The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s02e03 Episode Script


I told you I was seeing someone, Mickey.
You mean, uh, what's his name? Tim?
It's Jim.
Compliments of the kitchen
for the Lincoln Lawyer.
I'm the chef. Lisa.
That's my place right there.
[both moaning]
- [machinery whirring]
- What is that?
The building developer,
Mitchell Bondurant.
He wants to tear the whole block down
and put up high-rises?
And I'm the last holdout.
[Mickey] Well, guys like Bondurant
never play fair.
Ray and I are in the best place
we've been in.
- Your ex?
- She's six months sober. She
[Lorna] You made me feel like
the smartest person in the class
until you made a pass at me,
and I turned you down.
[Cisco] I've looked into Kaz.
If he's a rat, I ain't seeing it.
[Teddy] Except Kaz got himself
an eight-year bit but only did three.
Maybe Kaz cut a deal.
Either way, you're gonna stay on him.
Restraining order?
It says I can't go within 300 feet
of Mitchell Bondurant or his business,
but his construction site's
right next to my restaurant and my home.
[cell phone rings]
Mickey Haller.
- [Lisa] Mickey?
- Lisa. Where are you?
[Lisa] They arrested me, Mickey.
They said I killed Mitchell Bondurant.
I'm on my way.
[engine revs]
[suspenseful music playing]
Mickey Haller.
I'm here to see my client, Lisa Trammell.
Sit. I'll try the detective.
No, that's not how this works.
Is that right?
Why don't you tell me
how this works, then?
Okay. You're gonna pick up that phone,
and you're gonna call Detective O'Brien
from Robbery-Homicide. Right now.
You'll tell him if I don't see my client
in ten minutes, I'll go see Judge Mills
so you and O'Brien can explain to him
why you stopped a citizen from exercising
her constitutional right to an attorney.
The last time that happened,
he fined the cop 500 bucks.
Wanna see if he'll do it again?
Some asshole lawyer's
down here to see you.
[scoffs] Yeah.
That's the one.
Thanks for the help, Officer.
I know the way.
[elevator dings]
What took you so long?
I had to give your desk sergeant
a lesson in constitutional law.
Well, I'll have to talk to him about that,
but I'm afraid you're too late now.
It's funny. My partner left
to take her down to county
just before I got the call
that you were here.
[hesitates] What a coincidence, huh?
Yeah. So, if you wanna see your client,
you have to go to the jail.
Yeah, which is gonna take two more hours.
The wheels of justice turn slowly,
but they do turn.
Something I can help you with, Detective?
Not me.
But my brother-in-law's
in trouble with the IRS.
Personally, I think the guy's a shitbag,
but he's married to my sister.
What can I do? Family.
I want the best for my sister, you know?
I don't do tax cases,
but I know a top-notch guy.
Dan Daly. He's got a full calendar,
but I don't know. I could make a call.
Probably get you in.
You'd do that for me?
Well, look at that.
Lawyers are good for something, after all.
You still in the building? Bring her back.
Of course, Daly's expensive.
All the good ones are. Right?
[O'Brien scoffs]
I'm sure I can get you
the friends and family discount.
[O'Brien chuckles]
That would be mighty generous of you.
Mighty generous, indeed.
I assume you guys have the video
of your interrogation of my client.
Well, I'll get it in discovery,
but it would be nice to see it before,
just to see what I'm dealing with.
No problem with that.
You'll see that we stopped talking
to your client
as soon as she mentioned
the magic "lawyer" word.
Wanna tell me why she was even a suspect?
Because she did it.
And she made an admission
before she asked for an attorney.
She admitted killing Mitchell Bondurant?
Maybe not in so many words.
How many exactly?
[O'Brien scoffs]
Christmas is over, Counselor.
And I ain't Santa.
You'll have to get the rest
the old-fashioned way. Shouldn't be long.
They're expediting the arraignment.
[door clicks]
You have about five minutes.
I'm gonna call your office
for that tax lawyer's number.
- [handcuffs rattling, clicking]
- Ow. [inhales sharply]
[whispers] Oh, Mickey, thank God.
All right. The cops are watching.
Just sit down and tell me what happened.
[Lisa sighs]
These two detectives came
into the restaurant.
They started asking me questions
about my morning.
- And then the guy
- O'Brien?
He asked if I'd come down
to the station with him
to answer some questions
about Mitchell Bondurant.
I thought they were finally opening a case
on him because of all my complaints.
So, I said yes.
They didn't say anything
about him being dead.
Did he read you your rights?
Well, only after we got here.
After he said I was under arrest.
Were you handcuffed in the police car?
