The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s02e04 Episode Script


- They arrested me.
- What?
They said I killed
Mitchell Bondurant.
If the DA files for murder,
the bail will be high.
- I don't have that kind of money.
- We'll figure it out.
You choose high-profile clients
for a reason.
You love all eyes being trained on you.
The people charge Lisa Marie Trammell
with the first-degree murder
of Mitchell Bondurant.
Bail will be set
at two million dollars.
- Bondurant was found dead next to his car.
- The wound looks circular.
So no murder weapon,
which means it's still out there.
- That's good for us.
- As long as it never shows up.
My friend, Henry, put up the bond for me.
Henry's a podcast producer.
I don't know you. I don't trust you.
I want you far away from this case.
I do believe that
maybe Kaz cut a deal.
You'll stay on him until I'm satisfied
I know what I'm dealing with.
I don't want you involved in this.
I just gotta finish this one thing.
- Lie to me again, and I'm out.
- What do you want?
Not to go to the judge every time
I don't get something I'm entitled to.
Just so you know,
there will not be a plea offer.
Good. 'Cause we don't want one.
You know I'm attracted to you,
but we have to keep it professional.
- Where do you want this?
- How many more are there?
About 80 total, give or take.
Eighty more boxes?
No, sandwiches.
Yes, boxes. Where to?
Wherever you see an empty space.
What is all this?
This is discovery
for the Trammell case
and a big middle finger
from Andrea Freemann.
Old prosecutor's trick.
Bury the defense in paperwork.
Bondurant's high school yearbook
is probably in one of these.
Good thing you kept this office.
There's no way
to pile these in the Lincoln.
We're gonna need all hands on deck.
Where's Lorna?
Hey, Izzy. What's up?
Mickey's asking for you.
We've got a situation here.
Ugh. They've buried us in boxes.
Okay, I'm coming in.
Cancel all your plans.
It's gonna be a very long day.
Darn it. I am blind without my glasses.
Can you read the menu?
I come here often.
I practically know it by heart.
What is it you wanna know?
Oh, uh, my boyfriend
wants to know the specials.
Avocado toast. Why is that even a special?
It's on every menu in LA.
I know, right? Calm down, avocados.
"Turkey meatloaf
with chili aioli."
"Baby gem lettuce cups
with bacon, brussels sprouts,
chicken, grapes, and almonds."
Oh, "in a champagne vinaigrette."
It says all those words up there?
Maybe I really do need glasses.
Oh, sorry. Just thinking out loud.
Great scarf.
The police confiscated Lisa's entire life.
Journal, laptop, clothes.
Even her gardening equipment
and tool kits.
Did they return the laptop?
Yeah, it's on the list.
I can go through
the recently opened files.
Might be a window
into the prosecution's thinking.
No, Freemann's too sneaky for that.
If there was anything good in that laptop,
she'd bury it deep and cover her tracks.
Whoa, I should've brought coffee.
Uh, Lorna, what is that on the hound?
I'm trying out tie colors. I was thinking
Winston could walk me down the aisle.
Like a flower girl.
What? I don't have any bridesmaids.
I have to have someone.
Thought your sister was gonna be one.
My sister will roll into this wedding
in a white dress
and have no idea why I wanna strangle her.
All right, now that we're all here,
can we, uh, get started?
We need to answer
one simple question. Why?
Why did the cops arrest Lisa Trammell?
Some rich developer gets murdered.
Why is a chef the prime suspect?
I don't wanna say this out loud,
but sometimes the simplest answer
is the right one. Maybe Lisa did it.
Why wouldn't you say that out loud?
Because you've never represented someone
you've slept with,
and we're all watching
what we say around here
because you're not exactly unbiased.
Okay, let's be clear on something.
Lisa is a client.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Like any client,
she deserves our full scrutiny.
You think she's guilty?
Go ahead, make your case.
Come on.
So Lisa and Bondurant were enemies.
That was no secret.
Bondurant did construction
in her neighborhood.
He was messing up her restaurant,
and he ordered
a temporary restraining order against Lisa
when she protested at his office.
Plus, we all saw that police interview.
