The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

Suspicious Minds

How did you get out of county?
Henry put up the bond for me.
I'm not gonna be a character
in your series, Henry.
What is this?
Power of attorney Lisa signed
to negotiate the sale of her life rights.
I don't know you or trust you.
They got a witness who saw Lisa Trammell
walking away from his office.
Margo Schafer.
I found something.
An email from Bondurant to an Alex Grant.
Bondurant was bleeding money
from The Terrazzo,
and he wanted Alex Grant
to share the burden,
or he would expose him.
We found a straw man.
I've been thinking about that wound
on the top of his head. Maybe a hammer?
I have no idea where that hammer is.
It wasn't even my tool kit.
It was my ex's.
Your ex-husband may come up in the trial.
Will he talk to me?
If you can find him.
Maybe Kaz cut a deal.
If he's a rat, I would know.
- Who are you meeting?
- The feds.
Teddy thinks you're the snitch.
And if the ATF raid him,
then he'll know it was you.
Then he'll blame me.
I just gotta finish this one thing.
You lie to me again, and I'm out.
My office is willing to offer your client
a plea. You have until tomorrow.
We found something. Something good.
If you found something, we fight, right?
No deal, Andy.
My client wants to go to trial.
I pulled that offer this morning.
See you in court, Haller.
She's pulled the offer.
She pulled the offer?
She found something
that will blow us out of the water.
Cancel your plans, everyone.
Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
Ooh, ooh ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
Ooh, ooh ♪
Oh, babe ♪
Like a cold, cold ♪
Oh my God.
You like?
You kidding me?
The trick is to use three types of milk.
Condensed, evaporated, and whole.
You have some caramel on your lip.
Let me get that.
The sun will never shine
And the wolves will never cry ♪
Till I'm holding you again ♪
When's the last time I slept?
I can't get a blink I'm stressed out ♪
Really need to make this bed rock
Baby, you know my sweet spot ♪
Oh, Mickey.
I turn around for two seconds,
and you're on another planet.
Sorry, it's the flan.
It's out of this world.
Thanks for trying it.
I thought it was off.
I'll put it on the menu tonight.
Mm, mm.
What's so urgent
you needed to see me in person?
The prosecutor pulled the plea deal.
Does it matter?
We didn't want the deal anyway.
She pulled it before the deadline was up.
Makes me think she found something new.
Like what?
Evidence. Another witness.
I don't know yet,
but we still have a few loose ends.
One of the biggest
is your ex-husband, Jeff.
What about him?
If he testifies for the prosecution
and makes you look bad
in front of the jury, it might sink us.
That's not gonna happen.
Are you positive?
- Have you spoken to him recently?
- No, I just
Please, leave it alone, Mickey.
I know Jeff.
He doesn't want any part of this.
Okay, but on the flip side,
he could help us.
You said the divorce was friendly.
We can ask him
if he'd be a character witness for you.
- Maybe he knows where the hammer is.
- Just stop talking about Jeff!
I'm sorry.
I'm under a lot of stress.
- I know.
- My ex-husband's not my favorite subject.
Thankfully, that part of my life is over.
I'm so sorry. That's no excuse.
I lose it in the kitchen sometimes. I
I'm working on it.
You should talk to my sous-chef.
You asked me to drop it,
and I didn't, so I'm sorry too.
Look, um
one of Jeff's old coworkers
comes in for dinner sometimes.
I think I have his number
in the reservation app.
He might still talk to Jeff.
I can text him and ask.
Are you sure?
If you think it will help.
Good. Thank you. All right, I gotta run.
Can I have the rest of the flan to go?
Well, yes, sir. I know he needs
to contact his PO every day.
Well, I don't want him going back either.
Right, the Goldstar Inn in Sylmar.
That's where I dropped him off.
He's supposed to be there
until he finds a place.
Okay, well, if Kaz reaches out,
I'll tell him to contact you right away.
Okay. Thank you.
Do you wanna know
the crimes you committed?
None. Because all the information I gave
was 100% accurate.
I just didn't give all of it.
I need this to be over.
I promise.
Izzy's waiting out front.
I only have a minute.
