The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s02e02 Episode Script


[Legal] Look at you making the front page.
Your old man would be proud.
I'm not gonna let some press
go to my head.
This week on The Lead with Jake Tapper,
we'll talk with the Lincoln Lawyer
- [phone dings]
- Sorry.
- It's a reporter?
- The Times wanted to do a profile.
You know what?
I've got an early start tomorrow.
- Maggie?
- Enjoy your food, Mickey.
- Lisa.
- Mickey Haller.
[Lisa] That's my place there.
- What the hell is that?
- That's what I deal with every day.
[Mickey] They can't start this early.
- [Lisa] You think he cares?
- [Mickey] He?
[Lisa] The building developer,
Mitchell Bondurant.
An hour after you left,
some guy showed up and handed me that.
Temporary restraining order?
It's in my wheelhouse.
Wait, so you'll represent me?
I need the form
for the Criminal Practice Clinic.
You need the Academic Dean's signature.
Dean Wheaton.
Like the Wheaton who teaches torts?
[Teddy] Kaz! Welcome home, brother.
You have a new client, Russell Lawson.
He was arrested for burglary
and indecent exposure. Booked last night.
Now, can you get me out of here?
- You think your client was roofied?
- Misdemeanor trespass. Time served.
Your Honor, I don't think we need to waste
more of the court's valuable time.
- What's this about?
- Your other client, Jesús Menendez.
They're formally reopening the case.
So, you didn't kill Martha Renteria?
- No!
- You didn't stab her over 50 times?
I never killed anyone.
You need to find the real guy. The guy
with the tattoo my witness talked about.
- The fuck are you doing here?
- You are my attorney.
Being a lawyer,
it comes with the duty of confidentiality.
So here's our little secret.
Martha Renteria had it coming.
Then someone else went down for it,
and he's about to go down for it again.
But you can't ever tell a soul about it.
[ball thuds]
Nah, he's too steady.
You gotta lure him in. Force the error.
[grunts angrily]
[umpire] Thirty-love!
What's eating you, kid?
You didn't come all the way here
to watch tennis. Lay it on me.
[Mickey sighs]
Okay, say, um
Say there's a lawyer.
A hypothetical lawyer.
Hypothetical, huh?
So, now the lawyer has a client
who's been accused of murder.
The lawyer is sure
the client didn't do it.
The evidence is all circumstantial.
But still, it's not looking good.
Go on.
Say the lawyer gets a new client.
A hypothetical new client.
Exactly. Now the lawyer represents
this new client in something else,
but then the new client
drops a bombshell on him.
He confesses to a murder,
and not just any murder.
The same murder the innocent client
has already been accused of.
Yeah. So, under the circumstances,
wh-what can this hypothetical lawyer
do about it?
[exhales] Kid, there are pickles,
and then there are pickles.
And that's as sour
as any one I've ever heard.
Tell me something I don't know.
Well, first of all,
you can't tell anybody,
especially the cops.
You mean the hypothetical lawyer can't.
Yeah, right.
Even if he doesn't get disbarred,
which he will,
but even if he doesn't,
who the hell's gonna hire a lawyer
that rats out his clients?
His career will be finished.
But that's only half the problem.
The worst part is
the conflict of interest. You
The hypothetical lawyer.
He's gotta withdraw
from representing the innocent client.
I was afraid you were gonna say that.
There's no way around it.
A lawyer owes every client
the best defense he can give them.
But this lawyer can't provide that.
He's got the magic bullet in his hands.
He knows who the real killer is,
and he can't use it.
Yeah, but there are exceptions
to confidentiality, right?
This new client is a dangerous killer.
For defense attorneys,
that's half their clientele.
To reveal the confidence,
it has to be a specific threat
to a specific person.
Did the client threaten this lawyer?
[hesitates] Not in so many words, no.
In fact, he made a point
not to threaten him.
Well, this guy's clever,
which makes it all the worse.
It always pissed me off
that I could never beat my dad in a game.
Even when he was older.
The more you live in someone's shadow,
kid, the longer it takes to cast your own.
Well, I still need an answer.
Is there anything I can do about it?