She hated the guy.
All of this adds up to motive.
Guy like Bondurant doesn't get where he is
without pissing off a lot of people.
Lisa can't be his only enemy.
But she is the only one a witness
can put at the scene of the crime.
Margot Schafer. Bondurant's receptionist.
She saw Lisa walking away from the office
at the same time as the murder.
That is opportunity.
Lisa was at the farmers market.
She goes there every week.
As far as their witness,
Cisco, what do we have?
Sorry. Um, Margot Schafer.
She is a model citizen.
Uh, not so much as a parking ticket.
Nothing weird about her relationship
with the victim,
and the only line of attack might be
her perception on the day.
Which is why
I tested her eyesight this morning.
You You what?
I wanted to prove
that she saw what she said she saw.
So I may have stalked her
at the cute local coffee shop.
And turns out she has eagle eyes.
I might need glasses.
- All of that is beside the final point.
- Which is?
It's subjective, granted,
but I get feelings about people.
You know this, Mickey.
And I just have a feeling
that there's something off about Lisa.
You don't think that might be
your bias coming out?
Luckily, your feelings
are not admissible in court, Lorna.
Maybe so, but it does leave us
with motive and opportunity.
Yeah, but not the means.
I mean, how did Lisa kill Bondurant?
I've been thinking about
that circular wound on top of his head.
Not a lot of things in that shape.
Maybe a hammer?
- We have no evidence to indicate that
- Um
About that. Remember I said that
the police confiscated Lisa's tool kit.
It's one that comes in a case
where there's a space for every tool.
It's supposed to have 150 pieces,
but it only has 149.
Wanna guess which one's missing?
I don't know, Mickey.
I have no idea where that hammer is.
God, the mess the police left here.
It's a wonder I can find anything.
Remember the last time you saw it?
But I've had dozens of employees,
and they all had access to the shed.
- Right.
- It wasn't even my tool kit.
It's my ex's.
- You think he could've misplaced it?
- Yeah, maybe.
Can you call and ask him?
Yeah, I don't speak to him anymore,
He wouldn't remember anyway.
Knowing Jeff, he doesn't even remember
what he had for breakfast.
This isn't just about
a missing hammer, Lisa.
Your ex-husband may come up in the trial.
The prosecution will dig through your past
and find anything to make you look bad.
What are you saying?
I'm not saying. I'm asking.
Is there anything about your ex
that could be a problem?
All right. Can you at least tell me why
you got divorced?
I'm an ambitious person.
When my food truck took off,
I wanted to open a brick-and-mortar,
and we already had the space.
Jeff was more interested in smoking weed
and playing guitar all day.
Something just changed in the marriage.
I wanted more.
He didn't want any part of it.
We just grew apart, you know?
Nothing mean. Nothing bad.
Honestly, it was just sad.
You know what I mean?
Think he'll talk to me?
If you can find him.
You said he was in Mexico, right?
Last I heard,
but who knows if he's there anymore.
- He wasn't exactly a model of stability.
- Excuse me. Lisa.
Shit, I I really gotta get back
to work, Mickey.
Of course.
I'm having a community dinner tonight.
It's pay what you can.
I do it once a month for
lower-income families in the neighborhood.
Wow, that's great.
Hopefully, people will show up.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry. I'm just, um
I'm dealing with a lot.
Besides the crimp in my social calendar
turns out being accused of murder
isn't great for business.
Our reservations are way down
since I've been arrested and
I honestly don't know
what I would do without you, Mickey.
Love for you to come to the event tonight.
I mean, if you can.
Having my lawyer there
might make people feel like
maybe their chef isn't
a cold-blooded killer after all.
I'll try to make it.
I'd better get inside.
Hey, Terrell. What's going on?
Mickey, thank you for coming.
I'm sorry I didn't call sooner.
I thought it was just kid shit. Judge said
Angelica could get hit with a felony.
First offense. Juvenile court.
She'll probably get community service,
and it's wiped off her record
when she turns 18.
- Well, that's not the problem.
- What's the problem?
Things aren't exactly chill
with Angelica's mom.
All this happened on my watch.
