his business.
For your sake, I hope you're wrong.
You're gonna need a lawyer.
You can't trust his.
Say anything to anyone, you're dead.
You know that, right? You're gonna need someone you can trust.
Trust him.
People would like to thank and excuse juror 27, Your Honor.
You said he was gonna cut number ten.
I said I'd keep that from happening and I did.
Counsel, approach, please.
What? Juror ten just spoke to the clerk.
She thought you were following her in the parking lot at lunch.
What? - That's ridiculous.
- Were you trying to intimidate a juror? No.
I was trying to find my car.
The one you made me drive.
The Prius.
Do you have any idea how many Priuses are in Los Angeles? Is the judge gonna cut her? There's not enough evidence you did anything wrong.
There, see? That doesn't change the fact she still thinks you did.
So now I have to kick her, with my last challenge.
Haller? The defense would like to thank and excuse juror number ten.
I didn't do it on purpose.
I hope not, Trevor.
With you, I never really know.
And with that, we have our jury.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you.
We'll see you Monday morning.
Truth is, you can never really know for sure if you picked the right jury or not.
That's why they call them the Gods of Guilt.
All you can do is pray to them.
I'll break you like a toy.
Is that a gun? You don't wanna find out.
Stay the fuck away from my wife.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was on my way home.
I figured I'd check on Hayley.
She's online with some friends.
I'd leave her be.
I figured I'd check on you too.
- You don't have to do this, Haller.
- Do what? I'm sorry I haven't called you back.
Rough couple of days.
And the other night I was upset, obviously, and things went somewhere they shouldn't have, and I'm sorry.
Whoever that was, that was not me.
No, that was you.
I mean, it smelled like you.
It felt like you.
Can we agree it's good you left when you did? Yeah.
We're both glad I left, so.
What are you doing here? Don't you have jury selection? No, we finished today.
Besides I can walk and chew gum at the same time.
Gum? Is that what I am? Very tasty gum? Okay.
You know what? I actually have a favor I need for my case.
I don't have time to talk about it tonight, but I'll call you tomorrow? The things I do for you, McFierce.
- Counselor.
- Jesus.
You scared the hell out of me.
Couldn't this wait until morning? Sorry, but that missing money of Jerry's you mentioned? I checked it with his bank.
He took out 150 grand, in cash.
Told the banker it was to buy a boat.
I've checked every marina from here to San Diego.
There is no boat.
Not one registered to Jerry anyway.
So, what are you thinking? After Bruce Carlin's death, Riverside PD searched his place and found a burner phone he used.
- Great.
- Don't get too excited.
Carlin was careful.
There's nothing explicit.
But the messages show he made a delivery to somebody the same day Jerry took out all that cash.
What kind of delivery? No idea.
But we've got missing money.
We've got mystery calls from the Feds.
And the Elliott case is the biggest one you inherited, right? The biggest case of Jerry's career? Lot of pressure to beat a high-profile murder like that.
Yeah, tell me about it.
All right, so? What if the money was for a bribe?
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