How does a hypothetical lawyer fix this
without breaking any of the rules?
[opening theme music playing]
Did you know a mob of cholos in East LA
took down the Night Stalker?
Sorry, what?
I'm obsessed with this true-crime podcast.
It's all about Richard Ramirez,
the serial killer.
It's, like, from the point of view
of the neighborhood.
Wait. Do you remember it from living here?
How old do you think I am?
[cell phone rings]
Hey, Lorna.
- We have a problema.
- [Mickey] What else is new?
Griggs called about setting up a time
to talk to Glory Days.
Did you find her?
That's the problem. She kind of found us.
She got busted for solicitation
and possession of cocaine.
They're holding her down at Century.
She left a message this morning.
What? Cocaine?
All right. I'll head down there now.
Whoa! First things first.
Uh, what about that guy who's here?
What guy?
That new client, Russell what's-his-name?
He said you were expecting him?
[whispers] I think he's snooping
around your office.
- Should I say something to him?
- No, don't. Lorna, is Cisco with you?
Uh, yeah, he is. Why?
Never mind. I'll be right there.
- [phone beeps]
- Mickey, wai [sighs]
That was weird.
[door opens]
- What the hell do you want now?
- Oh, morning, Counselor.
I hope you don't mind me
admiring this view.
This place used to belong
to the lawyer who got shot, right?
Not too shabby.
Yeah. Drop the stupid act, Russell.
If you say so.
I do, however, require your legal acumen.
I got pulled over
for running a stop sign last night.
Westwood. Total bullshit.
Cop was following me off the 405.
Profiling, you know,
'cause I drive a red sports car.
Very unfair.
I-I was thinking I could fight it myself,
but then I figured
I have the best on retainer.
Might as well put you to work, right?
Oh, you're unbelievable.
Am I?
I, uh, I also thought
I would just check in,
make sure you remembered
what we talked about the other day.
I wouldn't want you to forget
any of your ethical obligations.
Oh, trust me. I know my obligations.
Leave the ticket
and get the fuck out of my office.
Whatever you say,
Have a good day, everyone.
Yeah, you too.
Everything okay?
Yeah, yeah. Everything's fine.
All right. I gotta go see Glory Days.
Anything else before I go?
Uh, Jesús Menendez called.
He wants to go over the case.
[Cisco] And I did some digging
on the old roommate.
He's not getting any love from the DA
in exchange for his story on the knife,
so I'm gonna go
talk to him directly myself.
No, just don't do anything else
on Jesús Menendez. Either of you.
Wait, why not?
Just don't, okay?
I'll explain later. Maybe.
Gotta go. Come on, Izz.
[Izzy] Yup.
- [indistinct speech]
- [door buzzes]
[officer] Right in here.
[handcuffs click]
It's not what it looks like, okay?
I mean, it is, but
All right, just, uh,
start from the beginning.
Where you been?
Why you change your number?
Sometimes a girl needs a fresh start,
you know?
I came back from Vegas
and figured I'd switch things up a little.
Same old story though.
I was with a new client.
Some house in the Hills.
I think he was renting the place.
How did he find you?
I got some new ads online.
He paid up front. I'm not stupid, but
I don't know. He had all this coke,
and so we did some lines and
It's part of the gig, all right?
And when I left,
instead of tipping me in cash,
he just gave me a couple grams
to take with me.
Oh, Jesus, Glory.
I didn't take it for me.
- [Mickey sighs]
- Okay? I
It comes in handy. Clients pay more
when you got a little extra to offer.
I'm not judging you.
How was I supposed to know the next guy
was gonna be an undercover cop?
I screened him. He seemed legit.
He had a suite at the Mondrian.
Cops can't usually afford that shit.
They don't have the budget.
All right. The coke this guy gave you.
How was it packaged?
Was it in a single bag
or multiple baggies?
It was in, like, four little baggies.
Probably a gram apiece.
- [Mickey sighs]
- Why?
Because four little baggies means
they'll charge it as possession for sale.
That's a felony.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
You gotta help me. Mickey?
Can't you get me in one of those
rehab deals where they drop the charges?