If anything happens to Angelica,
she'll use it against me.
She can get my custody revoked.
I only get Angelica two days a week as is.
And I got my shit together now.
I'm working in promos for the Lakers.
Wha Hold up.
You want seats? I could hook it up.
I haven't done a juvenile case
since I was a public defender.
That's 15 years ago.
Sure you don't want somebody else?
No way, Mickey Haller.
I need the big guns for my baby.
All right, come on.
Angelica. I'm Mickey.
I'm gonna be your lawyer, all right?
I thought my dad was kidding when he said
he'd get the lawyer from the bus stop ads.
- Do you get real business off those?
- I do.
Cool. I'll tell my friend
to stop drawing dicks on your face.
Mr. Haller, it's been a while.
You don't remember.
I was one of the juvenile DAs
when you were a public defender.
Your career
has certainly taken off since then.
As has yours, Your Honor.
Well, you can drop the formality.
We like to keep things casual here.
It's Judge Sandy.
Uh, lollipop?
No, thanks, Your Honor.
Thank you. Judge Sandy.
Very well. Uh
Then just a little housekeeping matter
before we begin.
Yes, Your Honor.
I apologize for being late.
Uh, I was just brought on
as Miss Coleman's counsel, so
Excuses don't give me thrills
and don't pay my bills, Mr. Haller.
- Right.
- We get the newspaper here too.
I've no doubt you are busy
with all your press commitments,
but the next time you are late,
I will find you in contempt,
and you can expect the maximum fine.
Are we good?
Very good, Judge Sandy.
Wonderful. Ernest.
Thank you, Judge Sandy.
The victim in this case, Karen Foster,
is the owner of the Lux
- Is this the lady I saw outside?
- Yeah.
Miss Foster alleges
that Miss Coleman vandalized her store
causing over $2,000 worth of damage.
I'm sorry, I I just see a black wall.
The wall was previously white.
Okay, am I Am I missing something?
It's an homage to Virgil Abloh.
The fashion designer?
Anyway, they sell Off-White at her store,
and he died, and I wanted to honor him.
He put words and quotes on his designs
to comment on things.
I see pink and white walls all over LA.
I've never seen a black one.
Judge, um, sidebar? Please?
You see the size of this room, Mr. Haller?
We can all hear everything.
But if you'd like to pretend
we're downtown,
you're welcome to speak
in hushed whispers by my chair.
Thank you.
Your Honor Judge Sandy, this is silly.
I mean, she's obviously a smart girl.
Can't we drop the charges?
She will happily paint over the wall.
I'm afraid Miss Foster insists
on pressing charges.
Her store's been tagged nonstop recently.
She wants to make a point
so it doesn't happen again.
Maybe we can work out a diversion,
but your client's gonna have to spend
some time on probation.
Can I ask for a continuance, then?
I have a full docket and
So do I, Mr. Haller,
and I can't afford a Lincoln.
I'll give you one day. No more.
Thank you.
Sure you don't want a lollipop?
The watermelon are really good.
Thank you.
I wasn't vandalizing her store. It's art.
Conceptual, but still art.
I'm not an art critic, Angelica.
I'm your lawyer.
What are we gonna do?
I'll think of something. In the meantime,
keep the art in your notebook.
- All right. I'll call you.
- All right.
Andy. What couldn't wait
until after lunch?
Do you have more discovery for me?
Maybe a chance for you to avoid it.
Against my better judgment,
my office is willing
to offer your client a plea.
You told me there would be no plea offer,
and you spent all that taxpayer money
delivering a truckload of boxes
to my office, so
Don't overthink it.
The new mandate from Cardone.
Saving department time and resources.
Blah, blah, blah.
We'll go down to voluntary manslaughter.
Midterm, six years.
Well, that's That's not crazy, at least.
Seriously? We're coming down
off of premeditated and lying in wait.
If you come down to an involuntary
I'd like to see even you
make a case for that.
What, she just happened to hit him
over the head in his garage?
Come on. She wasn't in the garage.
You have the offer, Haller.
Will she take it or not?
I don't know. I'll try to sell it.
