The Lodge (2016) s02e03 Episode Script


We've got two weeks, Skye.
Gil doesn't have The Lodge yet.
The map is just some scrap of paper.
What lies at the end of it could really help her.
I met Frankie.
Who's Frankie? Danielle? You're cooking? Yeah, it was Ben's idea You asked Ben's advice about our first date? Did you tell anyone we were coming here? - No.
Did you? - No.
This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Startin' over, startin' now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now We're gonna need climbing gear but my rucksack's up there.
What did you bring? Well, obviously, everything I needed.
Seriously? A selfie stick? Yeah, for pics when we find the gold.
The candles were smart at least.
They're scented.
Helps me relax.
So, what's the plan? You do have a plan, don't you? Ben? So, I know how this might look but What have you got against food? Hey! I was under a lot of pressure to dazzle you and I think that any decent girlfriend would help me clean up and tell everyone else it was absolutely delicious.
Thank you.
You called me your girlfriend.
Yeah, you noticed that.
I'm a smart girl, Sean.
I pick up on these things.
You know us being together isn't gonna be easy.
Your Dad buying The Lodge isn't gonna come between me and you.
How's that for a new look? It's always been you Every day's another day gone by Lucky breaks Or big mistakes Every day's another chance to try Cause we might Just get it right If I don't know where to turn If I crash and burn So much to learn Suddenly you're standing there Like a breath of air You're everywhere No more over-thinking Now I know I can always lean on you Count on you And if I'm ever gone too long Come back to you Everything I'm asking for Looking for Somewhere deep inside, I always knew It's always been you, ooh You ooh It's always been you, ooh, you ooh We stand the test of time - And after all, I'm yours, you're mine.
- Hey, come on now! We stand the test of time And after all, I'm yours, you're mine I can always lean on you Count on you - I can count on you - And if I'm ever gone too long Come back to you Everything I'm asking for Looking for Somewhere deep inside I always knew - I always knew - It's always been you, ooh You, ooh It's always been you, ooh, you, ooh I can't get a signal.
Don't-- Don't you dare drop me, Ben! And stop moving.
Make a call, Tara.
Sorry, I can't do that.
I hate her so much right now.
Hurry before the battery dies.
Yep, I almost-- My arm! - Ben! - Sorry, are you okay? Lucky for you, I am.
Where's the phone? Tara, make a call.
Make a call, Tara.
"Oh, make a call Tara!" As if! Who would you like to call? Call Sean, Tara.
Calling Sean.
You've reached Sean's voicemail.
- Who leaves voicemails anymore? What is wrong with you? - No.
Sean, you have to help.
I'm stuck in a cave in O'Malley's Bluff-- I-- Come quickly, Sean, please! Danielle, the-- The phone's dead.
Do you think it got through? Let's hope so.
Uh, this is your locker now.
Uh, we take turns with cleaning rooms, reception and-- Yeah, that's it basically.
What's this? Your scrap book? Yeah, yeah.
That's exactly what it is.
So, Ed told us you're, like, a fan of the show.
Yeah, how does it work? Do they tell you what to say for the cameras? Because you really need to talk to them about your character.
Well-- Well, but that's-- What do you--? Oh.
I'm heading home and I need to know, can you handle things, aka the show, while I'm gone? - Oh, yeah.
- No worries.
Like, at all.
And I really want to be super excited, but I've seen you guys in action before.
What if we interview the new girl? Alex.
She's supposed to be like a super fan of the show.
Right, not 'cause he fancies her or anything.
I'm thinking of the show.
And, yes, maybe we have a deep connection.
That's--That's for cleaning the camera lens.
Do the interview.
What's the worst that could happen? I'll introduce you to everyone later.
You'll love it here.
Gil, I accept that we may have to sell you The Lodge, but you promised us.
You gave us two weeks.
Sean's not coming, is he? 'Course he is.
No, it's been too long, Ben.
