The Lodge (2016) s01e07 Episode Script


1 You're up to something.
Oh, I'm just getting started.
You set me up? Why? You kissed Skye.
Who said that? You kissed my girlfriend! Look I feel really bad about it.
And I would really love to get to know you better.
We have ears.
Snuggles, picking up loud and clear.
Everything will be ruined.
Sean? (SCREAMS) SKYE: Sean! Why don't we just go in there? If it's not in the basement, there's only one other place she'd have hidden it.
This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Starting over, starting now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now (CELL PHONE BEEPING) Hey, Skye.
Oh! Hi, Ben.
Did you get any of the 60 messages I sent you? Yeah, after about 42 you were kind of repeating yourself.
(CHUCKLES) Anyway, I'm just really glad you're here.
I'm not.
You're not? I wanted to tell you face to face I'm I'm quitting the lodge.
What? Please don't do that, I just can't be around you and And this place.
Not after what happened.
Do you mean the kiss? Or the voting? What voting? Oh, Ben.
Danielle's making us wear these.
Sean V Ben T-shirts? When did this happen? I had no idea it had.
Thanks a lot, Noah.
Ben! T-shirts.
And Sean's face is on the front.
Typical! I'm sure there's some with your face on too.
I only put up with the reality show because I knew it was good for the lodge and it was important to you.
I just I can't be around here right now.
I'm sorry.
(YELLING) Danielle! Oh.
Where did you get that? (SNICKERING) Whose idea was this? It's the new uniform while the whole Ben versus Sean thing's going on.
Why don't you take one of each? Change depending on your mood.
You're enjoying this.
CHRISTINA: Oh, Danielle? Why don't you go and get ready for the pizza night? Okay.
Pizza night? Yeah, we're making pizzas for the guests and then we're going to announce the winner of the Ben versus Sean vote.
My dad thinks you're actually nice.
Skye, Danielle's ideas are putting the lodge on the map.
Hey, hey! How are my two favorite ladies? (MOUSE CLICKING) SKYE: Come on! Please, come on! Skye the They only had Sean in my size.
So the shower in five is I know! I'm looking for plumbers.
Which I could do if this screen would stop freezing.
(SIGHS) Ben just used to hit it and make it work.
Did he? Are you okay? I've got 200 kilograms of pizza dough.
Who's signing for it? Of course, I can't forget pizza night! So, about the shower in five? What are you going to do? I'm going to hit it! You hear that? The North Star Lodge needs a plumber.
And I know just the men for the job.
(EXCLAIMS) (LAUGHING) Argh! Sean, you're not going anywhere on that ankle, not for a while.
My ankle's fine.
I just needed to get out of the house, mum.
And end up at the lodge? Maybe things over there need some time to heal too.
I need to make things right with my friends, mum.
And do what? I thought I'd go for the sympathy angle and limp for them.
(LAUGHING) Come on, you can help me unpack.
You know spending some time at home could be a chance to talk to your dad.
It'd mean a lot to him.
So he can lecture me about working with him? Kayls, I can't pretend anymore.
I like you.
I always will.
And I know we're meant to be together.
Also, I love what you've done with your hair today.
Oz not gracing us with his royal coolness today? I invited him to pizza night.
They'll be lots of people watching.
Great publicity for his band.
Oz is not using me just to get famous.
I don't need protecting.
Didn't Kaylee Mop tell you that? You know about Kaylee Mop? Oz believes in me.
And he thinks I should go to music school.
But there are no music schools anywhere near here.
There are in the city.
And I'm thinking about it.
(BANGING) So explain what's happening here exactly.
I'm fixing the shower.
You've never shown much of an interest in plumbing before.
Don't we have a Ben for this? He's gone.
He quit.
Because of me.
Turn it off! So cold! Make it stop! (YELPING) So cold! It's too cold! Give us the wrench! Aww! (EXCLAIMS) I didn't realize how much Ben kept this place together.
And now I've ruined everything.
I just never thought I'd be that girl.
Who breaks everyone up.
(SIGHS) There is no, "That girl.
" There's just people trying to figure things out.
Who's Samuel James? I found a tape in Mum's den, she's singing on it with this boy and his initials are everywhere.
I've kind of been too afraid to ask.