Lisa [clears throat]
O'Brien said you made some admissions.
That's a lie. I didn't
I didn't admit to anything.
Mickey, I didn't do this.
I'm not a murderer.
You believe me, right?
Lisa, I'm your attorney right now.
I'll tell you what I tell every client.
It doesn't matter what I think.
It's irrelevant.
Fuck, Mickey. Are you serious?
Let's just focus
on your current situation, all right?
[Lisa exhales deeply]
So, what happens next?
[sighs] You're gonna have to stay
in county jail overnight.
The good news is
your arraignment is tomorrow.
I'll make a motion for bail.
- Any previous arrests?
- No.
[Lisa sighs]
If the DA files for murder,
the bail will be high,
but your clean record
and standing in the community will help.
I can't afford bail.
I mean, let alone pay you.
I don't have that kind of money.
Well, just don't worry about that
right now, okay?
I'll get you through the bail hearing.
Then we will figure it out.
All right?
Now, Lisa, what I'm about to say
is very important.
Do not talk about your case to anyone.
Don't talk to the detectives
or deputies in the jail or other inmates.
Not even your employees.
I didn't do anything wrong, Mickey.
I'm innocent.
It doesn't matter, Lisa.
- Okay.
- [Mickey] Don't talk to anyone.
That means in the jail phone too.
Calls are recorded.
Just say, "I'm innocent of the charges,
and on the advice of my attorney,
I can't talk about my case."
- Okay.
- [Mickey] Understood?
- Yeah.
- [door clicks]
Time's up.
Let's go.
[handcuffs click]
Remember what I said. It's gonna be okay.
[opening theme music playing]
[Lorna] Oh my God.
That real estate developer got killed.
Mitchell whatever-his-name-is.
- [Mickey] It hit the news?
- Why do you know about this?
The cops arrested Lisa Trammell
for the murder.
[Lorna] Get out!
Oh my God!
Please tell me you're not taking the case.
You two have seen each other naked.
Conflict of interest much? Hello?
As long as our intimate relationship
stays in the past, there's no conflict.
[Lorna] Mickey, I know your MO with women.
Been there, done that.
But this is a whole new level of messy.
[Mickey] It's not ideal,
but this is a high-profile case, Lorna.
I have to entertain it.
Let's see what Cisco can get first.
And find out if a DA's been assigned yet.
[Lorna] So you're gonna take the case.
I haven't decided yet.
Fine, but I want my objection noted
for the record.
Yeah. So noted.
You have Hayley's riding lesson
in Griffith Park in 30 minutes.
Right. On my way.
- [lively jazz music playing]
- [quietly] Shit.
- [engine revs]
- [tires squealing]
[cell phone chimes]
[line rings]
- Babes.
- [Lorna] Hey.
Mickey wants you to do some
digging for him. Where are you?
Uh, I'm at the, uh, Harley store.
I had to get brake pads for my bike.
In Glendale?
Yep, uh, but I can be there in 30.
Text me the info. I'll jump right on it.
- Okay, I'll see you soon.
- [Cisco] Yeah.
[Maggie] I was hoping to
see her ride today.
[Mickey] Thursday is just the basics.
Saddling, bridling.
She has to earn the horse's trust
before she can ride him.
[Maggie] Your mom told her stories
about you riding at your uncle's ranch.
Got her really excited about it.
Yeah, well, she'll be a natural.
Runs in the family.
We have a magic touch with horses.
Oh, is that what it is?
Not just horses, I'd say.
What did I do now?
Explain this to me.
The DA is reopening a case
on your client Jesús Menendez
until the actual killer,
who happens to be another client of yours,
is caught trying to attack a woman,
who happens to be another client of yours.
That has Mickey Haller
written all over it, no?
Maggie, I told you I needed those cops
watching Glory Days
because she was giving up info
on Hector Moya.
Jesús just got a lucky break, that's all.
You played me for Hector Moya.
Lucky for you, it worked out.
Did you use it to get your case back?
- Ah, see? Everybody wins.
- [chuckles]
So, uh, how are things with Tim?
[strained] Things are fine.
Trouble in paradise?
No, it's complicated.
I don't know. This whole dating
It's hard with work and kids and
What about you? Anyone new in your life?
Well, it's It's complicated.
Well, I should get back to work.
Thanks for taking Hayley home.
Yeah, of course.
- Hayley!
- Bye, Mom.
And thanks for picking up the slack
on these lessons.
Maybe next time I'll see you on a horse.
Cowboy boots, Stetson, maybe some chaps.
Well, if I knew that was a turn-on
[laughs] I'll see you, Mickey.