Maybe he wanted to finish his date with Skye first.
Really hope we didn't ruin it by calling them.
- What's that? - What? Well, it must have come down with us.
It's rusted shut.
So, that was up there? It's the same symbol.
This is what the map was leading to.
I wish this candle would stop flickering.
That means there's a breeze.
And that means? There-- There might be another way out.
Yeah, it-- it feels like it's coming from over here.
Yes, this must be it.
Hold that.
Ben! - Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
Creepy and dark.
It's okay.
I'll go.
Bring back help.
And leave me on my own? Mm-mm.
I'm coming with you.
Kaylee, this is Rebecca.
So, good to meet you.
- Frankie's told me tons about you.
- Hi.
Also, big fan.
From My Amazing Life.
Super stoked to finally meet the star of it.
That's nice of you, but Skye is actually the-- Well, it was your music that got the show the big ratings.
You should be sending out demos to every producer around.
I've been telling her that.
Okay, I'll be honest.
I wasn't sold on the idea of two girls.
You know, Frankie's got a lot we're interested in, but the two of you together, with your music behind it? Yeah, I think we can make this work.
I mean, it'll take a lot of work.
A hundred percent focus, but I know you can do it.
Uh, I-- I'm really grateful, but with music school and all, this is really fast.
School's important to me too, but, come on, she's basically offering us a record deal.
I hear you've written a new song.
I'd love to hear it.
Uh-- Uh, okay.
We've been walking forever.
Which--? Which way? This way.
Well, here we are.
Play Danielle's message again.
Right, of course.
You have to help.
O'Malley's Bluff-- It's not much to go on.
What is she doing out here? Alex? Oh, I'm just, uh-- Hey.
I see you found my music hub.
I was just having a look around.
Check it! We are live quizzing the Lodge's newest recruit - and self-confessed super fan! - I wouldn't say "Super fan.
" Question number one: What did Ben and Skye do for their first date? Ah, that's an easy one.
Do we have to do this now? Moonlit stroll by the beach? Sorry, that's my perfect first date.
Maybe just tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from? Likes, dislikes? Juicy gossip? Big secrets about you The Lodgers will want to know? - They're selling The Lodge to that Gil guy.
- What? In like two weeks or something.
Is that "Juicy" Enough for you? Where did the breeze go? Yeah, that's not good.
Dead end.
That's not good either.
- M-- Maybe we should go back? - Yeah.
- Do you remember the way? - No.
Me neither.
This was our last chance, wasn't it? Danielle! - Where are you? Danielle! - Danielle! - Danielle where are you? - Danielle! At least that candle's got a little bit more life in it.
- Wait.
- What? That light.
It isn't coming from the candle.
What is it then? It's daylight.
Can you make it? With your arm? No.
Danielle, you're gonna have to go and bring back help.
Don't forget to come back, yeah? Hey.
Uh, me saving the day.
How funny is that? Hello? Hello? Anyone? Hello? Anyone? Help! So, what do you both think? Amazing.
Can you believe this? Wow, ever since I was a little girl, this has been my dream.
I get how important music school is to you both and it's a huge deal to most people, but you could wait a long time for a chance like this.
Well, sounds like a win-win.
Hello? Is anyone here? I need help! Danielle, is that you? Sean! Yeah, it's me! Hi! I'm here.
Have you got any idea how long we've been looking for you? Save the teary reunion, Sean.
Ben is still trapped.
- Ben? - Yes.
Come on.
Come on.
- You good? - Yeah.
Ben, are you okay? Is it broken? I'm not sure.
I don't think so.
Sit down.
Guys, what were you doing down there? Uh, extreme orienteering.
Guess it got a little too extreme.
Yeah, obviously.
And Are you two--? - Are you crazy? - You're kidding, right? So, how was the, uh-- The date? Uh, yeah, it was-- Uh Yeah, it was great.
It was really good.
So, extreme orienteering? I didn't even know that was a thing.