Samuel, your mum and me were all friends, about the same age that you are now.
So, why did no one mention him before? Samuel did something stupid and your mum almost got hurt.
And after that your granddad wouldn't let her see him anymore.
So, he was like her boyfriend? For a while.
But we both liked your mum and after that happened, she knew she had to choose.
It's Josh.
It's Josh.
It's Josh.
It's Josh.
Oh, I've got to take this.
It's Josh.
It's Josh.
It's Josh.
It's Josh.
Oh, I've got to take this.
Go ahead.
It's Josh.
It's Josh.
It's Josh.
Finally! Did you get my text? Got the text.
Enjoyed the goss.
Want one of the T-shirts.
So you know in a playground when a boy pulls your pigtails? Please speak like a normal person.
It's because he wants you to chase after him.
Ben quitting is just pulling your pigtails.
Ben left pretty angry.
He definitely doesn't want me to chase after him.
You're the girl who fights for things.
I'm just reminding you.
I've got to go.
Where's she off to? Off to fix things with Ben, I hope.
Er, can I help you? I believe you're in need of a plumber? We are plumbers.
Here's our card.
How did you get here so fast? Uh, that's on a need to know basis.
(CHUCKLING) We'll get right to it.
Room Five shower? We'll show ourselves up.
Ah, these are for you.
Ah, I planted these, actually.
They were really hard to grow.
I'll put them back then.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, that'll work.
So, why am I here? Because someone pulled someone's pigtails.
What? The lodge is a total disaster without you around.
I'm sure it's fine.
I broke the shower in Room Five, and signed for 200 kilograms of pizza dough.
Okay, that's kind of weird.
It's just, you and the lodge, you kind of go together.
You know I've spent some nights Basking in the light of a million shooting stars They could all go out, but when you come around We're still shining in the dark 'Cause we might be right And we might be wrong All I know is that you belong I looked up and to my surprise You were there and I realized That wherever you're with me Is my favorite place to be All we need Is the air we breathe The big blue sky above, The ground beneath our feet All we need Is to never leave 'Cause me and you, and you and me My favorite place to be I know you like Sean.
He kissed me.
Skye just be honest.
All I know for sure is that the lodge is as much your place as it is mine, and I miss you there.
Please come back.
(BUZZING) What is that? The reality show.
What did you Did you plan this so they could film it? I thought this place was special.
It is! I would never.
No, I can't do this anymore.
Christina! Is that you up there can you hear me? I want you and the show out of the lodge! You're canceled! You can't just throw them out Skye, not without talking to me first! That's what you said when I wanted them here.
Christina and the show have been good for the lodge.
Dad, they came to the tree.
Well maybe Christina didn't realize how important that place is to you.
I have to service the show, and our audience want to know who you're going to end up with.
Why would anyone care? The show is called My Amazing Life.
You are the drama that keeps people watching.
But I don't want to be anymore.
All right.
Err Christina? DANIELLE: Christina? What are you doing? A star who doesn't want to be watched makes for terrible TV.
I flick that switch and all the cameras turn off and we go.
Is that what you want, Skye? You can't do that! Danielle.
Is it what you want? Be sure.
I'll arrange to have the cameras collected.
Sorry this didn't end up better.
Is that it then? Us included? Ed, I knew the tree was special to Skye.
But this job means everything to me just like the lodge means everything to you and Skye.
So if the show's over then I have to go.
I'd better go and get packed, I need to get back to the city.
I didn't mean for it to come between you two.
I know you didn't.
Get in there, come on! All right.
Her mum could have stashed it anywhere.
So you, you check the closets, I'll, I'll check for secret panels.
So I don't have a job anymore? The show got canceled.
But the voting is still going on! And pizza night was going to be huge.
They were my ideas! Danielle, it's over.
Good luck, Skye.
Whenever I lose something, it's because of you.
I loved that job.
Danielle, I You don't realize it, but up till now, I've been playing nice.
Not here.
Now what? This mustache really itches.
Maybe it got lost or destroyed? It was years ago since her mum stayed in this room.
ED: Skye? Are you in your room? Ahh! Mustache! What are you doing in here? Room Five's down the corridor.
Just checking for some pipes.