My advice would be that you do
because it's one time and one time only.
You have until tomorrow,
then it's off the table.
I'll talk to her.
Department mandate.
Sounds plausible to me.
Freemann notches up a win.
Doesn't have to do any work.
No. I could have kicked her off this case,
and she did everything to stay on it.
She wants to go to trial.
She wants the spotlight.
She wants to beat me again.
It's not gonna happen.
Maybe it really is a mandate
from her boss.
I don't buy that.
No DA gets reelected pleading murders out,
especially high-profile ones.
If they're offering that,
it's because there's something wrong.
Her case has a flaw. A fatal one.
She's burying us with discovery
because she's hiding it.
And we have 24 hours to find out
what that is. 23 and a half now.
If I keep pulling all-nighters,
they'll have to carry me down the aisle.
Plus, I've been through all the forensics.
I've got nothing.
We can start pulling financial statements.
Maybe there's something there.
All right. Let's look for enemies,
angry business partners, jealous lovers.
Anyone who had a grudge
against Bondurant. Where's Cisco, huh?
- Talking to the witness on Lisa's TRO.
- Good.
If we can discredit that witness,
then the TRO is dead in the water.
That's a rung out of their ladder,
but this is the whole ladder.
Let's knock it down.
Mickey, you're letting Andrea get
under your skin. You know that, right?
She's damn good, Lorna.
Maybe even better than Maggie.
Don't tell anyone I said that, all right?
- Where you going?
- I have to bring this plea deal to Lisa.
I have no choice.
Don't forget you have Hayley tonight.
I didn't forget.
- Definitely forgot.
- Yep.
The manager says you're looking for me?
About the building permit?
Walter Kim?
That's me. But if you need paperwork,
you need to go down to city hall.
You were a witness on a temporary
restraining order against Lisa Trammell.
So this isn't about the permit.
I'm calling security.
That's your right.
It's my right to file a complaint
about corruption
in the building inspector's office.
Hold on. What corruption?
Who are you anyway?
Lisa Trammell's being accused of a crime
she didn't commit.
One of the reasons for that is this TRO
in which you state she was violent.
She was. Now Mitchell Bondurant is dead,
and you're throwing around accusations
like you know what the hell's up.
Big developer like Bondurant?
He carries a lot of clout
with city inspectors, so I get it.
He asked you to vouch
for his side of the story.
It's not like that.
You were the only witness
who claimed to have seen Lisa
attacking Bondurant.
And this whole TRO rested on your word.
It's not just my word.
No, it's a little different
than film and TV.
I actually produce true-crime podcasts.
Murder on the Hudson?
You may have heard of it?
- Mm-mm.
- No? Ah, it was really great.
It was a hit on the New York Times list
for three months
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Mr. Haller.
Lisa told me you might show up.
Yeah, well,
what did I tell you about that?
I'm not breaking any rules.
I haven't interviewed Lisa,
just her loyal supporters.
- Now that you're here, did you
- Don't point that at me.
I still don't want you posting
anything you record.
We got the truth on our side, Mickey.
Nobody's hiding anything.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You made it.
Hey, can we talk in private real quick?
Yeah. Let's take a walk.
A plea deal?
As in, plead guilty?
It's voluntary manslaughter,
which is a huge step down from murder one.
I didn't say to take it.
I'm required to bring you any offer
from the prosecution.
You didn't say I shouldn't take it either.
It's not my call, Lisa.
No. No, the answer is no.
I'm not going to plead guilty
to something I didn't do.
Okay, well, at least
let me explain the offer first.
Voluntary manslaughter
carries a max sentence of 11 years,
suffering six.
Good behavior,
you'll be out in less than five.
I don't believe this.
What about my restaurant, Mickey?
My career? Hell, my life?
What about the alternative?
Which is going to trial
and showing everyone the truth.
If the justice system were that simple,
innocent people would never be accused.
Your trial is a gamble.
If we lose, Lisa, it's
It's life without parole.
Oh my God.
Come on. You okay?
You know, this nice path wasn't here
when I was a kid.
You came down here at your own risk.
Well, see? Not all gentrification is bad.