I'd love to stand around educating you, Skye, but it's boring and I'd rather get home.
Okay, cool.
Uh Uh - Thanks, man.
- Take it easy, man.
See you.
Extreme orienteering?! Stopped the questions, didn't it? You should probably get that arm checked out.
My world is upside down Keeps twisting round and round Which side is winning this fight? I gotta take control And choose which way to go How can I ever decide? My mind is a disaster Been searching for the answers And I Gotta figure it out, gotta figure it out Gotta look inside, look inside me now Dig deep, there's no excuses I know I gotta do this What's wrong and right? Black and white? Dark and light? Gotta figure it out Gotta look inside, look inside me now Dig deep, there's no excuses I know I gotta do this What's wrong and right? Black and white? Dark and light? Gotta figure it out Ben, Danielle and nature.
Three things I never thought I'd see together.
Well, at least we know one thing: You are pretty good on a bike.
We have a problem.
Alex found out that we might have to sell The Lodge and thanks to the wonders of the reality show, the rest of the world knows too.
Skye, it was a total accident.
I didn't mean to broadcast it.
Josh, don't worry.
Like I'd ever think you did it on purpose.
At least I don't have to stress about it getting out anymore.
So, everyone knew apart from me? Uh, ladies and gentlemen, can I just speak to you for a second? Thanks.
Hi, yep.
Look, you've all heard the news.
Yes, we did end up getting fined for the concert after all.
Um, it's a lot of money and right now we can't afford it.
But we're not selling The Lodge, okay.
We've still got a few more days and trust me, we're not giving up.
But if anyone does have any long lost treasure they don't mind donating then please do give us a call.
Josh, wait! So, you're going? You know how I feel about sad goodbyes.
Yeah, you love to make a big deal out of them, which is why I'm worried.
Look, about earlier, I'm sorry I didn't tell you I just-- - Couldn't trust me not to broadcast it? - No.
You're still my bestie.
Come on.
I've got something to show you.
Can you just tell me? We are crowdfunding the money to pay the fine.
I had the idea during Skye's speech.
Uh, we have to hit the full target to see a penny, but I thought it was worth a shot.
And you're the first person to know.
It hasn't gone live.
I thought you might like to do the honors.
All you need to do is click that button there.
And we're a go! There's a lot of love out there for The Lodge.
You'll do it.
This is exactly the sad goodbye I was hoping for.
Come on.
Let's hear it.
Kaylee's not answering my calls, because she's dating some guy called Frankie, who's brainwashed her with his music skills.
And how much of that did you make up? Most of it, but it doesn't mean to say it's not true.
How--? How do you and Skye do it? You know, being apart.
It's not easy.
I always kind of thought you guys would make a cute couple.
That's never gonna happen.
She's not really my type.
Skye's everyone's type.
Girls aren't really my type.
I mean, I love them as friends, obviously, but Oh.
I'm headed back to the city.
How about I pop in, say hi to Kaylee? Let you know if there's anything to worry about? Thanks, Josh.
Come on.
Do you have any idea how hard it was holding off breaking into this? I've been thinking-- The Lodge is in trouble but this map and treasure could save it.
We need to tell Skye.
- Are you--? - Danielle, it's what you promised.
Actually, I promised to tell her if we found the treasure, which we don't know for sure if we have yet.
I'm tired of secrets.
Then we need to open this thing.
For Skye.
And a little bit for me too.
Come on there could be gold, diamonds! What's on it? Is it another clue? - Ben! - It's a phone number.
And two words.
"Call me.
" - Why were you sneaking about in the den the other day? - I So, what's next? Take five and we'll cut a demo.
Uh, we're not ready for that yet, are we? "Oh, Skye, we took your map and then we went looking for your gold"? Yeah, so we could give it to her.
Keep telling yourself that.
Actually, I was gonna ask Skye if she wanted to train with me? What? Are you insane? Kaylee? I need that song.
I don't think I get another chance like this.