The Lodge (2016) s01e08 Episode Script

Wishful Thinking

1 You kissed Skye.
Who said that? You kissed my girlfriend.
Sean! Argh! SKYE: Sean! Are you okay? Don't we have a Ben for this? He quit, because of me.
(SCREAMS) Her mum could have stashed it anywhere, so you, you check the closets, I'll check for secret panels.
Turns out my dad just wants to turn the lodge into a fancy health spa.
There are no music schools anywhere near here.
There are in the city.
Is that the North Star? This time next month, the bulldozers could be rolling in.
(MUSIC PLAYING) This is where we met, Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Starting over, starting now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready set, Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now (CHUCKLES) What? That thing's bigger than you! It's my mum's old camping gear.
What, from pre-historic times? You think we'll get WiFi out there? Yeah, the password is "It's the woods you idiot", all lowercase.
Isn't the point of this to get back to nature! We're going un-plugged.
Where's your stuff? This is all I need pal.
ED: Explorers all set? Are you sure you can manage without us? No more pining over Christina and pigging out on ice-cream.
Nah, we weren't that serious.
I feel bad.
I'll be fine.
You guys deserve a break.
Go! Have fun! Is everyone here? Apart from Ben obviously.
Looks like it.
Come on, let's go! Whoo! Whoo! (CELL PHONE RINGING) Here we go guys.
Come on! (SNIVELING) I'll give you your due, you were a pretty good biker when you got to (SQUEALS) These are brand new! Not anymore they're not.
Hi, Danielle.
Ben! Oh.
What're you doing here? Shopping! All right, I need to see Sean and I know they're off camping somewhere Around here How about you? Totally nailing the whole 'keep your distance' thing.
I'm always out here.
Right, it's a coincidence.
Good luck finding their camp.
Wait! Wait, I'm sorry! Please don't leave me here.
(SQUEALS) (SIGHS) Hop on! Er no, I don't do piggy-backs, so You will if you want to get there before dark.
Ben, don't you dare tell anyone about this! This spot is perfect! And how do you know that? My feet are tired from walking.
(ALL CHUCKLING) Er, I didn't bring a tent.
Because you don't understand the concept of camping? Because I thought we'd be sharing.
That's fine! No need for drama.
Sean, how big is your tent? One man, all the way.
I do not do feet in my face.
Oz can borrow my tent! If I wasn't sharing with Skye and had actually brought one.
Four-man tent.
Why? I like to spread out.
Perfect! Oz can bunk with Noah.
Right, I volunteer to get firewood! You mean kindling.
Ben! And you need to make sure it's dry.
What? I am invited, right? Of course you are! Just surprised and happy to see you.
Our odds of surviving the night just improved.
I rescued some wildlife on the way here.
Ha! Hilarious.
Don't flatter yourself Skye, I'm here to see Sean.
And it couldn't wait? Fine.
I know when I'm not wanted.
We can't let her go back alone.
Fine! But don't expect me to talk to her.
Cool with me.
I'm not dealing with him either.
Danielle, you'll need these.
Well, this is, erm, gonna be fun.
(BRANCHES CREAKING) (CROW CAWING) (GASPS) Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! There is no wood out there! We're in the woods.
I don't think they'd have called it that if there wasn't wood out there.
(CHUCKLES) Somebody got spooked.
Only since you came.
Look, I'll go.
I'll go.
Great idea! I didn't mean No, not together.
SKYE: Aw, thanks guys.
Sean, I, really need to talk to you.
Look, when I get back.
Come to the woods.
Enjoy the scenery.
Hang out with my ex-best friend and my ex-girlfriend.
I've got this.
Cheers mate.
(STRUMMING) Aren't you going to tell him? When I'm ready.
(PLAYING UPBEAT TUNE) Like a tiger in a cage Feelings trapped inside your brain Wanna say what you wanna say But it's all locked inside Gotta get things off your chest Living life with no regrets Just a little bit of confidence Will let you speak your mind It's better to be honest Than to hide yourself in silence Yeah! Yeah, yeah, Just come on and Tell it like it is Oh yeah Just come out and say it Take a chance let the words fall out Open up till they hear you now Yeah, yeah, just come on and tell it like it is Yeah, yeah, Yeah, yeah, Just come on and tell it like it is (BOTH PANTING) You knew I was here, so why come? (BOTH PANTING) You knew I was here, so why come? Oh, worried you won't have Skye all to yourself? You were a big hit at Pizza Night huh? You should have told me you liked Skye from the start.