What should I do, Mickey?
Okay. We have until tomorrow,
so give me one night
to see if I can find something.
The building inspector took these?
He's the witness on the TRO.
Oh shit.
I told Lisa to give us a night
to find something,
and everything we find is bad.
There is some good news.
We cross-referenced Bondurant's books
with his tax return.
Turns out he was bleeding money.
Took a $200 million loss last year.
200 million?
Uh-huh. Two, zero, zero.
Most of it's connected to
an unfinished apartment complex
called "The Terrazzo."
- That big ugly thing off the 110?
- That's the one.
It was sitting empty for three years,
bleeding Bondurant dry. Permitting issues.
There were questions about
exceeding zoning limits. In LA, go figure.
Plenty of players involved, Mick.
Bondurant owed money to a lot of people.
Which means a lot of suspects,
so divide and conquer.
We're looking for anything in those files
that mention The Terrazzo.
I'm way ahead of you.
I already sent you your share of the work,
plus a bit extra for those all-nighters.
Yeah, I can't wait.
We're gonna find it,
whatever Freemann's afraid of. Keep it up.
Where you going?
Uh, I gotta take care of something.
If I don't do it now, it, uh
Yeah. Can't wait.
Does it have to do with Kaz?
I usually drive him
to his parole officer meeting,
but this morning,
he canceled on me, and then he
He might be doing
something stupid.
And if I don't deal with it now,
then it's gonna go bad for him.
And for you?
I gotta put an end to this.
All of it.
Izzy and I have things here under control.
Hurry back. You hear me? And be careful.
Be careful.
Can I get another Coke?
Only if I get half.
All right.
Whatever you're working on must be even
more boring than my homework.
It's real estate documents.
I don't understand half of them.
I'm gonna have to make
a pot of coffee later.
Well, when I can't focus,
I switch subjects for a minute.
Usually helps.
Yeah. That's a good idea.
If you saw this on the side of a building,
would you think it's art or vandalism?
It just looks like a cool place
to take a selfie.
You know, it's like the, um,
the pink Paul Smith wall,
or those angel wings.
- Hmm.
- We're always looking for the next thing.
Right. Influencers make a lot of money
out of these, right?
Yeah, sure. Especially if it goes viral.
Hey, Terrell. I have an idea.
You say you're working for the Lakers.
Hey, I don't mean to be nosy,
but, uh, did you ever talk to Cisco
about those credit card charges?
Yeah, we're good.
At least he wasn't cheating on me.
Yeah, I didn't think so.
He was just dealing with some stuff
with an old friend.
Someone from the Road Saints?
Sorta. And he didn't want me to worry,
which only made it worse.
I don't know if you've noticed,
but he's not exactly the most chatty.
Yeah. Yeah, I got that.
So, uh, is that where he is now?
Is Cisco okay?
Honestly, I don't know.
Cisco, what the fuck?
Why are you looking
over your shoulder, Kaz?
- You worried about something?
- No, I was
Oh, you're going somewhere, huh?
Were you even gonna say goodbye?
Teddy thinks you're a rat,
and I swore on my life that you weren't
because I trusted you.
But I guess I was wrong.
You following me?
- It's not like that.
- Yeah? What's it like, Kaz? Hmm?
Who are you meeting with?
The feds.
I didn't have a choice.
Shit went down in Corcoran,
and this guy jumped up.
One thing led to another, and I
It was self-defense!
And the fed, the guy in the photo,
they were gonna use it to lean on me.
Cisco, they were
gonna charge me with murder.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't wanna get you involved.
I had to get out from under this.
I can run from the Saints,
but I can't run from the feds.
What did you tell your handler?
I told him Hard Case Casey got hammered
and ran his mouth about a gun run.
Six figures of metal
traveling through the clubhouse.
Now my fingerprints
are nowhere near this deal.
So I figured it'd be
a good piece of info to trade.
If anything, Teddy's gonna think
it was Casey who tipped off ATF.
No, you fuck!
I already told you
Teddy thinks you're the snitch.
And if the ATF raids him,
then he'll know it's you,
and he'll blame me
'cause I vouched for you!