Okay, I need you to sign these forms
to continue the Reese trial.
Okay. And the Cardenas.
And the Henderson.
Oh, jeez.
Your other cases are piling up
while you work on the one not paying you.
Yet. Hey, where are we on Alex Grant,
the contractor? Did we subpoena him?
The process server still hasn't found him.
I've been thinking. What if this
is the reason Andrea pulled the offer?
What do you mean?
We think she offered a deal because
she found Bondurant's email to Grant.
But if we can't get Grant on the stand
to ask him about it, the email's useless.
What if she knows he's MIA,
and we're shit out of luck?
I think she's on
to something bigger.
She has an ace up her sleeve,
and we have to get her to play it.
We have to get Judge Medina
to question the merits of the case.
If Andrea loses the preliminary hearing,
the case gets dismissed.
Yeah, but isn't the prelim
just a rubber stamp for the prosecution?
Usually. All they have to do
is establish probable cause.
I didn't say we had to win.
I said we had to make Andrea think
we could win.
If she thinks there's a chance
the judge might dismiss the case,
she'll have to reveal
whatever evidence she has.
Well, their case for motive is strong.
So we have to attack opportunity.
That means the witness
who placed Lisa at the scene.
Margo Schafer, Miss Eagle Eyes herself.
She's not on the witness list,
which means Andrea doesn't want me
taking a crack at her.
- We have to turn that around.
- Again, how?
Detective O'Brien's not on the list.
What did you find out about that?
He's on medical leave,
having shoulder surgery.
His partner's gonna testify instead.
That's how.
What's how? What's happening?
I have to prep.
That means he's going shopping.
The wool and cashmere blend
that you like. Milled in England.
This fabric
will last forever.
You really outdid yourself.
How much do I owe you?
Don't insult me.
After you helped my nephew?
You pay for material only.
As long as my eyesight holds up.
Thank you. This is
for your staff, for putting up with you.
I'll put the suits
in garment bags.
I figured you as more of
the Rodeo Drive type.
For a lawyer,
a good suit is like a coat of armor,
and Gustavo makes the best armor in town.
When you're done getting outfitted,
there's something you need to hear.
Coming soon.
A new crime story, "Gentrify and Die."
Join us as we unravel the tale
behind the brutal
That's Henry Dahl.
LA's most infamous
real estate developer Mitchell Bondurant.
Guys like Bondurant
are in it for the money.
They're destroying our neighborhoods
- Oh, man. Just turn it off.
- Who killed Bondurant? Find out
I was listening to that '80s funk podcast
I love when that promo came on.
Andrea Freemann's
gonna have a field day with this.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
What's up?
Lisa, I was very clear.
No press. No interviews.
No, no. No new interviews.
I told you he's only using the old ones.
It doesn't matter, Lisa.
Every bad thing you say about Bondurant,
the prosecution can use it.
Henry said he'd give me a piece
of the advertising money.
I'm just trying to pay you.
I thought it would help.
Okay, I screwed up. I'm sorry.
Honestly, I hate
that you're working for free.
I can't help thinking that just
Thinking that a lawyer
who isn't getting paid
might not be as invested in my defense.
Lisa, I'm I'm more than invested.
- If you don't see that by now
- No, I do.
I do.
I'm just
I'm sorry.
The thing is, I don't think Henry is.
Invested, I mean.
At least not for the right reasons.
This is about money for him.
That podcast cannot be released
until the trial is over, you understand?
- I'll talk to Henry.
- Good.
Also, tell him to come up with
a better title. It's horrible.
- No, I'm serious.
- I know it's bad.
All right.
- Hey, I got some good news.
- Oh, yeah?
I got an email address for Jeff.
Against my better judgment,
I gave him your number.
- Okay.
- He didn't answer me.
Big surprise there,
but, um, who knows?
Maybe the famous defense attorney
will get a call.
Okay, I gotta get back
to my dinner service.
Yeah. You should go.
Thank you.
Oh, I boxed up an order
of the Korean short ribs for you.
And one for your driver.
I saw her eyeing the menu.
- Way to a man's heart, right?
- You're unbelievable. Thank you.
