The Lodge (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

Call Me

Ever since I was a little girl this has been my dream.
What were you doing down there? Extreme orienteering.
Are you two--? - Are you crazy? - You're kidding, right? You know us being together isn't gonna be easy.
Your Dad buying The Lodge isn't going to come between me and you.
We are crowdfunding the money to pay for the fine.
And we're a go! If anyone does have any long lost treasure they don't mind donating then please do give us a call.
It's a phone number.
And two words.
"Call me.
" This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Startin' over, startin' now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now The Lodge S02E04 Call Me I'll call if you don't want to.
Gimme me a sec.
I'm just thinking.
About what? Don't you think it's a bit weird? I mean, how long was that thing down there? I'm calling the number.
Kaylee Marsden.
Make yourself useful.
Oh, yeah.
Of course.
You skipped class early yesterday.
Uh, I had a thing.
A thing? Uh-huh.
Oh, Frankie have a thing too? Well, you both missed a delightful afternoon, where I set everyone the task of performing a composition of their own for the entire school.
- Oh.
- Yeah, we do it for all new students.
It's sort of a tradition.
The whole school? You see, this is why I love teaching.
It's that positive can-do attitude.
I-- Look, I know you struggle with your confidence, Kaylee, but you're in the right place.
- I do love it here.
- Good.
Look, we're here to support your talent, not take advantage of it.
So, whatever this thing is that you and Frankie have got yourselves involved in, just try not to forget that.
It's climbing.
It's not gonna go up anymore by staring at it.
Remember, Gil wants to have this place valued, so he's coming over later to check fixtures and fittings.
Can he even do that? We need to keep him happy in case-- In case we don't raise the money.
So, smile and try not to wrestle him to the ground.
You two.
Could you hand these out to guests? It's some kind of biking event and we promote them, they promote us.
Uh, yes, Sir! I finally get to work in this place and everyone's on a downer.
Have you heard from Kaylee? N-- No, why? Have you seen her? What did she say to you? All right, take a breath.
She wasn't at music school.
There's a rumor she's got a recording contract.
With that Frankie.
Everybody wants a little fame and glory They're not afraid to pay the price of selling their soul But I know for real the world is ready for me Gonna do it my own way, and still get the gold I can feel it I can taste it I can I can almost reach it Gonna have it Gonna have it all Just go on and watch me Giving it all I got No, no one can stop me Moving up till I hit the top I'm gonna light the stars And show my heart And leave my mark Just go on and watch me, watch me That was amazing.
Didn't I tell you it was a great song? So, how do we sound together? I'm sold.
A stripped-back acoustic guitar felt right for the song.
That's what was in my head when I wrote it anyway.
Yeah, no, I welcome the input.
You are a genius! So, what's next? Uh, take five and we'll cut a demo.
Uh, we're not ready for that yet, are we? Yeah, we'll get it down, a few tweaks and we'll get it out there.
Uh-- We both need to get back to music school this afternoon.
Miss Shaw, she's noticed.
We should go.
Who needs music school when you're going to be a star? Come on, Kaylee.
This is our future.
You sure you've got the right number? Yes.
You saw me try like a zillion times already.
That settles it.
We take all this stuff to Skye, who it belongs to, and she can decide what to do with it.
Yawn! And how's that conversation going to go? "Oh, Skye we took your map and then we went looking for your gold"? Yeah, so we could give it to her.
Uh-huh? Keep telling yourself that.
It was me and you in that cave, not Skye and Sean.
We've earned this and this is our secret.
We're not giving up on this, Ben.
All right? Fine.
All right.
Who's that? I don't know.
This is your house.
Oh, yeah.
Sign there, please.
Ben, it's a little out there, but I've got an idea.
Ben? Ben? - Hiya.
- Skye.
Oh, you're really rocking that look.
That's what you get for taking Danielle extreme orienteering.
About that.
Have you got a minute? - Yeah, of course.
-Hey, beautiful people! - Hey, you.
- I thought you were gonna have one of those cones of shame round your neck that dogs have.
How long are you going to be out of action? Mm.
Hopefully not long.
I don't think I'll be up for training for a while though.
Uh, well, actually I was gonna ask Skye if she wanted to train with me? What? Are you insane? Yeah, well, you've still got the bike I leant you.