(KNOCKING ON WALL) Yup, these are definitely walls.
No pipes here.
Weren't you the one with the mustache before? We share everything.
We've gotta go.
The boss is not going to be happy.
(SIGHS) Hey.
how's the foot? Yeah, it's a lot better, Dad, thanks.
That's a relief.
Come and sit with me.
So is this where I get the speech? No biking for a while, perfect time to work with the family business.
I was going to say, why mope around the house worrying that you've messed things up, when you could just go over there and find out.
Because I might have really messed things up.
You know you never asked what I would do with the lodge if Skye sold it to me.
Okay, what would you do? A health spa.
Install a sauna.
Maybe a swimming pool.
That's about it.
Really? But I thought you were going to just Listen.
This reality show uses Skye, and you and Ben to get ratings.
And Skye thinks I'm the bad guy? Sean, I am not asking you to work for me, but as a favor, when you go over there, could you at least fight my corner? Tell Skye I mean well.
Dad, I never said I was going over there.
Sometimes I feel ya don't understand me I need a plan B or I'm out of time Give me a minute to show I'm in it If sky's the limit then I gotta try Oh, because there's something about me Oh, because there's something about me You know you can't live without me You're gonna stop in your tracks Now it's pulling you back like that Because there's something about me It's weird having the MAL cameras still there, but, you know, nobody's watching.
You okay? You keep checking the time.
Pizza Night doesn't start till eight.
I don't even know why we're still having a Pizza Night.
I'm fine, it's just, Oz said he'd get here at 6:00 to help, and I might have told him that Skye kicked the show out.
Maybe him and his band just got delayed or something.
Or you were right and he was just here because of the show after all.
I'm fine.
(SIGHS) What are you doing up here? Freaking out in case I bump into you.
What are you doing out here? Freaking out because I fired the reality show, I've got a Pizza Night to organize, and I don't know how to make pizza.
You want to freak out together? I don't know, Sean.
Is Ben in there? (SIGHS) He quit.
What? I'm sorry about everything.
I know it's all probably all my stupid fault.
I don't think there's anything you could say that would fix this.
I can make pizza.
(LAUGHING) I'm not sure how long I do this.
We've got 25 hungry guests out there.
Worry about that.
Hey, I found a ladle! This isn't a ladle, is it? No.
Hey, check this out! (LAUGHING) Noah, that's a good look for you.
Sean! Hey there.
Everybody relax, I am on this.
I (EXCLAIMS) am a pizza ninja.
Now, Where's the machine that makes pizzas? You mean the oven? Don't get technical on me, Ed.
Should we be acting as if him being here is awkward? Just go with it.
Oh, you've um, got a bit of flour Oh, you crossed a line.
Ah Kaylee Hey! Oz! Sorry we're late! Do you know how hard it is to find chefs' hats in a tiny village like this? Turns out my dad just wants to turn the lodge into a fancy health spa.
A health spa? Anyway I promised I'd mention it.
Just in case.
Well, you've mentioned it now.
So, who won the Sean V Ben vote? Put your phones away! I don't want to know who won.
It's not important.
We're on our own now, we don't need the reality show to make this place work.
Okay? Agreed.
Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! (CHEERING) I'm actually going to suggest that one of these two water features here is a pool Mum? Hey, sweetie.
Hey, Danielle.
What's going on? Well, I'm helping Gil with his plans for a new property development.
Is that the North Star? If we can make this work, this time next month the bulldozers could be rolling in.
Come on let's go.
(WHOOPING) (CRIES) (SQUEAKING) What was that? Now she's trying to spook us.
Wild animal is ruining my beauty sleep.
Now shoo! You should have told me you liked Skye from the start.
Why, so you could avoid shoving me down some stairs? That was in the moment.
So was kissing Skye! Write down your most secret wish, make it into a boat and set if free.
It's Noah's.
Kayls you can't.
No, my dad wants to turn the Lodge into a health spa, he told me.
You're so gullible.
You need to get Skye to sell.
You know I've spent some nights Basking in the light of a million shooting stars They could all go out, but when you come around We're still shining in the dark 'Cause we might be right And we might be wrong All I know is that you belong I looked up and to my surprise You were there and I realized That wherever you're with me Is my favorite place to be