No, you already did that.
You won't be eligible again.
Well, you gotta do something.
This wasn't a coincidence.
Ever since I testified for you,
LAPD has had it out for me.
This is what I get
for sticking my neck out.
The guy who gave you the coke,
any idea who he was?
I've never seen him before.
He said his name was Hector something?
Hector Moya?
- Did he have money?
- I don't know. Maybe.
I mean, he was well-dressed,
kind of flashy,
but not cheap, and he had a nice place.
Why? Does it matter?
If a guy with money
is giving out baggies of coke,
it means he's a dealer
or connected to one.
Which means maybe we can use him
to trade you out.
I'm no rat, Mickey. You know that.
This guy could come after me.
Shit, you said he was a dealer?
You wanna stay in jail?
- No.
- Okay. Then help me help you, Glory.
All right?
Do you remember the address?
Come on. At least let me try
and work something up
so it doesn't blow back on you.
Lorna said you wanted me
to talk to some cop about Jesús's case?
I was gonna say no,
but if you can get me out of this, then
Yeah, about that. I'm afraid
I can't get involved with that right now.
What? Why not?
I can't, but I'm sure
you'll do the right thing.
- [cell phone bleeps]
- Okay. Gotta go.
I'll be in touch when I get something.
- [officer] Door three!
- [door buzzes]
[cell phone vibrates]
[Cisco sighs]
Okay, I gotta run.
Mickey needs some info for Glory Days.
Oh, uh, before you go,
I still need your list.
For the wedding.
Oh, right. Uh, that guest list thing.
Uh, yes, that guest list thing.
The ranch called. They said
they can accommodate up to 100, so
Wow. That is so organized.
Weddings don't plan themselves, Cisco.
Not that you would know.
What's going on with you lately?
Nothing. What do you mean?
You seem a bit preoccupied.
If I didn't know better,
I would think you're getting cold feet.
Cold feet.
[chuckles softly]
I will get that list to you ASAP.
I promise, babe.
Just been busy, that's all.
Well, how about you?
How's the, uh, studying going?
Did you get into that practice clinic
you were talking about?
Yeah. That I just
There's this approval I need
so Mickey can be my adviser,
so I just need to get that.
Okay, well, that's easy, right?
Sure, yeah.
I'm really proud of you.
You're doing it.
I sure am.
Well, I should get going.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[door closes]
[drilling and beeping]
[cell phone chimes]
Can we move any faster?
[Izzy] Lane's closed up ahead.
Some construction going on or something.
No dance bag today?
I took a break.
Been working extra hours at the office.
I didn't have the time.
I've actually been thinking, though,
about not just teaching a class
here and there anymore.
I've been thinking about
maybe finding my own space.
Opening my own studio.
I can't drive you around forever, right?
Uh, no, of course. I
I guess I just got used
to having you around. That's all.
But if that's what you want,
I'm happy for you.
I gotta ask though. This dance studio,
is this something you wanna do alone?
Actually, it's something Ray and I
are thinking of going in on together.
We found the perfect spot in Leimert Park.
Lots of foot traffic. Plenty of space.
We haven't figured out how to swing it,
but we're working on it.
I showed some pictures
to Lorna the other day.
- She thought it was dope.
- Hmm.
Well, look, Izzy, you know my concerns.
At the end of the day,
you gotta make the call.
It's just
Ray and I are in the best place
we've been in.
After all that drama together,
we're still standing.
That's gotta count for something, right?
[cell phone rings]
Tell me you've got something.
You said this guy Hector Moya
is a drug dealer?
Well, I'd say
he's something bigger than that.
Hector Moya
is also known as Hector Moreno.
According to my guy at the DEA,
you're talking about a major player
in the Tijuana cartel.
Suspected of killing
three rival cartel members in TJ,
but the charges didn't stick.
Because the cartel bought off the judges.
Either way, a guy like that's here?
It's not because
he's got tickets to Disneyland.
Probably means that the cartel are looking
to expand their foothold in Cali.
You confirmed the address?
Yeah. It's just off of Mulholland.
Which side of Mulholland?
The valley side. Why?
