The Lodge (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

The Truth

1 You guys deserve a break.
Go! Have fun! Whoo! Whoo! Ben! I am invited, right? Course you are! I got into the city music school.
I'm leaving.
Then you might need to step aside and let her move on.
It's one of our wish boats! KAYLEE: "I wish Kaylee would stay "and we could be together.
" What're you two doing here? Our boss needs to speak to you.
SKYE: Samuel James? S.
Why are you telling me this? You need to get Skye to sell.
(MUSIC PLAYING) This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Starting over, starting now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now Ben, what are we doing down here? Well, don't you want to know who Samuel James is? What? Ladies first.
Kind of like this new mysterious side to you.
Through there.
Go for it.
(MECHANISM CLICKING) Sean? What's going on? I thought this was about my mum.
This is about you choosing between me and Ben.
(SIGHS) Hey, Dad.
Oh! (SIGHS) So, it's the concert this weekend and since we don't have the reality show to film it, I thought I'd go into town and hand out some flyers.
And, er, what are you really doing? Because whenever you're trying to hide something, you always fiddle with your ear.
Your mum used to do it an all.
Okay, so don't freak out but I'm also going to meet Samuel James.
Ah! (GROANS) GIL: Well, it's nice to be able to give you a lift and be ignored in the car as well at home.
SEAN: Stop here, Dad.
Sean? What's going on? Danielle told me all about your big plans to bulldoze the Lodge.
You lied to me to get to Skye.
All that stuff about a health spa.
Happy birthday.
It's not my birthday.
Yeah, but I'm never going to top this as a present, so just go with it.
Look, I know what you must think of me, Sean.
But this is your future.
I've put every penny we have into this.
If Skye doesn't sell the Lodge to us soon, we'll lose everything.
Think about it.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Have you got a minute? I could really use a friend right now.
You're the boss.
Dad! Don't worry, Sean's coming with me.
Come on.
SEAN: So, where are we going? SKYE: Aside from the concert promotion? I'm meeting an ex-boyfriend.
What? Oh! My mum's.
I think.
I don't really know.
If you had the opportunity to find out something you didn't know about the most important person in your life, wouldn't you want to know? I suppose.
I just feel like ever since I got here, no one's been completely honest with me about anything.
Kaylee, this place is the best! They have live music.
We gig there sometimes.
You should come after music school, and possibly cover a set.
That sounds amazing! Okay, let's go for a rehearsal in three, two, one.
Leeehhh! Hold on a sec.
Enjoying that, Noah? It's funny.
He looks like a little goldfish with his mouth open.
(NOAH LAUGHS) Why is he even still here? The reality show left, no one even cares about this concert anymore.
Maybe he's here because of Kaylee? You should tell her how you feel before she leaves and it's too late.
We're just friends.
Besides, she's packed and ready to go.
Okay, let's try it now.
And Wait.
Change of plan.
Change of plan.
Instrumental will do fine.
(SIGHS) (CELL PHONE RINGING) Did you convince Skye to sell yet? How is it I get a girlfriend who nags me after we break up? You're just lucky, I guess.
If I choose my dad over Skye, she'll never talk to me again.
You think she's going to be your girlfriend, Sean? You kissed her and all she did was run off and tell Ben about it.
We were good together.
We could be again.
Bye, Danielle.
Wooo Wooo hooo Wooo hooo Like a tiger in a cage Feelings trapped inside your brain Wanna say what you wanna say But it's all locked inside Gotta get things off your chest Living life with no regrets Just a little bit of confidence Will let you speak your mind It's better to be honest Than to hide yourself in silence Wooo Wooo hooo Just come on and tell it like it is Wooo hooo Just come out and say it Take a chance Let the words fall out Open up till they hear you now Wooo hooo Just come on and tell it like it is Wooo hooo Oh, ho! Oh, yeah! Wooo hooo Come on and tell it like it is Wooo hooo Oh, oh! Hey! Wooo hooo Just come on and tell it like it is JOSH: (ON CELL PHONE) Have we established that Skye tells me absolutely everything? If this is about me reading Noah's wish, I'm not interested.
The truth is out there.
You know how he feels about you.
Yeah, Noah doesn't know that.
