The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


1 [Mickey.]
You never know if you picked the right jury or not.
That's why they call them the Gods of Guilt.
Let me be clear.
No jury consultant.
You think there's a chance Elliott might be innocent? He says he is.
In my business that would be what we call a unicorn.
- You ever have one before? - [Mickey.]
- A guy named Jesús Menendez.
- [woman.]
Your lead witness is dead.
Angelo Soto had him killed.
Without your witness, the case falls apart.
Tanya Cruz, 26.
If we turn her, maybe she gives us the shooter.
You'll need a lawyer.
Trust him.
I'm sorry.
Whoever that was, that was not me.
- It felt like you.
- Mickey.
How will you talk about your cases in a bugged car? If we take it out, whoever planted it will know we're on to them.
You know, I left a motorcycle club to work for you, and somehow my life's gotten even crazier.
One of our boys needs help.
Hard Case Casey.
Say hi to Cisco for me.
We've got missing money.
We've got mystery calls from the Feds.
Lot of pressure to beat a high-profile murder like that.
What if the money was for a bribe? - Haller, hey.
- All right.
- How're you feeling, Mickey? - Confident.
LAPD got the wrong man.
Anyone can see that.
- Even you, Connelly.
- You're sure you're gonna win? Here's what I'm sure of.
Devin Jones is innocent.
Whatever else you guys print, print that.
Excuse me, fellas.
[reporters clamoring.]
Hey, kiddo.
What did you think of your old man in there, huh? You're so good.
[in Spanish.]
Miguelito, I have to make a phone call.
Stay with your papa, okay? - [in English.]
Okay, Mom.
- Elena.
I hope you got the part.
I wish you and your mom didn't have to go back so soon.
Your visits go by so fast.
But I'm glad you got to see this.
- This one was important.
- Why? Eh, because most of my clients have money.
You know, money makes people think they can do anything and get away with it.
This one was different.
He didn't do it.
And I took his case for free because it was the right thing to do.
You understand? But that also makes it one of the hardest cases I've ever had.
[footsteps approaching.]
You should go talk to him.
[Mickey Sr.
Okay, Legal.
Be right back.
I got something for you.
They don't allow cameras in the courtroom.
So this is what they put on the evening news.
They put these on TV? [Legal.]
You keep that.
Anybody asks you who it is, you tell 'em it's the best damn lawyer in LA.
Look at you, making the front page.
- Your old man would be proud.
- He lived on the front page.
How's your defense? Thin.
You think you're the first lawyer to go in with a flimsy case? - Your father and I thrived on it.
- I got a lot riding on this one, Legal.
- Been out of the game for a year.
- You're looking for a pep talk? "If you got the facts, pound the facts.
If you have the law, pound the law.
" "And if you don't have either one, - pound the table.
" - "Pound the table.
" Yeah, I've heard that one.
I think Jerry Vincent may have paid a bribe.
- To who? - I don't know yet.
I don't know if it's true.
But there's money missing.
Couple of months now.
There is only three people it could be, right? The judge, a juror or maybe the prosecutor.
This DA, Golantz, he'd run over his own mother to win a case.
- He comes from money too.
- Well, you just picked a jury.
You said this money's been missing for a couple of months.
So you may have the judge in your pocket.
Well, I don't have anybody in my pocket.
I didn't do anything.
Now I know why you wanted to talk to me.
You wanna know what he would do.
So? If your dad inherited a case from a lawyer and then found out that he paid a bribe, he wouldn't do a damn thing.
He'd take it as a sign from God.
Anybody else know about this? Yeah, the cop investigating Jerry's murder.
- The one who put me onto it.
- What about your client? I haven't asked him.
There's just There is no proof.
It's only a theory.
Then go prepare your case.
And don't ask questions you don't want answers to.
[cell phone vibrating.]
First wife? You got to take that one.
I speak from experience.
Hey! [opening theme music playing.]
Take the gun.
We might need it.
Come in.
Hello, amor.
Is that Yeah.
Everyone's still playing it, even though Well you know.
[in Spanish.]
Did Mom call you? [in English.]
[in Spanish.]
She said you didn't go to school.
[in English.]
Don't you have a trial? Starts Monday.
[game beeps.]
Look, Hayley, I, uh I know what you saw the other day.