All right. Great work, Cisco.
Change of plans.
Get on the 105 up here, will you?
- We're not going back to the office?
- No. We're gonna stop in Van Nuys first.
[indicator ticks]
[Maggie] So, what's this about? Thanks.
That case you lost to Major Crimes.
What happened with it?
Nothing. I am not taking second chair,
and they're not budging, so
What if I had a way
for you to get it back?
Whatever you have for me,
it always comes with strings attached.
Just Just hear me out, okay?
I have a client who was busted
in your jurisdiction.
On the valley side of Mulholland.
Drug possession and solicitation.
- Nothing too major.
- Go on.
The DA on the case
is a guy named Ben Guzman. You know him?
[Maggie] Yeah, I know him.
He's the hardest of hard-asses,
which no doubt means
he'll be moving downtown any day now.
You're still his superior, right?
You can even get a case shut down
if there was something bigger at stake.
Such as?
My client has intel on a known associate
of the Tijuana cartel.
She won't testify, and I won't put her
into that kind of danger,
but I can give you an address
where you can find the guy
with a bunch of cocaine,
and God knows what else.
Major Crimes would give their right arm
for a cartel boss, Maggie. You know that.
You can use this to get your case back.
Unless they take it from me
as soon as I tell them about it.
You tell Bob Cardone
if he doesn't play ball,
I'll go to the feds with this.
They'll swoop in, and my client
won't see a day in custody.
I need to act fast with this.
Who's your client?
It's Glory Days.
The one who testified about Langford?
You want me to help her?
No, I need you to help me.
I do.
[sighs] I know it's a big ask
given the history, but
Look, this is not just about a case.
It's about me, Maggie.
I can't get into details,
but just trust me, please.
It's important. As important as it gets.
All right. I'll make some calls.
Can't promise anything.
No, you don't have to.
I have faith in you.
Bye, Mickey.
[Mickey] I owe you, Mags.
[Maggie] Not yet, you don't.
[cell phone chimes]
Excuse me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[Lisa chuckles]
- Yours is a mocktail, of course.
- Okay.
Mine, not so much.
All right.
I hope you don't mind us
using you as a guinea pig.
Our beverage director
is trying out some new ideas.
[chuckles] Okay.
I haven't had a raspado
since I was a kid in Mexico.
I thought you were an LA kid?
No, uh, my parents divorced,
so I spent the summers here with my dad
until it became home again.
You do love cilantro, don't you?
- It's good, right?
- Yeah.
Nice counterpoint to the fruit.
[they laugh]
[in Spanish] What do you think?
[in Spanish] Yeah, perfect.
[in Spanish] You speak Spanish?
Uh, just a little.
My parents were from Puerto Rico.
But they wanted us to only speak English.
But I own a restaurant in LA,
so I have to know how to swear, right?
And cook amazing food.
That's from growing up
in this neighborhood.
We had Salvadorans, Mexicans,
Guatemalans, even some Cubans.
All the abuelas helped raise me
when my dad worked late.
What did he do?
He was a cabinetmaker.
Lots of kitchen remodels
for rich people in the Hills.
My parents split when I was nine.
Mom moved down to Orange County.
Had a whole new family.
Yeah, things with her are complicated.
Ah. I can relate.
Now, listen, as much as I would love
to sit here with you all night,
I have a dinner service to get to.
And I'm ashamed to admit
I'm using you for your brain again.
That's That's all I'm good for?
I can show you what else
you're good for later if you want.
But, um
right now, I'm just confused.
I've been reading this restraining order.
It says I can't go within 300 feet
of Mitchell Bondurant or his business.
But his construction site's
right next to my restaurant and my home.
What, do I vacate the premises
every time he shows up?
No. If he comes within 300 feet of you,
then that's his problem.
You're allowed to be in your home
and place of work.
Okay, but there's a farmer's market
down the street from his office,
and I go every week.
Now it might not be 300 feet exactly,
but it's pretty close.
It's tough to avoid someone
who's colonizing half the city.
Driving past his office
to the market should be fine.
Just don't lead any protests on the way.
So much for the First Amendment.