Let me talk to my guy.
I'm gonna talk to my guy.
He's puttin' me in witness protection.
Maybe he can help you. I can
I got a new life,
a good job, a woman that I love.
And I can't just walk away.
And I won't walk away.
This whole situation, it is fucked!
Leave me a message.
Cisco, it's me. Call me back.
I think I've got something,
but I need you on it ASAP.
- Hey, Mick.
- Hey. Any luck over there?
No, just a bunch of emails from Bondurant
bullying people.
Employees, tenants.
The custodian
for not taking out the trash.
- Any luck with those credit card reports?
- He spent $1,000 on a single massage.
Although that sounds like motive
to keep someone alive.
Also, I'm guessing
it wasn't just a massage.
This feels like
a weird game of Clue, Mick.
It was the janitor
in the parking garage with a pipe.
Well, I think I found something.
An email from Bondurant
to a guy named Alex Grant.
He was a contractor at The Terrazzo.
Listen to this.
"I, therefore, demand a full refund
of all payments made thus far."
"If we cannot agree on terms,
I will have no choice
but to pursue this matter
through the appropriate legal channels."
"Reporting it to our lenders,
which, as fiduciaries,
are required under federal law
to report any suspicious activity."
- Hmm.
- Which means what exactly?
A suspicious activity report
is a form banks have to file
when they suspect wrongdoing
in a financial transaction.
The bank has to report it
to the authorities.
He'll go to the feds
if he doesn't get what he wants?
And Bondurant is
demanding millions
even though he owes millions.
This sounds like Bondurant's MO.
Yeah, but the question is this.
What was the threat?
What's the suspicious activity
the feds might be interested in?
Is Cisco there?
Uh, no, he
He just ran out for a coffee run.
I've been calling all day.
He doesn't answer. It's not like him.
Oh, he just left his phone here, so
Whatever. I gotta sleep.
Just tell him to call me
first thing in the morning.
I need him on this, Lorna.
Okay, great.
Good night.
I swear, I never lie.
Almost never.
It's all good. I got your back.
Mr. Haller,
what did I say about tardiness?
I'm sorry, Your Honor.
I-I know I'm late and have no excuse.
You can give me whatever fine
you think is appropriate.
If you allow me a moment,
I, uh, I think we can move this case
off your docket very quickly.
May I?
Don't even think about the watermelon.
Uh, can I confer with Karen?
I know you've recommended
a diversion.
The problem with a diversion
is that probation goes on her record.
I'm gonna ask one more time
if you're open to dropping the charges.
I mean, she's only 14.
There are custody issues here
that have nothing to do with this case.
She should have thought of that
before defacing my store.
We can discuss
alternative sentencing with the judge.
That's the best I can do.
Okay. Then, uh, in that case,
this is a copyright application
for my client's artwork titled Black Wall.
I'm sorry.
Are you calling her graffiti art?
She painted my wall without permission.
That's vandalism.
I'm afraid
that's in the eye of the beholder.
The law is very protective of artists
and their work. Street art included.
But it doesn't negate
the vandalism charge.
No, but this might.
This is your store's Instagram page,
and that is a promotional post
featuring one of your salespeople
in front of my client's protected artwork
with former Laker
and seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry,
without compensation, I must add.
You can't be serious.
This is not promotional material.
It's just one of my employees posing
with some basketball player.
Does the caption not say,
"Shop at The Lux
like Laker Legend Big Shot Bob Horry"?
I don't even handle our Instagram.
He doesn't have a case, does he?
Using my client's protected artwork
in your advertising without her permission
opens you up to a lawsuit,
which I will happily file.
That's if you really wanna
continue this dispute.
Just give me a second.
Take all the time you need.
Well played.
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut
now and then.
I told you I can hear every word in here.
It's a wood-paneled shoebox.
Very clever, Mr. Haller.
Take a watermelon for the road.
Oh. Thank you.
I assume if we drop the charges,
your client will still repaint the wall?
No, I don't think she wants the wall
repainted anymore. Do you, Karen?
See, I was late today because
I drove by your store on the way here.
There's already a line down the block.