It's a lot for anyone.
Wanna talk about it? Okay.
If you ever do, you know, I'm here for you.
Can I ask you something? The person who killed Mom's witness Mmm-hmm.
Would you represent them? Everyone deserves a defense, Hayley.
But would you defend them? Knowing what they did? It's more complicated than just yes or no, Hayley.
- Why? - Because you know why.
We've talked about this.
I know what you tell me about your dad and about innocent until proven guilty.
But what about you? Okay? Where do you draw the line? I mean, do you have a line? Yes.
I have a line.
I For example, I don't represent people who hurt kids.
All right? That's good, I guess.
Yeah, come on.
- Can't get her to open up for ya? - No, not exactly.
Sometimes you just need to take a day.
So, uh, you had a favor you wanted to ask me? [Maggie.]
Yeah, it's a cooperating witness.
She needs someone to negotiate her CI deal.
After my trial.
No problem.
Well, thing is I need it now.
Now? [laughing.]
Come on, Maggie.
I'm like This is the guy who killed my witness.
And Janelle is threatening to pull the plug on the whole thing.
I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.
All right, Mag.
All right.
I need something too.
Can you bring Hayley to court on Monday? To see my opening? It's a murder trial.
After what she just saw? Just my opening.
I promise you.
No gore, no blood.
- You won't be nervous having her there? - Absolutely, yes.
I'm thinking a few nerves might do me some good, you know? - Okay.
- [Mickey.]
Thank you.
Oh, and your witness already called me.
I'm seeing her tomorrow.
[male reporter on TV.]
Robert Cardone wants you to think he's a reformer.
Speak of the devil.
During his tenure as head of the Conviction Review Unit, LA saw the most officer involved incidents in history.
Don't be fooled by Robert Cardone.
He's wrong for District Attorney.
Wrong for Los Angeles.
I'm Janelle Simmons, and I approve this message.
Remind me never to run for DA.
You'd do a lot better than any of 'em.
She's having her fundraiser tomorrow.
Asked me to introduce her.
- This I gotta see.
- No.
You really don't.
- No, I really do.
- Seriously? You wanna come? Yeah.
I didn't think I could get anyone to buy tickets.
We could hammer out cooperation agreement? Two birds? How can I refuse that invitation? I'll see you in there, McFierce.
Tunnel vision.
That's our story.
Target wasn't Lara Elliott.
It was her boyfriend who was killed by another jealous husband, Anton Shavar.
Dangerous, violent man and the cops never looked into him.
Supporting this story, no murder weapon was found.
But Trevor Elliott had gunshot residue on his hands.
I have a plan.
Lorna, call Tony Walsh.
Invite him to the fundraiser, you guys should come too.
It's on me.
- Mickey - Gotta spend money to make money.
Now, there was a woman quoted in the paper.
Sonia Patel, old friend of Lara.
Yeah, I saw that but it said she hadn't seen Lara in years.
According to Lara's cell phone log, she called Sonia two days before the murder.
You think she knew something? I don't know.
But what if we had tunnel vision? What if Lara Elliott had enemies? Sonia Patel.
She's a software engineer at Chaos Games in Culver City.
- I'll run her down.
- No, I'll take care of that.
Something else I need from you two.
Well, what's that? I'm worried Jerry may have paid a bribe.
And my best guess, it went to Judge Stanton.
What? We know when that 100 grand left Jerry's account.
I need you to find out if it went to Stanton.
You're talking about looking into a judge.
I know.
Which is why I'm trusting you to be really careful with this.
He's an elected official.
Most of his financial information's public.
Get on it.
Anything else? Yes.
Uh, you have your case status update at 11:00 with Judge Holder.
- 11:00? Lorna, it - I'm sorry.
I would have told you sooner, but you threw me with this skulduggery.
[knocking on door.]
Your Honor, you wanted to see me? I did.
Have a seat, Mr.
Haller, and please take out your checkbook.
My checkbook? [Holder.]
You're ten minutes late.
I can hold you in contempt, or you can make a contribution to the charity of your choice.
It's up to you.
I leave a list of my favorites on the desk.
Right, Your Honor.
I'm sorry, but I don't have my checkbook on me.
I'll have my office send something over.
Very well.