Are you still taking the Metro home
after you drop off the Lincoln?
I'm saving every penny
for that grand opening.
If we ever get there.
Izzy, I'm happy to pay for an Uber.
Oh, no. Compared to New York,
the subway here is luxury.
Unless they outlaw short ribs
on the subway.
Then I'll be Uber-ing. Mm!
Out of control.
- Right?
- Mm-hmm.
How are you doing with the studio?
The current tenants vacate in four months.
If we don't have the deposit by next week,
the landlord will go to the next person
on the list.
How short are you?
I'm not. I have my half.
But Ray's half has been coming tomorrow
for the last two weeks.
I know what you're thinking.
She's not using.
It's just more responsibility
than she's used to.
Yeah, well, who am I to give advice?
The last woman I was with
is on trial for murder.
No judgment.
I wonder though. Is it such a bad idea
to put out that podcast?
Yeah, very bad idea.
But what if it helps?
Makes people have empathy for her.
"Whoever controls the media
controls the mind."
Did you just quote Stalin?
Jim Morrison.
He had a point.
Hey, bro. You can't be here.
California Fish and Wildlife inspector.
So, what can I do for you, Mr. Wo
Don't even try.
We have a report of runoff from this site
flowing into the Los Angeles River.
You mean the storm drain?
There's nothing alive in there.
Nothing alive?
Double-crested cormorants,
yellow warblers, cooper's hawks,
ospreys, and merlins
are but a few of the creatures
that call our river home.
Where's the general contractor
on this project?
Mr. Grant.
- Alex Grant.
- Not here. He doesn't come to the site.
I need to see
his stormwater management plan
and talk to him about remediation.
I'm shutting this site down now.
Shut the site down? Hold on, bro.
Look, bro. Get Mr. Grant here now,
or tell me where he is.
What's it gonna be?
Hey. Your PO's looking for you.
I gotta get out of here.
Well, you lay low.
It's going down tonight.
Do not go anywhere
until this shit is over.
You hear me? You just stay put.
Detective Long,
you and Detective O'Brien
were the primary investigators
on the Bondurant murder, were you not?
That's right.
And when did Lisa Trammell's name come up
in your investigation?
Very quickly.
We concluded the killer
likely had a history with Mr. Bondurant.
It appeared that they hid
and waited to attack
at an opportune place and time.
This was not a random crime.
I see.
We learned from the head of security
at Mr. Bondurant's office
that an employee saw Miss Trammell
walking away from the building
after the time of death.
That employee would be
Margo Schafer, a receptionist?
- Yes.
- Did you speak with Miss Schafer?
Yes. She reiterated what she said
to the security guard.
She also told us about
Miss Trammell's dispute
with Mr. Bondurant,
and that she knew the victim
had a restraining order against her.
And that's when the defendant
became a person of interest.
At this point,
did you question Miss Trammell?
Yes, we did.
First at her home, then at the station.
She came willingly.
Detective, when did you decide
to place Lisa Trammell under arrest?
During questioning, the defendant made
contradictory statements
about whether or not she'd seen
Mr. Bondurant the morning he was murdered.
She also made statements that seemed
to bolster her motive for murder.
At that point, we detained her
and procured a warrant
to search her premises.
Thank you, Detective. Nothing further.
Mr. Haller, any questions?
Yes, thank you, Your Honor.
Good morning, Detective Long.
You testified about statements made
by another potential witness,
Margo Schafer, an employee of the victim.
That's correct.
So, I assume you were present
during Miss Schafer's interview.
Well, no. Actually, my partner,
Detective O'Brien, conducted it.
I was canvassing for witnesses.
I see. So you didn't personally observe
Margo Schafer making these statements.
I observed the video recording
when I returned.
You observed a video recording.
Your Honor, under the penal code,
a peace officer can testify
at a preliminary hearing
to one level of hearsay only.
This is two.
The witness who placed my client
at the crime scene
gave her statement to Detective O'Brien,
not Detective Long.
Therefore, Detective O'Brien
needs to be here to testify.
Mr. Haller has a point, Miss Freemann.
Can you produce Detective O'Brien?