You were pretty good up there yesterday.
If that's okay? I mean I just assumed with your arm-- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Go for it.
I mean-- He needs the practice, believe me.
I don't know, Sean.
Ah, come on.
There's no time like the present.
You think you can keep up? See you later on, mate.
Chat later.
Come on.
- You two ready to hear this? - Yeah.
There's room for some work, but it's pretty much there.
Everybody wants a little fame and glory They're not afraid to pay the price of selling their soul But I know for real the world is ready for me Gonna do it my own way, and still get the gold I can feel it I can taste it I can I can almost reach it Gonna have it Gonna have it all We don't have long in each room, but we have to be thorough.
So, whenever you're ready.
Do you always play by the rules? I bet you've never skived off once, ran away, done something crazy.
I've done crazy things.
Can't think of anything specific right now.
Look all I'm saying is Kaylee is off having an adventure, record deals, And you're making beds.
No wonder she's all smoochy with that Frankie guy.
Yeah, well, at least I don't freak out when someone tries to interview me.
Okay here are the rules.
You answer the question or you get a clean free shot.
What, you want to have a pillow fight? What are we, 6 years old? Answer the question truthfully or you get the pillow.
I'll start.
Do you think Skye should have chosen Ben? Hey, not so hard.
How come you're this huge fan of the show but you don't know anything about me? Easy, you're boring.
Question, are you still in touch with Lori? No.
Hey, wait-- What? I answered! - I didn't believe you.
- Okay.
Why were you sneaking about in the den the other day? Hm? - I was - I was-- I was But I know for real the world is ready for me Just go on and watch me, watch me Is that the finished song? It sounds so professional, but I couldn't make out Kaylee's voice.
Because it wasn't there.
Well, I just thought 'cause you were feeling nervous about the demo that Frankie would be the singer on this one.
It's still your song, Kaylee.
It doesn't sound like it.
Uh-- Sorry, I didn't mean to.
I bet they can put you back in or you'll sing on the next one.
Unless you'd be better suited to a writing role? I mean, we just want you to be comfortable and we won't go ahead with this without your say so.
It sounds so amazing.
Come on, Kaylee.
Uh-- You sound great on it.
Just-- I need to go.
Kaylee! Frankie, she'll be fine.
I'm dying here.
No, you're doing great.
You know, you're a much better training partner than Ben right now and nearly as good-looking.
I'm done.
Did you think he was in a weird mood? I don't know.
I mean-- I think he's just fed up with his shoulder.
I'd be.
You don't think that he's still-- You know, about us? No, no.
I'd better get back.
I'm showing your Dad around The Lodge.
Ah, looking to see where he can put a big corporate gym, is he? Something like that.
Well, at least if you do sell The Lodge we'll have more time to train.
We're not selling The Lodge, Sean.
When are people gonna get that? Look, sorry.
Where are you? Call me back.
Let me know you're okay.
You're still here.
I thought that was it.
I thought the record deal was off.
But it might be.
I know the song is different from what we imagined, but who cares? Rebecca has turned it into a smash.
For you, maybe.
Whatever happens, this is an amazing opportunity for both of us.
So, what if it's me upfront and you writing? That's great for you, isn't it? How is that great for me? Because performing in front of people is your worst nightmare.
I need that song.
I don't think I'll get another chance like this.
He's late.
Did you smarten up? I just need this to go well.
Being an adult, a-- A parent, means preparing for the worst.
I need you with me on this.
I'll try.
We are not selling The Lodge.
We're going to hit our crowdfund target and pay the fine and Gil's grubby little hands aren't coming anywhere near this place.
Sorry I'm late.
Shall we do this? I think putting on a nice shirt definitely made an impression.
Catch you guys in a bit.
Pardon me.
Do you know my friend Kaylee? She's kind of a massive deal right now.
Josh! What are you doing here? Oh, it's so nice to see you.
So, this is where the magic happens? Uh-huh.
Um, how's Noah? He's missing you, obvs.
And Skye's being Skye.
She's pretty busy now that she's got a-- A boyfriend.
I know.
Sean, Sean, Sean.
I'm so yesterdays news.
No, you're not.
And I can't believe you got a record deal.