I'll leave the amount up to you, of course.
So With the Elliott trial set to begin on Monday, I just wanted to check in.
I've appreciated the email updates on Jerry Vincent's other clients.
It seems you've had your hands full.
Oh, yeah, but I promise no one is being neglected.
I'm just happy to be back to work.
Everyone is still in shock over Mr.
Vincent's murder.
You know, my husband knew him a little.
Mitch Lester? He's a defense attorney also.
He was at a memorial for Mr.
Vincent this past week.
- Oh, and he saw me there.
- It's not just my concern.
The State Bar is aware of your situation.
I didn't fall off the wagon, if that's what you're asking.
I've been going to meetings.
I have paperwork.
I can bring Oh, no, that won't be necessary.
I've had family members with these issues, Mr.
My father lived with it his whole life.
I just wanna make sure there isn't a problem that I could help with.
No, I appreciate that, Judge.
But no, there's no problem.
Very well.
Then we're done here.
Thank you for keeping me abreast.
It's okay.
And, Mr.
Haller I wish you luck with the trial next week.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Get off there, you Jeez.
I got those records on Judge Stanton.
What's Harold Casey doing in Mickey's calendar? No idea.
Why? [Cisco.]
He's a guy I used to roll with when I was in the Road Saints.
Um, should I be concerned? That's ancient history.
- What are we looking at? - Continental Café.
It's Mid-City.
It's very chi-chi.
Judge Stanton's name is on the lease and it closed down a year ago.
He was an investor? Not exactly.
Here he is at the opening with the head chef.
And here they are exchanging vows.
So Stanton invested in his husband's restaurant.
It closes down.
That could put him in debt.
Yes, but it reopened two months ago.
Modern Muse Bistro.
- Is Stanton still an owner? - Why don't we find out tomorrow? I booked us a reservation for a food tasting.
Only, as a couple scouting for a wedding venue.
And that is just brilliant.
May I never cease to amaze you.
[Cisco grunts approvingly.]
- [Mickey.]
Sonia Patel? - Yeah? My name is Mickey Haller.
I'm an attorney.
I represent I know who you are.
May I sit down? Just need two minutes of your time, please? Two minutes.
Starting now.
Thank you.
So I'm just I'm trying to gather some information about Lara Elliott.
And you saw my name in the paper.
Like I told the reporter, Lara and I were close back when she worked at Chaos Games, but that was years ago.
She was such a brilliant coder.
Can I ask you why you two lost touch? If I had to guess, I'd say it was Trevor.
He was controlling.
I never knew what she saw in him.
Her phone records indicate she placed a call to your cell two days before the murder.
She wanted to meet for lunch, which I thought was odd, - given how long it's been.
- Mmm-hmm.
But we never got the chance.
Any idea what it was about? I figured maybe she was offering me a job.
Parallax goes through engineers like water.
Sorry, but that's all I know.
And your two minutes is just about up.
Is there anyone else from Lara's past who might have wanted to hurt her? - How can you ask me that? - Because I don't know who killed her.
Neither do you.
Somebody has to be asking that question.
If not the police, it has to be me.
Everybody loved Lara.
Even Trevor, I suppose.
Why was Lara calling Sonia few days before her death? No idea.
She said she might've been calling to offer her a job.
Not likely.
Though, I'm sure Sonia would love to think that were true.
You know how many times she tried to hit me up for a job over the years? Weren't she and Lara friends? Uh, years ago.
Once Parallax took off, everything changed.
Why are you even asking about all this? I'm just covering our bases, Trevor.
If I found Sonia, Golantz will too.
It's no secret, she doesn't think much of me even though she'd cut her right arm off to work here.
But I can't imagine what she could say that would mean anything.
All right.
One more thing before I let you go.
- It's about your original retainer.
- Yeah, what about it? My office manager has been going over Jerry's books and there's a $100,000 payment that's unaccounted for.
- Ring a bell? - No, should it? I don't know.
Jerry wasn't the best record keeper.
There were notes about commissioning a video re-enactment of the murders for the jury.
Did he say anything about that to you? Oh, that.
You know what? Now that you mention it.
Yeah, he did.
He said it was gonna be expensive, but, yeah, I don't know whatever happened with it.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
And it just didn't happen, right? Okay, anything else? Just, uh, rest up.