Bye, Maggie.
Looking good, Hayley.
[pensive music playing]
[O'Brien] So, can you tell me again
where you were this morning?
Okay. [sighs]
I, um, I was having breakfast,
then I got a call from the fishmonger
at the farmers market.
I headed down there around 9:00,
and I picked up my fish, and, uh
And then I walked over
to Café Maurice's for coffee.
[O'Brien] Café Maurice.
That's on Wilshire?
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
That's by Mitchell Bondurant's office.
Did you stop there?
Is that what this is about?
So, if someone said they saw you there,
they'd be lying?
[Lisa] I didn't violate
the restraining order.
[O'Brien] Did you see Bondurant today?
Yes, I saw him.
[O'Brien] But you didn't go to his office.
Did you see him in the garage?
[Lisa] No, I've never been to his garage.
He was in line at the coffee shop, okay?
There's always a line out the door
at that place.
And the second I saw him,
I hightailed out of there.
So, if he's telling you he saw me,
he's lying.
Which doesn't surprise me,
'cause he's a pathological fucking liar.
- [O'Brien] Why didn't you tell us before?
- [Lisa] You didn't ask.
Honestly, Bondurant's a pig.
[quietly] Shit.
[Lisa] You should be investigating him
for his building violations.
And really, just for being
an all-around shitty human.
Ms. Trammell, did you attack
Mitchell Bondurant today?
Someone attacked him?
Honestly, it doesn't surprise me.
There's a long list of people
who'd love to take a shot at that guy.
According to you, he's a pathological liar
and an all-around shitty human.
So maybe you're one of those people.
[scoffs] Look, I hate the guy.
I'm not gonna sugarcoat
[O'Brien] Hate him enough to kill him?
I want my lawyer.
Mickey Haller.
[somber music playing]
[exhales slowly]
[elevator dings]
[woman] Can you hold that?
Morning, Andrea.
A little birdie told me
you're on the Trammell case.
You're the DA?
I'm just, uh,
handling the arraignment for now.
Yeah. I'd think twice
about doing this case, too, if I were you.
I've beat you so many times
I've lost count.
[chuckles] Okay.
What was the name
of that drug dealer you represented?
The, um, McGinley guy.
Darius McGinley. How's he doing?
I know he's doing seven years
up in Corcoran, but
You put a professional snitch
on the stand, Andrea.
Guy was lying through his teeth.
I don't know what you're talking about,
but I do know your guy was guilty.
- That's not the point.
- I'm sorry, that is exactly the point.
[scoffs] No wonder
you and Maggie are exes.
[elevator chimes]
I must be in your head a lot if you spend
so much time talking to Maggie about me.
You wish, Haller. [scoffs]
[Andrea sighs]
I barely even talk to Maggie anymore
since you got her booted to Van Nuys.
- Oh, since I
- Yeah.
She gets sent to Siberia,
and you get famous
for setting a wife-killer free.
Shapiro, Kardashian, Haller.
- You must be so proud.
- Yeah.
I defended my client
and got him a not-guilty verdict.
- [elevator chimes]
- Last time I checked, that's the job.
You know, you choose
high-profile clients for a reason.
You love all eyes being trained on you
and only you.
But, like I said,
I'd think twice about this one.
See you in there.
[reporters shouting]
- [cameras clicking]
- [male reporter] There he is! Sir!
Please give me one question.
Mr. Haller, what is your involvement
in the Bondurant case?
Are you representing Lisa Trammell?
[suspenseful music playing]
[sighs] Yes, I am.
And I can tell you this.
My client is innocent of these charges.
And the People have no case.
I look forward
to demonstrating that in court.
So thank you. No more questions.
[reporters all talk at once]
What? A little press
is good for business, Lorna.
Let me guess.
She brought up Darius McGinley.
Yes, she did.
[muted chatter]
[door opens]
- [reporters clamoring]
- [cameras clicking]
[Mickey] You okay?
[Judge] Order.
[chatter fades]
Mr. Haller.
Your Honor. Always a pleasure.
I wish I could say the same.
I pushed this to the top of the docket
to accommodate the media,
who I want out of my courtroom ASAP.
So, Ms. Freemann, in the famous words
of Beyoncé, "move, move, move, move."
Your Honor, the People
charge Lisa Marie Trammell,
under Penal Code 187A,
with the first-degree murder,
unlawfully and with malice aforethought,
of Mitchell Bondurant.
The People further charge
that said murder was committed
with the special circumstance
of lying in wait.
How does the defendant plead?
Not guilty, Your Honor.
Look at that. Like clockwork.