And don't you go telling him! I'm still trying to figure it out.
Hey, girlfriend! Is Sean here? Uh, he's not answering my calls.
Uh, Ed said he went off with Skye.
Oh, really? Sean and Skye are alone together and you're happy about it? Ah That's new.
What's going on Danielle? Hey, not so rough.
Okay, okay.
I have been dying to tell someone! Sean's getting Skye to sell the Lodge.
KAYLEE: Uh, what? After they knock it down, they're going to (CELL PHONE RINGING) Skye isn't answering her phone! And yet apparently I am.
Olivia and Gil are working together to tear down the Lodge and build fancy apartments! Sean is in town right now getting Skye to sell! What? Danielle just told Kaylee.
Look, in reception.
Random model, and Yeah? And then What's all this about Sean getting Skye to sell the Lodge? So, back there in the car my dad wanted me to talk to you about selling the Lodge.
What I'm trying to say is So rude! Sorry.
Oh, no, not you.
What am I doing? I doubt anyone will even turn up to this concert.
It feels like ever since we lost the reality show nothing's been going right.
Kaylee leaving.
You and Ben falling out.
Maybe my granddad was right about wanting to sell the Lodge.
You mean that? (CELL PHONE RINGING) SKYE: S.
! Come on, I don't want to be late! Where are you going? To stop Sean.
Ben! What Don't you dare! Ben! You're not even her boyfriend anymore! So, this is where you're meeting him then? Mystery over skinny lattes? Thanks for coming.
And I'll think about what your dad said.
Maybe the Lodge would make a great health spa.
Look, wait, I No, I didn't mean that about Hey, there.
I'm Samuel.
It's lovely to meet you finally.
I'm sorry about all the cloak and dagger stuff.
Oh Oh, uh, would you mind? And, uh, well, just in case.
Seriously? Yeah.
I think it's time you knew the truth about what's been going on.
It's a selfie.
Well, it's our version of a selfie.
They were a big deal back in the day.
We actually have the same photo, only You might have got torn out of it.
Ah, doesn't surprise me.
I was never a big hit with your granddad.
I want to know everything.
Did you want my work shirts? They wouldn't fit.
I'm thickset around the shoulders.
You're a weed around the shoulders! You're thickset between the ears.
They'll fit.
So, I got you a going away thing.
Aw It's a guitar strap.
Spoilers! Well, I knew you needed one and you're not leaving till after the concert, so Thank you, Noah.
A properly-affixed guitar is essential.
It's nothing special.
Just promise me you won't open it till after I've gone.
Okay? Promise.
Your granddad always wanted your mum to be with someone, uh, reliable and, uh, dependable.
You met your dad, right? It got hard for us to hang out and then your mum found the tunnel.
It was perfect.
Your mum knew she could sneak out, I could sneak in.
I know there's more to this.
What were you looking for down there? Back in the 18th century the Lodge was a tavern and the tunnel was used to smuggle things in.
And one day we found this map.
What, like a treasure map? All right, if you feel the need to do a pirate voice, go for it, but it was It was real.
We spent days just staring at it.
SKYE: What did it lead to? SJ: Part of us didn't want to know, we just wanted to keep dreaming.
I mean, for your mum it was that we had this big secret that no one in the world knew but us.
And we would stay up late and we'd think of all the possibilities it could be.
It was our thing.
And, uh, when your mum died, I knew she'd want you to have the map.
It could save the Lodge.
Where is she? In there.
You really are just like your dad, aren't you? Look, Ben, whatever you've heard You and Gil are trying to cheat Skye out of the Lodge? Sean, she trusts you.
I was going to tell her what my dad was really up to.
Honestly! My dad said something happened.
My mum almost got hurt? A fire broke out one night and I was sure your mum was behind me.
(SJ SIGHS) I didn't realize until I got out that she wasn't there, that she'd gone back for the map.
And your dad was working at the Lodge that summer and before I knew it, he'd rushed in.
So, your dad was the hero and your granddad always blamed me for the fire.
He, uh, refused to let your mum see me and he boarded up the den.
And your mum said that things would blow over.
But they didn't.
And then she fell for your dad.
But she wrote to me soon afterwards saying that "That our secret was safe.