We have a big week.
Yeah, I'll try.
[line disconnects.]
[car door opens.]
What's wrong? People are lying to me, Izzy.
That's what.
[engine starts.]
[oven beeps.]
You wanna tell me why we're doing this? Nope.
[door buzzing.]
[door opens.]
Hell freeze over? - I know it's been a while, Jesús.
- Yeah, you could say that.
Didn't think I'd ever see you again.
Not with all your rich clients now.
We get the news in here when the TV works.
That's not it.
Not all of it, anyway.
I was in an accident, Jesús.
Man, save your fucking story for someone who gives a shit.
Couldn't blame you for being angry.
- I'm sorry you're in - Spare me the guilty conscience, too.
Amá really thought we could trust you.
[in Spanish.]
He is one of us, he speaks Spanish.
[in English.]
Joke's on us.
You pled me out as fast as you could.
You had to take that plea because our star witness went missing.
I promise you, I'm gonna find her.
I've got somebody looking for her.
- And? - And when I find her, I'm gonna convince her to cooperate.
Then I'm gonna file for a habeas petition.
- That's a legal motion - I know what it is.
In between solitary and getting shanked, I've been hitting law books in here.
All the better to know, I ain't got no shot.
Jesús, you've got one shot and I'm not gonna rest until you get it.
All right? [scoffs.]
So, my freedom lies on that lady's word, if you find her? And if she wants to talk? [Mickey sighs.]
Man, why do you even care? Why are you even here? I'm here because I believe you're innocent, Jesús.
I always believed that.
We just couldn't win.
But I told you, when you took that plea, I told you I wouldn't stop fighting for you.
I had a setback and I'm sorry for that but I'm a man of my word.
If nothing else, I'm that.
Give me a second chance.
And this area can accommodate up to a hundred guests.
Have you decided on a seated dinner or heavy hors d'oeuvres? - Seated dinner.
- What's heavy hors d'oeuvres.
We were hoping to see the menu first.
Of course.
Have you eaten here before? We have, but I think it was called something different.
Is that same chef still here? What did we have? We really liked the, uh Deconstructed beef Wellington with shellfish lollipops.
The surf and turf.
Chef Casal is still here.
He's one of the owners.
Oh, I didn't know.
You guys have done quite a renovation.
Looks expensive.
The dance floor would be in the back room.
You'll be the first wedding since we installed the bamboo flooring.
- Ah.
How much was that? - I have no idea.
Look, we just want to make sure this place is solid.
Okay? Last thing we need is to book it for our special day and then have you guys shut down again.
You feel me? Uh of course.
Truth is, we weren't sure we'd reopen once the restaurant shut down, but Chef Casal and his husband James worked their magic and voilà.
- Good thing they found their magic.
- Can I show you our back patio? - We just installed a succulent wall.
- [gasps.]
Rock and roll.
The guy you went to see, was he your client? [sighs.]
Yeah, the one I told you about.
You asked me what my trigger was, what got me using? Pain I was killing wasn't from the accident.
Not really.
It was him.
When he got sentenced, I just I just shut down Pills helped me do it.
I gotta get him out, Izzy.
So, now I'm gonna take this meeting outside, all right? - Mr.
Haller? - Hi, it's Mickey.
I hope you don't mind meeting here.
It's just, wanted somewhere private.
The prosecutor, she said I should talk to a lawyer I could trust.
She did, but I wanna make one thing clear.
I work for you and only you.
Okay? Whatever you say, stays between us.
It's just, she said that I'd go to jail, that I would lose my baby.
What are you having? A girl.
I have a daughter too.
I promise you, I will do anything that's in my power to keep you and your baby safe.
All right? So, how did you meet Angelo Soto? I worked for him.
I started like the others at the nursing home.
- What happened next? - [Tanya.]
He noticed me.
Started bringing me lunch, treating me special.
Soon he wanted me to be his girlfriend.
I never loved him.
But he got me an apartment, money.
Soto is charged with human trafficking and slave labor.
- Do you know anything about that? - He doesn't tell me anything.
If I ask him questions, he gets angry.
But I see things.
I want you to write it down, as best as you remember.
Names, dates, everything.