Anything else before I call a recess
so the press can skedaddle
and peace can return to my house?
We'd like to schedule
a prelim setting for tomorrow
and to make a motion for bail.
This is a special circumstance murder.
Per the schedule, there is no bail.
And the People would strenuously object
to any deviation from that.
Ms. Trammell is a danger to the community
and a potential flight risk.
Ms. Trammell owns a restaurant
with over 30 employees who depend on her.
Far from being a danger to her community,
she is the heart and soul of it
and has no intentions of fleeing.
Look at all the people here
to support her.
- [supporters cheering]
- [Judge] Oh, no!
That will not fly in my courtroom.
One more sound and I clear the room.
Judge, the defense would like
to paint his client as some folk hero,
but that doesn't change the fact
that the victim filed
a temporary restraining order against her.
This is a dangerous individual.
I've heard enough.
We're splitting the difference.
Bail will be set at two million dollars.
We'll reconvene here tomorrow
to schedule a preliminary hearing.
Unless we can make this go away,
maybe with a plea.
Well, I tried. [sighs]
Okay, if there's nothing else.
[Mickey clears throat]
Two million dollars?
We can put it up in collateral.
The restaurant?
Absolutely not.
It's all I have in the world.
I can't do that.
All right. Well, I'll hook you up
with a bail bondsman,
but it's gonna cost you 10%.
You think I have 200 grand
lying around, Mickey?
[Lisa sighs]
I hate to ask this, Mickey,
but is there any way you could
I can't do that, Lisa.
It's a major conflict of interest.
I'd have to withdraw as your lawyer.
Look, I have an idea.
Your case is getting a ton of press.
I can try to sell your life rights
to a production company.
It's up to you, but I'd manage the process
so you're portrayed in a good light.
I'm not really worried about
how I'm portrayed, Mickey.
I need the money.
I-I can't spend another night in jail.
It's gonna take time, Lisa.
And it still may not be enough
to cover bail.
You'll have to cobble it together
with savings.
How am I gonna pay you?
All right. This, uh
This document gives me power of attorney
to negotiate the sale of your life rights.
And this is a lien on any income derived
from that sale.
So when you get paid, I get paid.
And what if I don't get paid?
Let's not worry about that right now.
Sooner I start making calls, the better.
[bailiff] Please stand.
Keep thinking I'll wake up
from this nightmare.
Right now, I need you to be strong, okay?
- Remember, don't talk to anyone.
- [handcuffs click]
[pensive music playing]
Are you sure this is a good idea?
No, but I'm doing it anyway.
We're not gonna lose.
[cell phone chimes]
[Lorna groans]
What's up?
I've gotten two weird credit card alerts
for some gas station in Sunland.
- I don't know where Sunland is.
- Do you share that card with Cisco?
Yeah, but yesterday I got an alert,
and I called Cisco,
and he said he was in Glendale.
And today, he told me
he's meeting with his new LAPD source, so
[Izzy] It's probably fraud.
I had a guy try
to charge tickets to Thailand on my card.
Can I ask you a question?
- You think Cisco could be cheating on me?
- Cisco?
Hell no.
Trust me. That man thanks sweet baby Jesus
every morning he wakes up to you.
[chuckles softly] Right? Yeah. It's just
You know, there's been really weird stuff
with him lately.
It feels like
he's been sneaking around a lot and
I'll look up this gas station.
That's not snooping, right?
Not technically.
The Patch.
[Izzy] What?
It's an old Road Saints hang.
So Cisco hung out with his boys.
No big deal.
Yes, a big deal.
He told me he was all through with that.
Well, maybe it's something for Mickey.
He represents them.
I've driven him to the clubhouse.
If it is, then I don't know about it.
Why don't you just ask Cisco what's up?
I could, but it's not that easy.
He's obviously hiding something from me.
And if it's not cheating, now I'm worried
he's getting back into the biker life.
And I'm scared I won't like the answer
if I actually get it.
Maybe I should
because we are getting married.
And you can't start a marriage
without all the trust.
And honesty is the cornerstone
of every romantic relationship.
Well, that and sex,
but we have that part covered.
So, you know what? You are so right.
I should just ask him.
I'm gonna rip that Band-Aid off.
That is such good advice, Izzy.
You know you monologued
to yourself, right?
Oh. Sorry.
Don't worry about it.
I'm not the right person
to be giving relationship advice anyway.
You know, you might not have noticed,
but I was a little hard on you
when you first started working for Mickey.
[sarcastically] You don't say.
I'm really sorry about that.
That's okay.
I would have been, too,
if I were in your shoes.