What so you could avoid shoving me down some stairs? That was in the moment.
So was kissing Skye! Look you know me, I do stupid things without thinking, I'm sorry.
She can't stop talking about you since you quit, by the way.
DANIELLE: Sean! You can't ignore me! How is the Sean/Danielle thing? We, er, we split up.
And yet here she is.
(CLEARS THROAT) Let's hear it then.
What's so important that you sacrificed your shoes to come see me? I know something you don't know.
Oh, hey! Let's play a game.
I'm up for that, but it's got to be Truth or Dare or nothing.
If you really knew Kaylee, you'd know she hates Truth or Dare.
We can play Truth or Dare.
You hate it! It goes against your entire personality.
I'll start.
Noah! Truth.
Tell us something you really like about Oz.
SKYE: And you have to mean it.
He's got Nice Teeth.
You know, I do really hate Truth or Dare.
Let's not bother with that.
Wha- what? You made me say I like Oz's teeth! That's embarrassing.
We're bonding, right dude? I think you have really lovely hair.
Aw, guys come on.
(CHUCKLES) What did I miss? Noah likes Oz's teeth.
I got firewood.
You mean kindling? (CHUCKLES) Yeah I'm glad you came.
How did you know we were out here? Josh did this big blog sulk-rant about having no access to you for a day.
I heard you fired the reality show.
Ben, you know I never meant for them to film us at the tree, right? Yeah.
I know.
And now we've got the concert to deal with and we're so busy.
I might need to hire someone.
Really? I do have a very strict list of requirements though.
People whose name begins with B, outdoorsy type, wood-gathering skills of course.
Of course.
If all this is about you and me getting back together then As if! (SCOFFS) Oh.
Okay, what then? Your dad and my mum have been working together for, like, months.
What? On this huge, massive deal to build fancy apartments right on top of where the lodge is.
No, my dad wants to turn the lodge into a health spa.
He told me.
You're so gullible! Your dad just said that so you'd tell Skye so she'd agree to sell.
They plan to knock it down and it's going to make our families rich, Sean.
Why are you telling me this? To make sure you're onboard.
You need to get Skye to sell.
And I said, "See you later!" (ALL CHUCKLING) (SNORTING) What was that? Did you hear that? Now she's trying to spook us.
Oh, are we telling horror stories? I know a story that Skye might find pretty scary.
KAYLEE: No horror stories.
Pass over my guitar.
Oh, you broke the strap.
You'll need a new one for music school.
Ah, I'm sorry.
What? That was for real? I, er, I got into the city music school.
I start in a couple of weeks.
I'm leaving.
That's great news, Kaylee.
BEN: Nice one, Kayls! Sorry for letting it slip.
We're happy for you.
I knew you could do it.
The tracks Noah produced for me sealed the deal.
I was working with good material.
So you're, er, moving to the city? Hello! You're moving to the city! Forget about this place! I'm so jealous.
I should have said something sooner but I wanted to enjoy hanging out together.
I realized it might be the last time.
Oh! This is perfect.
Wait here.
Ben, could you hand these out please? Yeah.
So I read my mum's diary, and she'd come up camping here too.
And on their last trip, she had this idea.
She read about this Japanese tradition where you write down your most secret wish, make it into a boat and set it free.
But your wish has to remain a secret otherwise it won't come true.
I thought we could give it a try? I love it! Yeah.
I'm in.