Can you do that? Now the charges the prosecutor threatened you with, your name being on the bank records, don't worry.
I can handle that.
You don't have to cooperate if you don't want to.
I want to get away from him.
I want a new start for my daughter.
I don't want her growing up with him as a father.
And that's what you'll get.
I'll talk to the prosecutor.
You're nicer than her.
She's actually a sweetheart once you get to know her.
[indistinct chatter.]
He's at table 11.
Want to talk to him, let him speak to you later.
So, five minutes? - Yes.
- Okay.
You know I won't forget your support.
You remember your 30th birthday? You brought me here for dinner.
It was quite expensive, as I recall.
You always did know how to put on a show, Haller.
- So, I met with Tanya Cruz.
- She gonna cooperate? Putting aside that you threatened to take her baby away on charges that wouldn't hold up Soto killed my witness, Mickey.
Which is why you'll appreciate my client's fear for her baby's future, Mag.
What do you want? Relocation, financial support for a year, minimum.
I can relocate her through the trial, but a year? - I don't have the authority to do that.
- Maybe not you, but I know who does.
Let's talk about this later.
I gotta go do my job now.
This is your job now? See, maybe you should run for office.
Yeah, right.
Haller? I saw you walk in, thought I'd come say hello.
- Didn't want it to be weird.
- Yeah, well, this isn't usually my scene.
That's all.
I get it.
No, I meant, I don't have a boss I have to suck up to.
[Maggie through microphone.]
Good evening.
Good evening, and thank you for being here.
My name is Maggie McPherson.
For the past nine years, I've been a deputy DA in Major Crimes under the person who you came here to see tonight, which gives me a pretty good platform to talk smack about her, I think.
She does that when she's nervous, doesn't she? The hair thing.
I mean, you know better than me.
You were married to her.
I just [Maggie.]
she's deeply familiar with the needs of our office Anyway, I gotta go.
Get my beauty rest.
Got a big day Monday.
and most importantly, she is fair.
Ladies and gentlemen, in this historic space, it's my great honor to introduce the next District Attorney of Los Angeles County, Janelle Simmons.
Thank you, Maggie.
And thank you, everyone, for coming - [Mickey.]
Hey, Tony.
- Hey, there he is.
- [Mickey.]
How are you, man? - Thanks for the invite, Mick.
You're the one doing me a favor.
Ah! Speaking of which It's the internal audit from the crime lab.
They copied it in my discovery by mistake.
Hope it helps you out.
- This is just what I needed.
Thank you.
- [Tony.]
My pleasure.
- Show 'em how solo guys do it.
- Enjoy yourself.
many of you, like Maggie, are veterans of the district [Lorna.]
Maggie? Lorna, hey.
I didn't know you were gonna be here.
I can leave.
No, it's fine.
I just needed some air, I guess.
These things are an acquired taste which I've never acquired.
No Cisco tonight? [Lorna.]
No, no.
It's not really his cup of tea.
It's not really mine either, but I just wanted an excuse to wear this dress.
- How's Hayley? - Why? Mickey mentioned an incident.
Oh! Um Yeah.
She's gonna be fine, Lorna.
At least, I think she will be.
Well, I'm sure she will be.
I could come by sometime.
Maybe bring her a care package? She used to love these cookies we would make.
Yeah, maybe.
- I didn't mean to pry.
- No, it's okay.
It's just She's gonna need some time.
That's all.
I should probably head back in.
I didn't eat any dinner.
The mushroom caps are gonna have to do.
- Hey, Lorna.
- Yeah? - Nice shoes.
- Oh.
Thank you.
They're Dior.
On sale.
- [Maggie.]
- Hey.
You leaving? I need to get home before my ride turns into a pumpkin.
I'll talk to Janelle in the morning.
- All right.
- She's preoccupied right now.
And Cabernet and negotiating don't always mix.
So You want a ride home? I mean, I'm the sober one.
Remember? No, I'm okay.
I called an Uber.
So, I'm fine.
So, uh, this guy, Golantz Did you, uh - What? - No, it's fine if you did.
It just would have been nice to get a heads-up.
We had drinks twice after work.
It was more professional than anything.
Not that it's your business.
No, it's not.
What's gotten into you? You can't tell when a DA is trying to play mind games with you? [laughing.]