- Thanks for snooping with me.
- Anytime.
[pensive music playing]
- Hey, you wanna grab dinner?
- Uh
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Let's go somewhere Mickey's wanted to go
and make him really jealous. My treat.
[Izzy] Sold.
That man loves to eat.
[upbeat music playing]
Hi. Um, can I have the beef curry
and the octopus dumplings, please?
[vendor] I'm sorry. Somebody just got
the last order of the octopus dumplings.
Oh, really? All right
Guess I beat you to them.
[chuckles] Okay. Just the beef curry
and a sparkling water, please.
[vendor] Sure.
Fifteen dollars.
Here. That's fine.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I should have known I'd run into you.
You love your food routines, Haller.
Oh, I sound so boring.
No mystery. No excitement.
Nah, excitement was never your problem.
[vendor] Order 122.
- Yeah, thank you.
- [vendor] Enjoy.
[Mickey] Taking food home to Hayley?
No, she's at a friend's house.
I'm eating by myself tonight.
Oh. Well, mine's gonna take a minute.
You wanna sit down and eat?
Trying to get at my dumplings?
Are we still talking food, or
[Maggie laughs]
Let me tell you what.
Why don't you have one while you wait?
I mean, it's only fair.
You introduced me to this place.
Maybe I should have given it to you
in the divorce.
We share a kid.
We can share a food truck, no?
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
[Maggie] Mm.
- Oh, it's so good.
- So good.
- Right?
- Mm.
[cell phone chimes]
What now? Jim wants
to get into my dumplings too?
[Maggie chuckles]
No. We're supposed to meet for a drink,
but he's, um, finished his meeting early.
[sighs] And given that my schedule
has been so tough, I should
Right. Well, don't stick around for me. I
You should go.
You want the rest?
Ah, I won't say no to that.
It was nice running into you.
Night, Maggie.
[vendor] Order 123.
- Here you go. Have a good night.
- Thank you.
That new source at the LAPD came through.
Get this.
Bondurant was found dead next to his car
in the parking garage of his office.
You're kidding.
Statistically speaking,
10% of crimes
occur in parking lots or garages.
I only park on the street now.
Dog thefts are up too.
Oh, I've got pepper spray.
You come for Winston,
you are coming for me.
- [Izzy laughs]
- Can we get back to the case, please?
- Bondurant was hit on the top of the head?
- [Cisco] Mm-hmm.
Cause of death was hemorrhaging
from blunt force trauma.
The wound looks circular.
Was anything recovered at the scene?
Yeah. Uh, there was a coffee cup
from down the street at Café Maurice.
And a shard of mirrored glass,
maybe from a car.
- But both his car mirrors were intact.
- [Lorna] Hmm.
So, no murder weapon,
which means it's still out there.
- That's good for us?
- As long as it never shows up.
I'm saving the worst for last.
They've got a witness
who saw Lisa Trammell
walking away from Bondurant's office.
A receptionist at his company
by the name of Margo Schafer.
- Can she place her in the garage?
- There was no mention of that.
Look into the witness.
Find out what you can about her.
Won't you get all this in discovery?
Eventually. Andrea plays
fast and loose with the rules.
Ha! Who does that remind you of?
She'll sit on things as long as she can.
We have to force her hand.
Which means you're gonna get
your first clinic assignment.
Unless you just wanna be snarky.
No snark.
Will I be writing a motion
to compel discovery?
- You think you can handle it?
- Yes! I can handle it.
That cheater is not gonna know
what hit her.
That's my girl.
All right. Uh, Cisco, what did you do
Hey. Did you talk to him yet?
Haven't had a chance.
And with this motion, it'll have to wait.
[woman] Knock-knock.
[Lorna] Uh, Mickey.
[Mickey] Oh. Lisa?
What are you doing here?
How did you get out of county?
My friend Henry put up the bond for me.
- Henry.
- Yeah, that's me.
Henry Dahl. Nice to meet you.
[Lisa] Henry's a podcast producer.
He interviewed me a few months back
for a story about gentrification.
[Mickey] Podcasts?
You might've heard of
Murder on the Hudson.
It was in The New York Times' top 10
for three months. It was a huge hit.
- No.
- Oh.
When I heard Lisa had been arrested,
I knew that I had to step in and help.
I know her.
There's no way that she did this.
Very supportive of you.
Henry says he can reedit the old material
as a true-crime story.
You know all those podcasts
they turn into docuseries in a TV show?
I'll be able to get enough money
to pay you
and maybe even have some cash left over
for my restaurant.
Henry has buyers lined up already.
- [Mickey] Is that right?
- [Henry] That is right.