Unfortunately, Judge,
he is on medical leave
and unable to appear until trial.
In that case, the defense moves
to strike this entire line of testimony.
It's hearsay and can't be considered
in this hearing
I can have Miss Schafer
on the stand tomorrow.
She can testify
to what she saw personally.
That work for you, Mr. Haller?
That would be fine, Your Honor.
In that case,
I am granting the motion to strike.
We will continue this hearing
tomorrow morning
in order to hear
from Miss Schafer directly.
The witness is excused.
I don't understand.
You want the receptionist to testify?
How does that help us?
I need to find out what Freemann's got.
This is how we find out.
- You son of a bitch.
- Not here, Henry. Let's talk outside.
I had to hear about this from my lawyer?
You couldn't call me?
Does someone wanna tell me
what's going on?
He filed an injunction
to stop the release of our podcast.
"Our podcast"? Do you even hear yourself?
Fine. You wanna do this here?
Why don't you tell Lisa the truth?
That you're taking advantage of her.
I'm trying to help a friend make money
and get her story out there.
You might as well hand our case
to the prosecutor.
There was nothing incriminating in there.
You don't have the expertise
to make that judgment.
Look, maybe I jumped the gun a little.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you vet whatever it is we plan
on putting out beforehand?
You can make sure
we don't compromise anything.
No. This is not a negotiation, Henry.
The injunction stays.
After the trial, you can do what you want.
Until then, stay out of my way.
Hey, I told you
I was going to talk to him.
Lisa, I'm your lawyer.
My job is to represent your interests
to the best of my ability.
And I appreciate that.
But you don't see how much your job
has messed with your head.
- You don't trust anyone.
- No. I don't trust him.
Do you trust me? Because you said
you were gonna let me deal with this.
Now I gotta go fix it.
Mickey Haller.
- Heard you were looking for me.
- Who's this?
- Is this Jeff Trammell?
- What do you want?
Jeff, uh, thanks for calling.
You probably know
I'm representing Lisa in a murder case.
What does that have to do with me?
Well, you could help her
by testifying as a character witness.
Me and Lisa didn't exactly have
the best marriage.
I'd rather not get dragged back
into her drama, if you catch my drift.
Wh Drama? I mean, you two fight a lot?
I know she could have a bit of a temper.
We had arguments like every couple,
but that's all they were.
I'm I'm hearing the ocean, Jeff.
Are you still in Ensenada?
- Good surf in Baja?
- Man, I gotta go.
Just give me a second, Jeff. Please. I
You remember the tool set you left behind?
- The 150-piece Craftsman.
- Yeah.
The hammer's missing from it,
and it looks very bad for Lisa.
Maybe you know where it is.
You remember losing it?
Look, I'm not testifying, okay?
I told you, leave me out of this mess.
Jeff. Jeff, wait
Police, don't move!
Put your hands where I can see them!
Stay right there! Down!
- Down!
- Don't move!
Against the wall!
Everybody down on the floor!
Over here.
Open 'em up.
Open that one.
I love you.
What the fuck is this?
It's our annual toy drive.
What does it look like?
Where are the guns?
All right.
You did good.
It was a one-time thing.
Your brothers appreciate it.
There is, uh,
one bit of unfinished business.
Situation's being handled.
All you need to know is
you'll never hear from Kaz again.
All I need to know?
That's not your call to make, Cisco.
It is what it is, Teddy.
Kaz is out.
So do what you need to do.
'Cause, either way,
this shit
ends today.
Smile, brother.
Kaz saved your ass.
This is you saving his.
Seems fair to me.
So we're good?
We're good.
Let's go.
Hey! Move it!
Sorry, this will only take a second.
A little patience, please.
Move your car! Get out of the way!
Miss Schafer,
did you know who the defendant was
prior to Mitchell Bondurant's murder?
Yes. All the employees were aware of her.
Thank you for waiting!
Call your fucking therapist!
So you knew what
Miss Trammell looked like?
Yes. We even had a photo of her
at the reception desk
so the staff could recognize her
if she tried
to violate the restraining order.