Yeah, well, it's LA. It's complicated.
Hmm, not really.
I've been reading the affidavit
in support of the TRO.
This witness here, Walter Kim,
he says he saw me harassing Bondurant
outside of his office.
I googled him. He's a building inspector.
He's totally in Bondurant's pocket.
There's nothing complicated about it.
It's just money.
Don't worry about it.
We'll deal with this.
It's gonna be okay.
Okay, I promise.
You gotta get to your dinner service,
and I'm in the middle of something, too,
so you got my number
if something comes up.
Yeah, well, don't tempt me.
I might use it.
[speaks Spanish]
[speaks Spanish]
- Ah, you see? I can say that.
- [chuckles] It was good.
[exhales slowly]
[knocks door]
[man] Yes?
Office hours are over.
Can you come back tomorrow?
This won't take long. I just need
to get your signature on this form.
You don't remember me, do you?
I was a first-year in your torts class
a few years ago.
[sighs, chuckles]
I was so intimidated by you.
You were the best professor
in this school.
I felt so lucky to get a spot,
and then you started to notice me.
You called on me all the time.
You made me feel like
I was the smartest person in the class.
Until you made a pass at me
in your office, and I turned you down.
Remember that?
I don't know if you meant
to make me feel like shit after that,
or if it just happened,
or if some of it was in my head.
But I do know that what you did was wrong.
I let you make me doubt myself.
But that's over now.
I'm back, and I'm getting all As
except in insurance.
And honestly, who needs that?
I took it because it fits my schedule.
I'm not gonna do anything.
I don't even care if you apologize.
I just needed you to know.
That's all.
Can I just have my slip?
Miss Crane.
If it means anything,
you were the best student in the class.
Damn straight I was.
[exhales deeply]
[cell phone chimes]
Just in case anything happens.
Okay. Thank you. Goodbye.
[indistinct chatter outside]
- Morning, Mick.
- Hey.
- [Lorna] You're here early.
- I had to take care of something.
- You gonna be here for a while?
- Sure, as long as you need.
Just hang out, will you? There's something
I'm gonna need you to do later.
And you're getting Glory out today, right?
She can handle that herself.
I gotta clear my head.
- So, where to?
- Nowhere. Uh, take the day off.
I'll drive myself today.
You know? Why don't you stay
and help Lorna if she needs it?
Works for me.
Lorna, one more thing.
Call Russell Lawson.
Tell him I filed the trial
by written declaration on his ticket.
I left a copy for him
in an envelope on my desk,
and he needs to pick it up today.
That's important. Today.
Because a traffic ticket is important?
Just trust me, Lorna.
He's a paying client.
Isn't the customer always right?
- I'll text you what I need, Cisco.
- Was that a tennis racket?
Something seriously loco is going on here.
- [door closes]
- Huh.
[cell phone rings]
Mickey Haller.
Where the hell are you, Counselor?
I thought you were meeting me
to get a statement from your client?
If this is about Jesús Menendez,
I'm not on that case anymore.
What the hell are you playing at?
Look, I can't explain right now.
I'm sure Glory Days is gonna tell you
whatever you need to know, all right?
What else do you remember?
Anything specific about the attack?
He grabbed me from behind,
put a knife against my throat.
Right-handed? Left-handed?
Left. His tattoo was on the left forearm.
Yeah, that's close.
Uh, his face was not as long,
and his nose was not as wide, maybe.
So, you got a good look at him?
Just for a second.
But I'll never forget that face.
[cell phone vibrates]
[sighs heavily]
What is that?
That's my guest list.
There are three names on it,
and two of them are Mickey and Izzy.
Are you taking this wedding seriously?
Baby, you know
I don't get on with my family,
and I don't need
to include anyone from my past
because I'm not that guy anymore.
They're in my rearview
because I got a new life with you now
and that little demon
who snores like a banshee.
So I will marry you however
and wherever you like
because all I want is to be with you.
That's the sweetest thing
you've ever said to me.
Who's the third name on the list?
Stevie. Bartender over at Hank's.
- [gasps] I love Stevie! Oh good.