I mean, seriously.
Should I come by tomorrow to finalize the deal? Maybe have breakfast with Hayley, if she'll see me.
Let the pancakes do most of the talking, that works for me.
- All right.
- Thanks for coming, Mickey.
Have a good night, Mags.
- Maggie.
- Bob.
What are you doing here? - I came to talk to you, actually.
- Me? I understand you're loyal to Janelle and loyalty is important, but it can also be taken too far.
You know Janelle.
First DA, then City Hall, then who knows what? She's already lining up her next job.
And you aren't? You really think Janelle has your back? You and every other DA in that office? I don't get involved in politics.
I just do my job.
I know.
That's why you need a boss who'll give you the tools and the freedom to do it well.
Just think about it.
That's all.
Have a good night, Maggie.
Looks like the Judge is a dead end.
I thought he was good for it, but turns out the mortgage on that building is owned by a family trust.
They took out a second around the time of the restaurant renovation.
So, it's legit.
So, the money didn't come from a bribe.
- Back to square one.
- [Cisco.]
Listen, Mick, one more thing.
I saw you were going to meet with the Hard Case Casey.
He got a parole violation, and Teddy asked me if I could handle it.
- You saw Teddy? - [Mickey.]
He saw me, more like it.
Look, Cisco, the Saints have been clients for years.
All right? You gotta do what you got to do, Mick.
I'm gonna get going.
I talked to Janelle.
Two months relocation, best we can offer.
Come on, Maggie.
She's an immigrant.
She doesn't know anyone here.
- That's not enough.
- We're not the Feds, Mick.
We don't have WITSEC.
I'm sorry, did you ask me to do this because you thought I'd talk Tanya into it? - Take a dive for you, is that it? - I asked because I trust you.
Does the name Letty Lopez mean anything? No.
Should it? [Mickey.]
She's been living in Reno for seven years now, waiting to testify in this drug case.
And during that time, we, the taxpayers, have provided her with $2,000 a month in rent and expenses.
Ask Janelle.
You know what? Better yet, ask your friend, Detective Lankford.
If you don't have the money, Maggie, LAPD does.
It comes out of their ten billion dollar annual budget.
That'll get slashed once they defund the police.
All I'm asking is one year.
So this woman can have a fresh start after risking her life for you.
That's the deal.
Take it or leave it.
I'll push Janelle.
[Hayley sighs.]
Can't you guys be like normal parents? Are you ready? I'm starving.
- [in Spanish.]
Then let's go.
- Vámonos.
- [in English.]
Bye, Mom.
- Have fun.
Were you and Mom, like, on a date last night? [chuckles.]
What? No, it was a thing for your mom's boss.
Why would you think it was a date? I don't know.
The other night I saw you guys together after Mom's - After what happened.
- Yeah, you saw that, huh? Look, Hayley, I still care for your mom.
I always will, all right? I just I don't know what the future holds, you know? I figured.
I mean, you're both so different.
Why, because I represent killers and she puts them away? You know what? Forget pancakes.
I've got a better idea.
So, you brought me here for the fountains? [chuckling.]
Seen these a million times.
No, not the fountain.
- You see that building? - Mmm-hmm.
That's City Hall.
One next to it, the Hall of Justice where your mother works.
Right in front, that one, it's the Federal Courthouse.
This one is FBI and ICE.
This is LAPD.
Now, you see that man over there? [Hayley.]
He probably doesn't have a permit for his cart.
May be undocumented.
That's not a crime, exactly, but people are going to still come looking for you.
Now, what is he supposed to do against all these people in all these big buildings? Okay.
I get all that.
But Trevor Elliott's not an underdog.
No, he's not, but the principle is the same.
I represent underdogs, too.
So did your grandfather.
I thought most of his clients were, like, rock stars and drug dealers.
No, not always.
I remember one case.
Your abuela brought me to watch and it was, uh it was this kid accused in a drive-by or something, and the whole case was a sham.
He was 100% innocent.
But to them, didn't matter.
You ever have somebody like that? As a matter of fact, yes.
But I'm back.
I'm gonna try to help him.
Okay, so, why don't you work on that case instead of Trevor Elliott? It's just not that simple, Hayley.
I have a trial and I have a duty to my client.
Well, yeah, but you just got the case.