Well, Lisa, I'm
[clears throat] I'm glad you're out.
You should go home. Get some rest.
We have a long road ahead of us.
Izzy, you mind ordering a car service
to take Lisa home, please?
- Yup.
- No. That's okay. Henry gave me a lift.
I actually have to talk to Henry.
Some contract stuff, if you don't mind?
Uh, yeah, sure.
Henry, thanks again.
Of course.
Stay strong.
[chuckles softly]
Seen that show about the vegan
who's swindled by her boyfriend
and loses her restaurant?
I thought because
it's about a restaurant, that
- I'm gonna work on that motion.
- Mm-hmm.
You're not gonna stuff me in there,
are you?
This is why they call you
the Lincoln Lawyer.
You'll make a great character
in the series.
I'm not gonna be a character
in your series, Henry.
What is this?
That's the power of attorney Lisa signed
to negotiate the sale of her life rights
and a lien on any income derived
from that sale.
It's all dated yesterday.
Supersedes whatever bullshit agreement
you have with her.
[stammers] What's your angle, huh?
What are you talking about?
You just shelled out 200 grand
for someone you hardly know.
That's too good to be true.
Where did you get the money, Henry?
You have no idea
how lucrative podcasts can be, do you?
I know a con man when I see one.
A con man?
I'll get you copies of these.
But understand this.
I control the sale of Lisa's story,
not you.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I got a question. What's your angle?
Representing my client and getting paid
for my legal services. In that order.
Look. We don't have to
be enemies here, Mickey.
Right? We both want the same thing.
We can work together.
There's no "we," Henry.
I don't know you, and I don't trust you.
I want you far away from this case.
And don't film or record Lisa.
It's very bad for her defense.
Hold on. The whole point of this
is to get Lisa's story in real-time.
Yeah, not my concern. You have a good day.
[upbeat music playing]
[vehicle starts]
[Mickey] Heels down.
There it is.
[horse whinnies]
[cell phone rings]
- Hey, Mick, aren't you with Hayley?
- Yeah, I am.
Can you take a look
at the Bondurant crime scene photos?
How's she doing?
[Mickey] Ah, so far, so good.
- Maybe she'll stick with this.
- Doubt it.
At her age,
I went from collecting Lisa Frank stickers
to captain of the color guard to the back
of Mark Rambler's car in two years.
Yeah, well,
I'll light a candle to some saint.
You find the photos?
Yeah. What do you need?
Can you estimate
how tall Mitchell Bondurant was?
No, but I bet I could find it online.
Yeah, here he is
with half the city council.
He's taller than all of them. Maybe 6'3''?
6'3". All right, thank you.
- What did you
- [line beeps]
Sometimes he's just rude.
You look great out there, mija.
Thank you.
You keep taking lessons,
maybe we can talk about a horse.
It's expensive, Dad.
Let me worry about that.
What's the point of working all the time
if I can't do what I want for my family?
Is that your new case
you were talking about?
Must be big.
Your forehead gets all scrunched up.
Well, it's a murder case.
They're always big.
Plus, I'm going up against this prosecutor
who doesn't play fair.
Who, Andy?
Yeah. She's kind of intense.
- "Andy"?
- Yeah.
She and Mom go to yoga together.
Sometimes she comes over after.
She was talking about it the other night.
It sounds crazy.
- Really?
- Yeah.
All right. I'm gonna go get my stuff,
but I'll see you.
Yeah. I'll wait here.
[Hayley] Okay.
[line rings]
- [cell phone rings]
- [she groans]
Mickey, if you keep calling me,
I'm never gonna finish this motion.
That's why I'm calling.
We're gonna need more motions.
Write up a motion
to get Lisa Trammell's cell phone returned
and one to get her personal items
seized from her house.
They'll be returned
as soon as we're finished.
[Mickey] We need it faster than that.
Just do it.
Write another one
to suppress her police interview
and one to suppress evidence
seized from her place.
Mickey, no judge in their right mind
will throw the evidence in a murder trial.
Not if they wanna get reelected.
Listen, I know it's a ton of work,
but trust me, it's important.
No, no. I'm on it.
I'm excited. Is that weird?
I'm genuinely excited
to write long-winded legal documents.
Okay, don't call me anymore. Bye.
[line beeps]
[suspenseful music playing]
[yawns quietly]
and willful
[indistinct muttering]
[Winston snoring]
I'm up, I'm up!
Oh God. No more coffee. Wait. Never mind.
Court suit.
[Lorna moans happily]
You do love me.
[Winston whines]
You do, right?
Love me.
Come on.
You never have to ask.