- [Cisco chuckles]
- [cell phone vibrates]
- [Lorna groans] Is that Mickey again?
- [Cisco] Yeah.
- [Lorna] That guy.
Uh, it's just spam.
[indistinct chatter]
[rock music playing]
[Teddy] Well, I hadn't heard from you
in a couple of days,
so I figured it's time for an update.
Can you give me
more of a heads-up next time?
Okay. I'll take that under advisement.
Come on, man.
I've looked into Kaz
every which way I can.
I'm telling you, if he's a rat,
I ain't seeing it.
Now I grew up with the guy. I would know.
Yeah, except that Kaz got himself
an eight-year bit
but only did three before he got paroled.
And then, when he got out,
first thing he did was try
to burrow his way back into my club.
Well, maybe it's a coincidence.
I don't believe in coincidence,
but I do believe
that maybe Kaz cut a deal.
'Cause he knows he shouldn't have been
the only one locked up, should he?
Either way, you're gonna stay on him
until I'm satisfied
I know what I'm dealing with.
Oh, and I will get a report
whenever I deem it necessary.
Whatever you say.
You making house calls now, Counselor?
Get what you needed?
What I needed?
You wanted me to talk to your witness
and then were nowhere to be found.
Look, I told you, for the time being,
I'm not able to represent Jesús Menendez.
Why the hell not?
What are you hiding from me, Haller?
All right. Look. [sighs]
Whatever I'm not telling you
is because I can't.
I hope you understand that.
Just like I hope you understand,
all I want is to keep Glory Days safe.
[mysterious music playing]
- [officer] Door!
- [door buzzes]
[exhales sharply]
Thank you.
[suspenseful music playing]
[water running]
[sings quietly]
[doorbell rings]
Who is it?
[man] Food delivery.
Just leave it on the doorstep.
[gasps, muffled shouts]
[muffled shouts]
- Quiet now.
- [Glory pants]
[Glory gasps]
You thought you got away from me,
didn't you, bitch?
[Glory grunts]
- [Russell yelps]
- [Glory pants and grunts]
Yeah, you want me? Come and get me!
[Glory grunts]
Drop the weapon! LAPD!
- Get on the ground!
- [officer 2] All the way!
[officer 1] On your knees! Don't move!
That's him. That's the guy
that attacked me and killed Martha.
- You're lying, you whore! She's lying!
- [handcuffs clicking]
Are you okay?
[gasping] Yeah. Yeah.
Fucking Haller.
[Glory scoffs]
- [helicopter whirring]
- [radio beeps]
[EMT] Pardon me.
Hey, Mick, it's me. I'm here.
They got a guy,
but I don't think it's Hector Moya.
Looks like your client, Russell Lawson.
Is she okay?
Yeah, I think so. She's talking to Griggs.
All right, good.
You ever plan on telling me
what the hell's going on here?
I'll tell you everything, Cisco.
Just not right now, all right? Thank you.
How does a hypothetical lawyer fix this
without breaking any of the rules?
he's just gotta make sure
that none of this blows back on him.
This hypothetical killer
Is there anybody else that you know
that can point a finger at him?
Anybody he might go after if he could?
There is one person.
[Griggs] So you got a good look at him.
Just for a second.
But I'll never forget that face.
[Legal] You gotta use them as bait.
[Mickey] Lorna, call Russell Lawson.
Tell him I filed the trial
by written declaration on his ticket.
I left a copy for him
in an envelope on my desk,
and he needs to pick it up today.
It's important. Today.
[cell phone chimes]
[Legal] But you gotta make sure
the bait's protected.
No, Maggie. This is a dangerous
cartel boss we're talking about.
She'll give up the location,
but I need to make sure she's safe.
I need SIS watching her place
at least for the next few days.
But the key to all of it
is maintaining the confidentiality.
You can't tell anybody
what you're doing beforehand,
especially not the police.
You just point them in the right direction
and get out of the way.
Just like I hope you understand,
all I want to do is keep Glory Days safe.
[Legal] And most importantly, kid,
always have a plan B.
[Mickey] Just hang out. There's something
I'm gonna need you to do later.
Is this what he would've done?