Did you ever see Miss Trammell
on the premises
after Mr. Bondurant
obtained his restraining order?
Not in the building, no.
But on the morning
that Mr. Bondurant was murdered,
I saw her very clearly walking away
from the building.
And what time was that?
It was 9:05 a.m.
I remember because I was late to work.
There was an accident blocking traffic.
Would you say this map
is an accurate representation
of where you were that morning?
Yes, it is. I was stuck in traffic
because of the accident.
Our office building
was up ahead on my right.
Thank you. And was this where you were?
It is.
And is this where you saw
the defendant walking?
Yes. I saw her,
the defendant,
walking away from the building towards me.
Walking very fast.
And there was only one lane
between your car and the sidewalk.
That's right. I was in the middle lane.
Last question, Miss Schafer.
Do you wear corrective lenses?
No, I do not.
My doctor says I've never needed them.
Thank you. Nothing further.
- Good morning, Miss Schafer.
- Good morning.
You said you didn't see the defendant
in your building.
So, how do you know for sure
she was walking away from it?
It was clear to me
from the direction she was walking.
From what I can see on the diagram,
whoever you saw
was halfway down the block.
- Yes, but
- Are there other businesses on that block?
- Cafés, shops?
- Yes.
So, wouldn't it be safer to say
that you just saw someone walking east?
I guess so.
Miss Schafer, when you testified
that you were one lane from the sidewalk,
you miscounted, didn't you?
No. There are three lanes.
The lane to my left, the lane I was in,
and the lane to my right.
What about the curbside parking lane?
Okay, but that's not a real lane.
Do you recall how many cars were parked
along the curb
when you allegedly saw the defendant?
I don't know. Maybe a couple.
Just a couple of cars parked
on a busy commercial street
at 9:00 in the morning?
There could've been more.
You said there was an accident
slowing your commute.
How far was traffic backed up
in the lane to your right?
I don't remember.
You don't seem to remember much,
do you, Miss Schafer?
Isn't it true that you had to look through
a full lane of backed-up traffic
plus a full parking lane
in order to see anyone on the sidewalk?
But I saw her. She was there.
Right. The defense would like
to introduce three photographs
and mark them as Exhibit A.
These photos were taken on this very block
at exactly 9:05 this morning.
Objection. We've received no photographs.
I apologize to court and counsel.
They were just taken and sent to me.
They're on my phone,
but I'm happy to text or email them
to Miss Freemann if she'd like,
or you can, uh
Your Honor, there's no foundation
for these pictures.
The person who took them is a law student
at a criminal practice clinic at my firm.
Your Honor, she can be on the stand
this afternoon to verify them.
And Miss Schafer herself
can verify the location.
May I see the photos?
Your Honor.
I'll allow the pictures,
pending testimony on verification.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Now, Miss Schafer
these photos were taken at the spot
indicated on the diagram
from the driver's seat
of my employee's MINI Cooper.
- You drive a Toyota Corolla, do you not?
- Yes.
About the same size as a Mini Cooper,
would you agree?
I guess so.
Good. Then looking at this picture,
how clearly can you see the pedestrians
on the sidewalk?
Not very clearly.
And now?
I guess the same.
How about now? Can you see past
both lanes of cars in any of these photos?
I was inching forward, trying to get
to the intersection to turn right
Wait, I'm confused.
Were you looking at the sidewalk
to your right
or at the road in front of you
to make a turn?
I Both.
Look, I know what I saw.
- Did you think much of it in the moment?
- What?
In the moment, did you think to yourself,
"There goes Lisa Trammell?
What's she doing here?"
Or was it only after you got to work
and heard what happened to your boss?
Maybe you even saw that photo of my client
behind the desk?
Was that when you started to think about
who you thought you saw
walking down the sidewalk?
I mean, I
- I have nothing further, Your Honor.
- Very well.
If there's no redirect
from the prosecution
Then the witness is excused.
Counsel, approach, please.
Miss Freemann,
for the purposes of this hearing,
I'm afraid I cannot find
this witness's testimony sufficient
to establish Miss Trammell's presence.
Given that this is all you have
to put the defendant at the crime scene
Miss Trammell admitted
to being in the vicinity, Your Honor.