What's going on with you?
You're acting weird.
I'm not the one who's been acting weird.
You've been keeping secrets from me.
What have you been doing hanging out
with the Road Saints?
Look, I don't wanna jump to conclusions,
and I wanna be that really cool chick
who gives you space
outside of the relationship
to have friends, but
These, like, particular friends
are actually criminals, so
It's just not you anymore, Cisco.
It's making me think
that maybe you're having second thoughts
about the wedding.
I know. I'm sorry. I'm monologuing again.
I am not having second thoughts
about the wedding.
But I have been keeping stuff from you.
Remember I told you about
when I first came to LA?
Yeah, you came out
with your friend Jazzy or Pez.
- [chuckles] Kaz.
- Yeah.
Pete Kazinski.
I didn't come with him.
More so, I followed him.
Ever since I was 14, I followed him.
And he's in prison now.
Uh, he was.
He just got out.
But it was Kaz who first joined
the Road Saints when he got out here.
He's how I got into the club.
This one time,
Kaz and I were meant to go
on a run for a delivery.
Of what, I didn't ask,
but Kaz told me where and when.
When I showed up, nobody was there.
Turns out he'd given me
the wrong info intentionally.
- If I'd have been there
- You would've gone away with him.
He protected you.
That's when I started drifting away
from the Road Saints.
And now he's out?
Yeah, that's the thing.
He got paroled early.
Which made Teddy suspicious.
He thinks Kaz cut a deal to be a rat,
and now he wants me to suss him out.
What does any of this have to do with you?
[Cisco sighs]
Well, you can't just leave a club
like the Saints.
I had hoped,
because I was only an associate,
they'd forget about me, let me slide.
But it turns out they didn't.
Mickey was giving them free work
to pay off my debt.
Otherwise [exhales]
I told Teddy that I pay my own debts.
I owe that, but I also owe Kaz
for saving my ass.
I hate this for you, Cisco. I don't
I don't want you involved in this.
I just gotta finish this one thing,
and then I'm done, I promise.
I'm sorry that I kept stuff from you,
and I never want you to worry.
No more secrets.
You lie to me again, and I'm out.
Do you hear me?
No more.
Scout's honor.
Look at all that beautiful paperwork.
I knew that law school education
would pay off.
[he chuckles]
Speaking of no more secrets,
I never told you why I left law school
the first time, did I?
Apparently not.
[Lorna groans]
Can I have a word with you?
What's going on?
I have the same question.
What are you doing? You know Judge Medina
is gonna deny all these motions.
Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.
There's one more. Give me one second.
Wait. Another motion?
Yeah. I wrote this one myself.
Who is this?
Uh, she's my paralegal.
Yeah. Don't worry about her.
I think it's clear. It's a motion
to have you dismissed from this case.
You have a conflict of interest.
What conflict of interest?
Well, you discussed this case
with my ex-wife, Andy.
I can call you Andy, right?
I mean, my daughter does.
Maggie is a fellow prosecutor.
I'm allowed to discuss cases with her.
Not ones that involve me.
Not in her house in front of my daughter.
- This is bullshit.
- Yeah? Then why'd you lie to me?
- I never lied. What are you talking about?
- I asked you if you talk to Maggie.
You said barely.
Feels to me like you're hiding something.
You think this is gonna work?
It's the appearance of impropriety.
You're right about the judge
denying all my motions.
But she'll feel so bad
about not giving the defense anything
that she'll grant this one.
After all, why would the court care
which prosecutor is on the case?
But you care 'cause you want this case.
You love all eyes trained on you too.
What do you want?
I want discovery flowing now, not later.
I don't wanna go to the judge every time
I don't get something I'm entitled to.
Fine. Withdraw your motions.
I'll have everything to you by Friday.
Mm, not good enough. Tomorrow.
[Andrea] Not enough time
to copy everything.
All right. Thursday, by noon.
Thank you for being so reasonable, Andy.
- Haller.
- Yeah?
Just so you know,
there will not be a plea offer.
Good. 'Cause we don't want one.
And when the verdict comes in,
I'm gonna be looking at you, not her.
[Lorna] I knew something was up.
You were planning this fuckery
the entire time.
- You made me do all this for nothing.
- [Mickey] Not for nothing.
We got what we wanted, discovery.
Sometimes it's not a straight line.
I'll make it up to you.
I'll let you write my witness questions.
- All right?
- Ugh.
After I get sleep.
- I have been awake for, like, 36 hours.
- Done.
Let me shut the copier down,
and we'll get out of here.
I didn't realize you were coming back.
Lorna said you didn't need me,
so I had Ray come get me.