He wouldn't have been in this mess
in the first place.
What if the client figures it out?
The hypothetical client, you mean?
Well, as long as the hypothetical lawyer
crosses all his Ts,
what's the hypothetical client
gonna do about it?
Glad you're okay.
I just wish I had another second more
to use that knife on his balls.
I had to keep you safe.
- Hmm.
- We had to act quickly.
When you told me
there might be some shit going down,
I kind of had an inkling.
Not that I'd ever say anything, obviously.
Well, your trust and, uh, discretion
are appreciated.
If you ever need any more legal help,
it's on the house.
Hopefully, I won't.
My mom lives in Hawaii.
I I'm gonna go spend some time there.
Maybe a lot of time.
Ah. Good. A little reset.
I gotta get away from all the nutjobs
in this town, you know?
That includes you, by the way.
[chuckles] All the crazy shit I've had
to put up with in my line of work
Oof. You win the trophy.
- Oh yeah? Isn't that part of my charm?
- Yeah.
Yeah. I'm happy you're getting out of LA.
Hope maybe you get out of
some other things too.
I've been thinking about it.
Maybe it's time.
Well, wherever you go,
don't be a stranger, all right?
Bye, Mickey Haller.
[door buzzes]
What the hell are you doing here?
Well, technically,
I'm still your attorney, right?
I'm here to give you
one last piece of legal advice.
You might wanna plead guilty
and save yourself the trouble of a trial.
- You fucking played me!
- [door buzzes]
We're okay.
[clears throat]
[door closes]
I already told you what was gonna happen
if you pulled something like this.
[hesitates] Pulled what, Russell?
I did nothing wrong.
I broke not one ethical rule.
How was I supposed to know
you couldn't help yourself
from going after the last person
who could identify you?
You set me up.
No, Russell. You set yourself up.
You have one big disadvantage.
You're insane.
It makes you very predictable.
Unfortunately, your retainer ran out.
So, I'm sorry, but you're gonna have
to find yourself another lawyer.
Oh, and Russell, just so you know,
I have clients
in every prison in California.
Very loyal clients.
If anything were to happen to my family,
I'd make sure
a few of them pay you a visit.
[door buzzes]
Good luck.
Been trying to call you.
Sorry. I've been a little tied up.
I have good news though.
What's this?
It's a dismissal of your case
with prejudice.
That means they can never try you again.
Well, it's a long story.
They caught the guy who did it.
It doesn't matter how.
What matters is it's finally over, Jesús.
You're free.
[chuckling softly]
[Jesús] What?
[fiancée and Mickey speak Spanish]
- [in Spanish] You having a boy or a girl?
- [in Spanish] A little girl.
[in Spanish] Congratulations.
I can't ever repay you.
Just take care of that baby.
Will do.
[Mickey speaks Spanish]
[Jesús and fiancée laugh]
He was right, you know,
when he told me an innocent man
is the worst kind of client there is.
He was half right.
Not if you win.
["Count Your Blessings"
by Mattiel playing]
Your shoes keep turning
Different shades of blue ♪
The colors of the other fools
Before you ♪
And skin keeps turning
Different shades of red ♪
The colors of the other voice
That's swimming in your head ♪
Make yourself at home again ♪
Count your blessings, one to ten ♪
Your body will be whole again ♪
Your body will be whole again ♪
Make yourself at home again ♪
- [cell phone rings]
- Count your blessings, one to ten ♪
Mickey Haller.
[line beeps]
Mickey? It's Lisa.
Lisa, where are you?
I'm They arrested me, Mickey.
You've gotta help me.
They what? Did
Did you violate the restraining order?
No, not the restraining order. It's
They arrested me for murder.
They said I killed Mitchell Bondurant.
I'm on my way.
Your pair of shoes
Are turning back to black ♪
[engine revs]
The color of the inner voice
That's slowly coming back ♪
Make yourself at home again ♪
Count your blessings, one to ten ♪
Your body will be whole again ♪
Your body will be whole again ♪
Make yourself at home again ♪
Count your blessings, one to ten ♪
[closing theme music playing]
[music fades]
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