Why not? (GUITAR STRUMMING) The sky is full of possibilities I know the stars above are listening, yeah, yeah Just got to look inside my heart, I know And not be scared to chase a little hope Don't want to live my life by playing safe I'd rather risk it all and have some faith, yeah, yeah Sometimes you think you got it all to lose But trust yourself and watch it all come true ALL: I'll close my eyes and Give in to gravity And own this night, yeah The universe can hear me I've got to take my chances Forget the consequences And keep hoping, thinking, dreaming What I've been wishin' for All I've wanted I'll make it happen With the night sky watching I can just imagine I've got to take my chances Forget the consequences And keep hoping, thinking, dreaming What I've been wishin' for Oh, oh What I've been wishin' For For ALL: Oh I'll close my eyes and Give in to gravity And own this night, yeah The universe can hear me I've got to take my chances Forget the consequences And keep hoping, thinking, dreaming What I've been wishin' for All I've wanted I'll make it happen With the night sky watching I can just imagine I've got to take my chances Take my chances Forget the consequences And keep hoping, thinking, dreaming What I've been wishin' for What I've been wishin' for (OWL HOOTING) So, pretty amazing news about Kaylee, right? I suppose.
You want what's best for her? 'Course I do, she's my best friend.
Because music school is a pretty big deal for her.
And there's only one thing that might stop her from going which would be you.
So, I'm just saying, if you did want what's best for Kaylee, then you might need to step aside and let her move on.
All right, buddy! Sleep well.
(THUDDING) (GASPS) I think there's something out there.
It's probably just a wild, savage animal.
(LEAVES CRUNCHING) (SNORTS) (GASPS) (GROANS) That's it! I can take cold, mud and damp, but no wild animal is ruining my beauty sleep.
Now, shoo! (POUNDS) (SIGHS) What happened? Did you get to talk to her? They attacked me.
(SNIFFING) It's dangerous out there.
And I kept tripping over this thing.
Oh, wait, doesn't this hold the tent up? (BIRDS CHIRPING) KAYLEE: Quick! Take the picture.
(GIGGLING) (LAUGHS) I wish I could bottle this place up and take it with me.
(SIGHS) (CLICKS TONGUE) I'm really going to miss you.
You have Sean and Ben to keep you busy.
Don't! (LAUGHS) I'm just glad they're talking.
It's one of our wish boats! What? That.
It's Noah's.
Kayls, you can't.
(SIGHS) (READING) " and we could be together.
" Now you've read it, it might not come true.
(BOYS HITTING AND LAUGHING) (ZIPPING) We've got to get going.
Me and the band have concert practice.
Ready? Um.
SKYE: Is Danielle not up yet? It's bad enough we have to bunk with her.
DANIELLE: I can hear you! I'm kind of curious to see what Danielle looks like after a night sleeping rough in the woods.
(CHUCKLES) (SCOFFS) How did she No one knows.
Where can you get a skinny cappuccino around here? I'm thinking we make this a regular staff trip? Staff trip? All right.
(CLEARS THROAT) If the job's still going? I am sort of over-qualified.
(CHUCKLES) Come on then.
You're the boss.
(INDISTINCT CHATTERING) Everyone in! Come on.
(CLICKS) (CELL PHONE PINGING) SKYE: Oh, I love it! Something to remember us all by.
See you guys later.
SEAN: I better get home.
I'll walk with you.
We can talk more about that thing.
What was that for? You're sweet.
Thanks! You're back! (CHUCKLES) Rested, relaxed, recuperated? The best time.
Any problems? Uh, no.
So how was calling Christina then? Well, I think I'm dumped.
Look, you can do a lot better.
(BOTH LAUGH) Hey, Josh, I'm back.
Got lots to talk about.
(SNORTING) What're you two doing here? We've been trying to speak to you.
But your friends kept interrupting.
(SNIFFS) It was you two out there! Why didn't you just come and tell me here? Aaron wanted to play with his night-vision goggles.
(CHUCKLES) Our boss needs to speak to you.
He thinks it's about time you met.
SKYE: Your boss is Samuel James? S.
SJ: This is your future.
I've put every penny we have into this.
You should tell her how you feel before she leaves and it's too late.
If I choose my dad over Skye, she'll never talk to me again.
You kissed her and all she did was run off and tell Ben about it.
What's all this about Sean getting Skye to sell the lodge? You read my wish and why d'you give it back? So you know I care, too.
I've missed something big, haven't I? We want the same girl, Ben! (MUSIC PLAYING)