Why does it have to be right now? Because my client doesn't want a delay and he wants his day in court.
I don't get it.
If I were looking at going to jail, I'd put that shit off as long as I could.
- Dad? - Come on.
Gotta take you home.
Come on.
Let's go.
[drone buzzing.]
What's so urgent, it couldn't wait till morning? - How did you do it? - Do what? How'd you bribe a juror months before there's even a jury panel? What the hell are you talking about? You refused to take a continuance because you had to go to trial right away.
- I told you.
My company is - Bullshit.
Nobody gambles their freedom on a business deal, Trevor.
Jury summonses go out for a specific date.
So, you knew.
You knew if you could get a potential juror on your panel, you might pull this off.
That's why you didn't want a jury consultant.
It's why you demanded final say on the jurors and that stunt you pulled in the garage to get that juror kicked off, you planted somebody.
I'm an aerospace engineer at Lockheed Martin.
I'm single and I live in Palos Verdes.
It's juror number seven, isn't it? I don't know who the guy is or anything about him.
All I know is he's bought and paid for.
Yeah, well, that's it.
I draw the line at clients who pay bribes.
- What're you saying? - I'm saying, I'm out.
You say I need this? Well, not this badly.
- No.
You can't do that.
- Well, try me.
You don't understand.
You can't do that.
- It'll be the end for both of us.
- What are you talking about? I'm not the one that paid the bribe.
You understand what I'm saying? It was Jerry.
I don't know how.
He set it up through his investigator.
There's a problem with that.
Jerry was gonna ask for a continuance.
I found the motion.
I know.
That's why you can't withdraw.
That's what I'm trying to fucking tell you.
What? You're saying they're connected? Jerry's murder with the Elliott case? That's what got him killed, isn't it? - Did you kill him, Trevor? - [sighs.]
I told you.
I don't kill people.
I don't do that.
I didn't lie to you, Mickey.
Not about the important thing.
I didn't kill Jerry, and God knows, I didn't kill Lara, or fucking Jan Rilz.
Then who the fuck did? I asked you once before, where do you think I got the money? What? It takes millions to launch a company like mine, Mickey.
- I didn't have a nickel.
- I thought you had investors.
Not the kind you're thinking.
Those VC guys wouldn't give me the time of day.
They didn't have the vision or the balls, but I had a roommate in college named Pavel Kosevich.
- I know.
- [sighs.]
His father's name is Sergei Kosevich.
Does that ring a bell? - You ever heard of him? - Yeah, some billionaire.
- Owns a soccer team.
- Yeah.
He owns a soccer team.
He also happens to be in control of the largest oil and gas company in Russia along with tons of other stuff.
Man, I was desperate and stupid, and Kosevich cut himself a sweetheart deal that is about to pay off.
And this is not a man you fuck with, Mickey.
He doesn't let anything stand in his way.
Not Jerry.
Not Lara.
What did Lara have to do with it? Man, our marriage was falling apart.
I was basically living at the office.
She was gonna leave me.
And when Kosevich found out about the divorce, he knew We didn't have a prenup.
So, she leaves, she takes half the money.
It wasn't my money.
I begged her to call it off.
That morning, I went out to the house to try to get her out of there but That's why they're following me.
That's why my car is bugged.
Trust me, your car being bugged is the least of your worries.
They need my company's acquisition to go through.
If I get convicted, that doesn't happen.
They'll kill me, too, if I'm no use to him anymore.
If I breathe a word of this, they'll tie up every loose end they have to.
Do you understand? That means you, your family Mickey, I told you I was innocent.
You believe me now? [sighs.]
I believe you didn't do what they charged you with, Trevor.
It's enough for me.
So, will you help me? [sighs.]
You said this case is one of the hardest ones you ever had, right? That's right.
But if the man didn't do it, isn't that a good thing? Only if you win.
If somebody's guilty, I'm gonna do my best to represent them.
Just like I would anybody.
That's my job.
But if they go to jail, I can live with that.
Well, after all, they did it, right? But do you know what it's like to represent somebody you know is innocent and you can't save them? I'll take the guilty client any day.
I sleep better that way.
[Legal clears throat.]
The Gods of Guilt have spoken.
Gotta go, kiddo.
The jury's back.

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