She told O'Brien she saw the victim
in the coffee shop near his office.
A coffee shop near his office
an hour before the murder
is not the crime scene.
Does the prosecution have
any other witnesses to call
or evidence to present?
I'd like to confer
with my office before responding.
Then we'll recess early.
The People have till 2:00 p.m.
Thank you.
Your Honor.
What just happened?
We called her bluff, that's what.
Now she's gotta put up or shut up.
Holy shit, Mickey. You're amazing.
All right.
- Thank you.
- Don't thank me yet.
We still have to see
what Freeman's cooking up.
What if she doesn't have anything?
Maybe there really is a chance
the judge will just dismiss this.
Yeah, maybe.
But one step at a time, all right?
Hey, listen. I'm really sorry
about yesterday with Henry.
I was just surprised.
Don't worry about it.
I should have told you.
I talked to him,
and he won't be a problem.
- I promise.
- Good.
However, there is something
you should know.
I was there that morning
in front of the building like she said.
- You
- I just need to be honest with you.
I found a spot on the street
in front of their building.
There was nowhere else to park.
And if I don't get to my vendors early,
they sell out.
Is this bad for you?
Look, I never said
you weren't there.
I just questioned Schafer's ability
to have seen you there.
- Lisa, you have to tell me everything.
- That's everything.
I swear.
I should've told you earlier.
When I didn't, it became
this big thing in my head,
and I don't know.
I didn't know what to do. I'm sorry.
It's all right. In preliminary hearings,
the deck is stacked against you.
It's my job to unstack it.
We did that.
Now go get something to eat.
- I'll see you back here after lunch.
- Yeah, okay.
Oh. Do you want a hand roll from KazuNori?
I know I'm always feeding you,
but it's kind of my thing.
Sure, I'll take two.
What's going on?
Alex Grant. Also known as Alex Kazarian.
I tracked him to a condo downtown,
but the doorman says
he hasn't seen him for three days.
Right when we started looking.
Which means somebody tipped him off.
And the guy's rich,
so he could go underground.
Who knows how long he can hide from us.
Hopefully, we won't have to go hunting.
Something else?
You can start billing
the Road Saints again.
I never asked you to bail me out, Mick.
You didn't have to.
You were in a jam, Cisco.
A small price to pay.
But it was my debt.
Now it's paid.
Although we may owe Walt Schrader a favor.
Walt Schrader, my client? The forger?
- Yeah.
- Isn't he in Chino?
Got out last year.
Oh. Well, what does he have
to do with this?
- The less you know
- Yeah.
All right.
Miss Freemann,
I hope you had an enjoyable lunch break.
I assume you have something more
to present.
Yes, Your Honor.
The People call Hannah Gates.
Your Honor, there's no Hannah Gates
on the witness list.
Miss Gates is a forensics analyst
with the county crime lab.
This is prejudicial.
I've had no opportunity
to prepare for this.
Like I had no opportunity
to prepare for the photographs
taken 30 seconds
before they were introduced.
That was impeachment.
I had no obligation to turn it over
in advance, even if I had it.
Okay, okay.
It's a preliminary hearing, Mr. Haller.
There's no jury to prejudice.
The freeway goes both ways.
When we're lucky.
Continue, Miss Freemann.
Quickly if you don't mind.
I have tickets for Hamilton tonight.
Miss Gates, how long
have you been on the job?
Sixteen years. Seventeen in June.
And in that time, how many crimes
have you analyzed evidence from?
I've been the primary analyst
in well over a thousand cases.
People's two, Your Honor. This is a copy
of Miss Gates's report from this case.
Miss Gates, did you analyze
a pair of gardening gloves
taken from the defendant's shed
and booked into evidence
under DR number 1113-0907?
- Yes, I did.
- This photo in your report.
Is this a photograph
of the gloves in question?
That's right.
Objection. None of this
was provided in discovery.
Because I was just presented
with this today.
I was not initially intending
to use it at this hearing.
Approach, Your Honor?
Just days ago,
the People offered the defendant
a generous plea deal,
which they withdrew the next day.