Amazing what a little publicity can do.
Fine. Leave the wall as it is,
and I will drop all the charges.
You'll do more than that.
You'll pay Angelica royalties
on all sales made
since her artwork went up.
Say, 5%?
- Two and a half.
- Three, and you have a deal.
When Terrell called me,
I thought he was crazy.
He said, "You really want me to do what?"
No, crazy was watching you sink
that Game 4 winner against the Kings.
'02. You were at that game?
I was a law student with no money.
Had to watch it outside the Staples Center
on the big screen.
If you need a new case, I've been known
to rob people in the playoffs.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
You don't have to stand in the cold now.
At least let me get you tickets to a game.
You guys can sit together.
Don't worry about it.
Are you sure? I owe you, Mickey Haller.
Come on. I'm just happy to help.
I'll pay.
What? Karen isn't the only one
getting money off my work.
People are raising money on social
to finance me,
and now you got me royalties too?
- What's your hourly?
- Okay.
I'll just call it 500.
So gotta account for early traffic.
So, that's what? Six hours worked,
even though it was my dad
who came through with Big Shot Rob.
So that's 3,000, but you're gonna give us
a friends-and-family discount, right?
So, 2,500?
Okay, if you say so.
Great. You got Venmo?
That's my baby right there.
If she ever wants to be a lawyer,
you give me a call.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
I'll send you that invoice.
Argel Construction,
Alex Grant's company.
He's the contractor from The Terrazzo.
The address is a building in Glendale,
but when I went down there,
place was locked up tighter than a drum.
So I looked up the building's owner.
Her name is Ada Kazarian.
- Armenian?
- Uh-huh.
Now, Grant isn't an Armenian name,
but it didn't take me long to figure out
that Alex Grant is, in fact,
Alex Kazarian, Ada's brother.
Right, so he changed his name.
That's not a crime.
Take a look at the last page.
That is Ada and Alex's father,
Sasha Kazarian.
He's currently serving 27 years
in a federal supermax
from where, by all accounts,
he continues to be the head
of one of the biggest Armenian
crime families on the West Coast.
Ah. Now, that's a reason
to change your name.
You have that email
from Bondurant to Alex Grant?
- Mm-hmm.
- Can you read it to me, please?
"If we cannot agree on terms,
I will have no choice
but to pursue this matter
through the appropriate legal channels."
"That includes reporting it
to our lenders, which, as fiduciaries,
are required under federal law
to report any suspicious activity."
Okay, so this isn't a business dispute.
It's extortion.
Mitchell Bondurant was bleeding money
from The Terrazzo,
and he wanted Alex Grant
to share the burden,
or he was going to expose him.
But expose what?
That Kazarian
is connected to organized crime?
Maybe. Maybe he was skimming money,
and Bondurant wanted in.
Maybe something else was going on.
I don't know.
Either way, it's a compelling reason
to kill somebody, right?
- Care to fill us in?
- Please.
This is what Andrea was trying to hide,
which means we found a straw man.
I'm on pins and needles.
We found something. Something good.
Oh, thank God.
Yeah. It's up to you,
and there's never any guarantee.
So, what do you wanna do?
If you found something,
then we fight, right?
I'll call you later.
Hey. Everything okay?
Um, not yet.
But I'm working on it.
appreciate all your help.
All in a day's work.
And I do mean a 24-hour day.
See ya.
Oh! I thought you might
appreciate the red.
Izzy suggested a tux.
I'm not really in a position
to draw a line in the sand.
- Am I?
- No.
No deal, Andy.
My client wants to go to trial.
You buried it well, but we found it.
Wait, is this about the plea deal?
I pulled that offer this morning.
You said 24 hours.
I said, "Until tomorrow."
It's semantics either way.
But there's no longer an offer
for you to accept or reject.
Let's just say
circumstances on the ground have changed.
See you in court, Haller.
What? We're going home.
She just pulled the offer.
She pulled the offer?
- What does that mean?
- She's not afraid anymore.
She found something. Something that'll
blow us out of the water.
So now we have to figure out what that is.
Cancel your plans, everyone.
It's gonna be another long night.
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