" And she included this.
SKYE: Wow! Is that real gold? So, she followed the map? I knew that meant that she still had it.
So, you hired those two weirdos to try and find it? Hey, do you mind? We were watching out for you.
Right, uncle? Are they your nephews? Uh, Kyle and Aaron might have got carried away by the whole undercover secret mission thing.
All that sneaking about in the woods really messed up my sinuses.
(INHALES DEEPLY) Aaron, you're inhaling your flash drive.
So, you have it? The map? We couldn't find it.
What's this really about? You show up, save Skye from Evil Sean and she takes you back? No, it's not about that.
It's always been about that! Ever since she arrived it's been about that.
We want the same girl, Ben.
This is yours now.
Your mum must have put that map someplace safe, where you'd find it.
Why are you helping me? I want to make things right.
BEN: You want Skye to sell the Lodge.
SJ: They, uh SEAN: I'm not doing that.
Are they friends of yours? SEAN: No way.
Oh, that's all I need.
Skye I don't blame your mum for picking your dad.
She liked us both, but she knew she had to choose.
Why are you two arguing again? Are you going to tell her? My dad and Danielle's mum are working together on some property deal to bulldoze the Lodge.
Look, I tried to tell you.
I would never have wanted you to sell.
Why should I believe you? Because if you sell the Lodge then that means you're gonna leave.
Why would I ever want you to leave? I have to go.
(SIGHS) Nope.
But this is mine.
Why would she give this to me? So, how was Samuel? Interesting.
And have I aged better? Definitely.
See, you're fiddling with your ear again.
I have to get back to the den, Samuel told me the most amazing story.
About a map? You knew? Do you think your mother wouldn't have told me about it? Don't wanna live my life by playing safe I'd rather risk it all and have some faith, yeah, yeah Sometimes you think you've got it all to lose But trust yourself and watch it all come true I'll close my eyes and give in to gravity And own this night, yeah The universe can hear me I've got to take my chances Forget the consequences And keep hoping, thinking, dreaming What I've been wishin' for OZ: Okay, then.
On behalf of everyone here, that was quite pleasant.
Noah, I told you.
Why'd you have to go and open it? Noah.
Ah, I'm sorry.
Wait, Kaylee! Wait.
Let them go.
The map was destroyed in the fire.
This is what I was trying to protect you from.
It can't have been.
What about the gold? She gave him that so he'd still have something to believe in.
You need to stop looking back now.
Mum's gone.
Your friends, keeping the Lodge open.
That's what she'd want you to be focused on.
What? What? I've got to go.
You've definitely aged better! Mum made the right choice.
You couldn't have waited a week before opening it? Well, you read my wish! And why'd you give it back? So, you'd know I cared, too.
But when I was far enough away that you wouldn't do something stupid like kiss me.
I kissed your hand! Leaving here to study music is what I want now.
I'm still going, Noah, this doesn't change anything.
The concert! What concert? We've been thinking too small.
My mum fought to keep this Lodge in the family, and I'm not going to let Gil or Olivia get their hands on it.
What? Having the concert in there was about when the cameras were the audience.
We should have the concert out here! was about when the cameras were the audience.
We should have the concert out here! A huge stage, hundreds of people.
A festival we host every year.
That's how we promote the Lodge.
We put everything we have into it! Yeah? I've missed something big, haven't I? Yeah.
So, we're really going to put on a huge concert out here? People holding up their phones and swaying and all that stuff? Well, you can never get enough swaying.
(LAUGHS) Look, Sean's an idiot.
But I don't think deep down he was ever going to trick you.
You know that.
I suppose.
He's my best friend, Skye.
I want my best friend back but that's never going to happen until you pick one of us.
Any suggestions? I'm serious.
You have to choose.
Going to music school means everything to me! Well You mean a lot to me too.
I asked her to choose.
What did she say? She picked me.
Is the North Star having a concert? Where's Oz? About that.
Danielle's mum just showed up and it looks like she means business.
Maybe you shouldn't have come, I know these are your friends.
They were never my friends.
(CROWD CHANTING) We want the show! We want the show! We want the show! Calm them down, while we figure out what to do.
And say what? I have the authority to shut the Lodge down For good.