Oh, sorry. This is Ray.
Ray, Mickey.
Nice to meet you, Ray.
You too. Izzy talks about you a lot.
Sounds like you're the only good boss
in town.
We're gonna hit up this new restaurant.
You wanna come?
No, no, I have a lot of work to do.
- You guys enjoy, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
All right. One second.
[Ray] You have a second?
Not really, but okay.
[Ray] I know you think I'm a royal fuckup.
I don't even disagree.
But I'm trying really hard,
and I wanna make Izzy happy.
She deserves it.
Well, we have one thing in common.
Ray, I believe in second chances.
I've gotten more than a few of my own.
But if you hurt Izzy,
I'll make sure you don't get a third.
All right?
You ready?
[Ray] Yeah.
Uh, enjoy your dinner.
Izzy, please don't send me
pictures of your food like Lorna does.
You know, just enjoy it.
[Izzy laughs]
You ready? Let's go.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[dog barking in distance]
[Wheaton] Who the hell are you?
I'm a friend
of Lorna Crane's.
[Wheaton] Oh.
- Yeah. About that
- I know.
She already spoke to you in detail.
So I'm just putting a period
on the end of the sentence.
You hearin' me?
Yeah, loud and clear.
You should get a video doorbell.
You never know who's gonna show up
on your front porch.
[door opens]
This is low, even for you.
Using Hayley that way.
Oh. I don't think so, Maggie.
You and your BFF
discussed my case in front of her,
and then she lied to me about it.
If we explain that to ten judges,
maybe ten will consider it a conflict.
We weren't discussing you or your case.
It just came up,
and Hayley happened to overhear.
- What was I supposed to do about that?
- You and your amiguita crossed the line.
You wanna talk about lines?
You're representing the chef
who sent all that food to the table
and kissed your ass.
She wasn't kissing my ass.
She was just being nice.
Oh, is that what it takes to get
the great Mickey Haller to represent you?
A little flattery. A little
You fucked her, didn't you?
- Mickey, you slept with your client?
- She wasn't my client yet.
You have the audacity
to call my innocent conversation with Andy
a conflict of interest?
Do you have any idea how bad this looks?
It was only one time, and it's over.
Nothing's going on between us.
You found out I was seeing someone else,
so you slept with the first woman
who stroked your ego.
Maggie, we're not together anymore.
You made that clear.
I told you I was fine with it.
But the second I'm with someone else
This is not the same.
I have to move on with my life.
So do I!
The night I ran into you
at the food truck, I thought to myself,
"Wow, that is the Mickey I love."
Then you go, and you pull
all this underhanded shit.
Just like always.
Come on, Maggie. I
No, you know what?
You do what you're gonna do.
Just leave our daughter out of it,
and leave me out of it too.
[cell phone chimes]
[suspenseful music playing]
[light snoring]
[Winston snuffles]
You went to see the dean, didn't you?
I love you, Cisco,
but you have got to let sleeping dogs lie.
And I'm including Winston.
Tomorrow, he's back on the bed.
[Lorna chuckles softly]
[doorbell rings]
- [Mickey] Hey.
- [Lisa] Hey.
- Come in.
- Thanks.
- [Mickey clears throat]
- Wow.
Hey, before you say anything,
I wanna apologize for Henry.
I-I just couldn't spend another night
in jail, Mickey.
Come on, Lisa. I understand.
We have a contract, but maybe
you and Henry can figure something out?
I can handle Henry.
It's you I'm worried about.
Come on. This guy is just trying
to take advantage of you, Lisa.
[scoffs, tuts]
I'm a grown-ass woman, Mickey.
I can take care of myself.
I know an operator when I see one.
Are you trying to say something?
About you?
[tuts] No.
Besides, I do all my best talking
with food.
[Mickey clears throat]
Why don't I warm this up and
As much as I want to, I
[sighs] You know, we
We can't socialize outside of the office.
Hmm, not even to talk about my case?
You know I'm attracted to you.
That's why
as long as I'm representing you, we
we have to keep it professional.
[Mickey, quietly] I'm sorry.
Maybe when this is all over,
we can pick up where we left off.
[Mickey chuckles softly]
I would love that, yeah.
No use in wasting food.
Thank you.
[pensive music playing]
You know, you still haven't said
if you believe I'm innocent.
Lisa, I Come on. I told you
it doesn't matter what I believe.
My job is to get you a not-guilty verdict,
no matter what.
[Lisa] It matters to me.
I need you to believe me, Mickey.
And I need you to say it.
Of course I believe you.
[exhales slowly]
[ominous music playing]
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