Sorry. Are you accusing me
of deliberately withholding discovery?
I'm saying the timing of this report
is suspect.
I don't work for the crime lab.
I can't force them to expedite reports
I wanna see the notes
from your interviews with Miss Gates.
Discovery arguments are an issue
for trial, Mr. Haller, as you well know.
I'm allowing Miss Freemann to continue.
You engineered this
to make her show her cards.
You can't complain now
because you don't like your hand.
Miss Gates,
when you were testing the gloves
recovered in the defendant's shed,
what did you discover?
We found epithelial cells
and hair follicles
matching the defendant's DNA.
Anything else?
We also found what appeared to be
a blood stain on the right-hand glove.
And did you test
this blood stain?
We did.
It's a match to the murder victim,
Mitchell Bondurant.
What? What's going on?
- I have no further questions.
- Mickey.
Mr. Haller.
- No questions, Your Honor.
- Very well, then.
In that case,
based on the evidence presented to me,
I find the People
have met their burden of proof
for purposes of a preliminary hearing.
Therefore, I am holding the defendant
to answer.
Come on.
I have no idea
how that blood ended up on my gloves.
Keep your voice down, Lisa.
I didn't do this, Mickey.
You believe me, right?
I need you to believe me.
You keep saying that,
and I keep saying it doesn't matter.
It matters to me.
Great. You think I killed him.
Why is Mitchell Bondurant's blood
on your gardening gloves?
What's the explanation?
Help me figure it out.
I don't know. Okay? I don't know.
I'm being set up!
I must be. I don't know
if it was the mobster guy or what.
How can you defend me
if you think I'm guilty?
The jury's gonna see it on you
just like I do.
I defend clients accused of crimes
all the time, guilty or innocent.
It doesn't matter.
I do everything in my power to win.
- So now I'm just a client to you.
- That's not what I meant.
I don't believe this.
- Lisa.
- No!
Evening, Mabel.
You sure you wanna do this?
You got him wrapped around your finger.
Actually, we have
a very equitable modern relationship.
Not so fast.
Cisco did what he did
because he felt he owed you.
- Maybe he did.
- Maybe.
But that's done now.
I need you to swear you'll never
show your face around here again.
I don't even want him knowing
where you're going. Got it?
Just think of me as a ghost.
I'm not gonna think of you at all.
Good luck.
Do yourself a favor.
Don't take his last name.
You're a loyal man, Cisco.
And I'm lucky to have you.
That being said, I'm glad
this test of your loyalty is over.
Me too.
Now, about the whole wedding thing.
Tread carefully.
I know that you want
that custom Lady M cake,
but I heard about this new cupcake place.
We do not have time for another tasting.
Just try one
before you say no.
You had these the entire time?
You little sneak.
- You really do care about our wedding.
- Of course I do, babe.
And if you think I'm a loyal man,
wait till you see
what kind of a husband I make.
Mickey, we're in the middle
of a moment here.
This pendejo went behind my back
and made a deal.
Okay, slow down. What is going on?
Fucking Henry Dahl cut a deal
to sell Lisa's story to some TV studio.
Now they're making a series.
Okay, but you have Lisa's rights.
I know I have Lisa's rights.
I'm gonna sue the shit out of this guy.
I can't find the contract.
Where did you put it?
- You didn't give them to me.
- You didn't take them out of the car?
No, I didn't take them out of your car.
The trunk is for open cases
unless you specify
that you want them scanned or filed.
You did neither.
Unless you wanna go digital,
which I've been suggesting.
I don't want my client files
in someone's cloud. I told you that.
I know lawyers who have been hacked.
It's not pretty. Goddamn it, Lorna.
You have your mind on your wedding,
school, and everything besides your job.
No, no, wait. You stop right there.
I've been keeping your office
up and running
while you run around
completely preoccupied.
You haven't had your head on straight
since you met this woman.
I told you from the beginning
this case is too messy.
It's my business
who I take on as a client, all right?
You're not my associate.
Go fuck yourself, Haller!
You're that lawyer from the news,
aren't you? Haller, right?
Yes, but I'm in the middle of some
Son of a
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