You kept that pretty quiet.
How do you even know about that? Playground gossip.
It's not really my song, anymore.
Uh, Frankie's singing this poppy version of it.
whoa, whoa.
Stop the bus.
What? Someone else is singing your song? Frankie's a ridiculous singer.
You're a ridiculous singer.
Uh, it's a great opportunity.
Listen to me.
Doctors orders.
You need to talk to your real friends who love you and remember why you came here in the first place.
I've missed everybody.
- Frankie's a girl, right? - Yeah.
You might wanna tell Noah that.
Hm, nice room.
It's really just like all the other rooms we've shown you.
Plus the kitchen, basement.
- Is this really necessary? - Skye.
Finished? Absolutely.
What's up there? Nothing, dust.
It's an attic.
I need to see every room.
What's wrong with you? He's a big baby when it comes to heights and dark spaces.
I am not a big baby, but if you two wanted to go this one alone I'll-- I'll just-- Big baby.
I'm not a big baby.
What are those? They're just bats.
No one's been up here for years.
You sure about that? "Enduro.
" No doubt something else Sean will sign up for.
Why wouldn't he? He's talented.
Sean does whatever he wants, which is usually the opposite of what I want, but not always.
What does that mean? I'm sure things aren't easy for the two of you right now, but don't blame him for my actions, will you? For what it's worth, I think you and my son make a great team.
You're right.
Nothing up here.
Why won't you answer your phone? Where did you go, Ben? Call me.
Sorry, Danielle.
Whenever I'm here with you It's hopes and dreams And skies of blue Whenever you're here with me It's meant to be Like destiny Every time we reach the end We pick it up And start again Suddenly you're standing there Like a breath of air You're everywhere No more over-thinking Now I know I can always lean on you Count on you And if I'm ever gone too long Come back to you Everything I'm asking for Looking for Somewhere deep inside I always knew It's always been you, ooh, you, ooh It's always been you, ooh, you ooh Where are you? Uh, I'm by the tree.
That's helpful.
Which one? The one with branches.
There you are.
Fir-- First of all, I'm sorry about before.
I know I said Lodge stuff wouldn't come between our stuff, and-- Oh, it's really hard to catch your breath and apologize at the same time.
The team biking event? You and me.
You and me? Me and you.
I don't think switching it around really helps me.
We can train together all the time.
You love biking, so there's that, and we get to spend time together.
You do realize how much work we'd have to do before this and the event is this month.
Well, if you're not up for it, then I guess-- It's like that is it? It's early mornings, mud-splattered clothes every day, helmet hair-- Sounds great.
Let's do it.
- Oh.
- Expecting someone else? Is your mother in? Did she get the flowers? I read the card.
I'm sorry about the way things turned out.
You mean sorry for going over her head to get The Lodge and to make her look like an idiot.
Look, Danielle, if what I did came between you and your friends I-- I can't trust anyone, is all I'm saying.
Tell your mum I popped over.
You know Skye's going to try and pay that fine with gold.
What? It was supposed to be a secret, but Ben's probably blabbed everything by now.
There could be gold at The Lodge.
You're upset.
Look, I promise you and Sean will still have time to train together and I'm not going to come between you two.
What? The Enduro.
Skye, this is yours.
What is it? I should have given you this before.
Is this--? It can't be.
The-- My mum's map.
I thought this was destroyed.
How do you even have this? Danielle found it.
It was inside your mum's ukulele.
We followed it to the cave that's why we were there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down, you're-- You're going too fast.
Part of me thought that we would get to the end of the clues and I could-- We could-- I don't know-- Surprise you with whatever we found.
You know, save The Lodge.
And what did you find? - What did you find, Ben? - Just this.
I wish it was more.
A phone number? You followed the map and it led you to this? Uh-- "Call me.
" That's crazy.
I'm sorry.
You should have been in on this from the beginning.
It's a dead end.
Nobody ever answers.
Must be someone playing a prank.
Skye, you're wasting your time.
They're gonna be thrilled to see you.
- Who are you? - Who are you? Files on The Lodge going back decades.
Who is this guy? Whoever it is, he must be connected to the map.
what have you found? He's leaving in his car now.
I thought that today was about us.
She's my friend.
Yeah, and she's my girlfriend.